silicon valley

Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley), located in the United States The state of California North、 The San Francisco Bay Area South Is a high-tech enterprise, gathered in the United States of California Santa Clara Valley (Santa Clara Valley) ". The main part is located at the southern tip of the San Francisco peninsula from Palo Alto (Palo Alto) to the city San Jose City (San Jose) for a long period of about 25 miles. But, the total range includes Santa Clara County (Santa Clara County), San Francisco The southern peninsula and the eastern San Francisco Bay area of Fremont (Fremont). . The first is to research and production of silicon Based Semiconductor The chip, hence the name .
silicon valley
Silicon Valley is one of the electronic industry and computer industry of the Kingdom, although the United States and other high-tech zones in the world continue to grow, but Silicon Valley is still a pioneer of high-tech innovation and development, the area of risk investment accounted for 1/3 of the risk investment Site selection, computer companies in Silicon Valley has grown to approximately 1500 . A century ago, here is a piece of orchard and Vineyard But since. IBM (IBM) and Apple Inc and Google After the company headquarters and other high-tech companies settled here, here is a bustling town . In just ten years, Silicon Valley has produced countless rich technology .
Silicon Valley's main Location Is in the vicinity of some strong scientific research strength of the top universities in the United States as the basis , including Stanford University (Stanford and University) UC Berkeley (UC Berkeley) At the same time, also includes The University of California Several other campuses and Santa Clara University Wait . Silicon Valley high-tech group of small and medium companies as the basis, have at the same time Google , Facebook , HP , Intel , Apple Inc , CISCO , NVIDIA , Inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty , Tesla Other large companies Integrating science, technology, and production. .

silicon valley Geographical names

In geography, silicon valley At first only contains the Santa Clara Valley (Santa Clara Valley) The main part in the bay area, southern San Francisco Santa Clara County (Santa Clara County), especially San Jose (San, Jose) (Department of territory Santa Clara County Capital) Then gradually extended to include; Santa Clara County (Santa Clara County), San Francisco The southern peninsula and the eastern San Francisco Bay Area Fremont (Fremont) and other regions. Silicon Valley is not an administrative division place name, marked on the map do not generally.
Silicon Valley coined by American journalist Don Hoefler in 1971 . It started from 1971 January 11th were used for the "business weekly" electronic newspaper
 The headquarters of Intel (Silicon Valley) The headquarters of Intel (Silicon Valley)
The news (Electronic News) a series of articles entitled -- "Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley USA)" . The name of which a "Silicon" word, because local enterprises most engaged in the manufacture of high purity silicon and the semiconductor and computer related industries , "Valley" is derived from the Santa Clara in the valley . At that time, Silicon Valley is The San Francisco Bay Area South along Highway 101, from Palo Alto City (Palo Alto) by Mountain View (Moutain View), Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale) To the center of Silicon Valley Santa Clara County (Santa Clara County) Then, by Campbell (Campbell) extended to San Jose City (San Jose) of the Panhandle . Later, in the The Gulf of San Francisco Both sides including Fremont (Fremont), the Silicon Valley rapid development . At the beginning of the decade, the reporter's spelling mistakes which have been mistakenly referred to as "Silicon Valley", because the word Silicon Valley has not yet integrated into American culture (silica gel is a widely used Breast augmentation The effects of material and blocking dew) .

