Berkeley, University of California

University of California at Berkeley (University of California, referred to as Berkeley). Berkeley In the United States. "The father of the atomic bomb" Oppenheimer Here produced the first leadership Atomic bomb , Bomb Winner of the Nobel prize in physics; Ernest O. Lawrence This invented cyclotron The United States, and established the top national laboratory Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory Winner of the Nobel prize in chemistry; Seaborg The discovery of sixteen et al. Chemical element That way ahead in the world, of which ninety-seventh elements" Berkelium (Berkelium) "is named after Berkeley; in the engineering and computer field, Berkeley to the South Bay silicon valley Training a large number of talents, including Intel Founder Gordon Moore , Andy Grove and Apple Inc Founder Steve Wozniak . literary giant Jack London , Eileen Chang Once in the school work And now, The Fed Chairman Yellen Is a professor at the school .

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Berkeley, University of California History

Berkeley, University of California The period of the founding of

University of California at Berkeley where the land is in 1866 by the California private school (College of California) to buy,
 UC Berkeley UC Berkeley
But because of the shortage of funds, the State Institute of agriculture, mining and Mechanical Technology Institute was established in March 23, 1868 and merged. University Of California (University of California), a California university system's predecessor, but also The state of California The first full schedule of public university. The school opened in September 1869, at that time the school has 10 teaching staff and 40 students. At that time, as director of the University of California Frederick H. Billings proposed to commemorate the great eighteenth Century philosopher George Bekele (George Berkeley, note: Berkeley The city is named in honour of the great man), adding "Berkeley" in the name of the school, the University of California officially changed its name to "University of California at Berkeley" (University of, California, Berkeley). (Note: the University of California and there is no so-called "main campus", "campus" is the history of translation errors; in addition to administrative management, A branch is equivalent to a relatively independent University )
In 1870, Henry Durant of University of California at Berkeley, the school founder, first president (President). In 1873, when the North Building (North Hall) and South (South Hall) after the completion of the school officially moved into the new site is located in the city of Berkeley. The first students a total of 167 male and 222 female students. From the beginning of 1891, California Millionaire Phoebe Apperson Hearst Ms. Berkeley constantly to donate, this enables the school to carry out a large number of new disciplines, new teaching facilities. In 1905, the school in the northeast of Berkeley Sacramento (Sacramento) set up near the "school farm" (University Farm), after independence from Berkeley, to become another campus of the University of California - California-Davis .
In 1930s, the American Education Committee to investigate 2000 masterpiece scholars, the Berkeley in the "outstanding" and "appropriate" disciplines and among the top universities of America -- this is more than 200 years of public university to the East Ivy The first challenge from the university. In 1942, the American Council on education evaluation Berkeley owned by the U.S. Top The number of faculties jumped to second of the United States, second only to Harvard University .

Berkeley, University of California Rise time

From the beginning of 1952, The University of California Start with a university administrative system Separation, "Chairman Berkeley from the campus (President)" and "principal (Chancellor)". California University today is just as management mechanism of public university is a government of California, with the president and other positions, leading all 10 campuses (California university campus). California university campus each has a great autonomy, and has its own president.
 Freedom of movement Freedom of movement

In 1960s, University of California at Berkeley (MSRI), Professor Chen Shengshen served as the first director of the Institute of mathematics, and was also named "Chen Shengshen Lou (Shiing-Shen Chern Hall)" .
 Mark Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory Mark Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory
In early twentieth Century, Professor of physics, Berkeley the father of the atomic bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer (J. Robert Oppenheimer) in Berkeley founded the "center" of Oppenheimer theory of physics, attracted a large number of leading theoretical physicist and researcher, the formation of "Berkeley physics school", make Berkeley become one of the world's Center for theoretical physics; then the research center was renamed "Berkeley Center for theoretical physics" (Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics) . In 1942, Oppenheimer was appointed to the U.S. atomic bomb research plan" Manhattan Project "(Manhattan Project) chief scientist, the leadership of the Manhattan plan every department of science, Berkeley and many physicists in Manhattan plan has made outstanding contributions, including the later" Bomb "Father, Professor Berkeley Edward Taylor .
At the same time, winner of the Nobel prize in Physics Ernest O. Lawrence (Ernest O. Lawrence) on 1931 at Berkeley Hill (Berkeley Hills) campus after establishment of California University Laboratory (Radiation Laboratory of the radiation University of California), initially mainly used to study the acceleration in physics particle cyclotron, Laurence also invented here in 1932 cyclotron (Cyclotron), and in 1939 The Nobel prize in Physics . After the establishment of the Berkeley radiation laboratory, ushered in a large number of top experimental physicists and researchers, including the later famous Chinese physicist, President of the American Institute of physics, the first woman known as "China Mrs. Curie "Said the Chien-Shiung Wu Through the experiment (she has a doctorate in physics, Berkeley, in 1940 after the show Tsung-Dao Lee , Chen Ning Yang "Weak under the action of non conservation of parity" hypothesis, which won the 1957 Nobel prize in Physics) .
By the invented by Professor Laurence cyclotron In the study, Berkeley scholars found many heavy chemical elements in 92 uranium The elements, including No. 93
 The Laurence laboratory at night The Laurence laboratory at night
To number 106. All 14 The chemical elements (as well as 43 elements Technetium And the 85 elements Astatine ) No. 97; Berkelium (Berkelium) and 98. Californium (Californium) by Berkeley and California's name, and the number 103 Lawrencium (Lawrencium) and 106. seaborgium (Seaborgium) is respectively Ernest O. Lawrence And the winner of the Nobel prize in chemistry, President Berkeley Glenn Theodore Seaborg (Glenn T. Seaborg) named . During the two war, radiation laboratory contracted" Manhattan Project Part of the task ". Since then, the laboratory has gradually become one of the most important scientific research in the United states. In 1971, to commemorate Laurence, officially renamed the Radiation Laboratory Law rence Berkeley National Laboratory (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), belonging to the main The United States Department of energy Berkeley is in charge of the specific operation. .
The scientific community in the United States, the United States Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory The equivalent of "excellence" (Excellence) synonym. As of 2016, 13 scientists / associated with the laboratory had won the Nobel prize 70, scientists are The United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS) academicians, 13 scientists won the highest national award for lifetime achievement in scientific research field- National Medal of Science 18, an engineer was elected The United States National Academy of Engineering Academician, 3 scientists was elected to the Institute of Medicine . In addition, the Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory has trained thousands of college science and engineering students, they promote technological innovation across the United States and around the world. primary The United States Department of energy The minister, Nobel Laureate in Physics Chu Laurence served as director of the Berkeley National Laboratory in 2004-2008 years (Director), adjunct professor of physics at Berkeley, and in 1976 he received a doctor's degree in physics from Berkeley .
 Hans Einstein Hans Einstein

Berkeley has been with the engineering. Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology At the forefront of American racing together bridle to bridle, the field of engineering and science. Albert Einstein The eldest son Hans Einstein Since 1947 has served as Berkeley water conservancy project Professor, and Water Conservancy Engineering Authority -- to commemorate his outstanding contribution, the American Society of civil engineers also set up special "Hans Einstein prize" . The father of the world famous Chinese scientist, prestressed structural engineering Tung-Yen Lin Also graduated from Berkeley, after Berkeley also served as professor of engineering; in order to commemorate him, Berkeley also founded the t.y.lin Laboratory . Known as "the father of nonlinear circuit theory", "cellular neural network" the father of the famous Chinese engineers Leon Chua From 1971 it has served as a professor of electrical engineering and computer science department of Berkeley, the eldest daughter Amy Chua Is the famous" Tiger mom ".

