Nu Wa

Nu Wa , China ancient myth In god. She is the mother of mankind, As early as recorded in the Yangshao culture China frog pattern ware witness is the God of creation and the beginning of the Iraqi mother of God .
Nu Wa
also called Wa Vulva, empress, Redords of the Grand History of China Nu Wa's, is the Chinese nation and the prophet Fu Xi was the first human, living together Kunlun Mountains That is the state of bliss Is God .
According to legend Nu Wa made man Seventy, change in a day, to follow their Wong Tuan made soil, the creation of human society and the establishment of the institution of marriage; after World and earth crumbles to fill heaven, melting stone, cut the turtle to stand quadrupole Left. The goddess patching the sky The myths and legends.
But don't wa The sky The salvation of the heroine And Tuan made soil goddess, or a creator God of nature and magic of all And every day can create at least seventy things . She opened the world of creation, so it is called Mother earth That is extensive and long-term civil worship the God of creation and the beginning of the mother of God .
The legend of Nuwa modeled using loess own people, and create a human society. There are legends The goddess patching the sky That is, there was a natural disaster, earth crumbles, evil beasts came out to harm the people of prey, Nuwa colored stone to repair melting heaven and kill the evil beast of prey, relegislated quadrupole Tianzhu, flat world. Another legend of Nu Wa created some call reeds of a panpipe And Joseph and Xun instruments, so people also serve the goddess is the goddess of music. She recorded for the establishment of a human institution of marriage, the young bisexual mutual marry, reproduce, therefore also called for the goddess of marriage.
In the ancient patriarchal system: the father and the husband, male become the three firmly suppressed the development of mountain chains of mythological, making it split into three categories: first, the ancient Xian Wang, Terran Schering, Nuwa: affirming its worship Mary as the mother of human beings and Mother San Juan Identity; two, as the sky, blessing God, to worship the goddess, as confirmed Fu The girl (and the next successor) and Joan Butian identity; three, offer sacrifices to God: all Nuwa occupation is a complete one of the first creation of the image of god.

Nu Wa The historical position

The goddess is the common Chinese nation Human ancestor Is the mother of the Chinese nation. Nuwa culture has a long history, rich in content, broad and profound, is a prehistoric civilization and excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, an important research object of China prehistoric civilization also has been carried out.
The pre Qin literature ancient books " A history of Zhou "," Poetry of the South "," The book of Rites "," Shanhaiching "," Writings of Prince Huainan "And since the Qin and Han" The History of the Han Dynasty "," Custom meaning "," The age of Kings "," Alone disloyalty "," The road of history "," Interpretation of history "," Redords of the Grand History of China "Historical records are about nuwa. Occupies an important position in the whole ancient culture series. It is human history and Folklore
 The sky The sky
An important part of the research, its value:
Is a valuable historical and cultural studies highlight, inheritance China An important historical civilization and national spirit;
The two is to achieve National fusion And an important role in enhancing national cohesion and building a harmonious society;
The three is to play an important role in enhance the entrepreneurial spirit, enrich the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation and promote cultural exchanges;
The four is a peculiar manifestation of the public, folk culture The phenomenon has profound historical significance for human survival, life etiquette, cultural heritage.
Nuwa position when there is a change, sometimes in San Juan Sometimes, in San Juan, sometimes in San Juan under. It is said that there are three reasons: first, Nuwa myths and legends of all, a very high position in the San Juan; two, the legendary Fu As for blood, Nuwa couples are one family, sometimes two people are included in the three selected, sometimes only choose one as a representative in the San Juan; three, Shangshu A prominent position in the book in making it propaganda Fu Xi, Shennong Huang Di, Juan opinion for the majority of the people recognized, and where Nuwa is a matriarchal society, then the patriarchal society, men are superior, so in San Juan under.

Nu Wa Anecdotal stories

Nu Wa Creation Myth

In the myth of Nu Wa, WA God first and then to change everything to Nuwa Nuwa created man, Butian, this series of achievements are conducted in the opposite state in the world. There is no day before Nuwa no state. Since the beginning of the birth of her first Nu Wa, the body of God, God's appearance leads to the birth day, then the body of the goddess followed all things, all things appear, also appeared, this time a peaceful world.
"The Classic of the Great Wilderness", "songs of the South West wilderness A. Heaven "and" Shuowen Jiezi "such as classics of the Nu Wa records can be seen in Qin and Han Dynasties, its creation and the protoss into wa The peoples of the world, and the myth of creation God after the fall of middle body organs for all things (and gods) ideas consistent . Due to the myth of Pangu And other ethnic minorities in myth of creation but also with the body of all the gods and the content, this certainly adds a bit of reliability. Comparing with other countries of the ancient records of Nuwa myths, but this description represents the beginning not, first of all, God used to create the material is only his own body.
The scholars from the "The Classic of the Great Wilderness", "Huainan Zi", "Chu Ci", "custom meaning" and "shuijingzhu", "alone disloyalty", "Taiping Yulan" and other books in the study concluded that a legendary figure of one of the most prominent performance is the goddess, "Tuan soil made people", "the stone", "Huang" and "the marriage, and the couple" etc.. But one thing is often neglected by the people, that is the living folk myths and legends reflect the goddess is the creator of world .
In many places Chinese, are circulating at the beginning of the month is a Nu Wa made on second chicken, dog, pig was made on third, fourth made the sheep and cattle was made on fifth, sixth made Ma, seventh to build the legend. Some living myths also said Nuwa's flesh became land, bones into the mountain, hair into grass, turned into a river of blood As the God of creation, like pangu. These living legends, is the ancient belief in the continuation of the folk, worthy of attention. The ancients thought Chicken, dog, pig, sheep represent the four seasons, cattle and horses on behalf of heaven and earth . So Ban Gu "Li Zhi Han law," said: "in seven, and four, is the beginning of man." This is the first seven month is called "one of the sources of the day". Xu Shen "Shuowen" also stressed that: "WA, the ancient god of the genesis of those who have everything." That is to say, but not the British female Nuwa stone and made the goddess, is a creation of the great goddess of nature.
In according to " Changsha zidanku Chu silk "The record, Fu Xi has been the creation of Nuwa world, but is still a wilderness, so Fu Xi took a son named Nu Wa, four, of all things.

