Estados Unidos Mexicanos ( Spanish Los: Estados Unidos Mexicanos), referred to as Mexico, as North America A The Federal Republic Northern countries U.S.A Bordering the South and West Lake The Pacific Ocean For the southeast, Belize , Guatemala and Caribbean For the East, The Gulf of Mexico . The area of nearly two million square kilometers (more than 760000 square miles), for America Area fifth and world The area of the fourteenth largest country. The total population of more than 120 million, is the eleventh largest in the world, the world's most populous country and Spanish Latin America The second most populous country. Mexico is a federal state, including thirty-two State The; capital And the largest city Mexico City Is also a state.
Mexico is a free market economy, economic strength ranking America Fourth, thirteenth in the world, have Modernization The industry and agriculture, private economy proportion also increased dramatically. 1994 The North American Free Trade Area After the establishment of Mexico, and U.S.A The trade and investment exchanges increased rapidly, which greatly promoted the economic development and the increase of national income.
Mexico is America Indian One of the oldest civilization center. The world-famous Olmec civilization , Toltec Culture , Te Ody Wa Can Culture , Zapotec culture , The Mayan culture and Aztec Civilization Are Mexico ancient Indian Create. BC built in the north of the city of Mexico The Pyramid of the sun and Pyramid of moon Is the representative of the brilliant ancient culture. The Pyramid of the sun and Pyramid of moon Where Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan cover the United Nations UNESCO announced as the common heritage of mankind.
Mexico ancient Indians cultivated corn, so Mexico has "the hometown of corn," said. In different historical periods in Mexico also won the "cactus kingdom" and "silver kingdom" and "floating in the sea of oil country" reputation.

Mexico History

Mexico B.C

About nine thousand years ago, the ancient Mexican The domestication of maize, and promote The agricultural revolution , which led to the formation of many civilization. The development of civilization into city, architecture, astronomy research, mathematics, and military. Famous as the Olmec civilization, Teotihuacan , Aztec and maya.
One olmec
The Olmec civilization (Olmec) is the oldest known American civilization. It is about the existence and from 1200 BC to 400 BC, is now the south central Mexico Tropical rain forest That is famous for its large head statue.
The Olmec civilization in 1200 BC in Central America San Lorenzo Among the highland tropical jungle. San Lorenzo is the early Olmec civilization flourished in the center, about 300 years later, in 900 BC or destroyed by violence. The Olmec civilization center moved to La Venta near the Mexico bay. The Olmec civilization eventually disappeared in 400 BC, was replaced by biord love Mei Ke culture. The specific reasons for its disappearance is unknown, but it has a lot of influence in American civilization. Many features of the Olmec civilization, such as Pyramid And the palace building, jade carving, Jaguar and Quetzalcoatl The common element in the worship and later America civilization. Most scholars believe that the Olmec civilization is Maya Zapotec, Teotihuacan The mother of civilization. But some people think that the relationship between the Olmec civilization and other Mesoamerican civilization is the sister relationship.
2 Teotihuacan civilization
Teoti (Teotihuac n) the Teotihuacan civilization began in 200 BC, about now in central Mexico, is after the demise of the Olmec civilization was born, and about the Mayan civilization period of ancient Indian civilization, Teoti to 150 years in Teotihuacan AD1, built a population of approximately 50 thousand the city, which is the entire region the earliest existing city level settlements, the building of Pyramid. However, unlike other ancient Indian civilization in the context of a pedigree is distinct, origin of teaodiwakan, so far is still unclear puzzles, no one can prove that the civilization had words and leave records. Today we are aware of the existence of civilization, but because they left behind a huge monument for the analysis is proved, and some other civilization around the same period they mentioned about teaodiwakan things in books or painting, is another key reference. Teoti Teotihuacan man does not need to call themselves the name, this name is the fall of civilization, then exists in this area of the subsequent civilization Toltec In their use of Nahuatl (Nahuatl, a central Mexico Indian language) used to refer to the previous means "the gods made man". Although the Toltec and even later Aziz Turk The era of ancient civilization had disappeared without a trace, but they still see teaodiwakan once lived in the ancient city as the holy land, and therefore there will be such a call.

Mexico During the period of Spanish rule

In 1519, the Spanish invasion of Mexico in 1521, Aziz Turk capital of Tenochtitlan (Tenochtitl, n) is the main enemy tlaskal tecka in Spain and the Aziz Turk Conquest (Tlaxcalteca). But Spain is not completely conquered the Aztecs, but was completed in second Century, there are two main reasons for the Spanish victory.
The Aztecs Because I believe there must be a constant living sacrifice, the universe will continue to operate, so every year at the expense of many people, some people from the prisoner of war. But in time of peace, people resort to a form of Reke Aziz on "ritual war", has been the prisoner of war. Therefore tlaskal tecka will most willing to join the Spanish people's army against Aziz reke.
Another important factor, the Spaniards into various plagues and infectious diseases brought to America, smallpox, influenza, plague, measles, there are one hundred thousand natives are infected, the epidemic may cause about eight million local people were killed.

Mexico Independent

Mexico's war of independence from the beginning of 1810, until 1821 before entering the Mexico uprising. The war of independence by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Initiated in the October 1, 1810 uprising, trying to overthrow the Spanish rule, but the September uprising plans due to the traitor whistleblowing disclosure, so early in September 16th Dolores (Dolores) the town began, after the success of the establishment of the first republic, Guadalupe Victoria As the first president.

Mexico The Mexican American War

The Mexican American War From 1846 until 1848, because of the war Texas (this is the United States and the United States) the relationship between independent expansionism, the United States to absorb interest Republic of Texas For the twenty-eighth states of Mexico, and far away California and New Mexico After the attack, Mexico lost its original land area of 1/3, leading to the Mexicans now or hate Americans, also created a new politicians, they get rid of Santa Ana The rule of Mexico, and in 1857 set up a free republic.

Mexico The French invasion

In 1860s, France When the civil war in Mexico took control of Mexico, but it did not completely control was overturned, in 1867, the restoration of democracy, Juarez (Ju, rez) - election, continue to implement his reforms. In 1871, he was elected second times, his opposition, they think of democracy in the process of election. Juarez died a year later, his successor Miguel Laredo Detejada (Miguel Lerdo de Tejada).

Mexico Dias dictatorship

Re elected in 1876, defeating Dias Tejada, (Diaz). In 1876, the government announced plans to overthrow the Dias rebellion and independence for the president tejada. Dias overturned the original government, Tejada fled the country, Dias became the new president. Which began more than thirty years (1876 to 1911) of the dictatorship, this period of relative prosperity and peace, the country's infrastructure is greatly improved, which depends on foreign investment.

Mexico Contemporary

After Porfirio Diaz Long period of dictatorship, mexican revolution Finally broke out in 1910. The revolutionary armed forces defeated the federal army, but also occurred in the bucket, let Mexico for twenty years during the civil war. After the revolution, Mexico The Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, PRI) gained power, and ruled Mexico until the end of twentieth Century, and in 2000 for the first time of the ruling party.
In July 2, 2006, the Mexico presidential and parliamentary elections to vote. In September 5th, the Mexico federal electoral court officially announced, National Action Party presidential candidate Felipe Calderon Hinojosa In the presidential election, was elected the new president of Mexico.
In July 1, 2012, the opposition party The Institutional Revolutionary Party Presidential candidate Enrique Pena Nieto To participate in the presidential election. His campaign to "change" as the core content to open to foreign Pemex The monopoly of the oil industry, increase tax and labor market reforms, with his young handsome image, so that his popularity has been ahead of other three presidential candidates. The final 38.21% of the vote to win the presidential election, second peace implementation of the ruling party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party ruling again after 12 years in the wilderness.

