Baptist (Baptists), also known as Baptist, is from England in seventeenth Century Puritan One of the main sects separated independent, because of the way the immersion in water baptism name.
This is the baby against sectarian Be baptized To accept the baptism of adults, adhere to the implementation; congregationalism The rules of the church.
In the case of the international organization for Baptist World Alliance (The Baptist World Alliance), established in 1905, has 106 members in church groups, across all continents.

Baptists The characteristics of faith

Baptists The basic characteristics of

By the three Baptist sect of influence. Theology by The Calvin doctrine The influence of the concept of baptism The Anabaptist ( Mennonite ), and church system
For the congregation for the Congregational The influence of.
(a) Baptist emphasizes direct contact with God believers, without Clergy And the church as the intermediary; only recognize Christ and biblical authority in faith and practice, Baptist declaration is not mandatory Christian creed, is not authoritative and binding.
(two) insist on freedom of religion and the principle of voluntary, and therefore only has absorption judgment for the maintenance of volunteers into the church, the principle of freedom of religion, religious beliefs and opposed government interference in church affairs.
(three) do not recognize the etiquette for the sacraments, and called "etiquette" (Ordinance). In its view, there is no value and meaning of sacred rites; believers only because of their beliefs by grace, rather than the ceremony itself. In the case of the implementation of Baptist And the two kinds of rites. Baptism symbolizes the burial and resurrection of Jesus, but also on the crime of believers buried, the rebirth of mark.
(four) the implementation of the church congregationalism Right, and all believers in the church are equal. Believers voluntary combination of the local church as the most important teaching administrative units, have all the autonomy, can accept to decide the rites, rules and relations with other churches and members and clearance. The priest by the congregation appointed a deacon. The local church is composed of voluntary alliance deal with common problems and tasks, but the decision does not have the authority of the local church. Thus in the Baptist doctrine and ritual, individuation, liberal democracy has characteristics; color in the church system, it is often regarded as a typical free church.

Baptists Specific doctrine

A version
A religious meaning can be expressed in seven English sentences, and every sentence of the letter together is BAPTIST.
Biblical authority: the recognition and affirmation of "the Bible" authority. The Baptist to the "Bible" as the highest authority of faith and Practice (several sects in the "Bible" on the plus church or creed). Generally speaking, dedicated to specific theological position leaching letter will is relatively short. The Baptist in May The Calvin doctrine Also, Arminian There may be; The era of Marxism Supporters. From the historical point of view, the Baptist theology is rich and varied.
Autonomy of the local church: independent local churches
Priesthood of the believer: the priesthood of all believers (believers are equal)
Two ordinances-Believer's Baptism & Symbolic Communion: baptism and the nature of the main meal two Memorial Church etiquette - believers
Individual soulliberty: people with God given free will to choose his religion, but also to their own free will exercise the responsibility
Separation of Church and State: the separation of church and state
Two offices of the church-Pastor and Deacon: the priest and Deacon as church servants do
Version two
Beliver's baptism: believer's baptism
Autonomy of the local congregation within the associational framework: the local congregation and autonomous cooperation
Primacy of Scripture: "the Bible" and the first prominent position
True belivers only in the church: true believers Church
Individual competency and the beliver's priesthood: in the Holy Spirit and everyone has the ability to recognize God and all priests
Seperation of Church and State: the separation of church and state
Two ordinaces: the main meal two - baptism and church etiquette to commemorate

Baptists Organization system

The Baptist has more than and 100 factions: there are 27 schools in the United States, there are 95 thousand churches. among southern baptist convention The United States is the largest Protestant denomination. In Taiwan called Chinese Baptist Convention In order to. Grace Church The most famous.
American Baptist Association;
American Baptist Church in the U.S.A.
Baptist Bible Fellowship, International
National Baptist Convention of the U.S.A. (black)
National Baptist Covention of America (black)
Free Will Baptist
Conservative Baptist Association of America (Jin Xuan)
Duck River of Baptists
General Association of Regular Baptist
General Baptist
Landmark Baptist
Primitive Baptist

Baptists History

Baptists The situation in the world

In 1905, the Baptist World Alliance (The Baptist World Alliance, BWA) was established and held its First Baptist World Congress in london.
In 1912, The Sustentation Fund.
In 1922, Violet Hedger became the first female priests practice qualification.
In 1955, the Baptist world alliance held in London to celebrate its 50 years anniversary commemoration.

