Flawless, read Xi, Yu Yu dot above, shortcomings or mistakes, shortcomings; defect scale; defect.

Concealer Basic explanation

The jade dot above, Yu shortcomings or mistakes to pure. To scale. To defect.
The gap to gap. To have (holes, also Yu openings to exploit; fault).
The same" Xia ".
Original: non native jade jade spots; acquired by physical and chemical factors caused by the spot)

Concealer Radical stroke

Pinyin: Xi
A: at the phonetic.
Simplified radicals: Wang
Radical stroke: 4
The total stroke: 13
Traditional radical: Jade
Radical stroke: 5
The total stroke: 14
Kangxi Dictionary: 14 strokes
Chinese characters structure: Wang Jia
Order number: 1121512115154
Read and write strokes: transverse horizontal cross fold horizontal fold cross fold down anyway
Five pen 86:GNHC
Five pen 98:GNHC
Four corner number: 17147
UniCode:U 7455
Specification Chinese characters number: 5344

Concealer explicate

"The name.
(pictophmetic. From the jade, the world (XI). The original meaning: Jade spots)
With the original [red flaw]
Flawless, small red jade also. - "Shuowen"
The red jade Rong barge. Sima Xiangru: "false Fu". Note: "Akawa Ya."
Jiang Zhu Ying. "Shu Fu" - Zuo Si
Deep flaw and ze. - "Kao Gong Ji - bow"
Please indicate the bi *, wang. - "historical records biography" Lin Lian Po
One flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade。 - "the book of rites employ righteousness"
Another example: perfect fitness (jade on spot. The lack of analogy)
Metaphor of people or things revealed defects and shortcomings or faults [defect]
Heart Gou flawless, where almost no home shirt! - "Zuo min B.C."
Good words and flawless Zhe. - "Lao Tzu"
German not flawless. - "" poetry bin Feng long Ba "
Use a capable man in spite of his faults。 - Liang Qiuchi, "Chen Arab book"
Another example: Xia Yu ("weaknesses and strengths)
Crack; crack [gap]
Where is the glue... Deep flaw and Ze, Zhen and Bolian. - "Zhouli"
Another example: seam defect (crack; crack)
Extended to empty, loopholes [loophole; opportunity]
It is a tough tackling, the flaw of god. - "Guanzi"
Another example: defect gap (multiplicative gap rift)?
Red jade [red jade]
In the past, pure English bacteria Chicago, jade pearl river. Yang Xiong: "Shu Fu"
Pointed out the shortcomings, problems. Extended to blame [blame]
But I know the female, female patent without anything, no female Cixia also. - "Zuo Zhuan"
Another example: Xia Zi