Colorado Plateau

Colorado plateau is the only one in the United States Desert plateau Which is located in the southwestern United States, an area of about 300000 square kilometers. East The state of Colorado (Colorado) and The state of New Mexico (NewMexico) the west, West until Nevada (Nevadan) the south, Colorado River Throughout the entire plateau. The erosion of the Colorado River and its tributaries, forming a plurality of deep canyons of Colorado plateau. The name comes from the Spanish "Colorado", the theory on this desolate plateau is not any industrial and agricultural development potential, but it is because of the unique alluvial rock landform, so willing to challenge the limits of the people to find the perfect destination.
Colorado Plateau

Colorado Plateau geographical position

Colorado Colorado Plateaus or Colorado Plateau plateau.
 Colorado plateau landform Colorado plateau landform
The southwestern United States. Located in the south between the Rocky Mountains and the vasa mountains, upstream of Colorado river. The Rocky Mountains A part of the way across the United States Utah Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona An area of about 300 thousand square kilometers. High altitude, an altitude of 2000-3000 meters. Mainly composed of Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic strata and lava spreading, flat surfaces are monotonous, scattered lava and volcano hill. The erosion of the Colorado River and its tributaries, the distribution of a plurality of deep canyon, the most famous Grand Canyon in Colorado. Dry climate, annual rainfall 250-500 mm. Vegetation in the steppe and semi desert dominant, higher taiga. The distribution of large areas of the valley Indian reservation. There are many national parks, national monuments and state-owned forest. The local traffic inconvenience, backward economy. The economy is based on animal husbandry, besides travel also has mining and forestry.
Cause of formation
The American state of Utah The Colorado River carved by the wind and water carved "statue" and China Xinjiang Karamay The Demon city There are many similarities.
 Aerial view of Colorado Plateau Aerial view of Colorado Plateau
At. Hiding in the mountains of them, though it is by the debris piled up, but they are so vivid. The state of Utah Arches National Park "whispering", "arch" and "collective chant" and the devil city "Peacock", "eagle"," Sphinx "People can not help but want to call them as extraordinary as if done by the spirits.
Water is the state of Utah, "the group" of the "author" of. 300 million years ago, Utah's Colorado high was submerged in the sea, when the water evaporates leaving the salt crust thick, then tens of millions of years, the water flooded the area repeatedly, repeatedly retreat, left up to 1 miles sedimentary rock Layer. Under the salt crust squeezed above rock, pressure than elsewhere and the upper strata slightly thin area is small, so the salt is extruded elsewhere migrate here to lift, the formation of domes, because other crustal movements, faults, faults become a dome by a wall, then the wind and water erosion, weathering and the stone arch. 120 square miles of Utah Arches National Park There are 2000 big.
 Colorado plateau Canyon Colorado plateau Canyon
However, the formation of "arch sculpture". U.S.A Nevada In fact most of the desert in a river basin, the precipitation and the radius of hundreds of miles range (actually very rare) not to the sea, but to the lower basin together, resulting in an internal circulation system, a lonely world.
The Great Basin to the East is another landscape, the terrain rises rapidly into a huge towering platform - Colorado plateau, this platform including Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona (usually say American Grand Canyon In the state of Utah and Arizona Junction), after thousands of years of crustal movement and baptism, which is full of strange and complicated mesa canyon. Who is there cutting out the stone arches, layers of rock that since the Cambrian sedimentary alteration form, in addition to people in awe of nature, make people more amazing years long.

Colorado Plateau mineral resources

Colorado plateau plate type uranium deposit ore bearing formation Diagenesis Similar to the water organic matter The normal sediments Diagenetic process . With the initial high oxygen content of humic amorphous organic matter And a large number of montmorillonite The existence of guaranteed consumption to their formation of uranium vanadium ore and the subsequent alteration process. Non poor Crystal Organic matter Primary ore Is actually the ore formation in the diagenetic alteration under the.

Colorado Plateau geological structure

Simulation of regional groundwater flow in Colorado plateau from Late Jurassic to early Cretaceous period of qualitative and digital in the upwelling area in solution uranium Precipitation
 Colorado plateau mountain Colorado plateau mountain
Pattern。 Reconstruction of the terrain show that the surface water and the groundwater flow is generally to the East and north east direction of runoff. In the direction of the main flow of groundwater flows through three - Diego Jurassic Period and Two change period To enter the sandstone, buried before Cambrian Block up or down the different thickness of sediments. The rise of burial plots caused groundwater migration along the surroundings. The inferred upwelling zone and the Jurassic - Cretaceous mineralization of uranium deposit is closely related to the. The results of mixing and upwelling and interaction of brine and precipitation, and in the two water interface caused by uranium precipitation is consistent with the hypothesis. Whether from uranium above the interface or the lower part is still a problem in suspense. However, this model is helpful to identify the various sources of water, but also helps to find out the prospecting target area.

Colorado Plateau Scenery area

Colorado Plateau Rivers

 Colorado River Colorado River
The Colorado River (Colorado River) is U.S.A Southwest, Mexico The northwest side of the river. The length of approximately 2333 kilometers (1450 miles), the slope of the river, from Heyuan reach estuary The total drop 3500 meters, rich water resources, especially in the middle reaches of the river flowing through the Colorado plateau, because The third century Since the large scale uplift of plateau, rivers incising strongly, forming a series of deep canyons, suitable for construction of power plants. There is a river in the United States Rocky Mountains West disappeared. The Colorado river river most into the The Gulf of California That is California The main source of fresh water, the other part is south to Mexico , but not to the sea. 1540. Spain Go!Explore Melchior Diaz is the first to explore and record of the Colorado River explorer.

