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Low level laser defense system Chinese developed at the Abu Dhabi international exhibition against the weapon, a maximum range of 4000 meters, in 800 meters away from the burning through 5 layers of 2 mm thick plate,
The 2017 all star weekend singles competition ended, "dog" Glen Robinson III eventually won the dunk contest, the lack of public opinion in the slam dunk contest highlights.
The so-called "Ghoul", its essence is the official thieves, they sell through the tomb Bora pay raise, but the Cao Cao dynasties have done especially outrageous.
France Menton held the eighty-fourth Lemon Festival, they used the fruit to create "the lion king" "beauty and the beast" and other movie characters and scenes, to celebrate the harvest.
February 22nd is the cradle of Japanese ninja Koga faction manjidani, "Ninja", this day city tourism department employees will be wearing a Ninja Costume to work.
The Naked Festival is one of the most ancient festivals in japan. The participants are male, they were naked, and wrapped the mawashi, grab the "treasure tree" for good luck.
Luoyang customs intercepted two pieces of luggage from the passengers Dutch act tree seeds. Formerly known as sea lemon tree tree Dutch act. Native to South Asia, are systemic toxic, can cause death within 6 hours of ingestion.
The film star Jet Li founder of the video site "street" officially launched, the website will launch a series of related work, extreme sports and other high quality video to convey the concept of life.
SF EXPRESS in February 23rd will be officially listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange bell, SF will backdoor Dingtai new material, President Wang Wei's net worth has more than 100 billion yuan.