North Korea

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Korean: Democratic People's Republic of, English: Korea, abbreviation: DPRK) is located in East Asia The Korean Peninsula North The socialist countries , referred to as North Korea, North Korea, North korea. Korean labor party Is North Korea ruling party . South and South Korea 38 line Korean demilitarized zone Separate north and The People's Republic of China and Russia Bordering the West The Bohai Sea And, Shandong Peninsula Across the sea, East The sea of Japan . capital Pyongyang .
North Korea
The socialist regime in The Second World War After September 9, 1948, the territorial area of 122762 square kilometers, population 25 million 155 thousand (2015). Korean / Korean nationality as a single nation, general Korean .
In 1958, North Korea announced the completion of the socialist transformation of the relationship between city and rural production, establish The socialist economic system . Announced in 1970 to achieve a socialist industrialization. In May 1975, a" The group of 77 "Members of the official, in August of the same year officially joined The non aligned movement . September 17, 1991 joined together with South Korea the United Nations . July 2000, join The ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). With 163 countries (including European Union The establishment of diplomatic relations).
North Korea is the first by the leaders Kim Il-sung The proposed The main idea Led by national policy Korean labor party One party . The political and economic system by Military first politics The LED is to adhere to the socialist countries. North Korea pursues "independence, peace and friendship" foreign policy, according to advocates equality, independence, mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs and the principle of mutual benefit and development of foreign relations.

North Korea The country

1392, Yi Seong-gye overthrow Korea Dynasty , self-reliance is king, create Joseon Dynasty . For The Ming Dynasty The support of Li Chenggui, with reference to the Korea ancient name "Korea" and the father of Li shi" HOA Ninh "Please, sent the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang Ruling country. Zhu Yuanzhang believes that "North Korea" is the ancient name, and "Asahi distinct" from elegant, so that the new name for North korea.
In September 9, 1948, the Korean labor party leader Kim Il-Sung in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula, the "North Korea" in this country, the country known as the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea".
North Korea and Republic of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the past tend to their own country called "North Korea" (/ North Korea) or "North Korea" (/ North Korea), while Republic of Korea is called as "South Korea" (/ South Korea) and Republic of Korea; usually referred to Democratic People's Republic of Korea as "North Korea" (woman / North) of your country, known as the "South Korea" (woman / South Korea) or "South Korea" (a woman / South Korea).
China, official Democratic People's Republic of Korea will be referred to as "North Korea", Chinese, folk is often referred to as "North Korea", Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese are used to be called "North korea". Japanese officials called Democratic People's Republic of Korea "North Korea" (Japanese: a case with UTI j u / North Korea's estate), American officials in the" North Korea "Translated into Chinese characters when you call it" North korea".

North Korea History

North Korea Stone Age

In 1973, according to the Korean archaeological findings, Pyongan Tokugawa County victory mountain found The Old Stone Age The site, "Tokchon Man Site" (100 thousand -4 million years ago) and the "victory mountain site" (40 thousand ~3 million years ago). In 1977 Pyongyang Pu District Yin hole found "ryokpo site" in 1980. Pyongyang They found The Neolithic Age The "Dragon Valley" fossils and stone tools. The same year in Pyongyang Wanda found "Wanda" fossils.

North Korea North Korea Tangun (mythology)

The main entry: North Korea Tangun
North Korea Tangun (2333- before 238) North Korea mythological age . North Korea in thirteenth Century to create the unofficial history " Samguk Yusa "Records, 2333 BC, the gods Hwanung And" Female bear "(is intended to bear into the woman, is likely to bear for Totems The tribal woman) the offspring of Tan Jun Wang Jian1 Wang Jiancheng established in Pyongyang, founded in ancient Korea - North Korea tangun.

North Korea The northern part of the Korean Peninsula (Chinese historical category)

Gija Joseon
 Kija Kija
The main entry: Gija Joseon , Kija
Jizi Korea (BC 1122 - before 194). In the Western Han Dynasty historian China Sima Qian The masterpiece " Redords of the Grand History of China "In the record, Shang dynasty The last king of Zhou Zi (Chinese businessman) in Uncle King Wu of Zhou After cutting, with a rate of five thousand and the Shang Dynasty etiquette system Shang Dynasty to the East The Korean Peninsula In the north, where people are elected monarch, establish" Kei's Hou ", known as" Jizi korea". Korea people often to "San Ji" to call and Zi, said his country is called "Ji in st.". Modern Korea super heart denies Gija Joseon existence, and coined the "North Korea tangun".
Wiman Korea
The main entry: Wiman Korea
At the beginning of Han Dynasty, Yan Luwan The Chinese fled Hun It will be. Yan General Wi man of Gojoseon (Ji Wei's imperial clan, patriotic) rate of more than a thousand people in North Korea, North Korea's palace and become kija. Wiman in the vicinity of Pyongyang in 194 BC established the overthrow of the regime, the North Korean Ji Zi, known as the "North Korea's guardian, the scope for expansion in the vicinity of Seoul. In 108 BC, Emperor Wu of Han Wei's death in North korea. Wiman Korea still belongs to the local government Chinese. According to the " Redords of the Grand History of China Filial piety, Wu Ji "contains:" the next year (109 BC), of North korea."
Four Commanderies of Han
The main entry: Lelang Commandery , Xuantu Commandery , Zhenfan County , Lin Tun County
According to the emperor in two years (109 BC) to three years (108 BC) to conquer Wiman Korea After in the middle and northern part of the Korean Peninsula has set up four counties, respectively rakrang County, xuantu Prefecture, Zhenfan County, Lin Tun county. Among them, in xuantu Prefecture in 107 BC, the other three counties in 108 b.c.. In 82 BC, Zhenfan County, Lin Tun county and xuantu Prefecture was incorporated into the eastern rakrang County, located in eastern and southern Wei Wei, xuantu County, Li County moved to the highest sentence. The end of the Han Dynasty separatist Liaodong Gongsun precipitation rakrang County South Douwei set With the county side And, as Cao Wei, the Western Jin Dynasty inherited.
Koguryo is produced in Northeast China China minority regime, not Korean history regime. At the beginning of Chinese operating in the northeast, North back Goguryeo expansion to the Korean peninsula. The prince and other discord Buyeo prince Jumong In present-day Xinbin County, Southeast of Liaoning Province in 37 BC, after the capital has been the territory of Ji'an city of Jilin Province, and then moved so far Pyongyang From the Han Dynasty. Xuantu Commandery Have jurisdiction over。 During this period Gao Juli home dominance, fifth Century and Haotai Jangsu of Goguryeo During the reign of Goguryeo entered the heyday of its territory to the South The Korean Peninsula The central region.

North Korea Three Han period

 North Korea situation North Korea situation
stay The Korean Peninsula The south, fourth Century BC to second Century Mahan , Jinhan Confederacy , Byeonhan Three small tribes, collectively" Three Korea ". Mahan is one of the largest three in South Korea, after being Baekje Unified。 BC 57 years for the development of South Korea Xinluo . The development is largely Han Gayasan In sixth Century, annexed by Xinluo.
The baiji is composed of King onjo Lead a group of people from Goguryeo Go down south The Korean Peninsula In the middle of the Hanjiang River Basin in 18 BC established. Baekje unified Mahan tribe, and reached its peak in fourth Century, most areas dominated the west of the Korean peninsula.
To the north central Jilin Province, east to the west to the east of Yanji. Liao .
The Korean Peninsula scholars unilaterally said there is no common historical inheritance and cultural identity is not the ultimate unity into a country Goguryeo , Xinluo , Baekje The coexistence period of the Korean "three times". (Xinluo only unified Baekje)

North Korea The Xinluo times

The main entry: The three sign of Goguryeo , The unification of Xinluo times
Xinluo began with the Tang Dynasty to form an alliance against Baekje and Goguryeo . In the year 660, the Tang Dynasty combined with the demise of Xinluo the following year to attack Baekje, Goguryeo, the country around a long time not to return. In the year 668, Emperor Gaozong of Tang Again to the final in September of that year to its country (now Pyongyang), the exit is nine dudufu, forty-two States, one hundred counties, set up in the capital return Protectorate General to Pacify the East And the territory east of the sea of Japan, West Liaohe River, north of Songhua River River, South to the Han River on the Korean Peninsula; the establishment of ungjin, Ma Han, Dongming, Jin Lian, Dean of five frontier command in the southwest of the Korean Peninsula, after the merger to ungjin house (now Kongju ).
670 to 676 years The Tang Dynasty Xinluo war After the Xinluo complex for the Tang Dynasty Subsidiary of the country . 935 years Korea Destroyed by the end of the era of Xinluo.

