Hiroshima (Hiroshima), founded in 1589, is located in Japan The state In the southwest. The Second World War Who have been Atomic bomb The destroyed, rebuilt in 1958. Hiroshima as the world's first atomic bomb was severely damaged the city, so the explosion in the atomic bomb, built Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park , to pray for eternal peace. On the other hand, Hiroshima is Japan's World War II gas research and development base .

Hiroshima History

Hiroshima Castle Founded in 1589, has a long history, in the Second World War had the atomic bomb damage, but in 1958 the reconstruction.
 Hiroshima city Front Gate Hiroshima city Front Gate
Has become the Hiroshima Museum of history, in the city of Hiroshima is high, can also enjoy the beauty of Miyajima city and Hiroshima port. In addition, hijiyama Park, Hiroshima City, Museum of Contemporary Art and animal park, is Hiroshima city's itinerary.
In the vicinity of Hiroshima, there are many excellent tourist spots, such as in Country rock In 1673, a total length of 193 meters, the kintai bridge, it is one of the three most famous bridges in japan. Also located in the Hiroshima in Three Gorge and West North soup hot springs are very special.
In August 6, 1945, the Second World War, Hiroshima was severely damaged atomic bomb. The new Hiroshima city reconstruction in 1958, is located in the Seto inland sea coast, is the main centre of the Meiji era. Hiroshima city is located in the vast flat of the OTA River delta. Delta 7 outfall, Hiroshima city will be divided into 6 prominent to the islands in the Gulf of Hiroshima. Hiroshima city is flat, slightly higher than the sea level; as for the city in the northwest and northeast, the hills are climbing to 700 feet.
Maori yuan Once the capital in Hiroshima city. About half a century, the sun and the West leader of Maori Hui Yuan lost the battle of Sekigahara (Department of Che: original countries). Leyasu Tokugawa took over most of the Hui Yuan Maori manor, including the city of Hiroshima. At the same time, Ann Yiguo awarded Fukushima Masanori.
Finally, in the Edo period, Asano appointed here and the city of Hiroshima (the capital of the Hiroshima domain name) (Zhu Hou). Later, fan was abolished, the city became the county seat of Hiroshima County hall.
 Genbaku Memorial Genbaku Memorial
Sino-Japanese The Sino Japanese War During the period, the main supply and logistics base in Hiroshima City, as the Japanese, until the second world war.
Hiroshima is in fierce combat known Fifth Division set up the headquarters set up in Hiroshima. This is Japan's "army", the railway transportation is convenient, and the sea port, Army Department of transportation, engineers and field operations was the most important Japanese military enterprises MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries Are located in the.
As an important naval base, Hiroshima has been in modern times Sino-Japanese hostilities The troops gathered and send troops to. The Sino Japanese War, the Japanese army headquarters is located in Hiroshima, the imperial conference held here, the war supplies Yu railway line transport, the Japanese Navy from Hiroshima departure to Hong Kong Yu Yellow Sea And over the northern navy. The Fifth Division They go to Liaodong Peninsula The Chinese, participation in land combat.
If visitors to Hiroshima, do not to the west of Hiroshima County of Miyajima, Miyajima also called Yan Island, is one of the three famous Japanese island. The island has an area of only 30 square kilometers, but soon the Japanese authorities have been designated as a special historic and special scenic spots. The island is in the red Itsukushima shrine as the center, there are many buildings balcony from the shrine, is out of the water connection, whenever the water rose, those buildings like floating in the water. Another feature is the shrine camphor wood door, painted red, and green water, contrast. Here visitors can enjoy standing in the sea rippling red Otorii and reflection of Itsukushima shrine in the water, refreshing.