Berkeley, University of California Principals

The position of headmaster in University of California in 1952 to reorganize and expand the creation; since then a total of 11 principals (Chancellor):
Clark Kerr (1952 - 1958)
 Sasata (Sather Tower) Sasata (Sather Tower)

Glenn T. Seaborg (1958 - 1961)
Edward W. Strong (1961 - 1965)
Martin E. Meyerson (1965 agents)
Roger W. Heyns (1965 - 1971)
Albert H. Bowker (1971 - 1980)
Ira Michael Heyman (1980 - 1990)
Chang-lin tien (19901997) (ancestral Chinese Wuhan city Huangpi District The famous. Chinese Scientists)
Robert M. Berdahl (1997 - 2004)
Robert J. Birgeneau (2004 - 2013)
Nicholas B. Dirks (2013 - present)

Berkeley, University of California The strength of running a school

Berkeley, University of California Administrative management

The University of California The system is implemented Three level hierarchical management system .
1) California University Council (the Board of Regents) (first class management)
The University of California The highest power system known as the "California University Council (the Board of Regents), including:
Post - member. The post period shall be the Council members of the term, a total of seven people, respectively: governor, lieutenant governor, the speaker of Parliament, public education supervision officer, alumni association chairman, vice chairman, chairman of the Alumni Association of California University system.
- nominated members. Enquiries by the state Advisory Committee members decided to candidates, a total of 18 people, twelve years of each term. The student representatives from the Council to designate a person to participate fully in the term of one year. On behalf of the teachers by the academic committee and vice president, without a vote, all can participate in the discussion and decision-making.
The main duties of the Council: formulation and to decide in the direction, university education facilities construction and reform of major decisions such as; accept state funding and the public offering, supervision of university financial expenditure
 Berkeley is the oldest building: South Hall (South) Berkeley is the oldest building: South Hall (South)
With the implementation of; appointment and designated California university system (President), the chairman of the campus Director (Chancellor), the agency responsible person in charge of the supervision and administration of the university management and implementation etc.. The law stipulates: "the California University Council organized management and full power to the University of California, only in the control of the legislation rules can provide necessary guarantee and maintenance of university assets to use the University within the specified range of donation. Thus, the main power of California University Council is to supervise and control of fiscal expenditure, which is a public university in the United States must take measures in society.
California University Council management called the first level management, the State Council and the state government is responsible for, on the nine, the implementation of unified management, administrative powers actually belong to the chairman of the California university system (President), appointed by the chairman vice chairman (Vice President) candidate, and respectively composed of their respective offices, exercise daily administration function. There are academic development, commercial finance, agriculture and natural resources, University and foreign relations, health and medical services in six were the main division vice president. This level of management is called the second level management level. At this level, management is more specific, directly related to the teaching arrangement and training of students and scientific research activities.
2) California university campuses Management (level second)
University of California at Berkeley is the implementation of the president (Chancellor) and vice president (Vice Chancellor) responsible for the classification system. School by the California University Council appointed vice president after the multi-level strict appraisal and selection, appointed by the president. The Dean (Provost), is the management of personnel. Under the management of the function of the office staff. Each department shall have a president and dean.
Specific duties: President, vice president and Prime Minister president of all administrative management of teaching and scientific research, under the principal assistant two, respectively in charge of personnel and legal affairs. Vice president of the division responsible for the implementation, horizontal management. There are seven vice presidents, including a vice president served as provost, assist our president general for all; a vice president of business and administrative affairs, under the three deputy assistant to the president, nine (Executive) director: are responsible for human resources; public security and traffic service; community sports; sports and recreational activities; student health services; administrative planning; internal audit; environmental health and safety supervision; corruption. A vice president of the Directorate General of capital projects, under a deputy assistant to the president, four (Executive) director are responsible for: Construction and inspection services; design and project management; budget; environmental planning. The secretary general a vice president of academic research, under a deputy assistant to the president, director of information systems and technology. A vice president of the Directorate General of resource planning and budget, under five (Executive) director: responsible for budget; information system; analysis of financial and management; planning and analysis; space management and capital projects. The secretary general a vice president of undergraduate affairs, under the two deputy assistant principal are responsible for the enrollment and college students' life education. Another executive director is responsible for the student accommodation. A vice president of the Directorate General of University, under a deputy assistant to the president, four (Executive) director: responsible for development projects and services; student activities; budget and administration; California University Alumni association. Other functions: Berkeley, the office of administrative and teaching departments is a big stall, in addition to the above departments, there are some function of the office shall be respectively responsible for the following matters: continuing education; graduate occupation and service environment; health and safety; international cooperation; financial support; foreign students and scholars; the university health service women; resources; registration and supervision of police etc..
3) Department of management (level third)
California university campuses (Campus) third levels such as school, schools, research institutes, center, Dean, director of laboratory was set up in the implementation of management, they have all the administrative affairs of the final decision right. Department is divided in Department of department director, cross department head of the organization, coordination of new disciplines. At present, (Dean) 16, were responsible for the College of Arts and Sciences; business school; College of chemistry; Institute of education; College of engineering; College of environmental design research; Ministry of health; School of information management and system; Center for international and regional studies; News Research Institute; School of law; Natural Resources Institute; Academy of Ophthalmology; School of public health; School of public policy; School of social welfare.

Berkeley, University of California School idea

1) the development of school culture
If the United States is a history of the development of the formation of history from the east to the west, then, Berkeley is the "western development" in the "intellectual development base". The public and private university Stanford University , California Institute of Technology Joint support from the eastern United States compared with the Ivy League universities shoulder western academic backbone.
 A panoramic view of the campus A panoramic view of the campus

