Hollywood (Hollywood), also known as Hollywood, located in U.S.A West Coast The state of California Los Angeles On the outskirts, Yishanbangshui, beautiful scenery.
"Hollywood" is often used to refer directly to the American film industry, due to the many famous movie companies located here, it is often linked with American movies and movie stars, Hollywood is the world famous film center, held annually in this Oscar The ceremony is the World Film Festival .
Hollywood is not only the birthplace of the global fashion, is the world's music film industry center, has the world's top entertainment industry and luxury brands, to lead and represent the highest level in the global fashion, for example DreamWorks , Disney , Twentieth Century Fawkes , Columbia Pictures , Sony Corp , Universal Pictures WB, ( Warner Brothers ), Paramount The movie giant, and like RCAJIVE Interscope Records's top record companies have together in Hollywood areas, fashion and technology here contain each other, nature is not artificial, with profound connotation and majestic fashion technology support, has been imitated all over the world.

Hollywood geographical environment

 Overlooking the Hollywood Overlooking the Hollywood

Hollywood is located in the west coast of the United States The state of California Los Angeles Outside is a yard, the pleasant scenery of the place. The first was discovered by photographer looking for location of approximately at the beginning of twentieth Century, it has attracted many photographers, and some is to avoid patent company controlled by small companies and independent producers poured in, and gradually formed a film center. Before and after the first World War period, Griffith and Chaplin Some film masters won the world reputation for the American movie, Wall Street The consortium in the film industry. Hollywood The city was formed rapidly and the rise of the film industry in the United States precisely adapted to the needs of this period of rapid economic development, the film also further into the economic mechanism, become a part of the profits, capital is abundant, the film increased yield, the American film market in the world of dumping. Los Angeles On the outskirts of the village will eventually become a huge movie city, Hollywood has become synonymous with American movies in the invisible.
 Universal Studios Hollywood Universal Studios Hollywood
Hollywood is not only the birthplace of the global fashion, is the world's music film industry center, has the world's top entertainment industry and Luxury brand Lead, and represent the highest level in the global fashion, for example DreamWorks Disney, Twentieth Century Fawkes , Columbia Pictures , Sony Corp , Universal Pictures WB, ( Warner Brothers The movie giant paramount) and so on, and the like RCA J E Interscope Records IV such top record companies have together in Hollywood areas, fashion and technology here to promote mutual development, nature is not artificial, with profound connotation and majestic fashion technology support, has been imitated all over the world.
Because of the local entertainment industry developed, but in the movie Film studio Already distribution is not limited to a corner of Hollywood, Hollywood and the surrounding city of Burbank constitute the United States Film and television industry The center of the Hollywood area, the city has not a ten year history of the old cinema, often used as a movie premiere held The Oscar prize The ceremony place has become a tourist destination.
 Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Hollywood Walk of Fame star.
As a part of the city of Losangeles, Hollywood does not have its own municipal departments, but there is a designated official as the so-called "honorary mayor", only needs a variety of ceremonies. The former mayor of Hollywood is Johnny Grant (Johnny Grant)
Hollywood gathered a large number of the world's top director, screenwriter, star, stunt. Hollywood movie scenes of the atmosphere, hot, vivid and gorgeous stunt to the people left a deep impression. Hollywood as a movie paradise also attracted a large number of Chinese star and director, Chinese star Bruce Lee , Jackie Chan , Jet Li , Zhou Runfa , Gong Li , Li Bingbing , Liu Yifei , Zhang Ziyi , Fan Bingbing Japanese star. Uno Misako The famous director. Ang Lee , Johnwoo To the development of Hollywood. Hollywood movies with China began to introduce foreign films rapidly in China booming, large areas of the United States, Hollywood stars have a lot of supporters.
 Hollywood Sign Hollywood Sign
Hollywood today is a diverse, vibrant and dynamic urban areas. It has great symbolic significance in United States of America culture. It can be said that the history of the development of the history of Hollywood is United States of America movie.
Hollywood film production not only meet the needs of the United States of America film market, but also exported to all over the world, not only the output of the United States of America culture, but also brought huge profits for investors in Hollywood.
The mainstream Hollywood film companies, along with the change of the film industry and the development of economy, there was a major film company "and" The Seven Sisters "A different title.