Nu Wa Brother and sister legend

According to legend, the wind tribe of Dagon Hua Shi Go out in the Raysor In accidentally saw a large footprint, curious Hua Xu gauged the adult footprint with her footprint, imperceptibly induction pregnancy, birth Fu . Fu Xi's snake. Fu Xi also has a half sister, sister (Monday For some of the pregnant), Hua Shi (Hua Shi at matriarchal society later) called Nu Wa, said the Greek women's ( There's Jiao ). "" poetry "with" big track out: God Leize, Hua Xu Lu Sheng mi." Again " The age of Kings "Set:" a people of the world, there is a giant stitch, Leize, Hua Xu on foot
 Nuwa imagination (two) Nuwa imagination (two)
This is Fu Xi, young, born in Ji Cheng, snake face." " Book of Song Fu Ruizhi "also said:" the mother of Paoxi Hao, the Ju Hua Xu Zhu, shoe giant mark, have dynamic and large hao."
Fu Xi and Nuwa legend and consanguinity, set up a marriage system and rules and Fu Xi. "The three Note Records San Juan Ji "People in the management of records of Nuwa after the death of Fu Xi, and made some musical instruments like the name Sheng Huang, so it also is one of the fathers of Nuwa in music.
Nuwa said was a real historical figure, the ancient tribal activities wa region, there were many records. "World - surname" set: "women's younger brother in Rushui, Emperor Yang, after the emperor, because the queen said. "Emperor Fu Xi read as her brother. This water source Henan Songxian Ru Longchiman Shanxi Lu, Ruyang, Jiaxian, Wuyang, through Ru'nan, Huaihe to Huaibin in the new cai. This is because you as a woman, Nuwa family residence is named. This shows that the living area of South Dakota tribe goddess Rushui coast. " Book of Sui Hanoi County: Geography "Jiyuan county" mother mountain ", namely the mountain. The Northern Song Dynasty " A new set of nine domain Chi "The volume said:" the queen mother mountain, also known as Nu Wa Shan . There is the temple, the prayer of dry water." Gu Zuyu " Reading and summary "Volume forty-six" Henan "said:" Taihang Mountain A. Five lines of mountains Also, the name of mountain, also known as the goddess mountain." This shows that the region north of Jiyuan wa tribe activities, county territory south of Taihang Mountain.
The ancient tomb of Nuwa was also recorded, but don't say. A legend of Nuwa activities in the Loess Plateau, Shanxi Province, Linfen City, her mausoleum is located in Hongdong County town of Zhao Dong Hou village. Nu Wa Ling The time may exist in more than three thousand or four thousand years, with the Huang Di Mausoleum As is China ancient emperor Memorial temple. The local in the annual Lunar New Year in March at the beginning of ten, were held for 7 days and the large temple festival. Shanxi and Ruicheng, Henan, Henan, said that he said, Shandong Jining City, etc.. From the above literature records can be seen, Nu Wa's activities in this area, the general is in the centre of Luoyang, South, north to the Taihang Rushui, west of Tongguan, east to the vast areas of Western Shandong.
The legend of Nu Wa on many, has spread so far, very far-reaching impact.

Nu Wa Chinese legend

Nu era maternal farming civilization
The law of social development and the principle of historical materialism of the narrative, Nu Wa and Fu Xi era nation, just in the mother's (Department) to the patriarchal clan society, Shi (Department) family of social transition. In this period of the Chinese nation, basically is according to the mother's lineage inheritance, so in ancient Chinese language said: "they only knew the mother, I do not know his father".
Just when the nation, is also gradually transition to the patriarchal society. So they will be elected as Fu Xi
 Nu Wa made man (anime) Nu Wa made man (anime)
That is, the male ancestor worship later years, and the male surname ancestor is depicted, "God" and the combination of women born, God has magical power "".
According to the " Cloud seven sign Qinji "Volume 100." Xuanyuan Ji "Cloud:" Huang Diyou Huaxu state In this country, immortal." Note: "Fu Xi was born in this country." Thus, the legend of Hua Xu, not only is Fu Xi "Fu Xi's mother", but also a legend of the era China, or a clan, tribal name. So, Fu Xi was born in Hua Xu, in fact scientists say the nation is now, the implementation of the clan (Tribal) marriage within the matriarchal clan (tribal society).
In this Matriarchal (Tribal) society, the prevalence is the clan (Tribal), the seniority of different men and women from marriage and reproduce. Therefore, the legend of Fu Xi and Nu Wa, both with each other and blood, even as one couple. At the time of China, not only clearly know the mother Hua Shi; at the same time because of the development of society, prompting them to speculate or fabricate out of his father, is leaving the "big track", but no can be traced back to God "".
When the flood early maternal farming
In Chinese legend, Nuwa Tuan loess except as human, human reproduction, a feat is the sky. From the text records, The goddess patching the sky The final purpose, mainly is the "Reed ashes", "stop customers".
In "Huainan Zi Lan, looking at the night training" this legend of Nuwa the goddess patching the sky, the giant turtle and kill off the black dragon,
 The goddess patching the sky arts and culture The goddess patching the sky arts and culture
It has been identified as the Chinese people's trouble and damage the monster. She killed the black dragon broken Ao foot and the purpose is to eliminate the monster to quell the flood. So, her aim is to quell the flood and flood control.
As the sky Nuwa refined Wuseshi It is said, in order to Butian, rather to flood. For the Chinese engaged in farming, water and water is always is the primary concern of the event; colored stone and Lu ash, are important necessities early flood. So, reflected the legend of the goddess patching the sky should be, maternal's (Department) family of humans in their own society, female leader led by large "stop customers" flood history. At the same time, such a large-scale early flood also reflects, nu era of the Chinese nation, the matriarchal clan society's (Department) of agricultural civilization boom.

Nu Wa Sanmiao legend

The legend of Nu Wa on most in the national Chinese legend, the matriarchal society is an important stage of human. Since the Chinese Yunnan Miao and Dong will also be the worship of Nuwa ancestor of this nation. A variety of folk legends, different ethnic groups because of differences in language and culture have different names, Nuo Nuo (Nuo) male mother, sister Noah Nova, brother of Japonica japonica, sub Nuo cousins, Dongshan Nanshan senior sister, sister Jiang jiang. Legend of the original human being drowned in floods over, only Fu Xi cousins, who is Fu Xi and later descendants.
The story comparison system, brother Fu Xi's mother gave birth to their 12 siblings, Wang, King Wang Lei, Hou Yi (after Wang Su (ANT), may be a king - Suiren), Nuo Nuo (brother, sister and brother sister is Nuo Nuo legend is the ancestor Po grandchildren). 12 siblings arguing, the youngest king the most clever day of climbing competitions, the results of Wang Su Zuanmuquhuo, the mountain burned. Mother worry, remind, at the foot of the mountain water Wang Long, King Wang Lei to drill, no place to hide, it was burned, Wang Lei grumpy, looking for revenge on Wang Su, every time Wang Sucong
 Nuwa imagination figure (a) Nuwa imagination figure (a)
Ming to escape. Mother is ill, said Wang Lei is only the meat to cure her illness. Wang Lei certainly didn't want to, but still want to find Wang Su revenge, and finally into the Wang Su trap shut up. That brother Nuo to farming, other people are not only good, watch sister Nuo Wang Lei. Wang Lei said lie thirsty, to drink to discuss Mei Nuo Nuo, persistence, sister soft heart gave him a bowl of porridge. Wang Lei said, if there is a bowl of water is better, so the girl gave him a bowl of water nuo. Wang Leigang finished, then break the cage Lei Everbright, out, pull a tooth to Nuo Mei, reward is said to see, when a day. The rumble of thunder, Tianmen opened, and that a tooth Thor never reaction. Later it will order a Nuo brother to the eight Party (eight corresponding attributes may be connected with the farming), finally grew out of a giant gourd (ancient voice, and, Fuxi There are gourd worship). The Milky Way hung upside down, then flew a woodpecker, the brother sister Nuo Nuo then hollowed out gourd sneaked in. With the increase of water hyacinth, and received a lot of animal during. Has ascended to heaven, found Wang Lei. Wang Lei received a flood, listen to Wang Lei. Then fight, Wang Lei was afraid of, then accept the flood. Nuo brother said: "you immediately received a flood is to die for us?" No way, Wang Lei had to bring 10 sun to flood water after the dry, but dry in drought, people are dead. Grandpa invited Hou Yi (Hou Yi), Hou Yi flew to help mulberry (the legend is the people of God connected tree two) with needle tail shoot the sun down, the public did not think Nuo sun there would be light, just below should Hou Yi left two, one in the daytime, one in the evening it was also Hou Yi hibiscus tree crushed, then God will not easily from two circles. In fact, the reason is that their mother Wang Leizhi by hand and destroy them, their fight will ruin the world, of course, she said is false.
Where there is a brother sister three Nuo Nuo (ancient divination interlinked, with the servants of Fu Xi may also be left behind), brother and sister to marry. In the week to two directions of the mountain at the foot of the rolling roller, the roller hit together; on both sides of the fire, smoke in the sky together; the Nuo sister shy ah, say if you catch up and I will marry you, run around the mountain in front of the run of Nuo Nuo sister, brother chase behind then, some people looked anxious ah, public land with Grandpa said: "you turned around and run right?" And finally meet sister nuo. Nuo sister married, shy ah, take the fan over his face. Nuo brother image is red with bulging eyes, the legend is 10 in the sun, with a handkerchief over his face Nuo sister clever so still white, the goddess is the marriage God, the God of fertility, this is the legendary The Marriage Customs in China Customs, reason or curtain covering, there is a clan could get married rules may also be set during the reign of the goddess.
This may include two Nuwa Legend Legend, a Nuwa created man is the mother of Nuwa 12 siblings, second is the marriage family goddess, is sister nuo.

