The Denver Post

"Denver post" publisher and President of the board of directors of the The Associated Press (DeanSingleton) chairman Dean Singleton said: "the" Rocky Mountain News "in the history of the city on the road to success and a significant role is remembered." In its view, although the "Denver post" and "Rocky Mountain News" spell "I live you die", but the latter has the excellent editorial team for the "Rocky Mountain News" to win respect. Singleton said that Denver can only accommodate a newspaper, "we are proud to live."
The Denver Post

The Denver Post History

In 1895, worked as a bartender in the West and they want to make money in the real estate and the gaming industry in bonfield bought together "Denver post", it is in this era, the "Denver post" reported on the huge bright red title, confusing layout, sensational and won a full of vigour but irresponsible reputation and its owner also follow a name.
In the "Denver post" the lucky 1920s, every year they can earn $about 1000000. "Denver post" although full of features and sensational stories, but also published a gimmick, and carry out jihad to the newspaper in the Rocky Mountain region famous.
In the rocky mountain area, this paper describes himself as "your brother". Tap Mun and Bonfield in a wall painted red office, the local people also casually called this place "bucket of blood".
Because of the "Denver post" reported radical and exposure, resulting in some affected people sue and Bonfield and pylon, sued the newspaper owners of extortion. However, the court did not identify these allegations, "Denver post" as their advocate "people's champion" role to continue.

The Denver Post Transport

After 1924 they began to die, "Denver post" transport. It seized a local oil leasing scandal news, until the lessee signed a "Denver post" can make a profit of $500 thousand contract. Therefore, the Newspaper Editors Association ethics committee proposal fired Bonfield, but finally he was allowed to resign. However, the "Denver post" news doubled, "Denver post" is still booming.
In 1926, because of the famous American newspaper Scripps Howard valve newspaper group purchased the "Denver post" in the Rocky Mountain Area rival Rocky Mountain "Morning News" and "News Times", and "express" with Scripps. After the "Denver post" and their competition has triggered a fierce competition in the United states.
After two years, "Denver post" editorial department and the Department issued nothing, Denver is filled with sensational news and free gift. In 1928, a ceasefire, according to the agreement, the "times" published. So in the Rocky Mountain region, the morning field only "Rocky Mountain News" evening news, "Denver post" left field.
In the "Denver post" 20 years later, the press in Denver continue to maintain his old habits are what Gordon age form, change until the management brings bad new guidelines on the memory of the times - bonfield pylons only gradually forgotten.

The Denver Post Awards

In April 18, 2011, the ninety-fifth list of Pulitzer prize winners announced at the New York Columbia University, for editorial cartooning.