Mexico administrative division

Mexico The main division

The capital of Mexico to Mexico City. The country is divided into 31 states and 1 Federal District (capital of Mexico City). Under the state and village (town), federal district under the district. Each state has its own constitution and parliament, the implementation of autonomous prefecture. The governor is produced by the residents of the state of direct election, a term of 6 years, may not be re elected. From 1997 onwards, the chief executive of the federal district produced by the capital of the public direct election.
 Mexico administrative divisions Mexico administrative divisions

The country is divided into 31 states and 1 Federal District (Mexico City), the state under the city and village (town). The name of the following states: Aguascalientes Next, California, Baja California Sur , Campeche , Chiapas , Chihuahua , coahuila , Colima , Durango , Guanajuato , Guerrero , Hidalgo , Jalisco , The state of Mexico , Michoacan , Morelos , Nayarit , Nuevo Leon , Oaxaca , Puebla , Queretaro , quintana roo, San Luis Potosi , Sinaloan , Sonora , tabasco , Tamaulipas , Tlaxcala , Veracruz , Yucatan , Zacatecas .

Mexico An important city

There are many famous city in Mexico. Here is some of the most important big city, no doubt can be called the main city of Mexico.
Mexico City (Ciudad de M xico)
Mexico City is not only the capital, it is the largest city in Mexico. The construction of buildings, monuments, museums, monuments, palaces, shopping malls, government buildings, everything in Mexico City. Hodge Mirko (Xochimilco) the canal water garden is the largest tourist attractions in the city, and El angel on the independent, independent column milepost type building angel victory. Mexico City is a lot of large media companies and the headquarters of the Spanish newspaper. About 1/5 of Mexico's population living in Mexico City, so the city is also known to the sleepless city.
Guadalajara (Guadalajara)
Guadalajara Is the second largest city in Mexico, is also Jalisco (Jalisco) the capital of. The core of Mexico's cultural roots can be found in the city, because it is the most authentic Mexico production center. One of the most famous example is originated in Guadalajara Tequila . The colonial center, Chapala Lake (Chapala), square, church and Cathedral of Mexico historical picture is the famous tourist attractions in Guadalajara. In addition to historical attractions, there are exotic restaurants in Guadalajara, shopping malls and vibrant nightlife.
Monterey (Monterrey)
Monterey yes Nuevo Leon (Nuevo Le n) of the capital, is the third largest city in Mexico. The city is famous for "Grutas de Garcia" beautiful cave, and it looks like the famous waterfall "Cascada Cola de Caballo horse tail" is famous. Unique tin (Cerro de la Silla Summit) is a landmark of Monterey. In addition, in addition to art galleries, museums, monuments, forest, where Monterey is the Mexico industrial capital and some large industrial headquarters.
Leon (Le n)
Leon yes The state of Guanajuato (Guanajuato) the capital of Mexico, is another major city. Heart reserve sin of St. Jesus (Expiatorio) is one of Leon's Neo Gothic architectural design of the famous scenic spots. The municipal palace, and the symbol of the city is the arch crowned hero. Leon is rich in high quality leather (especially shoes) and international fame.
Puebla (Puebla)
Puebla yes The state of Puebla The capital of Mexico, is a major industrial center. In the past only in the textile industry is famous, now, Puebla iron and steel industry or automotive business center. Puebla is located in the picturesque valley, surrounded by mountains and the volcano. Puebla also boasts from The Renaissance Classical, to The Baroque period Famous historical monuments and other cultural heritage. The art museum, churches and antique shops have become an attractive tourist attractions.

Mexico National Population

Mexico population

According to the latest estimates of Mexico residents of the National Committee of the total population of 118 million 400 thousand in Mexico, ranked eleventh in the world, in Latin America after Brazil, ranked second, ranked eleventh in the world. Mestizo About 60%, Indian Accounted for 10%. The official language is Spanish, 7.1% of the people speak Indian. . Residents in 89% believe in Catholicism In 6%, Protestant The remaining 5% of the population, other religions, or no religion.
According to the Mexico National Population Commission to the latest statistics, by the end of 2013 the total population of Mexico reached 118395054 people, including women accounted for 51%, about 60584099 people, about 57810955 men.
Divided according to age structure, 0-14 years old accounted for 27.4%, 15-24 years old accounted for 18.1%, 25-54 years old accounted for 40.7%, 55-64 years old accounted for 6.9%, more than 65 years accounted for 6.9%. The difference between the population density of States, the Federal District of Mexico City average per square kilometer population is 6347.2 people; followed by The state of Mexico The average per square kilometers, a population of 359.1 people. Mexico's three most populous state or municipality directly under the central government in the state of Mexico (16618929), Mexico City (8774724) and the Federal District Veracruz (7985893); the three most populous city Mexico City , Guadalajara and Monterey . In 2013, Mexican national average life expectancy of 74.5 years, the average life expectancy of women 77 years of age, the average life expectancy of 71 years old male population in Mexico; the average age of 27.7 years, males with an average age of 26.6, women with an average age of 28.8 years. The country's population, accounting for about 90% of the Indo European race, Indian descent accounted for 10%. The city accounted for 75% of the population, the rural population accounted for 25%.
It is expected that in 2050, Mexico's population will reach 150837517 people.

Mexico Nation

Mexico is a melting pot, the hybrids and the Indo European Indian The total population of more than 90%. There are a total of 62 Indian, 360 Indian language. Nahuatl is the largest ethnic group in Indian, the number reached 2 million 446 thousand, accounting for 23.9% of the total number of Indians; followed by the Mayan, the number reached 1 million 476 thousand, accounting for 14.4%. Since the beginning of 1940s, successive governments take the integration policy of minorities in Indian, actively promote national integration.

Mexico Geography

Mexico Location condition

The territory of Mexico area of 1972550 square kilometers, is the third country in Latin America, after Brazil and Argentina , ranked fourteenth in the world, is located in the southern part of the northwest end of North America, Latin America, South America, North America road traffic must pass through, Su said the "land bridge". North of the United States, South Guatemala and Belize East of Mexico Bay, and Caribbean The West Pacific Ocean and the. The Gulf of California . The coastline of 11122 kilometers. The Pacific coast 7828 kilometers, 3294 kilometers off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, caribbean. There are 3 million square kilometers exclusive economic zone And 358 thousand square kilometers continental shelf . Famous The isthmus of Tehuantepec North America and Central America One piece.
 Mexico satellite map Mexico satellite map

Mexico belongs to the west of the 5 time zone, local time, 14 hours later than Beijing time, the implementation of daylight saving time when 13 hours later than Beijing time.

Mexico climate

 Mexico City Street Mexico City Street
Mexico complex and diverse climate, the plateau and mountain, vertical climate characteristics significantly. Ink is complex and diverse climate. Plateau area year-round mild average temperature to 26 DEG C, 10; Northwest continental climate; coastal and southeastern Plains tropical climate. Most dry area (10 ~ April), rain (5 ~ September) the two season, the rainy season concentrated 75% of the precipitation throughout the year.
70% where the climate is dry. The average annual precipitation in Northwest China mainland is less than 250 mm, 750-1000 mm, the central coast of Mexico Bay and the Pacific coast of Southern 1000-2000 mm. Hot and humid area land area accounted for 4.8%, hot area accounted for 23%, accounted for 23.1% of temperate regions, arid area accounted for 28.3%, accounted for 20.8% of the extreme arid regions. Because of the Mexico territory for the high altitude terrain, no cold winter and summer without heat, the four seasons evergreen trees, so enjoy "Plateau Pearl" reputation.
The capital of Mexico City belongs to the plateau, 2240 meters above sea level, the average May temperature of 12-26 DEG C, the coldest month of January, the average temperature of 6-19 DEG C.

