Huishan Jiangsu is located in the western suburbs of Wuxi, belong to Zhejiang Tianmu Mountain Stretches from east to West Spur, the highest peak for the three Mao peak, 328.98 meters above sea level, about 20 square kilometers.
Huishan, the Southern Dynasties called Lishan, according to legend, Shun had Gonggeng in the mountain. The mountain has nine long, vulgar " Jiulong Mountain . The nine peaks of Huishan in three of the most famous peaks, namely, two head Mao Feng Mao, Mao Feng peak three.

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High-speed rail
North Square of WuXi Railway Station road 207 to sit Yin Yuan Park Station
WuXi Railway Station South Square sit 10 road 87 road 83 Road 2 road to Yin Yuan Park Station / long Guang Lu Gu Hua Road Station
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Huishan The main attractions

Huishan Temple
 Huishan Huishan
Huishan temple, located in the Huishan peaks show Street (now Huishan street and the junction of straight street), built in the northern and Southern Dynasties, dating back more than one thousand and five hundred years. It is the predecessor of the Liu Song Dynasty Youchang Stuart Shi Zhanting founded the "Alexander cottage". When he retired in Lishan Mountain (Huishan), and the king of Nanping Liu Shuo to Jiang Yan Qi poems paid and, also following, later put on the wall between their poems.
The first year of Liu Song Ping (423 years), the Lishan Caotang for sengshe, called "Huashan jingshe".
Yuan Hui (474 - 476), Salmonella monk, from Peking (now Nanjing) into the Wu, break in "Huashan Temple", which is the earliest and the famous monk.
Liang Datong three years (537 years), the Huashan jingshe changed to "Hui Shan temple". The monks built Chen Dade Datong temple, also known as "Fayun temple".
Huichang in the Tang Dynasty (841 - 846), destroyed the temple, and the Tang Dynasty (847 years - 859) during reconstruction.
The Northern Song Dynasty (995 - 997), thanks to the amount of "Plymouth hospital".
The Northern Song Dynasty Jingkang first year (1126), gave the name Li Gang as "merit academy".
The first year of Song Shaoxing (1131), the school principal gave Prince Meng Zhonghou, worship akiji st.constitution Meng empress, change the amount of "Jing Zhong Jianfu Temple", given a bronze, engrave on the "Jing Zhong Jianfu Temple merit India", the Yuan Dynasty was destroyed, Ming Hongwu (1368) monk universal real heavy repair.
Yongle five years (1407) and the construction of monk haizu.
Orthodox ten years (1445) destroyed by fire. The governor Zhou Chen, a magistrate of PI reconstruction.
Wanli twenty-three years (1595), a Tang Yu, with the spring race to put guns, prostitutes, fire flies on the temple ridge, the temple was burned, the daughter of Wu Shenxi donated reconstruction, his son Cheng and made the meditation and the only proper course to take.
Kangxi twenty-three years (1684) Naxun, to Huishan temple, in the hall of ripples Stephen goods. Second years, the people of Wuxi Zhou Hong Ka Shuji Cili, questions the amount of "the Saint King type pro".
Later, the six time to Huishan, rest in the Qin garden and bamboo mountain furnace room, wrote many poems, the many signboards, specially for the "Huishan Temple" topic volume. The Qing Dynasty Xianfeng to Tongzhi years, Li Hongzhang's army had Huai and the Taiping Army in the area of fighting, Huishan Temple destroyed, the only temple door plaque. Later, Li Hongzhang set up a memorial Temple "in the ruins of Huishan temple, after the revolution of 1911 to martyry".
The Huishan temple is located in the scenic place, reputation already with the world second spring and reputation all over the world. It's early in the Tang and Song Dynasties, on the endless stream of pilgrims, shengjiyishi. The temple covers the entire valley and the Jichang Garden, sengshe had one thousand and forty-eight more. How many writers and poets, from ancient to modern times, as well as the emperor, after the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, to stay in Huishan temple.