North Korea "After three"

900 years, peasant uprising army generals Gyeon Hwon King, establish o Later Baekje The capital. Kwangju . 901 years, the Xinluo aristocracy Gung Ye King, establish After Gao Juli The capital. Open city . 904 years, thatstate" Friction shock ". 905 years to 911 years and iron circle, thatstate" taebong ".
At this point, Xinluo, after Baekje, Goguryeo after North Korea called the Korean Peninsula scholars" Later Three Kingdoms Age".

North Korea Wang Korea

The main entry: Korea Dynasty
918 years, After Gao Juli The establishment of Gung Ye The Department of Wang Be subordinate inthrone, moved the capital to his hometown today Open city Thatstate " Korea ". 935 years, death Xinluo 936 years, death; o Later Baekje The establishment of the Korea Dynasty.
993 by the Khitan defeat, and was forced to break off Song dynasty The relationship between Qidan to kneel. liao dynasty Korea, is bounded on the north by Xinluo's territory Taedonggang Northward to Chungchon In the upstream to The Yalu River The downstream area, far exceeding the Xinluo territory. 1127 was forced to surrender Jin .
During the military forces against the Khitan and Jin, increased in 1170 and 1173, the generals led by Zheng Zhongfu, two coup, the coup deposing the king, kill the aristocratic civilian, the eventual establishment of generals Choe Chung Heon The king's "real" holding power. In 1258 1231 Mongolia to attack Korea, Cui regime collapsed, the king surrendered after the establishment of Korea in Yuan Dynasty, become a vassal of the Yuan Dynasty, was later changed to a Yuan Dynasty provinces That is, Zheng Dong province . Until the yuan at the end of 1356, Korea King kongmin To master the right to rule.

North Korea o Yi Dynasty of Joseon

The main entry: o Yi Dynasty of Joseon , korean empire
In 1388, the king of Korea sent all the Yi Seong-gye An attack on Liaodong, Li Chenggui launched a coup. One hundred and thirty-nine
 North Korea mingtaizu Li Chenggui North Korea mingtaizu Li Chenggui
2 years, the deposed king of Korea, self-reliance is king, and changed the title for the North Korean capital. Hanyang (now known as Seoul, South Korea) Joseon Dynasty .
The North Korean Dynasty, Buddhism respected Confucianism exclusion policy. To take China Sadaejuui . From 1416 to 1449, North Korea set the "Northwest four counties" in the Yalu River coast area, set the "six towns in Tumen river area in Northeast china".
In 1592, Japan Toyotomi Hideyoshi 160 thousand troops first invaded North korea. In 1597, Japan's Toyotomi Hideyoshi sent about 170 thousand people second times and the invasion of North korea. In 1598, Japanese troops were repulsed. North Korea said history" Renchen war China said, "" During the Korean War ".
In 1618, the Ming Dynasty and Later Jin War, North Korea sent troops to help the Ming dynasty. In 1623, North Korea's internal coup that deposed the king without authorization Lihun . Daming Denglai governor Yuankeli Advocate "to be China more severe". In 1636, the Qing Dynasty conquered all of North Korea, the Korean king Lizong Surrender to the Qing Dynasty, the tributary, becoming a vassal of the Qing dynasty.
1863, North zhezong Die without issue, by the royal family Lixiaying The son of Li Xi ascended the throne, known in history The Korean Emperor .
In 1873, the adult qinzheng, Daewongun Stop the regent, Min Fei In the family group. In 1876, Japanese warships into The Hanjiang River Export, forcing North Korea to sign the unequal " Treaty of Ganghwa ".
In December 4, 1884, the reform requires civilized faction and the Japanese Minister of planning, relying on the Japanese military coup, killing conservative officials, and the Qing government announced sever relations, is" Gapsin Coup ". high Qing official The command should be conservative, in 6, entered the palace, beat the Japanese, kill the civilized faction leader, part of the civilized faction leaders fled to Japan, conservatives to power.
In 1894, the outbreak of the Korean The party The chaos ( Peasant war ), the Korean court, unable to quell, so request Chinese military immigration crackdown. In June 6th the Qing Dynasty Asan Landing, the Japanese army also took the opportunity to use it as an excuse in July 6th Inchon Landing and launch IMO mutiny The occupation. Hanyang Forced North Korea to sign ". Jemulpo treaty ", and the pro Japanese government organization to quell civil unrest. Then the Japanese army attacked the army in the North Chinese, provoke Sino-Japanese Jiawu War .
In April 1895, the Sino Japanese War of the Qing Dynasty was defeated, signed " The Treaty of Shimonoseki "In Japan, under the control of the North Korean government announced the termination of the Qing Dynasty Vassal relations .
In 1896, the Korean emperor in Russia under the support of "upgrade" for the Korean Empire, then changed the name as "Han Dynasty in korea".
1904, The Russo Japanese War Russia was defeated, the regime completely controlled by japan. In 1905, the signing of " Otomi protection treaties "North Korea, become japan" Protect the country "The Japanese forces control the entire peninsula, and a large number of Japanese people do not want to belong to North Koreans, crossing into the China refuge, become today the main part of the Korean China. In 1909, Japan's first ambassador in the prison ito hirobumi Is the Korean patriots in Harbin An Jung-geun Assassination。

North Korea During the period of Japanese occupation

The main entry: Japan and South Korea combined , North Korea during the Japanese Colonial Period
 Japan Korea annexation treaty Japan Korea annexation treaty
In August 1910, Japan forced the Korean Empire signed " Japan and South Korea annexation treaty "Officially, the annexation of the Korean Peninsula, the establishment of Governor-General of Korea , colonial rule. Japan will be closed for the Korean Empire Royal Japanese nobility, forced the emperor king abdicated, crowned Sunjong .
In 1919, the leaders of the independence movement in North Korea Vladivostok Seoul, Shanghai, set up a provisional government. Finally, three temporary government merger in Shanghai" Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea ".
In 1939 after the fall of Shanghai, the interim government in September 1940 was moved to China the wartime capital of Chongqing. In China government help, the Korean people in the establishment of Chinese Zionist movement" Korean Liberation Army "And" Korean volunteers ". December 7, 1941 The Pacific War The outbreak of the provisional government, on 9 December to declare war against japan. In May 15, 1942, China Military Commission decided to merge the two armed Korean Liberation Army, direct rule by the interim government. In November 23, 1945, the provisional government of Republic of Korea to move back home.