Mexico Resources

Mexico as a Latin American economic power and the world's major mineral producing countries. Mexico's main energy mineral resources of oil, natural gas, uranium and coal; metal mineral iron, manganese, copper, lead, zinc Gold and silver, antimony Mercury, tungsten, molybdenum , vanadium Etc.; non metallic mineral sulfur, graphite, wollastonite, and natural soda fluorite Etc.. The mineral reserves of the world: Silver ranked first in the world; copper and graphite ranks third in the world; sulfur and barite ranked sixth in the world; molybdenum, lead and zinc manganese ranked seventh in the world ranking eleventh in the world.
Oil and gas resources are the most important mineral resources in Mexico, according to the Mexico Ministry of economic statistics, as of the end of 2011, Mexico's oil remaining proven recoverable reserves of 20.62 tons, ranking eighteenth in the world; natural gas remaining proven recoverable reserves of 332 billion 514 million cubic meters, ranking thirty-first in the world; recoverable conventional oil resources amount to 114 tons. Ranked eighth in the world; the conventional natural gas recoverable reserves of 5 trillion and 530 billion cubic meters, ranking thirteenth in the world. In addition, the amount of oil resources in Mexico to be found for 38 tons, 1 trillion and 320 billion cubic metres of natural gas.
From the regional distribution, oil and gas resources are mainly distributed in the Northeast sea area, coal resources are mainly distributed in the Northeast Coahuila And the South The state of Oaxaca Gold deposits are mainly distributed in the central plateau, and Sierra Madre Occidental One of the biggest gold mine, Mexico, real de Oro mine. West Mountain in the Sierra Madre gold is storage of lead, copper and manganese, antimony And w, tin Bismuth, mercury, and other non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal resources distribution is the most important area in Mexico.
Mexico is the world's important non-metallic mineral production in Mexico according to the National Bureau of statistics, 2012 non metal mining output value of about 13 billion 400 million pesos ($1 billion 20 million), in which the non metallic minerals accounted for 23%, salt 16%, fluorite: sulfur 14%, silica sand 13%, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate soil 9%, 10% 4% gypsum and other 11%. In 2012, non-metallic mineral production growth larger mineral silica sand, gypsum, celestite etc..

Mexico The symbol of the nation

Mexico Country Name

Estados Unidos Mexicanos (English: The United Mexican States Estados Unidos, Spanish: Mexicanos)

Mexico National flag

Flag of Mexico rectangular, length and width ratio of 7:4. From left to right by the green, white and red equal Vertical rectangle group A white painted the middle The national emblem of Mexico The contents of the pattern, from the history of Mexico legend. Green is a symbol of independence and hope, the white symbolizes peace and religious beliefs, the red symbol of national unity.

Mexico National Emblem

Mexico National Emblem The wings of an eagle.
 National Emblem National Emblem
In the mouth of a snake, a claw clutching snake, a claw on growth from the lake in the rocks on a cactus. This pictorial depicts Mexican The ancestors The Aztecs The history of. Legend has it that long ago, The God of the sun In order to save the wandering Mexican ancestors Aztecs, came to them, if they see a snake dangling Eagle standing on a cactus, just the place to settle down. Living in the northern Mexico area of the Turk who God's revelation in the sun, find the pattern described in the place to settle down in this place Lake Texcoco The island was established tenochtitlan (Tenochtitl, n), is now in Mexico City (Ciudad de M xico). Cactus is the national flower of Mexico, symbolizing Mexico nation and its indomitable spirit of struggle. The pattern for the oak and laurel leaves, a symbol of strength, loyalty and peace.

Mexico National bird

Eagle. "As the Mexican Eagle" Motherland The symbol of the design of the national emblem of Mexico is a snake dangling from his mouth Eagle standing on a cactus, the middle of an eagle and its flag, the coin it is also a symbol of the eagle.

Mexico National flower

 Dahlia Dahlia
Cactus、 Dahlia . A cactus Cactus About 2000 species of plants. Fleshy perennial. Stems usually fleshy, chlorophyll containing. Leaves disappear or extreme degradation, reduce the loss of water, is to adapt to a tropical environment form mechanism of water shortage. The majority of people living in the dry area, is the national flower of Mexico. Ornamental, medicinal and edible value. Dahlia dahlia, also called Tianzhu peony , Sweet potato flowers Dali, flower, passionfruit and chamomile, is a perennial herb. Aoshuang chrysanthemum in full bloom, and Dahlia are different between spring and summer after flowering, bloom again after the summer, when frost comes. It is the peony flower color similar national beauty and heavenly fragrance, beautiful and colorful, attractive. Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico, Jilin Province, the provincial flower, Hebei Province Zhangjiakou City The flower, colorful The symbol of Dahlia generous, rich, the most favorable auspices. It's footprint has spread to many countries in the world, has become a fixture of the garden, the famous ornamental flower in the world.

Mexico China Stone

Obsidian, (Obsidian) is a kind of low common black stones, also known as natural glass, is a naturally occurring glass. Produced in U.S.A , Japan And Indonesia. The obsidian in the crystal family, Thermal power plant except Negative The energy is extremely strong. Chinese ancient Buddhist relics, there is quite a lot about the house or the evil of the Obsidian relics or statues. Obsidian is now for Buddha practices Busch best gem, the transparent color, black or dark green, may be all monochrome, or the striped or spotted. Is mainly due to the volcano lava quickly cooled and condensed, the crystal structure does not have enough time to grow. Because the periphery of the cooling lava flow is the fastest, so the obsidian is usually found in the periphery of the lava flow.

Mexico Politics

Mexico regime

 The national flower of Mexico - Cactus The national flower of Mexico - Cactus
Implement The president of the Republic . The president is head of state and head of government, a term of six years and shall not be re elected. No vice president. The government is divided into economic, security and justice and human development. The three part consists of 18 departments and 17 ministerial level units.
Promulgated in 1824 after independence the first bourgeois constitution. In February 5, 1917 promulgated the enhanced powers of state and government of the "United States of Mexico constitution" (the Mexico constitution of 1917). The Constitution in May 1st of the same year and effective execution date. During this period there have been almost 200 revision. According to the constitution, the state for the presidential system of the Federal Republic, modelled on the United States by legislative, administrative and judicial The separation of the three powers The president by direct; General election Have a term of 6 years, life may not be permanent. The president is head of state and government leaders in charge of the country's highest administrative power. Consisting of both houses of the Federal Parliament is the national legislature, the main functions are: the ratification of the treaty and the president of the court, finance, foreign affairs, senior military officials appointed; constitutional amendment; approval of the president's visit; when necessary, the appointment of an interim president. The Senate consists of 128 members, 31 states and the Federal District, the 4, a term of 6 years. House of Representatives 500 members, of which 300 seats elected by a majority of 200 seats, according to proportional representation, a term of 3 years. cabinet Is the government administrative agencies, the direct leadership by the president. Mexican States to develop state constitution, but the power of the state government by the fundamental law of the state constraint. In December 1991, Parliament passed amendments to the constitution, since the constitution came into force announced to stop the implementation of the land reform, the implementation of village land privatization; that the church has enjoyed legal status of citizen groups.

Mexico Constitution

In 1824 promulgated the first constitution after independence. In February 5, 1917 promulgated the "United States of Mexico constitution" (the Mexico constitution of 1917) and the implementation of it, which has been adapted several times. The provisions of the constitution of the legislative, administrative and judicial separation of the three powers; the president by direct suffrage for a term of 6 years, life may not be permanent; land, waters and other natural resources are owned by the state; the workers have the right to organize strikes, etc.. The federal states to develop state constitution, but the power of the state government by the national constitution.

