Spain (full name: Kingdom of Spain, Spanish Reino: de Espa n a The Kingdom of; English: Spain), is located in southwestern Europe Constitutional monarchy Country。 Located in Europe and Africa in the west of the same junction, The Iberian Peninsula The Portugal In the north. The bay of Biscay. The northeast, and France and Andorra South across the border, The Strait of Gibraltar With Africa Morocco It also includes the territory Mediterranean Sea In Balearic Islands The Atlantic. Canary Islands And Africa Ceuta and Melilla . The country is a mountainous country, the total area of 505925 square kilometers, the coastline of about 7800 km.
From Spain Prehistoric times Since it has been influenced by foreign, The medieval times When there are a number of countries and was established in fifteenth Century, to a single country, the modern history of Spain is an important cultural birthplace in The Renaissance Time is the most powerful country in Europe, from mid sixteenth Century to the end of fifteenth Century has become the global impact The British Empire In Spanish, the official language, as the number of countries using the second in the world, second only to english.
Spain is a highly developed Capitalism The country is. European Union and NATO Members, or Eurozone The fifth big economies, gross domestic product ( Gross domestic product ) in sixth European countries, ranked thirteenth in the world.

Spain History

The main entry: History of Spain

Spain The original period

800 thousand years ago, human beings have lived in The Iberian Peninsula Presumably, according to archaeological
 Spain Spain
Africans in pursuit of prey through The Strait of Gibraltar Or from other parts of Europe over the hunter pyrenees Came here and settled down, called Iberians . They settled mainly in the Mediterranean area and farther south, where the Iberian people created many different cultures. ancient Greek In the history of one of the most important have been recorded, Greek Many people call them "tours". They are a tribe of Iberia, in The Guadalquivir River The establishment of the splendid culture of the kingdom of basin. The primitive life was vividly recorded in northern Spain Alda Mira left the cave paintings known to the world.

Spain Foreign reign

The main entry: Punic wars
Starting around 3000 B.C., alien nation began to mass immigration of the Iberian peninsula.
1200 BC, from Scandinavia Celts From the north into the peninsula, and extended to the entire peninsula. The Iberian Peninsula is not only the history of any foreign forces invaded areas Basque Living in the northern mountainous area.
1100 bc, The Phoenicians In the upper peninsula established colonies, created Ghadir
 Spain Spain
(Cadiz city). The Phoenicians established trade relations with spain. For the further development of the peninsula resources, Phoenicians established permanent residence in the mediterranean.
Ninth Century bc, Celts Move from central europe. Eighth Century BC, the Iberian Peninsula has been invaded, long-term by the Romans, Visigoths and moors Rule. Foreign aggression against the Spaniards fought a long battle.
Punic wars During the Carthaginian Spain took the opportunity to occupy most of the land, they left the famous city including Cartagena (the "new Carthage"). Roman Defeated in the whole war Carthaginian Soon after, the occupation of the peninsula.
Sixth Century BC, to the Iberian Peninsula Celts and Iberians mutually
 Spain Spain
Exchange marriage, fusion, produced a later Searl beriya ladder. The Phoenicians Cartago united against Searl's ladder beriya, later the Cartago people become masters of the peninsula.
In 218 bc, Roman The invasion of spain.
In 206 BC, the Romans will Cartago from the Iberian peninsula. The Romans were in the process of conquering the heroic resistance ladder beriya in Searl.
In 19 BC, Rome talent completely conquered the Iberian peninsula.
Since then, in 500 years time Spain Imperium Romanum A province.
In fifth Century, the Rome empire began to collapse. In 409, the Visigoths invaded Spain established The Visigothic kingdom Thus, began a 300 year rule.
In the year 711, The Visigoths The end of the reign of the Iberian peninsula.

Spain Muslim rule

The main entry: the Battle of Guadalete
In 710 ad, the vying for the throne, looking for a contender of the Visigoths Arab (also called moors ) help, and thus began the Moorish invasion of history.
In 711 ad, the Moorish invasion of Spain to win the Battle of Guadalete Great victory。 Only spent 7 years on the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and began a period of nearly 800 years Islam The rule, called "Al Andalus", the ancients called China" Green food ". There are several early Spanish Emirate Coexist, belonging to the Damascus Khalifa empire.
In 722 ad, in the area of Asturias Hill fired the first battle of Covadonga in motion. In this battle, the Christian army defeated the Arabia army under the leadership of Pelayo. Other European countries also have responded to the Pope called on Christians, to Spain to participate in anti Arab jihad. On the same expedition of the Arabs at the same time, the formation of Christianity Castilla and Aragon Two kingdoms.
In the year 756, the first molar of King Yoav Delamain I, the capital Cordoba At the same time, to declare independence.
In tenth Century, at the peak of the Moorish rule. Later, Khalifa Cordoba Empire
 Malaga Beach Malaga Beach
Split into several kingdoms. In the face of the Arabs in the Spanish invasion and occupation, the Christian people began to revolt.
In 1085, the Christian army recovered Toledo The city, as the capital of castile.
In 1212. Alfonso VIII Under the leadership of, Castile The army won a decisive victory over the Moors in Lars Navas Tolosa; since then, returning to Cordoba, Sevilla , Jerez Cadiz City, finally only the kingdom of granada.
1469, Isabel The prince married Aragon Fernando The marriage of Castilla and Aragon, the two kingdoms, laid the foundation for the unity of the two kingdoms finally.
In 1474, 23 year old Isabel was appointed as the queen of Castile, she established the new court and town administrative system.
In 1479, Fernando king, King Aragon, the two countries formally merged into a unified Kingdom of Spain, a couple of two people known as the "double king catholic".

Spain Marine power period

The main entry: The Spanish liberation movement
In January 2, 1492, Moore human capital Granada The fall, Spain declared after liberation movement
 The Spanish Armada The Spanish Armada
Spain, for eventual reunification.
1492, Columbus The rate of the fleet from Spain Gaddis Starting in October December, discovered the new continent of America and boarded Bahamas The San Salvador Island Then, with a few indigenous people and some of the items returned to spain. Columbo found West Indies After Spain gradually become a maritime power, since then, the Spanish colonists began to Latin America The conquest and occupation of the territory, will be extended to the other side of the Atlantic and The Philippines .
1516, Juana And the Duke of Edinburgh Philip I of Castile The son of charles i Yitelasi Tamara family grandson Leon, Aragon of Castile, successors to the throne, Navarra, is King Juan Carlos . The establishment of a unified central authority of one of the earliest European personal union The country. Sixteenth Century is the sea power, after gradually decline.
1519, Hernan Cortes From Cuba Arrive Mexico Conquered, Aziz Turk Tribal capital Teno Chiti Tran .
1530, Francisco Pizarro The rate of people from Panama, a few months after arrival Inca Empire The capital of the Inca Empire, conquered Cuzco . Many of the tribes were wiped out, Indian The destruction of civilization.
1588, Philip II To attack the British, but the Spanish Navy Equipment behind, plus storm, spain" Armada "The pirate was born Drake The British Navy defeated Spain led the lost sea power, thus the status began to decline.
In 1648, the Spanish fight against France defeat on land military superiority has ended. Since then, in War of the Spanish Succession Again, to the British ceded Gibraltar And have lost Portugal And in Italy and Netherlands The territory of Spain declined gradually.
In 1700, Charlie II died, his sister Maria Teresa And the king of France Louis X The grandson of Felipe to the throne ( Philip V From now on, by the Spanish throne) Austria The Habsburgs to France bourbons The hands. Although Felipe became king of Spain, but for the Spanish throne, fasilides and Austria (British and Dutch support) started a war, and signed in 1713 Udler. Austria has been. Flanders , Milan , Sardinia and Naples The United Kingdom, Gibraltar So, Holland got a lot of Fort Flanders, Spain only for local, is on the national recognition of Philip v.
Nineteenth Century, Napoleon To win the French regime, the expansion of the target in spain. By the way against Portugal as an excuse to send troops occupied Spain and arrange their brothers as the king of spain. The Spanish people to rise up against the law. In May 2, 1808, the outbreak of the war of independence, Spain has paid a heavy price for this war, Spain lost most of the overseas colonies.
1837, Isabel S After the constitutional monarchy the bill will be formally merged into a country, decided to use a Spanish word "Espa n a" (from Phoenician That means "hare") named, ended after 300 years of personal union mode.

