Interstate highway

Interstate highways in the United States is the United States a total of more than 4.6 miles away Highway .
Interstate highway

Interstate highway History

Interstate highway By 1956 the federal aid highway system bill (or 1956 national interstate and defense highways act) authorized the building. The bill is promoted by the major automobile manufacturers and by the time the support of President Ai Senhao. Ai Senhao with the troops by 1919 due to experience inconvenience the Lincoln highway across the United States and the country's influence on the highway system with high speed mobile troops in Germany, he believes that the construction of the interstate highway is the decisive factor in improving the army's mobility, and thus support the bill.
As early as the end of the 1930s, the folk has begun the new super highway planning system, to meet the new era of high traffic. Part of the region in 1920s, has begun to use the highways, such as the New York highway system (New York Parkway System). With the increase in traffic flow, some people began to see the necessity of building a new national highway to connect the old open national highway system. Published in 1955 the national interstate highway system general location (General location of national system of interstate highways, also known as the interstate highway yellow book) the construction of the system and the direction of the new highway general location pointed out.
Although the interstate highway system continued construction and expansion, general in September 15, 1991 to Interstate 90 at a traffic light in Idaho, Wallace was demolished for the interstate highway system completion date. The original budget is $twenty-five billion, completed in twelve years, but the final accounts is $one hundred and fourteen billion for up to thirty-five year period.
However, in Interstate 95 New Jersey Some still have a gap, the road terminates at Trenton on the East and North, about 10 miles along the Jersey Turnpike continues to the northeast. In 2009 the Pennsylvania Turnpike /95 interstate interchange project after the completion of the Interstate 95 east of interstate 276 will be adapted for the No. 95 line and connect the New Jersey Turnpike; No. 276 north of the original Interstate 95 line may be adapted for the number 195. At this point, the interstate highway system in the first stage can be completed.
The state of Missouri and The state of Kansas They have declared their first interstate highway (No. 70 and No. 44). In 1956 after the federal aid highway act by the state of Missouri in August 2nd of the same year, the first three projects, the state of Kansas that the Interstate 70 Kansas period is the first stage of construction and completion of the interstate highway. However, this section of the highway construction in the bill before the start. The Pennsylvania Turnpike (opened in October 1, 1940) is known as the first U.S. restrictions on import and Separated Island Highway

Interstate highway Specifications

AASHTO (AASHTO) provides interstate standards. Unless the Federal Highway Department (FHWA) agreed that all interstate highways should comply with the standard. In recent years, the increasingly stringent standard specification. The interstate highway two-way should at least have two lanes, pavement for asphalt or concrete material. Another important specification is restricted to all vehicles can import the interstate highway through the ramp, traffic lights only in toll station and ramp metering (the number of vehicles on the main line, according to the traffic control on the ramp can enter normally in the peak Time to use), but there are still a few sections did not meet this standard.

Interstate highway The speed limit

Interstate highways usually have in the vicinity of the highest speed limit. Each state has different rules regarding the speed limit, about 65 miles / to 80 mph (100 km / up to 130 km / h), in general, the northern states of a lower speed limit, the speed limit of western states is higher. The speed limit in the city near 50 miles / to 65 mph (80 km / km / h to 100 range).

Interstate highway Double design

In addition to the usual burden of interstate passenger and freight transport, more use of military defense and disaster relief, such as fast moving troops and evacuate victims. In the war or disaster, the interstate highway can provide people the most rapid withdrawal of a specific area. At this time, all the lanes will be set to leave the area in the direction of. This program in 1998 when Hurricane George hit New Orleans was first launched in 2004, after Hurricane Charlie and the invasion of Tampa 2005 hurricane Katrina and Rita invasion of New Orleans, Houston, interstate highways play rapid evacuation victims effect.

