Also, agate agate agate, Ma is the brain. Chalcedony A group of minerals, often mixed with Opal and Cryptocrystalline quartz The grain ribbon block, hardness 6.5-7 degree, proportion 2.65, color quite level. A translucent or opaque. The original form The three party system . A massive and the formation of various structures such as breast shape, grape like, nodular, common to Concentric circle Structure. With different colors. Chalcedony Usually, green , red , yellow , brown White and other colors. According to the pattern and impurity Can be divided into Onyx, Sardonyx, moss agate, agate and other castle. Used as a plaything, ornamental material, Accessories Or play things. Ancient Buried A string of agate ball.
The most prominent and magical pictographs is a "heart light (lamp of mind)" it is reported that transaction price of up to 7 digits, known as the red spirit of the Warring States period.

agate brief introduction

agate type

 Pictograms agate - endoscope Pictograms agate - endoscope
There are many types of agate, agate pictograms (Natural Agate agate stone, pattern, picture, pattern, pictographic slice agate, moss agate chalcedony, agate, ocean landscape agate, agate and other general shadow pattern), south red agate, red agate, agate, crystal sugar in the Warring States North Red Agate, green agate, green agate purple Yanyuan, agate, Sardonyx, fire agate, agate, Gobi grape agate, agate, wolf blood Xinjiang Hetian seed material, agate agate and other insects.

agate shape

A dense block formed of various structures, such as Breast Like, Grape Like, nodular, common concentric structure. Color
 The soul in the Warring States period red heart lights The soul in the Warring States period red heart lights
One, depending on the type and amount of impurities and often banded, concentric, cloudy or dendritic distribution, with white, grey, brown and red brown is the most common, black, blue and other colors are also. White or near white streaks. Waxy luster, translucent to transparent. Conchoidal fracture. Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness 7, the density of fand 2.6-2.7g/cm.
Irregular lump, nearly oblate, cylindrical (for processing Arts and Crafts Spare part). Red and orange red to dark red and white, grey and white. White streak. Translucent. The surface is flat and smooth, shiny glass; some are relatively rough, waxy luster. The body is light, hard and brittle, easy to break, can be seen in section point concentric circle corrugated, like shells. With a sharp edge, can characterize the glass and leave scratches. Odorless, tasteless. Friction is not easy to heat quickly. With hard, red color, transparent is preferred.

agate Name origin

See the ancient Mongolian agate color and beautiful patterns like a horse's head, he thought it was a horse brain stone, so Sanskrit It is called "horse brain".
 The Warring States red agate carving The Warring States red agate carving
"Agate" was written into the early "horse brain", the earliest found in Han Shi high translation of "Qizi o Di" of a book by the bin. The northern and Southern Dynasties kumarajiva Translation " Lotus Sutra "Said:" the horse brain, Fanyun the wet rubbing off woman "," such as the color of horse brain, so from their name". The Tang Dynasty monk Grace The " the sound and meaning of the tripitaka "Explained:" a wet bound '(Asmar-), the cloud "horse", "Jie wave" (-garbha), the brain also.
"There are claims that Cao Pitong's father, the Three Kingdoms period Cao Cao North Wuhuan, the local people drink a Cao Pi tribute agate, see red glass like crystal clear, then Fei Xia, writes "horse brain Le Fu", and said in the preface: "horse brain, jade is also, western arts and staggered, like horse brain, so the people of solid in the name of the. Or in the neck, or in a le. More than a Chrysler beauty of fu. Chen Lin, Wang Can and life."
Some scholars think that: from the analysis of agate western regions, because at that time our country mining limited number, mostly from the western regions, India, Persia, Japan and other countries of the tribute, often these tributes are an important way for people to know the baby. Since the introduction Chinese Buddhist, translators consider "horse brain is jade", so cleverly translated into "agate". Because of the introduction of Buddhism China, have a profound impact on Chinese culture, and "Joan" " Akadama "The name has been replaced by" agate ".

agate chemical composition

As the main component Silicon dioxide And, because of hydration Silicon dioxide ( Silicate Alternate and often repeated layer). Because of the oxide inclusion Metal From the color, extremely pale dark. With iron, cobalt and nickel. salt Class, which penetrates in silica gel in a natural, artificial agate, made of natural agate is also generated in similar circumstances.

agate The forming process

A long history of agate, about one hundred million years ago, due to changes in the earth's crust magma spurted, lava cooling, steam and other gases to form bubbles. The bubbles are sealed in the frozen rock and the formation of many holes. After a long time, immersed in the containing holes Silicon dioxide The condensation of silica gel solution. Fusible ingredients into the iron rock Silica gel Finally, crystalline silica agate.

