Jingxing Mining District

Located in Jingxing mining area Shijiazhuang City In the west, is the Shijiazhuang municipal district. The mine is located in the Shanxi Hebei Province is located in the two throat Shanxi Hebei At the junction of two provinces area. The territory of Jingxing mining area Shijiazhuang Taiyuan railway Connected with the domain of new wells, Zhang Feng two branch. Jingxing mining area in temperate semi humid continental monsoon climate.
Jingxing Mining District
Jingxing mining area total area of 69.98 square kilometers, population 100 thousand (2010) under the jurisdiction of 2 streets, 2 towns, 1 townships.
In 2007, the Jingxing mining area GDP 1 billion 759 million 650 thousand yuan.

Jingxing Mining District The origin

 Jingxing Mining District Jingxing Mining District
summer Shang and Zhou period, Bai Di Family construction Fresh Yu That is fresh Yu in the western territory. In 489 bc, Jin state during Spring and Autumn period De Xian Yu, jin.
The Warring States In 414 bc, Xian Yu This called "Zhongshan country", for Zhongshan Territorial. In 295 bc, Zhao , Qi Hebing de Zhongshan, Yan and Zhao territoriality.
Qin Tongyiliuguo changed into the enfeoffment system The system of prefectures and counties Julu County, Jingxing County, has been Jingxing County (Zhisong Xining Years, the county seat has been located in a day to protect the city is now mine Tian Hu Cun territorial).
In twenty-six years (1937) in October 11th, the Japanese invasion troops invaded Jingxing, Jingxing County Shijiazhuang Taiyuan railway As the boundary is divided into the South Road, northbound two county. Area under the jurisdiction of Taipei County road.
In April 1947, the Jingxing coal mine with the liberation, the establishment of the Jingxing Mining Area Management Committee
In March 1948, with Jingxing South Road, northbound two County, is still under the jurisdiction of Jingxing County area.
March 12, 1950, approved by the central government of North China, the Executive Committee decided to 40 administrative villages in Jingxing coal mine and the surrounding precipitation from Jingxing County, Jingxing area, owned by the jurisdiction of Shijiazhuang city.
In May 15, 1958, Jingxing County under the Shijiazhuang City, with mining area and Jingxing County said Jingxing County, Jingxing County under the jurisdiction of.
November 29, 1958, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Jingxing County, the establishment of the Jingxing District of Shijiazhuang City, Shijiazhuang city under the jurisdiction of.
In March 1960, the restoration of Jingxing County, from Shijiazhuang city to Shijiazhuang area under the jurisdiction of separation.
May 1960, mining area From Jingxing County into, merged with the Jingxing Mining Bureau, the establishment of "social enterprises in one coal mine in Jingxing people's commune, belong to the jurisdiction of Shijiazhuang city.
In May 1963, the revocation of Jingxing coal mine and the people's commune, separate Mining Bureau under the jurisdiction of Shijiazhuang city government, to.
December 8, 1989, approved by the State Council: revocation of Jingxing area under the jurisdiction of Jingxing county. (but not the actual merger, according to the original construction system)
In October 5, 1990, the CPC Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee, Shijiazhuang Municipal People's government announced that the mining area to restore the original system, to the jurisdiction of Shijiazhuang city.
In May 30, 1992, the The State Council Approved, the restoration of Jingxing mining area construction, to the jurisdiction of Shijiazhuang city.

Jingxing Mining District administrative division

In 2003, Jingxing mining area under the jurisdiction of 2 streets, 2 towns, 1 townships, 30 administrative villages, 8 neighborhood committees. District Government in Nanjie mine. Jingxing mining area under the jurisdiction of the township: Jia Zhuang Zhen , The town of Fengshan , Heng Jian Xiang .

Jingxing Mining District geographical environment

Jingxing Mining District Location condition

Jingxing Mining District
Jingxing mining area is located in the western Jingxing basin in Shijiazhuang City, located at 38 degrees north latitude 01 degrees 08 '' 18 "--38 03", between east longitude 113 degrees 58 '50 degrees 06' 08 "--114". Be situated Shanxi Hebei At the junction of two provinces area, east 50 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang City, west of Shanxi Province Yangquan 45 kilometers, and the surrounding Jingxing County Border, a total area of 69.98 square kilometers.

Jingxing Mining District topographic features

Jingxing mining area Taihang Mountain One Intermontane basin . The basin from the Yanshan movement, Himalayan And the formation of fault fall, surrounded by low mountains or hills of Ordovician limestone, the middle Quaternary Loess cover, is one of the representative of the Taihang Mountain basin. The basin about 25 km north-south, east-west width of 10 km. Phoenix Valley in central anticline across the basin, the basin is divided into two parts of North and south, in the Hengjian mine as the center of the northern mining area terrain from west to east. Heng Jian Ping related road cement factory to Feng Jia Gou A basin of North-South gullies, the west gradually high.