Interstate highway Sources of funding

Construction and maintenance costs about fifty-six percent paid for by users, which is the largest by the state government and the federal government tax and fuel toll road tolls and toll. In the East, interstate or highway construction plan before 1956 are to operate toll roads. The other cost by the federal budget. These budgets sometimes regarded as supported by the development of automobile industry subsidies. The city due to external expansion, the maintenance cost of highway is increasing, so the construction of a new highway budget squeeze. This makes the toll highway become the mode of operation of the new interstate highway is possible. Some of the interstate highway maintenance work has been replaced by outsourcing (such as the VMS Inc. is responsible for the maintenance of the Dezhou section of Interstate 35), this method can save the maintenance cost of state government, the state government also will focus on improving the rapid development of the area traffic. But the interstate highway system, the future is still worth considering. Possible direction is part of the road must be changed to increase revenue to pay maintenance fees and the cost of future road construction. At present, some city has already begun on the high bearing lane, such as San diego, The city of Saline Lake , Minneapolis Houston, Dalas , Atlanta And Washington d.c..

Interstate highway The federal role

The leading role in federal interstate highway funds to have no powers conferred by the constitution of the United States, such as the commercial development of state interference. The federal government detained by highway fund, the state legislature forced by every kind of law. Although some violation of the state's rights, the Supreme Court of the United States still determine whether this approach is consistent with the commerce clause of the constitution.
The first example is the 1974 provisions of the interstate highway speed limit is 55 mph (90 kph). The original intention is the first oil crisis to save the amount of gas to get through 1973, but this lasted 21 years. This example gives the president and Congress passed the law more confidence, and even if some road or transport is not very connected. For example:
To improve the legal drinking age to 21.
Asked the state government public sex offender information.
To improve the alcohol testing standards, driving alcohol concentration of more than 0.08% as drunk driving.
The federal law, the States should set the minimum standards and penalties. For example, the minimum penalty, underage drinking conviction (minimum number at least annually to many people convicted of underage drinking) or failed to meet the limit of execution of instructions. But these practices caused controversy in the folk. The supporters think this is a help state through the consistency of legal power; opponents think this approach makes mandatory federal and state power imbalance, and the federal budget can use the withholding way, more effective stress states by law. So, some people think that the move unconstitutional. Law enforcement units in some states that set the minimum number of underage drinking conviction makes the relationship between the unit and under the age of 21 people nervous, but the States once lost federal subsidies on interstate highways, will face deterioration of infrastructure and financial difficulties; of course, the theory on state subsidies to lose if the people of the state support. Can no longer maintain threatened federal interstate roads, but it did not happen.

Interstate highway The federal interstate highway without subsidies

In addition to interstate federal funding to build, if other road in line with interstate highway standards and reasonably and the entire highway system connection, federal law allows the highway to become part of the interstate highway system. No federal highway grants can be divided into two categories:
Dazhou highway standard: as long as the federal application confirmation number, the highway will be included in the interstate highway system.
The Dazhou interstate highway standards: highway reconstruction must be to meet interstate standards, otherwise it is not included in the system.
From the literal point of view, the interstate highway is interstate, but there are several in the United States interstate highway is only in a state within the state. The state of Hawaii There are currently three interstate highways, did not cross state. Future California Alaska And interstate highways in Puerto Rico after the listing, is also impossible to cross state. These roads were built by federal grants.

