Golf, commonly known as the white ball, is an outdoor sports. Individuals or groups of players with different Golf Club Will a small green ball into the hole. There are 18 holes in most of the game, the winner is the least number of rod. The British Open , The US Open The United States, the masters and the American occupation Golf Association Golf Tournament is the four Grand Slam tournament. Golf is generally regarded as the Scots Invented today Golf The 18 hole system is made by Scotland, the local is also the world's most historic golf will be regarded as the quintessence of Scotland.

Golf The development of history

Holland origin
 Golf Golf
The Dutchman has not been recognized golf originated in Scotland that they think is the oldest golf originated in Holland. An old Dutch movement named "kolven" is called the earliest golf, and they think that this movement is passed into the commodity trade between China and Scotland. However, many people do not agree. Opponents pointed out: "kolven" is a Indoor sports That golf is an outdoor sport, this is the most fundamental and essential difference between the two. Moreover, the use of "kolven" movement of the ball than the general golf, golf club than the heavy, more important is the use of this movement is not the angle bar. So, people do not agree that golf originated in Holland.
Scotland origin
One is the most widely circulated an old shepherd in Scotland when grazing, occasionally with a stick to a boulder hit Ino Usagiko hole, inspired, invented the movement later known as golf. Therefore, the word first appeared in golf at the Congress of Scotland in Fourteenth Century in the file. This is the only documentation of a parliamentary statement, and the world's most recognized golf enthusiasts. The St Andrews stadium is considered one of golf's holy. Every golfer's biggest wish is to have a game of golf course in St Andrews. It is golf rules of the organization, all the major rules of the game must meet the basic requirements of it. Scotland origin is the most authoritative and most convincing way of saying.
Chinese origin
 "Ming emperor" local pictures, chuiwan "Ming emperor" local pictures, chuiwan
In two hundred or three hundred BC, China is vividly called "chuiwan" ball game, and the ancient Rome in 27 BC to ad 395 years there is a game to hit the wood filled with feathers made the ball. According to legend, in the Ming Dynasty, the royal family had a similar game of golf, called "chuiwan", painted during the Ming dynasty" Xuanzong picnicky picture "Also confirms this view. It is described as: hit with a stick in the process of walking exercise. The reason for this is because in Chinese still preserved on the mural movement. This is the only evidence of golf originated in Chinese.
French origin
As we know it today, this movement is the history of the Scotland golf record. But in Europe also have opposed this view, mainly in France and Holland. Holland claims that their evidence is that their rod and ball movement called "kolven" is "jeu de mail of France". But they are just not the most simple, the most is the one and only factors: hole golf. Golf is driving the ball on the court, the court distributed design obstacles, these obstacles to prevent the ball from the starting point into the air, and then to another point to move the ball into the hole and ended. This is the one and only in golf.
Records of the earliest club is "Gonzalez gentleman player", later in 1744 as "company of Edinburgh golfers honor". At that time, the first golf rod fixed on the silver Edinburgh City Council presented on. The first winner, John Rattray, was awarded the "Golf leader" title. Silver winners will be the club next year's "chief", this practice has become a traditional. This is why elected today by the former head of the Committee of St. Andrew's chief of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club held in September to personally participate in the autumn season opening race club compete for medals. Winners then play in order to maintain the traditional leader, the only winner of the game participants, once he hit the first shot, he would automatically become a winner. The cannon's roar marked the beginning of the medal, pick up the ball back collar caddie was awarded a gold coin.

Golf The rules of the game

Golf The rules of

Before engaging in any sport, must understand the basic rules of the sport can enjoy, and free from laughable. Gentlemanly sport of golf to show value, better understanding of the basic rules cannot regard as unimportant. Therefore, the basic rules of golf, stroke play and judgment than differences, and processing all kinds of ball match condition and participate in the competition for attention to explain. Golf is an outdoor sports need to focus on the spirit and control ability, players with 14 putt golf club, 18 hole for a round bar, the least number of wins, scoring points of players is mainly required to complete all the process of strokes. It is different from other projects, the number of golf goals his swing is less, the better results. Different with other golf ball games, he rarely fixed match, many of his track changes. Each hole level depends on its distance. The game is often par 72, this is what we call a match. The 4 day of the 4 round to decide the winner.

Golf General

1 golf tournament is in accordance with the rules from the beginning after the first tee shot or hit the ball straight into the hole.
2 Influence on the ball than timely action rules, players or caddies shall not have any effect on the position of the ball movement or behavior.
3. Breach of the rules shall not discuss the players preclude the application of any rules or waive the penalty has been convicted.

Golf Basic rules

1 although there are many golf rules, but no more than the following two basic:
A. contestants must be carried out under conditions of fair competition.
B. in the course of the competition must be able to objectively deal with their favorable conditions.
2 as for the other rules are formulated based on the above two basic principles.
Obey the rules by ourselves, although the rules of golf is established by the Golf Association, but the vast majority are still appointed by the players themselves actually perform the management. When the match, each player bears all the responsibility to make fair and equitable competition; and based on the spirit of fair competition, each choice should be required to comply with the rules to become a referee.
3 ways to hit the ball into the hole
A. the so-called basic principles of golf is to hit a ball straight from the tables to the hole so far. In short, that is starting from the first shot, then the second, third bar, repeatedly hitting the ball into the hole, in addition to it no other way. If holding the ball moves, or the use of throwing, rolling and other methods, is a violation of the rules.
B. when the ball is in a static state, only to continue the race. When the ball is hit, no matter in what state down, should wait until the ball is in a static state before it can continue to play golf, this is the same rule, absolutely can not touch or move the position of the ball, also not for the sake of easy swing and change the surrounding environment.

Golf Stroke play and match

The difference in form, the form of the game of golf stroke play and match two. Whether the occupation or amateur competition are the more common form of stroke play.
1 so-called stroke play, is the stem number per hole accumulated, to be fought (eighteen holes), the total score, the total score to assess outcome.
The 2 match is also on the basis of the number of bars, but the match is different in each hole to decide the number of rod holes, then each of the outcome of the cumulative number of holes to determine performance.
The difference between the 3 elliptical hole. Strokeplay requirements must wait until the ball hit into the hole after the kick-off, Taiwan can move to the next hole to kick off. The match is in each hole to determine the winner, so as long as the other party would not have agreed to adhere to the principle of the ball into the hole are required.
The difference between the 4 penalties. In stroke play and match, the punishment in violation of the rules of players are also different. Generally speaking, the penalty is stroke play two bar, rather than the penalty for the punishment of their match hole in the hole to lose.