silicon valley History

silicon valley An important period

1 early radio and military technology
The Gulf of San Francisco In very early is the United States Navy research base. In 1909, the first time in radio fixed program San Jose Be born。 In 1933, Sunnyvale (Sunnyvale) air force base (later renamed Murphy The airport became the U.S. Navy airship base). Some began to appear around the base for the Navy technology company. After World War II, the Navy will be moved to the West Coast Business California South of San Diego, the National Space Committee ( NASA The predecessor of the NASA) Murphy (Moffett Field) the airport will be a part of the research for the space. For the aviation service company began to appear, including later Lockheed (Lockheed).
2 Standford Industrial Park (Stanford Industrial Park)
After the end of World War II, the university students surge to return to the u.s.. In order to meet the financial needs, at the same time to Graduate Provide employment opportunities, Stanford University Adopt Frederick Terman proposal to open high tech Industrial Park, allowing the company to lease the land office. The earliest settled company was established in 1930s by the Standford Varian Corporation (Varian Associates) graduates. Terman also provides venture capital for civilian technology start-ups. HP The company is one of the most successful examples. In the middle of 1990s, Kodak company and General Electric The company also in research institutions Standford Industrial Park, industrial park has gradually become a technology center.
3 silicon transistor
In 1956, the inventor of the transistor William Shockley (William Shockley) in Stanford University The South Mountain View Founded Shockley semiconductor laboratory. In 1957, Shockley decided to stop the study on silicon transistor. The eight engineer company was established (Fairchild) from Fairchild Semiconductor Company, known as the "eight rebel". Eight "Treason" in the Noyce And then set up Moore Intel (Intel) company. The Fairchild who worked in, Spock Later became the national semiconductor company CEO, another Sondes It is founded AMD.
4 venture capital (Venture Capital)
From 1972 the first venture capital in the next Stanford Sand Hill settled, venture capital has greatly promoted the growth of Silicon Valley. In 1980 the Apple Corp listed attract more venture capital to Silicon Valley. Sand Hill has become synonymous with venture capital in Silicon Valley.
The rise of software industry 5
In addition to the semiconductor industry, Silicon Valley is also based on software industry and Internet service industry is famous. Xerox Co In the research center in OOP (Alto Palo Object-oriented Programming), GUI (graphical user interface), Ethernet and laser printers and other fields have a pioneering contribution. Study on the Xerox Co of many famous enterprises today are due, such as apple and Microsoft will have GUI for their respective operating system, and cisco The creation of many network protocols in Standford from the campus network free to transmit ideas.

silicon valley Historical stories

The U.S. Navy has been a local work site, and naval flight research base is also located here, but many technology companies in the stores are around the research and set up the naval base. But when it most in the Navy West Coast The project moved to San Diego, NASA The Navy took over the original project, but most companies remained, after the new company moved to this area, gradually become the aerospace enterprise zone.
At that time, there is no civilian high-tech enterprises, although many good universities here, but after students graduate, they choose to East Coast To find jobs. Stanford University A professor full of wit Frederic Terman (Frederick Emmons Terman) found that, in the school so he chose a great space for real estate development, and set up some scheme to encourage students to develop their business investment in the local (venture capital) ". Under the guidance of Terman, two of his students William Hewlett and David Packard In a garage with a $538 Hewlett-Packard Co (Hewlett-Packard) -- a U.S. Navy with NASA and no relationship with high-tech companies. The garage has already become a witness of the development of Silicon Valley, the California government announced as the birthplace of Silicon Valley has become an important scenic spot.
In 1951, Terman had a larger idea, that is the establishment of Standford Research Park (Stanford Research Park), which is the first located near the University of high-tech industrial park. Some of the smaller Industrial Park building to rent a low rent to some small technology companies, today, the company is the most important technology was born, but at the time it is not known. Only a few companies in the first few years to settle here, then the company more and more, they not only used the latest science and Technology University, and the school of land rent, the rent has become Stanford University of economic source, make continuous prosperity of Stanford University. Terman decided the new infrastructure should be based on the principle of "Valley" built in 1950s.
It is in this atmosphere, a famous Californian William Shockley Moved here. William this move can be regarded as the milepost of semiconductor industry. In 1953 Baer left the laboratory because differences with colleagues. After the divorce, alone back to his bachelor's degree of Science California Institute of Technology In 1956, he moved away from his mother in California Mountain View (Mountain View) to establish the Shockley semiconductor laboratory. Before this period, the semiconductor industry has not yet formed mainly in the eastern United States Boston New York and Long Island area. In order to the development of the company, he specifically called eight young people from the East, of which there are noyce, Gordon Moore Spock, Raymond .
William Shackley is going to design a substitute for transistor components (known as the Shockley diode) to occupy the market. This problem but when considering the design more simple than the "simple" transistor when he is puzzled. Shockley is stumped difficult became increasingly paranoid, he asked the polygraph for staff, and announced their salary, these things annoy you. In 1957, the eight outstanding young people collective job hopping, and set up in an industrial Sherman from Fairchild Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild Corp, headquartered in New York City, the main business Camera .
Because nouce invented the integrated circuit technology, can be placed in a plurality of transistors on silicon wafers, the meteoric rise of Fairchild Corp. 1965 Gordon Moore Summarizes the number of transistors on a doubling every 18 months in the law , also known as the" Moore "This law, although data from 1960s summing up, but it was not until twenty-first Century that the first few years but still effective.
This kind of thing has been staged, the establishment of a new company constantly out of control engineer. At the beginning of 1967, Spock and Raymond decided to leave the Fairchild Corp, created the National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor), headquartered in St. Clara . But in 1968 the Fairchild Corp Marketing Manager Saunders home, and the ultrastructure of the world science and Technology (AMD) of the company. In July of the same year, noyce, Gordon Moore , Andy Grove Left Fairchild established Intel Company. Today, Intel is a semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturers in the world's largest market share of 80%.
The Fairchild Corp was started in 1981. This year, located in the San Jose toxic solution chip plant leak, so the company had to spend $12 million to replace the soil and water quality monitoring. Since then, the company began to go downhill, eventually disappeared. But people will never forget what he made in the history of Silicon Valley and the contribution for the development of silicon wafer valiant record created by Fairchild, the employees of the company in Silicon Valley and the United States has more than one hundred.

