A deciduous tree

Fallen leaves The tree (deciduous tree): Lu y pinyin is sh which is connected, refers to cold or drought Season At the same time arrives, leaves off the dead trees; trees often refers to the spring and summer, the leaves after the old leaves was gradually deciduous, evergreen tree species.
A deciduous tree

A deciduous tree Discrimination

According to the leaves of the length of time, within a year, that is where the dead leaves, and all the old leaves fall off after entering dormancy period. tree Called deciduous trees. Leaf Not dead in more than a year called evergreen trees. Generally most of the deciduous trees in the temperate climate conditions
Under the, summer Therefore, lush leaves in winter, and summer green (Summer green) as synonymous use, including tropic - Subtropical The dry season deciduous trees ( Myanmar , Thailand The Gurjun Dipterocarpus). In addition the dead leaves do not necessarily fall off, some trees with leaves and winter. Mountain pepper (Lindera glauea).

A deciduous tree Common types

Sophora japonica , Vertical Huai And vertical Liu , Salix babylonica×S.alba-vitellina Straight, willow, Acacia , Yu Chui , Liriodendron chinensis , Koelreuteria Paniculata , firmiana simplex Wu, law, Acer serrulatum Hayata , Ginkgo , Metasequoia , Ailanthus , poncirus trifoliata , Fringe Tree , Pond cypress , Sabino , etc..

A deciduous tree Cold causes

Deciduous trees are able to fight Beneath the bitter snows That is because it can well protect their roots. In order to protect the root, it is a portion of their own: Leaf On the ground, without stint, Leaf Slowly turn into fertilizer Absorbed by roots, become the source of regeneration.

A deciduous tree Difference

Evergreen: evergreen plant is mainly Evergreen tree Also, there are evergreen Shrub Etc..
Most loose, Cupressaceae The plant belongs to evergreen tree (also belong to deciduous trees, such as Sabino )
It refers to the evergreen evergreen, but does not mean that it does not fall leaves, and leaves it The tree is different deciduous trees in autumn and winter when most or all deciduous, evergreen trees are deciduous in four seasons, but it also has some new leaves, pine and cypress, leaves in the old, withered and yellow will stay dry, will not fall (such as fir). Not only will the evergreen pine, Broadleaf tree Also many evergreen (e.g. Coconut , Michelia , cyclobalanopsis glauca , Dilleniaceae , mulberry , Rong , Cajeput , Wax apple Very much)
Evergreen: evergreen tree refers to all the year round green leafy perennial woody plants. Evergreen tree leaves not only never litter, leaves longer than leaves of the deciduous trees such as long life, hollyleaf can live 1 years to 3 years, Pine Leaves can live for 3 years to 5 years, Podocarpus The leaves can live 2 years to 8 years. Every spring there are evergreen trees grow new leaves, but there are some old leaves fall off, but the stem in all seasons are green, so called evergreen. In addition, there are two evergreen broad-leaved and coniferous types: evergreen broad-leaved trees mostly distributed in tropical and Subtropical area In general, not cold, such as Palm , Camphor , citrus , Coral tree ; evergreen conifers are mostly gymnosperms, such as Pine Cypress, etc..