Nebraska (Nebraska - NE) is a midwestern state, located in the high plains center. North South Dakota The south. The state of Kansas The West. Wyoming Across the East, The Missouri and Iowa The sea, southwest and The state of Colorado Border. Most of the residents living in the Missouri River and Platt River Nearby. Nebraska's name comes from the Native American in the Otto family, meaning smooth water. The state is one of the leading agricultural states.

Nebraska History

 State of Nebraska State of Nebraska
1834, United States of America Make "Indian exchange law" (Indian Intercourse Act), the regulations stipulated in the state of Great Plains must be left to the Great Plains indians. At that time the settlers crossed and prohibited The Mississippi River West。
The Kansas Nebraska Act established the District of Kansas and Nebraska, its boundary is 40 degrees north latitude line. The capital of Nebraska District of Omaha.
In 1862, United States of America enacted the "homestead law" (The Homestead Act) with cheap land prices to attract a large number of settlers to Nebraska pioneering.
In 1867, shortly after the end of the civil war to become Nebraska in thirty-seventh States, the capital moved from Omaha to Lancaster. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln Lancaster renamed Lincoln.
The Arbor Day originated in Nebraska, the national Arbor Day Foundation headquarters in Nebraska City today.
Nebraska has a long history of the civil rights movement, from the beginning of 1912, in Omaha on the establishment of the National Association for the advancement of colored people.

Nebraska Geography

Nebraska The position of the terrain

Nebraska is the high plains area in the flat, belonging to the Platt River basin. Esast. The lowest point in the southeast, only 256 meters above sea level;
 Nebraska Nebraska
The highest point near the Wyoming and Colorado border on the west, 1654 meters above sea level. The state can be divided into two geographical regions: the eastern moraine plain, as a part of the central area of the west is low; the Great Plains region. In addition to the valley, South and the Panhandle area mostly flat, most of the rest of the region is a slightly undulating grassland. The north and the northwest of sandstone hills no trees, only covered with weeds.
North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa connected to the East, adjacent to the southeast, across the Missouri River and Missouri, are the South and the Kansas state border, adjacent to the southwest and Colorado, West and Wyoming. The state is divided into 93 counties. It is located in the central border zone.

Nebraska time zone

Nebraska is divided into two time zones, the eastern part of central North America use time zone, the western North American mountain time zone.

Nebraska Rivers

Nebraska has three from east to west across the state of the river, located in the central Platte River, Neo Blalla river flows through the northern Republic of South river.

Nebraska climate

Nebraska has two different climate: the eastern part is humid continental climate, the western part of the state is a semi-arid continental steppe climate. The entire State Quarter between temperature and rainfall changes. The annual average temperature across the state are roughly the same. From the west to the east of the annual rainfall from 800 mm down to the southeast corner of ca. 350 mm. Snowfall throughout quite consistent in most areas each year between 650 to 900 mm.
From the southwest hot air with the summer temperatures soared to 3238 C. The northwest panhandle region in July the average temperature of 23 degrees, 26 degrees southeast. Winter from Canada's northwest wind makes the temperature dropped to 18 o C. The northwest panhandle area average January temperature of - 4 DEG C, the northeast is 6 degrees. Southeast of the average growth for a period of 168 days, the Panhandle area for 133 days. The annual precipitation 400-800 mm. Precipitation is decreasing from east to west, Southeast of 840 mm, 400 mm is the only. Precipitation is small, but rich underground water, is conducive to the development of irrigation. The wind is strong, often have a storm.

