Yun Zhifan

Every cloud " Crush on the Peach Garden "Inside" like "a number of female, she is the director of the heart of the goddess, pure and beautiful is like a beautiful flower Camellia . 86 years from the first edition Ding Nai-Chui (Lai Shengchuan's wife) to now Yuan Quan Among them, four women, including the Nvzhang people Brigitte Lin , person with a bad character In this role, their image is very fit Yun Zhifan temperament. The cloud, who in 1948 in Shanghai youth know northeast riverside willow, two people fall in love, where will the cloud Yongan company scarf sent to the riverside willow, two people meet again, is already after 40 years in Taipei.
Yun Zhifan

Yun Zhifan A Shushuji Yun Zhifan

Yun Zhifan Ding Naizhu version

1986. Ding Nai-Chui Is the director stan lai The wife, who played the first version of the cloud, the cloud that she played a very lively girl, in a performance often improvised dialogue, I say what I think.

Yun Zhifan Xiaoaiban

1991. person with a bad character Where the clouds play, is a very optimistic girl, who embodies the cloud face life the positive side.

Yun Zhifan Brigitte Lin version

1992. The movie version of "the the Peach Garden" like Yun Zhifan, which was at the Berlin Film Festival and won the Silver Bear award.
In 1991, the "the Peach Garden" premiere of unrequited love for five years, "Performance Workshop" to choose the angle, full lineup, modify the script, stage lighting and costume design, repeat the. The beginning of September 25th, the show premiered in five at the National Theatre theater, "the president's box" almost filled with celebrities, and why Ding Naizhu's cloud every corner, by director Tsui Hark recommended by the
 Brigitte Lin version Brigitte Lin version
The movie star Brigitte Lin, has become a hot topic at the time.
Yun Zhifan this role, is "the most pure symbol of peach like the Peach Garden"; Brigitte Lin is China film teen idol image of a star does not shake the stand. Played by Brigitte Lin Yun Zhifan is likely to be welcomed. Although the speech was familiar with her roles, but Brigitte Lin still after many tests, the most touching to show she has never had the old makeup show, this is the first time in her life, and only a play.
After the "Performance Workshop" played by Xiao Ai with the cloud where the "dark" drama to the island of Taiwan and the United States of New York, San Francisco and Losangeles tour, once again caused a sensation. Tour to the United States of San Francisco, to play a "crush" finally, Jiang cloud who reunited in the audience, I do not know where there was a box of toilet paper, naturally everyone smoked one and pass it on. The "the Peach Garden" on tour to New York, then "househusbands" Ang Lee also made a special trip to buy tickets going to watch. Chinese film director Stan Lai and the now world-famous Berkeley University initiates drama alumni, two people are not only good friends, but also birthday in the same year, only one day.
In November 21, 1991 22, two days, Brigitte Lin With the crew rendezvous in Hongkong, two performances again at the Hongkong cultural center stage. In January 1992, she returned to Taipei and joined the film version of "the Peach Garden" like filming.

Yun Zhifan Su Yuhua version

2007. The Cantonese version of Yun zhifan. There are a lot of experience she had with. Tony Leung A "fallen", which show a good impression of lai.

Yun Zhifan Yuanquanban

2007. The first mainland version of Yun Zhifan, her appearance beauty, temperament and several former cloud where the spirit,
 Sun Li Sun Li
So a Taiwan audience recognized.

Yun Zhifan Sunliban

2008. To star Huang Lei (played by Jiang Binliu) wife Sun Li Yuan Quan took the baton, play play Yun Zhifan task. This new combination gives you more warm and more cordial feeling, but there are also a lot of the audience that, where the cloud before played by Yuan Quan, temperament is more excellent.

Yun Zhifan A cloud where relevant, like the Peach Garden

Yun Zhifan Primer

Last winter she once saw in the book building outside the east gate, just finished a magazine signings, a person. At that time she was rehearsing "the song of the movie", "early exposure Bright star tonight "A time to pay attention to her fans and insiders surprised that slightly low but the interpretation of all threads neatly tied up, Jonathan Lee Bring it full of praise. Then she asked the new year work plan, she replied very seriously if there is a chance, will try to sing, because it is love, also want to leave for their point what. As early as 04 years Meng Jinghui The music drama " amber "In the song" the crazy little thing called love "has caught the hearts of many people, a large segment of the English lyrics seemed to be able to find the Keren Ann" Not Going Anywhere "in the taste, it is the first impression the first time I heard CD. Later, see from the cover of the CD Gibson Name. Just did not think, now they really go together. In addition to surprise, more still look forward to.

Yun Zhifan From the "crush" start

First, through the music broadcast online, only to hear the phrase "allow me to see you, trying to tell her voice, even the lyrics was completely changed, just a few words, has been waiting to hear the full version. A few hours later, when the mood is still clear. To follow the lyrics, her voice together go down, and follow her on stage two, if you have seen Yuan Quan on stage, you must know what kind of heart surging as one falls, another rises. The only difference is that, compared with the outbreak of the drama, her music can make you quiet, a quiet from the heart. A low, start a crush on his story. Forty years, look forward to, waiting for a heart, subtle love, like a cup of warm water, wetting your throat, sour your nose, a little bit to bite lips, swallow all if, face only "gray hair" Time went by. Lucky to have "memories", those because I indulge myself again and again to look for the "accumulation of all their rich, bright.
Look, she is like the white water, the warm light; it sounds, but it can taste bland under amphitropous undercurrent of feelings, whether it is her, or her songs, have a distinct, unique, the mark of Yuan Quan. People say that love her. I keep playing online music radio, complete repeatedly, know how to enrich the heart with feelings, knowing that what she calls, but what can not say, any left eye not to utter a single word. In her own words, it just tears, not to cry.
I can't imagine the next spring, in reality the CD in hand is how the mood. But perhaps, can do is to take it home, a person at night to listen, let her own heart beat.

