Arizona (State of Arizona) is the forty-eighth to join the United States federal state, in U.S.A The South west. It is the East The state of New Mexico The south, and Estados Unidos Mexicanos Adjacent to the west across Colorado River and The state of California Across the northwest boundary Nevada The north. The state of Utah Area of 295 thousand square kilometers, State capital TRABTECH (Phoenix).
Is the state flower column Cactus . Is the state bird Wren . The name "Grand Canyon State" (Grand Canyon State).

Arizona History

Arizona was the early Indian The Hopi, Papa Ge, Pima tribe
 state emblem state emblem
Apache, Navajo Place of residence. In 1540, the Spanish expedition to find the legendary 7 El Dorado And arrived here. 1776, Spanish The establishment of settlements in tucson. After the independence of Mexico, including the establishment of Arizona, 1824 New Mexico Area. 1848 The Mexican American War After the part of the United states. Statehood in February 14, 1912, become the last state of the union to join the 48 states in the United states. The existing state of the Indians more than 90 thousand people belonging to 14 tribes, living in 19 reservations.

Arizona administrative division

FIPS code
County town
Year of establishment
The measure of area
Apache County 001 San Johns One thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine A part of Yavapai county. Living in the State Department of Northeast China Apaches Native American Sixty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty 29054 square kilometers  
Cochise County 003 Bisbee One thousand eight hundred and eighty-one A part of the Pima County The same Apache chief One hundred and twenty-seven thousand eight hundred and sixty-six 16107 square kilometers  
Koko Nino County 005 Flagstaff One thousand eight hundred and ninety-one A part of Yavapai county. Native American tribes. One hundred and thirty-four thousand four hundred and twenty-one 48332 square kilometers  
Sheila County 007 Glob One thousand eight hundred and eighty-one A part of the Maricopa County and Pienaar County Through the territory of the state of Aleksan Sheila River The name comes from the Native American languages. Fifty-one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four 12422 square kilometers  
Graham County 009 Safford One thousand eight hundred and eighty-one A part of the Apache county and Pima County A mountain Thirty-four thousand seven hundred and sixty-nine 12020 square kilometers  
Greenlee County 011 Clifton One thousand nine hundred and nine A portion of Graham County Mason Greenley, the pioneer exploration area Seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-four 4786 square kilometers  
La Paz County 012 Parke One thousand nine hundred and eighty-three Part of Yuma County Colorado River A new name city shore short-lived, the Spanish word for peace Twenty thousand one hundred and seventy-two 11689 square kilometers  
Maricopa County 013 TRABTECH One thousand eight hundred and seventy-one A part of the Pima County and Yavapai County A Native American tribe Three million nine hundred and ninety thousand one hundred and eighty-one 23890 square kilometers  
Harvey County, Mo 015 Kingman One thousand eight hundred and sixty-four One of the earliest established four counties A Native American tribe One hundred and ninety-four thousand nine hundred and forty-four 34887 square kilometers  
Navajo County 017 Holbrooke One thousand eight hundred and ninety-five A part of Apache County Navajo Native American One hundred and eleven thousand two hundred and seventy-three 25794 square kilometers  
Pima County 019 Tucson One thousand eight hundred and sixty-four One of the earliest established four counties A Native American tribe One million three thousand two hundred and thirty-five 23799 square kilometers  
Pienaar County 021 Florence One thousand eight hundred and seventy-five A part of the Maricopa County and Pima County The same name and name of Native American tribes mountains Three hundred and twenty-four thousand nine hundred and sixty-two 13919 square kilometers  
Santa Cruz County 023 nogales One thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine A part of Cochise County and Pima County The same river Forty-two thousand eight hundred and forty-five 3206 square kilometers  
Yavapai County 025 Prescott One thousand eight hundred and sixty-four One of the earliest established four counties A Native American tribe Two hundred and twelve thousand six hundred and thirty-five 21051 square kilometers  
Yuma County 027 Yuma One thousand eight hundred and sixty-four One of the earliest established four counties A Native American tribe, said Quechan people One hundred and ninety thousand five hundred and fifty-seven 14294 square kilometers  

Arizona geographical environment

Arizona Landforms

The state can be divided into two geographical regions: the north is the nature Colorado Plateau A part of the total state area of 2/5, including the Grand Canyon area, altitude 12002400 meters, flat surface. Colorado River In the northwestern part of the state, the formation of rock cutting Colorado Grand Canyon That is 1800 meters deep, cliffs on both sides of the ladder, the magnificent scenery. The central plateau is forested volcano, Humphrey peak (3851 meters) is the highest point in the state. Southern basin and mountain area. Southeast mountain belongs to The Rocky Mountains The southwest is a mountain; the Great Basin, including Hirano, the two together accounted for the state area 3/5. The Colorado river is a river, into the Pacific coast The Gulf of California Before a few more than 99% of the traffic in the United States
 In the United States the position on the map of Arizona In the United States the position on the map of Arizona

Arizona climate

Due to the dramatic ups and downs, statewide climate change greatly. In some areas of Colorado plateau in winter is cool, cold in some areas. Located in the North Central Flagstaff In January, the average temperature is 3 degrees, the average temperature in July is 19 C. The capital is located in the south central part of the TRABTECH In January the average temperature of 11 degrees, the average temperature of 33 degrees in July. Cloud cover is scarce, more sunny, statewide annual rainfall of about 330 mm, more precipitation peak area, ranging from 500 to 1000 mm, the height of winter snow up to 1.5 meters deep. Southwest Desert area The annual rainfall is only 50 ~ 150 mm.