North Korea The inter Korean confrontation

The main entry: North Korea allied custody period , Korean War , Republic of Korea
In September 2, 1945, according to allies, the supreme commander of the allied Macarthur In the first directive, to 38 degrees north latitude line for the sector as the United States and the Soviet Union forces were accepted in Korea the Japanese surrender and carry out military activities on the day of the temporary line, to the north in the DPRK to surrender to the Soviet zone, South American surrender. After the Japanese surrender, the United States, Soviet troops were stationed in the team 38 line North and south.
In August 1948 and September, North and south of the Korean Peninsula has established Republic of Korea (Republic of Korea) and Democratic People's Republic of Korea . At that time, the Korean Peninsula, a total population of 30 million people, 38 line to the south of a population of about 21 million, 38 line to the north for a population of 9 million, both the north and south area of the Korean peninsula each accounted for 56% of the total area and 44%.
 The Korean people's Chinese hoechang martyrs cemetery The Korean people's Chinese hoechang martyrs cemetery
June 25, 1950 Korean War The outbreak. 27, the United States formally entered the war. To mid August, South Korea in the Korean people's army will drive to Busan corner, occupied 90% of the land in South korea. In September 15th, the US. United Nations Command On the west coast of the Korean Peninsula Inchon Port of landing, began a massive counterattack. At the same time, the United States repeatedly bombed and strafed the aircraft Chinese northeast border (US Air Force bombing, blamed on the serious threat to the safety Chinese). Chinese people's Volunteer Army In October 25th, the DPRK, and people's army of Korea To fight the enemy from the Yalu River deported 38 line Nearby, in July 10, 1951 the government was forced to agree on Open city Armistice negotiations, and signed the armistice agreement in July 27, 1953. The Korean War lasted 3 years.
In July 1953, based on the 38 line of the north and South on the adjustment of the military demarcation line, designated temporary military demarcation line on both sides of the two km to The demilitarized zone . The custom still called the 38 line. In October 1, 1953, the United States and South Korea signed the "Korea us mutual defense treaty", according to this treaty, long-term U.S. troops in South Korea today. In October 26, 1958, Chinese people's Volunteer Army to withdraw from the Korean peninsula.
Kim Il-sung The first" The main idea ", and carried out in the reign of Chollima movement The intention, in all aspects of leading South korean. However, in 1969, North Korea's economic development was the overtake South korea. Kim Il-Sung in the Soviet Union weakened and destroy in the original communist doctrine on behalf of the northern part of the Korean Peninsula Xuanjunhe And on behalf of nationalism Cho Man-sik After successively "American espionage charges executed the Korean labor party leader Pak Hon-yong Wait forsomeone。 Later, Kim Il-Sung began to wash Xujiayi As the representative of the pro Soviet and Wu Ting As the representative of the Yanan school Power。 In 1958, North Korea announced the completion of the relationship between the city and rural production socialist transformation Set up, Socialist system . The announcement in 1970 Socialist industrialization . In September 17, 1991, together with South Korea to the United nations.
On 1994, Kim Il-Sung due to myocardial infarction in the residence died, his successor was the eldest son of Kim Jong-il.
1997, Kim Jong Il Office The general secretary of the WPK .
In September 17, 2002, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi A one-day visit to North Korea, this is since the Second World War The Prime Minister of Japan The first visit to North korea. The two sides also signed the "Japan DPRK Pyongyang declaration", the normalization of relations between the two countries. For the first time with the british, Ireland Other European countries have established diplomatic relations. With North Korea Diplomatic relations The country reached 157.
In October 9, 2006, North Korea conducted its first underground nuclear test . In May 26, 2009, North Korea conducted a second nuclear test. For second days, South Korea joined the Proliferation Security Initiative, announced its withdrawal from the " Korea ceasefire entente ".
 Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-il Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-il
In December 17, 2011, the Korean party and national leader Kim Jong-il died from a heart attack at the age of 69.
April 11, 2012, Korean labor party The fourth congress will decide. Kim Jeong-eun Elected to the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Central Committee and chairman of the military affairs committee. The meeting also elected Kim Jeong-eun as the first Secretary of the WPK, will always support Kim Jong-il as general secretary of the wpk".
In December 30, 2011, Kim Jeong-eun was elected as the supreme commander of the people's army.
In April 11, 2012, Kim Jeong-eun was elected as the first Secretary of the WPK representatives on the fourth. 13, Kim Jeong-eun's Supreme People's assembly of the twelfth session of the 5 meeting was elected as the first chairman of the national defense commission.
In June 2013, North Korea after a lapse of 39 years for the first time to modify the above efforts to regulate the Constitution and the Labor Party's constitution " To establish a unique system of thought the party's ten principles "(referred to as the" Ten Principles "), expressly" The descent of MT "A regime of Kim Jeong-eun Hereditary system .

North Korea Geography

North Korea position

Democratic People's Republic of Korea Located in the eastern part of Asia, the northern half of the Korean peninsula. North and China is adjacent to the Northeast China and the Russian border, south of the military demarcation line and 38 line adjacent to South korea. The Korean Peninsula three sides, East The sea of Japan (including East Korea Bay ), in the southwest of China Yellow Sea (including West Korea Bay ). The mountain is about 80% of the land area. The peninsula coastline is about 17300 km (including the island coastline).

North Korea climate

The temperate monsoon climate in East asia. The summer warm and rainy, cold and dry in winter, the average temperature of 8 ~ 12 DEG C, the average annual rainfall of 1000 to 1200 mm in June to September rainfall for the whole year 70%. The average annual rainfall is about 1500 mm, the precipitation decreased gradually from south to north. The winter average temperature is below zero. The hottest summer in August, the temperature of 25 degrees celsius. Three or four month and early summer when the typhoon prone. There is ice period.

North Korea terrain

Pyongyang area is formed in the geological structure mesozoic Jurassic Period The Granite and limestone The Department of North Korea, known as the "Department of datong". The Pyongyang terrain is relatively flat terrain, mainly in the plains and hills, with an average altitude of 27 meters. The main plain Pyongyang plain , an area of 950 square kilometers; Shun plain, an area of 190 square kilometers. The territory of mountains (is mainly hilly) Peony peak 95 meters high; Bonghwasan 196 meters high; City of mountain The general peak, 270 meters high; Mountain Ryongak 292 meters high. Located in Pyongyang City Taedonggang The downstream rivers in many, mainly include: potonggang, Nanjiang, taedonggang, river and Yuanjiang. Island Old bean Island , Yanggakdo .

North Korea administrative division

 North Korea Map North Korea Map

The main entry: North Korea's administrative divisions
North Korea is divided into 3 municipalities (i.e. Special city ) and 9, respectively. Pyongyang Open city, Rason City and Pyongan , Pyonganbuk And cijiangdao, Ryanggang , South Hamgyong , North Hamgyong Province , Gangwon , The Yellow Sea South Road , The city of the Yellow Sea Road . North Korea has set up the first special economic zone in Rajin - Pioneer free economic trade zone at the end of 1991 (later renamed the rason economic and Trade Zone),
Road / municipality directly under the central government
The measure of area
Ping An (Kansai).
One thousand and six hundred Square kilometre
2700000 people
Sinuiji city
Twelve thousand one hundred and ninety-one Square kilometre
2410000 people
Twelve thousand three hundred and thirty Square kilometre
3597557 people
Sixteen thousand six hundred and thirteen Square kilometre
1147946 people
One hundred and thirty-two Square kilometre
349500 people
(South Hamgyong).
Huishan City
14000 square kilometers
630000 people
The Yellow Sea (West).
Jiang Yuan (Ling Xi / Yeongdong).
Gangwon (North)
10600 square kilometers
1477582 people

Road / municipality directly under the central government
The measure of area
Ping An (Kansai).
Pyongyang City
One thousand and six hundred Square kilometre
2700000 people
Sinuiji city
Twelve thousand one hundred and ninety-one Square kilometre
2410000 people
Flat city
Twelve thousand three hundred and thirty Square kilometre
3597557 people
Sixteen thousand six hundred and thirteen Square kilometre
1147946 people
The Sinuiji Special Administrative Region
Sinuiji City
One hundred and thirty-two Square kilometre
349500 people
(South Hamgyong).
North Hamgyong Province
South Hamgyong
Huishan City
14000 square kilometers
630000 people
Rason City
The Yellow Sea (West).
The city of the Yellow Sea Road
The Yellow Sea South Road
Haizhou City
The Kaesong industrial area
Jiang Yuan (Ling Xi / Yeongdong).
Gangwon (North)
10600 square kilometers
1477582 people
Mount Kumgang tourism area
King County

North Korea Politics

North Korea The symbol of the nation

National flag
A horizontal rectangle, long and wide ratio is 2: 1. The flag from top to bottom by blue, red, blue, three retangles. Blue red white separated by. In the red flag on the side of the wide strip in a white circle with a red star. The red stripe symbolizes the lofty spirit of patriotism and tenacious struggle of the spirit, the white symbol of North Korea is a single nation, narrow blue symbol of unity, peace, red star symbol revolutionary tradition .
National Emblem
 The national emblem of Democratic People's Republic of Korea The national emblem of Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Heart pattern is a magnificent dam and a power station. The rolling hills with light blue lakes and White Lake sluice by pouring down, forming a spectacular waterfall, the dam stands under high voltage transmission tower. Just above the red star golden light, fireworks burst power. On behalf of the hydropower station emblem on the heavy industry is the foundation of modern industry and the working class, flanked by red ribbons tied up the golden rice on behalf of agriculture and farmers, mountains and lakes symbol of North Korea "s beautiful land".
national anthem
" Patriotic song ", written in 1947, lyrics Piao Shiyong , composer Jinyuanjun .
Look round the sun shines light, beautiful and fertile land,
Samchully Jiangshan as the motherland
 The National Anthem of Democratic People's Republic of Korea The National Anthem of Democratic People's Republic of Korea
A long history of 5000 years painting.
Glorious and resplendent culture, cultivate a glorious people's growth,
Let us bravely defend the motherland, a full strength!
learn Baitoushan The heroic, industrious and brave to carry forward the spirit,
We are united struggle for the truth, the storm will tough.
According to the wishes of the people of nation building, like the infinite power of the Pentium haitao,
Wish the motherland forever forever shine with great splendor, thriving and prosperous.
National flower
North Korea North Korea called cuckoo. Jindal Name. Rhododendron mucronulatum . The meaning of long open flowers, a symbol of long-term prosperity, joy and happiness.  

