Duke University

Duke University (Duke University), referred to as Blue Devil , founded in 1838, is located in North Carolina, the beautiful scenery of Durham, is a world-renowned Research University . Although the school was founded in 1924, but the history of Duke University actually dates back to 1859 when 31 or earlier today site founded the Brown school (Brown's Schoolhouse, in 1838 the state was founded in Randolph County).
Duke University
In 2016 US News University in the United States Undergraduate ranking The Duke University as the eighth In the first place in the southern United States. The world ranking 2016-17, Duke University column USNEWS World University Rankings (US News) nineteenth , Times Higher Education The world university rankings eighteenth , QS World University Rankings Twenty-fourth , The Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Jiaotong University Edition) twenty-fifth . As of 2016, a total of 11 The Nobel prize The winner (World fiftieth) and 3 Turing Award The winner (World thirteenth) over work or study at Duke University .
Duke University is recognized as a world-class Higher Education One of the institutions, the school of business, School of law and medical schools are among the top ten u.s.. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek rankings published in 2014 the best business school full-time MBA program, Duke University Fuqua over Harvard University School of business, University of Chicago Booth School of business, one of the nation's highest. Different from other first-class academic university, the Duke University sports, especially basketball, is very famous. The best American basketball elite . The basketball coach Coach K Because the NCAA good record over the years, was hired as the The United States national team coach .

Essential information

Duke University History

 Duke University in Durham City, the first building "Duke hall" Duke University in Durham City, the first building "Duke hall"
Duke University was founded in 1838, Brown began the school, a school belonging to Brown college, located in Randolph county (three-in-one town), led by the Reverend Brantley York Methodists and Quakers management.
1841, Many around the institutions of higher education and hospital operation. Also included in the list of 31 by the Fed chairman William Plesden Fraser insisted the school should be renamed the Duke University for the Duke family's kindness, under the consent of James Duke, the school was renamed the Duke University.
The school during the period from 1925 to 1927 and rebuilt the east campus, and began construction of the Gothic architectural style of the West Campus in 1930. One of the most famous building is the $two million and three hundred thousand Duke Cathedral (Duke Chapel), built from 1930 to 1935 to start building. The church by Julian Aba Le, the famous African American architects to design the earliest, can accommodate about 1600 people. The church is 210 feet high, one of the tallest buildings in Durham city.
In 1942, Duke University hosted the only one in Losangeles city outside the NCAA Rose Bowl finals (American University Rugby Think of the first bowl). The school also hosted the two World War the United States Navy personnel training for the V-12 Navy College Training Program project.
In 1952 the formal staff participation in university governance and the Council set up a high-level advisory committee.
The establishment of the women's studies program in 1983.
The first NCAA championship in 1986 the school football team wins the Duke University.
In January 22, 2010, Duke started construction in Duke University Chinese Jiangsu city in Kunshan province Kunshan University (DKU), for the purpose of world-class research university to create an independent legal status, the main research and Prospect of elite education. Kunshan municipal government has invested heavily in providing excellent material conditions for the smooth start of DKU. In August 17, 2012, the Ministry of Education issued Administrative Licensing: China by Duke University, Kunshan municipal government, WuHan University The three party organized by Duke University in Kunshan, Wuhan University officially allowed to build, but will not have on DKU's management rights. The school will teach in 2014.

Duke University academic research

Duke University is the most outstanding University One of the southern United States, and is the best private university. The president of the United States before the ten ranking period, and the period from 2002 to 2007 was the top 5. 2013-2014 America "U.S News & World Report" to the Duke University in the United States University Ranking and MIT, University of Pennsylvania tied for seventh, the world university in twentieth place . The school academy ranked eleventh in the "U.S. News and World Report" of the 2007 World university. In the "times higher education" (THE) 2014-2015 rankings, Duke University ranked eighteenth in the world . Compared to the United States Ivy The union school (IVY League) leader: Harvard , Yale , Princeton Duke University, although a relatively short history, but whether it is the academic standards or other aspects can compete with the Ivy League students, once dubbed Harvard University Duke in the north.
 A Medical College A Medical College
"U.S. News and World Report" 2015 best research school, Duke School of medicine ranked sixth, ranked eight in law school, business school tied for thirteen, ranking twenty-four in engineering college. In the doctoral program rankings, Duke ranked first in literary criticism and theory, black literature in modern American literature ranked third, ranked third, ranked third in the professional market, environmental policy and management ranked fourth, MBA ranked fourth, ranked fifth on the professional public policy analysis, international business ranked fifth, ranked sixth in mathematical statistics, ecology evolutionary biology and Biomedical Engineering Second, ranked fifth, ranked seventh in international politics, public affairs, ranked tenth, ranked tenth in political science, science doctoral program ranked twelve, mathematics tied for twenty-one, ranked twenty-five in computer science, physical chemistry tied for twenty-nine, tied for thirty-eight. The College of traditional Chinese medicine, Fuqua (The Fuqua School of Business) and the Duke University law school is the three most famous college.
In 2014, the Reuters announced the global highly cited researcher (before 1%) list, there are 32 professors at the Duke University were selected, the number of institutions in the main to the selected researcher (primary affiliations) rankings ranked fourth in the world, second only to Harvard University, Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley.

