ADAMS, that is Mechanical system dynamics The automatic analysis (Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems), the software is the U.S. Mechanical Dynamics Inc (Mechanical Dynamics Inc.) (now part of MSC) the development of virtual prototype analysis software. ADAMS has been hundreds of major manufacturers in the world with all walks of life. According to the 1999 mechanical system The dynamic simulation of the statistical analysis software of international market share, the total sales of nearly $eighty million, ADAMS accounted for 51% of the share, now has been incorporated into the American MSC company.

ADAMS Application software

ADAMS software uses an interactive graphical environment, and part database, constraint database, force base, create a complete parametric mechanical system The geometric model, Lagrange equation method of multi rigid body dynamics in the solver using system equations, statics kinematics and dynamics analysis for the virtual machine system, the output displacement, velocity, acceleration and reaction force. The simulation of ADAMS software can be used to predict the mechanical performance of the system, range of motion, collision detection, peak load and finite element calculation of the input load etc..
ADAMS is the application of virtual prototype analysis software, the user can analyze the kinematics and dynamics of the virtual machine system is very convenient to use this software. On the other hand, it is a virtual prototype analysis tool, the open structure of the program and a variety of interface, users can become a special industry two development tool platform analysis of special type of virtual prototype. There are two kinds of ADAMS software operating system version: UNIX version and the Windows version of NT/2000. Here will be the 2000 edition of the Windows ADAMS l2.0 based on the introduction.

ADAMS Software module

The ADAMS software consists of basic module, module module, interface module, professional and Hold-all Five Class module Form。 Users can not only use generic modules in general mechanical system The simulation, but also can be used for modeling and simulation analysis of fast and effective use special modules for specific applications of industry.
The module and the toolbox of ADAMS software contains as follows:
The basic module and user interface module ADAMS/View
Solvermodule ADAMS/Solver
Postprocessing module ADAMS/PostProcessor
Extension module of hydraulic system module ADAMS/Hydraulics
Vibration analysis module of ADAMS/Vibration
Linear analysis module ADAMS/Linear
High speed animation module ADAMS/Animation
Experimental design and analysis module of ADAMS/Insight
Durability analysis module of ADAMS/Durability
Digital assembly playback module ADAMS/DMU Replay
The flexible analysis module ADAMS/Flex interface module
ADAMS/Controls control module
The graphical interface module ADAMS/Exchange
CATIA professional CAT/ADAMS interface module
Pro/E interface module Mechanical/Pro
Professional car module ADAMS/Car module
Suspension design software package Suspension Design
The concept of suspension module CSM
The driver module ADAMS/Driver
The power transmission system of ADAMS/Driveline module
Tire module ADAMS/Tire
The flexible ring tire module FTire Module
The flexible body builder module ADAMS/FBG
The experience of dynamic model of EDM
The engine design module ADAMS/Engine
The gas distribution mechanism of ADAMS/Engine Valvetrain module
The timing chain module ADAMS/Engine Chain
Enclosure Driver module Accessory Drive Module
Railway vehicle module ADAMS/Rail
FORD automotive special vehicle module ADAMS/Pre (now renamed Chassis)
Hold-all Software development kit ADAMS/SDK
Virtual Test Lab virtual test toolbox
Virtual experiment modal analysis Virtual Experiment Modal Analysis
Spring Leafspring Toolkit toolbox
Aircraft landing gear ADAMS/Landing toolbox Gear
Crawler type vehicle tire / Tracked/Wheeled toolbox Vehicle
Gear ADAMS/Gear toolbox Tool
Adams is the world's most widely used mechanical system simulation software , the user can build and test the virtual prototype in the computer using Adams, real-time online simulation, understand the complex Mechanical system design The motion performance.
MD Adams (MD for multidisciplinary) is in the enterprise MSC SimEnterprise simulation environment and MD Nastran complement each other, provides the simulation environment analysis of advanced engineering complex integrity, SimEnterprise is one of the most complete integrated simulation and analysis technology.
MD Adams released the full support of the motion simulation of structure coupling, and MD Nastran of the bidirectional integration can release conveniently model output Adams to Nastran for more detailed analysis or NVH stress recovery, then life / damage calculation.
MD Adams/Car
The application of MD Adams/Car technology, the team can quickly build and test vehicle and subsystem functional virtual prototype.
This can help in the vehicle development process to save time, reduce costs and risks, enhance the quality of new car design. adopt
The MD simulation environment, Adams/Car, automotive engineers in virtual environment For the different road and different
They are designed to repeatedly test the actual condition, so as to obtain satisfactory results.
MD Adams/Car contains many of the functional modules for multidisciplinary simulation.
Multidiscipline Value multi subject value
Multi disciplinary value lies in the ability to greatly expand the digital analysis, MSC MD technology is the integrated optimization covers interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary, can make the computing technology to solve large-scale problems with existing high performance. Focus technology to improve simulation efficiency and ensure the initial design effectiveness, improve the design quality, accelerate the products on the market.
MD Adams Package includes
Adams/Solver SMP (C++ Solver Only)
Adams /Linear
MD Adams/Car Package includes:
Adams/Car Vehicle Dynamics
Adams/Car Suspension Design
Adams/Car Mechatronics (New for MD Adams only)
Adams/3D Road
Adams/Car Ride
MD optional Adams/Car module:
Adams/Tire FTire
Necessary condition:
MD Adams/Car MD Adams Package
MD Adams new features
The new function of MD Adams R3

