To predict the future is Magic A more common magic

precognition Summary

As a psychologist, you invited three people to carry along with you three interesting Specific function Test. First of all, you accurately pointed out that the number of the first audience in his pocket change, in the second test, you receive the signal of an audience in mind. Before he picked up a few small items in the table, will appear in your mind clear image of this thing; finally you correctly predicted a three pattern of third spectators will be selected in the. Three test results confirm that you have the extraordinary ability to insight into the unknown, so that all the audience was impressed!

precognition Method

The following specific performance:
(1) invited three people together with you for three different experiments, each for a. First please them from the room just to find a few small items in front of an audience on the table, for example, they find an ashtray, a pin, a pen and a box Match .
(2) took out a small notebook and carry your body with a pencil, tore three sheets of paper from the book, respectively, draw a square and a circle of a triangle, and according to the order on another table in front of the audience.
(3) third spectators to reach "pocket or purse money > a > change" money, don't count it hold in the hand, hand on the table.
(4) you have actually started your test. To tell you the first test you called "perspective", which means that you can see any hidden objects.
(5) picked up a small notebook and pencil, holding the hands of money money "> the audience said:" I can see through your hand you how much money you have "> money, I will write down the number." Obviously, you can't write "money number > money, because you are not clear. You draw a circle in the book. (Note: the book should be a little higher, do not let anyone see what you are writing)
(6) tore a page under the painting circle, folded in two, said this is the test of A to the audience, you should be on this piece of paper marked a letter A. And write a letter C. (Note: don't let the audience see you write letters. Then this piece of paper into a paper box or cover up an opaque cup, who also don't move)
(7) then, please the audience put money in the hands of "money on the table, the number for everyone to see, for example, is five points.
(8) to second of the audience, he said: "we are a kind of" telepathy "test now. That is to say, I have a kind of ability, can accept your mind the image of an object. A few things now you put on the table in the same spot, concentrate on it, but don't tell me what. I have to accept the image written on paper, you pick up the things you want to do."
(9) do you do in your thoughtful, open a small notebook to write up. Of course you don't know what he was thinking, but just the first audience hand money "> five points down on paper money. After finishing, also put a page torn down and folded in two after telling the audience that this is the test of B, you have to mark the order. In fact, you write a letter A on this piece of paper, and then it will be thrown into the box cover industry.
(10) then you can ask second people to think of him things into their hands, and he took a box of the assumption Match .
(11) you turn to the third audience, explain the test you must carry out a "prophet" with him to him. That is to say, before doing one thing in his decision, you can know the results.
(12) at the three audience, then write up in the book, this time you write is the vanguard of an audience picked up something - one box of matches. Finish off, this is the test of C told the audience folded later, but also made the order. But you write the letter B, immediately put into the box to.
(13) and the three test results are written on paper, one of the two - > money and money box but the beginning you no danger of anything going wrong, in a note on the painting circle is your own choice, so you must use a clever way to guide the third audience selected a circle three patterns. Here is the way to make your success.
(14) told an audience of third, asked him to any one of three patterns in the. Then may show the following conditions:
(15) the first case: if he refers to the middle of the circle, then the situation is very simple, as long as you put on both sides of two Zhang picked up the tear, also told the audience: "since you chose this one round map, the other two have what use."
(16) second cases: if he is referring to the other two cards in any one, such as a triangle, you immediately took it off. You can be said to the audience: "I put this one tear, then the remaining two, please take out a piece to free from the middle.
(17) if he is holding the circle, you have the square pieces, picked up on the table and said: "well, this is your chosen circular pattern now. Then this square not for what."
(18) if he is holding a square, I immediately took it from his hand, and said to him: "well, this one we are torn off, leaving a round table now," he will tear up the square. So, no matter how the audience refers to the pattern, you always said he chose that a circle. He must be very satisfied with their choice, will never be aware you are "forced" has led him to make this choice.
(19) then you put the three note in the box out, please the audience according to the above subject letter three find the answer to the test. In fact, the three test points out you pre results are accurate. The audience will be for you" Specific function Admiring.