Golf Penalty rules

1 a (OB)
A system to play against the region, often marked by boundary markers or fences. Community should be outside the limits of markers (without stent) or the inside of the fence closest to the ground point of decision. As in the ground to mark the marking out of bounds, circles outside department vertical downward, and the line is out of bounds for itself on.
2 lost ball. The following conditions can be identified as a lost ball:
A. player or team, or the same caddie at the beginning to find the ball after five minutes, still can not find the ball; or was found, but the player cannot identify whether the use of the ball.
B. has another player according to the rules as a ball game ball, but did not find the original ball.
C. player has since the original ball may be located, or than the original ball by ball hole instead of clicking the ball, so the ball is a ball game instead of. Replace the ball: the original ball may be lost outside a water hazard, out of bounds and had to replace the ball, known as the ball instead of.
3 water barriers (including lateral water hazard)
Water barrier means any sea, lakes, ponds, rivers, ditches, floor drains or other open drains (both of them without water), and other similar subjects.
A. where land or water barriers within the boundaries of, belong to the part of the water barrier. The boundary of a water hazard line extending vertically upward, to indicate the boundaries used markers, are considered landmarks in the barrier.
B. water barrier (except lateral water barrier) to yellow stakes or lines indicate the boundaries; lateral water hazard is by red stakes or lines to define.
C. water barrier in the ball. Play to the water obstacle direction of the ball, whether within or outside the barrier is lost in disorder, but is involved in a matter of fact. If you think of those who have lost a hazard, there must be evidence that the ball does fall into the hazard; if there is no definite evidence, should be regarded as a lost ball, according to the rules of treatment.
D., as the ball falls into touch or lost in the water hazard (regardless of whether the ball in the water), players will be penalized one stroke, and in accordance with the following methods: (1) as near as possible in situ last hitting one shot hit. (2) in the final of the original ball through the linear edge of the water and the barriers between the ball, in the water behind the obstacles from the water drop, we should place no restrictions on how far behind the ball obstacles. (3) the ball falls into, touched or lost in the side of the water barrier, can take the following measures: in particular the barrier away from the original ball last through the edge of the water barrier; edge or equal distance from the hole the other side of the water barrier; in less than two club length drop. The ball shall be thrown into and remain in water than the original ball last through the obstacle edge location closer to the hole, according to the rules, the ball can not pick up clean.

Golf The use of equipment

Golf caddy

- the most important equipment "".
If the judge to play auxiliary role as the standard, Golf Club Should be the most important in the game of golf equipment, especially for amateur golf enthusiasts. Caddy plays multiple roles on the golf course: record player, athletes and accompanying auxiliary and stadium immediate maintenance. Occupation caddy qualified to go through rigorous training and assessment, including: master the golf skills and rules, familiar with the channel length, site on every hole on the hazard characteristics of the green terrain, and even the local weather, wind speed. The caddie came to an unfamiliar site in need of the players familiar with the site as soon as possible, making for the players play and tactics of staff, the most reasonable opinions for each player's decision to bar. When the ball flew into the complex obstacle areas, into the woods, pond, find the clean sheet is the bounden duty caddy, which can make the player from the penalty shot.
In addition, the caddie also bears a lot of such as transporting ball for player service routine. For the sake of trust and respect, there are good players to caddy gentleman called his "buddy", in most cases, all the caddies are not only a common surname name: "sister" or "brother". The international occupation events do not allow for participants with caddy, which means that the players in a few hours walking down the outside and exposed to the weather, but also carry all their balls, golf game hard so remarkable. But in the most exclusive golf clubs, such as China or extremely low labor cost countries, for amateur players with special caddy, provide more considerate service for the players.

Golf Clothes & Accessories

- just to comfort.
Ashworth, Fila Lacoste, is a traditional and professional manufacturer of golf apparel, the clothing they produce is from the movement itself needs, pay attention to the comfort and windproof clothing, perspiration function. As in golf is a specific group of people, many well-known luxury brands have joined the ranks of golf apparel manufacturing, the famous Salvatore Ferragamo production of recreational golf shoes offer more than 3000 yuan, and the fact that a pair of interchangeable plastic nail professional golf shoes only less than 1000 yuan can buy, the price of 2/3 the difference is Fevagamo as a leading luxury brand value. Golf has strict etiquette in clothing, clothing styles is dignified and generous, comfortable and appropriate body movements, not the pursuit of the brand, texture and tailoring. Whether you're wearing ordinary cotton T-shirt Or fine Ralph Lauren Therefore, no one will treat you on the golf course, and a BMW LIFESTYLE Mark coat will not help you to reduce a handicap.

Golf With the ball

- durable goods.
 Golf equipment Golf equipment
The world's only such a antique golf clubs: the red sandalwood for the pole, for the first pure gold, inlaid with jade, one is the price of the material itself has reached hundreds of thousands of yuan. It was once said to a European ancient royal love, is a low-key but enthusiastic fans of golf. If gold diamond watch is very valuable, shoes, golf clubs can be carried to the extreme luxury can also be common to only pay attention to high quality and inexpensive and durable. The wooden club still plays an important role in golf. The design of the club, club head size and increasing the fault tolerance of the corresponding increase, around the load-bearing and sole design elaborate, allowing users to more easily play the ball far and fly; special iron rod angle and rebound angle design more and more sophisticated, allowing users to stop the ball closer to the hole the push rod; whether the traditional wedge or sickle shape, or getting the bulk of the special style, the purpose is for the user to bring the best ball.