ADAMS Product integration

MD database general elastomer (MD DB) format, allowing Nastran results in a single MD file (.MASTER) stored in a plurality of elastic body model.
The use of "white box (white box)" output, made from Adams to Nastran (Adams2Nastran) output to the unit level, therefore, replacement of the individual components in the system are easier to implement.
Under the new Adams/View Plug-in unit Adams/Mechatronics, the control system and Multi body system The integration of standardization.
The MD version of Adams/Engine release adds new features to make MD perfect Adams function provided by more.

ADAMS Performance improvement

Elastic body animation display and distribution of load Heyun shows faster, visualization can help you improve your results.
The Windows and Linux 64 operating system support and use XML file format to import the way, help to deal with the large model and analysis results, improve the processing speed before and after.
Adams/Solver (C++) SMP Adams/Tire supports parallel computation speed in the CPU machine faster.

ADAMS New features

Adams C++ Solver 3D contact function to support the definition of the collision between elastic and elastic or elastic and rigid body.
The Adams/Car function has been strengthened, further improve the usability, analysis support routine excitation (General Actuation Analysis), a new generation of tools for pavement analysis (Road Builder) and the combination of the suspension test bench.
Application of the Adams/SmartDriver, and then the vehicle path planning can be conducted, support path smoothing, reduce the path curvature peak. At the same time, the new non conventional continuous equation of state (GSE, General, State, Equations) to ensure the calculation precision in the output step condition, and increase the function of traveling in the opposite direction.
Quantitative in Adams/Car in Ride Ride Index test, the impact of convenient vehicle ride performance and quantitative evaluation of vibration to the crew.
Hiller-Anantharaman STIFF (HASTIFF) SI1 integrator and SI2 method, iteration The process requires less function valuation, while improving the convergence stability minimum time step.
In Adams/Solver (C++) in the new delay time function (DELAY run-time function) can be used. Control model In the drive signal or delay.
Adams/Tire 3D tire simulation technology, applicable surface rough road.
A new command MNF XFORM, can be used for elastomer MNF file image , or transform / rotating elastic body coordinate system.
The new Plug-in unit Help documentation, and enhance the usability of the help documentation.
The new function of MD Adams R3
MD Adams
1 new online help system and PDF files, easy to print
2 output linear model can be used for further vibration in NASTRAN performance analysis
3 in the 3D contact analysis, analysis method for processing the new ball
In the process of simulation calculation of 4 time-varying cumulative quality
The 5 node frequency response simulation results of stress and strain curve
MD Adams/Car
6 MD Adams/Car Mechatronics Automobile Electromechanical module
7 C++ Solver Adams/Car
Dynamic analysis of suspension of 8 more accurate
9 for the new test tire analysis