Baptists The situation in Europe

After 1600 there is a group of dedicated research, to understand the Bible and truth, that should be added to the Church believes and is baptized adults, then the common infant baptism, the group stressed that only those who believe in Christ to be baptized, and people should be educated at baptism baptism.
1600 Holland Sezession refugees by Seperationist Mennonite Influence, Congregational Reverend John Smyth (1554-1612) that infant baptism is unbiblical teachings (although no infant baptism of things, but "in the Bible Didache "There are records about infant baptism). In 1609 he and other members of the Baptist again. They adopted the principle of baptism.
In Lydon (Leiden) in the church, a pastor of Henry Jacob (1550-1616) returned to England in 1612 years, in the Southwark set up the UK's First Baptist church. The same year, the First Baptist Church of the party were held in London Spital fields, founder of the Thomas Helwys Baptist sect published a "mystery of iniquity" declaration, is one of the earliest several books for religious freedom. In seventeenth Century, the Baptists refused to comply with and become members of the Church of england. That Christ, rather than the king or queen, is the head of the church, to be persecuted faith.
In 1633, some people out of the church, because in addition to their adult Baptist, and by The Calvin doctrine Influence。
In 1641, they began to accept baptism for formal sacraments, since then became a British Baptist Baptist tradition. This school was later called the particular Baptists (ParticularBaptists), is a pioneer in advocating the freedom of religious belief.
Holland Baptist by Arminianism (Arminianism) effect. Arminianism is not acceptable" Predestination "; those who accept Arminianism of Baptist believers, later known as general Baptists (General Baptists).
After Queen Elizabeth became the state religion, and other separatists after decades of fighting. These "Protestant dissenters" won the freedom of religious belief. According to the 1689 "faith tolerance act" (TheToleration Act) Who is willing to carry out, the following points are free to worship:
(1) to pledge allegiance to William and mary.
(2) reject papal authority, transubstantiation, the mass and to Maria and saint Pray.
(3) accept the "thirty-nine creeds". The Protestant denominations in the British open. These dissenters including: Presbyterian , Congregationalists , Baptist and Quaker The number, add up to about 1/10 of the total population of britain.
Presbyterian party and justice cases, sing Psalter; Baptist is the first to sing hymns in worship. By Ben.Keach (1640-1704) started in 1673 on the outskirts of London special baptist. He wrote hymns for public worship, first published in 1691 three hundred Spiritual Melody, because the content is poor, so far without retention. But he sang hymns in the worship of the way is widely used.
The Baptist Church emphasize local independence and autonomy spirit, establish individual local churches in the New Testament revelation lesson. Each individual local churches are each responsible to God, do not interfere with each other, but mutual respect. Axiom cases and the Baptist have many similarities, in addition to their claims should be independent outside the church, do not pay attention. This point than the Baptist Congregationalists What is more, because they refused to be trapped by bundling.
In 1792, William Carey founded the Baptist difference (BMS), which is later known as the Baptist World Mission Mission (BMS World Mission).
In 1812, Dr. Rippon's Vestry of the London chapel room, group discussion Baptist alliance formation.
In 1813, held the First Baptist conference in london.
In 1832, the Baptist union completed architecture.
In 1837, George Couzens was the first to be reported in the West India regiment in the British pastor, reverend.
In 1854, Spurgeon (Charles Haddon, Spurgeon, 1834-1892), the most famous Baptist missionary, began his work. The second half of nineteenth Century, Spurgeon The sermon grand moment; belongs to the Baptist, in addition to not believe infant baptism, he is a genuine Calvin Zon .
In 1855, The Freeman, which later became the "Baptist times" (The Baptist Times) for the first time.
In 1891, the general Baptists and particular Baptist together constitute the "British Baptist Association" (Baptist Union of Great Britain).
The European Baptist Federation
European Baptist Federation (the European Baptist Federation, EBF), including 52 Association and association of the 770 thousand Baptists, 7 affiliated churches and network. From Portugal to distant Russia, this family covers in Eurasia, the Middle East and Near East all Baptist believers. In these countries there is no formal association, the European Baptist union continued to work to strengthen the relationship between the parties.

