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China Internet Information Center released a report, as of 2016 the scale of Chinese users reached 731 million, equivalent to the total population of mobile phone users reached 95.1%.
After a hacker mail door and CEO departure, SONY Corporation is in contact with the financial people, trying to sell the film and television business.
Suning will fully take over PPTV years after the cohesion video will be renamed "Suning sports", Suning sports and sports cohesion under the headquarters moved to Nanjing.
PM0.3 refers to the air in diameter less than or equal to 0.3 microns solid particles or liquid droplets, the particle size of the hair is only 1/200, Chinese has not yet started testing the index.
New Zealand pappataci lifestyle similar to mosquitoes, they bleed to use other animal blood, and to help their reproduction, pain and will leave a scar.
The Leopard Shark Leonie and male partner over a number of years after the birth of 3 pups. Genetic testing found that pups carrying only the mother of DNA, suggesting that they are born by asexual reproduction.
South Guyana plateau Salto Churun Meru on the drop of 979 meters, is the largest in the world, truly "waterfalls three thousand feet, the shadows often appear in the movie.
A man named Charlie's 11 year old British Shorthair due to obesity, weight increased to two times the original, has been successful by swimming to lose 4 pounds (about 1.8 kg).
Poppits soft capsule made from cellulose toothpaste, compact, can be dissolved in water, which is convenient to use, but also avoid the pollution caused by the skin white toothpaste.