Mexico parliament

The Federal Parliament consists of the Senate and house of Representatives, exercise legislative power . Members of both houses shall not be re elected, but by election. The main functions are: the ratification of the treaty and the president of the judicial, financial, diplomatic and military officials appointed; to amend the constitution; approval of the president's visit; when necessary, the appointment of an interim president. The houses are located "Leadership Council" and "political coordination committee". Members of both houses shall not be re elected, but by election. The composition of Parliament in September 1, 2012.
senate 128 members from 31 states and the Federal District, elected by the 4, a term of 6 years. The Senate in July 2012 elections, the Institutional Revolutionary Party National Action Party 52 seats, 38 seats, the Democratic Revolutionary Party 22 seats, the other party 16 seats. The current Senate President for National Action Party Ernesto Cordero Arroyo (Ernesto Cordero Arroyo), took office in September 1, 2012, a term of 1 years.
The house of Representatives on July 2012, the Institutional Revolutionary Party National Action Party 212 seats, 114 seats, the Democratic Revolutionary Party 104 seats, the other party 70 seats. The current speaker for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Francisco Agustin Arroyo Biela Francisco Agust n Arroyo Vieyra), took office in December 11, 2012, until August 1, 2013.

Mexico government

The government was established in December 1, 2012 August 27, 2015, part of the reorganization. At present the main members of the cabinet are: Interior Minister Miguel Osorio Chang (Miguel Osorio Chong), foreign minister Claudia Ruiz Macheu (female, Claudia Ruiz Massieu), defense minister Salvador Cienfuegos (Salvador Cienfuegos), the Secretary of the Navy Vidal Soberon (Vidal Sober n), Minister of Finance and public credit Luis Bidegaray (Luis Videgaray), Minister of social development Jose Meade (Jos Meade) the environment and natural resources minister Rafael Paci Jano (Rafael Pacchiano), the energy minister Pedro Codwell (Pedro Coldwell), economy minister Ildfonso Guajardo (Ildefonso Guajardo), agriculture, animal husbandry, rural development, fisheries and Food Minister Jose Calzada (Jos Calzada), communication and transportation minister Gerardo Ruiz (Gerardo Ruiz), public education foreign minister Aurelio Nunio (Aurelio Nu n o), health minister Mercedes Juan Lopez (female, Mercedes Juan L PEZ), Alfonso Navarrete Prida, Minister of labor and social security (the Alfonso Navarrete Prida ), rural land and city development minister Rosario Robles (female, Rosario Robles), tourism minister Enrique Delamadrid (Enrique de la Madrid).

Mexico party

ink Multi-party system The further development of democracy, the main political parties:
(1) The Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional): the ruling party. Established in March 4, 1929, 1929 -2000 year in power for 71 years, after a lapse of 12 years, returned to power in 2012. The incumbent party chairman Manlio Beltromness (Manlio Fabio Beltrones), the general secretary Carolina Monroy Delmas (Carolina Monroy del Mazo), elected in August 2015.
(2) National Action Party (Partido Acci, n Nacional): the opposition party. Established in September 15, 1939. A member of the Christian Democratic international. From 2000 to 2012 the ruling. The incumbent party chairman Riccardo Anaya (Ricardo Anaya), the general secretary Damian Cepeda (Dami n Zepeda).
(3) the Democratic Revolutionary Party (Partido de la Revoluci n Democr TICA): the opposition party. Founded in July 1987, is the predecessor of the National Democratic Front in May 1989, the Socialist Party of Mexico (former Mexico Communist Party) after adding to now. The incumbent party chairman Agustin Basave (Agust n Basave), the general secretary Beatrice Mojica (Beatriz Mojica), elected in November 2015.
In addition, there are green party (Partido Verde Ecologista) and citizens (Partido Movimiento Ciudadano) Movement Party etc..

Mexico judicial

As the Supreme Court, District Court (court) and the district court 3. The Supreme Court 18 candidates nominated by the president, the Senate appointed 11 people, a term of 15 years. The Supreme Court every 4 years from the judges in the election of 1 president, may not be re elected. The current Supreme Court President Luis Maria Aguilar (Luis Mar, a Aguilar), until December 31, 2018. District Court and the district court judge appointed by the Supreme Court, a term of 4 years.
With the attorney general's office and the Federal District procuratorate. The attorney general is nominated by the president, the Senate appointed. The federal attorney general Ariely Gomez Gonzalez (Arely G, mez Gonz, lez), elected in August 2015.

Mexico Politicians

President Enrique Pena Nieto . Born in Mexico in July 20, 1966 at the Department of La Moore. Bachelor of law, Mexico Pan American University, master of business administration, Monterey Institute of technology. In September 2003, he was elected to the Mexico state senator, and served as chairman of the Political Committee for the coordination of the state legislature. From September 2005 to September 2011, the governor of Mexico. The Institutional Revolutionary Party, served as the Mexico state legislature institutional revolutionary party caucus coordinator. As of July 2012, the Institutional Revolutionary Party and green party to form a "commitment to Mexico" coalition presidential candidate to win the election. In December 1, 2012, a term of 6 years.

Mexico Military

Mexico national defense

The army in Mexico was built in 1821, was named national army, in 1913 renamed the constitutional army.
According to the constitution, the president armed forces The commander in chief, have the right to declare a state of emergency and" A state of war "The decision to mobilize troops, defense spending and the rank of generals appointed above etc..
The highest defense decision-making body As a "national security cabinet meeting", headed by the president, members include defence secretary And the Secretary of the Navy, the interior minister, Minister of foreign affairs and other relevant government ministers.
The Department of defense and the Department of the navy is the highest military administrative organs and institutions of military command. The Defense Department leadership and command of the army and the air force, navy and naval command department leader.
For a long time, the Mexico army basically no foreign operations, mainly responsible for the task of maintaining national stability.
The implementation of Mexico Conscripts and Volunteer The combination of military service system. Provisions of 18 - to 45 year old male citizens are required for military service. Compulsory military service period of 1 years, the volunteer service of 3-9 years. Mexico military For medium-sized defense forces in Central America, Army Reserve of about 190 thousand people, 300 thousand people, 14 thousand people and another militia. The implementation of compulsory military service, at the same time the recruitment of volunteers, compulsory military service for a period of 1 years, the volunteer service for a period of 3-9 years. The president by the defense department and the Navy Department to implement leadership of the national force, Secretary of defense minister and the president appointed by the Navy, served by active duty four-star general.
No army Main battle tank But in armored vehicles and artillery, naval ships to 3 Destroyer And 8 ships Frigates As the main force, and another hundred patrol boats and 9000 people Marine Corps The air force, there are 10 F-5 aircraft and 80 helicopters, 35 transport aircraft. Belongs to the passive defense military scale roughly, with its northern neighbour U.S.A The military is not so great compared to fall, but by thinking against the army, there mainly at the same time with the anti drug and anti smuggling operations

Mexico Military strength

Land force
As of 2014, a total of 144 thousand people in the army. Divided into 12 military districts and 44 subdistricts. Has 3 army, 4 armored brigade, 1 Airborne Brigade, 1 Military Police Brigade, 9 infantry brigade, 3 artillery regiment, 80 infantry battalions, 1 mechanized infantry battalion, 19 battalion, 44 special air mobile unit.
As of 2014, a total of 37 thousand people (including the Navy Marine Corps and Navy Aviation). Divided into 16 military districts. For 2, 17 fleet squadron.
air force
As of 2014, a total of 11 thousand and 800 air force. With 18 squadron. Equipped with 107 combat aircraft, 71 armed helicopters.

Mexico Military

In 2005 the defense expenditure of $3 billion 90 million, the 2006 defense budget of $3 billion 320 million.

Mexico Command system

Mexican constitution, the president as the supreme commander of the armed forces, the right to declare the "emergency" and "state of war", decided to mobilize troops, senior generals, defense spending and other major matters of appointment. National security cabinet meeting is the highest decision-making body defense, led by the president, members of the defense minister, the Secretary of the Navy, the interior minister, Minister of foreign affairs and other relevant government ministers. Don't be a government for the defense department and the Navy, is the highest organ of military administration, is the highest military command. The Defense Department leadership and command of the army and the air force. The Department of the Navy leadership and command of the navy. Secretary of the Secretary of defense and the Navy appointed by the president, served by active duty four-star general. The president by the defense department and the Navy Department to implement the leadership and command of the armed forces of the country through the presidential staff to coordinate the national security and military problems.