Baptists North America

North America
Baptist on 1630s with the Puritans to North America, mainly is to save the baptists. After eighteenth Century, the school began a joint exercise, but the trend is from nineteenth Century 30 to 40s slavery movement interruption. Due to the slavery of southern and Northern different divisions. In 1845 the southern states of the United States established the "Southern Baptist" (The Southern Baptist Convention). In 1907 the North Church jointly established the "northern Baptist" (The Northern Baptist Convention). along with American Civil War The end and proclamation of emancipation The announcement, the Baptist preached in the black in strengthening the black church and the Church Missionary, the establishment of training, a black minister, a national organization "in 1880 the establishment of a black American National Baptist believers" (The National Baptist Convention of America). In 1916 from the "split national Baptist" (The National Baptist Convention U.S.A.).
American Baptists
After the Second World War the majority of American Baptist believers still belong to the north and south of the two big church. Northern Baptist believers less in number, as of 1984, about 1 million 600 thousand people, its internal Fundamentalism The struggle is fierce and modern. The development road after this struggle decided the will to a great extent. In 1946, the national assembly, fundamentalist first attack, an attempt to "infallibility" creed imposed on the church to preach, education and other important control committee leadership, weaken and The World Council of Churches The relationship was rejected. The meeting reiterated " The New Testament "Is the authority principle of divine revelation records and belief, emphasizing different sects should strengthen cooperation. Since then, fundamentalist forces failed to prevail in the northern Baptist. Some fundamentalist believers and moderates in 50s was out, the other group of xinhui. The northern Baptist have since been marked with liberalism. In view of the method of geographical scope demarcation has lost and practical significance, in 1950 renamed the northern Baptist Baptist (The American Baptist Convention). This will greatly expand the missionary, increasing its social influence and economic strength. But since the dispersion of internal reasons, such as lack of clergy, the number of believers increased far behind the U.S. population growth. To reverse this phenomenon will set up the executive secretary, responsible for the overall coordination of educational administration, and later merged with some missionary affairs agencies, strengthen the contact between the special committee, actively develop relations with other churches and denominations. In the social and political aspects, pay close attention to the question of war and peace, against the settlement of international disputes by means of war, advocated the peaceful use of nuclear energy, give full play to the role of the United Nations, the end of the cold war with the Soviet Union and peaceful coexistence. The church had claimed there was "clear responsibility to all the legal means of communism firmly against the spirit". But it also opposed McCarthyism Hysteria, think this is a threat to freedom. In view of the increasingly obvious racial discrimination and racial conflicts in American society, the church's early show against racial discrimination and take action to improve race relations requirements. After the middle of the 1960s, the United States domestic and international situation of intense turmoil. Will be more widespread concern in society, Secular City, race relations, and other issues of the women in this situation. stay African-American Civil Rights Movement Under the impetus of the church to resolutely eliminate racial segregation within the Church of the church and clergy of all races all open; and comply with the requirements of believers the civil rights act of 1964. In international relations, the church calls for help Developing country The relief. The apartheid system in South Africa The victim.
In 1972 the American Baptist English name changed to American Baptist churches in the U.S.A. In 1980s it was recognized as a middle of the road to the church, because the internal hold from liberalism to Fundamentalism The various schools of theology; ethnic minority believers constitute complex, followers of more than 1/3, in the organizational structure, emphasis on care and reflect the different ingredients. The desire to fully respect the freedom of the local church. It attaches great importance to Ecumenical movement And with other religious dialogue, it is known in the United States for diversification of the church. In 1980s, it started a mission plan, to build 500 new churches in 10 years, and has allocated millions of dollars. But little progress, the number of believers only to maintain the status quo.
American Baptist
After the war, the development of American Southern Baptist for various Protestant groups in the u.s.. The development of the fast growth in the number of believers and the length of the duration is very prominent. Along with the industrialization of the southern states, the increased mobility of the population, more and more people flow into the city or the South California and Arizona So, with the Southern Baptist trace to build new churches, and the development of theological education, training the new Protestant pastor, absorption. The increase will believers. From 1950 to 1955 increased 19.7% from 1955 to 1960 believers; increase of 14.8%; to 1972 believers up to 12 million people, 34534 church. By 1983, the development of believers to 14 million, the church reached 36531. To 1989 believers for 14722671 people, 37238 church. The seminary and its affiliated school enrollment increased revenue and total budget increase. A Southern Baptist Church is now far from the south, across the United States has become the largest Protestant church groups.