Nebraska population

The 2003 census, there are 1739291 people in nebraska. Composition of Ontario race is as follows:
 Nebraska population density map Nebraska population density map
97.3% white (non Hispanic), 5.5% Hispanic, 4% were African people in United States of America * 0.9% is the native Indians, 1.4% mixed race.
According to the 2000 population census, the resident of Nebraska ancestors, the Germans (38.6%) is the second most, Ireland The British people (12.4%), (9.6%), Sweden People (4.9%) and Czech People (4.9%)
In 2004, a resident of Nebraska in 84000 was not born in the United States (the total number of 4.8% residents), 38.6% of the residents are descended from Germany, 12.4% from Ireland, 9.6% from England, 4.9% from Sweden, 4.9% from Czech.
Nebraska has the United States from Czech after the largest. Most of the area is the largest in the state from Germany's descendants, especially in the eastern part of the county. Most of the people in Thurston county is the native american. Butler county is the only two American Czech is one of the largest population of the county.
 Nebraska Nebraska
Nebraska on 2007 estimated 1774571 residents, compared to 2006 an increase of 10806, or 0.6%, compared to 2000 increased by 63306, 3.7%. Including from the 2000 census since the natural population growth of 77995 people (187564 people born, 109569 people died and 9319 people) to reduce the net migration caused by the residents. The immigrants to the United States to settle in Nebraska there are 27398 people in the United States, resulting in 36717 to move out of nebraska.

Nebraska Economics

Nebraska Agriculture

Agriculture plays an important role in the state economy. Agriculture and animal husbandry output value in the 50 States ranked sixth, behind California, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, 5. 93% of the land for farms, a total of 47600 farms, the main agricultural products are corn, soybean, beef, pig etc.. The main crops are corn, hay, wheat and sorghum. In the States, corn and wheat yield were 7
 Nebraska Nebraska
5, sorghum accounted for third, accounted for sixth of sugarcane. The cow and beef cattle feeding only Texas Iowa and two states in the United States, third. The ranch is mainly concentrated in the west, sandstone hills grass fertilizer, the best one of the pastoral areas in North america. Located in the Platt River and the confluence of the Missouri river north of Omaha City, is the world's largest cattle market and slaughtering industry city. The southwestern state produced an annual output of up to 5 million barrels of oil. The annual generating capacity of more than 17 billion degrees.

Nebraska Industry

The main industrial slaughter industry, food industry, steel industry, electrical and chemical industry, printing industry etc.. Southwest southeast, rich in oil and natural gas resources; Platt River, a large number of Republican River gravel deposited ore, used as building materials; a limestone mine near the southeastern Missouri River; other resources as well as the sandstone, clay, shale, and uranium deposits in Northwest china.
In other industry has achieved great development, manufacturing industry is mainly concentrated in Douglas (Douglas), Lancaster (Lancaster), Holzer (Hall), Platt (Platte), etc., involved in food processing, machinery, metal products, etc.. In the service industry, health, business services is the main department.
The state power system are public, not private power; construction of traffic facilities and industrial parks; the airport, highway and railway traffic are developed. In order to promote economic development in the state, but also by the "new generation of economic stimulus policy, provide a series of preferential policies for enterprises established in the state, including all aspects of Taxation, training etc..

Nebraska business

An important company
Berkshire Hathaway (Berkshire Hathaway)
ConAgra Foods Inc (ConAgra Foods)
Kiewit Corporation (Kiewit Corporation)
Mutual of Omaha
TD American trading company (TD Ameritrade)
The Union Pacific Railroad (Union Pacific Railroad)
Warren Buffett

Nebraska Sociology

Nebraska Religion

Religion, as Nebraska's population belief ratio: 58% Protestantism Acts Protestant, 29% Roman Catholic 1%, Rome Catholic and other Christian denominations. Other Christian Other Religions, 1% other religions, 7% no religion Non-Religious
In the state of the Protestant, three factions as before: Lutheran Lutheran:16%, Methodist Send Methodist11%, Baptist Baptist and the Presbyterian Church There are about 4% Presbyterian.

Nebraska festival

Arbor Day is sponsored by the state of nebraska. Before nineteenth Century, Nebraska is a bare wasteland, where trees are scarce, dry land, wind, the sand, the people suffer a lot. In 1872, American agronomist Julius Sterling Morton proposed the establishment of arbor day in Nebraska, afforestation plan to mobilize people. The adoption of this proposal, the next 16 years, and has 600 million to plant trees, eventually Nebraska 100 thousand hectares of wilderness into a dense forest. In recognition of Morton's achievements, 1885 Mohr leading to the formal state's birthday in April 22nd for the annual Arbor Day, and one day a holiday.

