Qigong can do two methods: gas Xpress, called qigong. Two heart, qigong essence is the fundamental distinction with other sports. Two heart are two different physiological conditions, a heart rate is one that is super hypoxia, one is to mobilize Qi, which is super bio electricity state.
( Qi Chinese) is a kind of traditional health care and health promotion, ward off disease The method. The respiratory adjustment, physical activity and consciousness adjustment (adjustment Pranayama And adjusting, Aligning ) as a means to improve health, disease prevention, health and sickness, development potential As a kind of mental and physical exercise method to.
The main stress adjustment natural The gas and natural gas Harmonious The relationship between the congenital China gas is attributed to the intrinsic Qigong parents, circulating in the body Twelve Meridian and Eight extrameridians In the yuan qi.
There are many kinds of Qigong, can be divided into The dynamic reactive power and Static .
The dynamic reactive power refers to the activities of the main body of Qigong, such as guidance and sent to the main features of the dynamic reactive power, emphasizing the combination of physical and emotional operation. The static power is the body does not move, only rely on breath awareness and self control of qigong. Qigong is mostly white movement, with the characteristics of two types.
China's ancient Qigong literature in multitude, Taoism, Buddhism, medicine, medical secretary in a large number of Qigong literature. Excavation work, is an important and arduous task, it requires not only the medical science researchers, qigong higher and ancient Chinese, modern Chinese and other knowledge, must own have higher Qigong skills.

Qigong The interpretation of words and phrases

Qigong Basic explanation

Q g only ng. [Qigong Qigong] (QI), qigong originated from within the industry "article" . from In traditional Chinese Medicine Definition: Qigong Qigong is adjusted through God's self exercise, make oneself become Qi coordination exercise.
With the development of science, we can know Qigong by using some knowledge of modern science, this will deepen our understanding of the essence of qigong.
If from the perspective of modern behavioral medicine, qigong is a kind of benign behavior conducive to mental health study train Finally, behavior therapy ways fixed to reflex.
If from the perspective of psychological and physiological role of Qigong, qigong can be defined as: mainly through the use of Self suggestion As the core means of prompting consciousness into Self Hypnosis The state, through the psychological physiological and morphological self adjusting mechanism to adjust the psychosomatic balance, to achieve fitness exercise self cure.

Qigong Terminology

[1]: Sunday week day Small Sunday and Big Sunday The. Small Sunday route is two big puleses; Sunday route is the person of the 24 meridians and the eight extra full. Just feel the gas running in the body, called meridians to meridians and acupoints as Sunday; and in light, interior, can only be Sunday route through, this is called Dan Sunday.
[2]: as practitioners will focus on the internal thinking of your body, until you can "see" a variety of images, called insight, doctors called "meditation", commonly known as "temmoku". As well can also see the outside scene.
[3]: the static to exclude many practitioners, will focus on an idea, thinking, and will try to settle this idea. Good even this one is removed. All these processes are referred to as "static". Static in the "set" to a certain extent, can appear "inside", and many other functions of human intuition phonism.
[4]: This is hunkered commonly used in a static posture, three. Scattered disc - legs crossed under the legs and sit; Single disc The foot on the other foot and sit cross legged; double - disc resting on legs and sit.
[5 The pubic region ]: and the. The pubic region - connect with the door and jade Yintang point halogen vertical interchange, also called Tianmu, Tianmu acupoint, mud house. In the pubic region Mid - breasts to the chest. The pubic region -- 3 inches below the navel to go in the middle abdomen. Kung Fu and reached a considerable degree, the body no field of bhutan".
[6]: commonly known as Tianmen fontanelle.
[7]: zenith Baihui acupoint .
[8]: thoughts acquired thinking, acquired consciousness, consciousness, thinking, consciousness ".

Qigong The development of history

Qigong Birthplace

Qigong originated in Chinese. Qigong has a long history in Chinese, about the content of Qigong in ancient times is often called tuna, qi, Gas distribution And admire, guidance, alchemy, meditation, monasticism. Qigong theory is based on the classical China TCM regimen theory, namely in the spread since ancient times. A part of the original Qigong called "dance", such as " LuShiChunQiu "Say" bones cower, so as to promote the dance". The spring and Autumn Period That part of Qigong is summarized in "guided by cutting". Chinese medicine monographs " Inner Canon of Huangdi "Record" leads the world, grasp the essence of yin and Yang, respiratory muscle, standing aloof, if one "," fine product full of God, the spirit is not scattered and other methods of practice. " Lao Tzu "Mentioned in the" hush or blow or "breathing exercises. " Chuang-tzu "There are about to breathe, get rid of the stale, the new method of health care for life, just carry on. This guide who raises the shape of, Pengzushou The test also "records. Hunan Changsha Mawangdui tomb A silk book "the unearthed cultural relics But the valley of fresh air passage "Color and painting" The navigation map ". "It" is the valley of fresh air breathing method works tuna. "Guide map" is the earliest Qigong maps, which are drawn from the 44 images, is the ancient people use Qigong portrayal of disease prevention and control.