North Korea Constitution

September 1998, The DPRK Supreme People's assembly The eleventh meeting of the revised constitution promulgated in 1972 1992, modified and supplemented greatly. The new constitution is written support of the late president Kim Il-sung (1912 - 1994) as the "eternal president"; the government renamed cabinet (formerly known as government College); change the standing conference of the Supreme People's assembly for the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's assembly; delete" President "One day, revocation of the Central People's Committee of top leadership of former state power; the provisions of the National Defense Commission as" the highest military leadership of national sovereignty and comprehensive management of national defense department".

North Korea National Institutions

The DPRK Supreme People's assembly
 North Pyongyang "4 25 square" Chamber of night North Pyongyang "4 25 square" Chamber of night
The DPRK Supreme People's assembly Is the highest organ of state power (the equivalent of China The National People's Congress ), exercise legislative power . The Standing Committee of the Supreme People's assembly (the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress is equivalent to China), is the highest state Supreme People's assembly during the recess of the Authority . The Supreme People's Congress is elected for a term of 5 years. In September 2003 the eleventh session of the Supreme People's assembly of 687 elected members. The meeting chaired by the speaker, the speaker Choe Thae-bok . During the period when the permanent establishment for the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's assembly, the Permanent Committee for Kim Yong-nam Elected in September 2003.
The DPRK National Defense Commission
The North Korean national supreme organ of military leadership and comprehensive management of national defense agencies, produced by the Supreme People's assembly elections, accountable to the Supreme People's assembly, a term of 5 years. By the National Defense Commission Chairman, vice chairmen and members. Chairman of the Lord, to command all the armed forces and the overall direction of national defense work.
The cabinet, national chief executive organ, a term of 5 years.
The main members are: Prime Minister Pak Pong-ju The Deputy Prime Minister. Ro Tu Chol Kim Yong Town, Mao Ying Li Li Tiewan. 国家计划委员会委员长卢斗哲(兼)、化学工业相李茂英(兼)、农业相李铁万(兼)、外务相李洙墉、电力工业相金万寿、煤炭工业相文明学、金属工业相金勇光、铁道相全吉洙、陆海运相姜仲宽、采掘工业相李学哲、国家资源开发相李春三、原油工业相裴鹤、林业相韩龙国、原子能工业相李济善、电子工业相金载诚、递信相沈哲浩、建设建材工业相董正浩、国家建设监督相权成浩、食品日用品工业相赵永哲、水产相李赫、财政相崔光镇、劳动相郑永洙、贸易相李龙男、国家科技委员会委员长崔相健、国家科学院院长张哲、国土环境保护相金景俊、城市经营相姜永洙、收购粮政相文应祖、商业相金庆男、教育委员会委员长兼普通教育相金昇斗、金日成综合大学校长兼教育委员会高等教育相太亨彻、保健相江河国、文化相朴春男、体育相李宗茂、中央银行总裁金天 Jun, director of the Central Statistics Bureau Li Shenghu, the cabinet secretary Jin Yinghao.
The judiciary
The judicial organs have the Supreme Court, road (municipality), the people's Court (court) and special tribunal. The Supreme Court is the highest judicial organ of the state, produced by the director of the Supreme People's assembly elections, a term of 5 years. The current director Pu Mingzhe, post April 2014.
The procuratorial organs have the highest procuratorial, road (municipality), city (District), County Attorney and special prosecutor. The prosecution is the supreme procuratorial organs, the director appointed by the Supreme People's assembly, a term of 5 years. The current director Zhangbingkui In April 2014, re-election.

North Korea party

Korean labor party
 Korean labor party Korean labor party

Korean labor party Is North Korea ruling party Formerly. The Korean Communist Party Founded in October 10, 1945, August 28, 1946, and the Korean democracy party merged into the Korean labor party, in June 29, 1949 with the merger of the South Korean labor party. Founding anniversary of the October 10, 1945, the existing about 4000000 members. First Secretary of the WPK, the first chairman of the National Defense Commission Kim Jeong-eun Marshal, April 2012 was elected chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's assembly; Jin Yongnan took office in 1998, March 2013, the DPRK Supreme People's assembly twelfth session of the seventh appointed Pak Pong-ju As prime minister.
The Korean Social Democratic Party
Formerly known as the Korean Democratic Party, founded in November 3, 1945, against Japanese colonial rule by entrepreneurs, businessmen, craftsmen, farmers and Christian Form。 In 1981, now renamed more than 30 thousand members. The chairman Kim Yong Dae Elected in August 1998.
Chondoist Chongu Party
Founded in February 8, 1946, mainly by the embrace Cheondoism The peasants. The chairman Liumeiying Elected in July 1993.
In addition, North Korea and the United Democratic National front, Committee on the peaceful reunification of the motherland And other social groups and organizations.

North Korea Politicians

Kim Jeong-eun
 North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun
North Korean leader, The first Secretary of the WPK First, chairman of the national defense commission, people's army of Korea Supreme commander. In September 2010 was elected vice chairman of the Central Military Committee party. In December 30, 2011 was elected as the supreme commander of the Korean people's army. In April 11, 2012, the Korean labor party Fourth Congress was elected as the first secretary. In April 13th, the Supreme People's conference of the twelfth session of the 5 meeting was elected as the first chairman of the national defense commission. July 17th was awarded the title of Marshal of Democratic People's Republic of Korea. In April 9, 2014, the Supreme People's assembly thirteenth session of the 1 meeting was again elected as the first chairman of the national defense commission.
Kim Yong-nam
Chairman of the Standing Committee of the DPRK Supreme People's assembly long. Born in 1928 in Pyongyang city. In 1961 he served as Deputy Minister of the International Department of the WPK central committee. September 1963, Vice Foreign Minister kim. 1970 was elected Labor Party Central committee. 1972, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central committee. 1974 was selected as an alternate member of the CPC Central Committee Political Committee, elected in 1980 1978 was promoted to Chairman, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee member of the Political Bureau, Secretary of the bureau. In December 1983, he served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of foreign affairs. September 1998, September 2003, April 2009 and April 2014 was elected chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's assembly long. September 2010 elected Party Central Committee Political Bureau Standing committee.

North Korea Military

people's army of Korea Formally established in February 8, 1948, formerly founded in April 25, 1932 in the Northeast China The Korean people's Revolutionary Army .
 Pyongyang Triumphal Arch Pyongyang Triumphal Arch
The Korean people's army leaders and always adhere to the absolute leadership of the party, the Party Central Committee Leaders and will defend the security, sovereignty and dignity, and actively participate in the country Socialist revoltion With the construction industry as their sacred mission. The North Korean government with the people's armed forces, standing armed forces people's army of Korea Land, sea and air, is divided into three branches, 1 million 100 thousand forces. Standing for leading organs of the general staff and General Political Bureau, North Korea, the Korean army of workers and peasants and the red guards red young guards army, the Korean team taught three militia reservists, more than 7 million troops.
The North Korean military command system is a typical order - military integration system. The supreme commander of the armed forces as the chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission and The supreme commander of the Korean people's army . The specific military command by the defense committee.
A North Korean Labor Party Central Military Commission and military department. The National Defense Commission under the Ministry of people's armed forces. Standing armed forces for the Korean people's army, land, sea and air services three, standing for the leading organs The General Staff Department And the general political bureau.
North Korea Universal compulsory military service . Service period: 6 to 8 years, the Army Navy Air Force 3, 5 to 10 years to 4 years. Conscripts Can the service to 40 years.
Military The state financial expenditure accounts for about 14.4%. In 2005, defense spending accounted for 15.9% of the total national budget expenditure, for the development of the national economy spending accounted for 41.3%; on the agricultural sector spending increased 32.5% compared to 2004. In 2006, North Korea's state budget expenditure increased 3.5% compared to 2005.