Spain During the period of the Republic

The main entry: The Spanish American War
In 1873, the outbreak of Bourgeois revolution The establishment of the first Republic. In December 1874 2
 "The Spanish Square" and Quixote statue servant "The Spanish Square" and Quixote statue servant
4 days The restoration .
In 1898, the outbreak of the Spanish American war ended with Spain failed to gain independence of Cuba, Spain ceded to the United States Puerto Rico , Guam Cheap and sold The Philippines ($20 million). Spain lost all overseas colonies, the international status of great power does not exist. And keep in the first World War. neutral .
In April 12, 1931, the Spanish Dynasty was overthrown, the establishment of the second republic. In municipal elections, winning 14 on the left; Barcelona , San Sebastian To announce the establishment of the Republic; in Madrid, the Revolutionary Committee announced the establishment of the provisional government; Alfonso XIII Voluntary exile. In June 28th of the same year, Republican national elections, announced that the freedom of religion. In December of the same year, Spain has adopted the new "constitution", the reform and legislation of the new government to agriculture, education, regional autonomy; at the same time, some right-wing political parties have been established.
In 1932, the coup was pardoned, conflict between the central government and Catalonia local government.
The November 1933 election, right-wing party won some new laws (such as agricultural reform law was abolished).
The establishment of the socialist party and the Communist Party in February 1936, the United Front led by the people
 Palacio Real de Madrid Palacio Real de Madrid
The government. July 17, 1936 Franco A rebellion caused three years spanish civil war In April 1939, the seizure of power, dictatorship for 36 years.
Franco announced in July 1947 that Spain Monarchy Since, as head of state for life. July 1966, the last king of thirteen century Alfonso Juan Carlos sun as heir.
Franco died in November 20, 1975, Juan Carlos I The throne, the restoration of the monarchy. In July 1, 1976, the appointment of former Secretary General of the national movement Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez As prime minister, began the transition to the Western parliamentary democracy. December 1978 formally promulgated the new constitution.
In 1982, Spain NATO . In 1986, Spain EC .
From 1996 to 2004, the people's party for ruling.
From 2004 to 2011, the socialists came to power again.
In November 2011, the socialists lost the election, the party returned to power.

Spain geographical environment

Spain Location condition

The national total area of 505925 square kilometers (
 National Map Of Spain Spanish symbols National Map Of Spain Spanish symbols
Among the land area of 499542 square kilometers, the water area of 5240 square kilometers, ranking fifth in Europe), native to the northernmost to the southernmost east-west direction about 830 kilometers, 1000 kilometers long. Most of the territory is located in The Iberian Peninsula In Manchuria, Pyrenees With France and Andorra Is the West Portugal . South across The Strait of Gibraltar With Africa Morocco Across. North The bay of Biscay. The Mediterranean Sea, East and Italy across the sea, northwest, southwest near the Atlantic.

Spain topographic features

 The Spanish administrative division The Spanish administrative division
Spanish terrain to the plateau, in the mountains. At an altitude of 3718 metres Mulhacen The highest point for the country. In the middle of Meseta It is surrounded by a mountain occlusive plateau area accounts for about 3/5, with an average altitude of 600 meters to 800 meters. There is something to the North The Cantabria mountains and Pyrenees . The Pyrenees is Spain and France circle mountain, more than and 430 kilometers long, with an altitude of 3000 meters above the peak.
The highest point in the south of Spain The Sierra Nevada The main peak. Mulhacen At an altitude of 3478 meters, is the roof of the Iberian peninsula.
The mountains near the coast, plain little wide and narrow, only the northeast of the Ebro Valley and southwest of the Andalusia plain.
The Spanish national an elevation of 200 meters below the land accounted for 11%, 201 metres to 600 metres to 31% metres to 1000 metres, 601 metres to 2000 metres in 39%, 1001, 18%, 2000 meters above the sea level, accounting for 1%.

The northern mountainous area include: Pyrenees , cantabrian .
The central plateau includes: Cordillera Central , Old Castile Plateau, Castilla la Nueva Plateau.
Aragon plain
Mediterranean mountain
Andalusia plain

Spain hydrology

The main rivers in Spain The Ebro River , Douro , Tagus River , Melon Diana River and The Guadalquivir River . The longest is the Tagus River, 1007 km long, downstream in portugal. The Ebro River is 910 kilometers long, in the whole territory, sometimes known as the first Spanish river. These rivers because of the twists and turns, only the Guadalquivir River downstream navigable rivers, the other are not shipping.

Spain climate

Plateau of central Spain Continental climate , North and northwest coast is a temperate maritime climate, the southern and south-eastern Mediterranean subtropical climate.
The climate can be divided into the following parts of spain:
Mediterranean climate Spain: Eastern and southern subtropical climate, the Canary Islands and more.
High temperature record : Murcia 47.2 c, Malaga 44.2 c, Valencia 42.5 c, alicante 41.4 c, Mallorca 40.6 c, Barcelona 39.8 c, tenerife 42.6 C.
Low temperature record Take -13.0: Kanon C, Barcelona Valencia -7.2 -10.0 C, c, Murcia -6.0 C, Alicante -4.6 Malaga -3.8 Tenerife C, C, C 8.1.
Inland temperate continental climate The northern region of Spain has a cold winter (usually snow) and hot summer.
High temperature record : Sevilla 47 c, Cordoba 46.6 c, Badajoz 45 c, Albacete and Saragossa 42.6 c, Madrid 42.2 c, Burgos 41.8 c, Valladolid 40.2 C.
Low temperature record Burgos: Albacete -24.0 C -22.0 c, Salamanca -20.0 C, Teruel -19.0 C -14.8 C -5.5 C in Madrid, Seville.
The North Atlantic coastal climate Temperate climate Summer climate and rainfall mainly concentrated in the winter.
High temperature record : Bilbao 42 c, Deportivo La Coruna 37.6 C, 36.4 C gijn.
Low temperature record Bilbao: -8.6 c, Oviedo -6.0 c, Gijon With La Coruna -4.8 C.
Abundant, northern and western coastal areas rainfall, humid climate, climate in most other areas of dry, serious water shortage. The annual precipitation in Northwest coastal area: 800 mm, central and eastern coastal areas in southern area of 600 mm, 300 mm.

Spain natural resources

Spain's main mineral reserves: Coal 88 tons, 19 tons of iron, Pyrite 5 tons, 4 million tons of copper, 1 million 900 thousand tons of zinc, 700 thousand tons of mercury.
The total forest area of 15 million hectares. Forest coverage 30%, cork The output and export volume ranks second in the world.