Nu Wa Folk legend

In the sky Nuwa legend, people began to build with mud, a man from a grain of sand and a final plan, Yishuo stone, the West River in the sky goddess. This stone because it began in the world beginning, the essence of the sun, getting through the spiritual. I do not know a few years,
 The statue of the goddess patching the sky (a) The statue of the goddess patching the sky (a)
Just listen to the sky with a bang, a stone straight into the clouds, on top of Tiandong, seems to have broken out of the day. She looked after the stone, be frightened and change color, and absorb the essence of the sun top-heavy, upright, big sky, looks fantastic, actually give birth to two shinmon, the stone is divided into three sections, longitudinal phagocytic, three. Nuwa rush soul lingfu, stone seal, thought self-made man, no marriage reincarnation tablets, then sealed it for the stone, it will never give three mana, the third section named past, this life, the afterlife, and the body added a line of marriage, from this life has been extended to the afterlife. In order to better constrain the wicked, Nuwa think twice, eventually it will be put in charge of the gates of hell lethe River, III marriage circle. When the upright stone, as the world big powers, beg marriage who is in a continuous line cycle.

Nu Wa The legend of the list

Nu Wa made man
Nuwa as creator, but the creation of both nature creation, including the creation of human beings, which is made of the God goddess. According to legend, one day, she passed the the Yellow River River, since the thought of Kaitian opened up, creating mountains and rivers and lakes, birds and animals, changed the world of silence again. However, the total Nu Wa think the world is missing something, but could not think what. When she bowed meditation, see their own reflection in the the Yellow River River, suddenly see light suddenly. The original world is the lack of people like that "". Then, according to their appearance with Nuwa the Yellow River clay figurines made, adding clay into a human power.
Nuwa high media
Nuwa created man and woman, Nuwa think they are people, will die one day. Did a number of doing too much trouble. So to ask God for Nuwa, women marry, and make people together, then they got married, it has been regarded as the main position of marriage and love of God in prayer for progeny.
Nuwa making music
 Goddess Statue Goddess Statue
Nu Wa created Arthur , reeds of a panpipe , Xun As a part of Chinese traditional musical instruments.
She gave them drink
Nuwa loess man. At the beginning of day and night farming income, no joy. Nuwa Benjamin, of dew wine, give the earth. Drink alcohol solution of beauty, Laughton, Shujin blood. Poly drink, the more. Read all give the transfer of Nuwa, Yue Jian, the heart, the sense of grace, to respect the wine. Then after a ceremony to wine since the beginning of the day.
The goddess patching the sky
According to the " Huainan - look at night training "," For instance, Tang asked "Such records: in ancient times, four Tianzhu dumping, Kyushu earth fissure destroyed, the fire spread out, flooding more than. Nuwa bear human disaster, and refining Wuseshi Fill the sky, God turtle foot support fold flat ends of the flood killed the beast, human began to live.
Other ancient records are different. "Lun Heng," chat " Redords of the Grand History of China Remember to fill, San Juan Ji " Water Gong Gong and Vulcan Vulcan Fighting with the head against the pillar working Don't Zhoushan That leads to earth crumbles; " Huainan - astronomical training "Remember to working with Zhuanxu The battle; the "Huainan Zi" and "recorded as Gong Gong Gaoxinshi The battle; "carved jade set strong force" is Gong Gong and Divine Husbandman The war; " The road of history Wu Ji is recorded as "Gong Gong and Nuwa battle.
The goddess patching the sky is a very famous legend. One of the four great masterpiece " The Dream of Red Mansion "The first time from this story. Some scholars believe that the Buzhou mountain metaphor pillar, in fact The sky Is to build a house, the story is about the goddess patching the sky, there's the Wa people are very smart, will build houses made of stone.

Nu Wa Historical changes

Nu Wa The myth of evolution

The first batch of mythological records of ancient books The pre Qin Period The " Shanhaiching "And" Poetry of the South "(although" Analytical Dictionary of Characters "Record The Western Zhou Dynasty At the end of the week announce king Taishi Zhou made a wa word book, but have lost, only rumors). Although the two book records is still hazy, but nowadays many human functions to affirm the original mother of God divine intention. Driving The "Mr. Chu Tianwen "In the interpretation of records:" Nu Wa made people's body, her body is questioning who made ". Chosan MR is more clear that the two words: "in Sengoku Chinese solid has been rumored Nu Wa made man's story."
As for " Shanhaiching A. The Wild West "Nu said:" ten of God, called Nuwa bowel. Is a goddess of the intestines. Living in the chestnut wide field, next to the road." Yuan Ke in Jin Guo Pu note for the solution of "magic or belly" cloud "and ancient goddess Nu Wa, and the emperor, who face the snake, one day in seventy, the abdominal of this God, and to the Han people Xu shell and Liu Words as a reference. Ding Shan also believes that this is clearly " Yu. Human allegory". Nevertheless, these records are still not clearly put forward Nu Wa made people say
 Nuwa metaplasia Nuwa metaplasia
In addition to making people, Nuwa in the pre Qin classics instruments was invented (God reeds of a panpipe Etc.) records should also be an important part of the creation of God Goddess, but it seems to have not yet attracted enough attention of scholars, especially in its shift to the romantic theme in the literature, it is the lack of attention. " The book of Rites "And" The age of Kings ", Yingshao "World" - for "Nuwa creating Shenghuang", visible hole sparse not false. This is just a five word record has become a platform for talented writers gallop offspring.
The earliest ancient face forward Nu Wa made man story is " Custom meaning "This story, although the positive description of Nu Wa made man, showing Nuwa primogenitor Godhead status, but there is no doubt, which has been branded with social change shadow. "Tuan loess for people" is considered to be the projection of the history of human culture pottery was invented in mythology, and made specific provisions of the rich and the poor man is a reflection of human to the level of society. This shows that the myth once out of the soil itself, it will form a new growth with land while showing a new attitude.
At the same time, Nuwa or human continuation of the God of marriage. "Custom" cloud: "Nu Wa prayer temple of God, pray for women. Because of the marriage." Luobi said: "with its carrier, is the world country, is the worship as a God by Dian Gao prayer for progeny, Yan temple." This should be entering into the marriage system given by Nu Wa made marriage myth traces.