Hiroshima Geography

 The geographical location of Hiroshima The geographical location of Hiroshima
The city's south facing The Seto inland sea The formation of the Gulf of Hiroshima. Delta in downtown mobile of the OTA River Estuary alluvial, formed in Hiroshima city. The OTA River Delta has become the center of Hiroshima plain, the surrounding became the West and north of the city, has become the eastern hills. In addition, the "Hiroshima" name, generally due to the delta terrain.
The city is located in Seto and across the sea Matsuyama City The exchange is very prosperous, so people living in the surrounding more than Songshan will go to Hiroshima city shopping.
The hills: White Wood Hill (889 m), prepared before Fang mountain (789 meters)
Rivers: OTA Sichuan, Sichuan, Yaskawa, three yuan Seno Kawa, eight hatagawa
Island: island like, Kingland Island, Yu Island, operate the island
Hiroshima Bay harbor, Port of Hiroshima (Yu Hong Kong)

Hiroshima historical event

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
In August 6, 1945, the United States Army Air Force Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Ainola cover" in Hiroshima, "the little boy throwing nuclear weapons". The bombers specially adapted,
 Hiroshima after the explosion. Hiroshima after the explosion.
Portable atomic bomb. In the event of an estimated 71379 civilians were killed, Hiroshima suffered great damage. This is the second atomic bomb explosion, which was first applied to military action. Hiroshima, Nagasaki's atomic bomb explosion, forcing the Japanese in the second attack sixth days (August 15, 1945).
Atomic bomb explosion, Hiroshima city reconstruction for Peace Memorial city "". The position close to the tipping building - Hiroshima Industry Award - hall ruins, named" Atomic Bomb Dome "For Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park A part of the. City Hall continued to advocate the abolition of nuclear weapons, advocate world peace. Since 1968, around if nuclear weapons detonated, they will go to protest.

Hiroshima Current situation

The city of Hiroshima in the post-war reconstruction of modern buildings. At that time, several civic leaders and scholars discuss reconstruction plan. In 1949 three, by mayor Hai Nobu (1905 - 1968) initiative, Hiroshima city won the Japanese parliament declared "peace city". So, Hiroshima City, more and more international watch, International Conference on peace and social issues, will also be held here. In order to make an effort, Hiroshima translation and tour guide Association (HIGA) was set up in 1992 to provide interpretation services for meetings. In addition, in 1998, the Hiroshima peace association (HPI) in Hiroshima University The establishment of. In 1994, the city of Hiroshima to host the Asian games.
After the Second World War, the Japanese city with Britain, due to infrastructure damage, eager to get rid of the streetcar (i.e. the tram system). Hiroshima city therefore receive a large number of streetcars, and other city and rebuilding the streetcar system, Japan has become the only streetcar system of large-scale city (and other city also has a streetcar line). Some survivors from the war and the explosion of the atomic bomb in the streetcar, once again put into service, the four column is still running. but
 After the atomic bomb in Hiroshima After the atomic bomb in Hiroshima
Is that most of the Hiroshima streetcar had changed a few years ago.
Every August 6th, the mayor of Hiroshima issued a declaration of peace, to commemorate the Hiroshima atomic bomb explosion. In August 6, 2005, tens of thousands of people witnessed the 60 anniversary of the atomic bomb Memorial in Hiroshima. In August 6, 2010, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. ambassador John Roos attended Hiroshima Genbaku 65 anniversary ceremony, a moment of silence for the victims of the nuclear explosion. This is the UN's history and the history of American diplomacy first.