Spain administrative division

Spain Zoning

Spain, the country is divided into 17 autonomous regions, 50 provinces, more than 8 thousand municipalities, and in Morocco Province Ceuta and Melilla Two block enclave .
Autonomous region: Andalusia , Aragon , Asturias , Balearic Islands , Basque , Canary Islands , Cantabria , Castilla y Leon , Castilla La Mancha , Catalonia , Extremadura , Galicia , Madrid , Murcia , Navarra , La Rioja and Valencia .
 Administrative map of Spain Administrative map of Spain

Spain capital

Spanish capital Madrid In Europe, is a famous historical city, the urban area is 607 square kilometers, the urban population of 3 million 233 thousand people, has 400 years of history, is the political, cultural, economic and financial center. Madrid is a comprehensive economic center of Spain's Central Economic Zone, transportation, logistics, research and development, consumption and industry of new and high technology center. City communication, traffic developed, urban 13 subway lines with a total length of 226 kilometers; the city has ranked the top European scale Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 36, the ancient art museum, more than and 100 museums, 18 libraries and more than and 100 sculptures.

Spain Major city

Barcelona Located in northeastern Spain, the Mediterranean coast, is the capital of Catalonia autonomous region. Is the gateway to the Iberian Peninsula, the area of 91 square kilometers, the urban population of 1 million 510 thousand, together with the peripheral area population of 4 million, is the second largest city of Spain, is one of the world's most populous city.
Valencia An important city, industry and commerce, Spain has a population of 797 thousand people, an area of 135 square kilometers. Spain is the largest in Europe, the fifth largest container port in 2009, the total throughput of 57 million 790 thousand tons, container throughput of 3 million 650 thousand teus.
Sevilla Andalusia, the capital of the autonomous region, population 702 thousand, is the fourth largest city, the largest city in southern Spain, is the only travel inland port city, southern Spain economic and trade, tourism and cultural center.
Cordoba That is a world population of 328 thousand and 800, Mable Delamain established the capital of the kingdom of Cordoba, as of early eleventh Century is one of the main Islamic city.

Spain National Population

As of August 2014, the national total population of 46 million 507 thousand and 800 people.
There are more than and 20 nationalities in spain. The main: castilian (or Spanish), accounting for about 73% of the total population, The people of Catalonia (about 15% of the total population), Galician (about 7% of the total population) and Basque (about 5% of the total population).

Spain The symbol of the nation

Spain National flag

 Flag of Spain Flag of Spain
Flag of Spain Rectangular, length and width ratio of 3:2. Top down by the red flag Huang Hong three parallel rectangle. The middle part of the yellow flag for 1/2, left painted emblem. Red, yellow and white is Spain's love of traditional color, a symbol of the people of the motherland is a piece of utter devotion. Spain in 1785 for the use of red, yellow and red flag hanging on the boat, become the representative color of spain. Yellow on the leftdepicts Coat of arms of Spain . Are composed of representatives of the four ancient kingdom of spain.

Spain National Emblem

The Spanish national emblem pattern for the center Shield emblem . There are six groups of patterns on the shield: the upper left corner is
 Coat of arms of Spain Coat of arms of Spain
Red yellow castle, the upper right corner of white crowned. Red Lion The lion is a symbol of the ancient castle, and Spain, are a symbol of Castilla and Leon The bar; the lower left corner of the yellow, red and white, a symbol of the Northeast Aragon The lower right corner; for the red gold Chain network Located in the northern part of the symbol, Navarra The bottom is white; green leaves of red pomegranate, a symbol of the southern three Golden Shield of Granada; the blue oval in the center Lily Flowers, symbol of Bourbon family rule - Capet. Top coat of arms with a large crown, which is a symbol of state power. Shield emblem on both sides of each pillar a hercules. Also known as the Hercules silver column, the left and right columns are the top crown and Empire Royal crown And the sash around the column marked "overseas and mainland".

Spain national anthem

" Royal March "
The Spanish National Anthem originated from Charlie Sans (eighteenth Century Carlos III ) period Granada Military March, royal name for the "Spanish honor March", folk is called "infantry March". The royal family has organized many musicians writing new songs, but no one can be more than the music, so this is the first song without the words of the national anthem was continued until the end of 2007, the country launched the lyrics collection activities, the Spanish national anthem. But this song has not been widely recognized, the Spanish National Anthem Lyrics problem was shelved.

Spain Politics

Spain regime

According to the current constitution of the west, Spain regime by monarchical parliamentary system The legislative, administrative and judicial practice. The separation of the three powers . The king as head of state and armed forces The commander in chief, the prime minister is the highest summit, nominated by the majority party in Parliament appointed by the king. executive power Mastered by the government, legislative power By The bicameral system The exercise of parliament.
By the international financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis, Spain's economic situation is grim, the people's party government austerity measures to cope with the crisis, the ruling pressure, but with a majority in parliament, the ruling position is relatively stable.

Spain Constitution

The Spanish Constitution in December 6, 1978 through the national referendum, came into force in December 29th of the same year. The provisions of the constitution of Spain is social democracy and legal system, constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy, the throne by Juan Carlos I The direct descendants of the hereditary. Supreme head of state (the king) as the supreme commander of the armed forces and the national heads of state, on behalf of the state. The government is responsible for the governance of the country and report to parliament. The constitution recognizes and ensure autonomy in the minority areas.

Spain parliament

The Spanish Parliament Consists of the Senate and the house of Representatives, the exercise of legislative power, and budget, supervise the work of the government. The legislative power to the house, as the representative of the senate. The members by universal suffrage for a term of 4 years. The composition of Parliament in December 2011. All the 349 members, 265 senators. The following two seats distribution:
  House of Representatives senate
The people's party
One hundred and eighty-four
One hundred and sixty-three
socialist workers party
One hundred and ten
Unity and joint
Left Bloc
The Basque Nationalist Party
The Democratic Progressive Alliance
Catalonia left the Alliance for progress
The other party

The people's party
One hundred and eighty-four
One hundred and sixty-three
socialist workers party
One hundred and ten
Unity and joint
Left Bloc
The Basque Nationalist Party
The Democratic Progressive Alliance
Catalonia left the Alliance for progress
The other party
Speaker of the House (PSOE), Senate President Pio Garcia Escudero Marx (people's party).

Spain government

 Palace Palace
The Spanish government was established in December 21, 2011, 14 cabinet members: Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Bray, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the prime minister and government spokesman Soraya Saenz Desantamaria (female), and Minister of economic competition Luis de Guindos Finance and public management, Minister Cristobal Montoro, Minister of foreign affairs and cooperation Jose Manuel Garcia Ma kerioth, Minister of justice Alberto Ruiz Galladon, defense minister Pedro Moyness, interior minister Jorge Fernand J Diaz, Minister of development Ana Pastor (female), and Minister Jose Ignacio Voight style education, employment and social security minister Fatima Barnes (female), industry, energy and Tourism Minister He Sai Manuel Soria, agriculture Miguel Arias, Minister of the environment and food, health, social services and equality minister Ana Mato (female).

Spain judicial

Spain is the leading organization general judicial judicial committee, composed of 20 members, the president of the Supreme Court as chairman. The judicial branch and judicial court administrative court system two.
The Spanish supreme prosecutors is the state attorney general's office, prosecutors at all levels under the jurisdiction of Procuratorate and judicial departments in various. The state attorney general Eduardo Torres Dulce Liphant.

Spain party

Spain multi-party system. The main political parties:
(1) The people's party (Partido Popular): the ruling party. Formerly known as the people's alliance, founded in 1977, 1989 renamed the people's party. The implementation of the "middle reformism" route. About 860 thousand of the existing members. The party was founded shortly after in the political arena of the country emerge, power continues to expand. For the first time in May 1996 came to power. March 2000 won the ruling. November 2011 won the election again. Chairman Mariano Rajoy , general secretary Maria Dolores Vos (Mar a, Dolores has de Cospedal).
(2) The Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Espa n OL): the largest opposition party. Founded in 1879, about 620 thousand of the existing members. General secretary Pedro Sanchez Perez - Custer (Pedro S, nchez Hong P rez-Castej n (Micaela), chairman of Mikaara Navarro Garzon Navarro Garz, n). The party from 1982 to 2011 years has been six degrees of ruling.
(3) "we can" Party (Podemos): far left parties. Established in January 2014, won 69 seats in the house of representatives in the December 2015 national election, as the third party. The general secretary of the party's founder Pablo Iglesias (Pablo Iglesias), about 380 thousand registered members.
(4) Civic Party (Ciudadanos): founded in 2006, formerly the Catalonia Autonomous Region Party, won 40 seats in the house of representatives in the December 2015 national election, becoming the fourth largest party in parliament. Party chairman Albert Rivera (Albert Rivera), about 30 thousand registered members.

