A member of the House of Representatives

According to the representatives of the "United States of America constitution", second, House of Representatives Composed of members elected every two years by the people of the state The election of people The State Council should have the largest number of Hospital of the electors shall have the qualifications. Under twenty-five years of age, a citizen of the United States less than seven years, the state's residents who were selected and elected, not as members of the house of representatives.
A member of the House of Representatives

A member of the House of Representatives brief introduction

House of Representatives Representatives and direct taxes shall be under the jurisdiction of the United States according to the amount of the state population,
 A member of the House of Representatives A member of the House of Representatives
Distribution in the States, the number of the population including all free people,.
A member of the House of Representatives
The people in the service, but not taxed Indian Outside. Population statistics should be in three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and thereafter every ten years, in accordance with the legal provisions of the way. The number of members with no more than thirty thousand people each elect a person only, but each state shall have at least one representative; in the implementation of the population statistics before, New Hampshire The election was three, Massachusetts Eight people, The state of Rhode Island and Providence A garden, connecticut Five, The state of New York Six, New Jersey Four, Pennsylvania Delta eight, Delaware A man, Maryland Six, Virginia Ten, North Carolina Five, South Carolina Five, Georgia Three people. Any of the States elected members in the event of a shortfall, the chief executive of the state elections should be enacted to make up the shortfall.
House of Representatives We should select the speaker of the house and other staff, and impeachment The full.

A member of the House of Representatives Right of representation

House of Representatives (English the U.S.House) of the United States House of representatives for the United States Congress, another hospital
 A member of the House of Representatives A member of the House of Representatives
by senate . Each U.S. state with a population of the base in the exercise of representation, but states have at least one representative. Hospital representatives total fixed by law for the 435. As a congressman for two years. The chairman of the house (the Speaker) [] literal translation is the speaker of the house of representatives. The bicameral system Congress is the origin of country because the founders hope to have a close follow public opinion and the opinion of the "people's house"; as well as a more prudent and aristocratic Senate to the protection of collective emotional frenzy. The constitutional law adopted by the house of representatives must be allowed to. House of Representatives Is generally considered more partisan than the senate. There are many people who attempt to make the Senate constitution (the beginning of the parliamentary elections by the state) as citizens in the house of representatives directly elected institution balance. Then "advice and consent" rights (such as the ratification of the treaty powers) authorized only by the senate Exercise alone. The house of Representatives has its unique power: the initiative of the revenue bill, the impeachment of government officials, as well as in the electoral college deadlock when the presidential election. However, all these powers can be by the Senate to counter (counter-check). The Senate than the house of Representatives and representatives of general more prestige. senator Longer term, a small number, and (in most cases) more than of Representatives on behalf of the voters. The conference hall is located in the capital of Washington D.C. parliament hill South. The Senate in the same building north wing of the meeting.

A member of the House of Representatives History

stay The Articles of Confederation In the unicameral Congress to elect a representative state. Confederation The government in the regulations about
 A member of the House of Representatives A member of the House of Representatives
Under the system of operation, due to the inefficiency of Congress in 1787
A member of the House of Representatives
convene The Continental Congress . In addition to the States Aquidneck Island All agreed to appoint representatives attending the meeting. The structure of Congress is one of the issues facing the opinions of the Continental Congress split. James Madison The Virginia plan The bicameral system The house of Commons by the people's Congress; direct election, and the The house of Lords Elected by the house of commons. This scheme because of the requirement representation based on population based, thus attracting such as Virginia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania state support; however, small states tend to require new jersey scheme unicameral with equal representation. Last,

A member of the House of Representatives The meeting finally reached

The Cornell Dick compromise, also known as the great compromise. In this case, Congress in the hospital ( House of Representatives ) Regulations Proportional representation The other house (. senate The provisions for the average representation). The Constitution in 1788 after the necessary number of the number of states (13 states in 9 states) officially approved, but in March 1789 four full implementation. The house started operation in April 1, 1789 for the first time to the quorum.