Before and after the increase in 1960s and the change of Southern Baptist Christian theology is not unrelated. After 1960s, the impact of the trend of social change in the Southern Baptist Church, the internal requirements to keep pace with the times the strong voice, the Conservative The position began to loosen. In addition to the Bible and the traditional authority creed, to other theological thoughts within the church have a tolerant attitude, no longer mandatory measures to suppress. This will be from mid 1970s to 1960s in theology is dominated with some liberal Evangelism , known as a moderate. In the meantime, the Southern Baptist believers increased, political attitude is open. But the traditional conservatives and fundamentalists are not willing, in 1979 launched a power struggle, trying to put the pull to the right. The core of the conservative theological position is the so-called "infallibility" theory. They tend to disagree with this theological view of people referred to as liberals. For the end of Southern Baptist leadership moderates dominate the situation, conservative offensive from two aspects of the impact of expanding its leadership position and seize church theological perspectives. Since the beginning of 1979, the Southern Baptist is elected for a term of one year as chairman as by conservatives, the chairman of the actual appointment of leaders of various important institutions, conservative and gradually took control of many key institutions. The balance of power in its central leadership within the conservative and moderate changes more and more conducive to the former. By 1987, an important section of the South Baptist administrative committee, overseas missionary Committee and 6 seminaries in 5 have been conservative. In order to strengthen its influence on theology, conservatives have taken some measures. In 1985, the Southern Baptist established a "Peace Committee", aims to the internal activities of the church to mediate differences and find solutions. However, after two years, put forward by the committee's report is clearly confirmed by the conservative "infallibility" theory. Based in the Southern Baptist moderates within the seminary has been more abundant, so the Conservatives to strengthen the control of the seminary. They use a variety of ways to strengthen the signature of theological creed. Dissenting teachers often face the risk of dismissal. In order to strengthen the control of the local church, 1988 by a Southern Baptist laity "priesthood of all resolutions, to individual believers can adhere to his conservative viewpoint, and claimed that this principle and priest responsibility and authority are not contradictory. The fierce opposition moderates, in the face of strong offensive conservative, moderate side accused the conservative power, a strict Baptist to respect the freedom of the traditional interpretation of the Bible, including personal freedom. The missionary and advocate in cooperation and unity in the different factions of the common cause. Overall, moderate activity is weak and feeble. The influence on the conservative rejection under constantly to be weakened, its internal differences also exist in the problem on how to reverse the situation. For the accumulation of power, many other moderates established "the Southern Baptist union". But most of the moderate clergy and believers did not exit, will be the so-called "loyal opposition in the Southern Baptist". In short, the 1980s has been basically controlled by the Southern Baptist conservatives, in theology as Fundamentalism Color, politically conservative forces have close ties with the United states. The Southern Baptist Union even declared that "Southern Baptist is now a fundamentalist rule of the church". For many years the internal struggle brought some adverse effects to the Southern Baptist, as believers increased slowly, seminary enrollment atrophy.
Since World War II, the relationship with other denominations and domestic social issues of Southern Baptist, vary in different periods, but the general trend is gradually breaking the isolation. After the war it was of the ecumenical movement interest relations in 1947 set up a special organization for research and the northern Baptist, and against the government's military buildup. But with the increase of fundamentalist forces, in early 1950s, turned to attack the Oneness Movement and radical political union, resolutely oppose communism. In 1960s, the moderate leadership advantage, which expressed concern on social issues, expressed support for the black civil rights movement, for peaceful resolution Vietnam war On abortion, homosexuality, also pay attention to, welcome to negotiate the relaxation of international tension and restrictions on strategic weapons su.
The Southern Baptist has always attached importance to the missionary work, although its internal differences, but in the missionary agree upon, it is proposed to achieve the global gospel".
In addition, Baptist in African American influence, many African Christians belong to this sect, and exclusive Black church groups, they are: the national Baptist Church and the baptist. As of 1990s, the former has disciples more than 260 people, which has about more than 550 people. The nation of about 20 million black believers, more than 30 black church.
In Europe, the Soviet Union Baptist believers more countries, the number of believers increased after the war, Baptist and evangelical Christians and five Pentecostals jointly composed "evangelical and Baptist federation". In the third world, previously funded by Western churches and Baptists have independent control, most of the autonomy. Some Latin American Baptist has conservative tendencies. The Brazil Baptist Church as an example, it is not in The World Council of Churches The activity, also not in favor of the ecumenical movement, only keen on evangelism.
West Baptist Association
Western Canada Baptist Fellowship (Benghazi Baptist Association, WCBF), because of the unique needs of priests and the church in Canada. Alberta , British Columbia Province , Saskatchewan The independent Baptists founded the association. In the spring of 1992, Saskatchewan Swift current Reach a consensus。 In 1994, the first annual meeting was officially confirmed the relationship.