Hiroshima Memorabilia

1589: gross profit terumoto the establishment of the city of Hiroshima, and later as the development of the city.
 Hiroshima electric railway 5000 - tram Hiroshima electric railway 5000 - tram
1600: The war Nakafuku Shimamasanori replaced the defeated when the Duke's gross profit.
1619: Asano Nagaakira Become a master. Later, Asano's The Hiroshima fan Continue to Meiji .
August 29, 1871: Waste fan home county Hiroshima County, Hiroshima became a vassal.
April 1, 1889: the 300 anniversary of the government. According to the city set up in Hiroshima City, as the Hiroshima County Hall is located.
September 15, 1894: the Sino Japanese War, the imperial parliament temporary camp and moved to Hiroshima. Since Hiroshima as military development (capital transfer function).
August 6, 1945: the U.S. atomic bomb thrown to the center of Hiroshima, nuclear weapons were first used in combat.
1949: 60 anniversary, the 360 anniversary of the city government. As a special law of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial city construction law was passed by Congress, the referendum announced.
March 10, 1975: Sanyo shinkansen Hiroshima station opened.
March 20, 1985: Hiroshima automatic traffic lane.
1994: host the Asian games.
December 10, 1997: Shanyang Expressway opened to traffic.

Hiroshima administrative division

Since 2004, Hiroshima city mayor Akiba Churi (Aki for nursing and speech.).
 Hiroshima City Central Cathay temple town Hiroshima City Central Cathay temple town
The atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima remains of the August 6, 1945, the downtown area is cast to the atomic bomb, 140 thousand events (digital has not yet been determined) were killed. This is the first time to the city as the goal of a nuclear attack. In 1949, in order to avoid repeat the horrors, then set the Hiroshima Peace Memorial city construction method.
Article first this law as an ideal symbol of truth to achieve long-lasting peace, the purpose is to build Hiroshima Peace Memorial city.
The relevant agencies of third national and local public groups, must consider the important meaning of urban Peace Memorial construction, first [Objective] the purpose to achieve business, to promote and assist.
Fifth of the 2 Prime Minister of the cabinet must report to Congress each year to commemorate the city peace construction situation.
Sixth Hiroshima mayor must through the cooperation of residents and relevant assistance agencies, completed the Hiroshima Peace Memorial city business continuity.
On the basis of history, the city of Hiroshima as a peace memorial City, and make every effort to seek peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons.
The original explosion center built around the Hiroshima Peace Memorial park. The atomic bomb dome in 1996 included in the world heritage.
If the bombing emphasizes the meaning of Hiroshima ", with no Katakana out" sign. Similarly, Nagasaki (gas - and nano sytec) Kokura (Studies in lumira).

Hiroshima county

In April 1, 1971, Numata Cho in the county.
In May 20, 1971, county, town in.
In April 1, 1972, the County Department can be incorporated into the town.
In August 27, 1972, the county only park in the town.
In March 20, 1973, the county, the ancient city of East Ling Gaoyang and Yijun Seto Sichuan Cho Cho in the wild. (enzon County revoked)
In October 22, 1973, Gao Tian Mu ting in white county.
In November 1, 1974 Yijun AKI CHO and Kumano village in the trace.
In March 20, 1975 two, the ship Yijun Yano, incorporated.
April 1, 1980 designated cities transfer. Set an art, is the north, South, West, East, and South 7 administrative districts.
In March 20, 1985, five municipalities in Bojun. Saiki set.
In April 25, 2005, Bojun soup Ting incorporated, become a part of the Saiki district.

Hiroshima area

The Hiroshima municipal government, Hiroshima City, October 17, 2004 photograph is composed of the following 8 areas:
Middle Area
East Area
South Area
West Area
An art district

Hiroshima festival

Hiroshima Flower Festival (Peace Memorial Park, peace and other Datong)
International Animation Festival Hiroshima (,,,, communication and other lumira ")
The south wind EBA game Festival (Jin Shan Park)
The beard Beard said: offering (central area center)