Nu Wa Make records

" Custom " in the passage about nuwa:
1 folk legend, heaven and earth at the beginning, there is no human, is made of loess Nuwa pinch. She was busy and tired, do not try to supply. So she took a rope and put it into the mud, lifting rope swinging, mud fall on the ground, became a person. Later, the rich man is personally made the Loess Nuwa Tuan, but when people just stick with a rope Nuwa mud, the mud spilled into the.
2 goddess in the shrine in prayer, pray that God appointed her female. So the arrangement of gender marriage wa.
There are records of other books about nuwa:
" Taipingyulan : "Nuwa created man in before, Yu Zheng created a month early chicken Second, create Dog Third, create pig Fourth, create sheep Fifth, create cattle Sixth, create Horse Seventh, this day, with loess and water on their way to create Nu Wa, a small clay figurine, she made another batch, feel too slow, so with a cane, covered with mud, waving up, a little bit of mud spilled on the ground, have become a man. In order to let the human forever down, she created a marriage ceremony, they act as a matchmaker, let people know "made man", the strength of their own family.
" Huainan Zi Lin said that training "The gods made man of Wa and common people said that when the Nu Wa made the occasion, the gods together to help her:" Huang Di created the male gender, on the parallel create ear eye, make mulberry arm palm, so can change like Nuwa create bring up ." The scholars in the late Han Dynasty High lure Note: the "Yellow Emperor, the God of heaven in ancient times, when people began to build, create a male gender; on the parallel, mulberry trees are God's name; common lord king WA, is the world. How to create change like genesis, said here is not the creation of Genesis (human) social evolution was a personal credit industry."
The subsequent era put another legend, Nuwa and Fu For siblings of human reproduction , " Alone disloyalty "Volume: Once upon a time in the beginning, only between heaven and earth and Nuwa two people in Kunlun Mountains, and in no other people. You think of the husband and wife, but also conscious of shame. Brother and sister on the Kunlun Mountains, the mantra: "If heaven agree with my two siblings as husband and wife, please put the clouds in the sky are together in a group, or take away." Then the cloud in the sky immediately together, and the two became husband and wife. The Chinese nation is two generations.
Make reading
" Custom meaning "Where there is a table: v. Goddess Temple Where are the custom of praying to goddess temple prevailed. Although there is no scientific basis, but with a primitive reproduction worship culture. In primitive times, tribal war is very cruel, frequently, but also rely on human confrontation, many of those who died. So, a lot of people expect women to family, clan Ding Xingwang, in order to avoid the fate of extinction.
According to the ancient myth of the description, she uses the Loess knead, but because the speed is too slow, then the use of wicker dirt way to create a large number of people. Earlier in the Loess Daguan aristocracy; was way off the soil to create the people are civilians. Made the difference between the way people, this legend is also considered in the slave society And the feudal society, the rulers in order to educate the public" The theory of fate "To safeguard the interests of rule.

Nu Wa The relevant historical records

" Chu - day ":" Dengli Dili, who are? There is a body of Nuwa, made of?" (the Eastern Han Dynasty Wang Yu Note: the "head of the snake goddess. One day seventy. The body so, who made carpenter and figure it? ")
" Shanhaiching A. The Wild West "Ten:" God, called magic into God, at the intestines, Li Guang ye, and cross the road." (the Eastern Jin Dynasty Guo Note: "Nu Wa, ancient goddess and the emperor, who face the snake, a day in seventy.")
" Analytical Dictionary of Characters "The ancient god:" WA, Joan, of those who have everything."
" Taipingyulan "Volume seven or eight" Custom meaning "Said:" as heaven, no people. Nuwa loess for people, Wu Opera, too busy to be, is the rope in the mud, give that person."
" For instance, Tang asked ":" heaven and earth are also. There are insufficient, so the Nu Wa's smelting colored stones to fill the que; enough to set off Ao quadrupole. The Gong Gong dispute with Zhuanxu emperor, anger and the Buzhou mountain, Tianzhu fold, the Jedi dimension, so the sky and stars is tilted to the northwest, Yan; with southeast, the sea water and gathered there."
" For instance, Huang Di "" Paoxi's female line, Shi, Shen, after the summer's body, face, nose: This is not Shouhu cattle with the king of germany."
" Interpretation of history "Volume three" custom ":" Nu Wa prayer shrines pray for women and the media, because of the marriage."
"Huainan Zi" - look at night: "the time of the ancient, waste quadrupole, Kyushu, and follow-up days, not weeks, but does not extinguish fire, Hao Yang and endless water, Zhuan people eating beast, bird captured the elderly. So wa Lian colored stones to fill heaven, cut the turtle to Li quadrupole killed the black dragon to Ji Jizhou, reed ashes to customers. Heaven s, quadrupole, sexual secretion dry, Jizhou plain, cunning dead insects, Zhuan people's livelihood. The dorsal side, hold the round day. Summer and autumn winter spring, killing approximately, the Yin and Yang Shen in the pillow party rope lay, unreasonable, and inverse gas orifices; Li, thick people, stop the. When this, lie Ju Ju Xing, I thought the horse, ogle ogle, I thought the cattle, the Dian Dian, as a state of confusion, but all the Dong and Mo, known by students, not for zooplankton, and nowhere to go. At this time, all you beasts viper and his minions, hide its sting poison, no grab bite of the heart. Test on the achievement, during nine days, under the deed of yellow clay, was later fame, Guanghui heavy things. Take the mine car, Jia Yinglong, Qiu Qing Dynasty, by the vast Rui, Huang Yunluo, Luo Xi, the former white dragon, after running the snake, floating fire shake, road to ghosts, nine days, emperors in the spirit gate, Hugh Mu MI in Taizu under. However, lack of power, raise its voice, the hidden reality of the road, which is from heaven and earth."
"Huainan Zi A. Lin said: "the Yellow Emperor" Yin Yang, students and students on the pian, mulberry arms, so the seventy of this wa." (the Eastern Han Dynasty High lure Note: "Huang Di, ancient gods, was created when the metaplasia of yin and Yang; on the parallel, mulberry, is God; Nu Wa, king of the world also. Seventy good fortune ").
" Huainan - look at night training "Fu Xi:" no, Nuwa testimonies, and even left Germany in the future. What is it? Nothing to Junichi, without with harsh things."
" Ben - the emperor system ":" Nu Wa's life e Ling's preparation are good, in a world of sound; the saint's life for the spot with camp, moon and stars, called charge music. Is not no world."
"Liberal" lead "world" cloud: "Nu Wa as huang. Sheng, students also like objects, consistent and, in the air and the gourd, also by spring".
"World - surname": "the woman's letter to the emperor, Tai wa Rushui Yang, after the emperor said, because of the queen, followed by women's summer, female and female Molina, AI, business woman, Shanxi female pet, then all."
" Custom meaning - Volume One "lead" spring and Autumn ":" Fu Xi transport pivot bucket, and is also the San Juan Shen wa. Huang, day, day, yet the four seasons, all things grow. San Juan chuigong Wuwei, a word and the people do not violate the moral metaphysics, Bo, like heaven, said Huang yue. Huang, also, light, also philip. With Philip shoe, a cloth Yin Gang, with its light, Huangji, deified potential, talk straight and frankly, bright Sheng Mei, then the amount of."
" The book of rites of Justice - Ming Tang ":" Nu Wa huang." Kong Yingda drainage " The age of Kings "" Nvwa, surname Feng, this system only makes Cheng xi."
" QianfuLun "A:" many thought Fu Xi was Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns, Shennong San juan. The one or so, or fire, or wa. It is also unknown and non."
" Shuijingzhu ":" this is our wa Xi, Yan, and for the San Juan Yi nong.
"Poetry": "beginning with water fog swallowed red pearl and moment said: Yuying students of Chinese emperor, after the red sense of Nu Wa, Liu Jixing."
" Pao-p'u-tzu - release lag ":" a wa."
" Chunqiu Fanlu ":" rain Ji, offering wa."
" The road of history And play a "lupin note cited" Yin Zi ":" Gonggong Pangu touch without folding mountain, Tianzhu, Jedi dimension. The goddess patching the sky shooting ten." ;"...... There was a chain (Shi Chengxia, WA) high terrain North South said." The "Customs"; Citation: "Nu Wa prayer temple of God, pray for women and the media, because of the marriage." "With its (WA); carrier, is the world country, is the God of worship as a prayer for progeny. "
" gui zang Kai - "divination:" Xi wa...... Visible kyushu...... The average land." Lead:"...... And all the nations."

