Brian Kraulik

Brian Kraulik (Brian Krolicki, December 31, 1960 -), American political figures, the incumbent vice governor of Nevada (January 20, 2007 -).
Brian Kraulik

Brian Kraulik Working experience

Before the election deputy governor of Nevada, Crowley for two consecutive years as finance minister in Nevada, during the period of performance excellence. In order to let more Nevada family afford higher education, Crowley J has committed to reducing the cost of College education. Crowley J put the cornerstone of this as his management work. In his help, the Nevada state treasurer established a college savings plan (State Treasurer s College Savings Plan) and the University of Nevada prepaid tuition (Nevada 's Prepaid project College Tuition Program); Brian is also responsible for the implementation of the Nevada Millennium Scholarship (Millennium Scholarship) project. During his tenure, Brian ensures that Nevada's credit rating upgrade smoothly, save millions of dollars in interest costs for state taxpayers.
In addition to serving in the state of Nevada, Brian also served on a number of National Association and the federal government of the United states. Brian in 2002 by the national counterparts unanimously elected state treasurer Association (National Association of State Treasurers, NAST) chairman of the total assets of all members of the association represents more than $1 trillion. As president, he founded NAST Management Committee and served as chairman of the NAST foundation, to promote financial education nationwide.
In 2003, Crowley was George W. Bush The office of the president appointed to the U.S. government domestic trade policy and negotiations Advisory Committee (United States Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee on Trade) members. In May 2004, Crowley was elected the United States ministers for the Unruh prize, the prize awarded to the most outstanding American finance ministers. In December 2004, Crowley was again the private and public sector colleagues awarded the highest honor of Excellence Award - public finance Gritz (Gritz Award for Excellence in Public Finance), highly recognized by his leadership and innovation in the field of public debt management capacity.

Brian Kraulik Personal background

Before entering into the field of public service, Crowley has also been working in a Private Companies, including the New York Bankers Trust ("Banker s Trust Company), Bank of California, San Francisco and Bahrain the capital of Manama (Smith Barney). Crowley J graduated from the Stanford University; he and his wife had 3 children .