Jingxing Mining District climatic conditions

Jingxing mining area belongs to the warm temperate semi humid continental monsoon climate, the annual average temperature of 12.7 degrees, annual rainfall of 580 mm, frost free period of 190 days or more. Jingxing mining territory has Tian Hu town and Jingxing coal mine. Over the years, the average temperature is 1.2 DEG C; the hottest month average temperature of 21.8 degrees; the average minimum temperature -6.8; Maximum rainfall 52.9mm; the maximum snow depth 22m; Basic wind pressure 0.35KN/m2; Reference snow pressure 0.25KN/m2; the maximum depth of frozen soil 35m.

Jingxing Mining District geology

Jingxing geological structure of the mine is fourth alluvium, strata from top to bottom soil Sub clay River fine sand, light clay, Endurance 10-30 tons / square meters, through exploration, underground no bad geological phenomenon. According to the State Seismological Bureau documents, Jingxing mining area for the basic earthquake intensity of six degrees.

Jingxing Mining District National Population

Jingxing Mining District population

sixth nationwide population census The results show that as of 2010, Jingxing area resident population of 95170 people.

Jingxing Mining District Nation

The main ethnic groups in Jingxing mining area as the Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, and zhuang, seedling Yi, Buyi Four, Uygur , daur Other ethnic minorities.

Jingxing Mining District natural resources

Jingxing Mining District mineral resources

In the territory included in the national and provincial mineral reserves in the form of coking coal, limestone , dolomite , refractory clay, clay, Bauxite , quartz , pyrite and other resources. As of 2012, the main coking coal recoverable reserves of 50 million tons. Industrial limestone reserves of 6.8 tons.

Jingxing Mining District land resource

The main types of land for Jingxing Cinnamon . The total land area of 69.98 square kilometers, an area of 104972.7 acres of farmland.

Jingxing Mining District Biological resources

The wild aquatic animal in Jingxing mining area mainly exists in the mining area of the river, river, pond, ditch, river, common frog (Ge Ma), turtle (turtle), shrimp, loach, carp, silver carp, gill, grass carp etc.. Other types of animal mainly lizards, snakes, house lizard, soil element (sole piece), scorpions, worms, snails, (Qu Shan), bee lice (woodlice), mole crickets, grasshoppers, crickets, cicadas, Dragonfly , spider , cricket Catharsius, (Shi Kelang) and horseflies (blind mantis, grasshopper), centipede , common house centipede , Ant , Money oriented Etc..

Jingxing Mining District water resource

Jingxing coal mine underground river to run through the Jingxing mining area from the southwest to the northeast, the water level in the 180 - 220 meters, the daily water supply capacity of 150 thousand tons, can meet the water needs of large projects. Jingxing mining industry and agriculture available wells 142, daily water supply capacity of 150 thousand tons (10 million 200 thousand tons of water in the year of 2004); the ground may have the right cotton irrigation and utilization of water resources, water up to 10 million 200 thousand tons; reserves of 7 reservoirs, storage capacity of 1 million 520 thousand tons.

Jingxing Mining District Economic overview

Jingxing Mining District Overview

 Jingxing mining area, old streets Jingxing mining area, old streets
In 2007, the Jingxing mining area GDP 1 billion 759 million 650 thousand yuan, calculated at comparable prices, growth of 15.7% in 2006. The first industrial added value of 59 million 210 thousand yuan, down 11.4% compared to 2006, accounting for 3.4% of GDP; second industrial added value 1 billion 171 million 760 thousand yuan, an increase of 18% over 2006, accounting for 66.6% of GDP; third industrial added value 528 million 680 thousand yuan, an increase of 14.4% over 2006, accounting for 30% of GDP.

Jingxing Mining District Primary industry

In 2007, Jingxing animal husbandry and fishery mining area, the total output value of 108 million 900 thousand yuan, down 11.94% compared to 2006. The agricultural output value of 51 million 160 thousand yuan, down 7.69% compared with 2006; the forestry output value of 2 million 990 thousand yuan, an increase of 14.8% over 2006; animal husbandry output value of 53 million 130 thousand yuan, down 15.43% compared with 2006; fishery output value of 1 million 420 thousand yuan, down 30.73% compared to 2006. The total sown area of crops in Jingxing mining area of 42872 acres, down 7.12% compared to 2006. The grain sown area of 41782 acres, down 5.81% compared to 2006, the total output of 15836 tons, down 3.08% compared to 2006.

Jingxing Mining District The secondary industry

In 2007, above scale industrial enterprises in Jingxing mining area, the added value of 984 million 990 thousand yuan, an increase of 20% over 2006; Industrial Enterprises above the scale of profits of 533 million 654 thousand yuan, an increase of 43.4% over 2006, completed 118.5% of the plan; a profit of 268 million 812 thousand yuan, an increase of 49.9% over 2006, completed the 123.9% year plan; industrial production and marketing of industrial products, Jingxing scale area sales ratio of 97.9%.

