Telepathy is a mystic that super powers, also known as the sixth sense of intuition, hunches, and so on, which is between two people without vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch the five traditional sense, with the "sixth sense" to pass the thinking and feeling of information. Modern science has completely denied telepathy, think it is a kind of pseudo science and superstition.
Experts believe that the researchers are not mind science, and psychology in the society under the banner of flicker, says it is more than an idealistic, more and more outrageous, ultimately misleading people, is a "psychological cult".
In 1988, the National Academy of Sciences published a conclusion: "after the study of spirituality on the phenomenon of 130 years, there is no scientific evidence to prove its existence."

Telepathy What is telepathy

Telepathy Basic explanation

Telepathy belongs to the current metaphysics (also called" metaphysics "), does not belong to the category of science, also known as" the theory of telepathy". But because people often called "strange fantasy exchange" and" Specific function "A similar phenomenon, often in contemporary fiction or belief with telepathy or similar concepts to explain. Some people tend to metaphysical telepathy and precognition, the phenomenon of several perspectives, empathy and so similar together. Some religious concept that telepathy is connected with ritual and human mind (love and emotion) is the important component of the two heart. Some people think: when a person think of each other when another person can feel, like picking up the phone, suddenly felt someone to call their own, soon the phone rang! - this is the so-called "telepathy".
Swedenborg said: "between the spirit and the spirit to communicate, think of each other's face, can make the spirit show, communication will be questioning expression on his face, and the head of the" phase ", let the other side glance, when the answer is the same, as it is. The spirit of thinking can be infinite, blocking the mountain or forest horizon on the horizon as long as the end point, the inner spirit of going over, we can make the translucent and transparent barrier scene, and further make the line of sight to see the new scenery. This is probably the basis of telepathy!
In fact, the so-called telepathy is unable to transmit information, science has denied the soul consciousness, and must rely on the field of information transmission. There is no scientific experiments to detect information transfer between quantum mechanics and the mind, telepathy and no contact.
The mainstream society deny telepathy, that telepathy is the superstition when science (such as divination, astrology, fortune telling, yin and Yang, blood type, specific function, telepathy).
Telepathy is Spirituality (or Psychotronics ) In our country, also called "human science", researchers from China think, "spirituality" such term, too sensitive in ideology, which is called "the science of human body". "Human science" was in twentieth Century 80 and 90s Chinese with pseudoscience and cult appeared in large numbers, bring great harm to our society and people.

Telepathy case analysis

Telepathy Twin induction is coincidence.

Twin telepathy identical twins to the world average twin birth rate of 1 to 89, the twins can generally be divided into monozygotic and dizygotic twins in two. Monozygotic twins two fetus from a fertilized egg, so the twins must be the same sex, appearance is very similar in character, hobby is also very similar.
The world every newborn in 250 there will be 1 pairs of identical twins.
 Twin telepathy Twin telepathy
Because of the close gene and the living environment of the same, identical twins will show many similarities. Yorkshire in the UK there is a pair of twins, their appearance, personality, thinking, behavior and hobbies are the same. They always express feelings and tone by common consent, are the same, even when they talk refers to gestures in the direction of the same. When two people walk, hand and foot movements are exactly the same.
"Telepathy" gene and monozygotic twins, dizygotic twins is different from a fertilized egg, their similarity with other non twin brothers and sisters, because they only have 50% of the same gene.
Some researchers have pointed out that the so-called "telepathy" generally occurs in genetically identical twins. This shows that the occurrence of this phenomenon is directly related to the degree of similarity with the gene.
Test scores should be the same coincidence in daily life, the same twin test scores is often regarded as the "evidence for telepathy". An example of this is It is often seen. As in the 2001 national college entrance examination in Jiangsu, Yangzhong City, Tong Tong Jiang Ting twinsister both get a good score of 600. The 2004 volume of Shanghai college entrance examination, the twin sisters Chen Xiuwen, Chen Xiuming also admitted to a "twin" score of 479. Even more amazing is that their scores are very close. However, as the twins in the university entrance exam scores can prove that the "senior high school entrance examination, telepathy"?
The annual college entrance examination, the candidates the same fraction of the thousands and even millions, so the twins with the same score is not uncommon. Identical twins have identical genes determine that they have the same brain protein structure , therefore, if acquired by education and family, growth environment, their thinking activities make the same choice is very normal.
At the same time with close twins, according to a study of twins of foreign intelligence, between brothers and sisters, fraternal and identical twins, there are intellectual factors of proximity. The identical twins intelligence highest similarity than fraternal twins to 25 percentage points higher than the average. From the existing knowledge of genetics, the same gene, identical twins intelligence, way of thinking and problem solving steps are similar when they face the same test environment and test, it is possible to choose the same problem solving method and even the same mistake. This phenomenon is not the so-called "telepathy", also cannot be simply summarized as coincidence.
The unknown things not twins in physical and psychological sympathy are often people use telepathy to explain. Identical twins and sick is very common. But the reasons for the emergence of this situation is that the twins (especially monozygotic twins) the physiological cycle (including physical, emotional intelligence cycle and cycle period) are consistent. The change met climate change or other environmental factors, their body will make the same reaction. The history even twins in his sleep due to heart attack and death records. Because there are some diseases, such as certain types of heart disease caused by sudden death depends entirely on a genetic gene. The mood is often similar in many twins have such experience: although two people living in different places, but they are often very similar emotional condition.
Sometimes, they even wondered if they really have telepathy". In fact, this is only because of the ups and downs of their emotional cycle is always at the same time. But if one of the twins that another individual mood is low or high, the general will soon get emotional infection, this a little easier to understand from the psychological point of view.
Review of course, many of the mysteries of the human life is not able to explain many phenomena in life we can not understand. As the father of human gene Crick said, science to all the unknown things are not easily deny. But, today, we are still no direct evidence of the existence of "telepathy".