agate Distribution range

 Southern red agate carving Southern red agate carving
The world famous origin of agate: China , India , Brazil , Madagascar , U.S.A , Egypt , Australia , Mexico China. Mexico The United States, and Namibia Also produced a lace like pattern with agate, called "lace agate". Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and Montana also produced a "landscape agate". Agate origin distribution in China is very wide, almost all the provinces, famous origin: Yunnan , Heilongjiang Xunkes , Liaoning , Hebei , Xinjiang , Ningxia , Inner Mongolia Etc..

agate academic research

Northeast writer Tang Wei to follow Firstly Mr. Choi's material may be agate said, compared with "four characteristics of Han Feizi" article mentioned, put forward the "green agate jade said that jade is a rare rare clamping green agate.

agate Exorcise evil spirits

Agate is 1 The seven treasures of Buddhism One has been since ancient times when the talismans, amulets, friendly symbol of love
 Southern red agate carving Southern red agate carving
And hope.
2 in the West in the magic, you will wish to write on a piece of paper, folding well, after meditation, and then into the agate cornucopia, at least a day night, let the energy machine reinforcement, in which after the removal will be cremated burned, with the help of fire power, will you wishes can come from nature.
3 summer wear agate not only fashion, beautiful and cool, prevent heatstroke.
4 agate with its rich colors, beautiful and as gems or craft products, also can be used for the production of precision instruments and bearing of body, agate agate mortar and other industrial supplies.

agate the way to distinguish

agate Process quality

The production process of high quality agate strict and advanced, so the surface brightness is good, solid inlay, Zhou Zheng, no scratches, cracks.

agate level

Water bile agate Agate in the most precious varieties, characteristics of agate in a closed cavity containing water.
Various levels of agate, with red, blue and purple, pink is the best, and transparent, no impurities, no sand heart, no crack; the piece weighs 4.5 kilograms above grade, more than 1.5 kg for a 1.5 kg, 0.5 - two.
Pictographic Figure agate Because of excellent texture, beautiful color, can form a pictographic pattern (like figures, landscapes, flowers, birds, fish, insects, plants, landscape, etc.) a great collection of.

agate colour

 Pictograms agate - magmatic upwelling Pictograms agate - magmatic upwelling
Agate stone natural colors, also after dyeing processing. Natural agate color is very rich in common are the following color:
(1) red agate is a main color: red agate, agate generally brownish red, red, yellow and red sauce. Some agate color performance is uneven, like the southern red agate, its internal red point.
(2) Lan Manao: a pale blue, color darker when the transparency is bad, sometimes in the blue agate distribution in some other colorful ribbon.
(3): natural agate output Green Agate rare, quality is more rare, the price is relatively increased.
(4): Purple Purple Agate agate rare purple, with a shallow depth, which most of this kind of grape stone, agate coarse texture, often translucent, but Inner Mongolia agate is more delicate purple blood wolf.
(5): Black Onyx in black, blue or grey for the majority of microstrip, translucent.
(6) Bai Manao: milky white or light gray, often with colorless and transparent agate constitute concentric striate and ribbon. The middle is often quartz sandwich.
(7) grey agate: dark gray, light gray or blue, with some concentric is not obvious, often the internal quartz or core sandwich.
(8) Huang Manao: usually pale yellow, orange, brown and light yellow, sometimes with pink, pink, pale grey agate layer consisting of beautiful ribbon.
Late dyed agate identified by infrared spectroscopy can.

agate economic value

People judge the quality and economic value of agate, is generally based on visual identification as the main means, although modern science and technology developed, a variety of jade identification instrument a lot, but in the trading process, the use of these instruments is very convenient, two is not solve the problem, the reason is very simple, will be affected by the Environment Bureau
 Pictograms agate - Rabbit Pictograms agate - Rabbit
To determine if the limit, agate merits and economic value, the instrument is useless. The transaction may not complex instruments on-site operations, so to identify the naked eye is always a very important method. Agate variety, known as the "thousand million jade agate", so the identification methods are many, usually with ribbon, color, transparency crackimpurities core, and weight for the classification standard, except for the most precious agate, with harmonious collocation of pretty color material for jiapin.
In general, all should be: Agate pattern with beautiful; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; good transparency, which is translucent; no cracks, no core, no impurities. The quality depends on the size and weight. Evaluation of the quality of identification and agate economic value of the main classification as follows:
Grade 1: block weighs about 5 kg or more.
2 level: weighs about 2 kg - 5.
3 level two: weighs about 0.5 kg - 2.
4 grade three piece weighs about 0.5 kilograms below.

agate Color pattern

True agate agate false clear bright color, light and color are poor, the more obvious contrast between the two. Natural agate color clear, banding pattern obviously, and imitation fake agate most gorgeous color, uniform, giving a false impression.