Nu Wa History of development

Nu Wa Matriarchal society

Nu Wa made man The myth reflects the living condition of human society in the early. Matriarchal society, human history, ethnology and folklore, contemporary data show that the primitive matriarchal society religious myth has not existed, but the residual form is a widely circulated . The myth of Nu Wa made is containing the matriarchal society of the shadow, not pure fiction, is a reflection of the early women blood era in a matriarchal society occupies the dominant position of the population production.
For women, men in the beginning at a disadvantage. Men know about their role in the production of the population came late.
The establishment of the patriarchal society, not primarily because men finally realize their indispensable position in production in the population; but because when material production (including the production of the means of livelihood and production tools of production) to replace the population production gradually dominate the historical process, men than women, with special favorable conditions.
In the era of the blood of the matriarchal society of community life, housing, land, forest, water and life, the means of production of public ownership, food, clothing and other necessities of life, to carry out public distribution system. Meanwhile, out of combat, hunting and fishing, grazing of men, is the first to start the privatization process such as the bow, harpoon, riprap cable, dugout canoe weapons and small instruments of labor, and to barter process, start on the livestock life data private possession.
Women in this process, paid little attention to.
The establishment of favorable conditions for the early history of men is in private ownership, and the male has in the material production in the process of natural fitness advantage, the men quickly became the new social role.
The human history of the patriarchal society replaced the matriarchal society process, is in production for its population led to the change in the blood of social material production as its leading edge of society. Once the transformation is completed, the main ideology of the society, it is no longer a blood complex, transforms into the matter origin complex and money complex. Dependence relationship between edge material, become the main relationships at this time of human social groups, functional elements. This "edge era of the patriarchal society", even "blood relationship", gradually from the center into a female male centered.
The unearthed cultural relics, after prominent female sexuality statue, making outstanding male sexuality male god statue began around the world. Female genital worship worship to change the male genitalia, and couvade (a mother immediately after the child is born, to leave, and let his father to a baby bed confinement, customs) occurred, show that in the edge of time, women did not grasp material production The control rights, but also lost the leading position of population production. Because the female and the goddess became slaves, and even become a prostitute goddess. Huang Di was asked to the motome class people, become male sexual tools.
All of these women's status is low, but is in fact a representation of the non essential. The essence of women's status is low, mainly because they did not grasp the material in the production process of material control, production and product distribution rights of ownership. Even in the edge of society, once a woman because of some historical opportunity to master these rights, their sexual servitude will collapse instantly. Their relationship status will increase. Wu Zetian The story can make people have a deep impression. Some modern Women's Liberation The Feminism Pioneer, put eyes on the economic status of women improved, it is based on the essence of the deep understanding of this.
Just as a woman will not always be willing to slave position. With the edge of the letter era (also known as the information age coming, female) started to become a real woman. In this new era of female and male edge of the letter, there is no waste of energy to fight population production processes. The physical differences between the sexes in the material in the production process due to the nature of creation and formation, has been with the progress of science and technology and become of little importance.
Nowadays, information production occupies the dominant position. In this field, the nature of women, men are no longer has a natural advantage. In the process of production information beyond the differences between the sexes in women and men began to have real equal opportunity to compete. Although due to historical reasons, the real opportunity to compete, not completely by gender divide. Not only that, beyond the gender difference of information superiority, is has become the living and production tools, material production and an important condition for the distribution of goods.
In this letter the relationship that the dependency information for human social groups mainly interpersonal relationship, human society structure of the main functional elements of the new faith era, abnormal development of male and female (such as the goddess, and the first to eat young rice like) is losing its practical significance; thus, the true state of women and men can only be showcased and show. It is on this basis, both men and women can form a complementary relationship really harmonious.
The development process of human history, population production, material production, information production of these three kinds of social production, constantly changing the dominated and controlled; with three kinds of social production and the dominant status of controlled transformation, the social status of women, is in constant transformation. Women therefore, blood by the goddess of the times, to the slave era to the edge of objects, the woman edge of the letter of the times, the gradual completion of their historical generation. The goddess of the times, has gone; the slave era is gone; a woman's age, has opened the curtain of history.
This will be a real woman born -- Feminist Interpretation of maternal age wa.