Interstate highway The interstate highway in the United States

The main road
The United States interstate highway numbering principle to one or two digits, from north to south is odd, even numbered east-west, from west to East, from south to north. General mark is I-XX. A number of interstate three only I-4, I-5 and I-8. 5 multiples of the important highway running through or through distribution, I-30, and I-45 is the exception, I-30 from Texas to The state of Arkansas I-45, only in the state of Texas, No. 50 and No. 60 was built, the biggest reason is the No. 50 national highway and No. 60 national highway in the United States, which has been incorporated into the central interstate highway, if No. 50 and No. 60, the two roads in the same number of American National Highway nearby, it may make people quite distress, AASHTO numbering does not encourage this, however in Illinois, 2 Interstate 4 And No. 24 national highway is also exist; in the state of North Carolina, interstate 74 and U.S. No. 74 national highway section structure, interstate 69 is currently planned after completion, will be the first non multiples of 5 north-south interstate highway, the highway in the state of Texas and the United States will be No. 69 National Highway rendezvous. The other exception number: I-82 intact at the western section of I-84 I-85 in the north. Atlanta In the South West of I-75, I-99 is not in the east. I-69 is from north to south, but in Michigan East Lansing, mark, changed to East-West; I-76 should be for the thing, but in Nebraska Marked as from north to south. The western part of the original I-84 series of I-80N, but the American Association of state highway and transportation officials decided in 1970s to abolish this number, most of the highway was adapted into a main or auxiliary Interstate New, but in Dalas - Fort Worth and Minneapolis - St Paul The two metropolitan areas of I-35E and I-35W is reserved.
In addition to the interstate highway numbers, some sections will be the state or city crown on the other name, usually to commemorate or the road already exists in the interstate highway system is established, for example in Indiana, I-80/I-90 called Indiana toll road (Indiana Toll Road), I-76 east section most called Pennsylvania the toll road (Pennsylvania Turnpike), near Washington D.C. I-495 known as the capital of Outer Ring Road (Capital Beltway) and so on. The same number in the country and try not to repeat use, I-76, I-84, I-86 and I-88 are the exception, I-76, I-84, I-86 is divided into two sections at the east coast and the Rocky Mountains in the East, I-88 The state of New York In the west, illinois. The road seems to have no plans connected to the future.
In the economic and efficiency considerations, interstate highways and other highways (interstate highways, U.S. route or State Road) will co construction in some sections. For example, I-75 and I-85 in Atlanta The center is actually the same road; I-80 and I-90 The state of Indiana Merged into Indiana toll road; in the southeast suburbs of Chicago, I-80 and I-94 and I-294 in the Midwest and co construction; The Central Plains Area, I-90 and I-94 often has a section of shared regions such as Chicago, and Wisconsin (I-39 Madison And Plott Gio (Protege, WI) also used I-90/I-94 road construction altogether). The new road is the co construction of North Carolina I-73/I-74 road; I-73 in Green near Paul and I-40 and I-85 were also. The direction of General Co construction sections in the same direction or vertical direction, but in southwestern Virginia, I-81 North (South) and I-77 to the South (North) about 9 miles (14 km) Road Construction Co.
Auxiliary road
Interstate three serial numbers for the auxiliary road, such as the outer ring road of the city or to the important place of feeder roads. The road is at the end of encoding principles of these two representatives of the main line of the number (the only exception is California Auckland Nearby, such as I-190 I-238) is separated by I-90, if the hundreds digit is odd, then only one end of the interstate highways connected; even if, the two end of the highway as interstate highway (as the outer ring road). A different city in the same state does not appear the same number of roads, to avoid confusion. But different feeder roads must use the same number. For example, Interstate 90 in The state of New York There are nine branches, namely 190, 290...... To 990. Even if the same line across the state still use the same number. For example, interstate 275 near Cincinnati across the state of Kentucky, The state of Indiana and The state of Ohio (the only one through the auxiliary highway three state); portland Interstate 205 near the crossing Oregon and Washington State ; louisville Will the interstate 265 district belongs to Kentucky and Indiana, etc..
In Washington D.C. the outer ring road contains I-495 and I-95 main line. Only the original I-495 design, I-95 is running through the zone, but in 1977 the redesign of I-95, the original route via the eastern half of revocation of the original I-495 link, I-495 only west half ring, but after 1989 I-495 to mark the designation in the east half of the link, the peculiar phenomenon into main and auxiliary line structure of the.
The auxiliary line is marked according to the road direction, and the direction of the main line is always marked East-West or north-south to different. Some link using the inner ring and the outer ring marked different flow directions (inner ring outer ring is clockwise, counterclockwise). But some of these did not comply with the principle of encoding highway:
Minneapolis - St Paul metropolitan area I-94 outer ring road, in the south side of the I-94 series of I-494, on the north side for I-694.
Louis metropolitan area outer ring road by I-270 and I-255.
In New York, no one to the end of the 78 contact road and interstate 78. In fact, the end point in I-78 Manhattan But, these auxiliary highway in the east end point at a distance, this is because the I-78 project on the east end point more than now, but in the foreseeable future to build this road will not start.
Interstate 238 in California near Oakland is the only one not the main line of the auxiliary highway (Interstate 38 currently does not exist). The number from the original Road No. 238 California State Road
Business branch
The business line does not need to rely on the interstate highway construction standards. If the interstate highway only after a suburb of the city, which is leading to the regional commercial city urban road contact. The business line is divided into link (Loop) and taxiway (Spur) two. The link from the interstate highway main line from downtown, after the return to the main road; contact end point is generally in the urban areas, but some contact Road extension of interstate highway just after the end point, not only Dazhou highway quality standard. The commercial branch from the main line or auxiliary line can separate, but also in the same state number can be repeated. The old road if not upgraded to interstate level, the new route will often be replaced by commercial old road branch number.
Future plans
Interstate expansion continued in. Because of the traffic demand, a number of projects have been proposed, including the new main line, also has a new auxiliary line. At present, the budget has began building No. 73 and 7 Interstate 4 Co construction of interstate 99, Pennsylvania Road extension line, The state of California The 7 or interstate 9 (likely numbered 9), the mainland north-south interstate 69 and Wisconsin interstate 41.