Spain Politicians

The current king Felipe VI January 30, 1968, born in Madrid in November 27, 1975, his father Juan Carlos I The king of Spain, Felipe was appointed as the crown prince. He is fluent in English, french, Before entering the University, had received military training in military academy. Since then, he studied law at the University of Autonoma Madrid and received a bachelor's degree, and later in Washington georgetown university Study at University of International Relations and received a master's degree. Prince Felipe and TV reporter Leticia Ortiz Married in 2004 Two, have two daughters.
June 2, 2014, The Prime Minister of Spain Rajoy announced at a press conference announced that king Juan CarlosI gave way to Prince Felipe. Complete the installation ceremony in June 19, 2014 after the official heir to the throne Prince as a new generation of Spanish king Felipe VI, and on the same day at 10:30 in the morning to Congress and public speaking official oath of coronation.
The current Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy De Compostela was born in March 27, 1955, graduated from Santiago province of Galicia. Santiago de hole wave Stella University The main law. A number of government positions had served as Minister of public administration, education minister, interior minister and government spokesman and first deputy prime minister and Minister of the prime minister. In November 20, 2011, the Spanish people's party won the parliamentary election, the party chairman Mariano Rajoy to become the next prime minister, December 20, 2011 officially sworn in . December 21, 2015 re-election .
In October 29, 2016, Mr Rajoy passed the second round of congressional vote of confidence, once again served as Prime Minister of Spain, over 300 of the country's Yu Tian's caretaker government state. 31 to accept the king appointed sworn in, and announced a new cabinet list in November 3rd.

Spain Territorial sovereignty

Spain in the Atlantic on Canary Islands In the Mediterranean, Balearic Islands In Africa,
 Barcelona Triumphal Arch Barcelona Triumphal Arch
Have Melilla and Ceuta (Morocco claimed). The British in the peninsula south of possession Gibraltar .
Is the northern coast of Spain The bay of Biscay. The northeast, with the French and Andorra Border, towering pyrenees The few countries separated on both sides of the East and Southeast oriented; Mediterranean Sea Across the south, only 14 km wide The Strait of Gibraltar Can reach Africa Morocco A rectangle; Portugal Spain is the western neighbors.
Spain's three sides, the coastline is about 3904 km, in addition to Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, the coast is relatively flat, the real natural harbor are concentrated in the north, such as Ferrol Ponte Vidra, and D brother Etc.. Cartagena Is the only natural harbour located in the mediterranean. Southeast coast line is not in port, but is famous for its beautiful beach scenery resort. Spain's famous Gulf The Gulf of Cadiz And the Gulf of Valencia.

Spain Military

Spain national defense

 The Spanish army The Spanish army
The Spanish armed forces by the regular army and paramilitary forces (national security forces), as the supreme commander of the king. The defense committee is the highest decision-making body defense, the king president, the Prime Minister presides over the work of the government. Members of the deputy prime minister, defense, foreign affairs, interior minister, chief of defense staff, the chiefs of staff. The Defense Department is responsible for the leadership of the defense industry and defense policy. The Joint Chiefs of staff is the military adviser to the prime minister and Minister of defense. Since December 31, 2001 the abolition of compulsory military service, to realize the military occupation of.

Spain Military

In 2009, the Spanish defense budget of 7 billion 839 million euros, accounting for 0.75% of gdp.
In 2014, the Spanish defense budget of 5 billion 654 million euros. Third the total strength of about 133 thousand people, of whom 85 thousand and 600 army, 19 thousand and 400 Navy, air force 27 thousand and 500. In addition, the National Police 62 thousand people, 79 thousand and 800 people of the national guard.

Spain Military strength

Land force
The Spanish army has 100 thousand people, 30 thousand people of conscripts. There are 8 series of military command (including 2 overseas military), 1 mechanized divisions, 2 armoured brigades, 1 mountain brigades, 2 Spanish army, 1 air defense regiment, 1 engineer brigade, 1 aviation brigade, 1 artillery brigade, 1 air defense command. The 1 Coast Artillery Command (including 2 shore artillery, 3) special operations battalion, 1 rapid reaction force.
The Spanish Navy Air Force has 700 people (290 conscripts). There are 1 series of attack fighter squadron, the 1 liaison Squadron, 5 helicopter squadron. Equipped with a "AV-8B" type 17 fighters, "reward" type 2 3 aircraft, 37 helicopters.
Spanish Marines 6900 people (2800 conscripts). Equipped with M-60A3 type 16 main battle tanks, "scorpion" type 17 tanks, LVTP-7 amphibious armored vehicles 16 vehicles, 105 mm towed 12 guns, 155 mm self-propelled 6 guns, tow anti tank missile 12, "dragon" anti tank missile 18, "northwest wind" ground to air missile 12.
air force
29 thousand and 100 people (11 thousand conscripts). A series of 4 military districts (i.e. the Central Military Region, eastern region, the Strait of Gibraltar military region, Canary Islands military region), 1 logistics support command.

Spain garrison

Spain in 1989 for the first time sent to the blue helmets Angola , Namibia , Honduras The peacekeeping operations. In Spain in 2002 Bosnia and Herzegovina , Kosovo , Macedonia , Afghanistan , Djibouti Garrison area. As of 2007, the Spanish Embassy in the Adriatic Sea 1 missile frigates, 1554 people in Bosnia. Croatia 1, in Albania 333 people, 280 people in Italy.
The army has 2430 troops in Spain, including 2200 Navy, air force 230.

Spain International Relations

Spain foreign policy

Spain pursues Europe, the firm to promote European Integration And the European Union Organization construction. Attaches great importance to and deepening relations with the United States, focus on maintaining traditional relationship with the Ibero American, attaches great importance to strengthening relations with Africa and the Mediterranean region, and actively explore cooperation with Asian emerging countries. Pay attention to carry out economic diplomacy, in the background of the European debt crisis will promote economic recovery and stimulating employment growth as the primary goal of foreign policy. The integration of politics, economy, education, sports, art and other aspects of foreign resources, trying to build the Spanish national brand. The West has diplomatic and consular and business relations with over 200 countries and regions. In 2014 the foreign budget of 1 billion 395 million euros.

