The Yalu River

(the Yalu River Manchu language Yalu ula, Korean:, Rome: amnokgang), formerly Chinese Inland Now, China and North Korea Between Boundary river . The North Island River - Silk Island and Sindo And China land borders. The mouth of the two sides shared.
The Yalu River
Originating from the Yalu River Jilin Province Changbai Mountain The south, upstream old Jian Chuan ditch, flows in the source stage to the south, the Changbai Korean Autonomous County After the turn to the northwest, and then by Linjiang To the southwest. River flows through Jilin and Liaoning Two in the province, and Liaoning Province Dandong City donggang Near the inflow Yellow Sea North West Korea Bay . The Yalu River, a total length of 795 km, the basin area of 61 thousand and 900 square kilometers (China within the drainage area of 32 thousand and 500 square kilometers), The annual runoff With 32 billion 760 million cubic meters. Hun , Virtual Sichuan , Bald Lu Jiang So many tributaries. Have The abundance of water , Taiping Bay The number of large and medium-sized reservoir hydropower station.

The Yalu River Name origin

The ancient name Pei water , Han Dynasty Called Ma Zi water, The Tang Dynasty It was called the Yalu River (Sui and Tang Dynasties Pei water For, because of the river Taedong River), the Yalu River on the origin of its name is popular mainly two kinds of statements:

Say from Manchu The ancestors of the language (language called Yalu ula, meaning "the boundary river") ". Historical records Jianzhou Wei One year living in the Po River (a tributary of the the Yalu River pig).
The color is like the color because of the river duck named Tang Zhao ( Du " Tongdian "); two said that due to the upstream region into the green river, Duck River and two tributaries so be made one, known as" the Yalu River";

The Yalu River A river

The Yalu River Source

The Yalu River originated in Jilin Province Changbai Mountain South.

The Yalu River Trunk stream

Jianggan Yalu flow along the border between China and North Korea from northeast to southwest through Jilin Province Changbai Korean Autonomous County , Linjiang , Ji'an City Liaoning Province Dandong City And North Korea Sinuiji In Liaoning, Donggang Near the inflow Yellow Sea North West Korea Bay . The Yalu River River, a total length of 795 km, of which Jilin Province Some 575 kilometers, Liaoning Province Some 220 kilometers. The annual runoff 32 billion 760 million cubic meters, of which 7-9 monthly runoff accounted for 36% of the total annual runoff, up to August, up to 15%, at least in February, accounted for only 5.9%. year Sediment For the 1 million 130 thousand tons, mainly to silt. The 7-9 sediment concentration is 0.48kg-0.72kg per cubic meter, the other in 0.17kg-0.46kg.

The Yalu River Tributary

The main tributaries of the Yalu River in the Korean territory Virtual Sichuan Long, Jin Jiang, Jiang cicheng, Bald Lu Jiang And there are China Zhong Azolla; Hun And the Pushihe River and yuan.
Also called mixed River, located in the southeast of Jilin province and the northeast of Liaoning Province, belongs to Yellow Sea The river into the sea The Yalu River Tributary。 Liaoning city of Dandong Province Kuandian County With the city of Benxi Huanren County The junction of the river. Hunjiang originated in Jilin Province Baishan City Northern Kazakhstan Ya fan hill, from Hengren county through Kuandian County Jingshangou , Taiping Bay 4 townships, along the South Chahe River, together, the sun in the river, river, river, Red Cliff stone plate River, black river, a tributary of the river dry green ditch, finally from the dew mouth into the the Yalu River River hun. The total length of 445 km, the basin area of 15044 square kilometers, is the largest tributary of the the Yalu River river.
Ai River
Located in the central Liaoning city of Dandong Province, is one of the tributaries of the Yalu River large. Ai river originates in Kuandian Shuangshanzi town Those wood ridge, flows through Kuandian county, Fengcheng City And the city of Dandong Zhen'an District In. Citylink nine Into the Yalu River. Ai River is 189 kilometers in length, watershed area of 5902 square kilometers, 3 billion 149 million cubic meters of runoff.
Located in Liaoning city of Dandong Province, is one of the tributaries of the Yalu River large. Pushi River rises in the north of Kuandian County of Liaoning province. Four, from north to south through the Kuandian county territory, in Taiping Bay Reservoir about 5 km from the Yalu River. Pushi River 121.8 kilometers in length, watershed area of 1212 kilometers, the average annual runoff of 800 million cubic meters.
Bald Lu Jiang
Located in the north, the wolf mountain forest originated in the southwest of the White Mountains, along the way together before Sichuan, Nanchuan tributary, from the south to the north into the Yalu River. Bald lu river length of 238.5 km, the basin area of 5207 square kilometers, is the Yalu River in North Korea The largest tributary side.
Virtual Sichuan
In North Korea, originated in the Go to war. The mountains, flowing from south to North Gaema Plateau In the middle, into the Yalu River in 4 miles southwest of Huishan. Virtual River 210.7 kilometers in length, watershed area of 4948 square kilometers, is the Yalu River in the north of the big branch.