Hiroshima Business Center

The Hiroshima shopping street
The paper house, Shareo
The main business:
Manufacturing, wholesale, retail:
Mazda (headquartered in Ann Yijun house in town)
DEODEO (headquartered in hatsukaichi, headquarters are located in Hiroshima city)
Calbee (originated from Hiroshima)
Fujita (originated from Hiroshima)
You me
Otafuku Sauce
POPLAR convenience stores
Mishima food
Actually, on
MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries
Financial institution
The Bank of Hiroshima
Leaves the bank
Hiroshima Shinkin bank
Hiroshima city credit portfolio
Hiroshima County Credit Portfolio
Infrastructure construction
Chinese power
Hiroshima gas
The press, television and radio
Chinese news
NHK Hiroshima station
China broadcasting (RCC: Tokyo broadcasting news's subordinate, China)
Hiroshima TV (TSS: Fuji TV.)
Hiroshima television broadcasting (HTV: Japanese television subsidiary)
Hiroshima TV (HOME: TV Asahi ')
Hiroshima FM broadcasting (FM) (HFM)
Hiroshima cable television (HBS)
Hiroshima City cable television (HICAT)
Each contact channel (for examples, team field terms thou live,)
Hiroshima Shinkansen train station

Hiroshima The main school

Hiroshima Higher school

High school affiliated to Hiroshima University
Hiroshima County Arts College Li'an
Hiroshima Li'an County Arts High School
Hiroshima County five high school
Hiroshima County Department of colleges and Universities
Hiroshima county only Park North High School
Hiroshima Gaoyang County High School
Hiroshima County Gaoyang East High School
Hiroshima County white wood high school
Hiroshima County West High School
Hiroshima County Hiroshima wellhead high school
Hiroshima County Hiroshima Guanyin high school
Hiroshima County Hiroshima Cathay Temple University
Hiroshima County Hiroshima real high school
Hiroshima county ancient city college Li'an
Hiroshima Anxi County High School
Hiroshima County high school Lainan soup
Hiroshima County Hiroshima Industrial University
Hiroshima County Hiroshima commercial high school
Hiroshima Li'an, North High School
Hiroshima city high school Numata
The boat into the Hiroshima Municipal High School
Hiroshima Limei, hill high school bell
Hiroshima city based town high school
Hiroshima city Hiroshima Industrial University
Hiroshima city Hiroshima commercial high school
Hiroshima city Otemachi commercial high school
Big park high school, only
Guangling high school
Shanyang Academy
Hiroshima Institute of colleges and Universities
A higher school
In German Universities
Lai's in high school
Howard, Chong
Design high school
Hijiyama girls high school
And the wood Institute of colleges and Universities
Hiroshima Industrial College
Hiroshima Sakura, Hill High School
Hiroshima Female College
Hiroshima women's University High School Education
Yasuda, Yasuda girls high school
Hiroshima Industrial University affiliated schools around Ba University
University and College
Hiroshima University Department of medicine, Faculty of Dentistry

Hiroshima Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University was founded in Showa 24 years, is a comprehensive science department, Department of literature, Faculty of education, Faculty of law, Department of economics, Faculty of science, Department of medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of pharmacy, Faculty of engineering, Faculty of Bioindustry, comprehensive research university, 11 of the 2013QS Asian University Rankings forty-fourth. Divided into 3 campuses, the east campus is located in Hiroshima Hiroshima city east hills, surrounded by green surrounded by the beautiful environment and quiet campus, is Japan's largest university; Xia Qian Tian campus and East Campus in Hiroshima city. Now has eleven divisions, a school (including 12 graduate), a research institute, a hospital, five libraries, and a number of educational research facilities, institutions of higher learning is a teaching system, advanced teaching facilities. 2005 students, about 15974 people, including 11018 undergraduate students, graduate students (graduate students) 4956. The foreign students about 592 people from 59 different countries (May 2005 statistics prevail). Hiroshima University is an advocate of peace and freedom, open to the community college. Hiroshima University educational philosophy is for the spirit of peace, and create new knowledge, the implementation of sound personality education, coexist with the regional society, the international community, constantly self change ", namely the idea of" Five Principles ", it is the starting point and goal of all work carried out.
The Department of
Comprehensive Academy: comprehensive science teaching objectives, training the science thinking ability and comprehensive vision
The College of Technology: Department of literature, teaching objectives: to deepen the human history and cultural understanding
Institute of Education: Graduate School of education teaching goal: learning oriented thinking education
Law School: Social Sciences, law system specializing in teaching goal -- the cultivation of legal literacy and the competitiveness of modern society under Globalization
School of Economics: the essence of economics teaching goal -- insight into economics
College of Science: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological science, Earth Science -- planetary system teaching aims to explain natural phenomena unbelievable.
School of Medicine: Department of medical and Health Sciences - culture teaching goal of excellent medical talents and outstanding researchers
Oral medicine: tooth discipline, oral health teaching goal: twenty-first Century dental medical talent training
College of pharmacy: Pharmacy, pharmaceutical, teaching goal to cultivate their pharmacists and pharmaceutical research have high level research ideas and correct knowledge
Institute of systems engineering: mechanical, electrical and electronic system of information science, chemistry, teaching objectives: human nature harmonious technology
School of biological production: biological production teaching goal: development and application of new biology