Telepathy Our heart is worried

One day, a site in Taiyuan work of Mr. Cao, doing this handy paint job, but how also not to mention the spirit. He is getting flustered, always do not consciously think of the 13 year old daughter alone in the dormitory. Because of this feeling is too strong, Mr. Cao simply put down the job, ran back to the dormitory, the daughter is suffering from sexual assault, he immediately rescued her daughter.
This news was spread, immediately caused a hot Internet users. "So God, but it seems that my family had", "telepathy is not scientific"...... Father because of "telepathy" to save her daughter, the ancients also said "heart", so, this phenomenon is true?
The research: "father is worried about" heart ""
For a long time, a telepathic legend and recorded without interruption. Whether it is Chinese ancient "dream", a crystal ball or Gypsy, or the mysterious Tarot, always brings mankind countless surprise and confusion, what telepathy is a human instinct or just create?
The father of the "palpitation" to avoid the daughter encounter, friends lamented father to heart and blood have telepathy. In fact, according to media reports, to Mr. Cao Zhang daughter violence itself has theft convictions, is also the site work. Mr. Cao is very familiar with zhang. He said that the day of the incident, the suspect Zhang just don't work, and his daughter alone to sleep in the dormitory.
Wang Degui, associate professor of Basic Medical College of Lanzhou University to reporters, in fact, Mr. Cao is very familiar with the environment. To some extent, Mr. Cao called "telepathy" is a kind of worry, because he may perceive the deep adverse environment information daughter. The various factors will lead to "Overlay" up, "Mr. Cao flustered, put down the work ahead of time to go home.
It can be said that this is just a kind of mood, not psychic phenomenon.

Telepathy The twins' tacit understanding

About telepathy, was first proposed by the British expert Frederick Mai Ya J "Heart Research Association" in 1882. Later, the British Royal College of science professor William Reid? Pakistan light and a professor at the University of Liverpool. Roach and Ollie physics of this phenomenon as Psychology One of the phenomena, and conducted research.
One example is the largest telepathy between the twins, the famous Hongkong broker mani said, his twin sister was living and never separate, telepathic.
Wang Degui told reporters that, Mani mentioned a very key word, that is her twin sister since childhood living and never separate.
There is a pair of twin daughters to work in a university in Lanzhou Liu, is 7 years old, sister in childhood with grandparents lived together for a period of time, my sister has been in Liu.
Ms. Liu told reporters will initially, after her back side, sister found relatively introverted personality, her sister is very lively, apart for a time to re live together, the two sisters are different in many ways. Then live together after a period of time, because the sisters have been together, Liu bought what things are two, between the two sisters will be more and more understanding. The two sisters have telepathy, Ms. Liu said "not found", but the sisters later did not separate, many hobbies are very similar, what also very understanding.
Wang Degui think, in fact, for the two young people who grew up together, they are very familiar with each other, the things are very similar, familiar with each other's living habits, so even if separated, do things are very similar, in fact, is not telepathy.

Telepathy The sixth sense is not telepathy

Speaking of telepathy, have to mention the sixth sense. Many people often say that the sixth sense of fulfillment, also call it telepathy.
Along with the people to the physiology of the deepening of research, people's awareness of their own more and more clearly. Scientific experiments show, human body In addition to the five basic sense of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch, the body also has a premonition of the future, physiologists have this feeling called "the body's sixth sense".
People often mistakenly believe that the sixth senses and telepathy. Wang Degui told reporters, in fact everyone has sixth sense. For example, you are hungry and thirsty these feelings, and not by visual perception, auditory, olfactory and other sensory organs to tell you, but through the "sixth sense" perception, is the body within a variety of metabolic activities, so as to stimulate people to feel.
Sixth sense of perception, and not what specific sense organs, but by the body of the visceral organs, adhering to the wall of the organ neurons, the signal timely delivery to the central nervous system at all levels and to some extent in the sixth sense and telepathy exists a difference.

Telepathy Remember only a small probability event

In addition to the physical function of human feelings, people will feel themselves on the outside of the called telepathy, most people often mention is that you are going to call someone, just in time to call each other.
In this regard, Anhui deputy director of the Department of Neurology, second hospital physician Wu Huaiguo said, according to the current research, said the existence of telepathy with idealism. He is more willing to believe that when two people know very, can understand each other's next action, which will appear telepathy often said. But in fact, who have Psychology Real activity, telepathy is not much, statistically speaking, only a small probability event, than both sides played so many times on the phone so before has not seen this phenomenon, people only remember this.

Telepathy Has not yet been proved

"In medicine has not said so," Wu Huaiguo said, "there are no definitive studies, if telepathy really exist, it is what the organ still can not speak clearly, is a fuzzy area, temporarily can not find a scientific basis."
About telepathy, Wang Degui said, because the working mechanism of human brain is very complex, the science is not completely clear, but there is no direct evidence of telepathy, more is to speculate.

Telepathy The scientific community that telepathy

American physicist Victor John Adams Tenggeer said his physics background will never allow him to believe that "Qi" is a real existence, so far, the scientific community has never found a telepathic objective existence or any alleged supernatural force.
In 1988, the National Academy of Sciences published a conclusion: "after the study of spirituality on the phenomenon of 130 years, there is no scientific evidence to prove its existence."
Peking University medical psychology department director Professor Hong Wei said: "now the society" spiritual science "and the psychology of our study is completely different."

