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In February 27, 2009, in the past 150 years, the Rocky Mountain News (Rocky Mountain News) at the end of a newspaper published on Friday, so that the newspaper has become a victim of the economic crisis and the age of the internet. "Rocky Mountain News" the last period of the front page of the title of the article is "goodbye, Colorado". The article said, "today we are very sad and you say goodbye. Our newspaper in Denver, in Colorado, in the United States and the world history ended."
Rocky Mountain News

Rocky Mountain News Summary

In February 27, 2009, after the release of nearly 150 years, "Rocky Mountain News" (Rocky Mountain News) published last Friday. This newspaper has finally become a victim of the economic crisis and the popularity of the internet.
"Rocky Mountain News" the parent company of E.W. Scripps Co. (SSP) on Thursday announced that the newspaper is being discontinued, the company's CEO Rich Beni (Rich Boehne) told the staff, "Rocky Mountain News" has become a victim of the terrible economic conditions, the newspaper industry has been impacted, and the loss of millions of dollars annually report.
2001, "Rocky Mountain News" reached an agreement with the Denver post < >, the operations department of the two newspapers merged to save costs, but maintain their independent editorial department. Like most American city, "Rocky Mountain News", Denver City, only one major newspaper.
As more and more Americans get information through the network, all over the United States newspaper company are facing fewer readers, advertising revenue declines.

Rocky Mountain News Press new challenges

Under the impact of new media as newspaper Empire called the United States, the traditional newspaper industry already in trouble. The financial crisis is more like a magnifying mirror will gradually enlarge the traditional newspaper industry crisis.
The publication and distribution of the soaring cost of circulation, sharp decline in advertising revenue has shrunk, reducing media practitioners income, electronic publications squeeze print media...... On the other hand, the residents of the actual income and expected income decline, many people unemployed in the economic crisis, forcing people to give up the subscription of the print media habits, and then choose to obtain the relevant information through the Internet, and the advantage of network media is that she's fast and cheap.
Clear the core value to meet the challenges of the newspaper
As the traditional journalism: independent and objective, comprehensive news, as a "forward-looking" timely and accurately the situation in the future in front of readers. In the financial crisis, with the number of print media readers greatly decreased, experts also found that readers in those published more experts on political and economic and social problems, the international analysis articles in newspapers and magazines, but showed more attention and favor, but also willing to spend money, take the time to carefully read enjoy the pleasure of reading. This is actually to challenge the paper-based media in response to the financial crisis pointed out a development direction, namely in the electronic network media by blocking section before the print media only by improving the quality of published papers, through the expansion of the amount of information, through an exclusive interview, especially through the interaction between the readers and is eventually able to stabilize your readers to ensure their circulation, reduce the consequences of the economic crisis.