Sacramento (Sacramento) is located in the United States The state of California Central section、 Sacramento River In the city, is the county seat of Sacramento County, California is also the seat of the state capital. Built in 1839 1848 found that local residents, gold In December 1849, Sutter established by John, the rapid development of the city, in 1854 as the state. A city in 1863. Today California is the fifth largest city in population. Sacramento was originally developed by Fort Sutter and Fort Sutter to grow, but also by John Sutter which was established in 1839. In nineteenth Century, the gold rush, Sacramento is a major population center, is a commercial and agricultural center, and wagon train, Stagecoach At the end of the river, wheel, telegraph, Mustang express, and the first transcontinental railroad station. Sacramento is from spanish" Sacrament "In Italy, Spaniards first arrived in California's Central Valley and the area to the Sacramento River, the name Fort Sutter, later developed into the market town has become a city. Chinese translation of "Sacramento" from nineteenth Century to Guangdong Overseas Chinese "Sacramento" transliteration, is still the local Chinese and Chinese media, as well as the sole use of Taiwan Chinese name, but now China, translated as "Sacramento". The overseas Chinese usually called Sacramento "two port", as opposed to the "big port" means San Francisco And "three port" Stockton But in recent years, new immigrants have been less with this name.

Sacramento Basic information

 Sacramento Sacramento
The latitude and longitude: 34 minutes and 53.99 seconds to 38 degrees north latitude, longitude 121 degrees 29 minutes 35.99 seconds
Country: United States of America
State: The state of California
County: Sacramento County
The city was founded: 1849
Mayor: Kevin Johnson (2008-)
Total area: 99.2 square miles of /257.0 square kilometers
Land area: 97.2 square miles of /251.6 square kilometers
Water area: 2.1 square miles of /5.4 square kilometers
Total population: 454 thousand and 330 (2004) (urban area)
Population density: 1617/km²
Metropolitan Area: 2 million 16 thousand and 702
Time zone: PST (UTC-8)
Summer time: PDT (UTC-7)

Sacramento brief introduction

"Sacramento" Chinese name originated from Guangdong Overseas Chinese, are all local Chinese and Chinese media for the sole use of Chinese name, Taiwan Hongkong using so far, China, Sacramento. "". The overseas Chinese usually referred to as the "two Sacramento" (DA Bu Bu means San Francisco In addition, there are some), the media will be translated into Sacramento or sacramento.

Sacramento History

Sacramento was originally founded by Swiss immigrant Marshall castle, January 1848 (James W. Marshall) in the construction of a sawmill accident when gold was found in the local river, and the purity is high, after the news, shaking around Europe, gold influx of California, a history of the famous gold rush. Sacramento is from a small town economy quickly became an important transportation hub, the first transcontinental railway station was built at the end point. Due to the construction of railway, there are many from South Chinese workers, with the construction of railways, many Chinese immigrants settled here, these laborers from Guangdong and Cantonese, which is here originally referred to as "Sacramento", but until now, when the Chinese people still used to call the Sacramanto. Do not like the "Sacramento" of the translation.
In the gold rush led by Sacramento's commercial and agricultural development, alarming, train carriages, ships and various goods and personnel in the rest, in and out, one of the busy scene, The stream never stops flowing., Sacramento city are also set up, California became the first autonomous city. In 1854 California's parliament and the state government moved to Sacramento to become the capital of California.

Sacramento geographical environment

Sacramento geographical position

Sacramento city is located in north latitude 38 degrees 34 minutes 53.99 seconds, longitude 121 degrees 29 minutes 35.99 seconds.

Sacramento climatic conditions

Sacramento enjoys a Mediterranean climate ( Cobain climate classification Csa ), characterized by wet, mild winters and dry, hot summer. The rainy season from October to April distribution. Little snow, snowfall record for January 4, 1888 in the center of 8.9 cm, 1900 after only three significant snowfall record last 1976.
From 1981 to 2010 in the airport administrative data, daily minimum temperature is less than or equal to 0 degrees C (32 degrees F) the average number of days to 15 days; the daily maximum temperature exceeded 30 degrees C (86 degrees F) the average number of days is 103 days, 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) more than 38 day. The coldest month (December) average temperature of 7.9 degrees C (46.2 degrees F), the extreme minimum temperature of - 8 degrees C (17 degrees F) (December 11, 1932). The hottest month (July) average temperature of 24 degrees C (75.2 degrees F), the extreme maximum temperature of 46 degrees C (115 degrees F) (June 15, 1961). The average annual rainfall of about 470 mm (18.52 inches), annual extreme minimum rainfall of 148 mm (5.81 inches) (2013), up to 956 mm (37.62 inches) (1983). Average frost free period 299 days (February 11th to December 6th).