Hollywood History

 The 1839 Hollywood area The 1839 Hollywood area
Until the mid eighteenth Century, Losangeles and its surrounding areas or Indian Nomadic tribes of a natural paradise.
In September 4, 1781 44, the Mexico colonists with dark skin found this piece of mountain valley, become Losangeles's earliest settlers.
In 1839, the first official census in Losangeles was determined at a population of 2228 people.
1846 (Mexico, USA) and the Mexican American war, forcing Mexico to sign a paper of unequal treaties, with the price of $15 million to the United States ceded the equivalent of 2/3 of the land in Mexico territory, so the expansion of territory in California as the main body of the seven Western states.
In 1850, Losangeles officially became a statutory city in the United states.
In 1853, the Hollywood is only a house. By 1870, this place has become a thriving farm.
In 1886, the real estate business, Harvey Wilcox bought a 0.6 square kilometers of land in the suburbs of Losangeles. Later, his wife on a trip, heard someone say a place called Hollywood himself from the state of Ohio. She is very love this name. After returning to California, she will be transported to Scotland, a large number of holly tree planted here, and her husband's farm was renamed the "Hollywood" (Hollywood), hence the name of Hollywood. In English, the word is the meaning of the holly trees.
 1886 Hollywood blockbuster Holly 1886 Hollywood blockbuster Holly

In February 1, 1887, Wilcox plans to build a town here, he in the area of government officially registered the name. With the help of his wife he was able to lay the Hollywood street today as the city's main street, in this street and other streets on both sides of the pepper tree and began to sell property. The two churches, a school and a library raising his wife. In order to make the Hollywood reputation, they also imported some British holly, but these plants in California did not survive long under the weather.
 Hollywood in 1900 Hollywood in 1900
In 1900, Hollywood has a post office, a newspaper, a hotel and two markets, the number of 500 residents. 100 thousand people in Losangeles city 11 kilometers east. Only a monorail between Hollywood and Losangeles Tram .
In 1902, today the famous Hotel Hollywood opened the first part.
In 1903, here upgraded to the city, 177 residents have the right to vote and vote agree named "Hollywood" for. The two year under the command: in addition to other shops outside thedrugstore temperance, and no amount of driving in the streets more than 200 cattle.
In 1904, a new called Hollywood Avenue streetcar opened, so that the round-trip time between Hollywood and Losangeles greatly shortened; in 1910, Hollywood residents voted to join the Losangeles. The reason is that they can get enough water through Losangeles and drainage facilities.
 The count of Monte Cristo Poster The count of Monte Cristo Poster

In 1907, a man named multi mirror company Independent Motion Picture Company plug is shooting "the count of Monte Cristo" in Chicago, directed by Francis Burgess, encounter bad weather, then the entire crew moved west to the center of Losangeles, 15 miles west of the coast of Santa Monica to make up some shots.
In 1909, the crew returned to the Western League plug, pitch camp in the laundry room in downtown Losangeles a Chinese open, took "a horse intelligence officer in mind". This is the first entirely in the territory of California made film. Shortly thereafter, plug Baolige company all moved to the west, which attracted a large number of production companies to follow suit, of which a considerable part in Hollywood and its surrounding areas settle down.
At the beginning of 1910s, the director D. W. Griffith Biograph company was sent to the west coast to make a film, he took Lilian Gish , Mary Pickford The actor came to Losangeles. They were looking for a new site, and then start to the north, the town came to a passion, it is the Hollywood. The Biograph company found here in good condition, and before returning to New York and filmed several movies. Gradually, many people in the industry know this treasure, to the Hollywood film crew, more and more, the American film industry to transfer the start of Hollywood, Hollywood movies have to be forward.
 Six major Hollywood film companies Six major Hollywood film companies
In October 1911, a group of filmmakers from New Jersey in a local photographer under the leadership, came to an inn called Blandu, they will rent the inn converted into a studio. In this way, they created the first Hollywood Studio - Nestor film company, the same year, 15 other studios settled here, tens of thousands of dream makers to follow.
Since then, many film companies settled in Hollywood, a famous film company: MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer, referred to as MGM), paramount (Paramount), twentieth Century Fawkes (20th Century Fox) company, Warner Brothers (Warner Brothers), RKO (Radio Keith Orpheum, referred to as RKO), global company (Universal), UA (United Artists), Columbia (Columbia Pictures).
In 1913, Hollywood pioneer director Cecil B DeMille Operating in a small barn in Hollywood in the listing, with a $15000 budget made the first film in Hollywood in film "Indian woman white husband". From then on, hotels, shops and homes have to build a ground breaking, to accommodate the influx of those filmmakers. By 1914, this had only a few households rural town, fixed population will increase to 8000. The barn like studio built in the town, there are dozens of crew shooting on location in the Hollywood every day, tens of thousands of visitors stampede in, hoping for a glimpse of the stars, or at least a glimpse of the stars of the house. The name Hollywood immediately swept the world. On the reputation of Hollywood area adjacent to the envy unceasingly, have changed. As a result, the map of Losangeles and added four other things north and South Hollywood, than Beverly Hill has become a part of the city of West Hollywood.
 In 1923 HOLLYWOOD was set up on the hill In 1923 HOLLYWOOD was set up on the hill
In 1923, Hollywood has become a symbol of the white characters in HOLLYWOOD after being set up in the Hollywood on the hillside behind the word had also LAND four letters, is a construction company to sell the newly built residential community set billboards. But they were set up after no one to manage them, which gradually abandoned. Until 1949, the Hollywood chamber of Commerce will be removed after the four letters, other letters will be repaired. The signs are today trademark protection, the Hollywood chamber of commerce did not agree, no one allowed to use it.
May 16, 1929, Oscar The award was first issued, then the ticket is $10, a total of 250 people attended.
In January 22, 1947, the commercial television stations in the United States began to enter the Hollywood. In December of the same year, the Hollywood for the first time for the TV movie. In 50s, the music recording industry also began to get involved in Hollywood and the nearby city of burbank. Most movie studios remain in place, but Hollywood's appearance has changed. In 1952, CBS Fairfax and Beverly Avenue at the junction of the city set up the TV, CBS actually move the expansion means to expand their territory in Hollywood.
In 1958, Hollywood Avenue of Stars (Walk of Fame) was built.
February 9, 1960, actress Joanne Woodward The first star award.
In 1985, Hollywood's commercial and entertainment district was officially included in the list of protected historic buildings.
In June 1999, the Losangeles subway opened to Hollywood.
In 2001, the Kodak theater (Kodak Theatre) opened at Highland Avenue, became the Oscar awards ceremony held in the new place.
In 2002, residents launched a number of Hollywood Hollywood independent, is no longer part of the Losangeles movement. Hollywood municipal government decided to allow all residents to vote in Losangeles. Independence was rejected by an overwhelming majority.
When Harvey Wilcocks developed this land, never dreamed that this would become synonymous with a tiny area in the world after several years.