Mexico International Relations

Mexico foreign policy

Pursuing an independent foreign policy, advocating national sovereignty With independence, respect the diversity of national self-determination and external relations, non-interference in internal affairs, the principle of peaceful settlement of disputes.
Mexico is The group of 20 , The North American Free Trade Area , APEC , The organization for economic cooperation and development , The organization of American States , The Rio Group Other members of the organization and The non aligned movement Observer。 The Rio Group's five coordination States and development coordination in the 2008 election year 2009-2010 Security Council Non permanent members. By the end of 2013, with 193 countries having diplomatic relations.

Mexico The relationship with the United States

As a neighbor, Mexico are members of the North American Free Trade Area of China, the United States is the main immigration Mexican . The United States provides about $400 million a year in aid to Mexico. In July 2012, the president of the United States Obama The two countries reiterated that the United States will be of mutual respect, mutual responsibility and close contact with the people of the two countries "as the basis Partnership Based on promoting the promotion of democracy, economic prosperity and regional and global security and other common goals.

Mexico Relations with Cuba

The ancient ink in 2004 there have been tensions, diplomatic relations was once reduced to agency. Since 2006, Calderon served as president of the Mexico, the relations between the two countries to achieve normalization gradually, the ancient ink inter Parliamentary Conference played an important role in promoting the recovery of the relationship.
In April 12, 2012, President Felipe Calderon said Mexico's visit to Cuba, the bilateral relations between Mexico and Cuba has entered a "new era", because the leaders of the two countries have set up new bridges of understanding and cooperation intention". Trade between the two countries reached $374 million.

Mexico And China relationship

Bilateral political relations
In February 14, 1972, Mexico Chinese Establish diplomatic relations .
After the establishment of diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have been developing smoothly. Moli president was in office visit, Chinese president, Prime Minister and other leaders visited mexico. From June 4, 2013 to 6, the president of People's Republic of China Xi Jinping A state visit to Mexico. This is the reception since the inauguration of President Pena first visit. President Xi Jinping and President Pena agreed to elevate China Mexico strategic partnership for the comprehensive strategic partnership.

Mexico Economics

Mexico Survey

Ink is the Latin American economic power, The North American Free Trade Area A member of one of the world's most open economies, with 45 countries signed a free trade agreement. A complete range of industrial, petrochemical, electric power, advanced mining, metallurgy and manufacturing industry. In 2014 GDP growth of 2.1%, inflation rate of 4.08%, the unemployment rate of 4.83%. Mexico in 2015 economic growth of 2.5%.
Mexico has a modern industry and agriculture, private economy proportion is gradually increased, at the end of 90s after the disintegration of the Mexico Railway Bureau for privatization. The state-owned enterprises from 1982 more than 1 thousand down to 1999 in less than 200. The implementation of economic privatization of government, and encourage in seaports, railways, communications, electricity, natural gas and airport service competition.
In 1986 Mexico joined GATT That began to change the development mode of the outward development mode by inward. Since the Mexican government vigorously promote the adjustment and reform, privatization, opening up measures, the 1995 Mexican economic for many years to maintain in a low growth, increasing international reserves and foreign capital, Inflation To 1 digits, financial profitability, debt ratio reached the normal value, import and export increased greatly; but on the other hand, but also the formation of excessive dependence on foreign imports, mainly short-term capital to balance the excessive economic account deficit situation. In January 1, 1994, officially joined the ink The North American Free Trade Area In December of the same year, ink due to intensified and contradictions within the ruling party political turmoil, foreign investors confidence have divestment, due to devaluation of the currency, the outbreak of the financial crisis. The Zedillo government in 1996 a large number of emergency assistance in the United States and international financial institutions to support, take a serious fiscal discipline, rectify the financial system, further the adjustment of economic structure and the implementation of the long-term economic development plan and other measures, so that the ink economy through emergency stage. The financial market continued good, the interest rate gradually reduced, the money market stability, to achieve the balance of public finance and the emergence of a substantial increase in foreign trade surplus, The international balance of payments The basic improvement, debt repayment smoothly, foreign exchange reserve Increased.
Mexico is G20 (Group of 20) is one of the countries.

Mexico Industry

The ink industry categories, but the development is not balanced. Manufacturing industry occupies an important position in the original construction recession, textile and clothing industry began to recover, transportation equipment, cement, chemical products, electric power industry continued to grow. Oil production continued to fourth place in the world, Mexico is the world's major honey producing country, the annual output of 60 million kilograms, ranking fourth in the world. 90% of honey production for export, the foreign exchange earnings each year about $70 million.

Mexico Agriculture

There are 35 million 600 thousand hectares of arable land, has 23 million hectares of arable land. The main crops are corn, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, rice, cotton, coffee and cocoa. 55% of the country's grain imports (2007 Figures). Mexico ancient Indian Cultivated corn, so the country enjoys "the hometown of corn" in the world. The "green gold" toname sisal Mexico is the leading world flair of agricultural products, its production in the world. The farm covers an area of 79 million hectares, mainly cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, some animal products export.

Mexico foreign trade

 Coin pattern Coin pattern
The main exports of crude oil, ink industrial manufactured goods, petroleum products, clothing, agricultural products, the main export market for the United states, Canada In America, the European Union, China Etc.; imports of food, pharmaceutical products, communications equipment, the main source of imports for the United States, China, Germany Japan, The Republic of Korea Etc.. In 2015, Mexico's total import and export $776 billion, down 2.6%, of which exports $380 billion 770 million, down 4.1% since 2009 to become the first negative growth; imports $395 billion 230 million, down 1.2%.
A long history and culture, unique customs and cultural landscape of the plateau and the long coastline provides favorable conditions for the development of Mexico tourism richly endowed by nature, ranking the first in Latin America, tourism has become one of Mexico's major source of foreign exchange. In 2001, the tourism revenue reached $8 billion 400 million. Mexico City , Acapulco , Tijuana , cancun Are the famous tourist destination.
The United States, Canada and Mexico in August 12, 1992 " NAFTA "Agreed, and in December 17th the same year by the leaders of the three countries signed in their respective countries. In January 1, 1994, the agreement entered into force, The North American Free Trade Area Announced the establishment. Agreement aims to remove trade barriers; create fair conditions, increasing investment opportunities; the protection of intellectual property rights; establish an effective mechanism for the implementation of agreements and to resolve trade disputes, promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation three. "The signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement", the North American countries and the world economy will have a significant impact. The United States is the largest trading partner and source of investment in Mexico Bilateral trade, foreign trade accounted for 70% of the total ink, exports to the United States accounted for 83% of the total export of ink, the ink absorption of foreign capital accounted for more than 65% of the total.

Mexico Culture

Mexico language

The official language is spanish. There are 360 kinds of American Indian languages. The first foreign language is English, but the proportion of the population speak English is low.

Mexico Religion

Mexican religious situation is as follows: 5 years of religious population 84 million 794 thousand; Catholicism 88%; Protestant and evangelical 5.2%; non evangelical biblical teaching 2.1%; Judaism 0.05% other religions; 0.31%; religious uncertainty 3.5%; 0.9%. Mexico Catholics also believe in ink special goddess GUADALUPE.