Duke University School introduction

School setting
University of Trinity College (Trinity College) the Seminary College of Arts and Sciences, School of business, Fuqua, Graduate School, law school, medical school, Nicholas College of Environmental Sciences, School of nursing, Platt College of engineering, Sanford Duke School of public policy, National University of Singapore Graduate School of medicine, University College (Singapore).
In addition, Duke University has more than and 40 research institutes and research centers. One of the important academic institutions include: resources and environmental policy research center, the center for global health, veteran Activity Center, plant research laboratory, ocean marine biomedical center and tropical environmental protection center.
Professional settings
Duke University offers 36 door and 46 door and professional choice of second professional undergraduate courses.
Key disciplines: Duke University undergraduate courses best for political science, public policy, history and chemical engineering department, is also very good, especially in electronic engineering and biomedical engineering for its strengths. Most college students in the disciplines are: Social Sciences (30%), Liberal Arts (16%), engineering (14%), Life Sciences (11%), psychology (8%).
Duke University library has over 5 million volumes of books, on the scale, ranking in the private university The library system The first three. It has 17 million 700 thousand
 31 Library 31 Library
The manuscript, 1 million 200 thousand public documents and tens of thousands of film and video tapes. Duke University has 11 libraries, respectively, Perkins library, Bostock library, 31 college library, law library, school library, library of biology and environment, Department of chemistry, library, Lilly Library (with art, philosophy, film and video and performance art collection), music library, library and the Vesicle Library (with the Ocean Engineering, mathematics and physics library, has been relocated). Record room, school books, manuscripts and special collections belong to the Perkins library collection system. Duke University in 2008 published the first precious historical photos 5000 gamble during 1917~1932 in Chinese shooting. The Bostock library is to commemorate the school board member Roy Bosch and named, it opened in 2005, according to the plan in order to improve the school system and the establishment of the library of Duke University. Position it is adjacent to the Perkins library into the library Perkins system in a large range of books. It has more than 70 thousand feet of shelves, for placing the Bostock library and other libraries can not be placed extra books and new books.
The main library Perkins of the university library is the nation's largest library - a collection of about 50 thousand books, 110 thousand manuscripts, government documents, maps and newspapers, also a member of the research triangle area library network. Due to the addition of the network, Perkins library and other North Carolina Rowley Indiana University libraries have line, students can also use other university library materials, for they are of great help for information.
The university has 600 computer, located in the center, computer classrooms, libraries, dormitories and university administration building, students in the campus every corner can be through the computer and the professor is contact or communication with the students learning experience.
The construction of teaching
Duke University is an international university. The school has over two thousand students, twenty-five professors from Brazil foreign language, music and African dance, art courses also cover and contain everything all religious activities in schools, for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Christians and other religious believers in India provided.
The subject reflects the interaction of Duke University "knowledge service" commitment. Duke to participate in community service more than seventy-five percent of the students; and the DukeEngage project also provides a lot of funding to support the undergraduates to participate in short-term high intensity services in the world. A student of Duke and professor who specializes in social problems such as poverty, health, energy, international politics and ethics etc..
A total of 31 in the College of Arts and Sciences 37 major subjects, Natural Science (including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, computer etc.), Social Sciences (including economics, philosophy, politics, history, education, etc.), the Humanities (including literature, English, German, East Asian Studies, religious studies, etc.) art, anatomy, oceanography etc. . "Yale University news university guide" pointed out that the best course is Duke University of politics, public administration, chemistry and history.
Provide college courses are: Paula agents in biomedical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electronic and computer engineering and mechanical and materials engineering, the Engineering Department of electronic and computer engineering, biomedical engineering won the "New York Times University Guide" the highest academic score.