Hollywood location advantage

 The mountains near the sea of Losangeles The mountains near the sea of Losangeles
Los Angeles The area became the ultimate belonging film world, mainly because of its natural conditions richly endowed by nature: mild climate, ample sunshine, ideal for outdoor shooting light, picturesque sea style, different forms of mountains background; and vast untapped natural space, suitable for building large-scale location, scheduling large-scale action.
The development and prosperity of Losangeles itself is also a great temptation. As the "land of hope" attracted huge investment potential of the God of wealth will come in a throng, the vast Losangeles desert, farmland and barren hills carved into one of the nation's fastest growing city, become a full of every hue of the theater in Losangeles forest landscape.
Until today, the Losangeles area covers an area of 10575.47 square kilometers, by the 88 joint County of Losangeles city. Losangeles city is one of the city, covers an area of 1204.34 square kilometers, is the largest area of the city. Hollywood is a town belonging to the city of Losangeles. In most areas of Losangeles and its adjacent communities are creeping in a northeast southwest of the sea mountains, flat basin, east to the vast barren desert spread hundreds of kilometers.
In addition to natural conditions, the subjective reasons, the main factor is the famous inventor from Hollywood Edison The founder of the film Trust The company's strong pressure. Edison is a famous inventor. He has invented many innovations in film equipment, and has a corresponding patent. From 1897 to 1918, Edison in the United States patent dispute over the film, and many film makers to court. At the same time, he saw the film industry's development vision, using their ace film equipment at that time in the eastern United States nine film company merged into his Motion Picture Patent Company, thereby controlling the film market. Those unwilling to order the producer, have to find a new way to get rid of Edison's monopoly, start all over again. At this time, a small studio in Edison before the establishment of the Motion Picture Patent Company to the Hollywood film (the film company) provides information on Hollywood. The original in the United States in eastern New Jersey film factory, cheap rented workshop in Hollywood, quickly made her first Hollywood movie "Indian heroes", the film expanded to Hollywood fame, filmmakers who want to find their own way out, are attracted to the Hollywood location and excellent natural developed traffic conditions, came to Hollywood to create a foundation. In addition to the California distance New Jersey It's very far away, Edison It is difficult to control his patent right here. California Edison's men not so much, even if he sent over, often have long leaked information, so that the Hollywood movie makers can promptly retreated to a nearby Mexico. Edison's rival Karl Remu in the Hollywood be busy at putting up installations and create a global company, and become the new king of pictures. On the contrary, as the birth of Hollywood agent Edison's Motion Picture Patent Company, only the scenery for 10 years, by the United States Court for illegal trust and bankruptcy.
 Losangeles super big traffic jam Losangeles super big traffic jam