Sacramento Rivers

The Sacramento River (Sacramento River) is the United States California The longest river in the state. The river rises Yukasikede mountains near Mount Shas, a total length of 382 miles. The river flows southwest from the source, through the mountains and the Pacific coast The Sierra Nevada Between California The Central Valley North American River downstream, and not far, together with the San Joaquin River formed by the Sacramento River Delta Injection. The Gulf of San Francisco North。 Its main tributaries Pitt River Some Meikelaode, Ze River, river and the American river. The Pitt river is the longest, but some Ze River and the American river flow more.

Sacramento population

According to the 2010 census, the population of Sacramento was 466488, the urban living in 174624 households, and 103730 families. The population density of 1799.2 people per square kilometer. The race is composed of 45% white (non Hispanic / Latino whites accounted for 34.5%), African blacks accounted for 16.6%, indigenous people accounted for 1.1%, accounted for 17.8% of Asians and Pacific Islander accounted for 1.4%, other ethnic groups accounted for 12.3%, more than two accounted for 7.1%, Hispanic / Latino (may be more than people of any race) accounted for 26.9%. The Chinese have accounted for 4.2%, of which more in Taishan, Kaiping Guangdong district. It is estimated that Sacramento's population has increased to 485199 in 2014, as California's second largest inland city.

Sacramento Politics

As with most American city, Sacramento municipal government is a council manager system of government, the City Council by the mayor and 8 Council members, the mayor of the city council chairman, and by the city's elected city council respectively by the 8 constituencies elected. The current mayor is elected in 2008 the former NBA player Kevin Johnson . The City Council resolutions and municipal government operation are performed by the city manager, the city manager was hired in 2001 John F. Shirey.
The Chinese Democratic incumbent Sacramento County County Board of supervisors (County Supervisor) Jimmy Yee (Jimmie R. Yee) has served as deputy mayor and mayor of Shashi. In addition, the Japanese Democrat Matsui Takeo since 1979 to become the representative of Sacramento congressman, and continue to re-election in 2005 died; in a by election in the same year, Matsui's widow, Japanese Democrats Doris Matsui (Doris Okada Matsui) with 68.2% of the vote to win seats, making her the history of the forty-fourth Congress of the United States a succession of husband's widow interested in politics.

Sacramento Economic overview

The gold dried up as agricultural products trade center and continue to prosper. The economy in food processing, agriculture, animal husbandry, printing, high-tech manufacturing and computer, Aerospace Industry and Military industry As a pillar industry. The production of rocket engine and fuel. For the agricultural products distribution center and Trade Center, mainly dairy, fruit, wheat, rice, vegetables, etc..

Sacramento social undertakings

Sacramento Shipping traffic

For the aspect of California Expressway and the railway intersection point. An important deep-water port, Sacramento river shipping canal and the starting point, a San Francisco Bay Hong Kong.

Sacramento education

Sacramento California State university To provide comprehensive quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education.
Davies of University of California The school of medicine, School of nursing and affiliated hospital in Sacramento.
Sacramento city unified school district school.
With Sacramento California State University America, river college and the State Library, State Historical Park, Fort Sutter Corinthian Capitol facilities etc.. Suburban built three air force base.

Sacramento Sports

 The Sacramento Kings The Sacramento Kings
Basketball: The Sacramento Kings (Sacremento Kings), is the American National Basketball Association (NBA) of the main team, joined NBA in 1948, won the championship of the year NBA in 1951. For the balance of power in the court home court (Power Balance Pavilion), located in the northern city of Sacramento.
Women's Basketball Sacramento Monarchs Team (Sacramento Monarchs) is a young team of WNBA, founded in 1997, and won the WNBA championship in 2005, but was disbanded in 2009.

Sacramento Places of historic interest and scenic beauty

Old Sacramento (Sacramento Street), preserved here 150 years ago in the cabin, a steam train, gold machine is a typical. west cowboy Flavor, is a tourist must. In addition to the city park in the Rome State Capitol Corinthian (1860), the Crocker Museum and Fort Sutter, the latter with Indian and pioneer relics museum.

Sacramento Friendly city

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