Mexico festival

January 1st New year's Day Añ O Nuevo calendar new year
 Mexico City Independent Monument Mexico City Independent Monument

On February 5th, a de la D constitution Constituci n Mexicana in Mexico in 1917 by the Constitution and Constitutional Convention
In March 21st, Joao Reis's Natalicio de Benito Ju rez Mexico Aigo Hu Ares (Benito Ju rez) is also the beginning of the birth.
April 6th Thanksgiving Viernes Santo Good Friday, from the year March 1st of the fortieth day of the week Friday for Thanksgiving
May 1st Labor Day D a del Trabajo Labor Day
May 5th May five Cinco de Mayo 1862 defeated France's anniversary
September 16th Independence Day D a de independecia 1810 independence from Spain
Dia de la Revoluci on the November 20th revolution, the N Memorial gained independence in 1816 in Spain under the rule
Jesus was born on Christmas day December 25th Navidad (also known as Christmas)

Mexico Customs

People wishing the Mexicans eat grapes "to welcome the new year around the world in a unique Social customs and habits New year. In Mexico, people are eating a grape to celebrate the new year. The grape is every family in Mexico at the end of the necessary food. The New Year bell ringing every people, eat a grain of wishing grapes, eat 12 to total, each have a grain of make a wish for "peace," "happiness", "health" and "wealth", pray every month the new year from the beginning to the end of the story.
" jarabe "Mexico is the most representative of the folk dance, men wearing traditional costumes, wearing a wide brimmed hat, passionate devotion, chasing the woman wearing a wide companion; fat gorgeous homespun skirt, pretending shy, gracefully escape, not used to throw a variety of floral skirt.
Mexico is the birthplace of corn, the local people have deep feelings of corn. Over the past 5000 years, from an unknown wild corn millet became the world's third largest source of food, it cannot do without the diligence and wisdom. The process of planting maize in Mexico was created Maya and Aztec Civilization . Mexicans often said: "create corn, corn also created us, we are the people of corn".

Mexico Art

Mexico is America country with an ancient civilization Once, P. Maya , Aziz Turk , Toltec Orr, megar and Teoti
 Ancient Mayan ruins Ancient Mayan ruins
Huakan ancient Indian culture. Maliyah Chi and Saba Theo dance music combines Spanish and Indian The characteristics of music and dance, has become Mexico's unique national art form. The ink has 21 monuments declared by the United Nations "cultural and natural heritage of mankind".
Mexico large folk dance 58 years evergreen. The name "Mexico folk ballet" major historical and cultural dance by the famous Mexico artist Amalia Hernandez in 1952 and arrangement. The Mexico national dance drama combines unique folk culture and shows the evolution of the 200 anniversary of the independence of Mexico history. In 58 years, the people of Mexico and dance drama has been the subject of foreign tourists. At the same time, Mexico has been the domestic and international critics praised that dance drama is an important artistic achievements in Mexico.
Mexico literature in Latin America to become an independent school. writer Octavio Paz (1990 Nobel prize), juan rulfo and carlos fuentes Is the modern Spanish altar masters. Mexico frescoes, known to the world, Diego Rivera , Orozco , David Alfaro Siqueiros For outstanding artists.

Mexico folk song

" Dove "
"Twilight" cattle
"Beautiful girl"
" Beautiful little angel "
The "jump"

Mexico custom

In addition to Mexicans living habits Catholicism The influence, also retains its unique traditional colors. In Mexico, although many people can speak English, but want to speak spanish. If you received a letter from each other in Spanish and other languages may be regarded as impolite reply. A smile and handshake is a Mexican greeting, man can never kiss a woman is not familiar with the cheeks and hands; kiss and hug only for acquaintances.
Is the national flower of Mexico Cactus That bird is the eagle, the stone for the obsidian. They love the color is white, the love color is purple, the most hate figure of 13. Taboo yellow and red flowers give.

Mexico Delicious food

Agave For Mexico, has very important significance. Agave leaf can be paper, while the agave flowers are very sharp, it can be used as a weapon. Now, the most important is the role of tequila manufacturing Tequila (Tequila). Agave leaf wine made from tequila is a Mexico specialty. A relatively high degree of tequila, and began to drink some hot and sweet feeling around the tip of the tongue, lingering in the throat, love drinking friends try.
Mexico Western-style food
Speaking of eating Western-style food, people may be more patronized by France, Italy, Germany and the Russian Restaurant, but Mexican food Lack of understanding. However, in today's world authoritative gourmet eyes, Mexico dishes are France, India, and Chinese and Italian as the world five big cuisines.
Spicy Mexican food in the main, mainland residents often turtles, snakes, Turtledove , Squirrel , Partridge Into the vegetables, homemade vegetable fried to a few cacti, cactus with rich features. The Mexicans also is famous for drinking. The guests come, accustomed to the first wine reception. In Mexico City, you can buy all over Mexico specialties such as pepper, tequila and seafood.
Taco and Cream Polenta Cake
For hundreds of years, maize has been the protagonist of Mexico food. And made from corn cake Tortia Mexico is the most basic and most distinctive food. This is a piece of corn fried Griddle Cake, eating, customers can according to their own preferences with chicken or grilled beef sauce, then add tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and so on Cream Polenta Cake ingredients, looks exceptionally rich in color, it is like a piece of art in general. After the wrap, a bite into the mouth, crisp outside, and inside it is sweet, spicy, sour, sweet, taste, flavor, move among force and soft mixed, it is "love are not released".
Spicy beef
Usually in a restaurant to eat steak, most people do not add any seasoning, sometimes can add a little salt. But the Mexico steak is not the same, you can see it is to use pepper, salt and other spices marinated, fried, even if not very tasty sauce. It is worth mentioning that, people often think that New Zealand is the top grade beef, but beef in Mexico and New Zealand beef can be roughly the same, tender fragrance.
Insectivorous country
In many parts of the world, it has maintained a tradition of eating insects. In Mexico, this custom has centuries of history, because the number and types of insects in Mexico is famous in the world.
In some restaurants in Mexico City, people can enjoy the Mexico the most representative of the insect "Chaplin" locusts. The locusts are expensive, per kilogram of up to $9, higher than the price of beef. In Mexico city of Oaxaca on the market, and can often be seen were not the size of a large length of about 2 cm, less than 1 cm. According to the consumption of said, its taste is smaller and better, the highest price is small grasshoppers, confirmed this point. In Oaxaca City, "Chaplin pizza" increasingly popular.
"The lake Meer mosquito is a hemipteran insects, mosquitoes in edible parts of Mexico reached more than 10 species, but the taste and nutritional value, the best is the life in the mountains around the city in the" Lake Tasko mill "mosquito. The mosquito is 1.5 cm in length, eat leaves juice, hiding in the trunk, the plants and the root of the tree or on the ground under the dry leaves. "Lake mills" mosquito has attracted much attention in the local area, especially in the TASCO On the outskirts of Lake milchan. The first Monday of November each year there is "Lake mills" festival, held in the church. Mass After the capture activities began.
"Ace camors" is a variety of ant ant eggs, especially in arid land of ants. Every April is the best season for the local people to dig the ant eggs from underground nests. The collection of this size and grain like ant eggs who have very high skill, they follow in search of food ants behind the excavation found nest position after, until you find the ants with branches, mud and leaves woven for spawning caves. Sometimes in a nest can be dug up 1 kilograms of ant eggs.

Mexico Sociology

Mexico media

 Morelia Cathedral Morelia Cathedral
There are about 300 newspapers and more than 100 national publications. Every hundred people subscribe 14.4 copies. The main newspaper founded in 1929 "national news". Mexico News Agency The official news agency, under the Ministry of home affairs. The country approved the establishment of radio 1365 (1997).
The main newspaper founded in 1929 "national news", is now the official newspaper, issued more than 3.8 copies, founded in 1917, "to the report", "first evening news", "Mexico sun", "financial news", "voice", "news", "news", "news of the universe newspaper", "Daily", in the youth and college students in the more influential, "Mexico Herald", founded in 1953, the "permanent" weekly, "process", "impact" weekly magazine.
Mexico news agency is the official news agency, under the Ministry of home affairs.
The country approved the establishment of radio 1365 (1997), 556 television stations (including cable TV), Televisa and Aziz Turk for two television group, with more than 95% of the national television audience. Ink 12 thousand kinds of books published every year, the total issuance amount of 250 million copies.

