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That night a frog body length of only 12 mm in Western India, is smaller than the thumb nail. This is the smallest frog found in India.
The 66 year old albatross "wisdom" once again laying and hatching chicks, the world's oldest mothers again when the mother, her life tending about 30 generations.
Singapore appears rare astronomical phenomenon "fire rainbow" fire rainbow name "ring arcs" is the sun in the air high position by Cirrus made up of ice and the refraction.
China ordnance industry group has developed a "vortex blowing snow", aircraft engines installed in the tank chassis, which rely on high temperature and high speed airflow, cleaning the snow.
TOYOTA launched a smart three commuter concept car i-TRIL, can be equipped with 2-3, by adjusting the on-board computer attitude, improve comfort.
Japanese children Saitama zoo born a male deer in Chile Pakistan, about 1kg of body weight, body length of about 20cm, is very healthy, this is the world's smallest deer species.
Trump became president of the United States on the weekend went to its real estate Club affairs, Ma Arago diplomatic activities, making the club known as the southern white house.
Because the wooden structure is easy to cause the fire, Shanghai was established as the temple mage fire brigade consisting of 12 monks, the temple for fire emergencies emergency treatment.
Android 8 version of the upcoming new version of the code, presumably will continue interesting dessert style, will be called Oreo".