Pine nuts

Pine for rare species Korean pine Seeds. Edible. Mainly distributed in Northeast China Landrace Mountains and Xiao Xingan Ling Forest district。
Pine nuts
Pine for rare species Korean pine Seeds. Mainly distributed in Northeast China Landrace Mountains and Xiao Xingan Ling Is a national forest region. Species in imminent danger Korean pine, wild growth 50 years behind the need to seed maturity for about two years. It is very precious. The seed kernel, delicious, known as" Peanut "," Longevity fruit ", and with good Nutritive value By people of all ages. The food has a long history, is a pollution-free senior Organic green food .
According to statistics, Red pine nut The rate of oil Up to 78%, protein 14.8%, and contains a variety of Vitamin That is a very valuable woody Oil And health food. pine nut kernel Rich in protein, carbohydrate And a large number of Ve components and the rich Vitamin A And E and the human body needs fatty acid , oleic acid , linoleic acid And linolenic acid, and other plants in the Pinolenic acid Etc.. Regular consumption can prevent heart disease; reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels, Zi Yan beauty.
Pine nut Benevolence is the pine nuts, the fat content is very abundant and has a good moisturizing effect. "Mingyi bielu" load: Pine nuts "You can moisturize the skin, get rid of muscles that have lost functioning power ". Because the female gaunt, rough skin, and withered, if it is not caused by the disease, because of lack of fat. If the regular consumption of pine nuts, which oil can nourish skin, if every day to eat a few grains, adhere to the first half of the year, the skin will be gradually moist, One's face glowing with health Can also reduce wrinkles.
Pine is not only delicious food, and good food, pine nuts contain 100 kinds of beneficial ingredients, unique Nutrition and health care Function, so it is "peanut" reputation.
1, brain puzzle
Pine nuts Rich in phospholipids, Unsaturated fatty acid And a variety of vitamins and minerals, can promote cell growth and damage repair function. Children, youth and the elderly brain brain health.
2, decrepit
Pine nuts are rich Vitamin E That can inhibit and cell membrane The Lipid peroxidation And protect cells from free radical damage, and cause many important enzyme in cells to maintain normal function, therefore, has the effect of decrepit pine nuts.
3, skin beauty
Pine nuts are rich in "beauty acid" linoleic acid and Linoleic acid . Can nourish the skin and increase skin elasticity, delay skin aging. In addition, linolenic acid Rich in vitamin E, can reduce the" Free radical "Many of the important component of cell changes and damage, delay Cell senescence To reduce and prevent. Lipofuscin The production and deposition, promote the secretion of hormone. So, Pine nuts With the effect of skin beauty.
4, prevention of cardiovascular disease
Pine nuts contain linoleic acid and linolenic acid etc. Unsaturated fatty acid And can adjust and reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels and Prevention atherosclerosis . Can also reduce Platelet The agglutination and increase the anticoagulant effect. It can reduce blood fat and blood viscosity The prevention. thrombus Form.
5, laxative
Pine nuts are rich in fat, palm alkali, volatile oil Therefore, lubricating laxative, laxative and Escherichia and upright without injury, especially suitable for the elderly and infirm, postpartum disease after laxative.