Because public transport is not developed with much land and few people, car, must be Losangeles residents. Every day in Losangeles through the streets and cars on the highway at least 5 million or more. The busiest intersection is Hollywood highland street and Sunset Strip crossroads for traffic, every 24 hours at least 128000 vehicles through. The main urban traffic intersection every day are more than 100000 vehicles. In order to meet the total amount of 14 million vehicles across the highway, such as Losangeles's New York subway network. The most spectacular picture of Highway 101 and Highway 110 in downtown Losangeles to transfer. The two roads built in 1953, is the world's first four level interchange bridge, highway bridge, total 17 miles long layers arranged in a crisscross pattern, every foot of 500 thousand vehicles from the bridge in radial direction of the eight shuttle.
 Palm tree Palm tree
The most distinctive landscape palm tree is Losangeles. The dozens of varieties, or large or tall, slim and exquisite. Only for the local varieties: California palm trunk slender elegant (up to 15 to 80 feet), crown fluffy, annual results, daily food for eighteen, in nineteenth Century the local indians. The streets in the area of Losangeles in 30s two, planted thousands of trees, has been the main street is Hollywood, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and other regions, has become the symbol of Hollywood. Some people say that as long as saw Palm tree He went to Losangeles.
Due to the influence of culture of Mexico belong to Mexico, can be seen everywhere in Losangeles, Mexico has become the main local minority, the proportion is even higher than whites. Many city streets, buildings, food and music name in spanish.
 Losangeles street artist Losangeles street artist

Losangeles is the world's largest racial and cultural origin is the most diverse city. To hear 80 different languages in Losangeles resident population, the resident population from more than and 140 countries. Losangeles race proportion is as follows: 42% (mostly Latino Mexican 36%), Anglo American (white), 12% African American, 10% Asian (black). The number of the following race in Losangeles after its native mexicans, Armenia People, The Republic of Korea People, The Philippines People, Salvatore People, Guatemala People, Japan People, Cambodia People and Vietnam People. In Losangeles, only about 1000000 people speak English as a second language, there are more than 50 kinds of foreign language newspapers published in Losangeles daily, 17 foreign language radio station in Losangeles broadcasting. Spanish is the most listened to non English language, almost become the second official languages of Losangeles, notice signs in most public places and public facilities are also used English and spanish. Often heard in the streets of Losangeles: language and Vietnamese, Cantonese, Tagalog, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Armenia, Cambodia language etc.. A variety of dishes restaurant to express the multicultural origins of Losangeles. It is these immigrants from around the world help establish a special civilization in Losangeles, which became a source of eternal story.
 Losangeles desolate night Losangeles desolate night
The Hollywood has been retired. Although there are some post production film factory, technical support company and several major record still in Hollywood, but this year for Hollywood brilliant studios but only a stay in Hollywood is paramount. The film industry most of the richest and most successful creative personnel in the early decades ago left Hollywood. From the beginning of 50s, four, the Hollywood has declined from a picturesque residential, creation and tourism Mecca into the hustle and bustle, promiscuous low, sinful city, everywhere is full of vulgar tourist souvenir shops, drug dealers, beggars, prostitutes and homeless, until the end of 80s the decline scene reached its trough.
Create brilliant Hollywood to become a top political event in 90s in Losangeles, the mayor's office. Ironically, the riot in 1992 and the 1994 earthquake in Losangeles received large grants of the federal government, make it possible and necessary to reforming Hollywood. The reconstruction plan was quite effective. Since 1993, the crime rate dropped by 21%, dirty and dilapidated streets take on an altogether new aspect. Many landmark buildings were rebuilt, including the Egyptian theatre No. 6712 Hollywood boulevard. Disrepair, legendary Movie Palace
 Hollywood is a new round of glory Hollywood is a new round of glory
El Capita theatre, also funded by the The Walt Disney Company to re decoration, become Disney In the window of Losangeles cinema, is the nation's highest grossing single screen theater. There are dozens of other projects have started, including the new Hollywood Entertainment Museum and the Museum of the history of Hollywood. With the original Hollywood mountain Hollywood sign, Hollywood gate, a 3.5 mile long star avenue, Chinese Theatre In front of the star foot fingerprints, the Hollywood wax museum, Hollywood studios and Hollywood Museum Memorial Cemetery signs, Hollywood still attracts millions of tourists every year, the consumption of about one billion dollars. It seems, the brilliant gold town great comeback.