Nu Wa Affiliated sex

There is a strange phenomenon of Nuwa cultural evolution history, many scholars misinterpreted Nuwa gender and identity naturally or half unconsciously, let Nuwa legend become mysterious and contradictions, one of the most ridiculous thing to say male wa. This approach is most frequent in the Qing dynasty.
For example, the Qing Dynasty Chen Kangqi " Lang Qian Ji Wen Kim said: "Qin Hui Zong Bo to worship door, ancient tomb, Nu Wa played back to the emperor, so Ling Temple like a plastic, village women have to sacrifice to hear the command was surprised to see the relevant departments to rectify. The purpose of the meeting for illumination. Conclusion: Women Kangqi ritual, originally belonging to the ban. If Nu Wa's is male, female, the vast ancient times, fantasies to study, 100 Ji said, more mistakes...... The ancient books often refer to as many women, but how do you know it is not attached to each other. And women do the moral justice against the masculine, probably will be later spread scale disadvantages, as the Tang Dynasty have used this tribute dedicated Mei Wu Zetian. I heard from the primary reporting cases, local officials in Henan to be replaced by men like, Chen meaning similar unrest. According to "Lie Zi" the note said: "the goddess is the ancient emperor." Only take him change the image, decoration is wood, while the inscription said: "ancient Princess WA", can be said to it and the ceremony is not abandoned. Make clear the essence of courtesy.
This note reflects many aspects of information: one is the low status of women, even sacrifice is frightful to the ear behavior; two is a goddess is the Supreme God in the eyes of many women, they are willing to sacrifice to be punished against WA, has gained faith.
 Nuwa murals Nuwa murals
The court also imposed a ban on Nuwa worship, there is no reason that women worship Nuwa are likely to ignite the Millennium feminist repressed passion, and thus damage the patriarchal social order.
The goddess sex, Chen Kangqi is suspected, and Zhao Yi " Gai Yu Cong Kao "Just say" men and women. If God has the same book "Nu Wa's" WA "or that woman said:" Nu Wa, is the ancient wise emperor, ancient no words, but the people behind the syllable call, because the phonetically labeled words, just get the "goddess" two words, early not because she is a woman, so with this title. "Custom" said Nuwa praying sacrifice heaven, set the line from here to the women's marriage. "The road" because of this history, records of heaven help taeho Nuwa, pray, and act as a woman, correct name, position of marriage, this is God. So just create a matchmaker marriage also Wa people, but not a woman. So later according to the name so that Nuwa, a woman. Wang Chong, "Lun Heng cited Dong Zhongshu saying: not to sacrifice the long rain, nu wa. According to Dong Zhongshu, because Nuwa as ancient female emperor, man woman is Yang Yin, two breath (not adjusted) harm, so in order to bless the goddess worship. Wang Chong said: now the general map Nuwa mostly women's image. It was rumoured Nuwa is a woman, this is a long history.
Zhao Yi's remarks of intentional misinterpretation Nuwa gender, did not provide evidence for male Nu Wa, WA female non classical assumptions, misinterpretation. The marriage is not a matchmaker woman, this logic is not reliable. He had been dead more than 1 thousand and 600 years Wang Chong also pull "evidence".
But Wang Chong also suspected: "demonize Nuwa long rain than worship goddess, what knowledge of the etiquette. Fu Xi, Nu Wa, are saints class, abandon Fu Xi to sacrifice Nuwa, "spring and Autumn" won't say why. The general picture is Nuwa image, the image of women, and called her "female". Dong Zhongshu's thought about that, Nuwa as ancient female emperor. A man and a woman is Yang Yin Yin, harm, so the sacrifice Nuwa blessed bless.
The intention of Wang Chong Dong Zhongshu sacrifice Nuwa's speculation, because the female identity caused by Nuwa the imbalance between yin and Yang and lead to drought, sacrifice her basic not to seek happiness and avoid harm, here just like Pandora Nuwa devils.
Misinterpretation of Nuwa legend way is to change the identity of her goddess, trying to downgrade the dual God attached to Fu Xi from the independent goddess. The pre Qin period have clearly documented the Qin and Han Dynasties creation Nuwa legend, Nuwa is Fu Xi and Nuwa stone, par, but did not say what is the special relationship between the two God Goddess God is independent behavior.
To the Eastern Han Dynasty, "custom" that Nuwa Fu Xi became a brother and sister, in the Tang Dynasty Lutong "This is Fu Xi and Nuwa", two people married and having children, this argument seems behoove, but also people's traditional concept of misfits is widely accepted, Nuwa 'God personally developed "men and women the same surname, the students do not fan" marriage system, but its "break the law; both Tuan made soil ability, also do not need to rely on human birth and sister's marriage.
This is when people have found this contradiction, Li Kang of the late Tang Dynasty play imagination in " Alone disloyalty "For the two married made reasonable details: if God let the two of them are husband and wife, clouds gather; if not, a break in the clouds." So the clouds they close together, sister brother came to the side, so the knot grass fan, from the face of two people. Now people get married with a fan, is an example of this.
Note that this does not say "brother" is Fu Xi, the author also know that two people are forced to marry three emperors, indelicate. Besides, Fu Xi has been for a couple of the contemporary Nuwa legend, although vague readers will naturally be made one, and Li Kangzhi was remarkable. With reasonable plot success covers a contradiction in the new works and old legend, "marry a woman fan attached to the custom of Nuwa body, the success of the goddess Fu Xi married.
Why these scholars painstakingly distorted gender identity and nu wa. As a demon, vilify Nuwa Nuwa as Fu Xi sister in the Eastern Han Dynasty, with Confucianism carry forward, "inside: male" popularization period, coupled with the politics of Han Dynasty is a major feature of recurrent The Empress Dowager. The prime. The deep fear women ruling dark rule that Nuwa suffered implicated, and make certain external Qi It is quite common for "two emperor" a brother and sister.
Misinterpretation occurs mainly in gender Nuwa in the Qing Dynasty, is also one of the values of patriarchal serious times, women have great power made the denial of Butian textual criticism of instinctive rejection. So look for the goddess is the basis and try to misinterpret the male. But already in the thousands of years of tradition sex goddess in the frame, the powerful cultural inertia makes their painstaking efforts to win.
Because the Tang Dynasty change the independent status of the goddess Nuwa, in Li Shangyin The "Yidu people" can find the answer to the Wu Zetian administration, reuse Nanchong obscene palace, Yidu wife admonished: Ancient euphemism is not just Nuwa, is the emperor, help Fu Xi to rule the world. After the era of Gupo over things of the courtyard chair, not to do, big
 Nu Wa made man (comics) Nu Wa made man (comics)
Is the assistant fatuous masters, child rearing or feeding. Only you Remove the husband's surname, a set of body ornaments, Wang Futou wearing a crown, auspicious sign has been presented, the ministers did not dare to move, is the son of the emperor.
"Yidu people" is a novel, but a true reflection of Li Shangyin as the representative of the Tang dynasty literati's feminist ideas, Wu Zetian is the history of the goddess II, her imperial identity not only subvert the prevailing patriarchal society, but also very effective demonstration. Wu Zetian Hong After their daughter Wei And the female Princess Taiping Have the emperor desire, let Male chauvinism Are aware of the benefits of the demonstration force and potential threat to the patriarchal society.
They want to completely eliminate the rejuvenation of women's rights, eliminate Feminism The culture is a fundamental way to maintain patriarchal. It is in this crisis and the awakening of the patriarchal patriarchal groups under the action of Nuwa passive and Fu Xi were married. The loss of independence. But no matter how chauvinist was misinterpreted, failed to subvert the minds of the people to be handed down from age to age independent image of goddess. The legend of Nu Wa tampered with and distorted, deep fear exposes the male chauvinist culture contained in the strong feminist spirit of nuwa.
Nuwa legend powerful cultural vitality, which lasted three thousand years, not only by digestion or subversion but with the evolution of history. After the Tang and Song Dynasties appeared Nuwa tomb , Goddess Temple The folk belief, began to spread, the official organization of the festival, although Fu Xi shared sacrifice, Nuwa phenomenon, but the two is always at least parallel and equal appear.
Nuwa Creator Only the mother of God, has independent Godhead cannot be replaced. Until today, the myth in the system because there is no change of Nuwa family status and became Fu Xi's vassal, on the contrary, the Godhead status has been more than Fu Xi faint.

Nu Wa Rare surname

Single origin: from The wind. That comes from the ancient emperor Fu Xi cell Pro Nuwa emperor, which belongs to the sages turn's name. Nuwa after gradually by the society The matriarchal society Turning to the patriarchal clan society, the tribal people in the name of Nuwa surname, called Nu Wa's is very ancient, primitive Five's One of。
Nu Wa's today in Beijing city Dongcheng District, Haidian District with a sporadic distribution.

Nu Wa Related disputes

Nu Wa Hometown, source

The "south" and "North""
The Chinese nation is the faith in goddess, a prominent ancient goddess, her research, has been related to academic history always popular topic. Among them, the origin of faith, namely the Nuwa myth and religion is originally from origin and where, this enigma, attracted many Chinese and foreign scholars interested in a long time, attracting them in this thorny path, devoted enthusiasm, courage and wisdom thus, the inference and speculation, a variety of the most influential is to "south" and "North" of the two schools.
To "basis of South" four major:
(1) Fu Xi in Chinese Nu Wa, the emergence of a large number of ancient time is late, so the suspected non Chinese old saying, may be later accepted by the southern nation;
(2) the southern clans, there and ancestor flood myth, some hero brother Bu-i, sister Ku-eh, and Fu Xi and Nuwa sound, and deeds are more similar, but for Fu Xi, the myth of Nuwa ancestor myth and siblings from the same source, and is prevalent in the south;
(3) the southern ethnic groups (especially the Miao and Yao), there is a belief, is dedicated to Fu Xi, Nu Wa customs;
(4) Fu Xi, Nu Wa man head and snake body image, but also their source for snake worship and even called the "snake god" of the southern ethnic groups (including Miaoman, Ba etc.) a corroboration.
To "basis of North" four major is:
(1) the so-called southern minority sister myth, brother, sister name "Bu-i" named "Ku-eh" to the ancient "Fu Xi and Nuwa" inference, is a misuse of the Guizhou black Miao, Miao Ya que language, Chinese ancient books on the analogy in ancient chinese;
Fu Xi (2), especially in the myth of Nu Wa, and there is limited. Yang Lihui survey, in 237 the same type of Chinese mythology, brother Fu Xi (including sister for nu 74), and less than 1/3; for the younger sister Nuwa (including brother Fu Xi), 52, less than 1/4. In 181 a similar minority myth in brother Fu Xi (with different names).
 The temple was like a mother goddess The temple was like a mother goddess
There are 34, accounting for about 18%; for Nuwa (including different sister said), only 5, accounted for only 2.8%, indicating that the South has exposed its limitations, based on the information on the accuracy, inevitably affect his argument;
(3) from the myth of Nuwa ancestor and brother and sister contact, although before the Han Dynasty, Nuwa identity may with Fu Xi some adhesions, or even a spouse, but the Nu Wa myth and sister myth irrelevant; her main performance myth with other words are not what other gods, until the Tang Dynasty Li Rong "alone disloyalty" volume, Nu Wa was clearly with sister myth adhesion, has become an important figure in the;
(4) from the data collected so far, the main tradition is the Chinese mythological Chinese vast area. 247 clear "Nu Wa" mythology, 235 is spread in the Han nationality, accounted for more than 95%. The locations across North, South, East, southwest, northwest, northeast and other regions, in addition to Inner Mongolia, Tibet, has not been reported in Yunnan, Hainan and Beijing, Tianjin, almost all over the provinces.
To sum up, it is not difficult to see, on the origin of faith, academia, the research on Different people, different views. Public opinions are divergent. Nuwa culture, promote and provide a wealth of inspiration.