Hiroshima Friendly city

Japan Nagasaki
Chongqing city, China
Sichuan China
The Republic of Korea Daegu
Germany Hannover
U.S.A Honolulu
Canada Montreal
Russia Volgograd

Hiroshima Neighboring autonomous body

Osaka Ting
An Yitai Tamachi

Hiroshima The main facilities

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (atomic bomb Museum)
The national Hiroshima atomic bomb Memorial Hall of prayer for peace of the dead
Hiroshima City Traffic Science Museum
Hiroshima city children's Culture Museum
Hiroshima City Jin mountain meteorological Museum
Hiroshima City area soil museum
Health Science Museum
Art Gallery
Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Hiroshima City
Hiroshima Museum of Art
Hiroshima Municipal Central Library
Hiroshima City comic Library
Entertainment facilities
The people of Hiroshima Stadium
Hiroshima big arch
Hiroshima County camp Stadium
Hiroshima Jing round field
Occupation sports team
Hiroshima Toyo Carp (occupation baseball, the Central League, won six times, three wins in Japan League)
Sanfrecce Hiroshima (football, Japanese occupation football league)
JT ray (volleyball, man V)
Hiroshima Maple Reds (handball)
Historical buildings
Hiroshima Castle
Dwarf Garden
Real hospital
Atomic Bomb Dome (former Hiroshima industry awards Hall) (UNESCO World Heritage)
Hiroshima City Jin mountain weather museum (former Hiroshima local meteorological observatory)
The old Japanese bank Hiroshima branch
Hiroshima Andersen
Hiroshima University Department of the old hall 1
Hiroshima City, the local museum (former Yu army commissary branch factory)
The prefectural assembly post race against man

Hiroshima traffic

Hiroshima port: port area Songshan formation.
Hiroshima Airport West: small airports in urban areas, only some routes operating area.
 Hiroshima port and ferry terminal Hiroshima port and ferry terminal
Hiroshima Airport Although is the main airport of Hiroshima City, but in the next Mihara Territory.
Bus / bus
Hiroshima electric railway (Hiroshima city with Japan's largest tram route network)
Hiroshima bus
Hiroshima traffic
H D, West Hiroshima
Yiyang bus
Preparation of North Traffic
JR bus China
There are 15 Hiroshima city bus station eight Ku Ding, Japan most.
Railway and rail transportation
Hiroshima electric railway (streetcars, atomic bomb explosion affected vehicles, still in operation)
Hiroshima high-speed traffic (new high-speed traffic transportation system in Hiroshima Hiroshima New Transit Line No. 1,)
The railway service (a monorail)
Near the downtown station
Hiroshima Yicheng
Hiroshima Bus Center
The main road
High speed road
China Lane
Shanyang automatic lane
Hiroshima automatic lane
Hiroshima high-speed road
The general national highway
National Road No. 2
National Road No. 54
National Road No. 31
National Road No. 487
National Road No. 191