A member of the House of Representatives The first half of nineteenth Century

House of Representatives With the Senate due to the frequent regional discord including slavery, quarrel. North South population is much, so dominate the house. However, there is no representation of the average North to exercise this advantage in the state senate. Wilmot proviso (Wilmot Proviso) is a support in the house of Representatives repeatedly by senate Stopped by example. Wilmot but trying to through The Mexican American War The prohibition of slavery territory. Slavery and many other southern states to secede from the dispute continued quickly

A member of the House of Representatives The outbreak of the Civil War

(1861 - 1865). The war in the South and the abolition of slavery ended in defeat. Reconstruction (Reconstruction) with the Republican majority in the witness, many Americans attributed to the victory in the Chinese civil war. The reconstruction time by the end of 1877, the continuation of the gilded age characterized by sharp separation of public opinion, The Democratic Party of the United States and Republican Party The two sides have several times in the House of Representatives Won the majority of seats. In late nineteenth Century and early 20th century also witnessed the congressman (the Speaker of the speaker House) the dramatic growth of power. The influence of the high representative president since 1890s, Republic Party president Thomas Bo Ranchi Te Reid (Thomas Brackett Reed) the term. If the nickname "Reed tsar", Reed tries to make his views

A member of the House of Representatives Influence

The best system for one party, his party supervision." House of Representatives The leadership structure about in the same period of development, in 1899, with the majority leader and the minority leader beginning in hospital. Minority minority leader in the house, and The majority party The status of leaders in the hospital after the house of Representatives speaker. Congressman permission in 1903 to 1911 speaker Republican Joseph Gurney Cannon (Joseph Gurney Cannon) peak term. Congressman speaker authority includes chairman, right procedure, effect of the Bills Committee (Rules Committee) and other members of the Committee of the house of Representatives

A member of the House of Representatives Appointment

The power in the "1910 Revolution", because The Democratic Party of the United States The influence and Republican Party Against the serious interference on the Buchanan and cuts. In the Democratic Party Franklin I Term (1933 to 1945) long-term domination House of Representatives Usually, win more than 2/3 seats. In the next ten years, Republicans and Democrats have repeatedly made most. In the 1954 election, the Democrats controlled the house of representatives in the next forty years. In mid 1970s, the house of Representatives

A member of the House of Representatives The main reform

To strengthen the power Subcommittee of the committee chairman of costs, and allow The party leader The chairman of the nomination committee. These acts to secretly cut "qualifications" system, and to reduce the blocking legislation small part of its senior members do not love the. At the same time as of 1970s The majority party Change control act. Republican Party Only in 1995 in Newt Gingrich (Newt Gingrich) has been under the leadership of House of Representatives Control (see The Republican Revolution [Republican Revolution]). Gingrich is trying to pass a large bill by Republican support: "contract with America" (Contract With America) to carry out large-scale reform of the house of representatives. The chairman of the committee was significantly lower for a term of three years tenure.

A member of the House of Representatives The election and tenure

According to the constitution of the United States first, House of Representatives The distribution of seats on the basis of the state population, which is held every ten years on the basis of the census. But states must have at least one representative. The constitution only stipulated the house floor number of terms, the proportion of voters can not be more than thirty thousand people in each member of the house of Representatives on behalf of. According to the Public Law in 1911 by 62-5, a quota of 435 seats in the house of Representatives seats. The number had a short time in 1959 increased to 437 seats, in response to the new Alaska With Hawaii two, but four years after the restoration of 435 seats. Have the right to elect more than one representative state shall elect a division of constituency, district congressman. Redistricting in every census, and allow states revised electoral boundaries between the two census, each state can customize its constituency. Some states not by partisan who is responsible for the program, and some state by state council. The Supreme Court and the "Wesberry v. Sanders" case above

A member of the House of Representatives Irregular constituency

Division (malapportionment) within the population of each constituency is unconstitutional, the number should be roughly the same. In addition, the voting rights act (Voting Rights Act), the state government can not be objective to reduce the voting rights of minorities will be based on Redistricting Gerrymandering Irregular type (gerrymander). However, according to political purposes not prohibited by the irregular constituency, even if it involves specific ethnic inhabited areas and vice versa. The Constitution does not provide The District of Columbia And on behalf of other possessions into the main state right. However, Congress also passed a law allowing the election proxy (delegates) or resident representative (Resident Commissioners). The appointment of Representatives and representatives of residents allowed to participate in the debate and vote in the committee, but not in the general assembly

A member of the House of Representatives vote

The Columbia SAR and American Samoa , Guam American Virgin Islands The other territorial congress. only Puerto Rico The election on behalf of the residents. Congressman and appointed representatives with a two-year term, and the residents on behalf of a term of four years. House of Representatives Elections are held in even numbered years, the first Tuesday after the first Monday election scheduled for November. General, Republican Party and The Democratic Party of the United States In just a few months before the general election held primaries elect the candidate. Independent of the other party and electoral methods in different states. In the general election, almost all states using a simple majority (first-past-the-post), which is to include the most votes (not necessarily half).