Nu Wa San Juan, status

Compared with Nu Wa made man and sky myth, Nuwa Empress The Zhise literary shift process rule of myth, no prosperity and died. This is a strong contrast in the myth that shift toward literature in the process, the extent of the shift is affected by various social factors restricted.
In Nuwa mythology, the queen of the rule of contents and other contents appear roughly the same time, but the contents of the records is fuzzy. First, when people's attention is famous" San Juan "Said.
For example, the Eastern Han Dynasty Wang Fu " QianfuLun "The legend of Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns, said:" many people think that Fu Xi called the San nong. One of them or that then people or Vulcan or nuwa. Which is and do not know. "Before the Eastern Han Dynasty on" San Juan "at least three. So why can get the statue of San Juan Nu Wa, she later why they were excluded
 San Juan (Fu Xi, Shennong, WA) San Juan (Fu Xi, Shennong, WA)
San Juan, what is the relationship between the degree of the change of its literary shift, are interesting problems.
The goddess for the Queen's argument, the existing material is the earlier period of the Western Han Dynasty " Huainan - look at night training "Fu Xi said:" no, Nuwa legal system is that the virtue of posterity, why, because to Xujing inaction and pure concentrated realm, and not to engage in petty politics." There is no clear Nuwa is what identity, but she and Fu Xi tied, and belong to can "weather" and "left down" characters, apparently to imply the queen. And " Writings of Prince Huainan "In the same time of" poetry "can be recorded with fog as evidence:" beginning with Swallow red beads, carved jade: Elite birth of the Han Emperor, later dragon induction WA, the rise of Liu Bang." The famous story of the birth of Liu Bang seems to suggest that the supremacy of nuwa.
Perhaps there are other materials may be lost, according to the above material that soon appeared on the goddess is one of the three emperors and speculation that. Yingshao "custom meaning" reference "spring and Autumn": "Fu Xi Yun Dou pin, Nu Wa, Shennong, San Juan is also." Zheng Xuan clearly pointed out: "one of the goddess is the San Juan Mi Nu Wa, bearing play." The idea that seems to have become an established fact, Nuwa has become a social symbol or name on the common queen of the northern and southern dynasties.
" Book of Northern Qi "It was the Empress Dowager: shameless, Yan Lu Ao progenitor want become empress, Empress Dowager emperor Zhuan Wei precedent for Taiji. The man said: "although Taiji is a woman, but it is never since the outstanding figures, nu wa." "Zu Ting biography"
Zu Ting For the purpose of flattery, will Taiji to the Nuwa Nuwa empress that bravado beauties, role in society generally recognized.
Before the Tang Dynasty Nuwa can achieve such a supreme status, its historical and cultural roots, is that the genetic concept of primitive matriarchal society female worship. Nu Wa made man creations and Saviour legend, is the myth of the residual. As a matrilineal society of female worship goddess into the extreme, "San Juan" column is in accord with the true history of the.
Even the reason to make such speculation, the status in the eyes of the goddess in the ancestors of that year, may be more than people in the understanding and the understanding to the higher. For the sacrifice of "mother oracle bones in the East" and "West mother" records, the past will generally be interpreted as the God of the sun and the moon. The modern people from two of the range space consciousness of the original, the mother of the west east were explained as Nuwa and mother The queen mother of the West . From the goddess in ancient times had" San Juan "The general status and the matriarchal society of the goddess, this statement is to be believed.
The historical shift of myth, still need to suitable for the survival of the soil. A patriarchal society, especially Confucianism dominated Chinese feudal society, can have enough power to make use of matriarchal society occupies a space for one person in the China concept of feminist history on the political stage of the goddess queen status has been questioned, and the crowding out of the.
Simazhen "Fill in" historical records ": Nu Wa's surname is also one of the first wind, the snake, the gods of the saints character, known as Li mi sacrifice instead of the Greek women's. What makes no merit, only the production, so the "book of changes" not included. Don't get five, one is the king of the wood of Nu wa. This is because behind Fu Xi, there have been several generations, Jin Mu turns circle, round and round. Especially recommended her to raise credit and Nuwa mihata, so tied (with time) kitoku king". (" San Juan Ji "Load) .
In view of Sima Qian's "historical records Wudi "The lack of history before, Sima Zhen to the San Juan Ji" for its mass. But on one of the three emperors Nuwa attitude, is the Han Dynasty inherited the female version of Nuwa God Emperor of indifference and belittle. On the one hand, he is unable to avoid
 Nuwa clay 2 Nuwa clay 2
The previous generation of matriarchal society about Nuwa legend doubt that holiness, Nuwa have" sacred The de". On the other hand, he has to exclude outside Nuwa looking for various reasons and according to juan. First of all, he made man, blind merit of the Nu Wa sky known et al, that in addition to the "Nuwa creating Shenghuang", not what merit at all. And as a "book of changes" not included Nuwa deeds.
Secondly, he also used the Qin and Han dynasties" Five virtues "To explain the excluded outside reason San Juan Nu wa. According to his explanation, since Fu Xi, after several generations, Jin Mu five circular water fire and earth in a circle, so it should be is the wood of Nu wa. However, whether Nuwa Tuan made soil, or stone, have shown their soil er. So Nuwa is "not for five".
A similar argument: Zheng Kangcheng and Qiu Guangting of the Tang Dynasty by Fu Xi, Nu Wa, Shennong for San juan. Songjunyi Then people Fu Xi, Shennong for San juan. " Baihutong "By Fu Xi, shennong, Vulcan For the San juan. Fu Xi, Kong Anguo Shennong, Huang Di San juan. Ming Yue: Nu Wa, then people, things not to the emperor Vulcan classic words, and not for the five elements of the transport. The king also not cover. (Volume 1)
Because of the visible wa Five. Fade out of the ranks of the queen to the Tang Dynasty has been quite common saying. By the Song Dynasty there, simply nakedly pointed out that as a woman, and she Wu Zetian The same, simply should not appear in public, politics: "at a high level of women is, Wu Nu Wa's, unusual changes, can not say, so Huang Chang said without warning." With the generation of Bao Yunlong based on Cheng Yi is more directly pointed out the absurdity of Nuwa like women's participation in politics: "Yin Yang can't disobey the number of men can not defy kings, women can't disobey her husband, people can't disobey the gentleman. Cheng Zi said: I was in the high Wang Mang Dong stream. It can be said that the woman is at a high level, Nvwa, wushi. The unusual change is not to say. "
So, for a time became the representative of Nuwa negative image of women should not intervene into politics, the political.
Zhou Qi Ming also said: "the woman king to dominate the world, is the source of nuwa. At the beginning of construction of North Korea said Nuwa Jun, humanitarian or period is not clear. Now in charge of the national political ethics in Lu right time, not Nuwa period can be compared. The change is not as Wang Ling, Zhou Bo. How will not harm liu. "Although the main target is to Zhou Qi alignment of the Han Dynasty Pheasant So, still Nuwa full face she said, "not on" humanitarian "king of the world" should be excusable. But fundamentally, Nuwa are related to belong to the "women of an identical nature, in the place of honour" such act of treason and heresy.
Look at these hot words, so it is not difficult to understand the patriarchal society in male chauvinism in the political party for the women's intervention is intolerable. Thus it is not difficult to understand the rule of literary myth of Nuwa empress shift is met how strong resistance. The rule of the myth of Nuwa was not like made man and sky myth as prosperous vitality in the offspring of the palace of literature, the fundamental reason is that the queen Chinese problems involved in feudal society the most important kingship The concept of the problem.
As the ancient matriarchal society the concept of performance residual rule of Nuwa empress in legend, after entering the patriarchal society in the patriarchal challenges and rejection under the regime gradually fade out the field, but has retained the positive contribution to society and make the sky image and so on, make it shine in the shift process of literature. The obvious contrast and contrast, very clearly reveal that the myth is the law of history will be how to restrict and limit the social conditions in the process of the shift in literature.