silicon valley Location factors

silicon valley natural environment

The geographical location and beautiful environment; climate; transportation; world market stability; talent; innovative environment and culture.

silicon valley Relying on the University

Silicon Valley is over since mid 1960s, Microelectronic technology The rapid development and gradually form; its characteristic is near some strong scientific research strength of American University Stanford University , UC Berkeley As the world famous university to rely on With high technology, small and medium-sized companies based on the group, and has Google , Facebook , HP , Intel , Apple Inc , CISCO , Tesla , Inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty , NVIDIA Other large companies Integrating science, technology, and production.
Silicon Valley is located near the university including :
Stanford University (Stanford University)
Santa Clara University (Santa Clara University)
San Jose State University (San Jose State University)
Carnegie Mellon University West Coast campus (Carnegie Mellon University, West Coast Campus)
The university is located in Silicon Valley, but the source of help as research resources and new graduates :
UC Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley)
University of California, Davis (University of California, Davis)
California University of Santa Cruise (University of California, Santa Cruz)
East Bay State College (California State University, East Bay), the original state University (California State, University, Hayward)

silicon valley Industry characteristics

Silicon Valley has a large and small electronics companies for more than 10000, they produced a semiconductor integrated circuit and electronic computer America accounted for about 1/3 and 1/6. After 80s, with the biological research institutions have emerged, space, marine, communications, energy and other new materials technology in the area of Silicon Valley, becoming the cradle of the American high-tech. The Silicon Valley has become synonymous with the world of high-tech areas. Including the industry characteristics of Silicon Valley:
The employees with a high level of knowledge and skills, which accounted for a large proportion of scientists and engineers;
The growth rate is much faster than traditional industries, and are in constant change, the product replacement cycle is short;
The research and development expenses in sales accounted for a higher proportion;
The products in the world market.
The Silicon Valley spirit: innovation, failure to allow advocating competition, equality and openness!
The natural quality of the natural and social factors, making Silicon Valley become the cradle of entrepreneurs, high-tech business booming, here are some of the hottest Silicon Valley high-tech venture company:
1.Crowdtilt: help dinner friends more convenient payment
2.Exec: help start-ups zero work
3.Vayable: you will change the way to travel
4.Stripe: a new type of enterprise payment
5.Postmates: let express arrive to become a reality.
6.Getaround: just get a lot of financing
7.Parse: create a new application more convenient
8.Klout: people were still in view of their Klout scores
9.Yardsale: the local online e-commerce
10.Path: acoustic photo sharing application

