The county

The state is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Basically completed.

The county History

Is the Warring States Chu Changsha. In 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang, the Changsha county.
Martial Emperor Yuan Ding six years (111 BC), Changsha analysis in Lingling County home, the county of Lingling (where the current government of Guangxi County, 39 kilometers southwest of the state, jurisdiction)
7 county 4 hou. 7: Lingling county (now Guangxi, Xingan state and Guanyang area) where this rule or salt, Camp Phoenix state (now the county road Ling, Ningyuan) (now Ningyuan, Xintian county (now Guangxi), was an Guilin, Lingui, Yangshuo, Lingchuan, Yongfu, Yongning County), camp Pu (now Daoxian County and Jiangyong part), Tao Yang (now Guangxi state, resources County, where this rule) Yong Sui Xiang Tan Mei, Zhong Wu (now Hengyang County). 4: Hou Quan Ling (now, Lengshuitan Qiyang, Qidong, Dongan, Shan and Shuangpai part) and Dou Liang (now Wugang, Dongkou, Suining, Chengbu area), Yi (now Shaoyang, Xinning area), Chung Ling (now Xintian, Qiyang, Ningyuan part). According to five years (106 BC), the county established in Lingling County, Jingzhou.
Xinmang Wang Zhaoshi, Lingling county was renamed Jiuyi County, under the jurisdiction of the same.
Han Fu Lingling County, the county moved to Quanling (where this rule Yongzhou Jisan area north 1 km) area, in addition to the original 7 county 3 Hou (Chung Ling Hou Ling, incorporated in Daoxian County) also increased in Xiangxiang county (now Xiangxiang, Shuangfeng) and Zhaoyang (now in Shaodong county), Zheng Yang (now Hengyang county) 2 Hou, a total of 8 county 5 hou. The Eastern Han Dynasty, Jingzhou Liu Biao in animal husbandry in three years (AD 198 years) captured Lingling, Lingling county belongs to the sphere of Liu biao. In thirteen years (AD 208 years) after the battle of red cliff, Liu Bei Liu Biao led the Jingzhou animal husbandry, Lingling county belongs to the Liu Bei sphere.
Chapter three Shu Dynasty Emperor Wu for three years (AD 223 years), Liu Bei died in Lingling County in soochow. Sun Wu, the Lingling county region began to decrease. Dew first year (AD 265 years), Lingling County southwest is only an County, the Guilin in Guangxi, Lingui, Yangshuo Xingan, Lingchuan, Yongning, Yongfu County, separated from the county of Lingling. Baoding first year (AD 266 years) Lingling County of southern part of camp Yang County, the county Ying Pu (now Daoxian County); North Duliang, Fu Yi, Zhaoyang county and Xiangxiang, Zhao Ling; shigeyasu (Yuan Zhongwu), Zheng Yang county into Hengyang County 3. So far, Lingling County jurisdiction 6 County: Quan Ling (a part of the cold water beach, Dongan, and the neighbouring Qiyang, Shuangpai) (now Qiyang county), Yongchang (now Qidong county), Lingling (now Guangxi state county), Tao Yang (now Guangxi state, county, resources) Yang (now Guangxi Guanyang County). Ying Ying Pu Yang county jurisdiction, Camp , Chung Ling Ling Road, 4 county.
The Taikang first year (AD 280 years), Ying Yang county into Lingling County waste. Yongjia the first year (AD 307 years) the Hunan, Hunan Lingling county belongs to the state. The Eastern Jin Dynasty Yonghe years (AD 345 to 356 years), the analysis of Lingling County home rehabilitation camp Yang county. Yi Xi twelve years (AD 417 years), Lingling, Jingzhou, Ying Yang two.