As The University of California The founding Campus Berkeley, it is one of the most famous Institute . Why the University of California Berkeley so successful? Chinese scientists served as president Berkeley to increase Chang-lin tien That day, geography, and the external conditions of the school is successful; adhere to the academic standard, the professor will fully respect the decision of academic policy is the key to its success. Berkeley was able to increase to become the world's top universities, there are two fundamental reasons: 1) is a vision. At the beginning of school, the school in the development goal of Berkeley is to reach a consensus -- Take eclectic, free and open policy, let the world people in a church, to building a world class university. Along this line, Berkeley started soon in the arts and science, aimed at the world advanced level at the time catching up, vigorously develop. A hard one harvest. Berkeley in early 1880s by the shape of the discipline and the new comprehensive university image standing in the United States University of forest. 2) two is the importance of talent. In the accelerated development of various disciplines at the same time, Berkeley also tried to recruit talents. By hired means, supplemented by free and open work environment and excellent academic atmosphere, and on the west coast of California, richly endowed by nature of the natural environment, Berkeley From the northeast to the academic center of the large number of famous professors and famous scholars, the Berkeley faculty has been strengthened and developed greatly in a short time.
Berkeley is known for its multicultural. In February 15, 1990, the board of directors appointed professor of Chinese University of California Chang-lin tien President Berkeley: This is the first Chinese President of the famous university. The first direction is "committed to maintaining his school teachers and academic Berkeley increase in the outstanding position, adhere to the" plural and brilliant zhijiaolinian. During his tenure, Berkeley more attracts the most talented and most diverse students. At the same time, "Berkeley wants to increase the top talent, 80% to win".
Berkeley, undergraduate and postgraduate education. For a long time, the Graduate School of the school to maintain the largest in American University, the graduate students and postdoctoral students accounted for the total number of 1/3. As a high level qualified experts, they Everfount toward American Society of various jobs, to contribute to the economic and social development.
2) affect the individual, change the world
The spread of Berkeley philosophy is influence one by one, to change the world, every day Berkeley students to poor school children. This tradition has a long history. Berkeley's idea is to help, to make you stronger. Berkeley has three purposes: undergraduate education, sponsored research projects, the general public. One of the core objectives of the school is the public service. The school building is a student learning center, junior and senior student will come here to do teaching assistants, to mentees unriddling low grade. Each dormitory has a small learning assistance institutions. Berkeley is one of the most rewarding heart of the University, is committed to helping students who need help, more than half of the students are in the public community volunteer service.
3) autonomy tradition
The University of California Known for its academic freedom and autonomy of students. The University of California in Berkeley, not from the traditional conservative
 Chang-lin Tien (seventh President Berkeley) Chang-lin Tien (seventh President Berkeley)
There is no impassable constraint, the sacred rules of the religious order in this land of freedom, you can open a free imagination, a powerful and unconstrained style, to explore the unknown world, here your mind will be respected, even if others don't agree with you. It is this freedom from margin of west development gave birth to countless new ideas and great discoveries in the University of California Berkeley. Berkeley, adhere to the academic democratic No, no, the authority of celebrity promotion according to status, pressure. The school requires new teachers not to cooperate with the famous professor engaged in scientific research, writing papers, to encourage young teachers to create new areas. It is wise to promote and encourage competition in academic research field full of vigor. Professor Berkeley will give full play to the strength of. There is an old saying in American higher education, "the professor is in University, Professor Berkeley, is to determine the direction of education, participation in decision-making, promote the education policy implementation of the" main force ", the professor will have considerable power in decision-making and management in school.
California university principals encourage students self autonomy. President Sprauer was active in the student movement, during his term of office is vigorously promoting student and teacher autonomy. In the period of Wheeler administration, launched by the student management of the "high school students" activities, is to make the high grade students to organize students, drive and leadership of low grade students, the communication of the students learning, extracurricular activities and students by the students themselves to host. So, on one hand make the students get the organization and management of training in University, have the ability to adapt to the society; on the other hand reducedteachers management tasks, so that teachers can focus on teaching, rather than because of the management of students distracted. Wheeler launched the movement is not the source of water. California University was established in 1887 on the students' autonomous groups, but then the student government is only limited to the organization communication between students, such as learning, teaching things is not to ask the activities is intermittent, sometimes even in. Wheeler uses this organization in the light of its general trend, strong, the activities have been fully carried out, and the growing influence. The formation of one of the three major organizations of the University of California. The students in the form of autonomy to participate in school management, on the one hand with academic autonomy, on the other hand to keep our school often new, rather than gradually tend to be conservative, behind the times.
It is because of the liberal tradition, Berkeley was able to keep fresh and enterprising spirit. In liberalism under the influence of Berkeley's discipline construction is particularly striking, the school also pay much attention to research on interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, such as the California College of Arts and Sciences were the first to set up a specialized subject of male Homosexuality Lesbian, Sexual perversion and Bisexuality The problem, which has achieved a leading position in this field.

Berkeley, University of California teaching model

1) undergraduate education
University of California at Berkeley undergraduate project is four year, full-time, very emphasizes the cultivation of art and science. Freshman admission is very competitive, but there are a lot of students through the transfer in the second and third time into Berkeley. Berkeley is the most popular professional: Electronic Engineering and computer science, political science, molecular cell biology, environmental science and economics etc..
 Berkeley - San Francisco Berkeley - San Francisco

Complete the undergraduate academic requirements are mainly from four aspects: California university system, Berkeley campus, the college and majors department. These requirements include: Entry-level English writing (must meet the minimum scores of SAT or ACT requirements), "the history of the United States and institutions (American History and Institutions)" and "American culture breadth (American Cultures Breadth)" course, and then reach the corresponding college and professional course credits. Undergraduate final exam is generally 3 hours, in the middle of the fall semester of December or mid May spring semester. University of California at Berkeley's score system is: letter grades, which is in accordance with A, B, C, D, F five grades to give each course achievements. A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0, F=Fail, is the need for make-up fail the exam. In addition, each level has a number of 0.3 + floating point (such as B+=3.3), - number minus 0.3 GPA (such as A-=3.7), the highest is only 4, that is to say A+ is 4. Different majors have different requirements for graduation grades, academic performance will be the best academic honors graduate title at the time of graduation.
2) Graduate Education
University of California at Berkeley offers a very extensive research program, many of which are expanding and extending corresponding specialty. Graduate degrees include: Master 's of Art' s of Master, master of Arts, master of Science in Science, Master 's of Fine Art Ph.D, PhD, master of fine arts, as well as some special graduate degree, such as Dr. Juris Doctor Master of Business Administration law, business administration master. In 2012, the school awarded 887 doctoral, 2506 master's degree. Apply to enter the graduate program is independent of the faculty and all independent enrollment rights. In 2010, the National Research Council, will study Berkeley's graduate education ranked the top; 2015-16 Berkeley arts graduate project almost all in the top 5 . At the same time, University of California at Berkeley received National Science Research Fund ranked first, between 2001 and 2010, a total of 1333 research projects funded.

