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The Leopard Shark Leonie and male partner over a number of years after the birth of 3 pups. Genetic testing found that pups carrying only the mother of DNA, suggesting that they are born by asexual reproduction.
South Guyana plateau Salto Churun Meru on the drop of 979 meters, is the largest in the world, truly "waterfalls three thousand feet, the shadows often appear in the movie.
After the seizure, after the trial, launched by the new version of the original team Nora Nora online, but outside of its content design and user experience lack of confidence.
A man named Charlie's 11 year old British Shorthair due to obesity, weight increased to two times the original, has been successful by swimming to lose 4 pounds (about 1.8 kg).
Poppits soft capsule made from cellulose toothpaste, compact, can be dissolved in water, which is convenient to use, but also avoid the pollution caused by the skin white toothpaste.
Nu River in Yunnan found a rare animal marbled cat. Marbled cat slightly larger than a cat, with marble stripes, in the evolutionary position between large and small feline animal.
Starship company has developed a home delivery service robot can provide the two city residents, single robot distribution volume in the day about 10 single.
Scientists in the survey of Mariana Trench, found a large amphipod, this is a shrimp like crustacean species, body length of up to 28 cm.
Baidu founder Robin Li Grylls survival in reality show "off-road" Miles held launch conference, Robin Li's daughter Brenda unveiled the challenge of terrorist cases.