Mexico science education

Mexico is a big country of education, basic public education for free education.
The stage of compulsory education textbooks free of charge. The ink is divided into the current education system:
Elementary education : Preschool (3 years), primary school (6 years) and junior high school (3 years), from 2008 began to implement the provisions of the Constitution
 Little pea Hernandez Little pea Hernandez
3 years before to the junior middle school 12 year compulsory education system.
High school education: ink called quasi higher education (3 years).
Higher Education : In 4 ~ 5 years, technical university from 2 to 4 years, in 3 years, 2 years of dr.. Colleges and universities are divided into four categories: national university (including Autonomous University), Private University Science and technology, universities and research institutions in educational institutions.
Non school education: adult education, distance education and vocational training.
University of Nacional Autonoma Mexico Ink is the largest and oldest university, also has great influence in Latin america. The school is the predecessor of the Regent Felipe S of Spain in 1551 approved the establishment of the Royal University of Mexico, was renamed the Mexico Royal Church University, Mexico National University of the Holy See, several changes in 1929, autonomy, and continued until now known as University of Nacional Autonoma Mexico. 2013 - 2014 school year, 337 thousand and 800 students, 38 thousand and 800 faculty members.
Mexico has a relatively complete system of scientific research system. The research structure mainly for government, enterprises and institutions of the three major systems. The scientific research personnel and research activities are mainly concentrated in the University, such as the UNAM university has 30 research institutes, focused on the country's nearly 50% scientific research activities.
The priority areas of Mexico science and technology research is: environment and climate (including earth observation); biomedical research and health; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; industrial and manufacturing technology, and electronic materials; metrology; non nuclear energy; transportation; information technology; economic and social development; biological technology; research and application of aviation, space science and technology policy.
Mexico is a big country of education, basic public education for free education. The stage of compulsory education textbooks free of charge. The constitution began from pre-school to junior high school 3 years of compulsory education for 12 years from 2008. All public schools are under the Ministry of public education. Private schools by the implementation of leadership and supervision of state public sector or by the private sector. The Ministry of public education is the highest administrative body responsible for the national public education, founded in 1921. The part of a Deputy Ministry of public education, namely, the vice minister, Vice Minister of basic education high school education and higher education department deputy. In addition, the administrative department of education for the State Education Bureau, the Ministry of public education represented in the states.

Mexico People's life

The serious. According to the 2010-2012 annual report released the evaluation committee for social development in Mexico, Mexico poverty population accounts for 45.5% of the total population, which accounted for 9.8% of the population in extreme poverty. In 2013 the national birth rate of 19 per thousand, the mortality rate was 5.7 per thousand.

Mexico traffic

Mexico Bus

The bus system in Mexico development is very good, the price is cheap. To the attention of the train is Local or De Paso before taking a bus. Local refers to the bus station from where you start; De Paso is from the other station in front of the bus, the bus ticket can not advance.
The bus can be simply divided into grades: luxury cars (Servicio Ejecutivo), first class (Primera Clase) and two (Segunda Clase), car three grades. Luxury buses provide royal treatment services including: reclining seats, diet, air conditioning and film. The first bus has been quite comfortable and convenient, can be in the ticket window asked the bus if there is a bathroom and air conditioning. Two license plates are cheaper, but more crowded. After the car had better keep the coupon for the ticket.

Mexico automobile

Driving in Mexico is very dangerous, the speed limit is 100 kilometers per hour, but those signs are usually only reference value.
In other areas rainy season (5-10 months) should be especially careful when driving, the traffic is very bad, potholes on the road is a very common phenomenon. Pay special attention to the fog on the road near the city of Mexico, saw slow down the lights don't let down. After a single road bridge, the first car can be preferred by flashing lights. When the truck even in two lane, to let the truck pass, but be careful in some way no shoulder, you will stop at the plant is full of gravel. Best not to drive at night, because it is very easy to hit people or animals. In addition, please remember to prepare a spare tire, it is very easy to use.
Highway Palomales and Tuxtepek and The state of Oaxaca Highway 3 highway between Baja (Rte.3; the whole is the pit)
No. 40 road between the Pacific coast and the city of Dulango (Rte.40)
To avoid the road No. 1 Sinaloa (Rte.1)

Mexico Taxi

Many taxi in the big city, the price is very reasonable, but since the bus transit route so convenient, and wide, so unless late at night or in remote places, it is best not to take a taxi. If you really want to take a taxi, the car before the price, so as not to be pit, and bargain is necessary, don't promise as the calculation table (Taximetro), except that the jump table is more expensive, some unscrupulous our chances in the jump table for hands and feet, without any reason to bully passengers. Moreover, Mexico city had a number of a green taxi robber event, other places have similar events, so be careful. The best way is to call Taxi de Sitio taxi in the legitimate taxi stand or hotel, and not casually hailed in the street.

Mexico Train

Mexico train from Mexico Railway Bureau (Ferrocarriles Nacionales De Mexico; FFNN) state, but in addition to Mexico between two outside the city sightseeing line and not on the train, the main transportation is bus.

Mexico aviation

Mainly by the Mexikcana and Aeromexico business, round-trip ticket purchase discount.
From the Benito Jualez International Airport can take the subway or taxi to downtown area.
In Mexico, subway, bus is the most important means of transport. In addition, if an international driver's license, can rent a car to go to any destination.

Mexico water transport

Water transport, especially the sea took part Lixige goods, domestic goods and exit passenger transport task. According to the statistics of the national port system, 2013 1-12 months, the national freight container truck amounted to 2.88 tons of goods, an increase of 1.6%. Among them, only the weight of oil and oil derivatives reached 1.22 tons, accounting for 42.5% of the total freight; commodity about 78 million 360 thousand kinds of agricultural products, accounting for 27.2%; only 13 million 560 thousand tons, accounting for 4.7%. In addition, the 2013 Mexico coastal port international cruise ship and received a total of 56710 passengers, received a total of more than 9 million 960 thousand people. After privatization in 1990s, Lixige port successfully completed the modernization of the domestic terminal facilities have been advanced, with many countries in Europe, America, South America and the Caribbean, the Far East, the Mediterranean region and Scandinavia peninsula with regular or non regular cargo and passenger liner. The total size of West Port and pier 198, which harbour 140 inland ports, 29 lakes, 29 West Wharf according to the fruit brother (SCT) of the Ministry of transportation and communications, Mexico Ke shipping port and terminal 117. Among them, the Pacific coast port and pier 58, Mo two brother Wan and the Caribbean has 5 ports and terminals.

Mexico Tourism

Mexico is one of the ancient Indian culture center. The world famous Mayan culture, Thor Turk culture and Aztec culture are the Mexico Indians created. Mexico is located in the southern mainland north america. North of the United States, Southeast and Guatemala and Belize adjacent to the Mexico bay to the South and southwest Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. The land area of the 5/6 plateau and mountain, with an average altitude of about 1800 meters. There are many coastal islands. The Pacific in the Revillagigedo islands, Guadalupe Island, Ross island and Marias de tres islands, a Timbuktu and angel de Guarda Island - ranon in California Bay, there are Muleisi island and Cozumel in the caribbean.

Mexico Mayan monuments

Chichen Itza Mayan city ruins Was the ancient The Mayan empire The largest and most prosperous City-state . The site is located in Yucatan Peninsula Central section。 Founded in 514 years. The main monuments are: City column square, it has a huge dome shaped roof support. This building is big. The temple and the temple of the reclining knight two God statue. The 9 layer, stepped the The Pyramid of Kukulcan is 30 meters high. And Sheng Jing (limestone vertical hole) and built on a raised platform in the volute of Maya Gu Tianwen Observatory Taiwan, "said".