The northern and Southern Dynasties, Liang Tian imprisonment for fourteen years (AD 515 years), camp Yang County Yong Yang Yang county; Chen Gaiyong County Yong Yang county yingzhou.
Suikai Huang nine years (AD 589 years), from Lingling, Ying Yang two County, Yongzhou region is the main house, Lingling, Ying Yang 2 county has expanded by 2, Xie Mu, Feng county from the county to celebrate. In five years (AD 607 years), Yongzhou zongguanfu for Lingling county. 5 counties: Lingling (now, Lengshuitan Qiyang, Qidong, Dongan, Shan and Shuangpai part), Xiangyuan (now Guangxi, Guanyang, the state of resources), Yong Yang (now Daoxian County, Jiangyong County), Camp Road (now Xintian and Qiyang, Ningyuan, Feng (take part) this Jiang Hua, Guangxi Fuchuan County). The end of the Sui Dynasty, Xiao Daoxian County milling camp Liang Xing county.
Tang Wude four years (AD 621 years) from Lingling County, Yongzhou Prefecture, business division. Wude five years, changed state to the South Camp state. Zhenguan eight years (AD 634 years), changed state state road. In seventeen years, from State Road into Yongzhou. Shang Yuan two years (AD 675 years), reset state. Open treasure the first year (AD 742 years), Yongzhou Yongzhou Lingling County, Jiang Hua County, State Road diversion. In the first year (AD 758 years), again Yongzhou , State Road . In two years (AD 767 years), Yongzhou 4 counties: Lingling, Qiyang, Hunan, Guan Yang (now Guangxi County Xiangyuan analysis, Guanyang county); State Road 5 County jurisdiction: macro Road (formerly Ying Pu County, Daoxian County today), Yin Tang (the former camp in Daoxian County, today Ningyuan County (now), to Jiang Hua to Yong Ming, Jiang Huaxian) (formerly Yong Yang County, now Jiangyong County Land), Dali (analysis of Yan Tangxian County, the Xintian and Qiyang Ningyuan, part).
The five generation During the period of Tang, Tiancheng two years (AD 927 years) the establishment of the state of Chu Yin Ma, permanent, two state Markov Chu sphere. King Ma Xifan of the state, to Tanzhou of Hunan and Sichuan county of Qing Xiang County, and Guanyang county is cut to cure the Qing xiang. Zhou Guangshun after first year (AD 951 years), the death of Chu, permanent, two states in Southern Tang dynasty. After Zhou Shizong, Zhou Renfeng grant for Wuping Jiedushi and sijung, "as leader of Hunan", Yongzhou, state of Zhou Renfeng territory.
Song two: clear Hunan statewide from the county, Guanyang, Hunan Road Li jing. Yuan Yuan fourteen years, changed state road Explorer house, belonging to the State Road, Hongwu reign for the statewide office. In April nine, down to the state, the state government of Qing Xiang County in province, belongs to Yongzhou Huguang office. In August twenty-seven the Guilin palace. A: Guanyang county. Because of the constant qing.
In the first year (1912), to the county waste, First Affiliated Lijiang Road, Guilin Road, Guangxi province after the first district, eighth district. 1935 will be built into the West County resources.
Liberation in November 17, 1949. In 1952 it merged with the county's resources, and resources from 1953 county. In 1959, the county was renamed. 1971 is the Guilin area, in 1998 changed the membership of Guilin city.