Telepathy Science of spirituality crack

Telepathy The mind is pseudo science

The heart English is parapsychology (Wikipedia link), psychology before para is psychology, meaning "a subject with parallel psychology", also translated as "Psychotronics" and "spirit", refers to the study of existence and a mechanism for some "psychic ability" and "spiritual phenomena" the metaphysics research contents include telepathy, telekinesis, observation distance, near death experiences have not been recognized by mainstream science "phenomenon".
For the soul of ancient times, after the mankind enters the era of science, many scholars hope to verify its existence by using scientific methods and even hope to the soul of the supernatural ability for military, intelligence, medical and other fields. In the last century, the United States in 70s, the study of the mind reaches a peak, "American Heart Association" and other large and small organizations are very active, and in some Eastern European countries, a variety of telekinetic Science Research (Psychotronics) are also popular.
Heart experts claim that the mind is a new "science", they through a lot of experiments confirmed the existence of some "psychic ability". But most scientists think that these strange phenomenon is difficult to convince people, and the heart of quality is very bad, including experimental method defects, including a lot of data fraud, researchers cognitive bias, therefore be no definite conclusion. For example, the "master mind" Rhine experiments found that many "psychic phenomena" exist, but soon to be revealed: the experimental subjects are cheating. The new experiment in cheating, he no longer "spiritual phenomenon". Also, scientists hope that the mind is too supernatural "psychic phenomenon" is really, so many that they deliberately ignore the facts does not exist.
So, much study questioned the mind learn more will not be recognized by mainstream science, scientists dismissed as pseudoscience. The last century after 80s, the heart gradually fading began in the United States, the original University Spirit in each laboratory have put up the shutters most notably, experimental study is devoted to telepathy, psychokinesis, Princeton University "abnormal project" in the 28 years after the establishment in 2007 officially closed, the American physicist Robert L Parke this makes comments, the academic circles and the Princeton University disgrace.
In 1988, the National Academy of Sciences published a conclusion of the report said: "after the study of spirituality on the phenomenon of 130 years, there is no scientific evidence to prove its existence." In 2008, a study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) for advanced detection, also found no "mind super power" exist.

Telepathy The specific function of untenable

Telepathy is refers to between two people without vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch the five traditional sense, with the "sixth sense" to pass the thinking and feeling of information. In order to prove the existence of telepathy, mind scientists design a kind of "ganzfeld": to look at the pictures, then a can only use my heart to see what will be sent to the B; B eyes covered shelter, ears wearing a monotonous voice of the headset is provided, make sure not to use the traditional a feeling to know the information, and then according to their own just think of something to do one of four pictures, see if you can select a seen the results - B selected rate is only a little higher than random chance, and that a little or a defect caused by experimental method. There are experiments that a look at B via closed-circuit television live broadcast, while monitoring the neural activity B has not been affected, and so on. These studies are still not confirmed the existence of telepathy, do not know the mechanism.
"Ganzfeld" (Ganzfeld experiment) for decades, still failed to confirm the existence of telepathy.
Remote observation Also known as the "TeleEye", "eye", refers to the collection of distant objects, places, people and other information. For example, some test Laiyibaiduo get photos, and then took a piece to randomly from far away, and let not know in advance who can not see the photos in the premise of description.
 "Ganzfeld" found no evidence for decades "Ganzfeld" found no evidence for decades

Experts believe that the soul, supernatural way of information exists, the subjects tend to guess the photos, but this test done hundreds, has not yet come to be recognized by the scientific conclusion. A lot of remote observation is initiated the CIA's "Stargate" content, they want to take advantage of the specific function of human body to carry out espionage activities, but the plan failed in 1995, became the laughingstock of pseudoscience.
Telekinetic thought can come true? This is the mind the best-selling book "secret" was declared; the past also appeared a lot of "power" through the spirit spoon bent "ability person" -- this is telekinesis. The computer makes automation equipment such as mind and matter interaction experiments possible, psychics using the electromagnetic radiation noise signal to generate random numbers, and then let the people with spiritual intention to influence is simply thought to attempt to change the coin with probability is positive or negative. Although the mind scientists obtained the mind is "a little", but soon discovered, that is they want to get too error result.
Near death experience refers to the number of almost dead, even according to clinical criteria of death have been "dead" once people live after the memories of the experience, the typical content is: feel dead, the soul left his body, floating on the top of the body, can see the things around, to floating down a narrow channel, meet the dead relatives or other ghosts, saw a beam or a luminous body, the soul finally reluctantly return to his body. The scientists found that many of the so-called "dead time" people actually experience diseases were not a serious threat to life, and with the development of cardiac resuscitation technology, there are more and more people near death experience. Experts say this is the soul, the soul exists after the death of the evidence, but most scientists think that these are just an illusion, and serious disease related brain ischemia. The United States of New Mexico State University found that the near death experience with the pineal brain secretes two methyl tryptamine related.
Reincarnation The United States at the University of Virginia psychiatrist Ivan Stephenson surveyed more than 2 thousand and 500 declared that "past" the memory of the children, and to investigate the child to say "who" of the deceased acquaintances, found some of the fatal wounds can correspond to the child's body birthmarks or birth defects, so that the "reincarnation" is possible, but he took no more evidence. And so it is with other similar studies, cannot convince people. At present, the scientific community that past is pseudo science.