Golf Club

A set of golf clubs limited shall not exceed 14. The whole composition depends on personal preferences and set.
Usually a set of golf clubs includes the following items: 3, 4, 5: iron, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW. : 1, 3, 5 poles and a push rod. This does not mean that each player must carry the ball. Beginners can carry a ball bar (1 wood) or 3 wood, 3, 5, 7 each, and 9 iron, and a putter.
Wood is mainly used for kick-off, if it first hit the ball very far, the minimum score of a hole is undoubtedly a decisive first step. Of course, the first shot hit "hole in one" (Hole in One), which is the kick-off wood credit limit. Wood is characterized by long shaft, rod head is relatively light, which led to easy swing. Serve the modern bar (Driver) has been known as the wood though, actually serve bar above seventy percent have been made of metal. Golf industry with special emphasis on the traditional "conservative" some players are still using persimmon woods, but the assembly of the head will affect the steel ball is ideal. Bar head with goose shaped rod neck of the ball can give players greater confidence in general. Drivers typically 100 cm long. The wood is divided into four types, namely l driver (Driver), 3 wood (Spoon). No. 4 wood, 5 Wood (Buffy) (Cleek). The number is small, the length of the rod body is longer, lighter weight; on the contrary, the greater the number, the shorter shaft length, weight heavier. Wood, iron and vice versa. L is the length of wood ball, swing sliding on the grass is playing in the past. Wood rod head from a structural point of view, different designs have different characteristics and performance. In general, it blows away and the structure for the influential. Root surface and the rear head is greater than the length of the root end and rod length, can hit the ball fly, the ideal placement can often gain direction and choose the desired ball.
Iron is actually a stainless steel rod, forging or casting made of or made. Good love with handmade Golf Club face. Cast, has a larger sweet spot at the outer margin of increase of the iron (Sweetspot). Most stainless steel shaft irons with different shaft flexibility. The length of iron is usually 95 cm. Irons feature is easy to keep the direction of stroke, thrust of golf ball is shot close to the target, thus ensuring the maximum direction, make the ball even if not reach the target goal is at least close to the primary purpose. Iron shot parts with soft iron manufacture, the bottom base is smaller than the wood, unlike wood as thick, short length. As the iron weight is heavy, so the swing, such as mowing, swing angle better, easier to SOD off. There are 9 kinds of hardcore, including from No. 3 to No. 9 hardcore hardcore 7 and pitching wedge (Piching Wedge) (Sand Wedgr), bunker shot. In fact, there is a special multi irons. As the pitching wedge, sand wedge and the use of lever action in full swing when they need to make the large amplitude, so these iron shaft flex with only three importance. They are generally shorter length of about 90 cm. All 14 clubs to a club, that is four mu nine iron push; the odd number is half set (Half Set). In 30s of this century when the prevalence of iron, the manufacturer in order to expand the market market, have launched different weight new in order to be different, hardcore, plus the shaft length and flexibility are different, so that buyers face of a wide variety of clubs and dazzling, from the unknown. The research and development of manufacturers have always different ball, treacherous terrain and obstacles in different circumstances special iron. Some players were even on the back of 20 or more clubs running on the pitch. In January 1, 1938, the United States Golf Association announced a set of golf clubs combined to maximize the 14 clubs, shall not exceed. Scotland's Royal and Ancient Golf Club after a year also response, determine the upper limit of 14 clubs playing.
Push rod
The push rod is used specifically to the club in the green hole push the ball. Putter and irons are different in size: in general, the push rod body is short, loft maximum of not more than 5 degrees. In addition, push the shape and material of all sorts of strange things, which is a good, to see whether the players to use easily, more important is to see the effect, namely high and low success rate of putt. Play golf this thing, the first weapon is the club. But this does not mean that what famous brand, which is the most expensive pole, or pole which is used by big stars, you buy it. Chess club choose wrong, you not only help improve the game, reducing almost, but also a waste of money, the effect is less effective, The loss outweighs the gain.
Resolution skills
The difference between the 1 prices. Usually market genuine ball and counterfeit products still exist some differences in prices, consumers will have a hope less money can buy high-quality Club mentality, it is because of this some criminals have stolen an excuse, it is advocated its products to smuggling, theft, illegal consignment of science the origin of cheating buyers, actually a set of genuine ball out from production and processing to test to go through an extremely complicated process, and its cost is proportional to the retail price of natural, so you must be careful, do not take advantage of their unwise.
2 mark. Many famous brand golf clubs has its unique anti-counterfeiting mark, such as stamp iron head CALLWAY on the lower right corner with a small nail large oval. The first letter of a few 1 wood in will be printed in a small factory English name the first letter lowercase, the majority of fans can visit their website and consult the local agent to identify true and false.
3 brand dealers. There are still many world famous brands of golf clubs have not officially entered the China market, so there will only be a few back from foreign retail individual style, which is the personal collection of lovers. So, as long as no domestic official agents of the brand's sales volume, must be counterfeit products. Only through the proper channels to purchase the ball out, will ensure its quality forever.
4 nuances. Individual brand new golf ball in the beginning of the listing, the market penetration rate is relatively low, some eager to profit taking will be counterfeit without detailed information, by viewing the genuine advertisement or other ways to come. The imitation, but often appear in the old style imitation of golf and old style bag to fish.
5 assembly work. One of the most common fake golf clubs is to use after a period of time, very easy to wear scrap, so when the purchase must carefully observe the ball head and the rod body connection work is normal firmly, weak connection is usually very easy to break off because of injury, so the bar low cost of the material in a certain Its loopholes appeared one after another. shaft. And handle quality whether the quality will depend on this.

Golf Facilities

Golf Pitch arrangement

 Golf Course Golf Course
Including hall, standard golf course, driving range and some ancillary facilities, there are 9 holes and 18 holes in the main specifications of the golf course, according to the site and the ball will be decided. The regular 18 hole golf course is divided into 18 different sizes and shapes of the site, each site by the tee (on the table), fairways, greens and hole. Standard course length of 5943 ~ 6400m, width, pitch should be around the line, key sites with boundary markers.
Hazard: refers to the court in the bunkers, ponds, streams and other hit very difficult areas, barrier zone settings, so that each ball hole is more challenging.
The hole is provided with a hole for the ball: the ball fall into the cup, the cup is 11.43 cm in diameter, 10.16 cm deep.
Flag: refers to the set in the center of the hole with a banner, movable rod. A hole number from the green flag superscript, can indicate the orientation of players. Usually No. 19 hole plug hole 118 yellow, red flag.
From the beginning of the game 1 holes, 18 holes are called a ball. The total rod depends on the outcome of the game the player hit the ball into the hole number. Par refers to the player the ball from the tee the ball to hit the required number of strokes. Each hole par by the hole size of the venue and. Men's par: within 250 yards of the hole is 3 bar, 4 bar code for 251-470, more than 471 yards to 5 bar, female par: within 210 yards of the hole is 3 bar, 4 bar code 211-400, 401-570 code is 5 bar, 571 yards above 6 bar. General golf course with 4 par 3 4 5 hole and 10 hole 4.