Berkeley, University of California Schools and Departments

University of California at Berkeley is dominated by traditional multidisciplinary integrated with new disciplines and supplemented by professional college. The school has 14 colleges, including 170 department. 14 schools: the "Colleges" to include undergraduate and postgraduate education, and "Schools" only graduate, the only exception is the business school. Berkeley offers 106 undergraduate degree programs, 88 postgraduate programs, 97 doctoral students and academic research project, 31 occupation oriented program.
1 College of Arts and Sciences)
College of Arts and Sciences is a western education system in the discipline of traditional education to the Department of comprehensive organization, as the backbone of Berkeley College of Arts and Sciences is the largest of the 14 colleges, the largest number of students in a college is the most important, it has a total of 6 departments, 46 departments. Many liberal arts colleges provide minor degree, the following is a detailed list.
Department of life science, Department of biology, Department of molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, cell and developmental biology, genetics, immunology, cell biology and physiology
The Humanities Department: the Department of the history of art, art practice, classical art department, the Department of comparative literature, theater arts, Department of East Asian languages, English, French, German, and the Italy research department, music department, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Department of philosophy, rhetoric, Scandinavian languages, the Slavic language and literature department and South and Southeast Asia Research Department and the Spanish and Portuguese
Physical science department: Department of physics, Department of astronomy, Department of geography, Department of mathematics and Statistics Department
Department of Social Sciences: African American Studies Department, the Department of anthropology, democracy, Department of Economics Department, Department of geography, ethnology, history, linguistics, political science, psychology, sociology and women's Studies Department
Interdisciplinary and undergraduate education department: energy and resources group, the cognitive research projects, research projects, creative writing project, environmental science projects, interdisciplinary research projects, research projects, the legal system of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender research project, mass communication research projects, religious research projects, research projects, Asia the development of research projects, research projects in Latin America and Middle East peace and conflict research projects, research projects, industrial society's political and economic research projects, national defense education research project and so on
2) Business School
Haas (Haas School of Business) was founded in 1898, its predecessor is the school of business (College of Commerce), its purpose is to service the Pacific Coast business activities, so from the founding of the institute attaches great importance to research and communication to other Asian countries. In 1989, the business school was renamed the Haas School of business, is to (Berkeley alumni, Levis The former chairman of the company name) . Relying on good business environment in California and the west coast of the strong financial support, coupled with the status of San Francisco Asia Pacific business hub, Haas has now become one of America's top business schools, in finance, international business, nonprofit management, entrepreneurship and other aspects of characteristic. In 2016 US News, the nation's best business school rankings, Haas seventh highest in the country, part-time MBA (Part-time) project is ranked the nation's first. In addition, the financial engineering master's Haas School of business (MFE) project is known as one of the best financial engineering project.
 Haas appearance Haas appearance

Business School offers undergraduate programs and graduate programs. Graduate programs include: MFE (Master of financial engineering project); Full-time MBA (Full-time MBA program); Weekend&Evening MBA (part-time MBA project); JD/MBA (Master of law and business administration double degree program); MBA/MPH. (Master of business administration and public health project; MBA/MA (double degree) Master of Business Administration And a double degree in Asian Research Project (E.M.B.A) in the MBA) and Dr. PH.D project management. To provide undergraduate business management education, called the UGBA: Undergraduate Business Administration.
3) College of Chemistry
Under the 3 Department of chemistry, chemical engineering and biological chemistry. 3 Bachelor of Science Degree (Bachelor of Science): Chemistry, chemical engineering, chemistry and biology; and 1 Bachelor degree (Bachelor of Arts): chemistry. (Note: the Bachelor of literature will require some humanities courses, and a Bachelor of Science degree courses more professional)
4) Institute of Education
Provide the cognition and development of language and literature education; cultural education; research policy, organization, measurement and evaluation etc.. To provide undergraduate minor projects.
5) College of Engineering
University of California at Berkeley College of engineering has been known as the cradle of world top engineers, due to the adjacent silicon valley ,
 A college of Engineering A college of Engineering
Many graduates have entered the top technology companies after graduation, such as Microsoft , Google , Apple Etc.. The Berkeley Institute and Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been ranked one of the top three. Under the Department of biological engineering, civil engineering and environmental engineering department, Department of electrical engineering and computer science, industrial engineering and operations management department, the Department of materials science and engineering, Department of mechanical engineering and Nuclear Engineering Department of Engineering college. The seven Department offers eight corresponding undergraduate engineering project.
With a Bachelor of Science Degree professional include: Civil and environmental engineering, electronic engineering and computer science, engineering science, industrial engineering and operations research, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering etc.. In addition, the Institute also offers a rich major and minor system, students can expand according to their ability and interest.
6) College of environmental design
Department of architecture, city and regional planning department under the Department of architecture and landscape. With a bachelor's degree, professional literature including: architecture, city design, landscape design and environmental planning, sustainable environment design etc.. To provide undergraduate minor projects.  
7) School of Journalism
Provide legal projects, research project in Asia and Latin America research project. Only the master's degree.
8) School of law
J.D. provides legal professional doctoral program (Senior occupation degree); L.L.M. (Master of law project for foreign law degree); J.S.D. M.A./PH.D; legal science Ph.D. program; Master of law and social policy; Doctor of Philosophy Project.
9) School of information
Provide information management system and the master's degree and doctorate in philosophy as follows: information users and social information organization; management and service; information economics ; information retrieval; information technology; system analysis and design; information policy .
10) College of natural resources
Department of agricultural and resource economics department, Department of environmental science, Department of Nutritional Sciences, plant sciences under the. The original independent "energy and resources" in 2011 into the natural resources institute. Professional include: research, environmental protection and resource and environmental economics and policy science, forestry and natural resources, genetics and plant biology, microbiology, molecular biology, environmental toxicology, molecular nutrition, society and environment etc.. To provide undergraduate minor projects.
11) Academy of Ophthalmology
Provide visual science project.
12) School of public health
Provide health statistics project, health science projects, environmental research on infectious diseases and health services and policy analysis project, project, project, microbial immune health and pharmacy, gene project consulting project.
13) School of public policy
To provide undergraduate minor projects, master of public policy, Public Policy PhD project.
14) School of social welfare
Provide social welfare project master PhD project, social welfare (as for social welfare workers provide the actual project).

Berkeley, University of California Research on reputation

Berkeley, University of California The reputation of

Study on the level of the University of California at Berkeley reached the world top, 2016 has 1642 full-time and more than and 600 part-time staff ,
 The Nobel prize winner (NL) parking The Nobel prize winner (NL) parking
The distribution in each big department. Berkeley has a high academic reputation in the world In more than and 100, sub discipline of its own, there are many world-class academic masters. Berkeley was in the work and study The Nobel prize The winner (Nobel Laureate) not less than 92 (8 professors), the Nobel prize number fourth in the world, including 32 Alumnus . At the same time, Berkeley from out of 22 Turing Award The winner (including 3 professors ), in The first in the world Well, 13 Fields Medal winner (including 3 professors ), in Fifth of the world . In addition, Professor Berkeley in 149 The United States National Academy of Sciences Academician , 76 The United States National Academy of Engineering Academician , 235 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Academician , 4 The Pulitzer prize winner , 15 National Medal of Science winner , 33 MacArthur Genius Award winner 77, Fulbright scholar , 139 Guggenheim Fellowship The winner and 125 Sloan Research Fellow Winner .
On the basis of the authority of the world university rankings The Academic Ranking of World Universities Berkeley has been with. Harvard University , Stanford University To stand in the world of academic research four position. In 2010, Berkeley in the world university rankings ranked second, second only to Harvard University. In 2014-15 years, 2015-16 years in the Academic Ranking of world universities, Berkeley's physical and chemical professional also ranked first in the world rankings, natural science is the world's first years; 2015-16, computer engineering, mathematics, economics, ranked third in the world, ranked fourth in the world. In addition, Berkeley Graduate student Education has always been considered the most top level, the annual training of outstanding talents in the past 100 years, making outstanding contributions to American society, but also cultivate a lot of international talents for the world, its influence throughout the world. Graduate school to get The National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarship (Fellowship) the number of graduate students in the first (second, third respectively. MIT and Stanford ), also has many famous prize winners (such as 137 Fulbright scholarship) .
 Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen

Berkeley professors, researchers, students and alumni leadership Manhattan Project , built the first Atomic bomb ("the father of the atomic bomb" Oppenheimer ) And the first one Bomb (the "father of the hydrogen bomb" Edward Taylor ) And the invention of the laser And found Dark energy And the invention of the cyclotron And the invention of the Bubble chamber That, at least 16 Chemical element Discovery of deuterium" deuterium "Found Carbon 14 And the invention of the 14s - Determination of carbon And cracked Photosynthesis ( The Calvin cycle ) And found Vitamin E And found streptomycin And the invention of the PCR The technology, invented prestress And the invention of the mouse And the invention of the UNIX System, create BSD And the invention of the RSA The encryption method and so on, put forward the theory of the extinction of the dinosaurs" An asteroid said ", created Sun micro System (co founder Bill Joy ), is put forward Moore And for the first time identified Influenza virus So, Berkeley is the first non negligence divorce The place of drafting the bill. Incumbent The Fed Chairman janet yellen Is University of California at Berkeley professors, have won the two award for outstanding teaching in the school .

Berkeley, University of California The overall ranking

There are four authoritative World University Rankings: 1) USNEWS World University Rankings (US News Best Global Universities), a comprehensive measure of university research and teaching strength (focus on Graduate); 2) The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), the ranking is completely based on objective data as the standard, pay attention to the measure of a university's academic research ability and teaching ability; 3) Times Higher Education (THE) world university rankings; 4) QS World University Rankings . After the two ranking is the University's teaching and research strength (focusing on undergraduate) comprehensive measure, but is easily affected by subjective prejudice and commercial factors . Should a rational view. The following is a comprehensive ranking of Berkeley:
- 2016-17 ARWU World University Rankings: global third ;
- 2016-17 US News World University Rankings: Global fourth ;
- 2016-17 THE the World University Rankings: Global tenth Reputation: Global sixth ranking. ;
- 2016-17 QS World University Rankings: Global twenty-eighth
In addition, in the nationwide, US News of various colleges and Universities Undergraduate project Also rank (US News Best Colleges), Berkeley 2016-17's undergraduate program ranked twentieth (United States Public University In first ). But the rankings only for undergraduate programs instead of a university's comprehensive strength, so the US News at the end of 2014 introduced can better reflect the comprehensive strength of the University in the world university rankings (Best Global Universities, see above) . ( Note: the American public university by state laws and regulations of the state to recruit a large number of high school students, and independent private universities in enrollment, the public university undergraduate programs inevitably limited )

Berkeley, University of California Discipline ranking

University of California at Berkeley is ranked in almost all areas of the world top 10, the following is a detailed list.
1) 2015-16 ARWU The Academic Ranking of World Universities The academic field, discipline ranking :
The academic field The world ranking Subject (Department) The world ranking
Science (NATURAL SCIENCE) One physics One
Engineering Course Three Chemistry One
Social Sciences Five computer science Three
life sciences Eight Mathematics Four
Medical courses 27 (2) * Economics / business Four

* Note Berkeley: because there is no independent medical college, the vast majority of medical items and University of Calif San Francisco In cooperation, the "medical" section of Berkeley's world ranking has a double meaning -- the world's twenty-seventh independent medical projects Berkeley minority ranking second in the world, and is a comprehensive medical direction (including San Francisco, ranking and ranking of all cooperation projects).
2) 2015-16 Times Higher Education World University The academic field ranking :
The academic field
natural science
Engineering Technology
Medical courses life sciences The arts and Humanities Social Sciences
The world ranking Four Five 5 (TIE) Seven Seven Ten

natural science
Engineering Technology
3) 2015-16 QS World University Subject (Department) or professional disciplines ranking :
Specialty The world ranking Specialty The world ranking Specialty The world ranking
environmental science One Modern linguistics Four Performing Arts Eight
Chemistry Two history Four Psychology Eight
Study on communication and media Two English language and Literature Four Philosophy Nine
Sociology Two Physics and Astronomy Five linguistics Nine
chemical engineering Three Study on the development of Science Five Law Nine
Earth and Ocean Science Three Anthropology Five Accounting and Finance Ten
Electrical engineering Three Social policy and management Five Politics and international relations Ten
Architecture Three Mathematics Six Business Administration Eleven
Statistics and operational research Four archaeology Six Art design nothing
mechanical engineering Four life sciences Six Veterinary Medicine nothing
Economics 4 (TIE) geography Six Medical Science nothing
Agriculture and Forestry Four mineral engineering Six pharmacy nothing
material science Four computer science Seven Dentistry nothing
Civil Engineering Four Education 7 (TIE) Nursing nothing

In the ranking of 42 disciplines / QS World University in Berkeley, a total of 35 subjects, among the top ten in the world The first in the world Ahead, Stanford University (33) and Harvard University (30) .
4) 2016-17 US News the nation's major Graduate School (Gratuate School) ranking :
Natural Science (Department) The United States ranked (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences) The United States ranked
Chemistry 1 (TIE) Sociology 1 (TIE)
computer science 1 (TIE) history 1 (TIE)
Statistics Two English and Literature One
physics 2 (TIE) Psychology 2 (TIE)
Mathematics 3 (TIE) Economics 5 (TIE)
Earth Science 3 (TIE) political science Six
life sciences Four criminology nothing

2016-17 US News the nation's major Vocational College (Professional School) ranking :
Vocational College College of Engineering School of business law school College of Education medical college School of Nursing
The United States ranked Three Seven 8 (TIE) 18 (TIE) nothing nothing

Berkeley, University of California Academic resources

 School library School library

The total area of the Berkeley school is about 5 square kilometers, and the main campus of about 72 hectares. The Berkeley library, a total of 3 and 24, the main library branch library and 11 libraries, more than 10 million books, is the fifth largest university library in North America, ranking second only (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute);
- the United States (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) ;
- the United States (Space Sciences Laboratory), the search for extraterrestrial intelligence plan Seti@Home Headquarters;
- Keck & Keck Observatory (W.M.Keck Observatory);
Berkeley, quantum information and Computing Center (Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center);
Berkeley nano science and Nano Engineering Research Institute (Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute);
East Asia Research Institute (Institute of East Asian Studies);
Berkeley, law, business and Economics Center (Berkeley Center for Law, Businessand the Economy);
Berkeley (Berkeley Seismological Laboratory) Seismological laboratory;
Berkeley energy and Climate Research Institute (Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute);
Berkeley (Berkeley Population Center Population Research Center)

Berkeley, University of California The traditional culture

Berkeley, University of California The school motto

The motto of Berkeley from " Bible ", Latin: Fiat Lux; Let There Be Light; English: Chinese: let the light shine on .

Berkeley, University of California School badge

 Berkeley Badge Berkeley Badge
Berkeley badge (right) is circular, printed books and middle school motto, let moral knowledge become a human guide light shine on the earth .