Telepathy Telepathic secret

Chinese "telepathy" truth.
Telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, perspective, supernatural ability is classified in the category of parapsychology. From the earliest noun of yin and Yang, the ancients believed that the different rooms of a person's ability is like a palace, when you need to play what ability which will open a door. The memory palace like ricci. The difference is in addition to memory also includes many other skills. The ancients believed that people born at different times for different people five Yang, there will be bias so that everyone can open the door of ability is different, so pay attention to the birthday. Some people have strong ability to open the door, it was very intelligent, some business operations in order to open the crystal by Luoxia great luck in making money, in accordance with the birthdates of making eight heavy ice Qiyin can improve Yang mei. After eighteenth Century, with the progress of science, the mystery of science can't explain, are called superstition.
Guess what one masked
Partner sitting in the distance, back to all the guests, blindfolded. Fu Tenglong stood at the dinner guests, hand picked up something to ask: "Oh! What is this?" Said: "cigarettes." The audience suddenly startled the sound of four. Fu Tenglong asked: "this pack of cigarettes. There are a few cigarettes?" Partner wants to say: "17." Immediately, Fu Tenglong went to a front of the central leadership, the leadership of the Central Committee and counted the inside of the smoke, confirmed: "it is 17!" The central leadership picked up a bowl to Fu Tenglong, Fu Dragon partner and asked: "what is this?" A partner that is a bowl." "What the quality of the bowl?" "It is a silver."
- in 90s the last century, this has caused a sensation of "specific function" is to show, Fu Tenglong spent 10 years trained "telepathy". Fu Tenglong grew up in the magic show in the hundred years of the Fu family, the traditional spirit of Ming China father Fu Tianzheng, provides the basis for the creation of "telepathy". At the beginning of 1990s, Fu Tenglong created the "telepathy" officially unveiled the stage.
Have in mind a coordinate system, objects will have precise coordinates -- "telepathy" is actually a kind of information transfer .
"If you have to give an explanation," telepathy "is out of practice ." Fu Tenglong said.
"There is a" Museum Dictionary "in my mind, like the human brain computer imitation," telepathy "is a kind of information transmission, but is not a simple sign language, is a very complex process. There is a "coordinate" in my mind, the "coordinate" paintings very fine, every thing in my brain "coordinate" position are very accurate. Partner mind there is also a book "dictionary", the audience on the spot what does not know in advance, as long as the two of us "coordinate" alignment, this thing will appear."
However, "telepathy" demands on mental ability is very high, it took Fu Tenglong and his partner of 3 years of practice. "Shanghai Zhongbai company, Nanjing Road, we will pick the most noisy place to practice. I'll be standing in a window, 15 seconds to see it again, immediately turned back to back, which goods in which position the window. My mind will be very fast memory and reaction a large amount of information, so the work is very difficult to collect data on the desk. Sometimes even back the entire dictionary, a review of back and forth to spend a week." "" telepathy "transmission of information in many ways, such as the time of a few seconds, or the sound source direction, sometimes the language can not express, because Language expression It is easy to be noticed. My partner and I practice later, even can not speak, pick up things like to guess what it is. This kind of information transfer Dependence is a kind of tacit understanding of two people ."
"Why the mysterious silhouette of" guess the stranger looks
"Telepathy" magic show was born in the "special features" is most prevalent at the time. When some of the so-called "special master" earned pours, many people advised Fu Tenglong under the banner of "special features" under the banner of performances, Fu Tenglong refused, he said: "the magician is the world's most honest people, because only they say magic is false." "The so-called" specific function ", some people engaged in science and technology do not understand what is going on, some of the leading head is not clear. This is no way to solve the problem of more than 2000 years, is the use of people a weakness, everyone is very confident, think you see is true."
In order to expose "telepathy" magic "at the".
Reporter: magic in mysterious beauty, in order to expose "telepathy" truth, introduce you so much magic show the truth, don't worry?
Fu Tenglong: the magic of the mystery is beautiful, even if you know the secret of it does not matter. The last David left, I have an interview with the newspaper, I had expressed, only the secret is a kind of sad. This is the opposite attitude and magic.
The audience will have this mentality: magic is false and deceptive. In fact, the magician is the world's most honest people, why? Because only the magician himself admits that magic is false.
I think about the magic should propose a dialectical point of view. I think the magic should popularity, but popularity limited, can not hurt at all, once open, will destroy everyone to enjoy the beauty of.
The society have a strange mind, playing magic well, the audience will not feel like, but if I say my acting is not magic but "special features", the situation is completely different.
To show the qigong are not really qigong. Such as palm fish, put the fish in the palm of the hand, while burning; human power, many electricians have such experience, because it is slowly stimulation, can gradually in the current through the body, a lot of these things can be performed, but not qigong. The magician is the magnanimous heart.
Telepathic Hans
One of the most famous examples of telepathy, an animal -- "smart Hans" (Clever Hans), a horse in 1890s shocked the European audience's amazing horse. Clever Hans make the audience amazed, because of its complicated mathematical calculation. For example, if you make the smart Hans 48 divided by 6, it will put its hoof stamp 8. In addition, the smart Hans will actually multiply, plus a fraction, spelling, and even tell the melody of music. Clever Hans supporters claim that either it than many of the humans are clever, or it can use telepathy to read people's thoughts.
But Hans is not smart product of some clever tricks. Charismatic clever Hans do count even fooled by its trainer. In 1904, psychologist C Skei Thrun Pugh distinguished? (C? Strumpf) Professor of the horse was brought in to analyze, can't find obvious camouflage and secret signal to the horse, only increase the public fascination with clever Hans.
However, after three years, Shi Trent pouf students, psychologist Oscar Fonst (Oskar Pfungst) was carried out on the horse more rigorous testing, and finally found the secret of Hans smart. It really do is observe his trainer subtle facial expressions . It could have been stamped shoe, until its trainer facial expression changed slightly, at that moment it will stop his hoof. Clever Hans cannot read people's mind or mathematical calculus, it is only a people faces keen observer.