North Korea Services

Land force
 The Korean people's army. The Korean people's army.
The Korean army of about 950 thousand people, the main battle tank of about 3500 vehicles, armored transport vehicles 2500 vehicles, traction Artillery: 3500, artillery, 4400. Rocket 2500 door, 7500 door mortars.
: ground to ship missile regiment 2, silkworm missile base 6; 122 mm, 130 mm and 152 mm artillery on the door.
air force
 people's army of Korea people's army of Korea
15 thousand, for the 6 air division. 607 combat aircraft.
Fighter: MIG - 17 107 - 19 159 MIG frame, frame, frame, 130 - 21 MIG MiG - 23 type 46, MiG - 29 Type 30, type 7 and 18 frame Su - Su - 25 type frame, 35 frame.
Bomber H - 5: 82.
Transport: an 2/ - 5 type 282, and an 6 - 24, IL - 18 type 2, IL - 62M type 4 - 134 type 2 Figure frame, frame, frame type 4 figure 154.
Helicopter: "Hughes" 500D 80, type 139 meters - 2 meters, frame - 8/ - type 17 - 5, 15 aircraft, 48 aircraft.
Trainer: MiG - 21 type 6 frame, Jacques - 18 170, FT 2, 35 CJ - 5, CJ - 6 10 7.
Air-to-air missile : AA - 2, AA - 7 if the cadres.
Ground-to-air missile SA: 300 - 2, SA - 3, SA - 36 type 5 24.
Non regular army
Security and border troops (Social Security) 189 thousand. The red guards and about 3 million 500 thousand people, the maximum age of 60 years, set up in the road, city, town, command sequence brigade camp - even platoon, equipped with Light weapons , Mortar And the antiaircraft gun.
Foreign troops
In the 12 African countries sent military advisers.

North Korea Military rank

The rank is divided into 5 grades and 21, i.e. General More than 7 ( Grand Marshal , marshal , Marshal , General , Admiral , Lt. At least,), The staff officer (4 Senior Colonel , colonel , Lieutenant Colonel , major ), Captains and lieutenants (4 The captain And the captain, lieutenant , Lt. 4), Sergeant (sergeant, sergeant, sergeant, spy, soldier (corporal) level 2 corporal, inferior soldiers). The highest rank in the Korean people's army as the grand marshal. In April 1992 Kim Il-Sung was awarded the rank of Marshal, Kim Jong-il was posthumously awarded the rank of Marshal in February 2012.

North Korea Military treaty

1 " The union of Soviet Socialist Republic And Democratic People's Republic of Korea friendship and cooperation treaty "referred to as:" Su in the Treaty of friendship and cooperation "(07 1961 06 August, the signing of the Treaty of 1994 06 - 02 August, the treaty abolished.)
2 " The Treaty of People's Republic of China and Democratic People's Republic of Korea friendly cooperation and mutual assistance "Referred to as" The China DPRK friendly cooperation and mutual assistance treaty "(07 1961 11 August, the signing of the treaty; in 2021, the treaty is renewed automatically valid.)

North Korea The North Korean nuclear issue

North Korea has declared in 2005 Nuclear weapon And, in 2006, 2009, 2013 and 2016 for the four time nuclear test . In January 6, 2016, North Korea's first hydrogen bomb test success.

North Korea Economics

North Korea Overview

 The North Korean people. The North Korean people.
Before 1945, North Korea has been a typical agricultural production country in agriculture. In August 15, 1945 from Japan colonial rule After the economic development has gradually shifted to industrial production. The land reform law promulgated in March 1946 August, the implementation of industry nationalization, from 1947 to 1948 to implement the 2 year plan of national economy. 1950 ~ 1953 outbreak Korean War The Korean economy has been severely damaged. From 1954 to 1956, North Korea experienced a post-war economic recovery period. In 1957 the implementation of the first five year plan, and in 1958 the completion of the private ownership of the means of production socialist transformation Since 1961, the reform of the management system, set up The Taean work system The new agricultural system, unified leadership system and plan. The first seven year plan began in 1967, 1 six year transition plan (1971 ~ 1976), the middle of second, the third seven year plan in 1978 and 1987 respectively.
Korean War Then, in 1950s and 1960s, North Korea's diplomatic and political stability, the Soviet Union, China and other allied countries, rapid economic development, but after 70s, the people's living standards gradually have a gap with South korea. Because of North Korea Economics Is to the Soviet Union as the center socialist camp A ring, a single structure, so the socialist camp in 80s Cold War After losing the increasingly difficult situation. In 90s, successive natural disasters, the North Korean economy into recession, into the "suffering March period".
In the meantime, North Korea gradually establish and enrich the foundation of industrial production at the same time, pay attention to the development of the socialist national economy, and actively promote the power plant (station) construction, enterprise expansion project, to promote the construction of major projects in sariwon potash joint enterprises; to solve the housing problem in the short term, to promote the construction of a unified Avenue in the city of Pyongyang, in in 1990 a year to build 30 thousand sets of modern residential building; a 2000 km canal, and then the Taedong River, Yalu River and Daning River into a large irrigation network, to solve the problem of farmland irrigation in grain producing areas.
By the end of 1991, North Korea established the first special economic zone Rajin pioneer free economic trade zone (rason). The North Korean economy gradually bottomed out, achieve recovery growth.
The Korean economy is a highly centralized planned economy, state-owned industry occupies a position of absolute control, the government vigorously develop heavy industry and National defense industry .
 December 1, 2009 began to use the Korean currency December 1, 2009 began to use the Korean currency
Since July 2002, North Korea carried out a series of economic adjustment measures, and made use of modern technological innovation economy, according to a new environment, new climate requirements to improve economic management system. Has on wages, prices and exchange rates are a substantial adjustment, giving companies the right to operate more independently, and set up The Kaesong industrial zone Mount Kumgang tourist area, etc.. These measures have played a positive role in the economic recovery and development, and the Korean economy has always maintained a resumption of growth in recent years.
In January 2011, North Korea established the State Administration of economic development, and formulated the "ten year strategic plan of national economic development". Plan to determine the strategic goal of developing infrastructure, agriculture and electricity, coal, oil, metals and other basic industries and regions, develop a framework to open the door to the mighty powers in 2012, and shows the level of developed countries in 2020 reached the prospect".
The March 2013 meeting of the WPK Central Committee plenary meeting, the realization of foreign trade diversification and diversification, opened tourist area in North Korea in many areas to enliven tourism, according to the actual situation of the establishment of the economic development zone. The DPRK Supreme People's assembly in May 29th issued a decree, announced the introduction of the economic development zone, the provisions of Special Economic Zone Economic Development Zone according to the particular regulations and North Korea to give special preferential. In November 21st, the DPRK Supreme People's assembly issued a decree, North Korea announced the (province) will be built in economic development zone.
In July 24, 2014, the Standing Committee of the DPRK Supreme People's assembly of the decree, decided to set up a new multiple nationwide economic development zone .
According to the decree, North Korea will be in Pyongyang The establishment of cutting-edge technology development in the area The Yellow Sea South Road The establishment of the international green demonstration area in Nanpu City The establishment of export processing zones, in Pyongan The establishment of Industrial Development Zone and Agricultural Development Zone, in the Pyonganbuk The establishment of tourism development zone. The decree also announced Sinuiji City Renamed the "special economic zone" for the "Sinuiji international economic zone". The road (an administrative division) was established in the development zone will exercise the sovereignty of korea.

North Korea industry and agriculture

Pay attention to the development of metallurgy, electric power, coal, railway transportation four leading industry and mining, machinery, chemical industry, light industry, and strive to achieve normal production and modernization. Focus on the development of grain production, continue to implement the seed improvement and two cropping system, expand potatoes, soybean planting. Grain production in rice and corn.

North Korea foreign capital

From 1980s onwards, North Korea began to introduce foreign capital, founder of the joint venture. In December 1991, North Korea set up a free economic zone near the DPRK, toward the Russian border the Luo areas. In 1992, North Korea issued a joint venture joint venture law. In November 2002, North Korea announced the establishment of the Kaesong industrial zone and Mount Kumgang tourism area, the two Koreas cooperative development. In 2008, the DPRK and Russia "Hassan- Rajin "The railway and port of Rajin renovation project started. Cooperation between North Korea and Egypt large cement plant smoothly, in cooperation with Egypt Aureos Klemm telecom company opened the third generation mobile communication business. In June 2011, North Korea held the "two projects" economic zone of the groundbreaking ceremony, common development and management of Huangjinping, Granville Island Economic Zone and the rason economic and trade zone.

