Corn Medicinal parts


Corn Taste

Sweet, ping.

Corn Meridian

To the stomach and large intestine.

Corn Effect

In an appetizer, diuretic swelling.

Corn Attending

For loss of appetite, dysuria, edema, urinary calculi.

Corn Relatedcombination

Treatment of dysuria, edema: corn flour 90g, yam 60g. Boiled porridge. ("dietotherapy porridge spectrum")

Corn usage and dosage

Oral: 30-60g; decoction, boiled or ground into a fine powder for bread.

Corn taboo

"Resistance": "long cut with fresh help wet stomach. Fresh, can not eat aquatic insects, especially."

Corn Acquisition and processing

In the fully matured Corn Cob, remove seeds, dried.

Corn Morphological character

Tall annual cultivated plants. Culms stout, erect, high 1-4m, usually unbranched, basal nodes often have aerial roots. Leaves large, linear lanceolate, margin undulate fold, midrib with strong. In a panicle stalk of male students; male inflorescences branched triangular shaped, each section has 2 male spikelet, 1 sessile, 1 with a short handle; every 1 male spikelets with 2 flowers, glume membranous, apex acuminate; lemma and palea are transparent and membranous; taking the cylindrical in leaf axils of female inflorescence, inflorescence outsourcing most sheathlike bracts, female spikelets arranged in longitudinal dense thick cob glumes, broad, apex rounded or retuse, lemma membranous transparent. Flower and fruit period of 7-9 months.

Corn Growth environment

The country widely cultivated.

Corn Related discussion

"Wide florilegium": "Yu Shu, a jade sorghum, a Rong Shu, a royal wheat (with its once into the Royal, named Yu mai. From the west, the old name of some wheat. According to the "agricultural policy book" and Mr. Hu Xuan said: corn, corn or sorghum or Biyu, Yu Shu, from the other party to the said, by the name of all the rice sorghum). Stem leaf fertilizer and sorghum dwarf, like Coix, Miao middle school four feet, June and July flowering spikes, such as wheat, seedling heart don't make a bud, such as brown fish, a bud shall, like red velvet down for a long time, remove the son bud, finally save the cluster, such as large grain Gorgon the pale. The flowers on the top, the real node in section."