SPRINGFIELD is the European fast fashion brand apparel, founded in 1988 in Europe in Spain, providing high-quality brand clothing for young people. SPRINGFIELD rich category, involving men's and women's wear, accessories and other products. SPRINGFIELD brand clothing and accessories design, simple fashion, leisure.

SPRINGFIELD Introduction

SPRINGFIELD (History friends Phil) history can be traced back to 25 years Before 1988, founded in Europe in Spain, the Spanish designer is specially tailored to young people's clothing brand. The SPRINGFIELD brand clothing to men's and women's wear and accessories.
SPRINGFIELD is the CORTEFIEL group's brand, CORTEFIEL group was founded in 1880, CORTEFIEL group is one of the European fashion brand apparel group, has more than 1900 stores in 65 countries around the world, which owns four brands: CORTEFIELD, Pedro del, Hierro SPRINGFIELD, Women secret.
2011 China Aviation Group (central enterprises holding enterprises) and the British think Scarborough group jointly funded the establishment of AVIC ScarVic brand management company, is mainly responsible for Spain's second largest retail group Group Cortefiel's PdH, Springfield brand in the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao China operation.
In 2012 China brand management company ScarVic and Spain's CORTEFIEL group established a joint venture in China Aviation Scarlett Phil (Shenzhen) Garment Co. Ltd. ScarFiel, the same year, two brands with fashion leadership ScarFiel into CORTEFIELD group, SPRINGFIELD and Pedro del Hierro (PDH). Since September 2012, ScarFiel has been Chinese in a second tier city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places to set up shop.

SPRINGFIELD The establishment of the first brand shop

In 1988 the Spanish Cortefiel Group founder of family members, then chief executive Gonzalo Hinojosa appointed Cortefiel Jos P CEO group chief rez V zquez embarked on a reform, is the men's store independent from the group out (the main purpose is to distinguish mature men), emphasizes the basic products of new stores, to provide a high quality leisure fashion brand for young customers. He put the location selection in Madrid C / Bravo Murillo center, near the Cuatro Caminos square, the first store is SPRINGFIELD

SPRINGFIELD The development course of the brand

GrupoCortefiel was founded in 1880, is one of Europe's fashion apparel retail group, which owns four major brands: Cortefiel Pedro, del Hierro, SPRINGFIELD, women 'secret.
The company began operations in 1880.
1946: CORTEFIEL brand creation
1988: SPRINGFIELD brand creation
1992: the acquisition of Pedro del Hierro brand
1993: Women secret "brand creation
2006: SPRINGFIELD women release
2010: Pedro del Hierro (Sport) released a series of sports and leisure
2011: Cortefiel brand has 1873 stores in 60 countries and regions in the world.
2012: ScarVic (AVIC brand management) will be fully responsible for Spain's second largest retail group GrupoCortefiel's SPRINGFIELD brand in the market operation of the project China.

SPRINGFIELD The dynamic development of China

SPRINGFIELD brand clothing China into the market in 2012 September, is, as Spain's second largest apparel brand, Grupo Cortefiel group and AVIC brand management (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ScarVic") signed a cooperation agreement, the establishment of the joint venture company (AVIC Garfield Si clothing (Shenzhen) Co., China) to jointly develop the market.
Grupo Cortefiel responsible person said excitedly on the Chinese into the market, "the rapid growth of economy and the rapid development of Chinese Chinese middle class, so that the Chinese Asian market became the leader of fashion luxury goods market in time." He also said, "with the characteristics of Chinese clothing market and China consumer demand for international luxury brands, Grupo Cortefiel will provide more accurate positioning for the new middle class China."
When it comes to China partner ScarVic, head of Grupo Cortefiel full of confidence. "ScarVic is the Shenzhen aviation group and the British think garborg group established a joint venture subsidiary. Shenzhen aviation group under the rainbow department store is one of the Chinese renowned in the domestic retail group, opened more than 50 stores, among the top ten retail stores Chinese. Has a very rich experience in retail, their experience is an important pillar of Chinese Grupo Cortefiel to expand the market."
Shenzhen aviation group is one of the members of China aviation industry group, China aviation industry group is China large state-owned enterprises, number of employees more than 500 thousand. ScarVic is the Shenzhen aviation group and the British think garborg group established a joint venture subsidiary, ScarVic has been committed to the introduction of China market have a strong desire and willingness to make changes to the consumer China international brands, and these brands for retailers to provide one-stop service.
Shenzhen aviation group responsible person said to reporters: "I believe Grupo and Cortefiel cooperation, can provide more fashionable feeling for China consumers, but also expand the space for the Grupo Cortefiel to provide a broader market.