The county geographical environment

The county Location condition

The county is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region city of Guilin, is under the jurisdiction of the county of Guilin city. In the city throughout the northeast, 125 km northeast of city people's Government of the resident. In Daoxian County, Hunan province and the northeast, Shuangpai County, Lingling District, Dongan County, the new County border; the south, and Xingan to the southeast, Guanyang two County, adjacent to the West and county resources. Longest 99.23 km north-south, east-west width of 85.77 kilometers, the total area of 4021.19 square kilometers.

The county climate

South of the Five Ridges county is located in the subtropical monsoon zone, mild climate, abundant rainfall, four distinct seasons. The average temperature of 17.8 degrees, annual extreme minimum temperature -3.1 degrees, the extreme maximum temperature of 42 DEG C. The average frost free period of 299 days. The average annual rainfall in 163.3 days, rainfall of 1519.4 mm.

The county administrative division

In 2015, the town under the jurisdiction of state sand town, temple town, the town, West Town, long town, town, township, Shao Stone Town, Jian Tang Town, salt water town, the town of Phoenix, and the town, and at the age of two of the town township, township and Dongshan Township, Bai Bao Jiao Jiang Xiang, 273 administrative villages, 11 neighborhood communities, a total of 3448 villages.

The county natural resources

Rich in natural resources, 2015 land area equivalent to 6 million 31 thousand and 800 acres, 727 thousand acres of arable land, of which 549 thousand and 200 acres of paddy fields, dry land 177 thousand and 800 acres. water
Area of 106 thousand and 900 acres. Area of 3 million 637 thousand and 900 acres of forest land. Mineral resources of coal, manganese, iron, tin, lead, zinc, tungsten, uranium, sulfur and other 20 kinds of. The territory of 6 kilometers long above the river a total of 123 years, the average total 7 billion 268 million cubic meters of water, the surface runoff of 3 billion 914 million cubic meters, underground storage capacity of 607 million cubic meters, 2 billion 747 million cubic meters of water flowing into the country. In the rivers, in addition to Hunan, irrigation, Luo Sanjiang navigable, the other tributaries shallow water flow, is conducive to the closure of dam, diversion irrigation. Spring plus numerous, hilly and plain staggered, richly endowed by nature natural conditions of agricultural production. The water level drop, rich in water resources, reserves of 250 thousand kilowatts. Approved by the State Council in 1983, was listed as one of the 100 Rural Electrification counties. Lake head 1074 meters high, the design of the total installed capacity of 60 thousand kilowatts.

The county National Population

In 1997, the county area of 4003 square kilometers, a population of 758 thousand.
In 2000, according to the fifth census data, the county's total population of 652963 people, of which the township population (person): state 92556, 21383, Huang Sha He Zhen Zhen Miao tou Zhen Wen Qiao Zhen 22398, 41561, 29388, 42684 West Town, Long Shui Zhen Cai Wan Zhen Shao Shui Zhen 44936, 44729, 37617, permanent stone town at the age of 32563, Xiang Jian Tang Town, 24767, 31402, 45688 salt water Zhen Feng Huang Xiang, Jiao Jiang Yao Township 14180, township 32841 Township 22703 south, and two, 29045, 15043, he Xiang Bai Bao Xiang Dongshan Yao Township 27479.
At the end of 2013, the total registered population of 829 thousand and 100 people, accounting for 11 of the county of Guilin city in 6 districts of 15.9% of the total population, is the city of Guilin area is the most wide, the most populous county.
The county of Yi, Bai, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, hui, Lisu , The Lahu family , Wa , Naxi minority Yao, tibetan, Jinpo , The Brown family , Buyi , Achang , Hani , Siberia , Pumi Mongolian, Nu , The Jinuo , De angzu , Aquarium Manchu, Derung The national distribution.

The county Economic development

The county Overview

In 2012 the county's GDP of 13 billion 128 million yuan, an increase of 13%; total fixed asset investment 12 billion 121 million yuan, an increase of 33.8%; financial income 623 million yuan, an increase of 10.3%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 2 billion 276 million yuan, an increase of 15.3%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 18763 yuan, an increase of 12.9%; per capita net income of farmers 7435 increase of 15.1% yuan.
In 2013, the county's GDP of 13 billion 836 million yuan, 10 billion, an increase of 8.2%; fiscal revenue 563 million yuan, an
Fell 9.57%; total fixed asset investment 11 billion 581 million yuan, an increase of 25.1%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 2 billion 544 million yuan, an increase of 11.7 per cent of stone; urban residents per capita disposable income of 20827 yuan, an increase of 11%; per capita net income of farmers 8498 yuan, an increase of 14.3%.
In 2014, the county's GDP of 15 billion 246 million yuan, an increase of 8.4%; fiscal revenue 594 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.54%; total fixed asset investment 13 billion 857 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.7%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 2 billion 880 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.24%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 22868 yuan, growth of 9.8% the previous year. The per capita net income of rural residents reached 9594 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%.
In 2015, the GDP of 16 billion 189 million yuan, an increase of 9%, higher than the average increase of 1 percentage points. Fiscal revenue 648 million yuan, an increase of 9.08%; completed investment in fixed assets 16 billion 437 million yuan, an increase of 21.2%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 2 billion 861 million yuan, an increase of 10.8%; per capita disposable income of urban residents was 24400 yuan, an increase of 6.7%; per capita net income of farmers 10553 yuan, an increase of 10%.

