Long Beach

Long Beach is a place name, have appeared at home and abroad. among China Founded in Long Beach. Qing Dynasty For Shanxi. Hequ To buy the Mongolian han. According to legend, the two sides divided boundary, the night will run north Han pillar ten, in present-day Long Beach near the village (Long Beach street, also known as the "post card"), it is also called the "ten miles", after the evolution of ten in Long Beach, Long Beach. This is a.
Long Beach

Long Beach brief introduction

Also known as the "ten Long Beach", the name of the village, under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia city Erdos Zhungeer Qi Xuejiawan . The distance is about 40 kilometers northeast of the township, the northwest from the Sha Ge Du Development Zone about 30 kilometers.
Another argument, so there is a river called" In the ten years "A flood of large and small beach Taiwan Cheng to try out the Sichuan Road, the first immigrants living in the river, so the name" ten in Long Beach".

Long Beach History

Formed in the village the Qing dynasty First, the ownership of Shanxi Hequ County . Because the fortress, Shanxi Inner Mongolia business people a lot of business, the population gradually prosperous, many shops, was called the town. Tongzhi seven years, and caused five people, anti blue horse led thousands of looting of Long Beach fire, almost to Long Beach street in 1915, bandits burned; Luzhankui The rate of "big independent team" thousand bandits broke into Long Beach public wantonly pillaging 1928 bandits; Wang The rate of "thirty-one army" thousand troops then burned in Long Beach. After the Long Beach was badly hurt. In 1940, the KMT Hequ County Zhuwumei The rate of remnants stationed in Long Beach (for the four district of Hequ county), the establishment of the Hequ county government, after eight years of entrenched. 1948 at the beginning of the liberation of Long Beach. June 1, 1950, transferred from Hequ County Yikezhaomeng As in jurisdiction, directly under the "ten Long Beach"; and then return Zhungeer Qi Said, Long Beach Xiang . Zhungeer Qi in 2006 Administrative Region The reform of the rural system, the revocation of Long Beach, in the original Long Beach Village On the basis of the establishment of a new Long Beach village, membership Xuejiawan Town.
The Qing Dynasty open Mongolia boundary, Long Beach Zhungeer Qi became the first Chinese colony of Han tradition and therefore the most important place; compared with other places in the flag, also has a history of precipitation area is.