Evergreen tree

The evergreen tree is an evergreen plant that Chinese words. The main evergreen trees are evergreen, evergreen shrubs have etc..
Evergreen tree

Evergreen tree The interpretation of words and phrases

Most loose, Cupressaceae The plant belongs to evergreen tree (also belong to A deciduous tree Such as, Sabino )
It refers to the evergreen evergreen, but does not mean that it does not fall leaves, it is different with the deciduous tree is a deciduous tree in autumn and winter when most or all deciduous, evergreen trees are deciduous in four seasons, but it also has some new leaves, pine and cypress, leaves in old and withered yellow will stay dry, will not fall (such as fir).
Not only will the evergreen pine, Broadleaf tree Also many evergreen (e.g. Coconut , Michelia , cyclobalanopsis glauca , Dilleniaceae Fig, mulberry, Cajeput , Wax apple Very much)

Evergreen tree Characteristic

Evergreen refers to one year Four seasons There are green leafy perennial woody plants. Evergreen tree leaves not only never litter, longer than leaves A deciduous tree The leaves of long life, such as holly can live 1 years to 3 years, Pine Leaves can live for 3 years to 5 years, Podocarpus The leaves can live 2 years to 8 years. Every spring there are evergreen trees grow new leaves, but there are some old leaves fall off, but the stem in all seasons are green, so called evergreen. In addition, the evergreen tree has two types: evergreen broad-leaved and coniferous Broadleaf tree Most distributed in tropical and Subtropical area In general, not cold, such as palm, Camphor , citrus , Coral tree Mostly evergreen conifers; Gymnosperms Nakayama Sugi, such as pine, cypress, etc.. Zhongshan fir salt resistance and water resistance. Planting performance, Nakayama Sugibiochihasugi, has the characteristics of strong salt tolerance of Taxodium ascendens, is a fine species of beach afforestation. The water resistance than the Metasequoia strong, can survive and grow in the long-term flooding conditions, is one of the important species in the low-lying wetland forestation. Zhongshan fir clones developed root, trunk tough, strong wind resistance. For example, in 1997 11 typhoon landing, Rudong Coast suffered more than 10 wind attacks, large shallow roots of poplar and Metasequoia and lodging, but beach test base of Zhongshan fir calm down, wind break phenomenon. Fast growth, high yield of wood. Planting comparison shows that the 11 year old Zhongshan spruce tree volume was 3 times of Taxodium, volume per unit area and a poplar. Zhongshan fir stem tall, conical crown, it is suitable for the isolated planting, row planting, clump planting. The dark green leaves, green time is 1 - 2 months late Metasequoia, autumn leaf color changes obviously, is an ideal species and background color leaf trees. In addition, Zhongshan fir wetland forestation produce geniculate aerial roots, can form singular natural landscape.