Duke University Application information

Duke students from across the United States and more than and 90 countries around the world, there are about six thousand and three hundred students and more than seven thousand graduate students, a variety of professional and academic degree.
( enrollment details reading reference )
Duke University undergraduate application in three ways: ED/EA/RD, the deadline for application to ED/EA in November 1st, the admission rate was 29%, the admission rate of 15 percentage points higher than RD. RD application deadline is January 2nd.
One hundred Seven 2040-2300 30-34

(1) SAT/ACT: SAT+2 SAT II or ACT+writing, are the average scores in the table.
(2) TOEFL (Ibt) and IELTS requirements for the language exam the lowest scores;
IELTS graduate minimum: 7 Fuqua: accept, please contact the school score requirements
Nicholas College: 7
The nurse school: 7
Law School: 7.5
Master of law: 7.5
JD: accept score requirements please contact the school
MBA: accept score requirements please contact the school
Standford School of public order: 7

Duke University Famous Alumni

Who won the Nobel prize in chemistry.
2016: NBA show Bangyan, active NBA Losangeles lakers.
Seth Currie Active: NBA Dallas Mavericks player.
Myers Plumley NBA: active Milwaukee bucks player.
Mason Plumle NBA today: the Portland Trail Blazers players.
Marshall Plumley NBA Nicks New York: active team player.