A member of the House of Representatives Win victory

The only exception is Luigi Ann that states use Runoff Voting (Runoff Voting). A special election term vacancy must be held by the same way to choose the successor. Once elected, can serve as representatives to death, or resigns. In addition, the provisions of the Constitution House of Representatives Can evict individual members in parliament agreed to under three points. In the history of the United States, only five members have been expelled, three of them in 1861 with the support of leading civil war Confederate States of America Secession was dismissed. In 1980, Mike Miles (Michael Myers) for taking bribes were expelled. A modern example is the 2002 James Tafokeng (James Traficant) were convicted of corruption and deported. The house of representatives have the right to condemn its members. Condemn the case only half of the can, but can not force members to leave. In the name of former congressman and "Sir" (The Honourable) to show respect. Only representatives can be called "congressman Mr." (congressmen) or "congressman lady" (congresswomen), although the Senate also belongs to Congress, but the Senate does not apply to this call. Congressman in 2005 the average salary for $162100. House of Representatives The leaders of both parties and the higher salary speaker in hospital. In contrast, senator The same as Congressman, the head of the cabinet for $180100, and the president of the United States is $four hundred thousand.

A member of the House of Representatives Qualification

In section second, the establishment of the three constitution became the Congress of the qualification must be over 25 years old, must be a U.S. citizen, must be more than seven years (on election day before) to represent the state of the residents. However, does not require the member shall reside in the district. Congressman in age and citizenship qualifications than liberal senator. In addition, according to the The fourth amendment to the U.S. Constitution Provisions, any federal or state officials, if an oath of allegiance to the constitution to assist or rebellion The enemy of the United States According to law, to cancel the qualification of the congress. The end of the civil war in the United States quickly after the mandatory provisions, in an attempt to stop support Confederate States of America As a congressman. The provisions of the amendment, if Both houses of Congress Vote by removing the disqualification, the disqualified person can return any.

A member of the House of Representatives post

House of Representatives Has the largest number of seats in the party called the majority party; the next most minority. The speaker, the chairman of the Committee and other hospital positions are usually held by the majority party members. The relative positions (such as the vice chairman of the Committee [ranking members]) by the minority party as. The house of representatives elected speaker of the Constitution itself (The Speaker). The constitution has no regulation, but the speaker of the house of representatives must be rep.. The speaker of the authority in accordance with regulations and practices in the house of representatives made specific provisions, the Constitution does not. At the same time is the leader of the house speaker and Party (must be the leader of the majority party). According to the 1947 "presidential succession act" (Presidential Succession Act), the speaker of the house of Representatives presidential order of succession after the vice president. The speaker is the chairman of the house of procedure, but not all of the host

A member of the House of Representatives The discussion

Most of the other members will be appointed to the authority. In the conference hall in front of the chair seat. The chairman of extensive power, one of the most important power is to control the order of speaking. Not approved by the chairman, members shall be allowed to speak or proposal. Moreover, the chairman may order "program problem" (members of the speaker, but the protest illegal) resolution may resort to the vote. House of Representatives The speaker is chairman of the steering committee of the party, the selection committee chairman of the standing committee. The speaker ruled by what the committee members, appointed section of the bill in the rules committee. Controlled by different political parties in the presidency and Congress, the speaker of the house of Representatives may be in fact (de facto) the leader of the opposition. The speaker of the house of Representatives as party leader of the power control of the house of Representatives, the general position

A member of the House of Representatives For the interests of the parties

Institute of interior each elected party The majority party and minority party Leader. The minority leader for the party and the out and out leader, the leader of the majority party is not. In fact, the speaker for the majority party leader, and the leader of the majority party for high leadership. The party also elected the party whip to ensure that the party will vote with the party leader's intention. Compared with the senator, congressman is dependent on the political party, and is usually in accordance with party leaders intention to vote. The party leader selection committee chairman of the power can inspire members cooperation. The result is, House of Representatives In a leading position senate In the house, the atmosphere is considered more partisan. The house has not members of identity as the position of the. The officials in charge of the house Clerk (the Clerk), responsible for the custody of the public record, file preparation, supervision and other hospital staff. The house of representatives elected deacon also speaker of the house of representatives in Congress each chaired. Another important officials for correcting device (Sergeant-at-Arms), as the house of the chief law enforcement, maintain order and security of the house meeting. The daily police work in the Capitol Police Department (Capitol Police), the unit in charge of correcting device under the jurisdiction of the parliament hill Jingzhengshu (Capitol Police Board).