Spain external relations

Relations with the EU
 The Spanish queen Theatre The Spanish queen Theatre
A Spanish Europeanism sees Europe as the foreign policy of the three traditional pillar first into the EU and the EU to play a greater role in the west is the basic foreign policy. That strong and United Europe is the progress of the world security, the EU should have real security and defense policies, in preventing and resolving international and regional play a positive role in the effective and credible conflict, according to the Charter of the United Nations to assume the responsibility of maintaining world peace and security. The west is committed to EU integration, support and push through " Lisbon Treaty ", and the EU presidency in the first half of 2010. With Germany, France, Italy and Portugal established regular meetings of heads of government mechanism.
The relationship with the United States
Spain as relations with the United States is one of the important fulcrum of diplomacy in the west. In recent years, its close relations continue, continue to broaden areas of cooperation. In the west to participate in the NATO anti missile defense system and other issues and actively cooperate with the United states. In November 2011, the people's party won the election, Obama The first time to congratulate the president.
Relations with the Islamic Maghreb and Mediterranean Countries
Spain with the Maghreb countries maintained a close relationship between the traditional, plays a positive role for peace and stability in the region, integration. The basic proposition in the dialogue and mutual respect on strengthening with countries in the region's political, economic and cultural relations, especially to restore friendly relations of cooperation with Morocco.
With the development of the Mediterranean countries relations is one of the pillars of the Spanish foreign affairs. The issue of peace and stability in the Middle East peace talks, that is the only way to solve the 81 conflict, the implementation of the peace process needs the cooperation of the international community. In support of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations and the Middle East peace plan will make great efforts to solve the Middle East conflict within the EU, and continue to provide a forum for the Middle East and will ". Spain, the Mediterranean region is of strategic significance to the EU, the EU should make contributions to the stability and prosperity of the region.
Relations with North Africa
Spain will neighbor North Africa as the west can not be ignored in the foreign key. The country is willing to promote a peaceful and democratic process. In sharp budget cuts under the background of west development assistance to Africa will be further to the health and welfare programs and "good governance" project tilt. Comply with the UN to solve Western Sahara Principle of sovereignty disputes with Morocco and is willing to develop. Algeria The relationship between.
Relations with Latin American countries
There is a special tradition between Spain and Latin American countries, the development of relations with Latin American countries as its strategic focus. Advocate the establishment of the Ibero American community, actively promote and participate in the Ibero American summit. Advocated by the establishment of the European Union - Latin American strategic partnership, to promote closer to the EU and Latin america.
Asia Relations
Spain will The Asia Pacific Region And as the new foreign key emerging powers. These countries think a good grasp of the opportunities brought by globalization, and successfully resist the impact of the global financial crisis, has achieved rapid economic growth and rising international status. Is willing to strengthen ties with the Asia Pacific countries through the promotion of economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges as well as the creation of diplomatic representative agencies etc..
The relationship with Chinese
China with Spain on the establishment of diplomatic relations in March 9, 1973. After the establishment of diplomatic ties, bilateral relations and stable development,
 Spain Spain
Bilateral exchanges and cooperation in political, economic, technological and cultural fields, expanding. The political relations between the two countries is increasingly close, leaders of both sides have maintained frequent exchanges. In November 2005, President Hu Jintao During the visit to the west, the two countries announced the establishment of Comprehensive strategic partnership .
After 1973, the main leaders visit West Chinese: President Jiang Zemin (1996), vice premier of the State Council Wu Bangguo (June 2001), vice president Hu Jintao (November 2001), Minister of Foreign Affairs Tang Jiaxuan (November 2002), vice chairman of the National People's Congress Wang Zhaoguo (November 2003), chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Jia Qinglin (September 2004) and vice premier of the State Council. zeng peiyan (November 2004), President Hu Jintao (November 2005), the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Wu (April 2007), premier of the State Council Wen Jiabao (February 2009), the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection He Guoqiang (June 2009), vice premier of the State Council Li Keqiang (January 2011).
The visiting Western leaders are: Senate President BAREIRO (November 1998), Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs (November 1998, November 2001 and October 2002, rato, Prime Minister) aznar (June 2000), Prince Felipe (November 2000 and July 2006), Queen Sophia (March 2003), Minister of Foreign Affairs Rodrigo Palacio (July 2003 and December), John Rudi (November 2003), the Senate President Rojo (April 2005), the prime minister Zapatero (July 2005), Minister of foreign affairs and cooperation of Moratinos (March 2006), Second Deputy Prime Minister and finance minister Solbes (April 2006), the first deputy prime minister and Minister of the prime minister Ralph de la Vega (April 2007), Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero (April 2011).

Spain Territorial disputes

1 of the Strait of Gibraltar.
The Strait of Gibraltar The Mediterranean is out of the the Atlantic hub, strategic position is very important, Spain and Britain have long been in the fight for the sovereignty of here. The Spanish government asked the British to a small area in southern Spain Peninsula Gibraltar .
In 1704, Britain War of the Spanish Succession In the conquest of gibraltar. Because of the war defeat, Spain was signed on 1713 " Treaty of Utrecht "Gibraltar will never ceded to britain. The post-war years, people always hope to continue to accept the British rule, and in times of the referendum with absolute more votes in support of the British rule. The United Nations Program (2231 (XXI) and 2353 (XXII) in the United Kingdom and Spain on Gibraltar reached an agreement to end the colonial state. The Spanish government announced that the UN's solutions to override the above "Utrecht treaty", so to recover territorial demands. In addition to dominance, also make two controversial boundaries. The United Nations recognized as non autonomous territory of gibraltar.
2 Spanish territory in North Africa
The west of the north. That is the northern part of Africa Ceuta , Melilla And uninhabited area La Gomera , Al Hoceima , Islas Chafarinas and Perejil Other islands, these areas at present by the actual control of spain.
Morocco The region's sovereignty claim. Moldova believes that the area is claimed by the Spanish in Morocco to protect themselves when, before Morocco did not sign any treaty with Spain ceded the land. Spain said the land is in Islam is a part of the invasion of Kingdom of Spain 711 years ago. Spain also refers to Morocco only for geographical reasons require the land. Egypt Sinai Peninsula The sovereign in Turkey Istanbul The ownership is often regarded as the Spanish claims to support the argument.
3 Aolibinsha
Portugal Never recognized Spain for Ollie bin Shah's sovereignty, reason is 1815 congress of vienna The land also requires Spain to Portugal, Spain is a prerequisite for the Vienna conference decision is to maintain the integrity of the "treaty" of it.

Spain Economics

Spain Survey

Spain is a medium developed Capitalism In industrial countries, the total economy in the European Union Fifth. The last century at the beginning of 80s, the West began to tighten, adjustment and reform policies, adopted a series of economic liberalization measures. In 1986 joined the EC as an opportunity to highlight economic development. At the beginning of 90s, due to the overheating of the economy, economic growth slowed and recession. Since the mid 90s, taken in the western government macro-control policy, the economy began to rebound and continued steady growth. In May 1998 to become the first to join the West Eurozone After the country sustained and rapid economic growth, annual growth rate higher than the average level of EU countries. In recent years, affected by the global financial crisis, western financial risks, the real estate bubble burst, the unemployment rate soared, the rapid decline in economic and social development is facing severe challenges. In June 2012, the euro zone west to apply for no more than 100 billion euros of preferential loans to bail out West Bank industry.
The main economic indicators in 2012
gross domestic product 10495 million euros The name of the currency Euro
The per capita GDP 22735 euros The rate of inflation 2.9%
The growth rate of GDP -1.3% unemployment rate 26.02%

Spain Agriculture and animal husbandry

 Spain crafts Spain crafts

In 2012, Spanish agriculture, forestry and fishery output value accounted for 2.5% of GDP, employment population is 753 thousand and 200. The available agricultural area is 13.8% of the land area, ranking second in the European union. Crop variety, the main crops are: barley Rice, wheat, corn, Acidic fruit , Grape Olive, citrus Etc.. Because Spain crops mature than in Central Europe as early as 1 months or so, within the EU trade with strong competitiveness, fruit and vegetable exports accounted for about 30% of the EU exports of fruits and vegetables. Pig and cattle are the main breeding animals West, head number accounted for 41.5% and 28.1% of all the animals. Pork and mutton production ranks second in the European union. In 2010, 992 thousand and 700 tons of fish production in the EU's first.