Berkeley, University of California School song

Lord Berkeley song is "Sons of California" (son of California), and the school sports team song is "Big C" .

Berkeley, University of California sports

Berkeley's school sports team belongs to the National Association of College Physical Education in the United States (National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA (NCAA Division I) first division - Pac-12) . Famous sports teams include Rugby Team, Basketball The football team and so on, and Berkeley Stanford University The football team held a grand game in the fall of the year, commonly known as Big Game. Berkeley's mascot is "Oski bear (Oski the Bear)", because the color is so called "Golden Golden Bear (Golden Bear)" .
The emergence of the famous swimmer Berkeley Misi Franklin (known as the "female version Phelps "), matt biondi , Natalie Doughlin Well, the former NBA star Jason Kidd , Kevin Johnson Many famous athletes.
In the past Olympic Games Current students and alumni, Berkeley has won 117 Olympic gold medals, 51 silver medal and 39 bronze medal The total number of medals, medals and ranked the nation's fourth After. University of Southern California (144 gold medals, 309) , Stanford University (139 gold medals, 270) and University of California at Los Angeles (123 gold medals, 233) .

Berkeley, University of California Campus environment

University of California at Berkeley is located in the U.S. state of California Berkeley The city is located. The San Francisco Bay Area In the northeast, and San Francisco , Golden Gate Bridge And across the Bay, the mountain and the sea, the scenery is magnificent. Is the San Francisco Bay Area Mediterranean climate In rainy season, spring and winter season, cool and pleasant weather.
 Sather tower - Golden Gate Bridge Sather tower - Golden Gate Bridge

Berkeley is the main campus of about 178 acres (72 hectares, 1081 acres), the total Campus (including the Berkeley hills. Etc.) about 1232 acres (499 hectares, 7479 acres) . Berkeley is a famous center of the campus Sather Tower (Sather Tower, The Campanile), is the world's third tallest tower Every day, in the important moments on the tower will have on people, music bell . In the evening, under the clock tower can watch the spectacular sunset in Golden Gate Bridge. Berkeley campus beautiful, lush vegetation, almost everywhere Squirrel , Sparrow Wild animal, and often there will be wild deer , turkey and Raccoon Haunt.
The school has four gates to the four corners of the world, including the South Gate (Sasemen, Sather Gate) the main gate, while the iconic building is one of the Sasemen Berkeley . Sasemen is one of the central locations in 1960s "freedom of movement", is located in Sproul (Sproul Plaza), next to the Plaza surrounding a large student market "Golden Bear cafe" (Golden Bear Cafe) During the day, there will be various student organizations to sell propaganda or a variety of student activities, very lively; while in the school at the University of California with Simon logo (Univeristy of California). There are a lot of restaurants around the campus distribution (including many restaurants), market and student apartments, including school canteens (Dinning Commons) and the school dormitory The student accommodation is very convenient.
 Sassemen (South Gate) Sassemen (South Gate)

Berkeley around the campus in all directions, through the South San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (Bay Bridge) or the East Bay high speed can reach the urban area of San Francisco, Stanford University and silicon valley So, finally connected to the world famous California A highway (direct access to Los Angeles , Santiago ); north to reach the famous California Wine For Dummies Place of Origin Napa Valley (Napa Valley) and California state Sacramento (Sacremento). Berkeley also near the famous ski resort Lake Tahoe (Lake and Tahoe) Yosemite National Park (Yosemite National Park) and many other national parks and scenic spots.

Berkeley, University of California Famous characters

1) in mathematics, physics and Astronomy
Shiing-Shen Chern A world-class master of mathematics, differential geometry The father,
 Shiing-Shen Chern Shiing-Shen Chern
1960 has served as professor Berkeley Department of mathematics, and the establishment of (MSRI), the Institute building was named "Chern building" (Shiing-Shen Chern Hall);
(Space Sciences Laboratory);
 Oppenheimer Oppenheimer

Julian Schwinge And one of the greatest theoretical physicists in twentieth Century, one of the founders of quantum electrodynamics, and Richard Feynman Famous and won the 1965 Nobel prize in physics, 1939 -1941 years engaged in academic research in Berkeley, under the tutelage of Oppenheimer;
Stephen Weinberg That famous theoretical physicist, was awarded the 1979 Nobel prize in physics for outstanding contributions to the "weak unified theory", 1959-1966 is on the Faculty of Berkeley;
Sheldon Glashow That famous theoretical physicist, was awarded the 1979 Nobel prize in physics for outstanding contributions to the "weak unified theory", as in Berkeley 1962-1966 (vice professor);
Tsung-Dao Lee , the famous Chinese American theoretical physicist, for Parity nonconservation The theory in 1957 won the Nobel prize in physics, has taught in Berkeley (1950-1951);
David Glos The famous theory of particle physicists, string theory Experts, 2004 physicist Nobel winner, 1966 won the Berkeley physics doctorate;
Michio Kaku , the famous Japanese American theoretical physicist and science writer, representative works include " Physics of the impossible "," Parallel universe "On 1972, won the Berkeley physics dr.;
Ernest O. Lawrence Berkeley, the famous experimental physicist, Professor of physics, invented in 1932 cyclotron And won the Nobel prize for physics in 1939, and Berkeley established the "California University Radiation Laboratory" (then renamed" Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory "), make Berkeley become one of the World Natural Science Research Center, No. 103 chemical elements Lawrencium (Lawrencium) is named in memory of Laurence;
 Laurence Laurence