Qigong development history

The original Qigong has no name, a part called "dance". Such as "basic questions, different methods should be on the side of the" paralysis "Jue chills and fever, the treatment should be guided by cutting, and scattered in the famous ancient writings of meditation, Oblivion And meditation, Breathing For, gas, gas, and convinced Sunday, Dan also belong to the content of qigong. As for the "qigong", first appeared in the Jin Dynasty Taoist Xu Xun The " Lingjianzi "A book, even if this is the name for the later generations, so the latest in the Sui and Tang dynasties. To appear in the Sui and Tang Dynasties "Zhongshan jade cabinet" records: "convinced by wonderful Qigong, gas path and......" But, in the connotation and we say Qigong is not completely consistent. Established in 50s Peitaiho After Qigong sanatorium gradually get promotion.
Qigong is the production and life of people, health care and other practice, gradually formed by summing up. Qigong therapy and physical therapy are related but different, but it can include physical therapy, physical therapy but it cannot replace the qigong therapy. Limb movement always is just one of the heart regulation of Qigong, respiratory motion is aligning service, three is a unified whole, must by aligning the core. Practice and practice outside is combined, should be within the practice. Qigong gas refers to "Qi" and "Qi" has a more profound meaning. Qigong therapy has comprehensive features, at least it is comprehensive psychological therapy and physical therapy.

Qigong Stage of development

Jin dynasty Qigong
China Qigong, has a history of thousands of years, but this time the word Qigong is not very early, it was first seen in Jin dynasty Xu Xun with "Zi" a Book of the sword. According to the investigation that this book is not written by Xu Xun personally, because the book has a lot of Qigong terms are after the Song Dynasty began with the book, so time is not earlier in the song dynasty. In the (North) Shiseng "work" (which you set the Ming) volume twelfth: Li Hongming with nature Qigong Yi Hong Fu found enough without Xie Huiyu.
After the Jin Dynasty, the religious China up in prosperity. The religious use of Qigong, qigong of a mystery. It is practicing Qigong car, is very specific and very practical, but religion, pursuit of practice into God, immortal and Buddha. In this way, the nature of science without qigong. But if you can see the history of Chinese Qigong, in this period of Jin, Sui and Tang, there are a lot of people used to name the gas works, such as "tactic", "gas by gas", in the book are practice gas, gas content. "After" gas about dozens of ways to practice gas, gas, even extend measunnent are called "gas distribution". The religion flooded Qigong, qigong is not a noun.
Song dynasty Qigong
Jin and yuan, a lot of Kung Fu, in order to resist foreign aggression, will use up martial arts qigong practice, gradually formed Martial arts qigong . With the development of martial arts qigong, slowly get rid of the religious theology. You say God, Buddha, God, ghosts, when practicing Buddha said, God, Buddha bless, but at the same time have the ability to kill useless, this time god Buddha, how not to bless the people of religious faith? Slowly indifferent, qigong gradually from religions separated to begin, Qi, song about breathing gas. With the development of martial arts qigong, Wudang Two, we gradually formed shaolin.
The Ming and Qing Dynasties Qigong
At the end of the Qing Dynasty have Wudang works, have Shaolin Temple Send the book " Shaolin boxing tips ", in a separate chapter called" qigong "is devoted to explaining, qigong. Which clearly pointed out: "Qigong said two: Qi, Qi a." So the word Qigong gradually called up, after the Ming and Qing Dynasties practice gas more prominent in the early Republic of China to engage in Qigong more people. 1931 Zhu Lin Wang The official publication of the " Italy Qigong Detailed "one book, directly to the name of qigong. A lot of doctors through the practice of Taoism and Buddhism, it is applied to medical treatment, called "Qigong therapy". Early in 1934 Dong Hao wrote "tuberculosis disease special therapy -- Qigong therapy", published 1938 party public Pu "Qigong prescription record", also founded the "public Pu Qigong treatment institute".
Modern Qigong
And later became a martial arts qigong, Qigong therapy, qigong but one word is not widely spread. Until after the liberation, there is a veteran named Liu Guizhen, in The health department of Hebei Province Agree and support, will own practice and summarize clinical experience for many years, set a " The practice of Qigong therapy ", the book was officially published in the Ministry of health care, and later translated into foreign languages," Qigong therapy "at home and abroad to spread. Then Qigong as a part of traditional Chinese medicine, established Qigong sanatorium, qigong sanatorium, great achievements were made in the study of Qigong therapy and qigong. Unfortunately, the Cultural Revolution to the bottom of the traditional culture China -- into the qigong at the bottom of the hell. Engage in Qigong have become "the monsters and freaks of all descriptions".
In this way the basic qigong "kill" almost, clean. After the end of the "Cultural Revolution" Qigong career has undergone unprecedented changes, the way schools of Qigong become a unique science. Everyone knows that the Convention, qigong refers to a special knowledge, "qigong" became synonymous with a special knowledge about people's physical and mental health.


State Administration of Sports Fitness Qigong management center held a national conference on Health Qigong management in Tianjin city. On behalf of the country's 31 provinces, the Sports Bureau of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and 5 municipalities and the Ministry of education, the State Sports General Administration of relevant departments attended the meeting.
In 2010 the National Fitness Qigong has shown a good momentum of development, large-scale activities continuously throughout the year. The National Fitness Qigong site has reached more than 13 thousand, the number of practicing Wuqinxi, six words muscle-bone strengthening exercise, and the eight section brocade recommended exercises break 1 million. Overseas to promote the exchange of a new breakthrough, in 2011 is expected to set up an International Health Qigong association.