Spain Industry

In 2012, Spain's industrial output accounted for 15.6% of GDP, employment population is 2 million 430 thousand; the construction industry output value accounted for 8.4% of GDP, employment population is 1 million 147 thousand and 600. The main industrial sectors are food, automobile, metallurgy, energy, petrochemical and power industries. Textile, clothing and footwear industry is an important traditional industry in spain.
automotive industry
The automobile industry is one of the pillar industries in Spain, the world's 6 largest car multinational corporations have set up factories in spain. In 2013, the Spanish car production of 2 million 160 thousand vehicles, an increase of 9.3%. The Spanish car production in Spain in 2013 87% for export, exports of 1 million 870 thousand cars, an increase of 8.72%. 20% of which are exported to European countries, Germany, France, Italy and the UK market share is relatively high.
Wind power generation
Spanish wind resources. Spain can make use of the land and sea wind power of 40 thousand mw. Spain's rapid development of renewable energy, by the end of 2013, the installed capacity of wind power 22959MW. The 2013 wind power 54478GWh, the total generating capacity of 20.9%. In 2013 the industry employment of more than 20 thousand people.
manufacturing industry
Spain has a total of 35 shipyards and 16 repair shipyard, including supporting factories reached a total of 250, 40 thousand employees, annual sales of $1 billion 500 million. Spain's Izar group is the world's ninth largest shipbuilding group, shipbuilding production accounted for 80% of spain. In addition to the ship, the group is also involved in the field of ship repair and refit, power and propulsion device, electronic navigation and defense system.

Spain Service industry

Spain's service industry is an important pillar of the national economy, including education, health Students, business, tourism, social insurance, transportation industry and the financial sector, especially in tourism and financial industry more developed. In 2012 the output value of the service industry accounted for 65.5% of GDP, employment population is 12 million 950 thousand.
The Spanish tourist industry developed, is one of the important pillar of the national economy. The number of inbound tourism revenue and ranks second in the world, the number of inbound tourists to Spain in 2013 60 million 660 thousand. The Spanish tourist industry contributed 11% of GDP, created 16% jobs. Catalonia is to attract foreign tourists up to the autonomous region, there are well-known tourist destination in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Toledo Etc.. The UN World Tourism Organization Headquartered in madrid.
Spain more than 30 merchants and more than 60% ATM can accept UnionPay cards (card number beginning with 62), covering the main business district of Madrid and Barcelona, including the airport duty-free shops, brand stores, hotels, restaurants and other places frequented by tourists, tourism scenic spots of the teller machine part is provided with Chinese interface.

Spain Finance

Spain by the international financial crisis and the Greek sovereign debt crisis continued to spread, the western financial situation is grim. In 2012 the total amount of Spanish public debt amounted to 884 billion 416 million euros, 148 billion euros more than last year, the central government debt of 760 billion 262 million euros; public debt to GDP ratio reached 84.1%.
(source: 2013 Spain's central bank statistics)
Spain's main bank: Santander Central Bank of America Corp (BancoSantanderCentralHispanoamericano), the market value of 95 billion 43 million euros, according to the rankings for the first euro zone, the world's seventh largest banks; Bilbao Vizcaya Bank Group (BancoBilbaoVizcayaArgentaria), the market value of 64 billion euros; the people's Bank of China (BancoPopular), the market value of 17 billion euros.

Spain foreign trade

In 2012, the Spanish foreign trade amounted to 476 billion 43 million euros. Of which 253 billion 400 million euros of imports and exports 222 billion 643 million euros.
Foreign trade data (unit: million euros)
Two thousand and eighty-four point four
Two thousand three hundred and eighty point eight
Two thousand six hundred and eight point two three
Two thousand five hundred and thirty-four
One thousand five hundred and eighty-two point five
One thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight
Two thousand one hundred and forty-four point eight six
Two thousand two hundred and twenty-six point four three

Two thousand and eighty-four point four
Two thousand three hundred and eighty point eight
Two thousand six hundred and eight point two three
Two thousand five hundred and thirty-four
One thousand five hundred and eighty-two point five
One thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight
Two thousand one hundred and forty-four point eight six
Two thousand two hundred and twenty-six point four three
The Spanish imports of oil, industrial raw materials, machinery and consumer goods. The main exports of automobiles, steel, chemical products, leather products, textiles, Wine and olive oil. Is the main trading partner European Union Asia, Latin America And the United states.

Spain direct investment

From January 2010 to September, the Spanish foreign investment of 49 billion 50 million euros. The main investment department transportation, telecommunications, energy, finance, insurance, real estate, the main investment areas for Latin america. In 2009, foreign investment is 14 billion 694 million euro, down 62%.

Spain Culture

Spain language

There are four main types of Spanish language, Spanish is the official language in addition to the outside, the other three as regional official language:
Spanish (also called Cassidy Rya), spoken in Spain all over the country, accounting for 74%.
Catalan (also called Valencia), for Catalonia, Valencia, and Balearic Islands, accounting for 17%.
Basque. For the Basque area, accounting for 2%.
galician For the region of Galicia, accounted for 7%.
The general use of local official language in business dealings. Engaged in foreign affairs of government officials and businessmen usually speak English or french. There are 500 million of the world's Spanish speaking population, the number of article more than and 3 for the use of the language in the world, and the more than and 2 is the use of national language.

Spain Religion

96% of Spanish Catholic residents.
The Spanish Christian culture, many taboos in Europe and the United States, such as "13" for the unlucky number, avoid using yellow, purple, black, Jiyong chrysanthemums.
Since Spain Roman During the reign of the beginning of the establishment of the Catholic country. common
 The Spanish Catholic Church The Spanish Catholic Church
Yuan from eighth Century to twelfth Century A.D. "conquer" (War Reconquista The Arabs out of the peninsula), Catholicism has full control of spain. Medieval spain" The inquisition "Rampant throughout Europe, torture, killing of heresy, to princes, to civilians without exception --. Europe Religious reform During the period of Spain, Europe various Protestant countries deep hatred. After eighteenth Century, the contradiction between the church and the secular forces continue to intensify the anti clerical movement growing, the decline of the power of the church. However, there are still ninety-four percent of the Spanish Catholic, the rest are also Protestant Jews and muslims.
Spain is divided into eleven parishes throughout the Diocese of Toledo, which is one of the biggest and most important. From the Gothic period is the bishop of Toledo Spain Cardinal .
Catholic affect performance in Spanish in daily life. Like other Catholics, the most important moment in life is spent in the church: after the birth of baptism, first communion, wedding and funeral after death. Spain many festivals, there is a reason that every city, every village, every occupation has a saint As a patron saint. Every time the saints birthday, this city or industry association will be held high mass and religious procession. In addition, every believer also has its own patron saint, not only to have his own birthday, also to Saint's birthday, called "D a del Santo". The Spanish name is mostly taken from the saints, the most common name is the "virgin men and women Jose" and "Maria", and both men and women, are often put these two names. For example, the former Spanish Prime Minister called "Jose Mar a Aznar" ( Jose Maria Aznar ).

Spain Customs

Spanish folk enthusiasm, locals Bullfight Jump, and keen Flamenco Dance . At the same time Guitar The township, the modern classical guitar originated and developed from spain.
In July 3, 2005, Spain will become the world's third Gay marriage The legalization of the state.

Spain custom

The Spaniards usually meet in formal social occasions and guests, handshake. With acquaintances
 Spanish etiquette Spanish etiquette
When we meet, often hug male friends. The Spanish name often has three or four sections, the first one or two day countdown to the second day as my name, surname father, the last section is the mother's surname. Usually oral call father.
The Spaniards always attach great importance to credibility, as far as possible to fulfill the contract, even if they later found to have the disadvantages of the contract, they will not openly admit their mistakes. In this case, the other party can in good faith to help them, will win the respect and friendship of the spaniards. The Spaniard was punctual in only in the bullfight activities, but the guests should be punctual, even if late, don't blame. Spanish Cheerful, enthusiastic, but easily excited, sometimes quarrel is very normal, they are already accustomed to.