Mexico Pyramid of moon

Pyramid of moon Be located The Pyramid of the sun Next is the sacrifice The moon god Where the product belongs to the Aztec civilization. The architectural style and the sun like Pyramid, built 200 years later than the Pyramid of the sun. It sits, site 150 meters long, 120 meters wide, 46 meters high, is divided into 5 layers, the external layer of stones painted many colorful murals, spacious square in front of the tower can accommodate tens of thousands of people. When climbing Pyramid must go slowly, anxious easily because of hypoxia and dizziness. The top of the Pyramid and wind in summer to feel very cool.

Mexico The ancient city of Durham

The ancient city of Durham yes The Mayan culture An important site of late, is located in the Yucatan Peninsula (Yukatan Peninsula) northeast from Cancun City low-cost resort about 130 km in the disc Caribbean Along the cliff edge. At the end of fourteenth Century was a Mayan religious City, now the site is well preserved, with more than 60 stone building. But of course to stand in the ancient city of Castillo large temple above 12 meters cliff's most famous. In addition, Templo de Las Flesco temple is very complete, has become a major tourist area.

Mexico Morelia

Morelia In the colonial period is a famous cultural and art center. The city's many streets, squares, palaces, churches, arch aqueduct, and still maintain the original colonial architecture. In 1991, Morelia City, the complete preservation of the Spanish colonial architecture appearance, was included in the UNESCO " The World Heritage List ".
As the capital city of Morelia arch aqueduct of Mexico michoacan. In 1785, Morelia built the 5 kilometer bridge aqueduct to alleviate the drought, due to water shortage, at the end of the nineteenth Century withdrawal. Now, it is a landmark building in Morelia city.
Morelia cathedral is the city's tallest building in the most eye-catching, Baroque With a perfect combination of the style of Churigra will become one of the most classic colonial buildings in Mexico. The cathedral was built in 1660, it was not completed until 1744, the duration of 84 years.

Mexico Monterey

Monterey is the capital of northeastern Mexico Nuevo Leon, Mexico ninth city, north of Mexico commercial center. The city is a highly developed city, for the wealthy city of Mexico.
Monterey is considered Mexico's most American city, rich and colorful history and culture is its biggest characteristic, has many pleasing natural beauty and full of cultural atmosphere of the resort. Large commercial plaza, lighthouse, Monterey Museum of modern art, the presidential palace and park, the blast furnace is Monterey's itinerary. Monterey is an international metropolis, has many museums, including the Museum of modern art, Mexico Museum of history, the Doge's Palace Museum, northeast Museum, natural history museum, Museum of glass, Monterey Museum, the Alfa planetarium and Museum, Mexico occupation Baseball Hall of fame, in addition, there are art house, Nuevo Leon and civil Art Center College of art gallery.

Mexico Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza

Chichen Itza is a city of ancient Mayan ruins, located in southern Mexico Yucatan. 3 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 2 kilometers, there are hundreds of buildings, is the ruins of the ancient Mayan culture and Thor Turk culture. "'s" meaning "well", natural wells based city, the existing highway it is divided into two halves.
On the south side of the old Chichen Itza was founded in seven to tenth Century, with the Mayan culture, famous buildings Pyramid temple, temple hall, stadium, post market and elliptical Astronomy Observatory, with stone carving decoration; on the north side of new ltza grey buildings, with Thor Turk Vin characteristics, The Pyramid of Kukulcan, Temple of the warriors, with simple lines and decoration Quetzalcoatl carved plaster.
Chichen Itza is the period of ancient Greece and Rome Mayan temple, its heyday in about A.D. five hundred to seven hundred years, has had a significant impact on the usumacinta River basin. Elegant building, superb technology and light relief are the Mayan myth.

Mexico Plaza de la Constitucin

Plaza de la Constitucin The tree has a huge Flag of Mexico, is surrounded by important buildings including the National Palace, the Supreme Court and the cathedral. Many dressed in national costume in Indian traditional clothing vendors and dress up bright and colorful Indian folk artists, is a unique landscape in the square.
Located on the eastern side of the Plaza de la Constitucin The National Palace Mexico is a silent witness. To the north of the Plaza de la Constitucin is the largest Catholic Church in Latin America: The main church (Catedral Metropolitana).

Mexico cancun

Cancun (Cancun) is a famous international tourist city of Mexico, located in the northern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico northeast end, it is just past the Caribbean mainland near a long 21 kilometers wide, only 400 meters long island. The entire island is in the shape of a snake, the northwest end and the southwestern tip are connected with the bridge and the Yucatan peninsula. Across the Yucatan Strait and across the island of cuba. The city is surrounded on three sides by the sea, an exquisite scenery. Cancun is one of the ten beaches in the world recognized, in the white beach to enjoy the sunshine of the Caribbean is the highest realm of people's leisure vacation. In the Mayan language, Cancun means "hanging on the end of the rainbow, jar" is considered to be a symbol of joy and happiness. Here is the sea calm and clear, because of its depth, seabed and sunlight and other reasons, showing a white, blue, blue, black and other colors. You can also visit the Larivi Maya, to find the door, Scarlett and Carle Beach Searle Kazakhstan And the face of the sea, only the walled city of Maya culture and fascinating archaeological area of tulum. In the northeastern Yucatan peninsula's - and the world famous Rome. Kukulcan Pyramid Kukulcan, means "feathered serpent god" in the Mayan language, by the local people think it is a symbol of good weather. In addition, in 130 kilometers away from Cancun and it is said that this is the ruins of Tulum, Mexico has preserved a Mayan and the best Toltec The ancient city.

Mexico Chichen Itza

Ruins of the ancient city of Chichen Itza is the site of the ancient religion of Mexico, located in southeastern Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula, 120 kilometers east of merida. The peninsula is the limestone area, no rivers and lakes, but there are a lot of rock formed by collapse and the natural underground water pool or a water well. The Mayan tribes settled in the Rome City, rely on these underground water pool. "Chichen Itza" in the Mayan language is "Itza head", so named after the city.
The ancient city was built in the early fifth Century, with the decline of the Mayan empire after being abandoned. At the end of the tenth Century ad, the ancient city was once thriving. The ancient city is to establish the astronomical azimuth, layout strict, reasonable structure, both sides of the main buildings around the square is located in the natural wells or road leading to water. The ancient city of 3 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 2 km. The main building in the ruins of a castle in Pyramid, Tiger Temple, hall, stadium, columns, and so on, there are some Sheng Jing nunnery, circular building, all the buildings are in majestic style and exquisite carving decoration and construction of internal and external attention.

Mexico Mexico City

Mexico City is located in the central plateau region in central Mexico, is the capital of Mexico and the country's political, economic, cultural and transportation center, is also one of the largest cities in the world. The city focused on about 1/2 of the country's industrial, commercial and service industry and banking financial institutions, is a highly developed city in Mexico.
Mexico City is surrounded by hills, due to higher ground, winter cold, summer heat, seasonal flowers, perennial green, beautiful scenery. Mexico City is a world famous tourist city, Plaza de la Constitucin is the center of many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, Mexico City, the National Palace Museum, the Municipal Services Building, and the cathedral around the square, every kind of building into the ancient Han today and the unique scenery. The remains of ancient Aztec culture city, the Spanish colonial European style palaces, churches and independent construction of the edifice each other, constitute a historical picture of the ethnic groups in Mexico. Mexico City tourist center is Chapultepec Park, here is a noisy environment preserved in the densely populated and bustling downtown quiet place, known as "Mexico City lung". The famous monuments suburbs of Pyramid of the sun and the moon in Pyramid, tens of thousands of tourists visit every day to attract.
Mexico City is known as "fresco", the 80% Mexico murals.