Hollywood physical geography

 The beautiful scenery of the Hollywood The beautiful scenery of the Hollywood
Located in the east of San Pedro Bay and the Pacific The Gulf of Santa Monica Along the coast, the urban area of 1204.4 square kilometers, population 3 million 486 thousand (1990), and United States of Mexico black people account for about 17% of the total population of 15%, about 1/3 residents speak spanish.
Large urban areas including Losangeles County and Orange , Ventura The two part of the county, and Beverly , Sears , Pasadena , Long Beach More than 80 cities and towns, a total area of 10567 square kilometers, a population of 10 million, second only to New York Big city. The city is located in the mountains on three sides of the open basin, except for the local hill Outside the ground, Ping Yan, with an average altitude of 84 meters; the northeast and southeast of Seoul St. Gabriela hill and Santa Ana mountains, dense forests. Mild and pleasant climate, in January the average temperature of 13.7 degrees, 23.4 degrees in July; more sunny weather, the annual rainfall is only 357 mm, with winter rain dominated. The first residential, 1887 by Lord Willcocks in the studio name lady named Hollywood. In 1910 to become a district of Losangeles. Because there is more than a sunny day in early twentieth Century, the film industry from the east to here, 30s is the most prosperous, most American movies from the ground. Until today, with the popularity of TV, Hollywood is always the world film industry center, together with the United States in more than and 600 television companies, is often used as the American film industry said on behalf of "tourism"!

Hollywood Film

The classic Hollywood movie 100, more representative of a:
 Citizen Kane Citizen Kane
"Citizen Kaine" (C ITIZEN KANE) (1941) Ocean Wells The immortal, "Rosebud", has become the symbol of all American filmmakers and film fans charm, has become the most famous movie history riddle. Ocean Wells is a Hollywood rebellion, in which he works for The traditional film The subversion, make this film work 60 years ago, until today, still full of magic and novelty, for each movie, "depth of field" and so on technical innovation, has not only the technology revolution, but the concept of Enlightenment: the movie is the dream into reality and reality the best tool for the dream.
2. " Casablanca "(C ASABLANCA) (1942) the earliest and most famous chapter in American style theme. In Rick's cafe we sing "La Marseillaise" fragments, once many people struggle in the anti fascist war was encouraged, even today, we still can feel the power of patriotism from the passage. Compared with this, the love entanglement between the protagonist handsome boys and pretty ladies, became the film a little seasoning.
 Godfather Godfather
3. " Godfather "(THE GODFATHER) (1972) in my mind," the godfather "status seems to be higher than" Casablanca ". Don Cleon Coppola portrayed in the film in the family history, betrayal, loyalty, love, affection, between the enemy after the light of humanity will struggle, and humble this so vivid, "the godfather" meaning has been beyond the ordinary people of the gang, it should be regarded as an epic and have the value of existence.
4. " Gone with the wind "(GONE WITH THE WIND) (1939) Hollywood Golden Age The representative works, scarlett The story has so many sentimental woman charmed, although the period of civil war by the film some distorted, but the beauty of love, always can attract people's attention, this luxury giant, Hollywood is the most outstanding film of love.
5. " Laurence of Arabia "(L AWRENCE OF ARABIA) (1962) and an epic film, directing the UK David Lean The handed down masterpiece, exquisite images and vast scenes, reflects the order to shoot large works known for outstanding film director accomplishment, the British taste is perfect.
 The wizard of Oz The wizard of Oz
" The wizard of Oz "(THE WIZARD OFOZ) (1939) 1939 is a golden age for the Hollywood film, in the top 10 this is the year produced second works, and 90 in the back, there will be 3 works selected. Hollywood is the dream of the factory, and the film is a beautiful dream for children and their parents, including the famous "over the rainbow", today has a countless number of artists, and they, all in their own childhood to the movies Ozzy China is very fascinated.
7. " Graduate "(THE GRADUATE) (1967) this is a definition of an era of the film, the last century lived through 60s for all Americans, to be more memorable than the Second World War, this is a concept of value is to re shuffle, the times and the churning for 10 years. and Duustin Hoffman The young lady played college students encounter the temptation is false and vain young generation's fable of American society.
8, in the "River" (ON THE WATER FRONT) (1954) director Elia Kazan and actor Malone Brando There have been two successful cooperation, is the first time in 1951. " A Streetcar Named Desire ", second is" in the river ". Kazan in the film the successful use of the documentary style of photography, the whole work is immersed in the solemn atmosphere, and this film depicts the dockers' life formed a tacit understanding, and Brando's performance, is a peak of his early film career.
 Schindler's List Schindler's List
" Schindler's List ("S CHINDLER" S LIST) (1993) in the top 10 only was selected for the 90s movie. With the humanistic care evaluation seems to be some light on the film, this is a nation cry, Spielberg First, from a personal point of view, the second is from the film director's vision, shooting a film in silence of the giant, in Hollywood today, there are very few films and directors so deep and profound.
10. " Rain song ("SINGIN G IN" THE RAIN) (1957) and the occasional "Sintel's list", this is the color of the Hollywood has. As a classic musical to be more classic, "the rain song" to explain to us what true peacefulness. Gene Kelly Dance, bring joy to people, of course he is outstanding, but human life can not only joy. Wait..........

