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"The pioneers" by Richard. Directed by Pearce a West Drama, Lipp Tone, Conchata Ferrer, Barry to participate in the performance of premer.
The film is a description of her daughter's Eleanor And the rancher Clyde From the very difficult to get married and have children together, ranching story.

Pioneer Synopsis

1910, Wyoming According to a newspaper advertisement, Eleanor You came here to ranchers Clyde When the housekeeper, she took her daughter, Jelena. The pasture tedious work, let Eleanor dead beat to cope with silence, but it is difficult to get along with people of the eccentric, Clyde compared these chores is hardly what. Eleanor went to the pasture to, its purpose is to give Clara The dead husband for burial. After coming back, Clyde blame her, but since then, their relationship is increasingly improved. Eleanor wants to have a piece of land of their own, when she made the request to Clyde, but Clyde said to her, I hope she can marry him. Eleanor agreed. To keep the ranch, Clyde wanted to put cattle on a farm cattle dealer to sell cheap, but the assistant Jack strongly opposed, therefore, Jack Clyde was snubbed, soon, Jack quietly left. Winter, Eleanor gave birth to the child, but the baby soon died from illness. Another spring came, Clyde's delight, Jack came back, herd of cattle Had a cold winter. The most important thing is that Eleanor no longer require independent, she and her husband together ranch management.

Pioneer screen credits

Pioneer Actor table

role performer
Clyde Stewart Rep Tong
Elinore Randall Stewart Conchata Ferrer
Jack Barry Primo
Jerrine Megan Folsom
Mrs. Landauer
Clara Jane
Ma Gillis
Land Office Agent Jeff Boschee
Land Office Agent Robert Overholzer
Dan Byrd Bob Sirucek
Justice of the Peace Marvin Berg
Cowboy Gary Voldseth
Cowboy Mike Robertson

Pioneer The staff table

director Richard Pearce of Richard Pearce.

Pioneer Winning record

The film won the thirtieth China West Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear Award .

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