The county Primary industry

The county is rich in rice, wheat, corn, known as the "North granary" of the name. Since 1986, the state grain production increased for 14 consecutive years. In 1998 the total output of 448 thousand and 200 tons, grain farmers have 528 kilograms per capita, ranking first in Guangxi, the county average per year to sell the national commodity grain 65 million kg, is one of 100 national commodity grain production base in the county.
From 2005 to 2010, the steady development of modern agriculture of the county to feature benefit oriented. Stable growth of grain production, fruit, edible fungus, Sophora japonica L. planting area and total yield in Guilin city in the forefront, vigorously develop the construction of pig breeding, pig farm 8, accounting for Guilin, a total of 1/3 pig farms. The promotion and application of new agricultural technology efforts continue to increase, wo flower fish through the national pollution-free origin certification and approval of geographical indications. The completion of 17 new rural pilot demonstration village, 453 village and 759 villages road hardening project construction. Invested 10 million 500 thousand yuan in the implementation of poverty alleviation projects 423, solve the problem of food and clothing of 62 thousand people, 21 whole village poverty village all outstanding etc..
In 2014, the first industrial added value of 4 billion 445 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.8%.
In 2015, the first industrial added value of 4 billion 682 million yuan, up 4.1%.

The county The secondary industry

The industry has formed five pillar industries in building materials, paper, food processing, machinery parts, chemical etc.. The building materials industry in the production of cement and granite, marble as the main development. The paper industry in the production of white linerboard, forming an annual output of 10000 tons of paper capacity.
From 2005 to 2010, the county's total industrial output value increased from 5 billion 560 million yuan to 10 billion 630 million yuan, for the first time over 10 billion mark, the average annual growth rate of 13.8%; the size of the total industrial output value increased from 1 billion 330 million yuan to 6 billion 220 million yuan, an increase of 3.7 times, the average annual growth of 36.2%. The scale of industrial enterprises increased from 42 to 58, a net increase of 16. For the first time in Guilin City, the total industrial output value of cross level award, industrial economy target responsibility award.
In 2014 second, the industrial added value of 6 billion 217 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.6%; among them, the industrial added value of 5 billion 255 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.2%.
In 2015 second, the industrial added value of 6 billion 507 million yuan, an increase of 10.1%, the industrial added value of 5 billion 489 million yuan, up 10.3%.

The county The service sector; the tertiary industry

In 2014, the total retail sales of consumer goods 2 billion 880 million yuan, up 13.24% over the previous year. The town village 1 billion 698 million yuan, 1 billion 182 million yuan, an increase of 16.02% and 9.48% respectively. Retail sales of 2 billion 424 million yuan of goods; retail sales of 2 billion 214 million yuan, an increase of 13.64% and 15.52% respectively; the lodging industry turnover of 108 million yuan, the catering industry turnover of 499 million yuan, an increase of 12.94% and 10.68%.
2014 increase in transportation, storage and postal industry was 1 billion 261 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5%. The postal business volume of 24 million 620 thousand yuan, an increase of 18.85%; the telecom business volume of 292 million 230 thousand yuan, up 19.63%. Passenger turnover 377 million 880 thousand kilometers, down 2.1%; freight turnover 1 billion 10 million 610 thousand ton kilometers, up 11.6%. At the end of the bus number 20, year-end bus vehicle number 71, a number of taxi 88 cars.
In 2014, 424 thousand and 300 tourists trips, tourism revenue 392 million yuan, up 21.9%.
In 2014 third, the industrial added value of 4 billion 585 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.1%.
In 2015 third, the industrial added value of 5 billion yuan, up 11.1%. The three industrial added value ratio is 28.9:40.2:30.9.

The county social undertakings

The county science and technology

In the past, the county's production is in manual operation. In the late Republic of China, the county government with agricultural technology extension and 3 technicians. After the National Science Conference in 1978, with the rapid development of science and technology, rapidly growing ranks, and the establishment of agricultural machinery, agriculture and forestry 3 scientific research institutes and 15 institute. County, township, village, group established an extensive network of contacts and the corresponding management of science and technology institutions, set up a full-time agricultural clerk, or part-time farmer technicians in various fields to carry out various professional scientific research activities.
From 2005 to 2010, the county was included in the "National Science and technology special action plan pilot county Fumin county".
In 2012, the county's science and technology has made new achievements, is recognized as the modern agricultural science and technology demonstration county.