The Yalu River hydrographic features

The Yalu River The river gap

The Yalu River River gap, an average gradient of 1.7 per thousand, the Heyuan section of the elevation between 1000-1500 meters, the average gradient of river was 9.05 per thousand. Changbai to Linjiang, on both sides of alpine mountain, valley cutting deep, river bend, sailing difficult. The following two Linjiang mountains gradually reduced, the river gradient is slow to the confluence of river slope, with an average of 0.75 per thousand, the abundance of water power station gradually spread into the river below, in the downstream flow bifurcation, sand diffuse cloth, to nine Ma City Station in Liancheng tidal river. Down to the mouth of the estuary as tidal zone. The abundance of water power station one estuary section is 59 km long, 400--500 meters wide river, the average gradient of 1 per thousand, the estuary to the 28 km long section of the river is about 500-1000 meters wide, an average gradient of 0.5 per thousand.

The Yalu River Water resources

The Yalu River flows through the Changbai Mountain, steep narrow valley, slope, 2 million 300 thousand kilowatts of hydropower resources. Good multi site dry tributaries. The branch of Ai River reserves of 250 thousand kilowatts. As of 2006, 9 power stations have been built on the Ai River, a total installed capacity of 9368 kilowatts, the annual generating capacity of 34 million 710 thousand degrees. Abundance of water power station is the first largest power stations Sino Korean joint venture, in addition to Huanren, Yunfeng, Huilongshan, Taipingshao etc. mainly for power generation, combined with flood control, irrigation and shipping integrated large and medium-sized water conservancy projects.

The Yalu River Flood characteristics

The Yalu River floods mainly occurred in mid July to mid August, the maximum peak flow of 17200 cubic meters / sec. As a result of the history had a large peak and flood. In order to prevent flooding in during the Republic of China in Dandong City Jiangan area built multiple dam and concrete structure of the dyke. At the height of five meters, two meters wide, two kilometers long, with fourteen dams, in order to reduce the losses caused by the floods.

The Yalu River Overview of Watershed

The Yalu River

The Yalu River Landforms

The source to the mouth of the estuary drop 2440m, multi-year average runoff of 29 billion 100 million M. Basin terrain northeast, southwest low altitude 2]445m.
Linjiang more upstream along the sides of mountains, at an elevation of 500 1500m. The bed slope very steep, generally in 1% ~ 4%. Because affected by the landform, uneven rainfall, summer Duodong, annual rainfall in flood season 870mm. Changbai County, many mountain valleys, dense forests, steep slope, steep valley flow. The width of 50 ~ 150m, rich in hydropower resources.
To increase the quantity of Linjiang to water for the middle, and slowing down the slope, valley width of 200 - 2000m.
The abundance of water to Haikou - factory tour section, open valley, the two sides are hilly and narrow plain, multi River sandbar. The islands in the river near 200, is the largest in Wen'an beach, Dandong near the river width 5km, flow into two sub Donggou into the Yellow Sea. Tributary control of structure. With the main stream perpendicular to.
A small area for the upper reaches of the Yalu River coast basalt Outside, the entire river from the front Cambrian Rock composition, flow to the alluvial estuary began to expand outward. Most rivers flow through deep valleys, canyons and similar.

The Yalu River climatic conditions

The Yalu River along the Yangtze River is a humid temperate monsoon climate, winter cold, summer warm. The upper and middle reaches of the natural conditions vary greatly: the average temperature in July is 18 to 22 DEG C, upstream, middle reaches to 23.2 DEG C; the average temperature of January, upstream of -17 to -22 DEG C, in the middle of -14.8 ~ -15.9 C. Every year at the beginning of December to 4 months for the frozen period, innavigable. Because the Yalu River is in the mountains, and not far from the sea, along the middle and lower reaches of the rainfall, annual rainfall of 1100 mm or more, mainly concentrated in 6 ~ September.

The Yalu River natural resources

The Yalu River Animal resources

Forests provide security for wild animal habitat, a wild boar, wolf, tiger, leopard, bear and fox mammals, birds Thunderbird, pheasant, river carp and eel a lot, in the mouth area, rich in fish.

The Yalu River plant resources

The Yalu River Basin wide cool wet climate, the distribution of Pinus koraiensis, Fenghua dominated coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest, much lower oak forest.

The Yalu River land resource

The Yalu River along the river can be about 89 thousand hectares of land (220 thousand acres), mainly in the middle and lower reaches of the land suitable for farming of rice, in the upper reaches of the mountains for planting corn, millet, soybean, barley and sweet potato.