After the liberation, the Municipal People's government to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the Huishan temple, 1954 re design renovation of the "ancient China Gate" and the second door, very solemn simplicity. Now the Huishan Temple retains monuments and buildings in ancient China, Tang and Song Dynasties Stone building, the hall of King Kong, Xianghuaqiao and the sun and the moon pool, Lotus Bridge and Jin Lianchi, outside the Royal Pavilion, stone bed, ancient ginkgo tree, Datong temple, bamboo mountain room and building from the furnace.
Xihui Park
Xihui Park in Beitang District of Wuxi City, adjacent to the ancient town of Huishan, named Xishan, Huishan. Including all of Xishan and Huishan East and connecting the two mountain azalea Lake (dug in 1958). The synthesis of a two Xihui Park Mountain Park, rich and colorful content, showing the various dynasties historical and cultural monuments of Southern Dynasties since the spread of many vivid legends.
Jichang Garden and erquanyingyue concentrated in Xihui Park, both echoed, and the exhibition of the show, the overall uplift of the Xihui Park Cultural charm. Landscape layout of Jichang Garden to the mountain pool as the center, take the construction of Huishan East, Qu Jian Qingliu murmur sound, "spring" water moonlight, and side by side rockery. The towering trees, shadows whirling desolate, spacious and quiet, quaint and quiet. Many gardens in the south stand out.
The second spring in the world
Huishan, with its spring water known to the world. The most famous is the" The second spring in the world ". This spring there are three spring pool, entrance is the fountain of the pool, the pool wall is dug in the Song Dynasty the Ming Dynasty Hongzhi fourteen years (1501) Yang Li carving dragon. Spring from the above hidden holes flow, by Longkou Spit into the ground. The above is the hall of ripples, built in the song dynasty. In front of the hall there Nanhai Guanyin Stone, is the Qing Dynasty, from the Ming Dynasty libushangshu Gu Kexue The villa around, the pavilion is "well-known, far and near the hall". Two spring pool Pavilion and pavilion, the legend of the Tang Dynasty, Dali (779) by the Wuxi magistrate takazumi sent along the upper pool and pool. upper
The best water pool in the octagonal pool; irregular square, if the ice is from leaching, according to legend, the hole and gap Shiquan It is found that the Tang Dynasty monk seeking if ice water, it is also known as "ice chuen".
In the pavilion and the hall of ripples of the screen wall, embedded with the Yuan Dynasty calligrapher Zhao Mengtiao points and calligrapher in Qing Dynasty Wang Wrote the "world second spring" the five Chinese characters carved stone.
This sweet water Huishan Temple Spring, it was from the beginning, with the spring tea goods Kam water is closely related to the. In the period before the Huishan Temple spring pool or dig dug, the Tang Dynasty tea Lu Yu is Taihu lake the Great Wall (now Zhejiang Changxing County) Guzhushan Yixing (now Jiangsu, Yixing) Tang Gongshan Such as tea area tea spring visit activities, and repeatedly went to Wuxi, to Huishan in the investigation, was the "Huishan temple".
"Moon" to Shikuang in Wuxi newspaper published a "music named after" one article, he wrote: "after the recording, Mr. Yang Bing asked the tune name, Bing said:" this song is no name, then pull to, in the course of time, it becomes like this now ". Mr. Yang asked: "do you often in what place?" Bing Answer: "I often stayed in the street, also in Huishan springs on the court." Mr. Yang said. "It is called" two "!" I said: "the light" as a "two full name," a song in Cantonese Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon ", is called" two towers "?" Mr. Yang said: "print is copied, not good enough, we have a Wuxi Ying Shan, call it "Moon" Right. " Bing immediately nod. "Moon" name so set down.

Huishan Historical source

Huishan city in the scenic spot, the trend in many celebrities saoke since ancient times. Check the yuan slightly zax Compilation of "Wuxi county", and Chenghua years Bao Thao Hand "Huishan" in Huishan, Tiyong is an impressive array of men, including Gukuang, Li shen, Liu Yu And Ni zan, Shen Zhou Such a figure at the. If You Xihui went to the scenic spots is a little attention, which is the witness of ancient inscriptions.