silicon valley The status of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley in 2006, a total of 225300 high-tech jobs. In terms of high density technology practitioners, the Silicon Valley in the United States for the first time, every 1000 working in private businesses, there are 285.9 people who engaged in high-tech industry. The average annual salary of high tech positions also ranks the first $144800. Silicon Valley in 2008, per capita GDP reached $83000, ranking the first. Silicon Valley GDP total U.S. GDP 5%, while the population is less than 1% of the country.
Silicon Valley is the focus of high-tech talent in the United States, is more concentrated, American information industry talent in Silicon Valley, the build-up throughout the United States and the world's scientific and technical personnel more than 1 million, American Academy of Sciences In the Silicon Valley office has received nearly 1000 people, The Nobel prize The scientists reached more than and 30 people. Silicon Valley is American youth What is the holy land, students of various countries in the world arena and field gold. In Silicon Valley, the company usually implement the management mechanism of scientific research, technology development and production and marketing of three-in-one, highly educated professional and technical staff accounted for more than 80% employees of the company are. Silicon Valley are the scientific and technological personnel from around the world leader, not only their mother tongue and the different color, cultural background and customs is different, the specialty and specialty are not the same. So a group of technical experts together, bound to active thinking, learn from each other is very easy to come up with creative ideas. Founded and invested capital of Silicon Valley high-tech companies just unfolding, still showing a trend of development.

silicon valley chinese silicon valley

silicon valley Shenzhen

Shenzhen is recognized as the "Chinese Silicon Valley" The development model of the city, by the United States The San Francisco Bay Area (which is the host of the Silicon Valley) .
Silicon Valley project by the Central Asia Central Asia Group in cooperation with the Shenzhen City manhole bogang Development Co Ltd. The project is located in Shenzhen City manhole Street Center, East Baoan Avenue According to the north. North Ring Road Project planning, more than 2000 acres of land, planning a total construction area of about 1 million 200 thousand square meters. Among them, the first phase of the development area of about 600 thousand square meters, a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan. With a total length of 1.3 km and 1 km road Gang Yungang West axis stretching development. In accordance with the "overall planning strategy of ten big platform, big business, big logistics", the construction of a large-scale modern centralized fair "IT carrier", in order to adapt to the Southern China area of electronic industrial restructuring and upgrading, promote Chinese electronic The rapid development of the whole industry chain.
Project planning by the international famous designers who will design, planning for the "scenic spots, two city, three bases, four parks, five centers, six platform":
A scenic spot: Central Electronics Expo Center Tourist attractions
Two city: Electronics City, electronic city science and technology software.
Three base: corporate headquarters base, electronic logistics service base, high-tech incubator.
Four: Park Shopping Park, top brand MALL, University Science and Technology Park, cultural and Creative Industry Park, ecological Cultural Park .
Five: the center of high-tech research and development center, BtoB electronic commerce network trading center, International Exhibition Center, CE/IT global marketing, international financial trading center.
Six platform: electronic components, multiple digital electronic products, Solar photovoltaic products LED, intelligent networking products, security products, electronic trading platform as the main research software. The superposition of theme leisure and entertainment, catering, cultural tourism and other activities, is bound to the city development of Southern China region's largest, most influential hopsca . In central ETC, in the western shine.

silicon valley Zhongguancun

The geographical location is defined by Chinese Academy of Sciences And adjacent to the Peking University, Tsinghua University An area surrounded by the. 1980,
The office of the China first IT company. Later, Zhongguancun has become China's high-tech industries, especially is a synonym for IT industry. In this area, science and technology, education, culture and high-tech industries with mutual penetration. Study on Application of basic research, high-tech research interrelated. The category of international academic exchanges, business contacts and economic cooperation is becoming more frequent. Zhongguancun has obvious advantages in the development of knowledge economy and great potential, known as the "Silicon Valley".
In Zhongguancun, a total of 5000 people have a doctorate, 25000 master degree, 180000 Bachelor degree. There are more than 8000 high-tech companies, more than half of the IT industry company. 2012 Zhongguancun demonstration zone achieved total revenue of 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the enterprise paid tax reached 150 billion yuan, the enterprise employees reached 1 million 560 thousand people, enterprises realized a total profit of 173 billion yuan, exports of $23 billion, enterprises in scientific and technological activities expenditures of more than 90 billion yuan.

silicon valley Silicon India

Bangalore Is the southern city of India, Karnataka The capital of the fifth largest city in India. India after independence in 1947, the development of Bangalore heavy industry center. The establishment of high-tech companies in Bangalore's success to become India science and Technology Information Center, commonly known as the "Silicon Valley of India".