Nebraska City Culture

The alias "beef state" (Beef state), also known as "the Cornhusker state" (The Cornhusker State). The state flower is the autumn kylin grass (Golden Rod). The state bird is the wild west Lark (Western Meadowlark). Is the state tree poplar (Cotton Wood). The motto of "equality before the law" (Equality before the law).

Nebraska Politics

The government adopted in 1875 according to the Nebraska Nebraska constitutional ruling, it is divided into three branches: executive, legislative and judicial.
The administrative departments of the leaders Governor Other administrative departments, elected executive vice governor and the Minister of justice, the Secretary of state and Minister of Finance and the state comptroller. All elected government officials for a period of four years.
Nebraska is the unicameral state legislature only, which consists of a house of Representatives, the official name for the Nebraska state court, whose members are called senator . Nebraska's house is not the only United States parties of the house. When they were elected senator in the name of the edge does not indicate the party. The legislature's spokesman and the chairman of the committee is non partisan elected. The most five points can be dismissed by the governor's house is anti right, rather than the other states that need the majority of the 2/3.
Nebraska The houses of Parliament It is built from 1922 to 1932, is the third seat Parliament of the state.
It is also used in Nebraska a bicameral legislature, a unicameral Nebraska politician but some advocates of legislation, and a referendum to decide whether the introduction of a hospital system. They think there is no democracy where very strong bicameral legislation, especially the committee consists of the Senate and the house of Representatives together. The committee vote is secret, sometimes adding temporary provisions in the law are not both agree. Nebraska unicameral legislative provisions of a crime today can only design a theme, but the house must be at least five days to consider.
At the end of 1934 for the cost of the great depression began to use the pressure of Nebraska unicameral. The original Senate abandoned.
The judiciary in Nebraska is unified, the Supreme Court has administrative rights on all Nebraska court. The lower court is a county court, 12 District Court (the management of one to several counties). The court of appeal to Nebraska district court, juvenile court and court of appeal of labor compensation. The Nebraska Supreme Court is the court of appeal of the most senior.
In 2008 the Supreme Court of Nebraska use chair violates the state constitution, therefore no death penalty law in Nebraska (after Nebraska is the world where only the electrocution executed only). But after the death penalty in Nebraska has been rarely used. In Nebraska on twenty-first Century without the use of the death penalty. In the past few decades Zhongzhou In the complete abolition of the strong Death penalty Wish.
Federal representative
In the United States Senate in Nebraska has two members, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party A. There are three members in the house of Representatives, all republicans.
In the history of Nebraska is a Republican stronghold in most of the time. Since 1940 in a Nebraska presidential election Republican election all external (Nebraska on 1964 elected Democrat Linden Johnson). 65.9% in the 2004 general election voters to participate in the election, George Walker Bush More than 33% votes in Nebraska Bijohn Kerry, only two of the Indian region Thurston County Selection of Kerrey.
Although Nebraska has long the election of two party neutral character of the traditional.

Nebraska education

Nebraska has seventeen colleges, and nine community college. university of nebraska (University of Nebraska) is the largest college in the state, and the campus located in the state of Lincoln (Lincoln) and Omaha (Omaha). University of Nebraska Medical Center (University of Nebraska Medical Center) is located in Omaha (Omaha). The other major colleges and universities in the states are located in Omaha (Omaha) Clarkson bishop (Bishop Clarkson College of College of Nursing (Nursing); College of St. St. Mary's college and University; Mary) and G (Creighton, University) (Lincoln) are located in Lincoln, Nebraska Methodist University (Nebraska Wesleyan University (Union College) and the Union College), Beller (Bellevue College) by the college, Hasting College (Hastings College), Kell State College (Kearney State College), Peru State College (Peru State College), Wayne State College (Wayne State College), is located in the rich city Raymond Merand Lutherland Institute (Fremont) (Midland Lutheran College), and Ward (Seward) in search of Ken Colyer Dia Teachers College (Concordia Teachers College).
university of nebraska As a State University, Lincoln (Lincoln, i.e. University of Nebraska-Lincoln ,,) Omaha branch (Omaha) and Garnier.
University of Nebraska Medical Center (University of Nebraska Medica
 Omaha City Omaha City
L Center).
The bishop Clarkson College of Nursing (Bishop Clarkson College of Nursing)
St. Mary's College (College of St. Mary)
Creighton University (Creighton University)
Nebraska Wesleyan University (Nebraska Wesleyan University)
Union College (Union College)
Beller (Bellevue College) by the Institute
Hasting (Hastings College)
Kell State College (Kearney State College)
Peru State College (Peru State College)
Wei State College (Wayne State College)
Merand Lutherland (Midland Lutheran College)
Ken Colyer Dia Teachers College (Concordia Teachers College)

