The spirit of Science

The spirit of study (Psychic Research) according to the spirit of Jinisi scientist E.G. said, the spirit of research is to study those with any hypothesis can explain the phenomenon, this phenomenon usually include Spiritism , Telepathy , Through the eye in the sky Thoughts, actuation, foresight etc.. The spirit of learning abroad are generally in spirit, will all like to abnormal individuals. According to foreign research direction, a part of Chinese metaphysics has been included on the physical aspects of recorded parapsychology, metaphysics more emphasis on their own growth, rather than the formation of objective conditions abroad that the supernatural, in Taoism and Buddhism inside by the law, and emphasizes the harmony between man and nature, have complete explanation the particularity of the spirit of science.
The spirit of Science

The spirit of Science The interpretation of words and phrases

The spirit of Science The general spirit of Science

Refers to " Theory of the soul "And" Psychotronics "And all" The supernatural Study on the phenomenon of ".

The spirit of Science The narrow spirit of Science

Refers to " Theory of the soul "Research.

The spirit of Science explicate

All the grandmother, universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, is natural, is the celestial pole, no God created, nor matter spanner exist, each material has its soul, has its body, soul and form can not be separated, there is no way to separate. (my substance is not a materialistic world view, science is not idealistic view of the world of Science) but does not exist and will become empty, no matter the existence is not possible to form, the two is the only form be made one, both the center of me, spirit, there must exist before one reason, only exist in the body, the spirit is a force is a real thing born from the ethereal students, through the first empty pole of the world, how the power is so natural, to open the door from the very empty soul, 000 the door, so the spirit of Jane.
The spirit is natural, it is powerful, it is not the real body, empty spirit, the spirit is very air force in the air in the beautiful things, can be a way of things which is, and will be an empty pole strength. Some people say that light can go back in time, space and time reversal, with my spirit is not possible to learn analysis, they said to make that point of time is very empty in countercurrent and off the line, can break up when the line went to, born a thing in the empty pole to the other end, another world. The world is not the same, it is not the same but on the contrary, so don't go back to time reversal. So the light is not that kind of power of the spirit, the spirit can only have everything. (in the books I saw the Taoist said, Buddhism said the Buddha, foreign philosophers can comprehend the content layer, may be the same name is not the same, has reached the level is not the same, I may be shallow, not necessarily) spirit is the embodiment of nature, like thousands of shuttle in the ethereal world, filled the space, can to the super world, can very small world micro fusion.
The water in the world is so soft, and a powerful force, this thing, chemically separated into something else, into two substances, these two things in a way should also can be divided into other substances, all the way down, from a material chain you can see the basic way of things in the world have come and gone, in the spirit of evolution, change in spirit. The water in two, can be seen as the poles, poles rotate on the differentiation four odd, four odd million will become strange, so the world is all sorts of strange things, so the world is surprising, don't blame strange things, this is the spirit of creation and the real body, 000 fusion progenitor - ling.
The world is not matter, nor the spirit of the world, there is no spirit, the spirit world is empty, my spirit world is to have a substance can exist, should also have the physical carrier can exist, or what is not, nor is the world, the world of science unified and things, I do not have that ability to separate, nature is not allowed, but do not agree with people just hope, one, is the fact that can't change. The world is an infinite world, and is also a world, but the world did not allow the ethereal world balance to empty, is the spirit in vivid depictions of illusion.

The spirit of Science Other concepts

The spirit of Science Theory of the soul

Study of the soul of life, spiritual structure, after the death of life and psychic phenomena.

The spirit of Science soul

In the spirit of study refers to life after death or continue to exist in the high and low level of spiritual perception of life "(live Body consciousness In the Mystery Science), said physical activity out of law refers to the perception of life after death and death. Comparison of scientific argument is that the soul is Brain waves Consciousness activities constitute, in essence is a group with the life energy of electromagnetic wave in a disembodied state can by virtue of its energy thinking activities.

The spirit of Science Spirit

stay Theory of the soul That includes " As , the eight perceptions and consciousnesses And the trace elements of spiritual body, for the material world , the realms of desire Six days, Asura Hell, hungry ghosts, perception of life, but in the humanitarian and an animal is wrapped in a physical body (body).

The spirit of Science spirit

Generally refers to life after death before re entering the cycle (or reincarnation) state before. The comparison of generalized said law and soul similar meanings, can be divided into living and dead, after a detailed description of the length. More general statement, is to include God, ghosts, realms all perception of life.

The spirit of Science ghost

The oldest known, and the "spirit" is synonymous, but unlike "hungry ghost" of buddhism. It is different from the "evil spirits" commonly known as Japan (a true to life body, horned, grim, such as Momotaro Fu in the "ghost" Japanese, commonly known as the "ghost" is equivalent to Chinese monsters, and Chinese said "ghost" in Japan is known as the "ghost").

The spirit of Science realm of departed spirits

All levels of the level of life refers to after death.

The spirit of Science Soul

Taoism Some people have said: the so-called soul three soul "means" soul, soul, one day the soul ", called" light, cool and quiet spirit of fetal essence ", also known as" Lord of soul, soul, feel the Wraith "or" God, God yang, Yin God "Or" day of the soul, soul, soul and consciousness "; Seven soul It is a joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, desire, evil. The three is the spirit of soul, soul is the seven substances, so the person died, three line three die seven soul to flesh disappear. One day to day, those people are hell, soul wandering in the cemetery, until once again, only three soul reunion, seven soul with new flesh produced. "Three" is the fundamental spirit of "true" (real life), "three" is the soul "a form of energy as the dynamic" produced and absorbed with astral form, belongs to the "spirit" and "flesh"; "the world soul belongs to the physical world".

The spirit of Science Creatures

Refers to the flesh is not dead, but from the body of the soul.

The spirit of Science The dead

Also known as the "dead", or "ghost" and "ghost", and can be divided into " earth bound spirit "And" in spirit "in two categories.

The spirit of Science earth bound spirit

The scope of activities after the death of geographical restrictions, is bound to the undead, such souls have not become evil and resentment.

The spirit of Science In the spirit of

Free after death, not limited to the region that is dead, "a" or " Ghost; wandering souls "Wandering in the world, such souls failed to reincarnation or to the world, mostly have unfulfilled wish or is the so-called" three spirit "is not full.

The spirit of Science Ushiro

Follow the people around the spirit, called "the spirit behind". The spirit behind there may be good spirits, is the guardian spirit; there may be a ghost, or haunt.

The spirit of Science Guardian spirit

As the name implies, plays the role of guardian spirit. Here refers to the spirit, and a wide range of gods, and not only refers to the dead. May be the closest relationship between the spirit and the guardian spirits usually be guardian, which is commonly known as the "ancestor spirit", can be divided into: ancestral spirit, a husband and wife edge margin spirit and guardian spirits.
It is with consanguineous ancestors lineage ancestors, are very concerned about their descendants, most guardians belong to this category; margin refers to the past or couples spirit life for couples, after the death of his spouse voluntary guardian, guardian of such dynamic wavelength and Lingling was guardian of the most close friends; edge spirit is very rare, this is his friend died voluntarily acted as guardians; guardian spirits is the patron saint of family enshrined under the provisional appeal, serve as guardian spirits, these guardians have more gaham, only one may have deep blessings such guardians.
In addition to the above four kinds of spirit, also has the nature of the wizard (here refers to jing po , Gods Rather than the west, The occult Call Spirit ) or other perceived life inspired by or call and become the guardian spirits possibility, have such guardians often have strong spiritual ability than ordinary people.