Golf The stadium facilities

 Golf Course Golf Course
1 hall. Also known as the golf club, situated in the entrance of the stadium is to provide rest, dressing, dining place for players. Hall front parking lot, and generally set up for the players often climb afar scenic spots.
2 tee. The tee is each fairway shots start, a fairway often includes 3 different distances tee, respectively (female than male tee tee close to the green 20%), male tee and ball games area (located in the kick-off the farthest from the Green Zone), sometimes also will serve 3 field into a large service area. Service area should be higher than the surrounding terrain, in order to facilitate rain drainage.
3. The fairway is part of the stadium in the area of the largest, is from the service area to the green pass road, on both sides of the fairway is undulating terrain or trees, the fairway and fairway phase separation, fairway wide lawn, players can see the green in the service area. According to their distance, often in the landing area around the green and there are plans to set up bunkers, ponds, streams and other obstacles, to punish athletes do not hit the right, and improve the level of competition and stimulation.
4 green. Green is the core of each hole, the hole is located. The ball is hit into the hole, is the end of the fairway, into a fairway. The green area is 111 to 2545 square meters, the shape of round, oval, 30100 cm high height than the surrounding terrain.
5 practice field. The practice field is for beginners to learn to play the place, can be located near the city or golf course.

Golf The famous Stadium

"Dublin side aesthetics" -- Porter Mano J Golf Club (Portm arnock Golf Club)
Is recognized as the "true perfect pitch," one of the Porter Mano J golf club is located in the north of Dublin, about 12 miles from the city centre. Porter Mano J stadium challenge is reflected in the 18 classic holes, and the direction of each hole is different. The terrain and the layout of the hole, require players to consider a number of technical problems in stroke.
History: the city known to the world golf course was built in 1894, because of its geographical location, superior quality, thus becoming the ideal venue for many important events, from the 1949 British Amateur Golf Championship to the 1960 Canada cup, and then to the Walker cup in 1991 and re organized by the Irish open 12 races etc.. This course has been recognized as one of the "top ten British Isles golf course".
"Embrace the sea surge high and sweep forward" Bally bunion (Bally bunion)
The ballybunion stadium is the perfect golf links, famous for its good development and use of natural terrain. Bally baning beautiful golf course, elegant environment, perfect facilities. Here are two 18 hole championship golf course, the old stadium and Kaixin stadium, each with its own characteristics, but are true links course. The special geographical position: the spectacular stadium is located in the northern Kaili coast, in the River Shannon and Cape Kaili, the beautiful and rugged coast of the Atlantic formed a stadium background version.
 Golf Golf
To become a world-class golf resort, perhaps thanks to Ireland's natural scenery as the acme of perfection. Natural Lnks about 30% of the world's scattered on the island of Ireland coast. In the play links courses, you must defeat the power of the wind, the ball shot from a hard golf course, make it through a large sand dunes, and fall in the green grass, this is really exciting for some exciting experience, let you. The island of Ireland stadium not only is well-known for its scenery with its long history is commendable. In 1891 the establishment of the Irish Golf Union (the Golfing Union of Ireland) is the world's oldest golf league.
Porter Mano J (Portmarnock), Barry Banin (Bally bunion), Royal Village (Royal County Down) and the Royal Bo Trasch (Royal Portrush), is known as the island of Ireland's four golf courses. "Centennial golf paradise" - Northern Ireland The Royal Golf Club (Royal County Down) people often use three of the "best" to describe this golf course, Ireland's oldest golf club, one of the world's most beautiful stadium, one of the world's most challenging course of.
Stadium Construction: Heather and gorse in the fairway surrounded by huge sand dunes under various twists and turns, delicate contours around the greens are overgrown bunkers. Here is a land of idyllic beauty scenery beautiful, playing golf even more thrilling.
The latest developments in Donald Steel under the guidance of this stadium has been a significant transformation, the dunes in front of the fairway is relatively flat, and the gorse and bracken leaves built several very attractive hole, one or two of them still very difficult.
The "Pearl of the embankment on the coast of the Royal Portrush Golf Club (Royal Port rush Golf Club)
Northern Ireland Royal Portrush Golf Club is the world's most challenging golf course all one. The Royal Potter stretching strike fifth hole golf course is difficult, need accurate ball from the tee and fall in the narrow fairway, then another wave of No. 8, 9 iron ball into the cliff area in the vicinity of the green.
Name of reason: standing on the Dunluce Castle Ruins Park in thirteenth Century (Dunlucc Castle) overlooking the stadium, the Royal Potter Stadium (Dunlucc Course) stretching Dunluce so named.
China ban on new golf course
China national land deputy inspector Gan In April 19, 2011, the office held a press conference stressed that from the beginning of 2004, the construction of the golf course is prohibited as a suspension project. The general approach is to clean up after the specification. Before the formal introduction of normative documents, any new golf course is prohibited, it is illegal. In 1980s, golf has been the introduction of modern Chinese. Since 2004, due to fear of illegal occupation of farmland developers to build a resort area, China government issued the "notice" the general office of the State Council on the suspension of the new golf course, suspend the golf course development and construction. According to reports, despite the ban, developers can still obtain approval to operate from the local government building, or call the park or the golf course area, in order to circumvent the relevant provisions.
According to publicly reported data show that China still has about 250 in the construction of a golf course, and 600 golf courses have been included in the future planning and construction. Ministry officials said that the illegal construction of golf courses in sports park, leisure park name, through the development of tourism in the name of a large number of agricultural land, illegal and illegal real estate development for tourism, the new upgrade and expand the park etc. phenomenon on the rise. The Ministry of land and resources on cleaning up the golf course has never stopped. The latest report of the Ministry of land and resources in Hunan province with law, covers an area of illegal construction of golf courses to deal with the situation in March 2010, Chenzhou small Bu Village Ecological park Investment and Development Co. Ltd. in the name of the construction of small port ecological park, illegal land, illegal construction of golf courses, the actual area of 1631.77 acres. The illegal occupation of 1631.77 acres of land on the new buildings and facilities have been dismantled, to restore the land undisturbed.