Nebraska traffic

In 1869 the first transcontinental railroad built in the Pacific, from Philadelphia to San Francisco via Chicago, Omaha and Salt Lake City, to promote the development of the mainland, played a huge role. There are 5 railway lines, leading to the Quartet Road and a series of intrastate and interstate air line. State Highway 150 thousand km long line railway, 11000 km long. All kinds of airport more than and 100.

Nebraska character

A celebrity has the world famous investor Warren Buffett (Warren Buffet), American jurist Roscoe Pound Society (1870-1964), the United States dogooder grace Albert (Grace Abbott), silent film actor Harold Lloyd (Harold Lloyd), dancer and film star Fred Astel (Fred Astaire), actor Marlon Barndo (Marlon Brando), the talk show host Johnson Carson (Johnny Carson) and actor Henry Fonda (Henry Fonda), the thirty-eighth president of the United States Gerald Ford (Gerald Ford), political activist and writer Melken Eccles (Malcom X), and Daryl Zanuck (Daryl Zanuck), Blackstone co-founder Peter Peterson (Peter Peterson).

Nebraska Tourism

The six Nebraska State Park and sixty-six entertainment venues. Some of the public
 unl unl
The tourist spots include close Hubert (Shubert) the Indian cave State Park (Indian Cave Park), located in the northeast of the state and the Ponca NEO (Ponca and Niobrara) Boruo stayed in Western Nebraska State Park, the Scott Bra National Memorial Building (Scotts Bluff National Monument); rock national historic site (Rock National Historic Site); courthouse the rock (Courthouse Rock); and Seoul rock (Jail Rock). The state has more than two thousand lakes and thousands of miles of the river, stream, it provides many opportunities for fishing and other water activities.
The main tourist
1 Arthur Bowring Ranch State Historical Park Arthur Bowring dunes Sandhills Ranch State Historical Park
2 Harold Pioneer Village Harold Warp Pioneer science Village
3 Hastings McDonald's Museum, J.M. planetarium, IMAX Hastings Museum/J.M. McDonald Planetarium/Lied Leadbeater cinema IMAX Theatre
4 Jocelyn Joslyn Art Museum Art Museum
5 Lincoln Lincoln Children's Museum Museum
6 Museum of the Fur fur trade Museum Trade
7 Museum of Nebraska History of Nebraska History Museum
8 Omaha Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo Henry Doorly Zoo
9 people Plainsman Museum plain Museum
10 Scott Braff Scotts Bluff National Monument National Memorial Chorten
11 State Capitol State Capitol
12 Stewart Stuhr Museum of the Prairie pioneer Museum Pioneer
13 University of Nebraska State the University of Nebraska State Museum Museum

Nebraska An important event

In May 20, 2014, Nebraska rare storm "super cell storm" phenomenon, photographer Victor (Victor Gensini) will be the odd risk a spectacular storm delay recording, and upload to the internet. Soon, this video has attracted many users crowd.
The video shows the clouds are gathering rotation, super cell storm fiercely in the air, such as a will destroy the earth alien spacecraft, extremely extraordinary splendor. This series of scenes all show a mother nature's magic.