Qigong Effect

In addition to the benefits of Health Qigong effect, also has the role of treatment of disease. If the patient choosing Qigong as an adjunctive therapy, then according to the different choice of different Qigong disease. If the patients with gastric ulcer of stomach can exercise raises the work; tumor patients can choose to walk or Guo Linxin Qigong, qigong controlled hypertension, neurasthenia and pain; patients may choose to relax work. Completely bedridden patients, optional strong power, by reinforcing the Vitality The elderly; Qigong can also benefit of the neck disease patients to restore function to the neck and shoulder function.
Qigong is, through conscious self adjustment, to achieve the training methods of health care, disease prevention and cure. In the study of Qigong before, we must first understand and master what taboo Qigong, so that the days after exercise to achieve a multiplier effect.
1 avoid "false"
Pay attention to practicing qigong "true", taboo false thoughts and behavior. Therefore, learning Qigong should first learn how to be a real man, tell the truth, only true and sincere person, it may be the practice of "qi".
2 avoid greed"
Corruption, six net disaster also. In the course of practice, to avoid corruption, corruption is the heart, will cause a lot of trouble, unable to enter the state of practice.
3 avoid impetuous"
Because many diseases caused by human emotions, the reason lies in people's emotions can affect the body's normal physiological function, once the function disorder, causing disease. Therefore, practicing Qigong, should maintain peace of mind, should not be angry, otherwise will cause the practice work not completed.
4 avoid boasting ""
Exercise should be taboo to boast, speak and act should therefore avoid the interference under their own practice, causing adverse consequences.
5 avoid "sexual intercourse" (have different views of different schools.)
The human body essence, gas, God is strong to keep the body healthy, if life is not abstinence, inevitable damage sperm, caused by deficiency of kidney qi, so practice Qigong should reduce sexual. But there are also many other martial qigong (such as plum, do not agree with this door). And pointed out that the "fine" is not "sperm", a sense of energy but people. And the proper conduct of sexual intercourse in favor of Qigong practice.

Qigong principle

The mental and soul confined to its original quality and external conditions, but human beings can intentionally or unintentionally and subsequently adjust state of the soul. There are two kinds of non hidden psychological state of consciousness of human perception: the subconscious and unconscious state state. The consciousness of subconscious unconscious in three minds there is a link for the purpose of consciousness:, the subconscious is not conscious and unconscious, involuntary and the link is the body preface field. But the order in the traditional field known as "God": God, soul, the God knows. God is God and the God of knowledge communication bridge. The polar body is past the memory trace of God, is to maintain the knowledge foundation of God and the soul, is the material basis of instinct. Know God can also broadly unified, and the adjustment of the soul of God, but in the narrow sense is not in the two yuan God interference, otherwise there will be deviations to, or is Qigong fire.
Through the practice of Qigong and reached the equilibrium solution, holographic life interest is the coexistence of independent initiative can exist long life sublimation and transcendence. Chinese Taoist alchemy is the main way to achieve the evolution of life. Of course, the sun god is the soul and four-dimensional body of information essence, are the antimatter powered. The process of practicing alchemy is actually the process of the meridians and Qi and primordial antimatter, the essence of a life beyond the soul of information to strengthen.

Qigong Explain

Qigong is the body's tissues and organs in function better ordering and collaborative physiological changes through the process of specific methods of practice. Due to the different cultivation methods, physiological changes caused by physiological effects will be different, this is not the same as qigong. Through the psychological activities of the organisms can produce effects on the body or things. Qigong is psychophysics.
Qigong has a unique effect in health care. He is based on the overall view of life on the basis of the theory, through the active use of inward consciousness training, reform, perfect and improve the function of the human life, the practice of natural instincts into conscious intelligence. Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, is considered to be an important The Chinese traditional culture One, by many people in the world love.
Some people think that qigong is deep breathing therapy. In fact, Qigong exercise including aligning, Adjustable body Three types of pranayama, means, every kind of means and methods, deep breathing is only one method of breathing exercises. The term Qigong has existed for a long time, the meaning of uncertainty. In ancient times, the specific power transmission range is very small, and a specific method than word Qigong spread but also small. Modern, on the contrary. The word Qigong spread than specific exercises spread much more. The turning point was in 50s the last century Liu Guizhen Qigong promotion. Liu Guizhen was learning the traditional method cure curative effect is good, will vigorously promote traditional Qigong treatment. Naming and Qigong therapy. Since then become the masses understand Qigong The secret world The door.
Liu Guizhen itself is a very strong utilitarian. He also extended utilitarian very strong. After several decades, various methods of various factions were dubbed the name of Qigong, publishing, oral teaching that inspires true understanding within. But in the publication and dissemination of. These exercises are deleted from the ideology of its own property. And some high level dangerous content.
In 80s, martial arts qigong fever. A lot of people increase the ideology attribute of Qigong, a trickster. Until the end of the 90s. After traditional and Qigong are depressed. However, the term has grown up qigong. Tao, Wu and medicine in foreign propaganda Jieyan qigong.
Old times, Dan Dan, is to guide is guiding, meditation is meditation and breathing exercises is tonalide. And the practice of the martial arts and medicine. No one refers to them, because of their work are closely integrated with the theory. Is the so-called solitary Yang Yin not born alone is not long.
Old, harmony of yin and Yang is a cult. In modern times, there is no Yang Yin and Yang for yin. Jade and stone burned together。
From Qigong preexistence, we can see. This world is not what can exist independently from the secular world. Is not what the world. Previously, the cultural knowledge is not wide, contact these people is naturally profound knowledge, martial arts and medicine is very different. After the founding of new China, widely spread cultural knowledge. The layman to understand thoroughly, will want to carry on the summary of the general. Coupled with the need to conform to the times, to transform the natural. Experts have to cater to the times, but also accept the transformation. This is the materialism. The development of things has its own laws. To change the law, and ultimately to return to the original rules. This is the materialism. The whole world or materialism.