Telepathy To grasp the method

"A phenomenon is very common, there is a lot of people believe in the sixth sense, perception, or telepathy this, because he believe, he will go in a different direction, very DANGER The direction is, he always felt they have the sixth sense, most of the time is not sixth.
In fact, a lot of mental illness is so produced, including hallucinations, visual hallucinations, he is always thinking of others want to hurt him, he is more like that, and then form a vicious circle, to the end of his negative psychology is very strong, phonism is actually nothing unusual, he is daydreaming, we dream of time have phonism I saw the dream, illusion, everything is not, but I can see, very strong hallucinations occur when the day like a dream, can see something, but to see how others are against him, to deceive him.
He will put this false impression was mistaken for the sixth sense, mistaken induction, bad, and this phenomenon is far better than the real induction much more, known as their psychic are actually not ."

Telepathy Telepathy classification

Telepathy can be divided into two categories:
1) what has happened, the corresponding impact on people and things, namely telepathy, this type is already happening, not what can be a mystery, you can easily recognize. How to transfer the telepathy, what is the transmission mechanism? How to decode? In fact, scientific research is denied. China culture "dream", on the decoding of eight trigrams have special discussion. Foreign countries have similar written records, such as Gypsy The divination, Western astrology etc..
2) second kinds of telepathy can be called the "dark" telepathy, is not occurred, but the impact of future inevitable has been ahead of induction out. Most of this is the human subconscious processed products.

Telepathy The scientific explanation of telepathy

Telepathy No scientific evidence

Telepathy is a remote feeling, in the folk known as vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch the 5 routine out of feeling "sixth sense". Telepathy mainly people's mind to communicate directly, can see the past and the future, through observation, the most mysterious and hidden in the saying "perception of eleventh dimensional omniscient information, vibration them in tenth dimensional space and twelfth dimensional space junction". In order to exploit the specific function, a large number of scholars in the mind; some countries invested heavily, hoping to obtain military advantage by telepathy; there are a lot of folk psychology lovers keen to participate in the "spirituality of every hue" and "body and soul" training, try to practice "sixth sense".
However, over the past few decades, telepathy has yet to be scientifically proven, but a large number of rivers and lakes, academic fraud scam, "mind course" more media exposure to the cult and collective lust. Some scholars believe that the people who believe in telepathy is in self deception, only see what they want to see results, and to ignore the evidence does not support the telepathy.

Telepathy Cannot do without cheating

Between lovers, relatives and acquaintances often have a tacit understanding, is regarded as telepathy. For example, one dream of first love girlfriend, received her call letters then. However, the close relationship between the people of the information communication channel varied, living habits similar to that individual, by understanding is not magic. To prove the existence of telepathy, also need to have a rigorous scientific evidence.
In early 1880s, is located in Dublin's Royal Academy of Sciences Professor of experimental physics of Sir William Fletcher Barrett and a group of scholars formed a "study of mind", the 4 daughters of a priest and 1 maids in scientific research -- they say can communicate telepathically. The method of study is to write names or guess household goods card, if it is lucky, the probability of continuous guess 5 card is one of the 142 million, 8 cards of the probability of the continuous guess is astronomical. The notary witness, these girls who are all right. However, experiments were carried out in 6 years, people finally found the girls use jargon and means cheating, not too clever.
Telepathy people Douglas Blackburn and a variety show telepathy master cooperation phenomenon, "the heart of" recognition, Blackburn also became the Secretary General of the association. However, Blackburn could not help but later published a series of articles and discloses how he is cheating cheating researchers.
People for some reason while posing as telepathy, therefore they use non language signal, such as eyes up and down, left and right view represents different meaning, or sigh, with a yawn, cough, with shoes sound to reveal experimental contents of the card, even with a coin out the voice of Moss password! In order to prevent deception, researchers have to hire experts to cheat other magicians, casino reconnaissance fraud.
On the other hand, researchers often telepathic fraud. The United States psychics Laing found their students and assistant Levi in the Rhine and falsified data, I would also do not support the telepathic data that is ignored, participants did not fit in.
However, after excluding the fraud, psychic phenomenon did not exist. Some people argue that sly, telepathy is "xinchengzeling, strict anti cheating undermines the trust between people, not telepathy.
In 1988, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences published a conclusion: "after 130 years of research on the phenomenon of mind, there is no scientific evidence to prove its existence."

Telepathy To know the past: guess the truth is not surprising

Can see the past and the future, is the embodiment of magical telepathy. "One can see the past" refers to simply rely on the powers of the mind to achieve perception of what has happened. For example, the following example:
An American audience watched a TV news: South of California, a white mother Susan Smith claimed that a black man himself and two sons hijacked a car, drive to a lake and then put her off, and then with her two sons. The audience immediately felt that two children may have been killed, and died in the lake. A week later, the police found out the truth of the case: the mother cruel to be two sons in the back seat of the car, and then start the car into the lake, and they get out ahead of time, watching the children drowned.
So the audience would think they have the ability of telepathy, can know the truth of the case. In fact, the mother killed the child crime occurred, the probability is much higher than the black white children kidnapped, so many TV viewers are suspicious of the mother in the false - it is not that they have the ability of telepathy, but based on human nature and human behavior understanding. In fact, the things most skeptical or experienced police, as long as there are people who go on according to this idea, it is not difficult to find out the truth.
The American philosopher Robert Carol had seen on television a woman claimed to have been raped, but he felt the woman lying, later confirmed that indeed. Other people see also have the same feeling. This is a psychic? No. People just feel to judge things, sometimes feel sometimes wrong. Occasionally guess one or two times, people will be surprised by their own feeling, intuition, began to believe in telepathy.