Yun Zhifan Swing Witness Love

Simple to only black and white tone, only an old swing, little theatre in a play, the audience under the spotlight alone figure, Yuan Quan knows many melancholy eyes, elegant and refined Brigitte Lin like rain, behind the scenes on the stage, a secret burning, staggered time feeling like being staged.
Love is a writer has used such language to record the longest emotion. "I think this is love, black sour things, can't talk can not resolve things, like a vine wrapped around the heart, it is time to walk, along with years of coiled growth. It will not grow into trees, not open flowers, but always let life have a lush green, green, never deserted."
You can see this not from Yuan Quan's eyes, see the heart blossom general abundance. The screen who and bin Liu, outside the theatre itself, cheek casual smile, the original so familiar, see across time and space, it is our love. If the stage, because of the same you can dress up from close, perhaps, I can get the old swing once again left blank for still touching, stained with your breath, your temperature. Then, each other can perceive, as after the war, back to the world of mortals, you face a heart at your fingertips.
You look back and smile, and beauty but also so, despite forty years of time in a hurry.

Yun Zhifan "Crush" the Peach Garden

November 18, 2006, " Crush on the Peach Garden "The mainland debut.
Not as long as twenty years, has experienced a long wait for two months......
Only from the media and the "the Peach Garden" has found the official blog about her this life bit by bit, the color picture, vivid words have brought us into the "love" of the world, go through such a long time and she:
In September 16, 2006, Sina released the mainland mainland version of "Lai future rehearsal crush the Peach Garden" news.
September 26, 2006, "love the Peach Garden" Beijing press conference, director Lai Shengchuan, starring Yuan Quan, Huang Lei attended. The Beijing Premiere of the official ballot. Yun Zhifan Dingzhuang photos released.
On October 16, 2006, the birthday of Yuan Quan. "Crush on the Peach Garden" Shanghai conference. Yuan Quan was formally signed Gibson .
In October 31, 2006, Yuan Quan signed the first single - "love" as "love the Peach Garden" twenty anniversary edition of the global theme song at the same time in 25 national radio premiere.
November 6, 2006, " Crush MV "premiered on CCTV-6.
In November 8, 2006, "the Peach Garden" for the first time in love with makeup fragment rehearsal in the face of the media.
November 10, 2006, "love" in Sina, Sohu and other portals open online listening.
The afternoon of November 18, 2006 2:00, and the media to watch "crush on the Peach Garden". At 7:30, "the Peach Garden" the mainland version of the official Premiere of love
We are also experiencing a crush"!
First, when her voice came, they know this "secret love" is not in general. Not too many gorgeous elements, only a gentle but slightly sad music echoed in the ears, eyes closed, like experiencing a forever unreachable love, although regrettable, but remember; although sad, but beautiful...... Listen again, note penetrate into every pore, so that each cell can feel the touch of sadness.
See MV, will be conquered. She sat alone in the theater, behind the projection lights flickered, there is a empty stage, when the screen light flashing, when the stage is carefully arranged, when she touched the light swing, she and her, stage and screen intertwined. Is she in the interpretation of Yun Zhifan, or her love in her feelings?
Only a short while ago, my heart had such impulse, but also did not withstand the test of time, it was a reality mercilessly break, but the acquaintance of happiness and once in the heart of infinite longing beautiful but also constantly floating in my heart......
"You are the sky clouds, you are the shooting stars of midnight......" Shanghai the Bund scenery, Riverside willow gently to the side of the cloud who said their love of singing
"Crush" on this romantic play, after two months to look forward to
She again appeared in front of us, appeared in the stage of her favorite. She lost all gorgeous coat, with her rich sound, the audience will look into the Shanghai in 1948, "good quiet ah, have never seen such a quiet Shanghai, that have touched my voice again, her figure is only three meters away from me, her the contour with the lights gradually brighter gradually clear up......
We did not know where the cloud, can not use words to remember about this woman, the story of all, now she just walked into the cloud where the traction in the world. A departure, just temporary separation, but not a waiting outside for half a century. We do not stand the test of time, even the most strong emotion, finally only fate, leaving just forty years after hiding in a regret in the deepest heart.
This is the fate, miss miss, such a love is very beautiful, so impressive, can let old cloud who in front of riverside willow in the deepest heart pain in plain words (say the most wonderful save the whole play part)...... Yuan Quan, who has completely given cloud new life. Old voice with half a century of the brand, two people missing continuously constantly yearning, such love really must withstand the test of fate? They eventually meet, in the riverside willow before dying, even if he cried in his wife's arms, confession is good, happy or not, but forty years of his wish finally, no regrets.
We can't see clearly that twists and turns of life, can not see Iuette The sudden bursts of emotion, we only see through the two or three fragments of a person's life, no ups and downs, not only the usual piercing, words reveal subtle love. They are in the journey of life keep changing place, even in a small Taiwan, will continue to pass, "all love is sorrow, but even so, still is the best thing we know"......
A "secret love" in this waiting is slowly in the heart, determine! Meet! Happiness!