North Korea Foreign aid

 The Kaesong industrial zone The Kaesong industrial zone
North Korea has suffered due to natural disasters, there has been a shortage of food. The international community through bilateral or the World Food Programme and other international organizations to provide substantial humanitarian assistance to North korea.
The United States foreign food aid since 1954. Aid to North Korea food Including: wheat, vegetable oil, corn, soybean, cotton, animal fat, flour, sorghum, rice, etc.. But until 2000, the total number of U.S. aid in the estimation of more than $1 billion. In 1998, the United States has provided $173 million, 500 thousand tons of food aid; more than $180 million, weighing 600 thousand tons of food aid in 1999. The 1999 Budget Office said in its report, since 1995, the United States of North Korea to provide emergency food aid to accumulate $365 million. The United States government in the period of 1996 to 1999 respectively to provide North Korea about $15 million, $50 million, $160 million and $140 million in food. According to a October 1994 "U.S. nuclear framework agreement", the United States will lead the establishment of the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization, as early as possible to provide $4 billion in aid to North Korea, to help build a total installed capacity of 2000 MW of two water reactor power plant, in order to solve the problem of power shortage in North korea. In addition, the United States will also be before the completion of light water reactors each year to provide 500 thousand tons of heavy oil to North korea. In 1999, North Korea pledged to abandon nuclear test, USA president Clinton Announced the partial lifting of nearly 50 years of economic sanctions on North korea. Some activities to relax the restrictions include: most Korean goods and the import of raw materials; most of the output of non confidential products and services to American companies and foreign subsidiaries, such as most consumer products, financial services, most of the non national security industry, non interest related investment; in agriculture, mining, petroleum, timber cement, transportation, infrastructure and tourism sector investment; the United States National People's remittances to North korea. This is the United States since the Korean War, one of the most open stance on North Korea to make. Trade between the two sides are mainly American aid to North Korea's export of agricultural products. From 1993 to 2000, U.S. exports to North Korea $about 35100000 of goods.
From the beginning of the Korean War, the Korean China to provide substantial assistance to food, fertilizer, oil. From the beginning of 1991, China replaced the Soviet Union, became the only pillar to the supply of crude oil, the annual transport 500 thousand tons of oil to the DPRK, accounting for 80% of the total oil imports of North korea. Responsible for transporting oil towards the Sino Korean friendship oil company built oil line 11 kilometers on both sides of the Yalu River, the supply of which is Dandong The horse village decided to base to coordinate supply, North Korea from China oil imports not only the price is much lower than the price in the international market, and are usually deferred payment of one to two years. In 2005, China food aid amounted to 531 thousand tons, accounting for 92% of international food aid at.

North Korea population

As of 2015, the total population of 25155000 people. A single nation for the Korean nation / ethnic Korean, Korean general.

North Korea Culture

North Korea language

 Korean Korean
Korean The Korean Peninsula: borrow Chinese characters before twentieth Century as writing tools. Fifteenth Century Korea Shizong The king sent people to complete " Hangul "Reference, Chinese characters created a new alphabet appearance" onmun ". As the North Korean officials of the upper class nobles and the official text books still use Chinese, Korean became the official text in the centuries to. This paper is due to multiple use in the uneducated Korean population, and two resistance. Until the early twentieth Century after Korea was annexed by Japan, saying the party has gradually become the main tool written in korean. The end of World War II, the separation of the two Koreas, North Korea completely abolished Chinese characters in North Korea in the text, all the Korean Hangul alphabet spelling. South Korea was also abolished (Chinese characters Mandarin purification movement ), but because of the inconvenience of alphabetic writing produced by different significance after the restoration of basic education to distinguish homophones Chinese characters vocabulary. About the Korean language in 10% is the inherent Korean words, about 69% Chinese and 10% English inflection, inflection, the rest of the other language sound. Korean and Korean slightly different. Because of the war between North Korea and South Korea long division, making north south language difference.

North Korea media

North Korea has 3 TV channels. 2 PAL TV channel: North Korea CCTV KCTV, Mansudae television 1; NTSC TV channel: North Korean television culture education . North Korean radio respectively: The Korean Central Broadcasting Station , Radio Pyongyang , Voice of Korea radio . The Korean Central Broadcasting Station for the national radio station, established in October 14, 1945. In addition to Korean broadcasting, but also with a variety of foreign language broadcasting. CCTV and Korean Kaesong television in 60s began broadcasting programs; Mansudae television launch by the end of 1983.
The main newspaper " Labor News ", the WPK Central Committee official newspaper;" Korean democracy ", a government organ;" industrious "monthly magazine, the WPK Central Committee organ. In addition to "Korean people's army", "youth avant-garde", "Pyongyang Daily News" etc.. Integrated Korean foreign press with a variety of Foreign Languages Publishing magazine " North Korea today The magazine "and" North Korea ". In addition, also published in English and French weekly "Pyongyang times".
The Korean Central News Agency KCNA news agency, national news agency, founded in December 5, 1946. Release issue of "Korean Central News" etc..

North Korea Art

1970s is the Korean cultural art boom. In the cultural and art workers have created, adapted and performed " Flower Girl "" Xuehai "" Would you please tell me the jungle. "" The party's good daughter "" Song of Mount Kumgang "The five revolution" and the opera "Town God's Temple" Blood spray 000 Congress "Daughter" letter "" Three party "" celebration meeting "The five revolution drama, as well as a number of Chinese audience for having heard it many times Korean films, such as" When picking apples "" Blooming flowers villages "Etc..
The main art group The troupe , Mansuda Art Ensemble , The Korean people's army Concerto , The Korean people's Army National Merit Choir , The Korean people's Army Band Etc..
 Flower Girl Flower Girl
North Korea attaches great importance to the film industry, every year, in addition to publishing the Korean Central Yearbook, also published separately "North Korea movie yearbook".
The major studios of North Korea North Korea 4, art studios, 25 art studios, 4 - 26 North Korean children's art studio. A movie literature agency and other major creation units, management institutions mainly have North Korea film import and export company, the Korean popular movie agency etc..
With an annual production of various types of film about 60 or so. On behalf of the movie shooting: "since 1980s Jin Ji and the fate of silver Ji "" An chonggen killed Itou Hirofumi "" Platycodon grandiflorum flower "" Flower Girl "" Xuehai "Etc.. 2006 new films include " A female student's Diary "" Pyongyang tornado "etc..
TV play
Korean TV drama by the Korean Broadcasting Commission is responsible for the production, the annual shooting of the TV movie number less than. The main works include large TV series "and national destiny".
"4 - 15 literary group" is a major force in the Korean literature. The main works include "series The history of the immortal "And" With the century ". "With the century" is Kim Il-Sung's revolutionary memoir, a total of 8 volumes, Kim Il-Sung was born from 1912 until his death in 1994, Kim Il-Sung reflects the life of revolution.
 The Korean people's Army art troupe The Korean people's Army art troupe
North Korea attaches great importance to the popularization of music and song. 2005 " Labor News "North Korea, CCTV introduced to the song" The blue sky of the motherland "At the beginning of the new year, 2006," Labor News "published a series of two new songs:" recommended to the national military first revolution general into "song" What have left the motherland ".
Korean artists have created many popular songs, " General Kim Il-Sung song "" North Star "" love song "is the Korean comrades of three famous songs.
Fine Arts
North Korea's three major art creation base is Korean Mansudae creative agency, the central Fine Arts Society and people's Army art creation agency.