Qigong content

Qigong is very extensive, which is characterized by exercise practitioners to subjective meaning, for their own physical and mental gas, combination, including regulating body, regulating the heart, breath, self massage and physical activities etc.. Aligning is the regulation of mental activity, pranayama is the regulation of respiratory movement, regulating body posture and movement regulation of the body is. The three is a basic method of Qigong exercise, or is the three elements of Qigong Science Basic norms. Qigong practice there are breathing power to practice breathing mainly; in practice mainly static static; combining with practice based dynamic work; to practice guidance work, main ideas and guide zhanzhuang and self massage massage.

Qigong Characteristic

Qigong brief introduction

First, meridians, acupoints, Qi theory is the theoretical basis of Chinese qigong. Chinese traditional medicine includes rich content, qigong is a magnificent Pearl China traditional medicine treasure. The meridians, acupoints, Qi theory, is Chinese traditional medicine theory is the theoretical basis of China qigong. The human body is a very complex phenomenon of meridians and acupoints, Qi and blood. Can be simple and vividly explained: meridian is the blood running channel, acupoint is blood running entrance.
The reason is that fitness Qigong acupoint is benign stimulation, blood flow through the meridians.

Qigong The harmony between man and nature

Chinese Qigong reflects The harmony between man and nature People, nature, spirit and the unity of the whole concept.
Chinese Qigong emphasizes the harmony between man and nature, man and nature are closely inextricably linked, the human body is affected by factors such as climate and environment. China Qigong of man and nature to pay attention to the dynamic.
China Qigong emphasizes the unity of man and society. The social environment on human health and disease are closely related, Chinese stressed that people should adapt to the social practice of qigong.
Chinese Qigong emphasizes the spirit of unity. Self exercise Qigong is a kind of China characteristics. It can not only improve the physiological function of human body, but also can improve the mental function of human body. At the same time the qigong improve human physiological function and psychological function, two interrelated constraints.

Qigong School of history

In the Han folk Qigong state in history, and the formation of skilled doctor , Confucian Taoism and buddhism, Wu Jia Many other schools. Medical qigong Emphasis on health care, sickness, and Taoist Qigong Double the life .

Qigong Lianqi tips

Concentrate on breathing
Relaxed and comfortable
wait and see sth.'s/sb.'s change
Let nature take its course
Come very naturally
Concentrated in the pineal gland

Qigong The classification of Qigong

Qigong According to the practice content

Ancient Qigong for the "life" of the study, the content can be divided into:
Refers to the human nature, and God, "Sutra" said: "the heart of the king, the king, are on the ground." The main work of starting from training of mind totally focused on mental activities, exercise. Start from the Dantian (but keep on practicing do not belong to the work of Dantian), or not to engage in mind, renjiziran. The Buddhist meditation thoughts "to a generation of Italian law still" the french. Also, edify moral power attribute category. Mental workers should be practicing this skill.
Work life
Life refers to the kidney and body is visible and gas. Life work from the refining of poly Tianjin raw essence, refined gas refining refining gasification stage, god. To keep the pubic region. Zhou Tiangong, this is too strong. For strong physique are advised to practice this skill.
Double the life.
Double the life power (any kind of exercises of senior stage double): a first repair work, and work to repair the life after double the life; to repair life work, after the repair work to double the life; have started on the training of mind to repair, Hui Lian yuan fine to repair life and double repair (repair method of double life with martial art.). Now rarely really double repair (this is because sex and life are two interrelated and interdependent aspects of human life, the two can not completely separate, but each kind of method have different focus.).

Qigong From the practice of body points

Power station
To stop exercising, also called Zhuang station. Work on the station, boosting strong body, improve health quality, it launched the obvious effect. Neighbor Wang Xiangzhai, Qin shigezo preaching is also. Zhuang station is not only a kind of Qigong exercise, but also is the basic skills of Wushu, Wushu is an important way to achieve superior Kung fu. As the saying goes: "to wash from the bone marrow, stand up zhuang". The martial arts, especially in the practice of shadowboxing to station village, such as Tai Chi Chuan, water horse step Zhuang Zhuang, Xingyi three, tongbeiquan Lohan village, the village of Changquan Boy Scout...... The station is not only suitable for Zhuang physique weaker patients, and is suitable for healthy people and sports enthusiasts.
By sitting practice, is an important way of practicing Dharma, quiet Sunday practice handling. This method is easy to start it and either. Sitting posture, generally divided into a seat to sit (sitting on the chair, stool), and three kneeling sitting cross legged. Sitting cross legged is divided into three kinds, namely scattered disc -- natural single disc -- a cross legged; foot arrived in the perineum, one foot in another thigh; double - disc pressure on the legs are bipedal, commonly known as the "five air sit".
In practice there are horizontal, supine and lateral position points. The role and Dhyana similar, slightly slow start it. But the body extremely weak and can not sit or to work tired height, recumbent acrobatics, air launched but compared to other ways obviously. For patients with mobility, lying power is the only feasible method. For general practitioners, only as a way to do work lying before going to bed, woke up the auxiliary.
Power line
The ancients did not set up for work, just practice to a certain extent, keep walking action requirements. The so-called "line, standing, sitting and lying, not from the", "this" is the intrinsic state of practice. Pay attention to footwork exercises of wushu. Now the work is from the martial arts in some basic steps to it and bodiless deduction, Taiji ball, lion Dan Shaolin happy bear shaped step step, wuqinxi...... Very similar. This method is easy to learn, practice, and there is blood, dredge the meridian, suitable for patients with chronic exercise.