Interstate highway The interstate highway on Hawaii

There are mainly three federal highway level on Oahu, numbered H1, H2 and H3. The number and direction. The three roads are mainly built for strategic considerations, the connection between Pearl Harbor and the U. S. Marine Corps base.

Interstate highway Alaska and Puerto Rico

Federal funding has been established California Alaska And the federal highway system in Puerto Rico, most of the projects will be to upgrade the road area. At present, the planning is in Alaska Anchorage to California to establish four federal highway center (A1 to A4); Puerto Rico is building three roads on the island (PR1 to PR3). But now these signs hang on the interstate highway yet, these numbers only exist in the file.

Interstate highway Sign interstate

The interstate highway logo is a Blue Badge shaped, white writing numbers, top to bottom red white writing the word INTERSTATE (right). The original design of another sign in the number on the filling state, but in addition to a small number of States, the current signs were not added. The size is 91 cm high, 91 cm (two digit number) or 114 cm (three digit number) wide. Sign of commercial regional uses the same shape, but is green with white characters on writing numbers, the original words are replaced by BUSINESS INTERSTATE LOOP, said the extension of the link (line at both ends and the main line is connected, SPUR) said the extension of the taxiway (only one end connected with the main line).
The interstate highway exit number has most of the traffic signs and lane markings are all in compliance with federal MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control manual Devices). However, there are still some different signs in different regions.
California Area for years without the use of exit number, which is due in 1950s when California has dense highway network, part of the highway upgrade to interstate highways, if these all filling exit number, will need a large sum of money. But since 2002, the California government started at all on the highway (including interstate highway, national highway and California Road) with exit numbers. In order to save costs, the California Department of transportation to new expressway interchange or refit before entering the number. The exit number No. 5, No. 10 and Interstate 80 in non metropolitan areas has been largely completed.
The interstate highway mileage encoding from south to north, increasing from west to East, the state is zero to count, if the ring is from the South Branch Road (north-south) or west (east-west) and the main line of the intersection point of the West (North and South) or South (east-west) when the contact is starting from the main line at no.. But the east-west road from east to west. Some sections of code, such as interstate highway and interstate 76, Jersey No. 90 The state of New York The toll road section and the northwest suburb of Chicago section.
In most areas, where the exit number and exchange road mileage agreement (exception: Interstate 19, the exit number and the number of kilometers interchange, the road in km, non miles). There are many eastern area according to the number of miles and according to export order number, for example The state of Maine Georgia, state, The state of Pennsylvania Virginia, and The state of Florida But recently, these States will be changed to the original start mileage number. Is the use of export order numbering system states: Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, new hampshire, The state of New York Rhodes island and Vermont . The New Jersey Turnpike is also used to export the order number, but in other interstate highways in the state are the number of miles encoding. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is two miles for parallel system, logo, export order number is for internal use.