Telepathy A future experiment failed to convince people

Humans often predict the future forecast tend to use their own knowledge and experience, combined with environmental factors were considered, so the prediction is not dependent on supernatural power. That is more mysterious, refers to a person feel something unusual will happen, so far no convincing explanation. There are people trying to use quantum mechanics in "quantum entanglement" to explain the concept of telepathy, but the individual particle activity and brain activity have what relation? It is not clear. Psychics BEM admits that they face the greatest difficulties is the spiritual phenomenon difficult to be compatible with physics and biology.
To this end, spiritual scientists use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure brain activity, and measuring the conductivity, the heart rate corresponding to the skin, trying to confirm before the real stimulus occurs, the body appeared foreboding or "subconscious effect". For example, before seeing a picture of the body have to respond, can explain the existence of telepathy. It is found in the individual experiments, there will be anxiety before the adrenaline and other physiological activities. However, this is not that people can anticipate future events, after all, anxiety is not before things happen there.
Carol pointed out that these experiments with heart defects in the design, such as the lack of reasonable experimental control group, on the interpretation of the data is also very far fetched, tend to use statistical tricks. Repeatability is an important requirement of scientific experiments, but other scholars have repeatedly confirmed the so-called heart feeling, but cannot get the same results.
The heart feeling phenomena can be more simple and reasonable explanation, for example: experimental instrument trouble - precision instrument easily affected by temperature and humidity, electromagnetic field effect; when the error occurred in the record, the calculation of the experimental data; some researchers want to confirm the existence of the phenomenon of mind too and to see only naturally or half unconsciously fraud, beneficial to the heart the phenomenon of data. Carol said: "if you find a person can always predict the championship game, winning lottery number or a terrorist attack, then doubt people will really convinced."

Telepathy Self deception makes people who are willing to buy

Self deception, we believe something false mislead yourself. Psychologists believe that self deception has all kinds of motivation naturally or half unconsciously for their own interests, such as, influence or prejudice, desire, insecurity and other psychological factors.
For example, although the objective evidence clearly show a child lying, but his parents still believe that children are telling the truth, this is the parents want their children to speak the truth the desire. Carol believes that self deception is the moral defects of dishonest, is also a lack of rationality. Sometimes self deception is lack of ability to judge the evidence which belongs to natural ability is insufficient, for example, parents think that their children are very close and blame the child, a liar as their understanding of children, so it is reasonable to believe that their children. This is a simple cognitive disorder, has nothing to do with the moral motivation, etc..
Many people believe that as long as the parents did not wishful thinking, not self deception, but in fact self deception continue to occur. For example, many people buy all kinds of fake products, believe there is a perpetual motion machine world, is expected to save money, it is environmentally friendly, but also save the world, the money cheated, also lost face.
Although scientific research has repeatedly shown telepathy, constellation character, scrying, touch therapy are deceptive, but some people always believe, on the one hand is driven by the interests, such as fortune teller and engaged in touch therapy counselors, on the other hand is ignorance, laziness and poor cognitive abilities such as telepathy dictates, letter people often do not have the scientific literacy.

Telepathy Remote observation: do not have any military value

Remote observation, refers to see outside the range of vision through telepathy, perception of what is there, what they do, without any other technical means to help.
The specific function of people with this kind of telepathy can be found that oil, Jupiter's mountains, missing children, hostages, buried corpse, the enemy defense ministry held a secret meeting. They had successfully convinced the U.S. government funding for research, so there is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spent millions of dollars to carry out the "star gate project". Most of the time there are 16 telepathic master in the plan, some people have unusual experience, such as David Morehouse was shot in the head, the bullet removed after you often see things "".
The Stargate project has been trying to find out when the Libya leader Al-qaddafi's position by telepathy, to achieve "targeted killings". At that time, the media also reported the Stargate project, but did not express any doubt. However, after about 24 years, the plan was eventually halted, the reason is that the government is not entirely untrue even distance observation, the results also is not reliable, does not have any military value. According to the CIA report, the soul masters provides all kinds of unrelated, can not be repeated, wrong information.
To verify the remote observation, a person went to the distant place, another person receives the position information. Carol believes that the remote observer information obtained is likely to come from personal experience, or simply personal fiction. The survey found that distance observations is one of only 65 points on the other, or to say otherwise is ready to accept either course books and materials, according to the story.
Outside the United States, the world's two great powers of other telepathic research also unwilling to lag behind the former Soviet Union -- "biological laboratory information" and "China human specific features of the results are for the specific function of master lost a lot of resources, and finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In fact, from the middle of the last century began with scientists to study remote observation, has won a large number of research data, shows that this telepathy is not exist. One of the most interesting findings is: "the ability to practice or training can reliably improve the observation distance."
Carol analysis, people outside the scope of things on the visual visual imagination, their subjective feelings to "see", does not mean telepathy. History has never been able to repeatedly accurate distance observation, even if there is the legend of deification and exaggerated. The specific function of Master said some things occasionally far, said right, but most of the time, say, began to insist that even sophistry is "symbol", to leave a huge space of subjective conjecture.