Duke University School profile

Duke University has included 29 square kilometers of forest of Duke, including a total of 34.8 square kilometers of land, and built 220 buildings on the campus, the tallest building is the center of the Duke cathedral. On the shore of the Atlantic Beaufort, Duke University has a 15 acre marine laboratory. The school bus lines every free running, and connected every campus. Is located in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of North Carolina. And, Chapel Hill And the capital of the state of North Carolina Rowley North Carolina, together constitute the research triangle area famous cultural geography "and" (Research Triangle), is the third largest U.S. Biomedical Science Focus on science and technology and related industries.
North Carolina Indiana Rowley four seasons is not clear, 220 days a year is a sunny day, autumn is from September until November, the winter is not very cold, only once a year on average under the snow.
Nasher Art Museum
Completed in October 2, 2005, cost $23 million, covers an area of 6120 square meters, in the style of the heritage of the Duke campus of the Gothic and George building style. The Art Museum of Duke University campus style original intention built landmark, attracting students, faculty, alumni to provide visitors and magnet for the Duke University, Duke University and Raleigh/Durham and become the cultural life of the community center. It has 13 thousand pieces of art, including Andy Warhol , Henry de Toulouse Lautrec And, Pablo Ruiz Picasso Works. In addition, it also can be used as classrooms and exhibition hall room.
 Nasher Museum Nasher Museum
The Nasher Museum of art by Platon in 5 different functions Single building Which is used as a permanent collection, two for temporary display, one for the hall, there is a room, cafe, administrative offices and other facilities. These 5 separate venues around the site on a gentle slope high and built, radially soothing, middle enclosing a irregular Pentagon courtyard, the sky with glass and steel material light canopy cover, the formation of the Museum Hall, and is designed to sculpture art exhibition hall. Among the venues open space brings good vision for the hall. In order to blur the boundaries of the outer space, the ground design hall has been extended to the hall outside, outline the entrance porch and a separate terrace cafe. The venue of the 5 set as a whole in the limited area of the building walls and windows forms. The main building materials "building Duke stone" gives excellent texture building and warm earth tones, the warm tone of local stone is widely used in the Duke campus in other old buildings on the Duke University, thus creating a sense of harmony echoed each other.
West campus
 West campus West campus
Students often take the West Campus called "Gothic paradise". This nickname comes from the West Campus in the Gothic Revival Movement (the rise in eighteenth Century England During the period of the building). Most of these buildings by Julian Abele design, she is the first black architect. The main body of the court party belongs to the very simple and early architectural style, in contrast, college party building court appeared in the late effects of France and Italy architectural style.
West Campus Building stone taken seven basic colors and seventeen different colors. The school is responsible for the planning and construction supervision once described these stones, "the ancient and attractive ancient style", and "than Princeton uses the color of the stone is more warm and soft, they seem to be extraordinarily beautiful because they can be stacked to make them the gap between the shadow line. Duke University founder Mr. James Duke originally proposed in all the way from New Jersey Princeton mining stone, but later in order to save money, in the North Carolina Hillsburgh required stone mining. The west campus is the center of Duke Cathedral, its religious center is Duke University 31 college, which was built from 1930 to 1935, after 5 years. The church can accommodate 1600 people, its height is 64 meters, is one of the tallest buildings in Durham city.
The west campus can be called the center of Duke University. In addition to all of the second grade student accommodation in the west campus, some of the third grade and the fourth grade students in accommodation. Most of the schools of academic and management institutions are here. The main part of the west campus is in Duke cathedral as the center, the south is to stay in court, north is the academic quadrangle, Perkins library and medical center. Refers to the west campus also includes science and engineering building the scientific road, Fuqua School of law, and the Institute of public relations. Finally, most of the restaurants and sports facilities are in James Cameron The indoor stadium, these are located in the West campus.
east campus
The east campus is the main campus of the Duke University in the early 1930 to 1972, it was the women's college. Here
 east campus east campus
Is the active area of the first grade students, in addition to some set up here, including art history, history, literature, music, philosophy, and women's studies. There are some other courses also located here, dance, drama, film education, and schools help writing project. In addition, some east campus living all is the first grade students, and except as administrator of the high school students are only the first grade students can stay here. In this way, a united team peers a year after year form. East campus is a self-contained campus, it is the first grade freshman dorm, dining center, The library, Baldwin hall, a theater, Brody sports and tennis courts and several academic buildings. Museum of East Campus from 2.4 kilometers west campus, two campuses located in Durham City, a high speed on both sides of the road, but the commute between the two campuses is not difficult, the campus bus is very convenient and fast.
In the campus
The central campus covers an area of 200 acres, in the East campus. Some of the third grade, the fourth grade and graduate (such as law and medical students) in central campus. The previously mentioned Nash The museum in the central campus, and Jewish Life Center, children's center, police station, McDonald's children's center and some management institutions such as household service life. The central campus has many entertainment and social venues, such as basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, swimming pool, outdoor barbecue and so on.
From 2008 onwards, Duke University in the next 20 to 50 years to rebuild the central campus. The objective of this program is the central campus construction become an ideal academic village, Duke to all members of the service. A phase of the project is expected to invest 240 million, plans include diet, academic, entertainment and service facilities construction. The key is to make plans for the reform of the integration of the central campus better throughout the campus, it must rely on the roundabout and change bus lines connected to the current inefficient two other campuses.
Duke Forest
Founded in 1931, the forest of Duke (Duke Forest) covers an area of 29 square kilometers, six area is located in the west of the West Campus of Duke University. It is one of the nation's largest continuous maintenance of forest management, all records are well preserved. Until today, Duke forest is still the interpretation of a variety of different forms of forest and afforestation on significance. The forest was also widely used in all kinds of research, we have studied water device, a storage device two for transfer of forest carbon. Micrometeorogram Study of the tower, and the other for the study of animal behavior and ecology of the region. Miles of walking trails
Stretching through the forest, especially suitable for people in the entertainment, Duke ranked the forefront of the men's and women's cross-country team from this training.
Located in the Duke forest lemur center is the world's largest rare prosimian primate animal habitat, was founded in 1966, covers an area of 344000 square meters, existing lemurs, bushbabies, Loris animal 25 nearly 300. Duke is also the main forest tree planting areas.
Sarah P Duke Garden
 In a corner of the Duke Garden In a corner of the Duke Garden
Duke Garden (Sarah P Duke Garden) was founded in early 30s, covers an area of 223000 square meters, is one of the main attractions of the Duke campus. Divided into three main parts: Main Terrace And around H.L.Blomquist local botanical garden, botanical garden and Culberson asia. A 8 km long lined trail through Doris Duke center and the surrounding garden.
Duke University has many dormitory rooms, can accommodate 5265 students. It is worth mentioning that the dormitory tight security, 24 hours of security equipment, using the magnetic lock door, out of the dormitory person must have a card. Because the university dormitory facilities and security, 90% students choose to live on campus.
The students of the school athletic performance is excellent, has remarkable achievements, the men's basketball team, football team and football team have won many titles in the game, and the women's athletic performance is not inferior to men, especially in women's tennis, volleyball and golf teams in the National University Games, are outstanding the top ten teams.

Duke University campus culture

Duke University is unique not only because of the pursuit of academic excellence, but also includes sports and other related fields. Duke University believes that "Duke experience" is far more than the classroom teaching. If you become a member of Duke, Duke will be invited to the face painted blue, as Duke Duke men's basketball team cheer, or try some other activities have never experienced. If the completion of their studies, many occupation development projects can help Duke find the ideal job, or further education. After leaving school, students can through the more than and 40 international Alumni Association and other Duke graduates social contact.
school motto
Duke University's motto is "the pursuit of knowledge, belief, religion" can be translated as "Knowledge and Religion", the Latin for "Eruditio et Religio". John Wesley, founder of Duke University's motto from the Methodist brother Charles Wesley's Hymn "the sacred knowledge". Because the predecessor of Duke University "31 College" by the Methodist founder, the company aims to promote the combination of education and religion, so the development of this motto. Duke University has now become one of the main learning centers in the United states. The medical center has won a high reputation in the world. Duke University often attracted attention from all walks of life to the research and academic innovation. In recent years, Duke University academic reputation in the steady climb year by year, the United States ranked elite. Duke University is a traditional basic talent shows itself, the spirit of the important reasons is that the university teachers and students to: Professor besides academic research, is seriously preach, teach and answer; students to close application haoshouqiongjing, delving into the industry.