ADAMS Comprehensive characteristics

1 new online help system and PDF files, easy to print
In MD Adams, MSC.Software introduced a new online help system. MD Adams and MD Adams/Car users can use the help system. In the table of contents of the help system, is organized according to the module, more convenient information search and search.
The MD Adams/View command language, with the help of the new MD, the new Adams/Vibration module with new theory manual.
For the convenience of print, help documentation provides all the help documentation PDF format.
2 output linear model available in NASTRAN for further analysis of vibration performance
A new feature of MD Adams/Vibration is the Adams2Nastran function, the function can output linear model, for further analysis of vibration performance in NASTRAN. This function will package ADAMS model after linearization for DMIG input Nastran. Once the output is complete, users can take advantage of NASTRAN's powerful function of frequency response analysis, response analysis and accurate NVH analysis and high frequency range system of system.
3 in the 3D contact analysis, a new analysis method for processing sphere
When the ball contact exists in the 3D model, in order to get a more accurate result, strengthen the contact calculation algorithm, namely the use of real geometry to represent the sphere. The old method of sphere surface represented by small plane compared to this algorithm significantly faster. For example, the ball bearing model as shown on the right, the solution speed increased by 3.1 times.
Another advantage of this algorithm is to improve the accuracy of the calculation of contact load. The old algorithm graph shown on the right of the display (black curve) and new algorithm (red curve) between the location of the contact load.
In the process of simulation calculation of 4 time-varying cumulative quality
The new version developed a new practical subroutine, can automatically calculate the simulation process of changing the total quality.
The calculator can complete the new solution Multi body system The quality of the calculation, including rigid body and elastic body.
The 5 node frequency response simulation results of stress and strain curve
MD Adams new version supports rendering due to the forced excitation input caused by load on the elastic body in the stress-strain curves of the results. Using this function, can allow analysts to quickly "what-if" study, considering the impact of multi-body dynamics and structure.
6 MD Adams/Car Mechatronics Automobile Electromechanical module
MD Adams/Car Mechatronics (Automobile Electromechanical module) for the new module, this module greatly strengthened the integration of Adams/Car and Adams/Controls. The new module's purpose is to achieve control system under Car model standard.
The use of mechanical and electrical module, simulation parameters you can easily on your vehicle performance of the control system, the controller on / off simply click on the controller switch.
The signal controller, as part of an electromechanical module in the whole system, can be connected with the control system and assembly mechanical system .
7 C++ Solver Adams/Car
The Adams/Car model can be calculated using C++ Solver, users can improve the speed of solution using the new HHT integrator. MD Adams/Tire and MD Adams/SmartDriver module also supports the new C++ Solver.
The new C++ Solver provides analysis of partial differential equations, and thus more accurate and more stable. At the same time also supports the general equation of state based on the transmission system (GSE), and improved containing elastomer and leaf spring model.
Dynamic analysis of suspension of 8 more accurate
MD Adams has the function of dynamic suspension test bench can be used to complete a suspension model for dynamic analysis of suspension real. This new feature will consider the dynamic effect of suspension movement, which can improve the accuracy of the simulation.
Users can also use the RPC file as the driving, this is for the parts of the suspension system and its durability performance analysis It is crucial.
9 for the new test tire analysis
Tire test machine is more faster for a tire model. For different tire models automatically generated tire needs of the various characteristics of the graph. This highly automated analysis function interface helps you to tire model and the tire quality database quickly compared.
Adams Golf was founded in 1987, Adams Golf, Inc. is dedicated to the design, assembly and operation of high quality, high quality, innovative golf club. Adams Golf has been devoted to the development of golf equipment and related accessories, and innovation based on multi products, to provide consumers with more choices.


ADAMS Brand history

 Adams LOGO Adams LOGO
In the western state of Texas was a golf equipment provider and contract manufacturer, Barney (Albany) at the end of 1990s moved to a factory in Dallas, focusing on Custom Fitting (special equipment) and the development of new products.
Barney through the use of specific equipment play of the players experience and saw a massive club design and material response, he developed a revolutionary Tight Lies fairway wood.
Have a low profile design, ball head low center of gravity and irregular, Tight Lies opened a new era in the golf field. Even in today's world, tens of thousands of golfers to put Tight Lies into his bag.
Today's Adams Golf, we design, sales and promotion of a series of other brands including innovative wood and fairway wood, like Redline and Ovation, and 1# and IDEA mixed irons, irons. All Adams clubs are after a large number of precision tool design and testing, as CAD drawing, advanced quality performance analysis And the endurance test equipment.
Almost 20 years ago, Barney Adams created Adams golf, and may provide the best and highest level products for golf equipment and service suppliers. Today, Adams Golf will continue to inherit the ancestors of customer service and continue to fulfill the agreement, the maximum value of the development of high-tech innovation, advanced products.
It is worth mentioning that in 1990 production has the characteristics of low gravity Tight Lies famous iron wood, received numerous praise and create a good brand loyalty. Until today, there are still tens of thousands of golf enthusiasts hand Tight Lies club.

ADAMS Current situation

Now the Adams Golf hybrid and hybrid iron set technology innovation has become the industry leader. IDEA hybrid iron set among them is to get more players, including the tour of the occupation player, who recognize the combination of traditional hardcore and iron bar mixed collocation mixed hardcore.
Adams (Adams) produced by Tight Lies Fairway Woods fairway design, bar narrow lower, popular players welcome. Adams uses head inverted (upside - down) design, the lower center of gravity and effective attack (EHA) more. The new Tight Lies 2 uses the spin control technology (Spin Control Technology), the ball trajectory more straight longer.
In addition, in the past few years, the iron rod IDEA series has become the preferred PGA clubs stadium, various Championships and various foreign tour players, including the top 4 in the championship fli in 2008. Craftsmanship, hitherto unknown technology innovation and superior customer service. Adams Golf became the leader of the real golf industry.

ADAMS Signing

Aaron Baddeley (Aaron Baddeley) Chad Campbell (Chad Campbell) Gary (Gary Woodland) CHAMPIONS TOUR vodran:
Tom Watson (Tom Watson) Bernhard (Bernhard Langer), Brad Bryant (Brad Bryant) Alan Doyle (Allen Doyle LPGA):
Brittany Lang (Brittany Lang). Leon Taylor (Taylor Leon). Brittany Lincicome (Brittany Lincicome) Ceng Yani (Yani Tseng) Nationwide Tour:
Joe Ren broadaway (Josh Broadaway). Brad. Elder (Brad Elder) Steve (Steve Wheatcroft) and victor.