Spain medal

The art of literature award is the Spanish government to participate in the field of literature and art through creative activities and contribute to the Spanish and Spanish Culture critics in the world earlier (2009) have been awarded the medal to 4 people. " Quixote "Chinese translator Yan Sheng Dong Spain won the medal of art and literature.

Spain Goya Cinema Awards

Goya Cinema Awards Is awarded by the Spanish art and Film Academy of Sciences Annual Film Awards, known as the "Oscar prize of spain". Master of Arts in Spain Francisco Goya The name was first awarded in 1987, including 28 regular awards and a lifelong honorary award. The winner can get a bronze bust of Goya.

Spain Flamenco

Flamenco Dance With the bull and called the Spanish two quintessence. Spanish flamenco
 Flamenco Dance Flamenco Dance
A comprehensive art, it combines dancing and singing and is willing to one, from the traditional gypsy people's living place. Today, flamenco has become one of the art has a unique and representative of spain. A gypsy with the nature of freedom, integration of Europe and America and the magnificent flamenco has long been known to the world stage, accepted and loved by more and more people.

Spain San Fermin

San Fermin Pamplona city is a traditional festival, began in 1591, every year attracts tens of thousands of
 Pamplola Bull-running Fiesta Pamplola Bull-running Fiesta
People in. The official name of the San Fermin festival called Spain once a year" San Fermin "San Fermin is rich in northeastern Spain Navarra provincial capital Pamplona The city protection god. Is directly related to the origin of the festival with the Spanish bullfight tradition. It is said that the original people of Pamplona, to 6 tall bull from the outskirts of the city to catch the bullpen bullring is a very difficult thing. In seventeenth Century, some bystanders whim, went to Chicago before the venture would be angered cattle, entice them into the bullring. Later, this custom evolved into the running of the bulls.

Spain One tower

One tower Spain Catalonia A traditional folk activities area, similar to the traditional "Chinese stack
 One tower One tower
Arhat ", in Spain by" Castell". This activity has spread hundreds of years of history, in nineteenth Century began to prevail. Catalonia area are held every year stack Tower series, tower up to ten storeys high.

Spain Scocca

"Coca" show this custom stems from a medieval Spanish local legend, according to the local legend of spain,
 Scocca Scocca
The two local women rely on the dance to get rid of the Dragon entanglement, survived, hence the "Coca".
In the "Coca" show, the little girl dressed in beautiful costumes, let mommy put them on the shoulder, and dance.

Spain Holiday and vacations

Spain many festivals, in addition to a national holiday, each province, autonomous region, cities and towns have their own patron saint festival. The main national holiday:
New year: January 1st
Day: January 6th
Holy Week: April each year, indefinite periods of time
International Labor Day: May 1st
Assumption day day: August 15th
National Day: October 12th
Halloween: November 1st
The date: December 6th
Christmas Day: December 25th
The rich folk style of the festival carnival, Valencia, festival (Fire Festival), Seville Festival April, Madrid, San Isidro Festival (also known as bullfighting Festival) and so on.

Spain Sociology

Spain Medical care

Spain is the high social welfare system in the country, people enjoy the social medical insurance.
The Spanish medical level is higher, the related medical equipment is very advanced, is one of the countries in the world the best system of public health. Perfect health network, health centers and hospitals and intensive distribution can provide primary diagnosis and specialized care, medical treatment is very convenient. Spain has perfect prevention and emergency system, emergency system developed.
The Spanish clinic to take an appointment, the doctor will be responsible for the care of patient referral to the doctor. The diagnosis and treatment of multiple mobile phone "activities in the autonomous region, the doctor through the mobile phone to remind patients to take medication, treatment.
According to the WHO statistics, in 2011 the Spanish national health expenditure accounted for 9.3% of GDP, according to purchasing power parity, per capita health expenditure of $2984.

Spain education

The implementation of free compulsory education, primary school in Spain (6 ~ 16). Primary school for 6 years, middle school
 university of barcelona university of barcelona
4 years, 4 to 5 years. The main institutions of higher learning: Compton, the University of Madrid , Universidad Autónoma de Madrid , The University of Salamanca , university of barcelona Etc.. 2012 ~ 2013 year the number of students a total of about 8 million 50 thousand, including kindergarten, primary school, middle school students were 1 million 950 thousand, 2 million 830 thousand and 1 million 810 thousand people, 698 thousand students. The 2014 education budget of 2 billion 150 million euros.
Spain is the five education education. Spain is composed of 17 autonomous regions of the Kingdom, each autonomous region is independent, so there is no uniform national each subject plan and outline, it is interesting that the Spanish government strictly the subjects of teaching hours.
The Spanish teacher has the right according to the school conditions, the level of the students, the local characteristics of the decision of his teaching content and teaching methods. This is no uniform syllabus, only when the number of required practices, both to ensure the teaching time, and let all the teaching provides creative space.
In Spain provisions promulgated in 1992, the school regulations of compulsory education, the students in each class should not be more than 25 people, the total number of hours per week and 25 hours, of which sports must be accounted for 3 hours.
The Spanish School Physical Education Class 3 hours a week, according to the geographical environment of the school difference, rich teaching content, dance, football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, boxing, Judo are included.
In Spain, from millions to hundreds of metropolitan population small mountain village, the school has modern sports teaching facilities, gym, gym, urban and rural schools have.

Spain The people's livelihood

The Spanish government welfare spending increasing. Employees can enjoy social insurance, the cost borne by the state 34%, enterprises and individuals bear 64%. In 2011, the average life expectancy of 82.1 years, the average male life expectancy is 79.2 years old, female 85 years old. There are 676 thousand and 300 doctors in 2011. There are 289 public hospitals, private hospitals 457. In 2011 of 11137 euros per capita consumption, down 0.2% over the previous year, the average annual consumption of 29482 euros per family. In 2012, the average monthly pension of 946.4 euros. In 2012, 10 million 500 thousand families apply for Internet service, broadband Internet services use 66.7% family, 49.9% people every day use network West West, 39% people use mobile phone Internet service.

Spain Sports

Spanish football
The Spanish national football team In 1964, 2008, 2012, won three The European Cup Champion and 2010 The world cup champion . Now ranked eighth in the world. among Real Madrid (Real Madrid CF), Barcelona (Futbol Club Barcelona) and other football clubs, not only in the Spanish League, in the whole world is one of the top teams.
 The Spanish bullfight The Spanish bullfight
The Spanish bullfight
The Spanish bullfight Spain is the quintessence of Chinese culture, originated in 1761. Swept the country, famous in the world, is a unique view of spain. Although people are controversial from the animal protection point of view, but as the old Spanish tradition is to retain the unique to modern, and welcomed by many people. Bullfighting season is from March to October, bullfighting season, every Thursday and Sunday at two. As every festival and National Day celebration, then every day can watch.
Formula One World Championship in Spain ( Catalonia track )
Spain Barcelona The Catalonia track Founded in 1991, the track length of 4.730 km, is internationally recognized as the most close to the perfect runway.
The Spanish men's basketball team
The Spanish men's basketball team Has always been a successful team at the 2006 World Championships, they won the gold medal. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympics, Spain's two team lost to the United States, the runner up. The famous star of the Spanish men's basketball team Gassol Brothers.

Spain Print media

The Spanish national total of 155 kinds of newspapers nationwide magazine 170, sales of 4 million 200 thousand. The average daily circulation of major newspapers: "national newspaper", circulation of 460 thousand copies; "world news", 310 thousand; " Albacete newspaper ", 280 thousand;" Herald ", 200 thousand;" Catalonia daily ", 170 thousand;" the truth newspaper "150 thousand.
The main Spanish news agency: efe The official news agency, founded in January 1939. There is also the European private news agency, Rogos news agency.
The Spanish control the radio and television stations. A total of more than and 200 stations, mainly in the Spanish National Radio and private Hispanic Broadcasting Corp, intercontinental radio, radio spain.
For the state-run television, the national television station, has two channels. In addition to Andalusia , Catalonia , Galicia Basque, Madrid and other local TV stations. In 1989 the government approved the establishment of a multi-channel, and television antenna 5 three 3 private TV station. Two digital television in 1997 to begin operation.