Baptists China situation

Shanghai area
Originally the British Baptist Puritanism A branch of the independent school, to Calvin Zon Based on the teachings, the baptism by immersion to the Baptist. Baptized Both the immersion in water. In twentieth Century, the world Baptist believers about about 32000000, of which more than 90% in the United states. American Baptist is divided into North and south two factions: the United States will say the North Baptist, Daoguang sixteen years (1836) to China, mainly in the coastal provinces and the area southwest of the southern United States; called the Baptist, Daoguang twenty-six years (1846) to China, mainly in Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shandong area. The Baptist has divided north and south, but many enterprise or joint.
Daoguang twenty-seven years (September 1847 August) the American Baptist missionary to send missionaries Yan Ma too the couple arrived in Shanghai, the Baptist was introduced into Shanghai. The same year, did not support Bi couple to Shanghai's uncle. October (November), 6 missionary and 2 from Guangzhou to Chinese (Yang Qinghe Wong) a total of 8 people formed the First Baptist Church in Shanghai, East China is the first known Baptist. The old North Gate The First Baptist synagogue.
Xianfeng ten years (1860) before the old North Gate hall several times weekly First Baptist Church, although many attend the meeting, but only 20 people were baptized. One of the three missionaries Chinese Yellow products after baptism, Tongzhi five years (1866) and was ordained as priests. Xianfeng three years (1853) to Tongzhi nine years (1870) in the past 20 years, Shanghai Baptist missionaries are too Ma Yan couple. Xianfeng three years (1853) Xiaodaohui Uprising Ma Yan, too can not carry out missionary cases, written in dialect dictionary, and then the missionaries learning Shanghai dialect as a reference.
Tongzhi twelve years (1873) Yan Ren Matthew American Vice Consul in shanghai. Twelve years Guangxu (1886) Wan Yingyuan and Merlin two missionary couple in china. Fourteen years Guangxu (1888) Yan Ma too died, he translated into the language of white soil of Shanghai " books of the new covenant "Published. Twenty-six years Guangxu (1990) autumn, Wan Yingyuan will apply for a chapel in the north of Sichuan to the poor road (now North Sichuan Road) at the end of the name Grace Church Second, Shanghai Baptist hall. In 14 years (1925) to build a new church in Zhabei Zhuang Shi in the Baptist Church, mainly for middle school girls, Ming Yan morganii two schools week. At that time there were more than 60 thousand Guangdong people doing business in Shanghai, because of the language barrier can not hear. In 9 years (1920) in the white Paul Road (now Xinxiang Road) built Guangdong Shanghai Baptist Church, dedicated to preaching in cantonese. In 23 years (1934) Zhaojinqing In Fahuazhen buy land to build a church spent. In 36 years (1947) to commemorate the late Matthew Shanghai 100 years, on the avenue Foch (now Yanan Road ) North Maoming Road The construction period of grace, for every one hundred.
At the end of nineteenth Century, North American Baptist missionary came to Shanghai, twenty-nine years Guangxu (1893) established the shrine Church in really small east gate, Zhejiang Ningbo, Zhoushan followers, Shaoxing Shanghai business in Hongkou, near Tanggu road home, named it the shrine. In 9 years (1920), separated from the shrine really part of the believers, the other by North Sichuan LUSHEN love museum was established Shanghai North dip hall. In 14 years (1925), Shanghai Baoshan North dipping Synagogue in the purchase self built the new church, but suffered two war looting, has been through the YMCA preparatory office for worship.