A member of the House of Representatives Procedure

like senate General, House of Representatives In Washington D.C. parliament hill Meeting. One end of the house chamber is chairman of Taiwan speaker presided over the meeting. The platform bottom for hospital staff and other officers. Members of the seats arranged in a half circle, with the central wide aisle separated. Traditionally, members of the Democratic Party seats in the party were right, Po on the left and the seat facing direction is over. The general meeting held on Monday to five on Saturday, held the meeting is extremely rare. The general meeting is open to the public, and by C-SPAN Outside broadcast channel. The procedure not only to the law, but also in accordance with the various conventions and traditions. The house are unanimous way some strict terms (exemption from its time limit debate included). Any member can stop the unanimous agreement, but in fact, this opposition is extremely rare. prolocutor exercise House of Representatives The laws and regulations, and warning out of order members. The chairman of the meeting using the hammer to maintain order. The provisions of the Constitution in hospital for more than half of the members present at the valid quorum. In accordance with the regulations and practices have always assumed that the attendance reached valid quorum, unless confirmed after the inventory is not so. Any member will make the program to "quorum" grounds. If the president accepted this program, we will count the number of. Although most of the members usually do not attend the debate on the agenda, the establishment of a quorum is not rare. During the debate, members can only speak in the call when president. The chairman may decide to allow certain members to speak, so as to control the debate program. All members must be known as "the president Mr. speaker" or "madam speaker". Only to be chairman of speech by other members, to be the third person to call each other. Many members of each other by their first names, and to represent the state title, such as "from virginia The gentleman "or" from The state of California The ladies'. In the legal entry House of Representatives Before the house rules committee through the rules of debate under normal circumstances. For example, the committee judged whether the bill allowed amendment. The "opening act" to allow the related amendments

A member of the House of Representatives "Closed bill"

Restrict or even prohibit amendments. The debate is generally limited in less than an hour, by the majority and minority. The parties in the debate process by the supervisor (floor manager) leadership. The allocation of members of the debate. In the fierce debate, many members want to speak, so that each member may only less than a minute and thirty seconds to that position. Reach a conclusion in the debate, to vote on the motion is brought to a vote. House of Representatives Most of the oral vote. The president proposed to vote by lawmakers, and answered "yes" (Aye) or "disapproval" (No). The president then announced the results of the vote. Any member can be challenged the chairman's evaluation and written voting requirements. This request must be approved by the members present in 1/5 seconded party approval. In fact, Congressman meeting written voting based on politeness and attached request. In some cases, for example on the annual budget, will be automatically written voting,. The House vote three convention. First, the house of representatives to vote electronic voting machine. Lawmakers use identity card records of 44 polling stations of the vote in the courtyard, almost all the votes are in electronic voting machine. Second, the house can be

A member of the House of Representatives Voice vote

Cast members to express the color: Green agreed, red and orange opposition, said the vote was (Qi Quan). The general vote held on computer failure. Last, House of Representatives Can a roll call vote. The hospital staff members read the roster, the vote was announced by the point to. This program is only carried out in very formal elections (e.g. speaker election), named because hundreds of members is very time-consuming. The voting traditionally lasted about 15 minutes, but the leaders need to contact more members can be prolonged. A prescription drug benefit in 2003 (Prescription Drug Benefit) will open up to three hours, from three pm to six points. In 2005 America free trade agreement (CAFTA) will also open up to three hours since midnight, eleven points to two points. The chairman may vote as other members. If the vote is tied, the president has a casting vote (casting vote) of the right (unless he has not voted). In case of a tie, the bill that was.

A member of the House of Representatives Committee

A member of the House of Representatives Bill review

House of Representatives The Committee (Committee of the genus and has a number of functions, including) and supervision of administrative departments. Each member of the committee appointed by the house of Representatives, but the person actually produced by political parties. Generally speaking, the parties will respect a sip members preferences, according to a senior level to give priority to. The Party committee in the allocation of seats in the seats and the overall rate constant. The largest house in the house of Representatives Committee of the Committee (Committee of the Whole). As the name suggests, the members of the committee members of the hospital all containing. The Committee in the house of Representatives held a meeting on the procedure, can be examined and revised bill, but no final approval right.