Interstate highway List of interstate highways

Arranged from west to East (North South Road, odd number)
Interstate 5 - The state of California Santiago, the Oregon , Washington State To the Canadian border (Blaine, WA)
Assistant: 105, 205, 405 Road, 505, 605, 705, 805, 905
Interstate 15 in California, San Diego, the nevada, Arizona , The state of Utah , Idaho , Montana The Canadian border (Sweetgrass, MT)
Assistant: 115, 215, 515 Road
Interstate 17 in Arizona Phoenix To Flagstaff (Flagstaff, AZ). Not cross state.
Interstate 19 in Arizona The Mexican border (Nogales, AZ) to the north of Tucson (Tucson, AZ). Not cross state.
Interstate 25 - South from I-10 (Las Cruces NM), the state of New Mexico, The state of Colorado , Wyoming At the north end, connected with I-90 (Sheridan, WY).
Auxiliary highway: 225
Interstate 27 - Texas rabak (Lubbock, TX) north to Amari Lo (Amarillo, TX) into the I-40. Not cross state.
Interstate 29 - by The state of Missouri Kansas City, North iowa, South Dakota , North Dakota To the Canadian border (Pembina, ND).
Auxiliary highway: 129, 229
Interstate 35 in southern Texas: The US Mexico border (Laredo, TX), the state of Oklahoma, The state of Kansas Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa and Tulus (Duluth, MN). I-35 after the most important two twin cities : Dalas - Fort Worth Minneapolis and St Paul, when the two of the twin cities, I-35 is divided into I-35E and I-35W two parallel highway two runs through downtown city respectively. Export mileage by I-35E shall prevail.
Assistant: 135, 235, 335 Road, 435, 535, 635
Interstate 37 - Texas, the Eucharist (Corpus Christi, TX) of Christ to the northwest to Sanantonio into I-35. Not cross state.
Interstate 39 in Illinois by I-55 from (Normal, IL), north to the Wisconsin (Wausau, WI) near Warsaw.
Interstate 43 in Wisconsin by I-90/I-39 Co Construction Office (Beloit, WI), separated by Milwaukee, along Lake Michigan to Green Bay . Not cross state.
Interstate 45, Texas state high Forster (Galveston, TX) up to Dalas . Not cross state.
Interstate 49 in Xi'an that Louis Lafayette separated by I-10, to the north of Potter Schaefer (Shreveport, LA) into the I-20, is not currently interstate, future plans extend northward by The state of Arkansas to The state of Missouri Kansas City, South to new orleans.
Interstate 55 in Xi'an, the New Orleans suburb of Louis by I-10, the separation of the mississippi, The state of Tennessee Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, to Chicago City, Lake michigan.
Assistant: 155, 255, 355 Road
Interstate 57 in Missouri state by I-55 (Miner, MO), separated by the Illinois to Chicago into I-94.
Interstate 59 in Xi'an that Louis I-10 and I-12 intersection between (Slidell, LA), the state of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Lookout Mountain (Lookout Mountain) into the I-24.
Assistant: 359, 459, 759 Road
Interstate 65 in Alabama Mobile (Mobile, AL) by the I-10 divided by The state of Tennessee , The state of Kentucky To Gary, Indiana (Gary, Indiana)
Assistant: 165, 265, 465 Road, 565, 865
Interstate 69 in Indianapolis by I-465 to the northeast to Port Huron Michigan blue water bridge. In 1998 the United States Congress by extending the I-69 south through Kentucky and Tennessee, Mississippi , The state of Arkansas Louis, the Xi'an and Texas to The Mexican border Part of the road has been started in 2006. After completion, will become the first non 5 at the end of the highway.
Auxiliary highway: 469
Interstate 71 - to The state of Kentucky louisville By I-64, I-65 intersection divided by Cincinnati into The state of Ohio to Cleveland Into the I-90.
Auxiliary highway: 271, 471
Interstate 73 - candole by the state of North Carolina (Candor, NC) to the north of North Carolina, and the Virginia border, the future will continue to extend the state of Virginia, north along the West Virginia and Kentucky border into Ohio, arrived in the city of St. Mary Su Michigan (Sault Ste., Marie, MI), the extension of the south to South Carolina Mayr state support (Myrtle Beach, SC beach).
Interstate 75 - by The state of Florida Hialeah (Hialeah, FL) to the north, by Georgia, The state of Tennessee And the state of Kentucky, The state of Ohio To the city of St. Mary Su michigan.