Spain traffic

Spain Railway

 The high-speed train station in Madrid The high-speed train station in Madrid
Spain to land transportation, railway transportation system is very advanced, are in the leading position in Europe and the world. As of 2014 the total railway mileage of 13853 kilometers; the high-speed railway mileage of 2900 kilometers, ranking the first second in the world.

Spain Highway

The Spanish highway network by highway, National Road, autonomous region highway, local roads etc., convenient transportation, car can reach Spain any place and any of a town. By the end of 2014, the Spanish road length of 166 thousand kilometers, the highway mileage exceeded 14 thousand kilometers, ranking the first; the proportion of high grade highway in the whole highway in 5.9%, far exceeding the average level of 1.2% of the eu. Passenger volume of 1 billion 308 million passengers, freight vehicles 5 million 300 thousand.

Spain water transport

Spain waterway passenger and freight traffic of 30 million 200 thousand passengers and 4.8 tons respectively. The main port of 53, most of which are in Barcelona, Bilbao, Tarragona , Algeciras Etc..

Spain air transport

 barajas barajas
Spain has a total of 47 aircraft at the airport, flight 1 million 940 thousand sorties, passenger and freight traffic of 209 million passengers and 6.07 tons respectively. There are 105 airports. The main airport Madrid-Barajas Parma, de Mallorca airport and Barcelona Airport .

Spain celebrity

 Picasso Picasso
Actor: Anttonio Banderas , Penelope Cruz , Javier Baden
Architect: antoni gaudi
Writer: Miguel de Cervantes , Benito Perez Galdos Matteo Aleman, Federico Garcia. Lorca Luis de Gongora, Francisco de Quevedo, Francisco Ayala
Explorer / conqueror: Hernan Cortes , Francisco Pizarro
Politician: Isabel Queen、 Francisco Franco , Juan Carlos
Musician: Paco de Lucía , Isaac albeniz Paul. Casals
Singer: Placido Domingo , José Carreras , Alejandro Sanz
 Legend - Suarez Legend - Suarez
Artist: Pablo Picasso , Salvador Dali , Francisco Goya
Philosopher: Maimon Nead George, J. George Santayana
Scientists: Isaacs peral
Sports : Rafael Nadal , juan antonio samaranch , Pau Gasol , Raul Gonzalez Blanco , Igor Casillas Fernandez , Fernando Hierro , David Villa , Fernando Torres , Harvey Hernandez Creus , Andrés Iniesta , Victor Valdes Arivas , Xabi Alonso , Jose Manuel Reina Paez , Fernando Alonso , David Ferrer .

Spain Tourism

Spain is located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, south across the Strait of Gibraltar and across Africa, east to the Mediterranean, is full of enthusiasm, a beauty art paradise, bullfighting, dance, guitar is famous. Bullfighting is the traditional national culture, is the quintessence of Spain "". Spain has a long history, great royal family, romantic and passionate flamenco dance folk guitar. Spain has excellent tourism resources, most of its land and mild climate, beautiful mountains, sunny, beautiful scenery. In more than 3 thousand kilometers meandering coastline, dotted with natural bathing beach, there are three well-known, far and near the waterfront tourist area. Spain has many palaces, churches and castles, there are many ancient and unique national cultural tradition and national culture have a unique style of entertainment.

Spain Scenic spot

Spain is a famous tourist destination in madrid, Barcelona , Sevilla , Sun Coast The beautiful coast, etc..
Canary Islands - tropical scenery, Sun Coast Mediterranean Sea Sandy beach、 Balearic Islands Mediterranean bath, Madrid The ancient city of culture.

Spain cultural heritage

Historic Centre of Cordoba , Granada The Alhambra The Generalife gardens and Larry fee, Burgos Cathedral Barcelona, El Escorial, GUIRE Park, GUIRE palace and Mira building, Alta Mira cave , Segovia The ancient town and aqueducts, The kingdom of Asturias During the period of the church, Santiago - Santiago de compostela, Avila Town and city church, Mudejar architecture in Teruel And the historic city of toledo, Garajonay National Park , Caceres Ancient town、 Seville Cathedral , Alcazar and West Indies archives Salamanca, the ancient city of poblet monastery, Merida archaeological sites , Guadalupe The Royal monastery of Santa Maria, Santiago de compostela" The road of pilgrimage ", Donana National Park There are walls, Cuenca Valencia City, the silk market, Las Madras, Catalonia Concert Hall in Barcelona and Milan Shengpawu hospital, St. yuso and Suso monasteries, the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean basin rock art and historic district Alcala de henares university, Ibiza Landscape, San Cristobal, Lara Guana atta pirca archaeological sites, Wilde Booy of Catalonia Rome Church Talake, archaeological site, Elche Parr myllar, lugo The city wall of Rome, Alan Huw Aars Cultural landscape, Renaissance The buildings of Uwe and baeza.
Hercules Lighthouse Is a built in ancient Rome period and the lighthouse still in use, has the history of about 1900. The lighthouse stands 55 meters high tower, a peninsula in Spain near La Coruna. June 27, 2009, UNESCO The World Heritage Committee E Coulais (ancient Rome myth of Hercules) included in the Lighthouse " The World Heritage List ".

Spain Delicious food

Spain is a resource rich, economically developed countries, the horticulture industry occupies an important position in the world, a large region is also grape, olive and citrus, the rich coastal sardine. Spain is a paradise for gourmets, there are famous food culture in each region.
Spain abounds in potato, tomato and pepper, olive. Love cooking with olive oil and garlic. The Spanish delicacy brings together the cooking methods of western North and South cuisine, the cuisine variety, unique taste; main delicacy: pilot, cod, Jamon Iberico And Wine, shrimp, oysters, Madrid gravy.
Sherry Is the Spanish brand protection grapes produced in Andalusia in southern Spain, names derived from Jerez To pluck the grapes; exposure after juicing, Grape Juice with high sugar content, fermentation time after incorporation into wine brandy to prevent fermentation, so a higher degree and residual sugar, alcohol content is 15% ~ 21%, taste sweet. Because the word "Sherry" has a long history, the English, other countries such as the United States and Australia also produce sherry, but not the authentic Spanish sherry.
Seafood rice
Many kinds of seafood meal, mostly yellow, which is used in modulation of raw materials of specialized seafood rice. This material is the key material of saffron, a yellow powder plant, it is not only full of flavor, can remove the smell of seafood.
Tapa (tapa) is an appetizer before meals or two snacks between meals in Spain
 Tapa Tapa
Occupies a very important position in the diet culture of teeth. Thapa's variety, including meat, seafood and vegetable dish, but are salty, including cold food and hot food. Cold food, mainly bread, a variety of fillings with olive oil, sprinkle onion, egg yolk layer when feeding, very delicious. Most of the Thapa hot food is fried, like fried squid, fried small squid, fried chicken wings, grilled and salty crisp shrimp, garlic shrimp, mushrooms and mashed garlic.

Spain Museum

Spain Bilbao city Guggenheim museum Located in the Nervion River, covers an area of 2.4
 Guggenheim museum Guggenheim museum
Million square meters, the display space of 11 thousand square meters, by the American architect Frank Gehry Design, in 1997 officially opened, is a specialized exhibition of contemporary art museum. The museum with specific structure Chi Mei modeling, and new material is famous in the world, is the representative of the deconstruction building.