Hollywood Famous scenery

Hollywood The Dolby Theatre

 The Dolby theatre of the red carpet The Dolby theatre of the red carpet
The Dolby theatre is located in the United States California Hollywood Hollywood Boulevard On November 9, 2001 opening, is Oscar Award The ceremony held in place. Until 2033, Oscar will hold a ceremony at the Dolby theatre.
The original Kodak theatre built in November 2001, with 3400 seats, beginning from 2002 has been held fixed Oscar. Kodak has a cost of $74 million (plus annual pay CIM 3 million 600 thousand) won the theater naming rights for 20 years, but the beginning of 2012, the mismanagement of the Kodak company filed for bankruptcy protection, there is no money to pay the huge cost of the title. They request to terminate them with CIM's naming contract to the bankruptcy court, the court subsequently approved.
Kodak terminated title after school once feared the new title of chamber of Commerce and the school image does not match, therefore has not renew the contract with CIM group. According to the original agreement, The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) and CIM Group signed a 20 year contract at the age of 10 years has been to the node, they can decide to terminate the contract for the new Oscar awards ceremony held.
 Oscar awards site Oscar awards site
And in May 2, 2012, the Hollywood Highland Center (formerly Kodak Theatre) all CIM group announced that they have Dolby Laboratories Inc with the famous audio technology company (Dolby Laboratories) signed a 20 year naming contract, then Kodak will be officially renamed the "Dolby theatre theatre". At the same time, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and the CIM group had extended their contract, from then until 2033, Oscar will hold a ceremony at the Dolby theatre, twenty years.
The Dolby theatre, formerly known as kodak theatre In February 2012, renamed the "Hollywood Highland Center, now renamed in May 2012.

Hollywood Chinese Theatre

 Chinese Theatre Chinese Theatre
One of the most important Hollywood scenic spot is located on Hollywood Boulevard China theatre, a well-known star handprints footprints to attract international tourists to see the star footprint. The Chinese Theater opened in May 1927, with its China style appearance of the building is named, 69 foot tall bronze roof high into the sky, also to the concept of China theatre art design.
Chinese theatre is still the most attractive cinema vestibule that 173 stars have left footprints, each of tourists visit, not busy shooting his idol footprints, is to put their hands on the star handprints on good than some. Many famous Hollywood Movie star as Shirley Temple , Denzel Washington , Tom Hanks , Harrison Ford , Mel Gibson , Tom Curise , Arnold Schwarznegger And Michael Jackson left a mark here, even Donald Duck Also left a lovely footprint here.
Oscar Award In 1944 to 1946 years on this issue, after the travel sites in 2002 after the revolution
 Inside the theatre Inside the theatre
Transfer to nearby The Dolby Theatre At. In addition to the Oscar awards, many Hollywood Movie Premiere is held here. Electronic enterprise, Chinese TCL group With the $5 million purchase of the Chinese Theater 10 years naming rights, on January 11, 2013 the official name was changed to "TCL Chinese theatre".

Hollywood Beverly Hills

 Beverly Hills Beverly Hills
After the rich and famous year left Hollywood, mostly moved to Beverly Hills, to become Losangeles's most luxurious residential area of the richest area. Like Hollywood, Beverly Hills is also one of the earliest inhabitants called Maria Rita Val Daizi, Delaweila African American widow, operates a 4500 acre cattle ranch. In 1854 she will be the pasture to 3000 dollars sold to the local two prestigious white. In 1906, a man named Burton E Green bought some land developers before the pasture, will build a small town called Beverly, and this year changed its name to Beverly hills. In 1912, the film industry moved west boom, Mr. Green opened the Beverly Hills hotel. Subsequently, the surrounding soybeans and rice fields have been gradually developed into trees, Qujingtongyou, luxury residential hidden star.
Beverly Hills resident population of about thirty-two thousand, but to sightseeing, shopping and working personnel can be expanded to six times the number five. The stars and celebrities gather here more than any other city in the world, many world famous brokerage agencies and production companies are located here. There will always be some guy in Mexico on both sides of Sunset Strip to tourists and fans to sell star map -- marked the former and present Hollywood celebrities home address map. An independent film "1997 star map" it tells a story of the hawker map.
 The mountain of luxury villas The mountain of luxury villas
Beverly Hills no slum district planning neat, well-proportioned trees, each street has a different species, can feel all the year round birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers; poles and other public facilities are hidden in the alley, the most luxurious residential concentrated in the City Beishan, more real houses are in the South; residents and visitors each year in Beverly Hills shopping amounted to $more than 700 million, mainly spent on the famous Rodeo Drive on both sides of the shops; the per capita consumption of the residents of books in the world; the ratio of doctors than any other city in the world, a total of 550 doctors per 60 inhabitants there is a doctor, and the average American is every 612 people have a doctor; there are 250 psychiatrists and 110 counseling experts, every 90 residents can enjoy a.