Telepathy Confirmation bias for people to ignore the evidence to the contrary

Confirmation bias is a kind of selective human thinking, tend to support their own ideas for attention, evidence of neglect, underestimate not in line with their idea of evidence. If you believe in the hospital emergency room, the full moon night to see more patients, you will pay attention to the doctor who on the night of the full moon, and on the other night were not too concerned about. In the course of time, you will become more and more convinced that can lead to unexpected events increased. When the confirmation bias is more and more serious, to the development of evidence on the negative, negative, you will completely lose the rational thought of complete occlusion.
Many studies have shown that it is generally believed that the evidence is more valuable, positive, positive, supportive data. The Cornell University psychology professor Thomas Gilovich proposed, probably because the brain confirming information cognitive processing easier. A support the view of evidence than against the evidence more easily accepted, but also more likely to be remembered. Negative, negative evidence to accept is not natural, so most people not to be slightly biased.
In telepathy experiment, support the evidence of the existence of telepathy is often the heart of scientists is ready to accept either course, treasure; do not support the evidence of telepathy can not see, to analyze it in mind, often overlooked. Heart experts also selectively set and the end of the beginning of the experiment, in order to get to confirm the result of the existence of telepathy. Professor of psychology at the York University in Toronto Canada Dr. James Alcock criticized them is not willing to believe in telepathy may not exist".

Telepathy Human test

Although it sounds very like a science fiction movie plot, but several University of Washington researchers indeed through the Internet and noninvasive technology in two subjects in the brain brain signal exchange.
University of Washington professor of computer science and engineering Lajiashen Rao (Rajesh Rao) from the brain science research institute and an associate professor of psychology at Andre - Storck (Andrea Stocco) in the experiment put on to read EEG (Electroencephalography, hereinafter referred to as" EEG The electrode cap "), through the Internet and bridging brain signals both the successful completion of an" between the human and the human brain invasion test".
During the test, Rao and Storck in different locations were placed within the University, the use of electronic records and magnetic field simulation of the brain called "" (electrical brain recordings and a form of magnetic stimulation) technology through the Internet will be transmitted to the brain signals Rao Storck. In the signal arrived at the moment, with the simulation of magnetic field coil Storck immediately unconsciously press the space bar on the keyboard with the right index finger.
"I think this test may make some people feel worried, because they may overestimate the potential of the technology." Participate in the project of the Washington University Assistant Professor Chantre - Platt (Chantel Prat) said: "in fact, it is almost impossible for us to use this technology in the people are not aware of or involuntarily. Moreover, this technique is accurate cannot read one's mind , just can perceive each other some simple brain signals."
Some researchers said that perhaps one day cannot continue to fly in an airplane pilot, we can use this technique to help aircraft crew safe landing aircraft, or help those who have language barriers to better express their ideas.
In fact, this test is not really a telepathic test.

Telepathy Suspected of causing the lack of trust

It is easy to believe others, willing to believe that mysterious thing, but the lack of spirit of doubt , is an important reason for the spread of spirituality. In many psychics about "real case", there will be such a story: someone had a dream, and in reality it fulfilled what things, that there is paranormal story he said, you have seen? Do you believe this? Although seeing is not necessarily real, but see better than listen to what others say are 100 times better, but many people did not even see it, for gospel truth. In fact, for these supernatural things, as long as you look around, ask two, always find goof place.
With the scientific quality of the people, such as a real expert, for the mind because they will consider sniff at, from physics, statistical point of view, it is easy to penetrate the fallacy. I graduated from Peking University of medicine and psychology, is the basic quality of science, and in a specific field, I may also be a layman, but through the survey, interviews and data access methods, these years exposed the Da Vinci sleep method, alkaline ion water false fallacy, and now understand the mind learn the truth behind. So, for most is not to engage in scientific research, there is no common energy survey, how to see the mind all the "weird things"?
Use the "Occam's razor": if not necessary, do not increase the entity. This tool is about philosophy, we should accept the relatively simple explanation, but don't believe kick up a cloud of dust. The mainstream American astronomers thought that UFO does not exist, can use Occam's razor to shave, in this regard, I have personal experience: I have a night walk in Guangzhou Dongxiao road years ago, suddenly saw a dark red disc shaped object appeared in the night, is moving in the direction of haiyinqiao flew slowly: UFO? The flying saucer? If I can't wait to call the "Guangzhou daily" newspaper material, said happened with aliens "first contact", maybe I believe UFO these unreal things. But I just don't believe in evil, stay quietly continue to observe. Sure enough, the "flying saucer" and fly slowly back, I see this time, the original is a construction site crane is a light steel machine arm and a circular lampshade, especially in the night like a flying saucer. For the soul so weird thing, we should think of "may actually be what common things, do not see the point of light is UFO, is the" master "Huyou a few words on a telepathic thought.