Golf Skills

Golf Basic essentials

 Golf Golf
The basic essentials include: grip, stance and pin.
The hands grip the cue, prevent slippage, and to ensure that the two wrist flexibility, maximum head running speed and direction control rod. Grip the arm, palm and the club as a whole. General grip method: overlap type, chain type, ten finger type etc..
Overlap type: embedded right hand little finger the left hand forefinger and middle fingers, hands overlap.
Chain type: the right hand little finger and left index finger bite.
Ten fingers except the thumb type: hands, eight fingers to pinch in the handle, hand each other, but do not overlap.
To grip the club after holding the essentials, the body's natural standing, feet apart and shoulder width, head down easily, watching the rod head. The knees slightly bent, so head to the bottom. The left side of the body and the target (or the green fairway) to maintain proper angle, gravity average fall in feet.
The two feet ready to hit the posture, divided into positive pin, a pin spanner and closed.
Is a foot two toes: refers to the line parallel to the line and the ball pin. If the best shot, no matter what kind of club use, can use the positive pin.
A pin spanner refers to the left foot slightly back. Often used in the ball with short irons, hit the ball to the left bend.
Close pin: refers to the right to retreat a foot slightly. The ball in the fairway and often kick, hit the ball to the right bend. No matter when the ball using a foot, right foot and the ball direction at right angles to the left and the ball direction 45 degrees.

Golf Basic shots

Grip, stance
1: the left hand forefinger on the palm pole from the first knuckle diagonally across on clinging to thick pads on the palm edge at the lower end of the thumb and the index finger, the "V" shaped pattern should be pointed to the right eye.
2: the right hand fingers to grip the pole straight over the knuckles by the palm, must be held in the palm of the hand outside. The middle finger and ring finger the most important difficulty, when practicing the right hand grip rod, the right hand thumb and index finger with the thumb and index finger, to form a "V" shaped pattern pointing to the chin.
3: two handed grip when, to join together to form one. Right hand little finger in the left finger and crevice between fingers; smooth left thumb just is hidden in the right hand thumb under the nest.
4 standing: right foot square against 90 degrees and a line is parallel to the imaginary trajectory. Left foot out to open 1/4, 5# hardcore prevail, feet shoulder width apart, 5# is a hardcore long wide; short than 5# irons, feet inward from some. Arms and joints as far as possible to close the body, feet inward pointing.

Golf The main technique

If the party in the main stadium two shot hit 5 par, how do you think? If we can use 5 iron instead of hardcore 3 hit 4 par? These are just possible, will also increase the level of. If you want to hit the ball farther, the following are the 5 basic points need to grasp.
1 broaden the swing arc
Tiger Woods and Davis Love is a model using the wide and large ball swing arc to ball away. In order to reach this level, as far as possible in the swing arm stretching. If you can maintain a wide swing arc, can not swing very hard you can hit the ball very fast club head speed.
2 reduced grip strength in order to hit the ball far, do not have to be very hard
In fact, excessive force counterproductive, and will cause the muscle tension, resulting in the head is very slow. Relax on the body, get extra power is the key to the proper grip strength. For example, grip strength in the range of 1 to 10 to 7. Efforts to keep this thing in the swing process, in order to get a faster clubhead speed, while maintaining control of the ball. If equipped with head speed tester, the swing is measured. When in use, pay attention to the club head speed tight, loose grip strength of the change. You will find that the body pressure and grip strength is small, increase club head speed will be faster.
3 shoulder rotation
Jim McLean, one of the best teachers in PGA will shoulder rotation called "X" factor. He was a scientific measure hit the ball far to many golfers, found that their shoulders are bigger than the hips rotate rotation. This means that the hip rotation may ultimately weaken the ability to form strength and club head speed, because the smaller the moment. Keep the lower body stable (HIT), shoulder rotation to the ball, this swing will correct posture.
4 Hidden elbow
My best position method is hidden on the right elbow will swing on the right side of the body (left-handed players use the left elbow). This can avoid hitting the common errors in the process, this error will reduce the hitting power. Moreover, when the right to maintain the original state, will delay the shot -- this is a key to gain strength and timing of early autumn. If correctly hidden right arm, right arm (right-handed) straight, and his hands are in the ball.
5 maintain the stability of the knee and bend
The legs as the swing base. If the foundation is shaken or shaking too much, there will be leakage of power, in order to roll the ball less force. The highest point on the swing (when the left player uses the left knee), keep the right knee stability, and focus on the inside foot. If the focus off the knee and foot, will tilt, resulting in many mechanical problems. In order to maintain the width between the knees, the left knee should remain fairly static, large lateral movement can not be done. We have previously published tips recommended to put a basketball in two knees between training.

