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Before the war in Iraq, Baghdadi is a devout religious law student, war damage to homes, pushing him on "Jihad" road, and become the leader of the ISIS.
BlackBerry released a new KEYone, still using the full physical keyboard BlackBerry logo design, the keyboard has integrated fingerprint identification function, the price of 499 euros.
Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world's most influential Mobile Communications Exhibition, 2017MWC Beijing time on February 27th to be held in Barcelona in March 2nd.
Airbnb once because no flow and cash flow caused by fault, the three founders of creative cereal business, saved the company.
Jianghan Vocational College of Arts to carry out school enterprise cooperation, training of ordinary college level crayfish industry professionals, including cooking, catering management, marketing three directions.
"Determined" drilling vessel dolphin found in the South China sea. The dolphin is a medium-sized fish, because looks like axe is also called "ghost Dao", covered with colorful scales.
Harvard University in January had made the world's first piece of metal hydrogen, but because of the wrong operation, the metal hydrogen that disappeared in the air.
A therapeutic AIDS vaccine, the Spanish AIDS Research Institute, 5 HIV carriers successfully inhibited viral replication in vivo for more than 4 weeks, the longest was 7 months.
Hunan TV's mango TV launched Internet TV "love mango", advanced product including "Star" and "green grass" two series, this is the first foray into mango TV hardware market.