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China vast territory, many dialects. The language has become a great obstacle to cross regional exchanges, and until twentieth Century, a unified language has become an urgent task of modernization.
Jingdong has traced a 12G packet data leakage, including multiple dimensions of user name and password, email, QQ number, ID number, up to tens of millions.
The railway sector expansion to the 12306 site, the purchase link will reduce the use of verification code verification code, no longer need to use nearly 60% tickets on sale at.
The Comoros islands are located between Madagascar and the African continent, there is an active volcano can climb, or one of the "raw Chanel perfume Orchids" biggest origin.
In ancient Chinese, only the ruling class have the ability to organize large-scale mapping, only as the intellectual elite scholar hold the secret map.
The map will be listed in Hongkong in December 15th, plans to raise $5 billion 500 million, is nearly 10 years, landing third Internet Co in Hong Kong stocks.
Ming Dynasty Zhu Jian, young timid and stuttering, and suffered from his father, uncle captured misfortune. But in the end he managed to clean up the mess, a new era of prosperity.
Starbucks announced a strategic partnership with Tencent, WeChat will open social gifts, and will introduce WeChat to pay nearly 2500 Starbucks stores in the country.
ChaosHz is the world's first pure Handmade HiFi headset, achieve high fidelity by nuclear transfer and twist line, according to user needs various appearance.