agate texture

 Pictograms agate - Feather Pictograms agate - Feather
Mostly fake agate stone imitation, soft texture Jiaozhen agate, jade can be scratched in fake agate, while the real thing is not zoned. On the surface, really rare agate flaws are more inferior. transparency
True agate transparency as the synthesis of high transparency, a little chaotic, some may see the natural water or cloud, and synthetic agate transparency, as transparent as glass ball.

agate weight

True agate jewelry than synthetic agate jewelry heavier.

agate texture

How to choose the agate jewelry? First to choose the color according to their love. The most precious red agate jewelry, such as agate necklace beads must pay attention to every shade of color to be the same, no noise, the size of the beads collocation should be appropriate, but also pay attention to finish better. Then, to see if the vertical lift, each bead whether in a vertical line, if the necklace was curved, indicating some of the beads with holes punched, rough process.

agate Maintenance method

First of all, be careful not to crash hard objects or falling, when not in use should be collected in the soft texture of the jewelry box. To avoid and perfume, liquid chemicals, soap or human sweat contact, to prevent erosion, influence of agate bright.
 Pictograms agate - Shanhaiguan Pictograms agate - Shanhaiguan
Secondly, to avoid the attention of the heat source, such as sunlight, stove, because agate expands when it is heated, the molecular gap increasing impact on quality, continuous contact with high temperature, also can lead to agate burst.
Agate usually placed to avoid sunlight, often wipe clean, if possible with pure blisters can occasionally add moisture to keep humidity agate will be more beautiful. Small pieces of jewelry when not wearing is best placed in the dark wet place, close to the original ecological environment best agate storage, especially Water bile agate There is a natural water in the formation period, if the current environment is very dry, which will cause the natural water evaporation, thus losing its collection of artistic and economic value.

agate Collection points

agate Color and lustre

The general quality of natural agate glass and oil sheen, natural pattern of bright color and lively, pure natural, smooth and delicate; natural and smooth texture, the most important is the agate gradient color, the color clear, strong sense of hierarchy, with obvious. The general quality of the agate color and luster are poor. Usually agate color determines its appreciation potential. Various levels of agate, with red, blue and purple, pink was the best color to be transparent, and should be no impurities, no sand heart, no crack.
 Agate stone Agate stone

agate Production process

Natural agate stone hard, lubrication, dignified, so its carved jade carving more than effort. In general, the skilled craftsmen carved from agate is a high collection value, the more thin agate carving up the higher the difficulty. If in the market to see a particularly good carving of the Ming and Qing Dynasties old agate beware is a modern imitation goods. Because at the time of the carving process, the middle of the fight line hole is unlikely to be smooth, generally crooked, inverted trumpet. If you see a pass in the end line hole is very smooth, the basic judgment is imitation or fake.

agate modelling

The general shape characteristic of agate collections high collection value. Agate texture hard, making the need for dozens of procedures, so that other more complicated shape, the cost is more expensive, naturally, the higher its value.
 Gobi agate stone - stone Muyang calf Gobi agate stone - stone Muyang calf

agate Agate culture

agate Pictograms agate

 Pictograms agate --- Si Jun Pictograms agate --- Si Jun
There is a sense of gum, hard texture, undyed, high temperature optimization, and can get the pictograms pictograph agate most recognition and resonance is good for collection. Due to personal knowledge, experience and imagination to appreciate different habits, there will be huge differences in appreciation, it is this line of each eye view. Enjoy the pictograph Figure agate The greatest pleasure is to enjoy the discovery process, pictograms agate is the baptism of the spirit, shock, shock and resonance process, will give people the appreciation of great spiritual pleasure and satisfaction. Fun and future appreciation potential is the key point of this collection.
Historical records of the ancient little pictograms agate. The earliest record of pictograms agate the ancient literati of Song Dynasty written by Du Wan "Yunlin stone spectrum", is described: "xiazhou agate stone produced in Yidu County, and sandy mud accumulation stains, who hit rough form, such as texture that brush, with figures of animals and birds like clouds. The natives tend to attract buyers, anyp in the city. Xuyi County Sizhou Baojishan and tender letter county can produce agate stone, strange texture, Simpson between Zhao Xin [name] forget the magistrate was a stone in the village, such as large rise, its quality is very white. Both the grinding Long (translation grinding) in dragon winding coiling shape, to Gong Palace (translated in the imperial court of the emperor)". After the grinding after the discovery of the "dragon" image pattern agate, people treasured contribution to the emperor. From this dragon pictograms agate agate River, in Hubei area of Yichang Province, flows through Yichang, Dangyang, Zhijiang. (Note: gorge in Yidu County, Hubei province today city branch. Gorge state within the territory of Yichang, Hubei province is nowadays Yuan'an and Yidu.)
The Ming Dynasty Gu Tai wrote the "Museum" (Revelation between (1621 - 1627) published) wrote "agate non stone is a kind of non self. There are red, white and black 3, with lines such as wrapping them. To play well for small things, big research instruments...... There are people, who form the most precious flower. This paper describes the characters, the most precious is the flower shaped, pictograms agate.
Identification of cultural relics China the earliest extant monograph " Getting it (" Caozhao (Ming) writing books) in Hongwu twenty-one years (1388), recorded in the book "agate more north, South and West have fan fan, jade and stone non non hard brittle, sharp knife scraping does not move, see where the dishes utensils should be like fan, grind thin stone is preferred among them, figures, birds and beasts are the best". The Ming dynasty recorded in ancient books "in which characters, birdsbeasts best" said is pictographic Figure agate This is a collection of treasures.
Ancient agate mining, processing and low productivity, high hardness, agate ore mining difficult, in the absence of electric tools "weight saw age", "a mound of agate a mound of gold" argument. Pictograms agate formation itself has a very strong chance, stone cutting, vertical cutting, bevel cutting, cut even a millimeter, and agate pattern will be missed, can be described as "a mistake", which causes the pictograms agate is a rare real existence. The Chinese nation has experienced many wars, dogged by bad luck, social unrest, since ancient pictograms agate kind, it is very rare. The world's only the Imperial Palace Museum in China and Russia, the Kremlin gem Museum occasionally found "color map of onyx".