To the Ming Dynasty, "Gongan San Yuan" turned out, straight than the song "three Su", its potential as well as Qian Jiangzhi tide, cleaned up when the "imitate Tu Ze" ills of style, and enlightening the world. Three, the yuan Zhonglang macro influence is the largest, achievement is the highest, his "sincerity" and zhi And the "innocence" is the same.
Naturally, if the chance, "life in the mountains tour" of Huishan Zhonglang will not turn a blind eye, Huishan also set thousands of pet, not only left the zhonglang. During the twenty-two years in October, when Beijing officials choose zhonglang. As of December, Wuxian County magistrate。 It was a world like? "History of the Ming Dynasty," this is the twentieth of this description: "the disaster, Shandong, Henan, Xu Huai, especially the four thieves, The court issued a decree No." Although, in the following year he took office in March after less than two years, "the court will hear and decide the sensitivity, fresh things, but for the" Zhonglang "hero is not happy with the times has a very clear understanding, and innate intellectual spirit, not reckless group, meant he could not long to try the career, he is placed Jianghu Shanze spiritual home. So, Zhonglang came shortly after the exclamation "what worries, but not happy also drinking C. Weng chess", also is not hypocritical words.
Wanli twenty-five years, Zhonglang in two "go begging", finally resigned from the Wuxian county magistrate, that he was thirty years old. He had lived in Wuxi after Zhonglang friends home, "tour of Huishan" when he wrote the first tour of Huishan after the landscape quality. When the weather is a little warm, spring is about Truman's daily Zhonglang "for the body such as sitting hot stove, reading also tired, listen to the neighbor Zhu Sou story also tired," this love hill ", finally can not bear the landscape call, call the boat with the club for. "Tea pan to heat, has been to the mountain, like friends from Huishan very near the apartment, and there is a river. It depict the Huishan scenery is check light 2 - "mountain monk room very deep, the week twists and turns back to Yao, if deep hole. The sound of autumn in the pavilion overlooking the eyes, a sleepy, heart knot, a task, linger in the pavilion, beginning to sink, but with Huishan Zhonglang The first intimate contact Let him even slept two nights, visible Zhonglang is how to love at first sight. So go party can give birth to such a sigh: "it really is sick, no more than the landscape."
Zhonglang about Huishan travel notes and a multiple of the Huishan Spring Pengcha. Since the Tang Hui spring is the world second Lu Yu evaluation, has always been the literati Monks and priests This spring tea nobles with pleasure. Zhonglang repeatedly to Huishan, will be the real interest, so that "when the bottle body while not altar lamp". His friend asked him to resign after what is intended, Zhonglang said: "may the Huishan mu, more than the old generation with Zhi yan." The next is that the tablet should be zhonglang.
Since Lu Yu is "the second spring in the world", has more Qianzai, famous. From ancient to modern times, this spring, by how much, in favor of the literati saoke emperor, all to a spring water as fast. Tang dynasty Zhangyouxin Have Bulu feather dust seemed to come to Huishan after tasting water. Before the Tang Dynasty spring home products Liubochu Huishan, was also named the "world second spring spring". Tangwu
 "The second spring in the world" "The second spring in the world"
Zong Huichang (814--846), Prime Minister Ranking positions In the capital Changan, like drinking two even ordered local officials sent by the spring relay method, the 3000 outside of Wuxi to enjoy the spring. The Tang Dynasty poet Pi Rixiu is Allegory: Prime Minister Often think of Zhu Ming, Hou county presses only too late;
Wu Guan Lu 3000, Mo Xiao Yang Feiai litchi.
Song When will the column as a tribute to the time and quantity Tokyo Kaifeng . Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qian Long had tasted the water board of Huishan.