Qigong From the physical movement points

The body does not move when practicing. The sitting and standing, lying is power.
The dynamic reactive power
Through a variety of actions, in practice gas, the muscles, and achieve zhuangguqiangjin air one purpose. Can use the body, can use the enemy...... Shadowboxing is oathmate category, such as Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, baguazhang......
The movement phase and
A practice and practice refers to both the dynamic reactive power static, some methods have a double movement characteristics, static and dynamic internal requirements by dynamic to static. Such as Damour, Emei village, toad muscle-bone strengthening exercise twelve gas, and intelligent dynamic function of the power law.

Qigong From the functions of Qi

Hard Qigong
The function of the multi department of martial arts and acrobatics in Kung Fu, such as the "Golden Stone crack" and "invulnerability", "the invasion" and "prop jack"...... All kinds of special functions.
Soft Qigong (gas)
Soft qigong (also called for a variety of Health Qigong SHUNQI), disease prevention and control.
"Hard Qigong" and "soft" Qigong is customary but non scientific use. The so-called hard Qigong, qigong is the true to a part of the body, make the local tissue changes temporarily, thus showing the function of superman. It is actually a function.

Qigong From the origin point of Qigong

Doctors work
Closely connected with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, on the human body meridian, viscera more delicate observation of gasification reaction. To explore the mystery of life, human illnesses and sickness, and is the basis and essence of traditional Chinese medicine. As the week Tiangong in meridian is Sunday.
Taoist work
The theory is the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to "Bo more broad and profound, mind mixing", to "defense of Quanzhen", "longevity", is China's traditional works in the rich and colorful part of his work, quiet work, Dan keep thinking skills (also called to save power, power and navigation) breathing suit qigong.
Confucian work
Mold, focuses on the nature of exercise, "intended cuhuring", advocated in daily life will temper, faithfulness, keep magnanimous, in order to "suddenly".
The power of Buddhism
With the virtual Wuwei purpose, "mingxinjianxing". The aim of "broken card really confused", "Miao Cheever". To explore the mysteries of life as a medicine and Taoism profound. Such as "Zen" and "six Dharma gates" and "Cinta" are.
Martial arts qigong
Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the formation of the martial arts and Qigong, boxing and martial arts qigong regimen. Have Wudang, Shaolin, Emei, Kunlun school and Nangong school, advocated the staticdynamic repair, both inside and outside. Hard Qigong popular martial arts qigong is a kind of function, which is light, can get across the empty point stunt.

Qigong From the role of exercise on human body points

Disease prevention and control work
Chinese medicine believes that the human body is nothing more than good blood disorder, imbalance of yin and Yang, the five internal organs disorders caused by disease, and treatment with warm blood, dredge the meridians, yin and Yang Ping to Peru, and this is the most basic function of Qigong, namely practice every kind of Qigong has the function of preventing and treating diseases. If a method of disease prevention and treatment effect is obvious, the other function is bad, is called the disease prevention and control work. Such as pine, static power lines......
Strong power
If health care medicine is the primary effect of Qigong, qigong is the second stage then decimating the physical. Through practice, training the vital qi, viscera and meridians, skin, meat, ribs, bone Qi Xuan changtongda, abundant, so as to strengthen the function of the various parts of the human body. The strong body as the main function of the power law, can be called strong power. Such as, gas, power station Zhuang toad movement, hard Qigong etc..
Zhou Gong
Practice after Sunday (along the body line) Qimai operation method. Can be divided into the hexagrams (inner Gong), Sunday Sunday, Sunday will guide and so on meridians. This kind of method is the core of Taoist traditional works, but also an important content of medical qigong.
Intelligent power
Refers to the development of normal and abnormal intelligence excels in intelligence work. Many of China's traditional works have this role, but due to the traditional works name, not called smart power. Now the name has become a term intelligent Qigong science.

Qigong essentials

Qigong Posture

(body) relaxed posture, is a prerequisite for the smooth breathing and relaxation induced by the spirit. Different positions have different physiological characteristics, the posture itself also plays a certain therapeutic effect. The common position is flat and free to sit cross legged, single disc knee, supine, lateral, stop, walking etc..
Meditation meditation (aligning) refers to a stable state of quiet, with no distractions, concentrate on one point, i.e. Omphaloskepsis Or pay more attention to the breath, a weakening of the external stimulus into the feeling of waking, like as not known state, in which the brain cortex into protective inhibition. There are five kinds of commonly used methods of meditation:
1 Italy law-abiding.
2 with information method.
3 number of interest method.
4 meditation method.
5 listen to the information method.
The above five kinds of aligning method still can be started from the beginning of training will gradually transition to the law, with interest or interest to law, or always practicing a kind, can It differs from man to man.
Breathing (Pranayama) is an important part of the respiratory Qigong therapy. Through the exercise, modified thoracic breathing for abdominal breathing, change to shallow breathing deep breathing, finally become spontaneous diaphragmatic breath. There are 8 kinds of commonly used methods of breathing:
Natural breathing.
Inverse breathing.
Stop breathing.
Nasal suction call method.
Qi Tong Ren and Du breathing.
Latent respiration method.
Real interest method.
To practice breathing in the basic law of nature under the guidance of soft gradually achieve long, fine, slow, must not be anxious.