North Korea International Relations

North Korea Sino Korean relations

 Zhou Enlai and Kim Il-Sung Zhou Enlai and Kim Il-Sung
In October 6, 1949, the two countries established diplomatic relations.
1950, Korean War After the outbreak of Chinese sent China people's volunteer army support North Korea, North Korea and South Korea fought side by side, fighting with the Allied forces, eventually forced the United States signed the armistice agreement.
In July 11, 1961, the two countries signed " The China DPRK friendly cooperation and mutual assistance treaty ". The two countries have maintained the traditional good neighborly and friendly relations and cooperation. From the beginning of the Korean War, China overcome serious difficulties in its economy, to North Korea to provide free billions of yuan of funds and millions of tons of supplies. Chinese has been at a very low price to sell mineral products to North korea. The two sides announced the establishment of rason economic and Trade Zone Management Committee and the Huangjinping, Granville Island Economic Zone Management committee.
April 20, 2012 to 24, the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee, Minister of the International Department Kim Led by North Korea's Labor Party delegation, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President Hu Jintao Meet.
From July 30, 2012 to August 3rd, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee Wang Jiarui On a friendly visit to the North Korean delegation, first Secretary of the WPK, the first chairman of the National Defense Commission met with Kim Jeong-eun.
May 24, 2013 to 28, the Korean labor party envoy Kim Jeong-eun, first Secretary of the WPK Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee Choe Ryong-Hae Visit China, July, vice chairman of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, state Li Yuanchao The rate of China delegation to attend the 60 anniversary of the Korean War armistice, general Kim Jeong-eun of the DPRK National Defense Commission Committee meeting.
And North Korea Hamhung Established in June 18, 1982 Friendly city After the relationship between Jiangsu province and Korea Gangwon In Shandong Province, and The Yellow Sea South Road In Sichuan Province, and Pyongan Jilin Province Jilin City and Pyongyang Mangyongdae District Jilin Province HunChun and Rason City Tianjin City, and Nanpu City Jilin Province, city and Changchun Chongjin It has established friendly relations of provincial, city.

North Korea Inter Korean relations

The main entry: Inter Korean relations
 The border - Panmunjom The border - Panmunjom
Since the end of the Korean War, the Korean Peninsula, a long period of political confrontation, military confrontation and economic isolation of the cold war.
In January 1968, North Korea sent 31 armed agents into Seoul (Modern Seoul), until the Chong Wa Dae In front of the presidential palace to assassinate Park . Because be found, 28 agents were killed, 1 captured and 2 escaped.
In May 1972, the Korean Central Intelligence minister Los A visit to Pyongyang, and North Korea Labor Party Central Organization and guidance department minister Kim Yong-ju Hold talks. In July 4th, the two sides issued a "North South joint statement", confirmed the three principles of the reunification of the motherland. In 70s, the inter Korean relations have been a "ice breaking" signs, but North Korea one after another assassination and bombing, the Korean Peninsula overcast, murderous.
In August 15, 1974, South Korea held holiday celebrating recovery of Taiwan from Japanese control The celebration of the general assembly, the president Park Lecture, South Koreans residing in Japan Wenshiguang Fire rushed to the podium, but did not hit Pu Zhengxi, killed the first lady Yook Young-Soo And in the melee, a chorus girl was hit by a stray bullet killed. The assassin was caught, after interrogation that is assigned by the Korean, hanged.
In 1983, South Korea's president chun doo hwan By the time the layout of the bomb attack in Yangon, luckily escaped unharmed. 1987 Korean Air flight 858 The most shocking, machine more than and 100 people aboard.
South Korea in 1984 flood, North Korea Red Cross Society adopt Panmunjom , Port of Inchon Beijing and Hong Kong to the South Korean Red Cross sent relief supplies, including 50 thousand bags of rice, 500 thousand meters of cloth, 100 thousand tons of cement and 14 kinds of drugs.
In November 15, 1984, the two Koreas held their first talks on economic cooperation and economic and trade cooperation projects, and the procedures for the agreement.
In June 28, 1994, representatives of the two sides in Panmunjom contact, determine the North Korean President Kim Il-Sung and South Korean President Kim Young-sam In the year of July 25th to the 27 meeting in Pyongyang.
In July 8, 1994, North Korean President Kim Il-sung Death. Therefore fail to hold inter Korean summit. In April 1998, the two Koreas held nearly 4 years for the first time the vice ministerial talks in Beijing. Kim Dae-jung, the Roh Moo-hyun administration carried out cooperation to reconciliation policy. In June 2000 and October 2007, Kim Dae-jung, Roh Moo-hyun has held a summit meeting with Kim Jong-il's visit to the DPRK, respectively: " The joint declaration "And" North South relations and peace and prosperity declaration ". The two Koreas hold several official talks and a series of activities of non-governmental exchanges, signed a number of cooperation agreements, inter Korean relations had made great progress.
North and South Korea in the 2000 Summer Olympics, 2004 Summer Olympics and the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, 2005 East Asian Games And the 2006 Doha Asian Games entry ceremony, use the symbol of the reunification of the Korean Peninsula The flag of the Korean Peninsula With the same team approach.
The 2010 sinking of the Cheonan incident, 2010 Yin Ping Island artillery The intensification of the contradiction between the South and the north. In 2012, the Korean government organized 100 thousand people gathered in Pyongyang to denounce the same slogan "" Lee Myung-bak The government, jointly accused the other of the North Korean leadership level "dignity offended".

North Korea The relationship between

 Biden visited Panmunjom Biden visited Panmunjom
North Korea has not yet established diplomatic relations.
At the beginning of October 2008, the six party talks, U.S. Assistant Secretary of state, head of the U.S. Hill Visit to the DPRK, the DPRK held consultations on the issue of verification of North Korea's nuclear facilities. 11, the US announced that North Korea from the terrorism From the list. 12, North Korea welcomed and announced the resumption of Yongbyon nuclear facilities work. After that, the two parties on the verification problem have been unable to reach agreement, the denuclearization process stalled.
In 2009 05 Wednesday 27 March, the Korean people's army representatives at Panmunjom ministry said in a statement, South Korea officially joined" PSI "The Korean peninsula" into a state of war, North Korea will take three measures to. One of them is: in view of the United States to South Korea to join the "psi", in violation of the " Korea ceasefire entente ", abandoned the responsibility of the signing of the armistice agreement, North Korea will no longer be bound by the armistice. Lose effectiveness in the armistice agreement, the Korean Peninsula will return to the war situation, the Korean army will take corresponding military action. In July 2012, the DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed out that the United States should be "without any reason or prerequisite, the" Korea ceasefire entente Instead of "peace agreement", in order to prove that the action not hostile to North korea.
December 19, 2014, Obama Once the year-end news conference made it clear that the Federal Bureau of investigation has confirmed that North Korea was behind the SONY pictures of cyber attacks and the threat of the American film industry and the audience, the United States will retaliate.
In January 3, 2015, the United States White House Said in a statement, U.S. President Obama signed an executive order authorizing the implementation of the new sanctions on North korea. The White House says the move is in front SONY Pictures by the hacking incident "the first part of the reaction".
According to the executive order signed by Obama, the new sanctions against North Korea three institutions and 10 individuals. Three agencies including North Korea's military intelligence agency, the Korean national defense research support Investigation Bureau, Korea Hyoksin trading company and to provide support for the North Korean missile program mining development trade company. While the individual will face sanctions for these institutions or the staff of North Korean officials. Sanctions on North Korean officials and government agencies will not be able to enter the financial system of the United States, the United States citizens are prohibited money exchanges with these people or institutions.

North Korea Asahi relations

Asahi has not yet established diplomatic relations.
August 2008, The six party talks Normal working group meeting held in Shenyang Chinese Asahi relations. North Korea's ambassador Song Rihao and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan Asia director Saiki Akita led a delegation to attend the meeting respectively. The two sides discussed North Korea kidnapped Japanese problem And, toward the restart as soon as the abduction issue investigation, personnel exchanges and terminate the charter flight to reach some consensus towards the restrictions, but did not form and sign a written agreement, the agreement was not implemented.
North Korea kidnapped Japanese problem occurred in late 1970s and early 80s. Japanese media and the beginning of 80s revealed that the Japanese government later admitted the existence of such problems, and according to the relevant evidence in early May 1991 that North Korea kidnapped Japanese cases from a total of 8 11 people. The evening of September 19, 2002, the Koizumi government officially announced to the families of the victims of 8 dead. Japan and North Korea meeting, the North Korean government explained that these 8 people died because of "dead", "death disaster".
February 23, 2011, The Korean Central News Agency Commented that Japan coveted North Korea's sacred territory Dokdo (Japan called" Takeshima ") is an attempt to revisit North Korean aggression dreams, this is North Korea" absolutely intolerable". Dokdo is located The Korean Peninsula The eastern sea area of 0.18 square kilometers. North Korea, South Korea and Japan have claimed sovereignty over the island, the island temporarily controlled by South korea. Japan Shimane On 2005 parliament passed in February 22nd as "Takeshima day" proposal, from North Korea and South Korea protest.

