Coal, read M I, there are two basic meanings: 1 ancient Botany Buried in the ground, in the air or air condition through insufficient, by underground high temperature and high pressure Old metamorphic and the formation of black or dark brown mineral: coal, gas, coal, coal, coal tar, beijing. Black ash 2 flue gas condensation, as main raw materials for ink: soot, loose coal (carbon black).

coal Chinese characters encoding

Radical: Fire Department: 9 strokes
The total stroke: 13
Five pen 86:OAFS
Order number: 4334122111234
Four corner number: 94894
The UniCode:CJK unified Chinese characters U+7164

coal Detailed interpretation

(1) (pictophmetic. From the sound of a fire. Original meaning: smoke )
(2) the same meaning [soot]. Such as: Coal tail (soot in the room). It refers to the ink of the ash try to sweep the coal that black ink, such as paint, ink or loose. The song "Shen Kuo Red "
(3) refers to the ink [ink]
The official wants to court for graphite stove, take West Lake Nine loose coal. The song "Lu You notes" old nunnery
(4) if: Jet (a kind of coal. The color is black, hard, used for carving crafts)
(5) the wick embers, namely snuff [snuff]. Such as: coal (coal combustion process flame )
(6) coal, a black solid mineral [coal]. Such as: Coal poisoning (i.e. gas); coal; coal (coal fried small) palm (working face of coal mine); gas stove (gas-fired stove)

coal phrases

"A coalbunker" storage compartment to the use of coal shipping
coal seam
"Coalbed" as layered distribution in underground coal
Coal room
"Room": room and pillar mining working place, Tong Xiang, suitable for water or slowly inclined seam mining
"Bordroom": coal in coal mining is being formed or has mined out space
Gangue The M Ig NSH.
 Xuzhou coal mine Xuzhou coal mine
"Rock" useless gangue in coal mine
"CoalCinder partly-burnedcoal"; a tuberculosis in coal, usually by calcite Or silicon oxide and carbonaceous material composition, and plant residue fragments or microscopic shape
Coal cinder M IH case R
"Partly-burnedbriquet" did not burn coal or A briquette
coal tar
"Dark brown viscous liquid coaltar. The carbonization of coal
coal mine
"Colliery": coal plants and mining related buildings
"Coalpit": the mining of coal mine
coal gas
"Coalgas" gas production from coal.
The gas lamp
"Gasburner Gaslamp"; a nozzle or a group of a lighting device through the air, it out combustible gas And burn
Gas tank
"Gaspitcher" storage of liquefied petroleum gas can also refer to the whole device; liquefied gas stove
Gas poisoning Coal, poisoning
"Gaspoisoning" due to inhalation of coal, charcoal And other carbonaceous materials produced by incomplete combustion of carbon monoxide poisoning
A briquette
"Small ball" coalball coal water and loess is made, cooking and heating fuel etc.
"Coal" is "coal". Plant residues subjected to different degree of decomposition into a black or brown black solid combustible mineral material
"Coalfield" refers to the coal bearing strata and continuous distribution with a wide range Coal production . In coal field coal seam Formed in the same Geologic Age And in the same geological structure. Named after the area and often coalfield geological age, such as Datong coalfield, Fushun Coalfield and Jurassic coalfields.
"Smokefromburningcoal" from coal combustion smoke
Coal pit
"Coalpit" is commonly used in small coal mine, artisanal mining
"Kerosine paraffin" oil; fractionation Out of fuel oil, volatile lower than gasoline
Coal cinder
"Coalcinder" remaining after the combustion of coal ash
coal pillar
"Coalcolumn" underground coal mining, in order to facilitate the work safety and reserved, temporarily or permanently not part of mining Ore deposit
"Briquette" is usually composed of bulk material (such as small as fuel Pulverized coal ) mixed with binder, or mixed with binder and pressure and the formation of bricks is often a solid piece of material