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Now means a person just dumb as a wooden chicken clumsy, slow reaction. While its original meaning refers to the trained cockfighting calm, anger and prestige to the best.
Tencent released the 2016 annual expression, "growl" topped the list for five consecutive years, the use of up to 30 billion 300 million times the number of. Smiling, laughing, in a daze, followed by tears.
"Also called prosopagnosia face blindness" medicine, is a kind of cognitive impairment in neurological diseases. Divided into two kinds of congenital and acquired, the incidence rate of about 2.5%.
China fifth destroyer 052D in Qingdao naval base named flag, officially joined the Navy battle. This type of warship is Chinese Navy's new generation missile destroyer.
The southern Shikoku region of Japan called a Qing village, the village is only 35 people, but over more than and 100 different patterns of the scarecrow doll.
China science fiction film short "have no alternative" at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival won the "best science fiction film" and "beacon award two awards.
Squat feet all, knees apart is known as the Asian squat, squatting popularity make this movement become Asia Europe exclusive, only 10% of people can do.
Samsung released the results of survey Note 7 spontaneous events, mainly caused by the battery contacts design flaws, Samsung also announced the following safety measures to avoid accident again.
Kandovan village is located in Iran of Azerbaijan Province, because of all the houses are hewn out in the rock and called the stone village, has a history of 700 years.