The Yalu River Management and development

The Yalu River Hydropower development

1937 started the construction of Shuifeng hydropower station, power generation in 1941. China the Yalu River hydroelectric power company was established in 1955, the two sides of the joint venture water power plant and the resumption of reconstruction in 1965; power of Yunfeng hydropower station jointly built by the DPRK in 1959. Recommended by the Korea the Yalu River river planning of Taipingwan hydropower station in 1982 by the Chinese began to build power in 1985. Weiyuan (also called laohushao) in 1978 by the DPRK hydropower station construction began in 1984, power generation. The Yalu River river has built 4 large and medium-sized hydropower stations, the total installed capacity of 1 million 880 thousand kW, the annual generating capacity of 7 billion 740 million kW - H (including both sides of water reservoir plant), accounting for 77% of the hydropower resources development. At the same time built Huanren hydropower station for cascade hydropower stations in the territory of China leading tributary Hunjiang River, in the North River tributaries bald Lu also built a bald Lu River Hydropower station.
The Yalu River river water resources can be developed 2 million 500 thousand kilowatts, the annual generating capacity of 10 billion degrees. As of 1984, the Yalu River River built a total of four large and medium-sized hydropower stations are Shuifeng hydropower station, Yun Feng hydropower station, Taipingwan hydropower station and laohushao hydropower station, the total installed capacity of 1 million 880 thousand kilowatts, the annual generating capacity of 7 billion 740 million degrees. In addition, in Hunjiang tributary of the Yalu River also built permanent benevolence, Huilongshan, three medium-sized Taipingshao hydropower station, the total installed capacity of 455 thousand kilowatts.

The Yalu River Reservoir construction

Name Location Storage capacity
Yunfeng reservoir Jilin Tonghua 2 billion 662 million cubic meters
Weiyuan reservoir Ji'an County of Jilin Province 626 million cubic meters
Water reservoir Dandong 12 billion 110 million cubic meters
Taiping Bay reservoir Dandong 7 billion 780 million cubic meters
Hengren reservoir Hun River 3 billion 460 million cubic meters

The Yalu River Tourism development

Dandong the Yalu River bridge: Dandong the Yalu River bridge, also known as Sino-Korea Friendship Bridge , Is located in Dandong City, the Yalu River is one of the key national scenic area six center view.
The Yalu River bridge to build a two seat. First built in 1909, is the world's first open closed bridge. The bridge in 1950 Korean War By American aircraft will be half of the blow up, blow up part of the pier. In 1988, the Dandong municipal government will bridge development Yalu River Bridge The tour area. The second bridge was built in 1940, is a railway and highway bridge, is an important transport route between China and korea.
Shuifeng Lake Scenic area: Border Shuifeng lake is located in Dandong City, Southeast of Kuandian County, a total length of 162 kilometers, the lake covers an area of 415 square kilometers, known as the first Chinese in Northeast China Freshwater lake Bo said. The lake water color is dark green, with flocks of waterfowl wild duck, is one of the six center view of the Yalu River national scenic area of the.
Laohushao scenic area: Tiger whistle Scenic spot is the Sino Korean joint Weiyuan The reservoir as the center of the development of tourism scenic spots. The fusion area Ecotourism , border tourism and other elements, is one of the six center view of the Yalu River national scenic area of the. The tiger whistle 60 kilometers away from the urban area of Ji'an, the "turtle", "small river", "golden Longwan" landscape.
Taiping Bay scenic area: Taiping Bay scenic area is the key area of the Yalu River National Scenic Area in the. Fifty km away from Dandong City, ninety-eight kilometers away from the castle ditch scenic area, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea pyonganbuk Shuozhou County across the river.
Tiger Mountain Scenic spot: Hushan scenic area about 12 kilometers from Dandong City, is one of the six center view of the Yalu River national scenic area, national AAAA level scenic spot; national key cultural relics protection units. There are scenic spots at the eastern end of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty -- starting point Hushan Great Wall And the border between China and North korea" Step "Sleep, Guanyin, the Great Wall Museum of history, ancient ruins and other attractions, is a fusion of ancient cultural relics, border tourism and military red tourism Many elements such as tourist attractions.

The Yalu River Bridge construction

Name position length The completion time
Long Hui Bridge Changbai Korean Autonomous County of Jilin Province 148 meters 1936
The Yalu River Linjiang Bridge Linjiang City, Jilin Province 600 meters 1935
Ji'an the Yalu River Bridge Ji'an City, Jilin Province 589 meters 1937
Dandong the Yalu River bridge (bridge) Liaoning city of Dandong Province 944 meters 1911
Dandong the Yalu River bridge (bridge) Liaoning city of Dandong Province 940 meters 1940