The county education

In the history of the county by the impact of Chu culture, the development of education in Song Dynasty had been made earlier, state. Then gradually established Hunan Academy 10 academy. The school is also common. The number of taking imperial examination in many high ranking, second only to Lingui In Guangxi, second.
In 1990, the county had 437 kindergartens, children park 15470 people, an increase of 300 times more than before the liberation of 1948; 62 junior middle schools, 26710 students, compared with before liberation in 1949, an increase of 98 times; in the end, high school (hereinafter referred to as the "high end") 7, 4731 students. When the college entrance exam, 2012 (including graduates), admitted to the University and secondary school have a total of 537 people.
In 2014, the county has 30 middle schools, 2523 full-time teachers, 28910 students, including 9157 students in senior high school; a total of 256 full-time primary school, 2514 full-time teachers, 49933 students.

The county Culture

The county is located in the Central South of the Five Ridges hub, the head tail of Chu, Chu, first to the Central Plains culture. Since the Qin Dynasty. Lingling County After culture matured, two song for the Republic of China, people in the county: Song Xueshi Tao Chong, the text of the first in Ming Dynasty Jiangmian And Qing Poetry Xieliangqi And historians Jiangliangqi So, the history of poetry, or famous at the time, or the impact on later. As for the folk culture, Guiju first Cobain (show word Cobain) in light of twenty-six years (1846) was first built in the state west sub state, have more offspring heir. chanting of folk tales to the accompaniment of bamboo percussion instruments And the dragon lion, with local characteristics.
From 2005 to 2010, three of the county's 6 village level network service center, 197 farm house and the cultural information sharing project completed and put into use, the Xiangshan Culture Festival a complete success.
In 2012, the county attaches great importance to the mining of red revolutionary culture and traditional folk art, is regarded as "the old revolutionary base of Guangxi county" and "the folk cultural village". Broadcast TV "every village" project "12th Five-Year" construction tasks completed ahead of schedule, the overall conversion of digital TV HD project pilot smooth start.

The county Medical career

In twenty-nine years (1940) established the county health state county hospital. After the liberation, the county's medical and health undertakings, there is great development. In the medical field, established in 1950 the state county people's government hospital (later renamed the county people's Hospital), founded in 1951 the district health clinics, jointly organized in 1955, the same year the establishment of epidemic prevention station, established in 1957 and Baojian Railway Station, established in 1966, the school authorities factory hygiene room, 1969 production brigade established cooperative medical station, 1981 to the point of care village. In 1990, the medical and health institutions to 627, including 2 county hospitals, county health and epidemic prevention station, county MCH 1, 17 township hospitals, center hospital 3, 24 village clinics, 522 health points, factories and mines in 22 clinics, school health room 12, the other public health room 3, township level anti Paul 20. A total of 879 beds, health and technical personnel and administrative staff of 2 thousand and 200 people, including 203 Chinese people, 840 people of Western medicine.

The county social security

From 2005 to 2010, the county to promote and improve 5 social insurance, the total number of participants up to 144 thousand people. Comprehensively promote the new rural cooperative medical system, participation rate of 95.3%, the urban basic medical insurance coverage rate reached 92%.
At the end of 2014 the number of participating in the basic old-age insurance in the town of 26321 people; the urban basic medical insurance number reached 82512; the number of unemployment insurance in 13512; the new rural social pension insurance in the number of 350015 people.

The county Scenic spot

The state cultural relics, landscapes, Cheng Jing, Chu Yun Xiao, Hunan., and the scenery. The Millennium Xiangshan temple, formerly known as "the first Buddhist temple South chu." Han Tao Yangcheng ruins, monuments remain. Yan Jing River Valley, twenty line Jiang Tianyi, then my day of ancient wood, listen to a stone. Yan Jing hot spring bathing, that pleasure. Lake reservoir, Miao Jie Yanbo, aloof. The other is the rainbow bridge, Yin Yan Ke tower and so on.
 From the mountain From the mountain
The county Jian Tang Xiang is a small village in Pearl Hill, known as "mountain mountain quotations", with quotations from Chairman Mao and celebrity relief. The author is a farmer named Jiang Jiwei.
Rainbow bridge. Located in Dragon Dragon Town West Village, built in the Qing Dynasty, 70 meters long, 4.2 meters wide, 7 meters high, "autumn in Hongqiao" as one of the "eight" water dragon.
The bird's nest building And have found the oldest wooden archway building from the bird's nest, a town about 16 kilometres north of the village of stone yongsui Gang, also known as the swallow gatehouse, gatehouse, Jiang ancestral hall, the original is old Yong Xiang Shi Gang Cun Jiang ancestral hall.
sky Lake Located in Southern China County, the second peak state really Baoding East, large tracts of virgin forest, many exotic flowers and rare herbs and wild animal.

