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Aokigahara forest is growing up in the solidified lava on the original forest, influenced by the folklore and popular literature, it became the preferred Japanese Dutch act.
Taiwan anti authoritarian "two / 28". On the surface, in order to find the duty police, is actually Taiwan local residents on the national government dissatisfaction effect.
Tang Panhu is located in the Antarctic continent, around the temperature of -50 DEG C case is still not frozen. The water temperature can be in addition to the bottom of the 25 degrees, so many.
Midsummer Festival is a traditional festival of the Nordic countries, the day and the longest day does not fall, Norway, the residents of Mark Lui will be built and lit a tray tower to celebrate.
Tuzhangfang is mud, straw and other materials by Yi solid, hillside of traditional dwellings, the roof attached to the roof, can be a variety of folk activities.
Permafrost regions cover pit in Russia's Patagonia, last century were found in 60s, and later with the climate warming, the collapse of the region gradually expand.
Gansu Hexi Corridor snow endangered species found in sheep. Blue is the two national animal protection, can jump freely in the cliffs.
The eighty-ninth Oscar awards, the gay movie "Moonlight boy" won the Oscar for best film, Casey Affleck, Emma Stone won the best actress.
HUAWEI in the MWC to carry out the new conference held on the eve of the 2017, launched the flagship HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus, and the new grass green and blue two color carving drill.