The famous physicist, 1968, the winner of the Nobel prize in physics, with its common proposed" An asteroid said "The dinosaur extinction theory (Alvarez Hypothesis), he has spent almost the entire academic career at Berkeley;
Charles Hard Townes The world famous, experimental physicist, laser Study on the pioneer, known as the "father of laser", won the 1964 Nobel prize for physics in 1967, has served as professor Berkeley until his death;
Chien-Shiung Wu The famous Chinese physicist, experimental and President of the American Institute of physics, the first woman known as "Chinese Mrs. Curie" said, in 1940 Berkeley has a doctorate in physics, was proved through experiments Tsung-Dao Lee , Chen Ning Yang "Weak under the action of non conservation of parity" hypothesis, which won the 1957 Nobel prize in Physics) ;
Otto Stern The famous physicist, 1943, the winner of the Nobel prize in physics, and Gerlach were famous Stern Gerlach experiment (Stern-Gerlach Experiment), proved that the quantization of electron spin Before his death, has served as professor emeritus professor of physics, Berkeley honors;
Donald Glaser That famous experimental physicist, who invented the famous" Bubble chamber "And won the Nobel prize in physics in 1960, 1959 has served as professor Berkeley until his death;
Chu The international famous, experimental physicist, winner of 1997 Nobel prize in Physics
 Chu Chu
Twelfth, Ren The United States Department of energy The minister, 1970 - 1976 in Berkeley for a physics PhD, 1976 - 1978 to continue postdoctoral research at Berkeley, served as the United States from 2004 to 2008 Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory The director also held during the Department of physics professor Berkeley, Department of molecular biology ;
Xiaowei Zhuang The famous Chinese physicist, Professor of biology, the American Academy of Sciences, Harvard University, 1997 to obtain a doctorate in physics from Berkeley;
Lisa Randall , a famous theoretical physicist, Harvard professor of theoretical physics, 1987-1990 postdoctoral research fellow Berkeley;
Shen That famous Chinese physicist, known as the "father of nonlinear optics, physics professor Berkeley;
George Smoot That famous astrophysicist and astronomer, Berkeley professor of physics, because in The cosmic microwave background radiation Made an outstanding contribution and won the Nobel prize for physics in 2006, Berkeley founded the famous "Berkeley cosmology center" (BCCP);
Sol Pelmat That famous astrophysicist and astronomer, Berkeley professor of physics, 1998 leadership team found that the expansion of the universe is accelerating to prove Dark energy The existence of the 2011 Nobel prize in physics;
2) chemistry and Life Science
Glenn Theodore Seaborg The famous chemist,
 Glenn Theodore Seaborg Glenn Theodore Seaborg
1958-1961 Berkeley, the second President (Chancellor), 1951 Nobel Laureate in chemistry, and Edwin McMillan The leadership team found more than 10 kinds of chemical elements in Berkeley No. 97, including Berkelium (Berkelium) and 98. Californium (Californium) the two by Berkeley, California named the No. 106 chemical elements seaborgium (Seaborgium) is named in his honor;
Harold Clayton Yuri , a famous chemist, for the discovery of deuterium" deuterium "The 1934 Nobel prize in chemistry in 1921, Berkeley for a Ph.D. in chemistry;
William Francis Giauque , a famous chemist, because of its outstanding contribution in the material research field near absolute zero and the 1949 Nobel prize in chemistry, in his most academic career in Berkeley spent;
Willard Libby , a famous chemist, who invented 14s - Determination of carbon The 1960 Nobel prize in chemistry, undergraduate and a PhD in Berkeley at the beginning of 1930s, after Berkeley served as professor of Department of chemistry;
Thomas Cech , a famous chemist, biochemist, because in RNA The outstanding contribution of the 1989 Nobel prize in chemistry, 1975 Berkeley chemistry dr.;
Alan J. Heeger In 2000, the famous chemist, Nobel Laureate in chemistry, solid polymer field leading experts, in 1961 won the Berkeley doctorate in chemistry;
Yang , the world's top chemists, nano materials experts, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, 1999 has served as professor Berkeley;
 Yuan Tseh Lee Yuan Tseh Lee

Yuan Tseh Lee Taiwan, a famous chemist, because of its chemical kinetics and the 1986 Nobel prize in chemistry in 1965, Berkeley obtained a PhD in chemistry, 1974 has served as Berkeley professor of chemistry;
Tsien That famous biochemist, 2008 Nobel Laureate in chemistry, the father of China missile Tsien Hsueshen The nephew, 1982 -1989 as professor Berkeley;
Calvin In 1937, the famous biochemist, taught at Berkeley until his retirement , cracked Photosynthesis Carbon fixation pathway (found The Calvin cycle ) In 1961, won the Nobel prize in Chemistry ;
Selman Abraham Waksman That famous biochemist and microbiologist, found streptomycin Other antibiotics, won the 1952 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, biochemistry PhD Berkeley 1918;
Robert Tjian The famous biochemist, the United States. Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) the current president of the American Academy of Sciences in 1971, obtained a bachelor's degree from Berkeley in 1979, and Berkeley returned to work so far, Professor of Biochemistry and molecular biology;
Kary Mullis That famous for inventing biochemist. PCR The technology of the 1993 Nobel prize in chemistry, 1972 was a PhD in chemistry from Burke;
Carol Greider The famous. molecular biology Home, the 2009 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 1987, Dr. Berkeley molecular biology;
3 computer science and Engineering )
Gordon Moore , Intel One of the founders, put forward the famous" Moore "In 1950, won the Berkeley chemistry undergraduate degree
 Gordon Moore Gordon Moore
Andy Grove , Intel One of the founders, the famous American entrepreneur, engineer, Semiconductor Pioneers, 1963 Ph.D. Berkeley chemical;
Steve Wozniak , Apple Inc One of the founders of Berkeley in 1971 after a bachelor's degree (after school), after the return of Berkeley and received a BSc (1987);
Eric Schmidt (Google. Google Before CEO, the incumbent) Alphabet Inc. (Google company) chairman, Berkeley (1979) has received the master's and doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering (1982);
William Nelson Joy ( Bill Joy ), a famous American computer scientist, Sun micro System company (SUN) co-founder and chief scientist, created BSD and VI Compiler In 1979, Berkeley received a master's degree in computer;
Paul Jacobs , high pass The chairman of the company (Qualcomm) Qualcomm, founder Owen Jacobs The son, who won the Berkeley electrical engineering and computer (EECS), (1989), master's and bachelor's degree;
Dana Scott The famous computer scientist, in 1976. Turing Award Winner, won the 1954 Berkeley mathematics undergraduate degree;
Ken Thompson In 1983, the famous computer scientists, Turing Award (the highest award winner, the computer industry) founded UNIX System and B language Berkeley, has won the computer undergraduate and master's degree (1965) (1966);
 Douglas Englebart Douglas Englebart

Douglas Englebart In 1991, the famous computer scientists, Turing Award winner," mouse The inventor, Berkeley has received the master's and doctoral degree (1953) (1955);
Butler Lampson In 1992, the famous computer scientists, Turing Award winner, former Microsoft The chief engineer, Berkeley received his Ph.D. in 1967;
Andrew Chi-Chih Yao In 2000, the famous Chinese computer scientist, Turing Award winner, Professor of computer science of Tsinghua University, 1981-1982 served as a professor of computer science at Berkeley;
Leonard Adleman In 2002, the famous computer scientists, Turing Award winner, invented RSA The encryption method, has won the Berkeley mathematics undergraduate degree (1968) and a doctorate in Electrical Engineering (1976);
Shafrira Goldwasser In 2012, the famous computer scientists, Turing Award winner, has won the Berkeley master computer (1981) and PhD (1984);
Silvio Mikali In 2012, the famous computer scientists, Turing Award winner, 1982 Ph.D. Berkeley computer;
Chang-lin tien The famous scientist, the United States, international hot academician, Academy of Arts and Sciences and Engineering Institute Chinese double foreign academician of the Academy of history, Berkeley the seventh president (1990 - 1997), is the top university in the United States in the first Chinese President, to commemorate him, Berkeley of the East Asian Library
 Tung-Yen Lin Tung-Yen Lin
Museum (East Asian Library) building was named "Chang-lin Tien building" (Chang-lin Tien Center for East Asian Studies);
Tung-Yen Lin The world famous Chinese scientist, structural engineering, prestress The father, graduated from Berkeley (1933), after a longtime Berkeley professor of engineering, in order to commemorate him, Berkeley also founded the t.y.lin laboratory;
Hans Einstein , Albert Einstein The eldest son, since 1947 has served as Berkeley water conservancy project Professor, and is one of the United States in the field of water conservancy engineering authority;
Zhang Xiang Director, the world's top material scientists, American Academy of engineering, the National Center for nanoscience, 2004 at Berkeley, Berkeley received his Ph.D. in 1996 Presided over the development. invisible cloak By the U.S. "time" magazine in 2008 ten major scientific discoveries ;
Leon Chua , the famous Chinese engineers, is regarded as "the father of nonlinear circuit theory", "cellular neural network" father, since 1971 has served as a professor of electrical engineering and computer science department of Berkeley, the eldest daughter Amy Chua Is the famous" Tiger mom ";
4) politics and Economics And the humanities and Social Sciences
Earl Warren In 1953, -1969 The chief justice of the United States The former California governor, a famous politician, the famous jurist, 1912, Berkeley received an undergraduate degree in Political Science in 1914 obtained a doctorate in law (J.D);
janet yellen And now, the famous economist The Fed The president (American history as the first female Federal Reserve Chairman), Professor Berkeley Haas School of business and economics;
 Yellen Yellen