Hollywood Sunset Strip

 Hollywood Sunset Strip Hollywood Sunset Strip
A commercial street in Sunset Strip, it is 1 hour from the city center, is located near the exit Sunset and Fairfax street.
This street is located in the west of Hollywood, fashionable clothing stores, restaurants and coffee shops row upon row of. And one night, here is another big scene, various nightclubs, discos attracts gathering in crowds and groups of young people come to this bustling neon lights. In this street, you can see a lot of Hollywood stars, but each place of business is farther, you need a taxi or by car.
Sunset Plaza is located off the sunset, a half place, there are many restaurants and boutiques, is a bustling commercial street. It is not only a senior store, there are some reasonably priced coffee and ice cream shop. It is a small table in the roadside, you can also enjoy a delicious lunch.
There is a striking yellow building in this bustling street, that is the nation's most famous Frederick's . The clerk is not only the beautiful young lady, there are middle-aged women, here the customer is not confined to a few classes. Although some cultural people who could not understand because of the glare of the underwear and do not patronize this store, but it has the nation's unique design and size, or popular.

Hollywood Universal studios Beijing

 Universal studios Beijing Universal studios Beijing

Be located Los Angeles The northwest city, tourists will travel to Losangeles's land. Hollywood is the world famous studios, at the beginning of twentieth Century, some producers began filming here in 1928, has been formed to Paramount Strong team led by eight studios. Since 30s and 40s, Hollywood has become a cultural center in the United States, many of the writers, musicians and movie stars live in the nearby Beverly Hills upper .
Universal Studios Hollywood is the most attractive place, where you can visit the film's production process, review the classic film clips. The studio is composed of three parts, namely studios (full 50 minute movie tour, a special guide), park and park. You can in the movie filming process of the experience of the movie. Beside the entrance there is a cinema style fashion shopping district - Universal City avenue.

Hollywood Avenue of Stars

 Hollywood Walk of Fame Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame (Hollywood Walk of Fame) is a section along the Hollywood in the United States Hollywood Boulevard Stretch of sidewalk with vine street, have above more than 2 thousand star studded with Hollywood The chamber of Commerce Chase Star King celebrity name, in honor of their contribution to the entertainment industry. The first star in February 9, 1960 is awarded to Joan Woodward (Joanne Woodward). As of June 20, 2013 a total of 2500 stars above.
The Avenue along Hollywood Avenue from east of the Gower Street (Gower Street) extends to the west of the La Brea Avenue (La Brea Avenue), and yucca Street (Yucca and Street) Sunset Strip (Sunset Boulevard) between the vine Street advancing from north to south. Unless occasionally nearby construction or other reasons to change the position, on the avenue of star is permanent position .
Every star is a star Terrazzo Made from the pink Pentagram and with bronze and then embedded in dark grey box.

Hollywood Outdoor theatre

 Outdoor theatre Outdoor theatre
Built in 1922 this Amphitheatre Located in the north of Hollywood, is a Baise The concert special place, you will often see this in TV or movies amphitheater, the Beatles have in this play.
Every year in early July to early September there is a wild concert playing together by the Losangeles Orchestra and the Hollywood outdoor theatre orchestra. By Friday and Saturday, you can also enjoy this Film music Pop music, jazz and other music performances.
4 fireworks show held in the baseball season is also popular. So this place is a wise choice in the fireworks show, but need a month in advance booking. The concert at 8:30, when the sky is starry. If there is no concert, you are free to enter, and then enjoy a picnic.