Assistant: 175, 275, 375 Road, 475, 575, 675
Interstate 77 in Columbia, South Carolina ceded by I-26, to the north by North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio to Cleveland Into the I-90.
Auxiliary highway: 277
Interstate 79 in West Virginia charleston By I-77 from north to Pennsylvania, Yili (Erie, PA).
Auxiliary highway: 279, 579
Interstate 81 in southern Tennessee, I-40 (Dandridge, TN), by Virginia, Pennsylvania to New York Wells island.
Assistant: 381, 481, 581 Road
Interstate 83 in the South -- Maryland Baltimore To Pennsylvania. Harrisburg Into the I-81.
Auxiliary highway: 283
Interstate 85 from Alabama Montgomerie Into the I-95 north through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, to Virginia near richmond.
Assistant: 185, 285, 385 Road, 485, 585, 785, 985
Interstate 87 from New York city I-278 ceded to the north of New York state border (Champlain, NY). Not cross state.
Assistant: 287, 587, 787 Road
Interstate 89 from New Hampshire Zhoukang Quixote (Concord, NH) to the northwest to Vermont Border (Highgate, VT)
Auxiliary highway: 189
Interstate 91 - to Cornell Dick by I-95 from the New Haven, Massachusetts, along the New Hampshire and Vermont Border Canada summer to the Vermont border (Derby Line, VT).
Assistant: 291, 391, 691 Road
Interstate 93 in Massachusetts Boston Will I-95 out to the north, New Hampshire into I-91 (St. Johnsbury, NH).
Auxiliary highway: 293, 393
Interstate 95 In Florida, Miami, South, along The east coast of the United States The north, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington d.c., Maryland Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey , The state of New York Dick, Rhodes, Cornell, island, Massachusetts to Maine, Holton (Houlton, ME).
Assistant: 195, 295, 395 Road, 495, 595, 695, 795, 895
Interstate 97, south of Annapolis from Maryland to Baltimore. Not cross state.
Interstate 99 - South from Pennsylvania Beidefo (Bedford, PA), the current traffic to vulture (Bald Eagle, PA Town, I-80) to extension (rendezvous points: Bellefonte, PA) are in the process of construction, future plans to continue north through William Porter in the state of New York in nearby Corelle connected with I-86.
Arranged from south to North (East to West Road, even number)
Interstate 4 Located in the Florida Peninsula The city of I-275, west of Tampa, east of Dayton Beach (Daytona Beach, FL, I-95) incorporated. Not cross state.
Interstate 8 - West The state of California San Diego I-5, East Arizona Casa Grady (Casa Grande, AZ) into the I-10.
Interstate 10, west of California, Santa Monica, the arizona, The state of New Mexico Texas, Xi'an, in the state of Louis, Mississippi To Florida, Alabama Jacksonville Into the I-95.
Assistant: 110, 210, 310 Road, 410, 510, 610, 710, 910
Interstate 12 in Xi'an in the state of Louis Barton Rouge From I-10 to I-10 and I-59 from west, the intersection of (Slidell, LA). Not cross state.
Interstate 16, west of Georgia Macon, Savannah to the East separated by I-75. Not cross state.
Auxiliary highway: 516
Interstate 20 in Texas Kent From the I-10 to the west, Xi'an in the state of Louis, Mississippi Georgia, Alabama, to South Carolina Florence into the I-95.
Assistant: 220, 520, 820 Road
Interstate 22 (planned road) - plan The state of Tennessee Memphis To Alabama birmingham.
Two Interstate 4 West - Illinois marrian (Marion, IL) by the I-57 divided by Kentucky and Tennessee, Georgia, Tennessee, Char Thanou Fagafaga back into the I-75.
Auxiliary highway: 124
Interstate 26 - Jens Porter from Tennessee (Kingsport, TN) extending to the southeast, the state of North Carolina to South Carolina Charleston. ( North Carolina Part of the road is still a planned road)
Auxiliary highway: 126, 526
Interstate 30 in Texas Fort Worth Near by the I-20 to the northwest to separate The state of Arkansas Little Rock connected with I-40.
Assistant: 130, 430, 530 Road, 630
Interstate 40 - to The state of California By I-15 from the west of Barstow, arizona, The state of New Mexico Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Wilmington (Wilmington, NC).
Assistant: 140, 240, 440 Road, 540, 640, 840
Four Interstate 4 - west of Wichita falls, Texas (Wichita Falls, TX), the state of Oklahoma, to The state of Missouri Louis into I-55.