A member of the House of Representatives Generally speaking

The committee's debate program is House of Representatives The debate program more flexible. The majority of the committee carried out by 20 standing committees, each committee on international relations such as agriculture or other specific department with jurisdiction. The Standing Committee, and the revised announcement on the bill with jurisdiction over the Department of. The Standing Committee has additional power and Bill: they can block the regulations in the senate. The Standing Committee also supervise the administrative department of the Ministry and its officials. If you want to remove the official duties, have the right to convene the Standing Committee hearing With the relevant evidence and witnesses. The house also has a very established committee permanent committee, i.e. The United States House of Representatives The special intelligence committee ([U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence). In addition, Congress also has a common joint committee members include The house and Senate An mp。 Some common joint committee to oversee independent government organization. For example, the common Supervision Committee Library of Congress . Other common joint committee for consultation report. For example, there is such a common joint committee on taxation. The bill and the personnel case is not submitted to the common joint committee, so the power is lower than the common joint committee standing committee. senate Each committee and Subcommittee Chairman (by a majority of party leaders must be). stay

A member of the House of Representatives 1970s

Before, the chairman of the Committee in charge. woodrow wilson That power is not assembled in any one place, but a deliberate policy of decentralized to the small bosses. Power, like the past, divided into forty-seven blocks. Each as the aristocratic standing committee, and as the Lord of the chairman of the committee. These trivial nobles - some of which power is slightly higher, but no one has to deal with authority - will exercise the authoritarian in its territory, sometimes threatens to shake the kingdom itself. Previously, the chairman of the Committee qualification depends entirely on the senior level, however, the rules change in 1975, allowing the chairman of the Committee elected caucus. In 1995, the chairman of the Committee of the wide powers can control the agenda of the Commission, but also to prevent the Committee passed a bill. The chairman of the Committee and fashion minded is not strong to use its influence, although still some exceptions. After the chairman of the committee is chaired by the minority party committee spokesman, vice president (known as Ranking Member).

A member of the House of Representatives function

Most of the bill will be sent to one of the houses of parliament. "All the provisions of the constitution will increase revenue by bill House of Representatives The first meeting. So the Senate to tax proposals. The Senate appropriations bill to the first debate or authorized federal funds spending bill, the house can be put forward. The history of this debate, the Senate has a house to explain. However, the appropriations bill proposed in the Senate, the house of Representatives is refused to hear, so actually laid this debate results. The stop senate Bill is the British Parliament to discuss revenue based on the operational mode, only in the UK house of commons The bill proposes feasible. Although not to raise the revenue bill, the Senate still has the right to amend or reject. Just as woodrow wilson The senator wrote (on revenue case) Amendment rights has reached the allowable range of the most relaxed. The house of Lords You can add your own love provisions, and the initial proposal can be completely irrelevant and insert new terms, even the number of adjustment costs. The public sent from the conference hall for the data, they make is a brand new method. Contains the revenue bill, any bill must be approved by The house and Senate In order to become law recognized. Both houses must pass completely identical version of the bill. If there are different, can be held a joint consultative committee members of both houses (Conference Committee) solution. The bill through the Senate process of Congress Act (Act of Congress).

A member of the House of Representatives checks and balances

The provisions of the constitution of the president can only be appointed personnel in the Senate "advice and consent" after the signing of the treaty. House of Representatives In the absence of these two procedures in a constitutional role. So the power of the Senate than the house of representatives for a wide. The house of Representatives' constitutional authority due to rebellion, corruption or other crimes and severity of impeachment federal officials, and authorized the Senate attempts to do the same. The house of Representatives by a simple majority vote by the Senate impeachment, and shall present three point vote finalized. Government officials by the judgment of the automatic discharge, further restraining the Senate office again in the future. In the impeachment process are not allowed to any other punishment. However, impeachment is likely to face a general court to punish crimes. In the history of the United States House of Representatives, has sixteen times the impeachment of government officials, seven officials were dismissed the verdict (one in senate To complete the trial before). Only two had been the president of impeachment: 1868 Andrew Johnson And 1999 Bill Clinton . Two Changchun impeachment ended in failure. In the case of Johnson, the Senate only by one vote decision not to set up the three required a two-thirds majority. stay The constitution of the United States The twelfth amendment, House of Representatives The right presidential candidate did not get the majority support of the electoral college, elected president. The Twelfth Amendment requires a house of representatives elected from the electoral college have the highest number of votes of the two candidates. The Constitution provides that "the election shall be held by the state, state representatives each have one vote" electoral college in a very rare deadlock. In the history of the United States House of Representatives, only two times to break the deadlock. The house of representatives elected in 1800 Thomas Jefferson Squeeze Aaron Burr (Aaron Burr). The house of representatives elected in 1824 John Quincy Adams Squeeze Andrew Jackson . To break the deadlock to elect the vice president of the power to senate .

A member of the House of Representatives 2007 members

The number of MPS Republican Party 202 + 1* The Democratic Party of the United States 233 independent 4* + 1 of the total number: 435 + 5* * / appointed resident representative