Seven years Guangxu (1881), the Southern Baptist preaching through the village set up in Kunshan, Suzhou, and Wuxi to open the church, parish, and then extended to Zhenjiang, Yangzhou. 90 years from 1847 to 1937 in the Baptist by 1 station (Shanghai) new Suzhou (founded in 1883), Zhenjiang (founded in 1883), Yangzhou (founded in 1891), Wuxi (founded in 1892), Kunshan (founded in 1934) 5 terminus.
In 1925 the Baptist parliament, composed of priests, deacons, secretary, treasurer and ministers. The Deacon scores of deacon and permanent deacons two years.
Northern and Southern Baptist organized a university in Shanghai, covers an area of 165 acres. Thirty-one years Guangxu (January 1906 December) was the first Shinto Baptist College, Wan Yingyuan served as the first Dean of College of shinto. Xuantong first year (February 10, 1909 January 20th) Hong Kong Baptist University Also officially opened, named in 1915 university of shanghai . Early Baptist run middle school and high school 7 Yan Ming, in 1920 moved to the Zhabei Baptist zhuang. In the old North Gate Office Jinde school, and specifically for the students to do the Guangdong 1 Zonta school, after high school in North Maoming.
Northern and Southern Baptist also joint Chinese Baptist. In 1932, Shanghai light new building, 8 storeys high, with Baptist Press and other office published "light" magazine and other church books.
Qingdao area
American Southern Baptist Mission In 1858, the priest Jacob sent a flower to Yantai, 1860 Paihaiyaxi to Dengzhou (now Penglai) sermon. This will take this as the center, the scope of activities of Huangxian, Zhaoyuan, Jimo, Laiyang, Pingdu and Yexian, Shouguang, Ji'nan, Jining and other places. The missionaries Murad article in succession to China to help Haiyasi missionary.
Haiyasi in 1891 to set up a "Sha Ling Cun, Pingdu County, North China Baptist meeting". In 1916, American pastor Cui Yimei came to Qingdao in 1923 to open up Parish, Jining road Baptist Church building. Cui's death, Newton, John and Lou Fei Dodgers to Qingdao missionary. By 1936, the North China Baptist meeting in North China a total of 84 churches, including Pingdu District 33, Qingdao District 5. 5 Qingdao area: Qingdao, Shouguang City, Hou Town, Dong Jiaying, Jia Zhuang, responsible for the American missionary Dao Zhefei, Gao Dezheng, Wang Jifa, Sean Lau, preacher, Wei Xiangyuan, Zhang Shiguan. In 1937, Japan invaded Chinese, due to traffic inconvenience, many lost contact with the country, only Qingdao, Ji'nan and other places are still at the party. In 1941, American missionaries in Japan China were detained, the Southern Baptist work stop.
After the victory of Anti Japanese War, the North China Baptist conference will be reorganized into the North China Baptist Association, Qingdao district will be set to green (Island), namely (Mexico), Shou (light), the church by 5 extended to 14: Qingdao Jining Road, Pingyin road Baptist Baptist Church, Leling Zhong Jiawa road Baptist, Baptist, Baptist, east town of Songshan Road, Sichuan road Baptist Evangelical Church, the village Gospel Hall, Xingan Road, Jimo City Evangelical Baptist Church, Jimo northern Gospel Hall, Dongcheng Gospel Hall, Ma Shi Gospel Church, Shou Guangcheng baptist. The American missionaries Nick, sun John, Sun Yide (female), the wife of Xie Guodong, Gao Hede, Zhang Baoling couple (female), Nie Dejia (female), Guo Leyi (female), Ke Lipei, Ke Oulin (female), Ann Naisen, Wei mu (female), the wife of Mo Enlin, Hou Ximei (female), Gao Fude (female) the priest, Ge (female), Ren Weilin (Sweden).
On March 1948, No. 31 Jining Road, the establishment of Qingdao City Baptist Association, the Reverend Wang Jifa as chairman. Under the jurisdiction of Jining Road, East Road, Pingyin Town, Tai Zhan Road, Songshan Road, Leling road Baptist and four village, Laoshan stone, the hippo houjiazhuang gospel hall.