Dean Rusk The United States, the original Secretary of state (1961-1969), a famous American diplomat, Berkeley obtained a law degree in 1940;
Haken Magnus The royal family of Norway. crown prince In 1999, Berkeley received an undergraduate degree in political science;
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto The famous politician, former. Pakistan The president (1971-1973), Prime Minister (1973-1977), 1950 received an undergraduate degree in political science Berkeley;
Miguel Angel Rodriguez The famous politician, economist and former. Costa Rica The president (1998-2002), won the 1966 Berkeley economics ph.d.;
Jerry Brown The United States, American statesman, The state of California The thirty-ninth governor (now), 1961 graduated from Berkeley college;
Sun Sun Zhongshan, President of the Republic of China, the eldest son, the examination yuan, the Executive Yuan, legislation, in 1916 graduated from the Berkeley college;
James Soong Taiwan, a famous politician, PFP The current chairman and founder, 1966 - 1967 years in politics in Berkeley master;
Paul Getty The United States, a famous industrialist, the richest man in the United States, founded the Getty oil company, has a bachelor's degree in Berkeley;
 Walter Haas Walter Haas
The famous American entrepreneur, Levis The former president, chairman, in 1910 graduated from the Berkeley school, Berkeley Haas School of business is named after him;
James Simons The 50 richest in the world, one of the greatest hedge fund The manager, one of the famous mathematician, Berkeley earned a doctorate in Mathematics in 1961;
Cher Wang Taiwan's richest woman, famous entrepreneurs, HTC Chairman, Formosa Plastics Group Wang Yung-Ching Female, bachelor degree in economics from Berkeley in 1981;
Masayoshi Son , Japan's richest man, a famous entrepreneur, Japan Softbank group Founder and chairman, has invested Jack Ma The Alibaba (Softbank group is now the largest shareholder of the Alibaba), won the 1980 Berkeley undergraduate degree in economics;
Galbraith One of the greatest American economist, and the famous sociologist, United States representative of new institutional economics, Berkeley earned a doctorate and master of economics;
Lawrence Robert Klein In 1980, the famous economist, Nobel Laureate in economics, known as" Econometrics The father, Berkeley received an undergraduate degree in economics in 1942;
 Masayoshi Son Masayoshi Son
Douglass North In 1993, the famous economist, Nobel Laureate in economics, Berkeley has received an undergraduate degree and doctorate in Science (1942) (1952);
Daniel McFadden In 2000, the famous economist, Nobel Laureate in economics, econometrics, master of economics professor Berkeley;
Daniel Kahneman , the famous economist, psychologist, Nobel Laureate in economics in 2002, 1961, Berkeley obtained a doctorate in psychology, professor at the Berkeley 1986-1993;
Thomas Cromsby Schelin In 2005, the famous economist, winner of the Nobel prize in economics in 1944, received an undergraduate degree in economics Berkeley;
Thomas Sargent In 2011, the famous economist, winner of the Nobel prize in economics in 1964, graduated from Berkeley college;
Qian Dean, the famous economist, Tsinghua University, School of economics and management, 2001-2006 teaches at Berkeley (Professor of economics);
 Eileen Chang Eileen Chang

Eileen Chang Chinese, a famous modern writer, representative " The love of the city "," eighteen springs "So, in 1969 -1972 in Berkeley engaged in academic research;
Robert Payne Warren The United States, the first poet laureate, "New Criticism" (New Criticism) representatives, known as the "poet" in the second half of the twentieth Century the most important of the United States, winning three The Pulitzer prize In 1926, Berkeley received a master's degree;
Jack London The world famous writer, and novelist, representative works include " The call of the wild "," Love of life "In 1897, Berkeley read (after school);
better known as YR. Chao The famous master, Ancient Chinese Literature Search, linguist, known as "the father of modern linguistics China", 1947 -1963 year long at Berkeley (East Asian linguistics professor), after the retirement of Berkeley;
Menglin China, famous modern educator, scholar, former president of Peking University, the national government as the first minister of the Ministry of education in 1912, won the Berkeley undergraduate degree in education;
Tangmingzhao China, a famous diplomat, first Chinese the United Nations Deputy Secretary General in 1937, received a bachelor's degree in history from Berkeley after graduation;
Jian Bozan Chinese, a famous historian, former vice president of Peking University, chairman of the history department, 1924-26 years of academic research in Berkeley.
5) other areas
Jason Kidd Before us, NBA Star and current Milwaukee bucks Coach, 1
 Kidd Kidd
990-1994 bachelor degree in Berkeley;
Kevin Johnson The United States, the former NBA star, the current capital of California Sacramento The mayor of the city In 1987, Berkeley won the undergraduate degree in political science;
matt biondi And the world famous swimmer (USA), one of the largest ten athletes won Olympic gold medal in history (8 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze), had at least break 6 world records, 1988 graduated from Berkeley college;
Misi Franklin And the world famous swimmer (USA), known as the "female version Phelps "In 2012, the London Olympic Games won 4 gold, 1 silver, and broke two world records in 2012, Berkeley entered a bachelor's degree;
Natalie Doughlin And the world famous swimmer (USA) in 2008. The Beijing Olympic Games On the win 6 medals (including 100 meters breaststroke gold), won 12 Olympic medals, Berkeley in 2001 to enter the bachelor degree;
Alex Morgan (female), famous American football player, the U.S. women's national team, in the years 2007-2010 undergraduate degree in political economy in Berkeley;
Grigori Pike Oscar, the world famous movie star, actor, its representative works include " Roman Holiday "," The Snows of Kilimanjaro "And" Doctor Edward "And so on, Berkeley in 1936 to enter the bachelor degree;
Chris pine The famous. Hollywood Actor, who starred in " Star Trek "," The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement "Films such as 2002, gained a degree in English literature and graduated from Berkeley;
 Parker and Audrey Hepburn (right) Parker and Audrey Hepburn (right)

John Zhao Hollywood, the famous Korean actor, starred in " Star Trek "," American Pie "Such as movies and TV shows, 1996 degree in literature from Berkeley graduate and undergraduate english.