SPRINGFIELD The first store opening

In October 13, 2012, the Spanish brand SPRINGFIELD held the first China store opening ceremony in Chaoyang joy. SPRINGFIELD settled in Beijing and brought a series of autumn and winter 2012, SPRINGFIELD the use of modern methods of fashion leisure style, but also to create a relaxed and pleasant experience shops, visual effects and new environment. SPRINGFIELD has a very high brand awareness and reputation in the fashion industry, and in the whole world and consumers together, this comes from SPRINGFIELD and provide unique pragmatic ideas for the daily dress out of the ordinary you, all over the world from europe.
Beijing's first store, is to attract young generation consumer attention. SPRINGFIELD debut China market will be the first store in Beijing. Simple style, elegant dress, reasonable price, attractive leisure style, is bound by white-collar favor. Fashion and passion for fashion consumers will be exposed to the latest trends in this new brand.

SPRINGFIELD Shenzhen COCO Park store opening

In November 25, 2012, European fashion brand SPRINGFIELD, in Shenzhen Futian COCO Park held a grand opening party. The emergence of fashion, youth, with the posture. SPRINGFIELD COCO PARK Futian shop is currently the largest domestic stores, nearly 600 more than square shopping space, undoubtedly provides a new fashion for the Shenzhen fashion people.

SPRINGFIELD 25 anniversary celebration

May 25, 2013, to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the establishment of SPRINGFIELD, play a brand of whimsy, held a grand anniversary celebration in Shanghai Cade long dream Hongkou. On that day, the media and guests to create well in the shop before the Wishing Tree opened the SPRINGFIELD 25 anniversary celebration, Youthful catwalk shows guests show pioneer SPRINGFIELD as European fashion leader's posture. Then, Springfield will invite customers to celebrate, participate in amazing fun party games. The 25 anniversary celebration activities not only let customers feel the essence of the brand, but also to convey the brand's mission: add Smart & Casual style to the daily dress, delivered to all over the world have the spirit of the young people.
The 25 anniversary celebration, SPRINGFIELD to spring and summer party in the form of a grand presentation. The organizers hope that the first time to share the celebration with customers. To provide people with young fashion attitude for garment Springfield. Fashion is suitable for any style and personality of people. SPRINGFIELD let's do it yourself, are free to express their personality and attitude in 24 hours on any occasion. Celebrate and advocate belongs to you Style!
This is me! This is25! In the global scope to carry out the theme, to show the SPRINGFIELD brand, the diversity of the SPRINGFIELD brand, meet you in daily life in different time and occasions dress needs, showing fresh and natural style and young spirit.

SPRINGFIELD Product display

Men's wear
SPRINGFIELD has been able to achieve the leading sales position in Spain, first of all is to blame for the men's clothing brand line. Since the birth of 24 years ago, SPRINGFIELD offers a broad and diverse selection of these men's casual clothing, clothing series
A young city for people, modernization and internationalization of the mind. Buyers are love and enjoy the fashion of young men, they will be proud of their own unique style of dress, and never become a "fashion victim".
SPRINGFIELD men for active and curious social men, whose average age is 20 to 35 years old, enjoy the culture, sports and social. SPRINGFIELD men through the unremitting efforts finally conquered the international market, is divided into two series a year (spring and autumn and winter) and small series of different kinds, provide excellent quality and price with fashion dress.
SPRINGFIELD men's clothing is the most famous Polo shirt, it is a symbol of the company logo, selling 15 million Polo shirt every year; a strong brand is cowboy series, SPRINGFIELD men have more than 30 models for different tastes and occasions of jeans. They are the biggest advantage to win customer loyalty.
SPRINGFIELD dress is a new product line (autumn / winter 2006 listed), is introduced between the ages of 20 to 35 year old women, they are young, curious and unique city elite, and enjoy the fashion.
Women listed at the same time, SPRINGFIELD also created the "gender collocation": elaborate collocation of men's and women's fashion can be suitable for any occasion, it has its own individual style, also has a harmonious style. This new product line brings the diversification of products to SPRINGFIELD, and to strengthen its market position, but also makes SPRINGFIELD women finally reached today's scale.
In 2006, SPRINGFIELD in the region of Spain and Portugal has opened a total of 5 women's clothing stores and 57 stores in 2007; in other European countries have more sales points, including France, Poland, Brussels , Hungary , Austria In Germany, and Luxembourg . After nearly two years of operation, SPRINGFIELD dress shop has 157 points of sale. Because of the full of vitality, modern design style and impeccable, promote SPRINGFIELD brand today in the international fashion brands on the market competition is a big step forward.
Between ZARA and H&M


In October 15, 2012 set up shop in Beijing Chaoyang joy
In November 25, 2012 COCO Park Futian in Shenzhen set up shop

SPRINGFIELD Clothing size table

How to measure the skirt: measuring waist circumference (in navel above), to ensure that the ruler not knot, don't fight breath makes your belly flat, this will give you a wrong size, make sure in your hip widest position, again to ensure no knot ruler. How to measure your pants size: like the skirt waist like measurement to measure the hips, but let loose a little more. The measurement method of trousers must be measured from multiple directions, trousers pants waist measurement from the vertical to the bare feet of leisure sports pants from the waist below 2CM at the following amount to ankle position, this will give you the right pants.