Jingxing Mining District The service sector; the tertiary industry

As of the end of 2007, Jingxing mining deposits of financial institutions 2 billion 129 million 660 thousand yuan, an increase of 17% over 2006; financial institutions loans 458 million 350 thousand yuan, an increase of 2.5% over 2006; savings deposits of urban and rural residents was 1 billion 412 million 930 thousand yuan, growth of 16.7% in 2006.
The total retail sales of consumer goods 858 million 450 thousand yuan, up 18% compared to 2006.
Commodity trading market further development. At present our region has 4 commodity trading market, rural market 1, annual commodity trading market turnover reached 36254 yuan, growth of 16.2% in 2006.

Jingxing Mining District social undertakings

Jingxing Mining District education

As of 2014, a total of 10 mining area of Jingxing primary school, 7 middle schools.

Jingxing Mining District Culture

In 2012, Jingxing mining cultural undertakings cumulative investment reached 34 million 600 thousand yuan, completed the upgrading of cultural centers and digital cinema construction, completed 3 Township Comprehensive Cultural Service Station, each service station equipment funds 240 thousand yuan; the village built rural library and cultural center, has built an open-air stage, radio and television coverage of 100%; "village through the project implementation is completed, rural film projection teams each year nearly 400 movies.

Jingxing Mining District Hygiene

As of 2014, a total of 9 hospitals in Jingxing mining area.

Jingxing Mining District traffic

Jingxing mining area in the south of Shitai railway, lying north railway and Shijiazhuang Taiyuan Passenger Dedicated Railway line, in Nii, Zhang Feng two special line Unicom national railway line. From Shijiazhuang Taiyuan high-speed 3.6 kilometers, 307 State Road 1.7 kilometers, the provincial level related to road north-south road in Jingxing mining area.

Jingxing Mining District Famous scenery

 Home building Home building
Cool Pavilion
Cool Pavilion also known as South Village pavilion, located in the South Village in Jingxing mining area. According to legend, because the board of this pavilion overlooking the cool mountain named after the cool Pavilion covers an area of 1.2 acres. A total of 25 houses, one more than the high platform, all neatly into limestone. The platform under the arches are spacious tall brick arch and, two, a north-south, interlaced, and the vehicle can be free to.
Cool mountain
The cool mountain is located in Hebei city of Shijiazhuang province Jingxing western mining area, east of the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang City 48.5 kilometers along Shijiazhuang Taiyuan high-speed and State Road 307 Can be arrived at Qingliang mountain is mainly composed of a lower Paleozoic Limestone, in tectonics The The west edge of Jingxing sag, inside and outside of the interaction force should be formed under the temperate zone Karst The cool mountain landscape, a north-south main peak 888 meters above sea level, village man. The oval, raised nearly one hundred meters, surrounded by precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs.
Jingxing mass graves Memorial
Jingxing coal mine in Jingxing mining area in mass graves in the memorial hall is located in the capital of Hebei Province in Western Shijiazhuang, as the provincial patriotism education base in Hebei province. Memorial Museum by the Jingxing mining area, the first director of the older generation of revolutionaries Yang Admiral inscribed. In 1999 after the Hebei provincial government named the Jingxing mining area for mass graves provincial patriotism education base in Hebei Province, in the south ditch wanrenkeng site built Memorial mass graves in Jingxing mining area. The museum opened in April 2004, the exhibition area of 870 square meters, more than 200 pieces of cultural relics, physical display, picture 300.
A total of six mass graves in Jingxing mining area. In the old society about 46 thousand dead miners were concentrated in the Jingxing mining area the 6 drop in mass graves. Among them, South Ditch mass graves the longest, most discarded dead miners. From 1899 to April 1947, for 40 years, and the dark ones, especially the Japanese imperialists, continue south ditch about 3 mass graves discarded dead miners million people.
Home building
Home building home building is located in the Jingxing area, the home building is Chinese ten warlords first, beiyang government Prime Minister and army chief Duan Qirui Invest heavily in Jingxing in 1913 started the construction of coal mine is abundant with a western architectural style of the home building. The main building by the general manager office, Miss building, service and entertainment building, chief engineer, building seven floor's western style buildings. In 2001, the home building was approved by the Hebei provincial key cultural relics protection units.
Green spring from Longshan
Green spring up in Jingxing Longshan mining area of Shijiazhuang City Heng Jian Xiang Qing Quan Cun Nan Shan, "Bao Pu Tao Yuan" legend has it built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, destroyed after the war. The monastery of the Ming Dynasty Chongzhen three years (1635) built.