Nu Wa The snake image

"Dengli Dili, who are the body or system; Nuwa, Carpenter", from the late Warring States Chu poet Qu Yuan " Tianwen "Article. About "heaven" to "Nu Wa" questions, Han Wang Yizhu said: "rumors Nuwa seventy day of head and body of the body, so, who made it and map maker." "Heaven" and the creation principle, Wang Yi said: "Yang see picture, because the book wall where Q, Xie Shu to anger and melancholy".
from Qu Yuan On the questions and the image of Nu Wa Wang Yu The definition, that in the late Warring States Chu, Nuwa did not seem to form a relatively fixed image; more precisely, when it is in the eyes of the people, there is still no one accepted image of Nu wa. Therefore, Qu Yuan in the "Yang" picture in Chuxian king temple and temple of the goddess Gongqing "image," which is issued for the Carpenter "questions.
Wang Yi on the "snake heads Nuwa" image interpretation, though on the basis of a so-called "rumors", more likely to reflect the The Han people View. "The snake head" and "the image of Nu Wa, head of the snake" coexist in the image of Fu Xi The portrait stone of Han Dynasty In Obviously, this portrait of the Han Dynasty, and people will Nuwa along with Fu Xi's ideas are closely related.
Shandong Jiaxiang Wu Liang Stone Temple belongs to the Eastern Han dynasty. So far, the earliest possible is the image of Nu Wa is Hunan Changsha Mawangdui West Han Bohua unearthed a statue of "man head and snake body", Guo Moruo Other scholars think it is like Nuwa but also, scholars hold different opinions .
Qu Yuan's "heaven", "strange things" and "see," Hou Yi ", no husband and nine sons" Female Qi "
 The imaginary image of the snake goddess The imaginary image of the snake goddess
Such as the legendary stories of the characters, have become the object of his questioning. Another important figure and Nuwa legend related - Gong Gong, "also in heaven"" Kang Hui (name of Gong Gong Feng) to anger, somehow southeast of the language; but the relationship with the nu in the ancient legends of the most closely Fu And in the "heaven" is not a word; for this, Wang Yu Seem to be aware of, so in the release of his "Dengli Dili, which are" the question note said: "Fu Xishi said gossip painting, practice morality, people thought to the emperor, who's also enlighten and." The Nu Wa, Fu Xi parallel concept has been deeply rooted in the Han Dynasty, and the "Dengli Dili, which are" questions, and placed in the body or system of Nuwa, Carpenter "sentence, Wang Yi, as is also reasonable .
Wang Yi of this interpretation, note 'song Hong Xingzu said: "the board not to regard it as right, as God, that man and the world, Shun and Yu is also. Historical records, the Xia and Shang Jun are the emperor. " On the day "Cloud:" Wi Duerden Te, handsome head". (Wang Yi) Fu Xi think, according to what the unknown." Hong Xingzu Tang Liu Zongyuan For the "heaven" for "day" to "only the DEDENG emperor, handsome head" To refute, Wang Yi, "Fu Xi said," that means "man and the world" Shun and yu. Hung said, compared to Wang Yi, "Fu Xi" said may be more reasonable, but also far fetched. .
modern Jiangliangfu Mr, according to "heaven" in the "grammar": "Dengli Dili, who are the body; Nuwa's system, which is" as "a body or system Nuwa, carpenter; Dengli Dili, which are", "meaning is well". The four sentence is refers to Nu Wa, "Wang Yi puzzled the sense," Dengli "two words of Fu Xi". Qu Yuan asked, because "since ancient times are unique in the world men's emperor, Nuwa female body, so the doubt for asking"; "there is a body of Nuwa, making" two words, "Mr. Jiang thinks very strange diction jerky, suspected of corruption...... This paper is suspected "of" word for word "education" is false..." "That is the words" for Jiang Yu "meaning...... cover South Chu There are things of Nuwa legend, it's also for Nuwa is born for asking". Jiang Shi said, Fu Xi will rule out the four words of explanation, is obviously higher than that of Wang Yi injection explanations for win; but changed characters, although the "odd" jerky Li Tong Chang, support but no other version, for fear. Qu Yuan is asking questions about Nuwa images can be directly, although later generations is not clear whether such as Wang Yi said "head like a snake", but the "Seventy day" that can at least show that in the late Warring States period, the external image of "snake head", Nuwa in Chu has not been generally recognized as in the Western Han dynasty. In view of the case, the solution is more in line with the fear of Wang Qu.
As for Fu Xi, " Chu strokes "In the" V play Driving Defense "," V Wang Yizhu: opera, ancient king, starting with. Driving the debate...... I also said, as Joseph's V drama, song made driving debate." "Move" the author, Qu Yuan and Li View difference The said, there is no conclusion. But no matter who the author is, only that is in the late Warring States period. It is made Although, the legend of Fu Xi may have passed, but whether it has formed and Nuwa close" Two Emperor "Image, the existing literature is not enough.
In the late Warring States period, such as the relatively fixed Nuwa has not yet formed a "snake heads" in Han Dynasty from the image, a book in the late Warring States " Shanhaiching The wild west "- on" God called ten Nuwa bowel For God, where millet, Hiroyuki wild, cross the road and the record can also be reflected. Which relates to the universe and Nuwa (including people) myth, but not on external Nu Wa
 Goddess of heaven and earth Goddess of heaven and earth
The specific interpretation of the image. Especially in the " Shanhaiching "Account, there is no direct record of Fu Xi. That is to say, "in the vast majority of the pre Qin classics, said Fu Xi different words words and words of Nu Wa, Fu Xi".
Mr. Lu Wei think this is just "made for the analysis of the literature form the conclusion, but in recent years due to advances in the study of unearthed documents being severely questioned. Especially Changsha zidanku Chu silk manuscript on success, to show the people of the late Warring States Chu folk in a May is the story of Fu Xi and Nvwa myth text creation, which will be Fu Xi, the earliest record of the myth of Nuwa dual limit mentioned The pre Qin Era " . On the tomb of Changsha zidanku Book copied on silk Interpretation of article B, Li zero thought, according to the Taiwan scholar Yan Yiping and Kim Xiangheng research "the legend of the silk head two is the ancient common V sacrifice and Nu Wa," NV "release is not sure, but" Fu Xi "release has been widely acknowledged" . It seems that Chu silk can prove Fu Xi and Nuwa in the late Warring States has appeared in parallel to Chu, is worth further discussion.
Wa and Fu Xi in the most The pre Qin The fact that separate language classics, not only shows that wa and Fu Xi belong to two different mythology system, and the image of Nu Wa, is still a Creation The image of the goddess, and the goddess from "unknown" to" Snake The image is completed, and In the Han Dynasty The modified plastic is closely related.