Auxiliary highway: 244, 444
Interstate 64 west of Missouri - St. Louis metropolitan area, by Lino, The state of Indiana , The state of Kentucky Virginia, West Virginia to Chesapeake (Chesapeake, VA).
Assistant: 164, 264, 464 Road, 564, 664
Interstate 66 in Virginia, Strasbourg (Strasburg, VA) by I-81 West into Washington d.c..
Interstate 68 in the town of West Virginia - Morgan (Morgantown, WV) from I-79 West to the Maryland Hancock (Hancock, MA) into the I-70.
Interstate 70 in Utah state near corfe castle from I-15 to the west, Colorado and Kansas, The state of Missouri , illinois, The state of Indiana , The state of Ohio West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland to Baltimore.
Assistant: 170, 270, 370 Road, 470, 670
Interstate 72, west of Missouri, Hannibal (Hannibal, MO) to Champaign Illinois incorporated into I-57.
Auxiliary highway: 172
Seven Interstate 4 In Iowa, separated by I-80 (Bettendorf, IA), Illinois, Indiana, to the The state of Ohio Cincinnati into I-75, the future will be extended to North Carolina Carolina and South Carolina (North Carolina has been partially completed)
Assistant: 174, 274, 474 Road
Interstate 76 (West) - in Colorado Denver Near by I-70 to the northeast, to Nebraska Big springs (Big Springs, NE) into the I-80.
Interstate 76 (East) - in Ohio, subcloned from I-71 to the East, the Pennsylvania to New Jersey Incorporated into I-295 (Camdon, NJ).
Assistant: 176, 276, 376 Road, 476, 576, 676
Interstate 78 in Pennsylvania. Harrisburg From the I-81 to the East, the New Jersey, entered the city of New York Manhattan Area.
Assistant: 278, 4787, 678 Road, 878
Interstate 80 - West The state of California San Francisco The state of Nevada, The state of Utah , Wyoming , Nebraska Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey On the outskirts of New York to I-95.
Assistant: 180, 280, 380 Road, 480, 580, 680, 780, 880, 980
Interstate 82 - to Washington State Ellensburg from I-90 to the southeast, to Oregon Hermiston incorporated into I-84.
Auxiliary highway: 182
Interstate 84 (West) - Oregon portland From I-5 out to the southeast, to the Idaho The state of Utah Aike (Echo, UT) into the I-80.
Auxiliary highway: 184
Eight Interstate 4 (E) - in Pennsylvania cable loop - London Moore interchange (Throop Dunmore Interchange) to the East, the state of New York, Cornell Dick, Massachusetts to his town (Sturbring, MA) into the I-90.
Auxiliary highway: 384, 684
Interstate 86 (West) in Idaho sea (Heyburn, ID) from the I-84 to the east of Delos (Pocatello, ID) wave into I-15. Not cross state.
Interstate 86 (East), in the vicinity of Pennsylvania Yili since I-90 ceded to the East, to The state of New York Matou Town, East extension is still under construction, after the completion of the eastern end is located in the state of New York Wood Bailey (Woorbury, NY) and I-87.
Interstate 88 (West) - in Illinois molijn (Moline, IL) from the I-80 to the East, into the Chicago metropolitan area into I-290. Not cross state.
Interstate 88 (East) - in New York, Binghamton (Binghamton, NY) from the I-81 to the Northeast in the history of "the gram Tati (Schenectady, NY) into the I-90. Not cross state.
Interstate 90, west of Seattle, the Idaho , Montana , Wyoming , South Dakota , The state of Minnesota , Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts Boston Boston Logan International Airport.
Assistant: 190, 290, 390 Road, 490, 590, 690, 790, 890, 990
Nine Interstate 4 In Montana Billings from I-90 to the west, the North Dakota , The state of Minnesota , Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan to Port Huron blue water bridge.
Assistant: 194, 294, 394 Road, 494, 694, 794, 894
Interstate 96 - West Michigan Muskegon Detroit, East and I-75 intersection. Not cross state.
Assistant: 196, 296, 496 Road, 696
Interstate 238, southern and I-580 to The state of California Castro Valley, in northern San Lian more into the I-880.
The state of Hawaii
There are mainly three federal highway level on Oahu, numbered H1, H2 and H3. The number and direction.
Interstate H1, West Kapore, east of Honolulu.
Auxiliary road: H201
Interstate H2 - in Pearl City From interstate H1 from north to vahia tile.
Interstate H3 in halava since H1 interstate highway from east to Hawaii Corps base.