Arizona natural resources

Arizona plant resources

According to the type of vegetation, 10% state forest coverage, 25% woody community area, 25% for grassland, 40% genera of desert scrub area. The most common desert area is columnar cacti, cactus owl hide in. Cactus There is a forest western hemisphere Wild boar, drought resistance. In the arid area and sand turtle, scorpions, ferocious Lizard And rattled the Rattlesnake And the fear of the poisonous lizard. Arizona is north the higher, the more cool climate, rainfall also increased. Ground some other animals and plants, there is grass, trees, deer, wild cats, Coatimundi . The higher the forest area.
 Arizona Arizona

Arizona Mineral resources

Rich in mineral resources, is the largest copper producing areas, the main minerals are copper, gold, silver, oil etc.. Copper production accounted for 50% of the country's annual gold production of 500 grams, 3500 grams of silver production.

Arizona National Population

 Arizona scenery Arizona scenery
Arizona has a population of about 6 million 480 thousand (2011), sixteenth in the United states. Of which 75.5% are white (Hispanic 63.8%), 5% indian indigenous people, 3.1% were African American, 1.8% Asian For Americans, 0.1% Hawaii Or Oceania descent, 11.6% other races, 2.9% mixed race. Feinikesi is Arizona's capital and largest city.

Arizona Economic overview

The Arizona economy depends on the early 5 C, namely: copper (copper), cotton (cotton), cattle (cattle), citrus (Citrus) (climate), the climate and tourism industry in the first. After the Second World War, the rapid development of manufacturing industry, has occupied the dominant position in the economy. The main Department of aviation, electric power, telecommunications, aluminum products, etc.. Arizona is the largest producing copper, copper production accounted for 60% of the country, in addition, Arizona is one of the four major U.S. cotton, cotton production accounts for 47% of the nation.

Arizona foreign trade

Arizona, 2011 exports totaled $17 billion 500 million, an increase of 11.8%, exports ranked twenty-seventh in the nation, 3 lower than in 2010. Mexico is the largest export market, exports of $5 billion 740 million, followed by Canada, China, Japan, Britain and germany. The main export products for computer and electronic products, transport equipment, mechanical equipment, agricultural products, mineral products, electronic equipment and metal products manufacturing.
The state's 2011 imports of $17 billion 560 million, an increase of 12.4%; the amount of imports ranked twenty-sixth in the nation, a decline than in 2010. Mexico is the largest source of imports, imports of $6 billion 170 million, followed by Chinese, Japan, Canada and Malaysia. The main imported products for computer and electronic products, mechanical equipment, agricultural products, transport equipment and electronic instruments and accessories etc..

Arizona manufacturing industry

After the Second World War, the rapid development of manufacturing industry, still occupies an important position in the economy, the main Department of aviation, electric power, telecommunications, aluminum products, etc.. Arizona manufacturing to high-tech industry, metal smelting industry is well developed, including aerospace, environmental protection, electronics and semiconductor optoelectronics, and etc.. Feinikesi and Tucson is the two largest industrial center, there are aluminum, cotton ginning, aircraft parts, electronic computer industry etc.. The state of the western United States because of the nearby large emerging market, and Los Angeles , Long Island The two port and the American Southwest distance are not far, and close to the Mexico border, can use a large number of cheap labor contract manufacturing industry development.

Arizona The electronics industry

Another important industry in the state of Arizona for the electronics industry. More than 150 companies, mainly engaged in precision electronic parts, electronic design Software development, positioning system, laser, electronic data transmission and storage, as well as the production and service of large optical lenses and parts.

Arizona social undertakings

Arizona education

Arizona has 2580 primary and secondary schools, 220 of which are for public schools, more than 1 million 100 thousand of the total number of students. The state has 86 universities, famous universities are University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona university. arizona state university Is one of the nation's biggest and best five "University City", was founded in 1885, a total of 18 colleges and 12 schools.

Arizona Tourism

In national parks, national forests,
 Astrobleme Astrobleme
The wild animal reservation and other scenic spots 34, is the main tourist areas Colorado Grand Canyon Color, desert, forest and petrochemical astrobleme.

Arizona Transportation

The Arizona Territory of No. 40, No. 17, No. 10 and No. 8 of four interstate highways, highway connecting the west. Railway facilities, there are two railway lines across the nation through the state, south of the southern Pacific, north of the Santa Fe line. Four other state railway connecting the city. Feinikesi and the Tucson International airport facilities, 14 of the nation's major airlines have flights every day, and the 50 main city opened non-stop flight.

Arizona Famous characters

Jon Kyl (Jon Kyl) is a Republican U.S. senator from Arizona.
 John McCain John McCain
John McCain (John Sidney McCain III), American politician, Republican heavyweights, the Arizona senator, of the party is "moderate", in 2008 for the president of the United states.