Qigong action

Qigong is different, its characteristics and requirements are different, but the common requirements are: loose static nature, hand in hand, a day care practice in combination with a combination of static and dynamic, step by step, people vary due to illness, persevere, life. Most of the above requirements, applicable to all kinds of Qigong practitioners practicing some specific work, according to the specific requirements of this kind of qigong. General Mental disease , bleeding, fever, acute disease and Acute infectious disease People should not practice qigong.
The day after tomorrow with a synthetic air congenital vitality Hao Ran upright Kung Fu; implementation of self adjustment, self training, fitness and longevity of the science of life. Gas sensing
Gas sensing Refers to practice Qigong or concentration will produce in a certain part of the body of the heat, linen or itchy feeling. Although the gas is most practicing Qigong people will have experience, but the cause has not yet been studied out of gas.
There's a theory that qigong is an illusion, but the illusion is not meaningless, it is in order to replace the real signal simulation of sensory signals, driving The autonomic nervous system Psychosomatic role (dream "psychosomatic effects" said). Qigong can drive the nerve repair illusion of distension and numbness in the autonomic nervous system of fitness for purpose.
In addition, some of the time, the physiological response will always be Qigong who refers to the "gas":
When the depth of relaxation, a variety of micro vascular microcirculation exuberant up feeling, is the most warm, if there is tingling, traditional Chinese medicine also said it was a "wind". Beginners often say that this is "gas to the fingertips".
Deep breathing, blood strong, limb brain get adequate blood and oxygen supply when the spirit of refreshing feeling. Is often described as "feel a gas gush, even large Small Sunday Function, internal force Increase.
Similar to mime or self hypnosis, try to influence the consciousness is not easy to control the position of the feeling (visceral like involuntary). Sometimes the body will rarely do in a different position ( Zhuanggong ), the center of gravity, with the usual loading position is different, with vision and breathing, thus stimulating to some little place and visceral organs, which are sports, for practitioners of a less common, but very comfortable personal realm of experience. This will often be called to Italy gas, gas to the conductor, and open up Heart meridian , Lung meridian ...... Wait。
Bio electrical reaction of the nerve, such as meat, and even jump brow jumps cramps. If the reaction is Qigong hope it happens, or in the control and anticipation, might say it is "big magic"; if it is not want it to happen, or out of control occurs, is called "the deviation", and" Zouhuorumo "
Originally, in modern terms on the above statement, gas sense into science can explain things rather than illusion, with Western Scientific Dialogue and exchange, but due to the lack of "Yin and Yang, deficiency and excess, and The five line That kind of gossip vocabulary, making traditional or older Qigong from learners feel right away, seemed to belittle the qigong like, and may even be ridiculed as dizzy.
In the process of practicing Qigong, people often have some strange experience. There are the more common sense, a keen sense of gas, static etc..

Qigong application

Qigong therapy

Including psychological therapy, but there are differences and psychological therapy. Psychological therapy generally refers to the doctor with language, facial expression, posture and attitude, of wakefulness were reasoning, suggesting that a treatment; or by some special induction method, make the patient caused by a surface similar to sleep hypnosis to a state of hypnosis were suggestive therapy. The patient is always passive. The characteristics of Qigong therapy is to exert the subjective initiative of the patient, the patient under the guidance of a doctor, through self training so as to strengthen the ability of self control effect.

Qigong The relationship with TCM

Qigong is an important part of traditional medicine Chinese. Our book in 2000 years ago, the earliest medical classics " Inner Canon of Huangdi "In the content of Qigong theory method, and the treatment results were documented. In " D. "The eighty-one article, there are a dozen directly or indirectly about Qigong aspects. Therefore, before the spring and Autumn period, Qigong has become an important method of health care.
From the history of traditional Chinese medicine, China's ancient physicians attach great importance to qigong. Not only of Qigong is discussed in the book, and many medical qigong practitioner himself. Such as the Han Dynasty famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing In his masterpiece " Synopsis of the Golden Chamber "The book said:" it felt heavy limbs, leading tuna, acupuncture massage with ointment, do not make nine orifices occlusion". A method of the "guiding tuna" is qigong. The famous "Wuqinxi", that is the Han Dynasty famous doctor Hua Tuo The record, today is still Qigong enthusiasts favorite. After the Jin Dynasty Hong The "baopuzi", written by Tao Hongjing "the southern and Northern Dynasties Yang Xing Yan Ming Lu The Sui Dynasty, " Chao Yuanfang The " Source "The Tang Dynasty", written by Sun Simiao Emergency prescriptions ", written by Wang Tao" Taiwan miyao The Song Dynasty "," Shengji Zonglu "There are aspects of Qigong and writings of Jin and Yuan four. With Li Shizhen in a famous doctor in the Ming Dynasty " Eight extrameridians Pointed out: "test" in the interior tunnel, but the audience back to be observed". Mean, can detect changes in the human body meridian in the process of practicing some motions. The Qing Dynasty famous febrile diseases Ye And Wu Jutong, both practice and theory of qigong. The modern doctor Chun Zhang The "medical sincerely participate in the West recorded" also has the monograph of Qigong chapters, and points out that medicine should participate in meditation. From the above mentioned and medical works and Qigong, namely the Qigong School has a long history, but also the important position of Qigong in traditional Chinese medicine.
Qigong is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, mainly in theory based on the theory of Chinese medicine, qigong and Qigong in the creation in the application of yin and Yang, five elements, viscera and meridians, jingqishen theory as guidance; understanding on Qigong exercise Qigong effect and mechanism of action, so far, mainly to to elaborate the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Of course, because since ancient times, qigong practice not only for physicians unique, Confucianism Taoism and Buddhism, Wu and other various in different practice, of Qigong has formed its own understanding, also constitute a part of the theory of qigong.
Qigong practice results also provides new contents for traditional Chinese medicine, such as the Ming Dynasty physician Li Shizhen, Jingyue Analysis of eight extrameridians and Mingmen theory system in the pubic region, is largely based on the practice of Qigong. To emphasize the use of Qigong ideas, is of Chinese metality theory and emotion theory supplement and development. Master of Qigong psychosomatic training with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine is helpful to deeply understand the "one God", "harmony" of the overall concept, and the mechanism of Qigong, but also beneficial to the Chinese "gasification theory" and the "spirit" theory and the correlation between the psychological understanding of viscera. Unearthing Qigong and drug application with Qigong, acupuncture, qigong massage and other traditional treatment methods can improve clinical efficacy, explore new therapeutic approaches.