agate Gobi pictographic agate

Alashan Gobi agate is an important part of Gobi agate, mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia and Mongolia the vast Gobi On the optimal quality of agate stone which found Inner Mongolia banner of Alashan area, and the earliest discovery and promotion so people to this stone named Alashan agate. Alashan agate hard texture, rich color, after millions of years of rain, the sun sand whets the Qin formed a strange appearance in different poses and with different expressions. Because Alashan agate rich color is gorgeous form all sorts of strange things so it has more and more hidden stone lovers and collection. Alashan agate carving material can be divided into two categories and stone carving material, delicate texture, rich colors, with pretty color agate most favored sculptor; stone, mainly to the peculiar shape of rare and pictographic mainly two categories.
"Elephant" is one of the biggest characteristics of Alashan agate, "elephant" is one of the standard stone stone recognized, Alashan agate pictographic stones are especially favored by the people of the world. It is the nature of the creation of stone lovers is extraordinary as if done by the spirits, the culture and the good eye gives life and soul to resemble stone.

agate Myths and legends

Agate is the legendary goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, lying asleep under a tree when her son Eros, secretly
 Ming Chi agate single ear cup Ming Chi agate single ear cup
To cut down her shiny nails, and full of joy with nails and fly in the sky. Fly to the sky eros A, accidentally knocked off the nails, and fell to the ground nails into the stone, is agate. So some people think that with agate, can strengthen the love, adjust and love each other. In Japanese mythology, Yu Ming Yu Chlamys ancestral life dedicated to Amaterasu, is a crescent shaped green agate, which is one of Japan's three artifacts. " Extensive Records Compiled in the Taiping Years "Also have" Onyx, the ghost of blood also." Add a little strange color to agate.
Agate has been considered as the symbol of beauty, happiness, luck and wealth, because both beautiful and hard, rare three characteristics, which won the "jade" crown. Located in Western Fuxin is the main producing areas, Chinese agate processing, agate agate products distribution center, abundant resources, accounting for more than 50% of national reserves, and good quality.
Fuxin is rich in agate, not only rich in color, texture rich, complete varieties, but also producing precious agate. Fuxin County The old River Township Zhen Jia Wo Bu Cun red agate and plum board in front of the village of mountain green agate is extremely precious. Fuxin agate processing industry is developed, which works for several consecutive years won the national gem stone circle" Tiangong Award ".
Because the ancient agate can make people invisible legend, the agate for thousands of years by people respected and loved. Because agate beautiful appearance and tough texture, people put her into decorations and supplies. Agate is one of the oldest known jade, agate from this point Widely used in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian amulet, containers and ornamental pieces can be proved. In the Rome times, agate intaglio (Yin carved jade) stamp and rings especially by the attention of the people. Agate is "one of the Bible" recorded in the "fire stone" ("Old Testament"). " Bible "In the agate gives Mose and worn on the breastplate on record" (Aaron Exodus "). A variety of agate - red striped agate is one of the twelve precious cornerstone of Jerusalem city walls used (" The Book of Revelation "). According to the early writers bishop Caesurae Andrew explained, Jerusalem twelve gems are a symbol of the twelve Christian missionaries, Sardonyx is the symbol of James missionary.