Duke University Duke Sports

 Fans of Duke University Fans of Duke University
Duke sports is exceptional, on behalf of the United States private schools. The United States sports channel ESPN's top ten American basketball elite, Duke beat unc Chapel Hill (referred to as the "North Carolina"), University of Kansas With absolute advantage, ranked first, the first school basketball fully deserve. Is a student of Duke sports, "Duke is thought to have the world's best basketball team". It is one of the most different from many of the world's top academic schools, the Duke University sports is exceptional, on behalf of the United States private college. Duke University (Blue Devils), Ramos NCAA (Division I directly under the first level) ACC division (Atlantic Coast Conference), with the division of the school Boston College , University of Virginia , University of Maryland Georgia, Florida State university, Clemson University , University of Miami Virginia, science and technology, wake forest university , university of north carolina at chapel hill And, North Carolina State University . In 2013 syracuse university and University of Pittsburgh ACC will also join the division.
The history of the Duke University have won the 16 NCAA The national championship, the women's golf team six times (199920022005200620072014), basketball five times (19911992200120102015), a men's soccer, women's tennis (1986) a (2009), three men's Lacrosse (2010, 20132014). Duke University football is football and China as bad record in the past 20 years, but has historically hosted only once in 1942 Los Angeles Outside of the Rose Bowl finals (American Football League NCAA four bowl first). At the time of the Duke University football team in the home court to lost 16-20 Oregon State University, in the last century, from 30s to 60s, the Duke University football had brief brilliant. The main rival of Duke (especially basketball) is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill neighborhood, the competition between such people will even lead to separate two colors: light blue blue strict on behalf of the University of North Carolina, blue is a symbol of Duke.
Duke has a very deep basketball culture, American sports channel ESPN 2011 top ten American basketball elite, Duke beat UNC Chapel hill, University of Kansas , with absolute advantage ranked first, is the first school basketball fully deserve NCAA. Duke is the world's best basketball team, Duke in 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010 and 2015, won five NCAA men's basketball championship." The old coach "K" (Michae.l Krzyzewski, is the American national basketball team coach ") is a basketball coach of the Duke University at Duke University, as many as 30 years, in November 16, 2011, he won the NCAA basketball history wins the most coach (903). In the "old K" coach Duke for a total of NBA times, the input of 51 players, is the successor of Jordan Grant Hill Original Rockets Forward Shane Battier , Yao Ming The third show Milwaukee bucks Mike Dunleavy , The Chicago bulls The main striker Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng , The Dallas Mavericks Center Elton Brand, The Cleveland Cavaliers The selected show champion Kelly Irving as well as The Losangeles clippers Three point shooter J.J. Reddick (NCAA Duke University team three points hit king, also broke the team record three points). Duke's idea is to pay attention to the basketball team, basketball players generally high iq.
Duke University since 1985 NCAA tournament expansion to 64 since only a detachment took the four national champions, 11 times in the last 20 years into NCAA four, 99 to 03 for five consecutive years ACC division crown. Beijing time on April 6th, the 2010 NCAA national championship ended, Duke again after a lapse of 9 years to reach the finals and beat the horse 61-59 Butler University Won the championship.
 Cameron Basketball Hall Cameron Basketball Hall
Cameron Basketball Hall of Duke University is famous, carrying American sports spirit and Duke basketball team honor. The arena was built in 1905, can accommodate 9134 people, is the Duke University men's basketball, women's basketball, and women's volleyball home court. In the Cameron basketball hall, single game ticket NCAA basketball game is $65, the average ticket price is higher than NBA. Students with Duke University student card free admission to watch the game, also can buy tickets by way of Campout (student ticket price is $200).
In 2011, China for the game, Duke's a series of 77-64, 78-66, 93-78 record three straight victories in the men's basketball team defeated China U23 (Chinese basketball team two).
Duke University alma mater
Dear Old Duke, thy name we (sing, dear old Duke In your name, we sing)
To thee our voices raise, we'll raise, (our voice for your raise, we'll raise)
To thee our anthems ring (us for your singing in the eternal praise.)
In everlasting praise.
And though on life's broad sea (in the life of the vast sea)
Our Fates may far us bear, (the fate may be beyond our reach.)
We'll ever turn to thee (but we will think of you)
Our Alma Mater dear. (our alma mater dear.)