Qigong The same point

Qigong and physical exercise are human self psychosomatic exercise method, has the fitness function. Qigong, especially the dynamic reactive power, is also a kind of special physical exercise. If you remove the special requirements of the thoughts, breathing, and physical exercise in gymnastics is just gentle slow. Physical exercise also includes a "body", "breathe", "heart" of the three aspects of the corresponding content. The main contents such as "body" is a physical exercise, breathing adjustment for physical exercise is also very important, like the runners must be coordinated with the pace of the same breath. Correct breathing methods, is "body" to reach the perfect state of guarantee. Physical exercise also attaches great importance to the impact of mental state, almost all sports and athletic performance are psychological stability and athletes, just different degrees of influence, like shooting, archery, any mood swings could greatly affect the results.
In the traditional sports of martial arts and Qigong is inseparable. The so-called "muscles skin, go to practice", refers to the combination of Wushu and qigong. Wushu development today, the most striking thing is to play with it and Qigong exercise therapy. In the traditional Qigong Wuqinxi ""," Eight section brocade "So many exercises, often also were included in the list of physical exercise.

Qigong Difference

1, physical exercise on the adjustment of body ", namely physical exercise, the" breathe "in order to get a sufficient supply of oxygen in the process of intense physical exercise, and continuously remove carbon dioxide from the body, to ensure that the supplementary consumption brain, muscle energy and sports, so as to ensure the smooth for. That is the purpose of physical exercise to give full play to the. The "heart" is also in order to ensure the perfect form of play. Unlike the three elements of Qigong, qigong in," Aligning "Plays a decisive leading role," the body "is an important condition for smoothly aligning, pranayama," breathe "helps to relax the body and spirit of peace. The combination of the three, and gradually achieve the static state of Qigong, and self adjustment and exercise the internal functions of the body under the guidance of the consciousness, through the special mental process to change their physiological condition, to cure the purpose of the body.
2 compared with physical exercise, qigong more emphasis on mental state effects on human health, emphasize to adjust his physiological activity through active self mental activities. In the static state of Qigong to mobilize and cultivate the physiological potential of the human body, play physical treatment effect.
3 Qigong exercise is carried out in the static state of Qigong breathing requirements movement, it requires to maintain loose static nature, body Coordinated motion Soft, gentle breathing, the oxygen consumption is reduced, the slowing of heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve the quality of the body as a whole; and the general physical exercise accelerated breathing, oxygen consumption increased, heart rate, blood pressure, so as to speed up certain parts of the body to form the development of The new supersedes the old., according to the specific requirements of a perfect. A big difference. It is a traditional art of China's unique.