Telepathy Sign of Pseudoscience

1 without peer review, published the conclusions directly to the public
Often said scientific research integrity / integrity (integrity of Science), how to embody this spirit? If the New Scientist willing to discover and ideas to other scientists to review, which is the embodiment of scientific ethics. Therefore, the scientific community would have found a new colleagues can first give insiders a look, if there is a new discovery, but bypassing peer review, the results will be directly to the media, the media to the public, so that the findings are carefully reviewed by the live peer.
In 1989 two University of Utah chemist B. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in the absence of peer review before, about his cold fusion discovery announced at a press conference, other scientists see on the news conference reported to know there is such a thing.
Some scientists even by paying advertisers in the study found to bypass the reporter review. There was a health food advertising to promote their vitamin O with a full page in the newspaper, the later people found the so-called vitamin O is just the ordinary salt.
2 that claimed to have their own research institutions trying to suppress a large company
There is a saying that for large companies may find new reversal of wealth / power balance will suppress at all costs. These pseudo scientific discoveries will become part of the mainstream scientific community to describe more conspiracy groups behind the enterprise and government. Some people say that they invented water as raw material, oil companies in order to protect their own interests at all costs to suppress their own, needless to say, this is nonsense.
Scientific effect 3 discovered has always been high limit observation
All about the UFO pictures are vague, Nessie has no clear picture. Although the scientific measurement are faced with background noise or fluctuations in the data in some degree, but if the signal-to-noise ratio was not ideal, even can not be improved in principle, so the scientific effect may not be true, the research content is not scientific.
There used to be thousands of supernormal psychology research, the researchers claimed to confirm telepathy, telekinesis or the ability to predict the future. However, only in difficult after the analysis of the data, the results will appear, the relevant researchers can't increase the proportion of "signal", if so, this is not a true science.
4 not hearsay evidence
So that modern science from the last century found some what, if the evidence is hearsay and don't believe. Rumors by affective factors greatly impressed itself, the biggest significance of modern medicine found neither vaccine nor antibiotics, but randomized double-blind trial. We can not because of the large number of rumors, the rumors as evidence.
5 experienced hundreds of years of time also can not explain what
When people know the blood flow throughout the body, or disease is a bacterial infection caused by hundreds of years before thousands of years, our ancestors used various methods of modern medical science can not understand the treatment of patients, the so-called "alternative" can also be classified as such.
The wisdom of the ancients and repackage it, or find new content or to modern science laboratory and comparable to the results is not realistic.
Study on the 6 closed door
Alone in the attic laboratory genius inventor hard study finally achieved a revolutionary breakthrough. This is the Hollywood science fiction movies, not real life. Now in order to achieve a breakthrough, often the joint efforts of many people results.
The 7 proposed new laws of nature
To explain some unusual phenomenon, conflict new natural law and natural law is not known. If the new laws of nature to change the laws of nature known as the premise, nine out of ten is pseudoscience.

Telepathy Social harm

Telepathy Psychological cult

In recent years, various types of social training books and spiritual practice of "popular," spirituality "," insight "," meditation "," hypnotic "," body and soul "and" spiritual growth "that many emerge in an endless stream, the pursuit of mental health and personality of people in droves. However, most of them belong to the category of content of spirituality, individual schools and even the existence of contact and cult pyramid. Peking University medical psychology department director Professor Hong Wei said: "now the society" spiritual science "and the psychology of our study is completely different." More experts believe that the various activities of the mind study makes people interested in all kinds of obsessions, worthy of "spiritual practice" of the people on high alert.
Director of the psychology department of Brain Hospital of Guangzhou City, Xu Wenjun said, researchers are not mind science professionals in the past emphasized materialism education era, the ideological idealism is untenable. Now more and more social and cultural tolerance, learn a lot of mind schools from Taiwan via Hongkong and then came to the mainland, gradually popular. The name of the banner of spiritual scholars psychology in society to promote the content of flicker, a more than a idealist, more and more outrageous, ultimately misleading people, is indeed a kind of " psychological cult ".
Xu Wenjun for example, some scholars claim that the heart heart is an energy field, a "mental energy", if you curse others, send out "mental energy" counter will hurt their back; some claim to the development of the subconscious hypnosis training, can even let you see how their past is dead, in fact the hypnotic process imposes a strong hint to let you create a "past life"; "Haining German priest family constellations" the so-called psychological treatment is also very idealistic things.

Telepathy Hidden MLM and Magic

Many urban white-collar keen to participate in a variety of "spiritual practice", as a petty bourgeoisie life style. Writer Huang Tongtong said, a lot of "body and soul" training camp in 2008 the average price of 3000 yuan / three days or more. By 2010, their prices have risen to 10 thousand yuan a day ~1.5. Guangzhou is a rich girl spent several million went to India to participate in holding a jungle "meditation class", it is said that in the five days and five nights of meditation, she finally "and the ideas connected to the rail, back after she seemed to change a person, from the brand to the coarse cloth covered clothes, people seem to" calm and relaxed a lot". The feeling in the back of the red dust and then disappeared, white-collar workers are eager to appreciate, then slowly to expensive "heart addiction training".
In March 2011, the Guangzhou white-collar Miss Chen (a pseudonym) to listen to my colleagues, to the Liwan road to a "quantum leap" psychological courses, the tuition fee is 3800 yuan. The course is divided into three stages, the speaker is a Hongkong insurance company's gold medal lecturer, claimed that "can open the hearts of men, found himself unconscious secret". After she took part in the first two stages, feel the spirit in the excited state, do not feel what things they do. But in the third stage, courses require students to "appeal" to other people to learn, she actively persuade around acquaintances to experience this fantastic course at any time, with a "quantum leap" propaganda to the acquaintance of working place. However, the number of "appeal" because she did not meet the requirements, had to withdraw from the course. Two months later, the training organization by the Department of industry and commerce according to the "spirit of illegal pyramid schemes" shall be banned.
On September 27, 2011, vice president of the Shenzhen Tencent Inc Kwak and a commitment to personal spiritual growth "training institutions jaunas students for physical altercations, after he found his wife Chang Bin in jaunas students accept the lesson, quite a lot about India" Osho "and" Tan reminder of the content is more Osho a country banned cult leader in the United States for possession of arms, and for his money, making drug crimes diffusion deportation; Tan rush is a "double the men and women" sex, the main way is Osho's retreat, the suspected prostitution + chaos. In the event, Guo Kaitian said his wife suffered mental damage, and jaunas student Wang Zhenni said the person in charge of been beaten, attracting a large number of onlookers. Some netizens said that attended this kind of training people back into the pyramid, resulting in marital and family breakdown. Then, jaunas students to carry out psychological counseling and training qualifications have been questioned by the media and psychological experts.