As for the ancient literati, for the Fu Poetry singer, it is no more of their number. As for the Wuxi Wei poet of the Tang Dynasty Huangfu ran In the "Wuxi Huishan temple Nagareizumi song" cloud: "Xi Quan temple in the mountains, Qiangjinmingyu Xi Long Tan Cheng Xi Chan, as mirror temple, Pan Yan Hua Xi to the world...... I Shou end after the fall, has one officer micro forget Jiuyou, and to this end and back late, only for hippocrene Stay." In the spring of the tea export chant Cantos, when the first song writer Su Shi In Hangzhou, he lectured on. God Xining six years (1073) in November to seven years (1074) May, Wuxi had "Huishan Ye money small group who would cook Taoist Wang Taihu", the poem "alone with heaven small group, to try world second spring" romantic poem, but unique product spring wave, the poet seems to metaphor he has an immortal, carrying a moon from Huishan and unforeseen, money is that even the vastness of the sky that has known the world second spring. This is really about tea in spring, poetic masterpiece through the ages. So for the ancient tea poet commend unceasingly, has been rewritten into some places of interest to recruit tourists chating couplets, tea tours, add unlimited taste.

Huishan Huishan specialty

1, Huishan clay figurines , can be traced back to the northern and Southern Dynasties, spread over a thousand years, the Ming Dynasty into the peak stage, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty emerged in the workshop, was popular in Kunqu Opera, opera characters as the theme of the popular opera figurines.
Wuxi clay is a famous Chinese traditional folk art, has 400 years of history, originating from the foothills of Huishan, named "Huishan clay figurine". Huishan clay figurine Using a meter below the soil in Huishan area as material, through multi-channel produced works, its shape is simple, concise, Peach-Shaped Mantou, some holding gold, some wearing a golden, strong color contrast, full of rich local flavor and style jiangyu. Not only for the domestic people's favorite Wuxi clay, it enjoys high reputation in the world.
 Huishan Huishan
Jiangsu Wuxi Huishan Chinese clay production has a long history and reputation, with its simple shape, bright colors and vivid and popular. In 30s, the technique of making gypsum into the Huishan clay added new varieties of gypsum clay craft, the art gradually formed the rich flavor of Jiangnan "Huishan" style. After the liberation, Huishan clay production scale has been expanded, new products and new technology constantly emerging, Huishan clay sculpture art to rapid development. 50s, "Wuxi Huishan clay figurine factory", "Huishan clay Institute", "Huishan clay Museum" have been established. Huishan clay material is a kind of texture in Huishan unique delicate pure and strong plasticity of soil. "Pinch embryo", "painting" and "phase" is the main production process, products are "knead the story" and "impression mud toys" two categories. Clay exquisite workmanship, beautiful shape, bright color, character, expression of local flavor of true to life. Huishan clay figurines sold throughout the country, exported to more than and 60 countries and regions in the world. In recent years, many famous artists in Huishan also was invited to the United States and Japan performing exchanges, promote the The Sino foreign cultural exchanges . On behalf of the Huishan clay figurine "Fu". The "Fu" coefficient of products, has won the Folk Art Exhibition Award, known as the richest oriental folk arts and crafts, deeply loved the people at home and abroad. In 1959, our country's distinguished writer, poet, historian and social activist Guo Moruo Mr. during a visit to the Wuxi Huishan clay production was pleased to write a poem, spoke highly of the traditional handicrafts.
2, Huishan specialty tea, tea or embellish gold origin is located in Huishan, Huishan due to special geography, soil, illumination time, abundant natural conditions richly endowed by nature and created a special effect, or embellish gold tea.
3, Huishan Huishan has a crisp pastry, chic and interesting name: "King Kong navel". Selection of the finest white flour and soybean oil mixing to brew into salt and pepper stuffing, sprinkle with sesame seeds made, is characterized, fragrant, crisp, sweet feeling, moderate fertilizer. "La burn" with caramel, such as white flour, made into a circle, a piece, then baked.
4, Huishan specialty plum cake. It is the finest flour, yeast and water mix into a paste, injection mold hot baked into the plum, red bean paste, fresh meat, vegetables and other lard rose stuffing, and then note the above paste, sprinkle with sugar, red hot potato silk, iron cap in cake mould roast cooked. This cake is golden yellow, like plum, soft and delicious, good for both young and old.