Golf Common terms

Tee (Tee): golfers made the first hole of each ball flat area. They must serve between two marks on the tee. This means golfers can only use the first ball of wood or plastic spike, holding the ball up, so that play easier.
green (The Green): in the very flat area around the hole. The grass is very special, is conducive to the player pushes the ball into the hole.
Fairway (Fairway): from the tee to green the grass between the wide area.
Rough (Rough): fairway fringe, longer grass, it is not easy to play.
The hole on a golf course (Hole): a total of 18 holes. Consisting of tees, fairways and greens. The hole is the golfer to actually want to put the ball into the hole, usually a flag to indicate which plug.
The hole (Pin) is another way of saying that in fact the hole, there is a flag to indicate.
Par (Par): refers to a specific number of golf players put the ball into the designated hole should use the standard or play. Usually the length and difficulty of the hole, is generally 3 - 5 bar. Should be 72 bar total score 18 hole. When players kick a hole in the same number of strokes used, so they use the same number of standard setting for the rod hole.
Birdie (Birdie): refers to the use of a number of golf players for a hole to set a par less rod kick a hole. For example, the standard bar is 4 bar, but the players use only 3 bar to finish this hole.
Eagle (Eagle): refers to the use of a number of golf players for a hole to set a par two strokes less kick a hole.
Bogee (Bogie): refers to the use of golf par more than a set amount for a hole in a hole.
Bunker (Banker): sand around the court. There are some special rules apply to players how to play the ball from the bunker. Very difficult to hit the ball from the bunker.
Disorder (Hazard): is not easy to play where players or things. There are some special rules apply. Including ponds, rivers and lakes, which is called the water barrier. If they put the ball into the obstacles, the player can give up the ball, then a special place to play, can also lead to free throws.
SOD (Divot): golf players cut down or cut down after hitting the turf.
Woods: No. 1 (Driver): a large head of a large circle of wood, used to hit the long ball. Golfers own ball bag may not be ready. Shot is using 1 wood hit the long ball.
The push rod (Putter): a small flat clubs, used to push the ball on the green, the ball hole of the rod. To "putt" is used to putt.
Iron (Iron): made of metal rod, the rod head angle is used as a middle distance shots. Golfers will take a lot of this bar. The smaller the pole number (for example, 4 iron), hit the ball farther.
Pitch: hack hit a very short high ball, usually hit in the green near the edge, or in the bunker or to cross an object outside.
Pitching wedge or sand bar (Wedge) is a special kind of iron, a greater angle in the head, designed to smooth the back, as from a bunker at the very short and high.
Caddie (Caddy): responsible for professional athletes in the stadium back in golf bags, golf recommended hand lever choice and skills of people. Caddies usually get their reward golfers services 10% - 15%.
Below par (Under PAR): the number of golfers hit below par. For example, par 3 refers to the golfer got below the target score of three on the day of the game.
Cut (Cut): when the competition was held for two days, down from the 156 players ("cut" to about 70 players). If the player was a "cut", they will continue to race in two days. If they "lost cut" will be excluded to outside competition.
Round (Round): a "round" is the 18 hole. Every round of the game players
9 before / after 9 (Front/Back): 18 hole golf course is divided into two groups with 9 ball holes. The first 9 (1 - 9 holes) is known as the 9 or 9, then 9 (10 - 18 hole) is called after 9 or 9.
Occupation player (Pro): Professional (occupation player): refers to those who live by playing golf, golf has been occupation competition.
Inspection (Tours): refers to the professional golf Organization official occupation supervision game. This includes inspections in Europe, Asia or Australia patrol patrol
PGA: occupation Golf Association
Fore: when golf was accidentally hit one person to another, the word is shouted to warn the person hiding dodge. If you hear the word, head and face your hand covered
The nineteenth hole (19th hole) in golf jargon refers to the club in the pub, where golfers after they finish 18 holes, enjoy Johnnie Walker card.

Golf The spirit of sports

"Golf etiquette and norms of behavior is not essential, but is part of the rules of golf indivisible; whoever does not obey the golf etiquette and behavior norms, also belong to the" illegal ", the official competition situation, the general etiquette may be in violation of the" warning ", it will directly be serious when possible" DQ "(disqualified).
Golf is mostly carried on without the referee or an arbitrator under the supervision of, mainly depends on the player's honesty, whether can at any time for others to consider whether and to abide by the rules; regardless of race and how competitive players should always show self-discipline, courtesy and good sportsmanship - this is the golf movement advocated by the spirit.
"Rules of Golf" at the first section is a clear emphasis on the spirit of golf".
It can be said that the "Golf spirit" is the essence of the sport of golf, golf is the so-called "gentleman movement" specific code of conduct.
In short, the spirit of golf can be summarized in one sentence: "integrity, self-discipline, any consideration for others; who resort to deceit on the pitch and not abide by the rules, not polite, contempt rules, arbitrary, way, are contrary to the" Golf spirit "behavior.

Golf Matters needing attention

No late
The biggest taboo is late to participate in golf tournaments.
1 if the game late with friends, will be listed as the most popular golfers; if the race late occasions, ranging from punishment, while disqualified.
2 late penalties according to the competition form is divided into two types: stroke play on a late penalty of two strokes; a match is found the first hole to lose. Therefore, the late game is a big shame participants, should avoid.
Prior knowledge of the conditions of entry
Each participant must match the conditions stipulated in the pre understanding of the court:
The correct time 1 game schedule; 2 each member; almost 3 himself recognized; the first is a 4 hole or no. ten; 5 race day local rules.
Only fourteen the number of clubs
In formal competitions, each player can only carry fourteen teams within the club competition, if fewer than fourteen clubs can be added to the fourteen branch. The replacement of damaged or unusable clubs can match, but not to delay the principle of competition; and they supplement or replace the club, are not allowed to borrow any one participant on the court. Once the loan after the club until the end game, the club will be available for loan borrowers, lending a party may not use.
The position of the ball
The position of the ball all the rules of the game is a basic starting point, so in order to ensure their full understanding of the rules of the game, to avoid foul defeat, we must remember the following provisions: first, when the ball is in play when the ball is out of bounds; criterion is the boundary of the innermost point in the column on the ground the connection, or in some cases for the boundary line; two, when the ball come into contact with any part of the water barrier region with the line, the ball is in the water barrier zone. Remember to sign the column itself is a part of the water barrier zone; three, when the ball come into contact with any part of the green, the ball is in the hole, if the ball on the edge, a part projecting from the green, is not in the hole area; four, if the ball is located in any part of the the service zone, shall be deemed to frame the ball at the tee area. The service area is a rectangular area, the width of two club lengths, the outside limit of the front and side by tee marker to decide.