Hollywood Beverly Hills Hotel

 Luxury Beverly Hills Hotel Luxury Beverly Hills Hotel
Beverly Hills Hotel is a favorite gathering place of world cinema. The hotel covers an area of 12 acres, along with the Sunset Strip palm is strip rolled out, the entire hotel is a pink color, was known as the "pink house", a luxury suites, dance halls, bars, cafes and villas and suites all kinds of gardens, the whole design is a Renaissance style. Built in 1912, at a cost of $500 thousand, in 90s for overhaul, which lasted two years, at a cost of $140 million, reopened in 1995. Even in Beverly Hills, this is an extremely expensive cosmetic surgery. From the bustling streets into the hotel, as into a sheltered hall, nearly hundred years of quiet elegance does not seem to change. Marilyn Monro was in this tasting milkshake, Marina Dittrich was dressed in trousers and banned from entering the luxury lounge. Ellizabeth Taylor was here, a Villa Suite with her husband on many different pleasure. Because of this, this room for the price of $2000 a night, and the president of the main building suite in the price list with $3000 on the first. Opened in 1995, because the property has changed to the Sultan of Brunei, and his speech to the Israeli Palestinian conflict radical, it is said that business declined. However, this building houses powder is still the world's most famous entertainment industry "horsepond, bloody conflict half a world away after all out of reach.
At the entrance of the parking attendant to Tianmu dyed black and white color with a long line of cars, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Benz as the flagship brand; the swimming pool is often around Maoruo angel and radiant star, dressed in bikinis, and expose the skin, expect to be a big star or director is the world's top tennis court; the star is occupied; all kinds of indoor rest is about millions of dollars of film deals, the terms of the transaction is usually pull out in the cocktail napkin; thick bright grass than the new pan bills also green; different style garden is blooming azalea, camellia, rose and Magnolia, very ornamental exudes a pink and white quiet xin. All this money may explain why Beverly Hills Hotel for nearly a hundred years as one day to attract and fascinate so many wealthy celebrities.

Hollywood Landmarks

 "Hollywood" signs "Hollywood" signs
Here's a word height of 13.7 meters, is a famous building in Losangeles, can often see its shadow in the movie on tv. This is the original building for the development of the Hollywood area. In 1960, when Hollywood Land is Hollywood, the logo became a symbol of Hollywood. Have to mention is that in 1932 a new actress can not afford failure due to hit, once the mark in the "D" word zhuiya Dutch act. This sign has banned close, you can only through the telescope at the observatory on photography.

Hollywood Paramount Studios

Excellence (paramount) The movie company Have the only Hollywood studio located on Melrose avenue. This route has to provide general. This route takes two hours, you need to book tickets, as long as the Gower at the entrance to the street to buy tickets can visit the prescribed time. About 15 people for a tour group, children under the age of 10 can not enter.
The studio is not large, so the way to walking tour. Through the guide, you can see the background device for many films have been seen, such as film (Forrest Gump) in the long chair. Here a company under the star of the photo, and their movies will award the academic office and the Emmy awards. If you are lucky, you can see the stars shooting scene.
It has advanced TV hole shoes, studio control room more than 32 films can adopt advanced technology, coupled with the film vividly realistic soundtrack. Paramount's pre show room cost of one of the best in Hollywood, here to demonstrate the paramount Movie history And the classic movie playback. Finally, you can go to the Paramount's gift shop, there are all kinds of hats, with paramount logo T-Shirt name card, either you buy souvenirs.
Top brand Club
 Hollywood's top club brand Hollywood's top club brand
Hollywood is not only the Studio Entertainment star factory, is also the birthplace of the global fashion world, a number of commodities is due to Hollywood and become the top luxury brand. Hollywood's top club brand HOLLYWOOD SUPER BRAND CLUB, is the top brand operation organization, is a worthy of the name of the top global brands club.

Hollywood company

Twentieth century fox 20th: Century Fox Film Corporation (NewsCorporation)
Walter Disney The: Walt Disney Company (independent)
Columbia Columbia Pictures (under SONY)
Lionsgate : Lions Gate Films (independent)
New Line Cinema : New Line Cinema (membership Time Warner )
Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures (part of Viacom)

Universal Pictures Universal Pictures (membership Ge Corp )
Warner Brothers : Warner Bros. Pictures (part of Time Warner)
The Weinstein Company : The Weinstein Company (MGM distributes films)
Summit Entertainment Summit: Entertainment
DreamWorks DreamWorks Pictures (by: Viacom The acquisition)
Mira Max Pictures : Miramax Films is ( The Walt Disney Company The acquisition)
MGM : (by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Sony Pictures Entertainment The acquisition)
RKO : RKO (Radio Keith Orpheum)
Samuel Goldwyn company: The Samuel Goldwyn Company
Selznick International Pictures : Selznick International Pictures
United Artists : United Artists (by MGM acquisition)

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