North Korea The national diplomatic relations

North Korea pursues an independent foreign policy, the relationship between the principle of development with other countries according to the independence, complete equality, mutual respect and non-interference and mutual benefit. North Korea in May 1975" The group of 77 "Members of the official, in August 1975 officially joined The non aligned movement September 1991, to join the United Nations, joined in July 2000 The ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), July 2010, the North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun To go to Vietnam to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum meeting of foreign ministers. North Korea and the United States, Japan did not establish diplomatic relations between the United States and Japan and Korea by Foreign Affairs Sweden In the Korean embassy to handle.
A: Chinese embassy, Russia Brazil, Bulgaria , Cambodia Cuba, Czech Germany, India, Egypt, Indonesia Iran, Laos , Libya Malaysia, Mongolia country , Nigeria , Pakistan , Palestine Poland, Romania Sweden, Syria Britain, Vietnam
With offices: Switzerland . (Swiss Cooperation Office)
In Chongjin with the Consulate General: China, russia.
The Embassy in People's Republic of China and jurisdiction: Austria , Azerbaijan , The People's Republic of Bangladesh , botswana , Cameroon Chile, Cyprus , Denmark , Ethiopia Finland, Hungary , Iceland , Kazakhstan , Macedonia , Madagascar , Malta , Oman , Rwanda , Serbia , Seychelles , Slovenia , South Africa Spain, Tanzania , Tunisia , Turkey , Ukraine , Venezuela , Zambia , zimbabwe .
The Embassy in Republic of Korea and jurisdiction: Algeria , Australia Italy, Mauritius Mexico, Holland, new zealand, Norway , Portugal , Qatar .
Country: Argentina, Canada has diplomatic relations, Costa Rica , Fiji , Jamaica , Lesotho , Liberia , Samoa .

North Korea Sociology

North Korea education

 Kim Il-sung University Kim Il-sung University
The Korean nation is a nation attach great importance to education, Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a "education of the country". In September 9, 1948, the establishment of Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The party and government attach great importance to intellectuals and education, giving priority to the development of education, education has made great achievements. In 1975 the Korean popular 11 year compulsory education, nationwide in September 2012, the DPRK Supreme People's assembly twelfth sixth meeting of the decree, decided to implement 12 years compulsory education universal, compulsory education for free education. All the adults in 1989 to complete secondary education.
North Korea central centralized education management system, the state is responsible for investment and management at all levels of the education sector, the education administrative department for education in central province, under the ideological and Political Education Bureau, bureau of education, general education teachers guidance Bureau, school guidance Bureau, University guidance Bureau of factories, Kim Il-Sung University College guidance Bureau, bureau, planning guidance enrollment Bureau, bureau, bureau, Finance Bureau of the administrative organization of logistics, education methods and scientific research guidance Bureau, bureau of foreign education and Sports Bureau and department manager.
North Korea master's and Ph.D. degrees two systems. When he graduated from college, only to the corresponding qualifications awarded diploma, degree certificate issued. While working to free compulsory education system, learning education system, elite education and mass education coexist, highlight the ideological and political education is a significant feature of Korean education.
College students and students are enjoying the state issued grants. More than and 300 colleges, more than and 570 secondary vocational schools. Famous universities have Kim Il-sung University , Kim chaek university of technology , Kim Hyong Jik University of Education The people's University of economics and etc..

North Korea traffic

North Korea's traffic is the main way of railway transportation, it bears 90% and passenger freight volume 70%. The North Korean Railway a total length of 3900 km, 88.3% have been electrified. The main trunk: Pyongyang Sinuiji , Wonsan - Rajin And the Nanpu plateau. Pyongyang - Beijing, Pyongyang Moscow The regular International train . North Korea Inland waterway transport In the Yalu River in the first major ports, including the East coast: Chongjin , Hungnam Luo Jin, yuan, Kimchaek . West Coast: Nanpu, Haizhou , Pine forest Hong kong. Pyongyang Sunan International Airport International airport. Regular international routes are mainly in Pyongyang - Beijing, Pyongyang - Shenyang, Pyongyang - Bangkok.
From Chinese Dandong Take the car across the Yalu River into North Korea in Sinuiji, it is the main port of travel to North Korea, and then take the train to Pyongyang after 5.5 hours.

North Korea Signal communication

2009 has been opened to the public mobile phone service. In December 15, 2008, Egypt Horace Newcomb Telecom officially launched 3G mobile phone communications in North Pyongyang.
In January 7, 2013, North Korea relaxed communication service control, to the Korean expatriates at the time of entry, not like before the mobile phone detained in North Korea customs, please fill in mobile phone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number in the customs registration, can be mobile phone into North Korea, but only for IDD, telephone and Internet cannot dial home. Koryolink in Pyongyang Sunan airport set up counters for business, WCDMA The 3G mobile phone can use the Korea Telecom SIM card, priced at 50 euros.
In February 22, 2013, North Korea to further broaden the communication service control, Koryolink notification of foreign nationals in Pyongyang, launched in March 1st 3G network services, allowing foreigners to use mobile phone, iPad and other mobile devices on the Internet, including the use of Twitter or Skype. However, the Korean residents can use this service. But in the same year at the end of March, Koryolink announced the 3G network services to foreigners only foreigners living in long-term use of North Korea, passengers can make international long-distance call.
Sources: Pyongyang is the center of the Pyongyang train station is connected to the wireless Internet service for the project, from Chinese to passenger using a mobile phone internet.
Guangming Democratic People's Republic of Korea was established in 2000 wide area network . This network is not directly connected to the Internet, but for the operation of the network. The Korean people only need to call the branch for network application procedures, can be free for 24 hours through the telephone line to enjoy unlimited Internet service.

North Korea festival

festival Date, Remarks
Kim Il-Sung was awarded the title of Marshal Memorial Day April 13th April 13, 1992
The Sun Festival April 15th "April Spring Festival
Kim Jong-il was elected chairman of the National Defense Commission anniversary April 20th 1992
Kang rock's birthday anniversary April 20th Kim Jong-il's grandmother's birthday, 1892
The Korean people's army to create a day April 25th 1932
International Labor Day May 1st  
War Memorial Day July 27th In 1953, the Korean War Armistice Day
Our Independence Day August 15th The same country with South Korea independence day, 1945
Foundation Day September 9th 1948
The Korean Labor Party created day October 10th 1945
Kim Jong-suk Lincoln's Birthday December 24th Kim Jong-il's mother's birthday, 1917
Kim Jong-il was elected as the supreme commander of the Korean people's Army memorial day December 24th 1991
Democratic People's Republic of Korea's socialist constitution December 27th  
Small January January 15th The lunar calendar
The Dragon Boat Festival May 5th The lunar calendar
Mid-Autumn Festival August 15th The lunar calendar

North Korea Tourism

North Korea The main attractions

North Korea for foreigners in Pyongyang city, Nanpu City Open city, The Korean people's China hoechang martyrs cemetery , Myohyang , Mountain Chilbo , September , Wonsan , Baitoushan Area.
Mount Kumgang North Korea is the mountains, into the diamond, diamond, diamond sea. But a lot of tourist traffic inconvenience, so tourists generally only to Chinese Pyongyang Kaesong and myohyang area tourism. The North Mount Kumgang tourist zones to guide the International Bureau spokesman said on April 1, 2012, North Korea will open to all visitors to Mount Kumgang, the DPRK will welcome all visitors, and will do all sincerity and efforts for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Kumgang.
The Asia Pacific Peace Committee and South Korea's Hyundai Group In November 1998, the organization has teamed up with South Korean tourists to Korea tourism project in Mount Kumgang. In July 2008, a South Korean female tourists by North Korean guards shot and killed by the military restricted area near the lodge tourist area, South Korea disrupted the tourism project.
In addition to the general tour, tourists can enjoy the unique to North Korea -- group calisthenics" arirang ".

North Korea Matters needing attention

North Korea's National Tourism Administration is North Korea's highest tourism management. North Korea's main tourist travel agencies under the State Administration of Korea International Travel Agency, Kim also under the Korean youth international travel and sports under the Korean Jinbei travel agency. The Korean Tourism Bureau on 1988 opening China tourists to Korea Tourism project. The Korean tour, foreign tourists must go to the designated foreign exchange shops shopping.
The tourists need to face the two tour, a tour guide is common, one is supervision personnel.
Into North Korea can not use modern communication tools, can not walk around and take pictures.
The leaders not taken bust.
What can talk to the Korean people.
Please save the food, because the Korean people have a majority of people will starve because there is no food.
We do not comment on the political, social, and general Kim Jong-il mentioned need to modify.
The local hotel limited conditions, often without water blackout, please bring their own toiletries and portable energy.