The county Local specialities

The "three hot": red pepper, garlic, ginger, is a statewide three famous native products, although the shapes, food is not the same, but there is a common characteristic: Spicy appetizer, dietetic beauty. The statewide Minyan: ginger spicy spicy garlic and spicy hot pepper into the heart, the body.
Cool and refreshing Procypris merus According to legend, the state: Wo flower fish culture began in the Eastern Han Dynasty, has been more than 1700 years, and as a tribute in the Southern Song Dynasty, has been more than 800 years.

The county celebrity

Jiangmian (1462 - 1532) of the Ming Dynasty (now the north county people at the statewide North Town area). Less studious, 15 years old in the se. In 1487 his brother Jiang Nong together with the board and examination, he Academy shujishi, editing, Ministry of rites, the finance minister and wenyuange scholar, ancient scholar, Jinshen Temple University, EnSeal Prince Taifu (from a product).
Caoxuecheng (1563 - 1608) today to Wan Zhen Tian Xin Pu, young intelligent, 16 year old, 20 years, jinshi. During the Hubei and Zhejiang Haining Shishou magistrate, because the construction of water conservancy, outstanding achievements and promoted to censor.
Shu Hongzhi (1566 - 1594), the state (today's people Bei Yu Zhen Bei men Shang Ming area), the son of Shu Yinglong, when the little clever wizards, well read, never forget, to eighteen year old child prodigy is held.
Tao (1641 - 1718) Mingruo surnamed Zhu, the word Shi Tao, Wang Ming Jingjiang Zanyi ten Shisun, Jeonju Gordon Temple monk, release No. Yuan2, Dow, No., Kugua monk Di Zi, small passenger, alone the elderly, Qingxiang elderly, blind sage etc..
Xiecilv (1661 - 1726) Dragon Town Bridge village. At the age of 20 and at the same time, the father, as Thanksgiving magistrate (now East County of Hainan province). 715 years, Xie has resume as the level of the prefect, governor of Shandong, official.
Xiejishi (1689 - 1756) Dragon Town Bridge village. Juvenile intelligent logistics. The 12 year old father as "China" clothing making the official marvel as the prodigy, 19 years old in 23 yuan, the Imperial Academy successor shujishi, review.
Jiangliangqi (1723 - 1788) - Yong Xiang Shi Gang, was later moved to the bay. Jiang Liangqi is 28 years old in the examination, he academy editing, history compilation, Honglu temple, Taishen Temple Shaoqing, political history, political and other staff to our.
Jiang Qixie (1795 - 1856) this dragon dragon town water village. At the age of 21, 27 years old, and in the examination. Jiangxi Province, Dexing, former Huichang county magistrate, the magistrate of Yongfeng, Nanchang Tong Zhi, Jiangxi Salt Road, Henan, Weihui after the promotion of Douglas Huaiqing bingbeidao, the area is near the north shore of the Yellow River.
Jiangqiling (1816-1875) the word Shen Fu, No. stone this month, the County Water Dragon Dragon Town Village, the 1840 annual two a jinshi. He Academy shujishi, editing, Jiujiang, Hanzhoung, Xi'an Zhifu Sichuan salt, tea ceremony, Hanlin, mansion Yin and other staff.
Zhao's (1876 ~ 1927) officials of the late Qing dynasty. Name of Zhu Yuan, lay empty number.
Wuchundao , Male, contemporary calligrapher (1932.12.13-1993.5.10), Guangxi state county bridge, Guangxi Normal University Chinese Professor, Department of art, artistic director, NLD Central Committee, director of China Calligraphers Association, vice chairman of Guangxi calligraphers association.
Jiangshuyu Guangxi County, female, statewide. Chinese Writers Association, member of Guangxi branch. A famous writer in Guangxi.
Panwenbo , Name: CD, was born on October 1964 in Dongshan Yao Township statewide, Graduate culture, member of Chinese Writers Association, vice chairman of Guilin City, fourth, sixth, Guangxi Federation of literary and art circles, the seventh writers.
The essential Jiang Qin (1952.10 -), male, Guangxi statewide. In 1996 was named Guangxi outstanding experts, 1998 enjoy special government allowance granted by the state council.