After the liberation of Qingdao, the American Missionary Baptist Convention in July 1950 to withdraw, only Zhang Baoling's persistence, the summer of 1951 to leave Qingdao. At that time, Qingdao district has 8 churches, Gospel Hall 2: Qingdao City, Jining Road, Leling Road, fan County Road, Furong Road, Tai Zhan Lu, Songshan road Baptist, Sichuan Road, Xingan Road, Jimo City Gospel Church, Baptist, Shouguang City Baptist church.
In February 1951, the Baptist "three" reform committee was established, Minister Li was loved for president. In September 18, 1956, the Baptists in Qingdao Furong Road Baptist Association held a working meeting of North China Baptist, reorganized the North China Baptist, established Shandong Baptist preparatory committee". Guan Shousong was elected president, Tong Zhishan, Xie Baoluo, Fan Mingjing as vice chairman. In 1958 the Christian joint party, Shandong province Baptist revoked.
The northern Baptist will By 1946, American pastor Lin Berg came to Qingdao in his constant Taiwan founded Road No. 69. In 1948, American missionary Bao Dachuan, the Fushun Xu Guangren established the North America cooperative Baptist, there were 57 believers, letter made Xu Guangren the priest. After the liberation of Qingdao, American missionaries returned to Xu Guangren in 1951 to apply for revocation of the northern Baptist will.
American independent Baptist missionary Luan Shiduo, 1937, from Tai'an to Qingdao, the first pastor Liu Meicun in Cangkou Road Rental missionary, and Hu Lunsheng in Cangkou Songbai Road Rental mission. In 1938, Luan Shiduo purchased Bei Ying Zi village Cangkou No. 57 of 18 houses, the building of the church. In November 1941, Luan Shiduo has returned to the United States, the church by the self named "Chinese Christian believers, independent Baptist church". 1947 believers fundraiser in yingzi village No. 57 Building 5 room chapel, 1958, the merger in Cangkou Road No. 137 party point (now four flow Road No. 186).
In 1940 the American pastor Paul in our Cangkou ten No. 242 set an Cun Mei Baptist Gospel Hall, after the outbreak of the Pacific War, Paul returned to the church by our own believers. In 1951 to stop the party.
In February 1947, the American female missionary Wu Derui to Qingdao, Shimen Road No. 30 in Cangkou founded Baptist, disciples of about 40 people. In 1949 Wu Derui returned, the 1951 will be revoked.
Swedish Baptist will , in 1891, the Swedish Christian Baptist pastor Wen Daoshen will send this to establish "Swedish Baptist will". In the spring of the next year, with the Reverend John venturi (Swedish) to glue County, as the mission. As the first batch of 4 people who baptised in the county outside the east gate of glue River in April 30, 1899 John. Is gum County Baptist, immediately joined the "North China Christian Baptist conference". In 1902, North China Baptist twelfth parliament held in gum county. In 1920, Swedish Baptist has 4 churches, and the Baptist meeting "ruihua". The first session of Parliament on December 10, 1920 at the County Hall Baptist glue. In 1922 second parliament has produced the "Shandong Ruihua Baptist conference", to 1940 a total of 20 party.
In 1941, the difference in Pingdu, Jimo, gum County, Jiaonan, Zhucheng, Rizhao, Gaomi and other established 12 churches, churches and mission 94. There have been 40 Swedish missionaries and individual American missionaries, Norway, Chinese Minister of 10 people (according to Li China pastor began in 1920), preachers of 92 people, believers of more than 6700 people, opened in 39, primary school, hospitals, clinics, orphanages and other places.
After the victory of Anti Japanese War, the Swedish Minister Li, Hird, goheil en sowing sunflower, Begley in 1948 to Qingdao, Hunan Road No. 13, Ruihua Baptist will also located here.
After the liberation of Qingdao, the foreign missionaries in 1950 ~ 1951 has left Qingdao to return home, will end up activities.