Golf Ceremony

Golf is a noble and elegant sport, pay attention to their characteristics.
Safety: the player before the swing, to ensure that no standing within the swing, or may hit the stone, the ball will not hurt others. The current group of players not out (about 300 yards) before the range and scope of any player hit the ball, after not playing group.
No sound: the players hit the ball around, to keep quiet, not a conversation or a vehicle sound and other players shot noise interference.
Play speed: for the benefit of all players must not delay time, if a group of players on the pitch to slow and backward players to play in front of a hole above, should let the follow-up group to go through.
Priority: a group of two people with a group of three people or a group of four priorities, and beyond these groups through ahead of the right, and these two groups should be invited to the ball first group, individual player without the right and should make the first by any other group.
Ball is better than skills, enjoy golf to the gentleman, let us share advocate golf etiquette.
A. others play, no sound do not move
B. behind a hole, comity group
C. practice swing, do not hurt the grass
D. in the bunker, is everyone's responsibility
E. play is too slow, everyone dislike
F. dress, green protection

Golf An important event

For the first time the US Open is held in 1895, when using the 9 hole tournament champion Horace Ravens was born in england. The British occupation Golf Association in the capital in 1901 in London, 15 years after PGA of the US Open was founded, joined the European Golf Association in 1971, the British PGA, and became the most famous European tour. In Asia, Japan, Europe, and the United States Led the 108 management team, with Sari Wentworth as the headquarters of the british. The European tour board produced by the 12 election of the board of directors. A member of the board of directors must be members of the European tour. The European tour also has a race Committee, consisting of 14 players. The board of directors is composed of the following members: Neil Kos (Chairman, MBE), Angie Golando (vice chairman), Roger Chapman, Paul Eells, Tommy Horton (MBE), David Jones , Robert Lee John, Lee, David Russell, Otto Ou Seberg, Jamie Spence and Jean Vandevelde. The Committee comprises the following members: Jamie Spence (Chairman), Jean Vandevelde (vice chairman), Thomas Bjorn, Roger Chapman, Darren Clarke Andrew Cortadt, J. Hagerman, kim, Jimenez , Bernhard Langer Robert, Lee, PaulMcGinley , Colin Montgomerie (order of the British Empire, and Mark Roy winner) Henrik Stenson .
The European tour in recent years has made considerable progress, the data can explain everything. In 2004, the European Tour International Race consists of 45 races, held in the country or region of up to 23, total prize money tournament to 106010.64 euros (73308983 pounds). In contrast, the European Tour's inception in 1972 bonus only 250 thousand pounds. The European Challenge Tour bonus in 2004 reached 4370779 euros (3021874 pounds), while the European evergreen tour bonus reached 6573874 euros (4545053 pounds). The European Challenge Tour a total of 29 races, held a total of 21 countries or regions. There are 23 races of European evergreen tour, held in the country or region reached 14. The European Tour's funds from sponsors, suppliers, government, TV and ticket etc.. These funds created a large international community. In the expanding circle, the European tour at all levels to actively promote the golf tournament.

Golf International events

The world golf competition roughly divided into three systems, namely man occupation Golf Tour (PGA), women's occupation Golf Tour (LPGA) and the regional tournament of the Ryder Cup and the presidents cup. Men's occupation tour sorted by size, and the influence for the bonus: American tour and the European tour, the Japan tour, tour of South Africa, Australia tour and Asian tour. Which tour is the most influential six tournament game, held every year about 45 regular season or so in the United States, the total prize money for each race between 500-530 million, the PGA Tour money ranked the top 125 players are eligible to participate. The European Tour events each year at most, about more than and 50, the total prize money between 100-200 million dollars, held all over the world. On the tour each year there are about 30 games, the total prize money of each station at about $1 million, only in the local game. The South Australian tour match and the relatively small size, there are 10 stations around the game every year, the total prize money for each race is not less than $1 million. The Asian tour game fewer, but develop rapidly in recent years, the amount of the bonus is also rising.
grand slam
In all occupation competition, the highest level, the most influential, the most popular game is the masters, U.S. Open, British Open and the PGA championship, the four tournament called the four grand slam. The April Masters (Masters) created in 1934, held annually in Augusta Georgia stadium tournament. The Masters golf tournament is the world's first. It has a special entry requirements, the total prize and the prize is the highest of the four contest. It is the only place the fixed contest four contest, the masters won the highest number of players is Jack Nicklaus, a total of 6 times. In June the US Open Golf Championship: established in 1895, organized by the United States Golf Association, golf is the most authoritative and most difficult to win the tournament, and amateur players can participate in the occupation. The US Open is the full name of the US Open Championships, by the United States Golf Association (USGA) host. Every June different game stadium in the u.. The competition is divided into four days, every day to play 18 holes, 72 holes. In July the British Open golf tournament, the world's oldest golf tournament; in 1860 by the British Open Golf association. The British Open is the full name of the British Open Championship, sponsored by the Royal and Ancient Golf club. Is one of the four British Open Competition, it is the world's oldest history of golf's most prestigious competition, the first competition held in 1860, when only 8 people attended. But now from the scale, it is the four race in one of the largest number of entries, the number of participants up to 1827 people in 1993. The game is divided into four days of stroke play, playing a total of 72 holes. Harry Vardon is the key to win the game most of the players, a total of 6 times. PGA August: sponsored by the occupation Golf Association of the United States, non members are not eligible to participate in the 1916; start the game, the winner of his life can be without preliminaries that participate in the PGA sponsored contest. Before 1957 by matchplay (the number of holes to enter into the decisive match, 1958), stroke play (later changed to the total number of tie rod). The PGA tournament total prize money of second in the four contest, the champion prize money after the masters, second. The four contest is held annually in August, the last item. 1916-1957 take a match, since 1958 the way to stroke play. Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus respectively won the championship 5 times, winning this tournament is up to the player.
Regional tournament
In the area of the world team in the match, the largest and most influential game that once a year the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup two tournament. The Ryder Cup is the European and American players player groups against each team in Europe by the European tour and the world ranking score bonus 2 players before the 10 players and the captain of the specified composition; and the United States is separate from the Ryder Cup ranking system "to determine the 2 players 10 players and team leader the specified. The game uses match format, a total of three days to play four games doubles and a one-on-one match. The morning of the first day for the two ball, four ball for the afternoon, the second day in the morning and afternoon exchange, the last day for a win, 1 points, 0.5 points for the flat, negative 0 points, the score is declared the winner. The president is a world-class player in the European Cup players other than with the United States team tournament, the world team and the American team and the Ryder Cup competition is the same, the same.