Qigong Confucian Qigong

Classic: "University", "moderate", "Mencius", "13" and "positive" note, "Tibet", Confucianism Confucian unearthed BambooSilk
The Confucian self-cultivation to work as the main object, the all big, in the mind. Start here, hand up here. The Buddhist concept of "in time, for the mind, Taoist" Lian refined hearts "as the time for the mind, Confucian" intended cuhuring "as the time for the mind. The "University" and "faithfulness", "the doctrine of the" Frank as "Mencius except" intended cuhuring ", and" all". The number of persons, to mention the "intended cuhuring" four words is the most easy to cut into the text.
"Heart", the heart also exist; "support", the nature of which is also raised, raising the Tianxin nature. One day and natural original mind, no impure between goodness. So just keep them without fail, do not turn the situation between material and the day after tomorrow will be in mind, the Holy Land and sky. The Mencius said, "as its heart, knows his nature; know, he knows heaven. Keep the mind, raise it, so that day." Deliberately dedicated for the cultivation of as much as the. In addition to the "golden mean" standard "what is nature, straightforward that way", he sincerely said: "only when all the world sincerity, in order to be able to make it. To do it, then people can make; people can make, you can do things; to do this, you can praise heaven and earth genesis; be heaven's genesis, with heaven and earth can be." This express to people such as the whims of all time to repair, expansion and filling, can with heaven and earth. This is all a brief that "heaven" time.
Intended cuhuring, not only for all of this, and also for making refined hearts and enlightenment not the lack of time. The Taoist smelting refined hearts, solid to keep from the start; the Buddhist nature not vice versa, why that? Don't keep the sight of why? And also, Ming, and must be kept; see, they must keep the indemnity for a long time and light. Otherwise, the revised time after a certificate to see, but in the solid site, see after the site also lost. Her mind cunyang, later to sanctification road Buddha, still can not have a loss, can not have an idea! A little slack, it is a place, I lost. So we must keep but not to lose, just be. Always in the Confucian, Buddhist nature good plagiarize the purpose of thought, I do not know the best Confucian Shu more now in!
The original mind just one, separately, so for the convenience of a lecture. Take heart of see, for that is how. The heart is, that is in the heart. Not only this, the sky and the life with heart and with science and road to development are. It can be said that, in all the way. In the road with different names and synonyms, also with the body. "Heaven and earth with me, and all things and I are one". It is the reason such as, on time, especially. A very quiet set Benedict, his heart, from cards to. Large sub cloud: "in the days of life, in righteousness, in human nature, the main body in the heart, but also a." The cloud: "heart is the only day, every glance, that day, intellectual." The cloud: "nature and Tao, non complacent is unknown; therefore:" cannot be heard." The cover can only use the contract but also. And when the children and the nature of mind to say: "the words that the days of self-care, self by the words that the cold storage, since people say that the heart." The cloud: "this is the life, the nature of that day, the tangible is the heart of the action is. This number, one also. A saint because of something to the name, so if different." Heir but also advocated "nature is static," nature is reason ". In fact, not only day life, and the heart, and can be attributed to the mix, and a world that is everything; they can mingle, and unified with the truth. So Confucius said: "Wen Chao, Xi dead but." Youyue: Chi Yu Tao, according to Germany, according to Jen, swim in the arts; "Yue:" the Tao is indispensable; separable, non way." The shost, as the first to order.
Repair your husband sages, setting up the! This word and. This is also the heart?. Heart people dominate, also dominate the universe of the world. The following Xiangshan and Yang Ming Cheng and Zhu Er Zi advocated "nature is reason", advocating "mind is reason". Xiangshan "the universe is my heart, my heart is the universe", and "Confucian universe I one", and "the benevolent Ming complete unity with objects", a Buddhist "heart is Buddha, the Buddha is in the heart" and "Buddha is sentient beings, sentient beings such as Buddha is Buddha" one heart the Buddha and sentient beings, one said, real deep lofty! But to really reach the universe and my heart development and one of the things I can not say to be the supreme realm, it said, it can reach the heart of, from the ground to make efforts to set foot and heel indeed; at the time on Qide "and Pluto, and Pluto, and Pluto. Road, road and square" of the divine realm, as a light heart light pop, pop; no, no matter I will meet, no, no movement; this has to carry the promise by Taiji realm (Note: not by Wuji and Taiji realm)!
The lady into oneself, adult, and into service, for the things in the world, the world of water but could not reverse; in my heart, it is all. Mencius said: "everything is for me." So the way to my heart, since everything can be universal without or. Confucius said: "the road not far, one for the road and far, not enough for the road." "By the" Tao said: "in my bow." "In my heart." How far is it from? More than is often said: "no heart no way outside." With the Buddhist said "the heart is semantic, which is the heart". The reverse from the heart, when the body is. So instead of advocating "mind is reason", "nature is reason", and "not far if the heart is the" Dao ", namely" is. Daniel, Tao li. The preparation of a million, million is one way. Fu Xi, Huang Di, Yao, Shun, Yu, Tang, Wen, Wu and Confucius as Mencius, holy legend, is said without words, without preaching communication. So, to give way and comfortable life science! Song Ruzhi cite physical characters, to science, don't open the path outside in addition to new in order to be different, he is there? Han Yu advocated Confucian orthodoxy said, "a song to the" after "orthodoxy", the well to release after the split and Zen; Taoism, at an end, and Cheng Zhu through the land king of the detective, disputes endless, and the house, or arguing with each other, and how small the world? The husband, had no one, no one was, after each standing hall, mutual tongues, the road is debated and more fun, more and more science for dark! This is the so-called "make trouble out of nothing" and "no contest for students who are.
Cardiff Road, no matter, still invisible, unknown, no body, no image, far in congenital, nearly in one, has been all things without or left, everything should be without undue. The status quo and the world, are prepared to in my heart, heart does not move, in consideration of Xian yi. Mencius said: "for the." Self seeking, self seeking in my heart. For the heart, which is free of it; for, then the ease of which it; for the universe, which is free! The words of Saint orthodoxy Ru veins, one is the time for the mind to intended cuhuring.
Or ask: "mind cunyang way and how to start?" Said: "will also just carry on static. The heart of the body of the static body, vice versa. In the sense of moving things, due to the loss of its moving, moving, and contrary to the tao. Tao is indispensable, so the heart can not move a moment. The universe was born, static and long in the static and dynamic failure to move to death. Yu Gu Yue: "useless static Kyrgyzstan, no real useless." This ancient philosophy is "rather than a". The "big easy" so-called "quiescence", so keep the heart, keep the body. The so-called "and then through the sense of ', in the quiescence Zhan nothing, then nothing; Zhan, is naturally bright; naturally have a sense of bright, that should be, and then through the. So it can be and then through the hole, then cover the bright, it does not feel ignorant; spiritual Bumei, a god Yao, is ignorance and knowledge, not enough, not to God, not god. It can have a sense of this, and there should be no barrier ."
In order to repair the world sage and convenient sage's sake, the ancient sages of the special law of Saint Saint heart vein accomplishment, no matter what, words, words, words De Li, who can be used in meditation, in order to repair time cultivation, the introduction. And the organized system, for the time of the Confucian self-cultivation ", principle and canonical. And let the two sages dobutsu free and willing to! So scattered in ancient classics in the sacred words of sacred law, summed up the total of twelve entries, that the law of heart to "time of repairing overcome all worldly thoughts and enter sainthood" in confucianism. And the twelve entries, one does not have to fully repair, choose of the past, as a line or two or three, are few in the place. Except for items that are not, no practice of the law, but generally speaking, this is the most important accomplishment of Saint medica. To sit in the secret method, also try to choose when Jane pointed out that for scholars of the yan! The contract shall be self fulfilling, non language are available and waiters, only slightly over. Good to keep the text Avenue, really not in the language ". Where the person, but also to the ancients, and dross ear! We are the following description:
First, to observe the law two, three, to keep the law to maintain the law
Four, five, one method to deposit to six, standard method
Seven, to eight, the modified method of static method to repair nine, revised method to
Ten, repair method to view eleven, to twelve, to rest to life