Colorado Plateau Canyon

 Colorado Gorge Colorado Gorge
Hundreds of millions of years, rushing Colorado River from the western United States Arizona North Kansas Prabhu plateau, cutting out the shocking miracle, Colorado Grand Canyon, as long as the climb afar, can clearly see the Tanzania as desktop A large gap on the plateau, it is in the Colorado River Foreworld Land mark.
Including the United States, many of the classic scenery of the Southwest National Park, meteorite crater, colorful Canyon, whirling fault step, silicified wood cluster, hidden Indian Guyaju ruins, the mystery of the external world.
Grand Canyon, a total length of 347 km, a width of 6 to 29 km, 1600 meters deep. Located in the northern part of western Arizona, 1869 by the United States alone broke the artillery major John Wesley Powell led an expedition team found. 1919, Wilson The president approved it will be turned into a national park, a total area of 1100 square kilometers. Grand Canyon National Park Included in the 1980 The World Heritage List .

Colorado Plateau The value of Science Research

Colorado Plateau Landform

Colorado Grand Canyon area there are a number of United States The National Geological Park The geological features, very unique, hundreds of millions of years, Colorado river erosion, cutting soft land in this area, so that the whole Geological section The bare earth ring, clearly visible, so here become any scholars or lovers want to be. China The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon The research experiences and results, and the comparison between the two.

Colorado Plateau mystery of culture

In the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River along the littered with a lot of few people tread Indian In this tribe rock sites, and the ways of living China The ancient people living between the two are strikingly similar, no cultural ties? This is the humanities scholars are most interested in the eternal mystery, the theme of the international symposium is held, so the field of comparative research of their survival, life and production style is very interesting.

Colorado Plateau Sports Park

Colorado Plateau The Holy Cross

Colorado Plateau unique topographic features Let the area known to the world, around Colorado (ColoradoRiver) in the central part of the plateau, the five national park. The town of Moab is due to be located between several national parks, become Maximal exercise/X-games Lovers of the Holy land.
Nature makes every kind of extraordinary as if done by the spirits throughout the world amazing topography, and climate change, the achievement of a strange and dangerous resort everywhere. It is this challenge and enjoy the coexistence of temptation, ignited the passion surging cross-country fans heart. Send some unique charm for many, many years to come, to gradually open exploration in off-road enthusiasts spread, become people longing for the cross-country shrine. In this long destination list in essence," The lion's back "(Lion'sBack) is ranked first in steep slope.

Colorado Plateau rafting

John.Wesley.Powell for the first time since 1869 Drift Colorado Grand Canyon, 100 years of countless American explorers followed his footsteps in the Grand Canyon rapids challenge, combat jet, in the interpretation of a The spirit of the United States . grand canyon (The Grand Canyon) is one of the largest canyon in the world, is also one of the seven wonders of nature on earth, many of the world here people sigh: the only well-known, far and near Colorado Grand Canyon is the real symbol!
Colorado is the real West, mountains and elsewhere in the western United States, they are imposing, but the elevation is not high, but more than 3000 meters, will no longer see green, from afar, a piece of chocolate. But it is all sorts of strange things rock, majestically. Large and small mountain suffused with pink, orange light, intermediate or a black belt. The wonderful and mysterious extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature.

Colorado Plateau Travel Tips

This is a most beautiful trip to the United States, autumn, the poplar leaves turn yellow. Spring flowers all over the mountains and plains. Durango&Silverton through the mountain is the most charming scenery of Colorado.
You can hand gestures, 3 feet apart -- more than and 90 cm, which is the base of 143 tons of mustard yellow steam locomotive track width. Can imagine, in not far from the right place is full of rocks of the cliff, and the left hand side is the deep gorge in Colorado. So, you will have a more intuitive feel of the Durango&Silverton narrow gauge railway. Compared with other train routes, Durango&Silverton high visibility, more tourists, here people praise.
When the train passes through the Animas River Valley at a speed of 18 miles per hour, passengers can see the scenery is the most unforgettable. Most of the passengers would sit for 3 hours the train arrived at Silverton, and then spend two hours in the town, and finally back to Durango; some people will stay in the city, or starting from Needleton or Elk SanJuan National Forest Park, climb the mountain.
The narrow gauge railway built in 1880s. To the gold and silver everywhere Colorado mountain SanJuan. Later, most of the Railway Are abandoned, leaving only Durango to Silverton this period, 120 years have never stopped. To narrow a foot and a half tracks than the standard width of the railway, this will be beneficial to train circling the mountain. Historians also propose another use is narrow, narrow berth, intimacy will become more difficult, it will meet the designers' work". The design of the most sophisticated car is AlamosaParlorCar, built-in bar, adult special.
From May to October, in Denver 330 miles southwest of Durango, every morning there are 4 trains, the train will stop at Silverton after 2 hours, and then return to Durango in the afternoon or evening, travel 90 miles. (there is a 52 mile route, starting point and end point is CascadeCanyon, winter running 90 miles) ticket price includes special AlamosaParlorCar $88 adult carriage, Bar In cash.