Golf Domestic events

In recent years, with the sport of golf in China's rapid development, the domestic golf tournament also gradually mature and rich. In the unified management of the high society, domestic competition is mainly divided into three categories: occupation events, youth events, and Amateur Coaches and events . Throughout the year, and a number of National City, widely praised. The main events include:
Occupation: game Chinese occupation Golf Championship, national golf team, Chinese tourment, Chinese occupation Golf Championship qualifying overseas players, the HSBC champions, "best in fertile Chinese cup golf tournament match - Amateur occupation, Nanshan Chinese masters, 5100 player game series, China women's open," Changde Cup "Chinese the women's Golf Tournament, the Shanghai masters, Wuhan challenge, national golf team, Hainan Meilan 5100 Invitational, 2012 Mission Hills World Star game etc..
Youth events: the National Youth Championship, Junior World Golf Championships, HSBC National Junior Golf Championship, Guangdong Province youth golf tournament.
Amateur Coaches / events: "crown Cup" China amateur city elite challenge, the national amateur golf tournament hope.
The development of domestic events, not only to the development space of China's golf player bigger, better make golf enthusiasts enjoying himself, more important is to improve our system of golf talents to create a more favorable sports atmosphere beneficial.

Golf With the Asian Games

The Asian Games of golf consists of 4 items, men's and women's individual and team competition. In the fifteenth Asian Games, golf will be carried out in accordance with National Golf Association and the Royal Andrews golf club competition rules. Each participating country or region can choose 3 or 4 male athletes, 2 or 3 women to participate in the competition. In the race team, men score at least 3 team and women's score of at least 2 teams can be composed of a team of 18 hole competition. The 4 round of the game, the winning team score is the score. If one began to draw, the game will enter the game added a two hole only. If a draw occurs in the individual competition, the fourth round of the lower score will be the winner. The 1982 New Delhi Asian Games for the first time as a golf event. In Asia, Japan's most advanced golf. They not only won the 1990 and 1994 Asian Games men's individual champion, but also achieved good results in international competitions. China athletes in the 1986 Seoul Asian Games, made its debut in international competition.
In October 2010, the sixteenth Asian Games held in Guangzhou, the golf project has become one of the highlights of the Asian games. Located in the city of Guangzhou Huadu District The Dragon Lake Golf Club has become the sixteenth Asian Games golf venue, located in Huadu Auto City Fengshen golf will become the sixteenth Asian Games golf training and competition venues spare warm-up.

Golf In China

The development of golf in Chinese is late, the development is quite rapid. For the first time in 1916 to China golf, then in 1917 when the Shanghai Hongqiao Golf Association began to put into operation, the golf course is a nine hole golf course, but for a long time the sport in China, soundless and stirless. By the middle of 1980s, rise again in Chinese, golf, and expandingdramatically. May 24, 1985, Chinese Golf Association Formally established in Beijing, which is a national mass sports organization is All-China Sports Federation The group members whose function is propaganda, organize the masses to actively participate in the sport of golf; organized an international competition, to promote international exchanges; organize all kinds of nationwide, at all levels of competition and training; to formulate relevant management system, competition system and athletes, coaches, referees, technical level system; organize training athletes, coaches and referees work; select and recommend national team coaches and athletes, is responsible for organizing the team and participate in the competition; organization of scientific research work.
Golf game
With the development of golf industry in China and popularity has spawned many other products such as golf, golf game, launched a new "golf Master" is a very good note, with a low threshold to golf this kind of movement pushed to the front of the public, let all people have the ability. Have the right to become a participant.
The development of the status quo
China mainland provinces of GDP and the actual use of foreign capital and the local golf hole number is highly correlated with the degree of correlation as high as 55% and 89% respectively.
Beijing: beyond the connotation of pure golf sport
Beijing golf hole listed in the first National City, but the GDP and the actual use of foreign capital is significantly less. The reason, of course with the unique position of the country's political, economic and cultural center of the inseparable. Due to the particularity of Beijing golf has gone beyond the simple meaning of sports, has been given more content. According to insiders, Beijing Golf although the starting point is not the first, but its development speed is very fast, has been the "sparks of fire" developed into "Liaoyuanzhishi", and involves many fields and industries, Beijing golf industry is eager, ready to go.
Shanghai: the home of golf still has the potential to Chinese
As of 100 years ago China the first golf club was born, now has become the new golf paradise, but people have to play the sea change. Shanghai existing 12 pitches, hole number 234, but instead of GDP ($495 billion 100 million in 2001) and the actual utilization of foreign capital ($4 billion 400 million in 2001) that the pace of economic development is still relatively less. Great development of Shanghai golf with its unique geographical location, economic base and cultural background, but also led to the development of golf of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area. The greater Shanghai area including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, a total of 21 pitches, 441 hole. In terms of overall development, not only in Shanghai, even compared the development speed of number of the greater Shanghai area golf course with strong economy is insufficient.
Guangdong: Golf national mobilization
Guangdong province is the most populous province has a golf course, is also the most golf population provinces. Not only because of the location of the stadium is easy to maintenance, every day of the year can play, but also because of faster economic development, strong ability to accept new things. "The court in Guangdong often see Mr. and Mr., Mrs. and Mrs., children and children play the whole family together to battle scenes." Shenzhen Airport Golf Club Coach Zhang Wei said. In this situation, Guangdong golf industry has already formed the scale, which led to the development of golf and economy. It can be said, from golf to some extent to promote the economic development of Guangdong. Including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, a total of 48 hole golf course, 1188, the year 2001 was 10556 GDP billion yuan, the growth rate of 9.5%, the actual use of foreign investment $15 billion 800 million, a growth rate of 8.1%, although the figures in the country is second to none, it has holes with GDP and the actual use foreign investment is slightly faster, the development of golf course more than the speed of economic development, there is clearly excess resources. The Beijing Shanghai Guangdong district three high-speed economic development and the rapid rise of the golf industry in Vicenza, overall, the scale of development of GDP, the actual utilization of foreign investment and the golf course has been compared to basic equilibrium.
Hainan: Golf economy money light
Hainan is located in the tropics, surrounded by the sea, light, heat and water resources of the region, all the year round picturesque. The existing stadium in Hainan province 9, the hole 171, and Hainan 2001 annual GDP only 56 billion 600 million yuan, ranked fourth in the country, the actual use of foreign investment amounted to $573 million. Although from the absolute point of view, Hainan stadium is a surplus, but the government of Hainan Province, but will make good use of resources.