San Jose

San Jose (Spanish: San Jos) is in America (San Jos Canton) the population was 309 thousand and 672; in the second half of the twentieth Century San Jose rapid growth in 1950, when the population is only 86 thousand and 900 people. San Jose metropolitan area has developed more than the original The entire metropolitan area, has a population of about one million people.

San Jose brief introduction

Costa Rica San Jose (San Jos) is a valley located in central Costa Rica plateau, 1160 meters above sea level, is the Central America The highest capital. San Jose is a tropical highland climate, the temperature between 14 to 21 degrees Celsius, the annual average temperature of 20.5 degrees. Every year from 5 to November is the rainy season, the rest of the dry, cool climate. The average annual rainfall of about 2000 mm.
 San Jose San Jose

San Jose City streets is square shaped, something called the road, called North and South Street, street names are all
 San Jose San Jose
The center is zero, the direction of the four order number. The Central Avenue to the north to the south is singular, even for the central street to the east to the west of the singular, even so, as long as you know the street number, generally also know the location. Most of the business district and government offices are in the downtown, the central bank, the capital is located in the center of the cathedral, Central Park Cultural square, The National Theatre Post and Telecommunications Building Center; East National Park, National Museum, Parliament House, the Atlantic railway train station, The Ministry of Justice And the Supreme Court; South Central Pacific Electric Railway train station, the southwest cemetery. The presidential palace in the south-eastern suburbs, The University of Costa Rica In the eastern suburbs.

San Jose Development

After the Spanish conquest of Costa Rica, the earliest political center in the central highlands east of Surakarta Ge city. At the end of sixteenth Century, the residents began to migrate to the central valley. In 1814 the establishment of the first Catholic school, Thomas education shentop home here. In 1821, American independence from Spain, San Jose Costa Rica The capital of. In September 15, 1821, Costa Rica declared independence, the Republic was established in 1848, since the capital San jose. 1940s, San Jose is the national coffee production center. After 50s, with the development of the industry, the rapid development of the city, now has Jose is a modern city.
Before 1824, San Jose is only a small country is not important; that year, Costa Rica's first democratically elected leader of the Juan Mora Fern ndez, the resolution of the capital from the old Spanish colonial capital of the brother (Cartago) moved to San Jose, to start building a city. At that time, all of the new American independent country in Costa Rica in the future are happy and optimistic; Jose also since then rapid growth, gradually extended to the valley area. Because at the end of the eighteenth Century San Jose was established, many in the capital of the Central American countries visible to the Spanish colonial style building in San Jose is rare. August 9, 1884 San Jose Has become the first electric lighting in America city.

San Jose Tourism

San Jose Is the capital of Costa Rica, fertile valley is located in the central plateau, the city was founded in 1738, in 1782 to become the country's largest city. San Jose, 1163 meters above sea level, climate, the annual average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the four seasons such as spring, the flowers bloom, the trees on both sides of the road, acacia, camellia and roses planted with each family, a piece of green, the whole city is like a big garden, therefore, St. Jose and" Huacheng "Blair said.
The city built residential generally low, light structure, most of which are two storey villa type building. The streets around the mountains, up and down, has a certain bizarre interest. In addition to the central city road spacious, street is relatively small, many of the old buildings still maintains the style of one hundred or two hundred years ago. In eighteenth Century, the Spanish church tower stands in the new and modern buildings. City construction also has a special pattern, all the church, there is a small park in front of it, there is a park next to the school. Park lawn often stands the national hero, famous politician, artist or Indians like marble and bronze.
The city has many museums, the National Museum is located in the center of an ancient castle style buildings, the main display of a variety of precious historical relics; all kinds of jade and jade jade Museum exhibition, new found before; and the gold coin museum, on display at the new continent before the discovery of gold and silver crafts and money. In addition, there are Insect Museum And the Museum of natural science.
San Jose is a famous tourist city, there are many famous tourist attractions nearby. Boas volcano Located in the Central Valley, in the north-west, 57 kilometers away from San jose. The volcano erupted for the first time in 1910. The tourists boarded the tower can see the volcano is still slow activity.
 San Jose State Theatre San Jose State Theatre
The top 1600 meters in diameter of the volcano volcano in the upper and lower two lake. Above the clear lake, surrounded by a variety of green plants. The lake is a large number of igneous rock material, the acid content is very high. The volcano activity, Lake blew out a white gas bubble bursts, huge, then set off a huge water column more than 100 meters high, forming the world's largest geyser. With the temperature change and volcano activity, the color changeable, sometimes blue, sometimes gray.
Hydrophthalmia spa, located in San Jose, West 20 kilometers north, is public baths. Spring is the circular bulge in the middle for the spring, spring water inrush is abundant, slowly, from a height of smoke flow, forming a "small waterfall".
 The Central Museum of Costa Rica The Central Museum of Costa Rica

Kaarta Ge City is the religious shrines, Costa Rica catholic protection of God the virgin Maria cathedral was built here in August 2nd of each year, tens of thousands of devotees come to this pilgrimage country.

San Jose Visit

China president Xi Jinping And Mrs. Peng Liyuan In June 3, 2013 the city of San Jose mayor Araya granted the key in San Jose, Costa rica.
The ceremony, Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan took over from Araya San Jose City key and VIP certificate. Araya said that the key to the city is the highest honor the city of San Jose to foreign friends. Welcome to San Jose Xi Jinping
 Xi Jinping accepted the key city of San Jose Xi Jinping accepted the key city of San Jose
The president and his wife Peng Liyuan visit, thank China of San Jose, friendship and support. San Jose, is willing to strengthen exchanges with china. He wants to visit China again.
Xi Jinping said, Araya The mayor gave me the San Jose City key and VIP title, this is not only to give my personal honor, but also reflects the China of friendship between the peoples of the people of Costa rica. I hope the two countries to strengthen local exchanges, enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples. He said to Xi Jinping, I as San Jose, "VIP", welcome you in Beijing.
Before the ceremony, Xi Jinping met with araya. Xi Jinping said that the visit with my brother party leaders on the development of the friendly cooperation between the two countries reached broad consensus. Local communication is an important platform for cooperation between the two countries. San Jose, is worthy of the name "garden city", the two sides can carry out exchanges and cooperation in environmental protection. Chinese government support Jose City to carry out exchanges with china.
He said that the city of San Jose China respectively with Beijing and Guangzhou friendly city, can best appreciate the fruits of cooperation between the two countries. Chinese reconstruction of the National Stadium, Confucius college, China street, has become an important symbol of the new logo of Costa Rica and friendship between the two peoples .