cowboy culture

The cowboy culture originated in the US state of New Mexico. The cowboy spirit is "freedom", which is equivalent to about two words free way, go its own way, the true human nature. Such a state, everyone may desire, but not everyone can and. You are what identity, status, age, height, weight, equality, harmony of the world, interpretation of the man is absolutely natural self, to filter out the other...... Explore the essence of jeans, is also a kind of spiritual pursuit of modern people. Brave、 Perseverance Buweijianxian, Never yield in spite of reverses
cowboy culture

cowboy culture cowboy image

The traditional cowboy image:
Independence, freedom, rebellion, rough, Heroic , chic, elegant
Rigorous, smart, gentle, courageous and full of ambition, love adventure, love yourself!
If not now, when If not? Me, who?
The movie cowboy image
The modern cowboy image

cowboy culture Cowboy clothing

Typical signs of jeans cowboy logo.
The cowboy culture is a composed of many elements of street culture in general, including cowboy spirit, cowboy music, dance, denim jeans.
The so-called "cowboy" has become a popular fashion, and even has become a fixed habit, wearing tight or loose jeans, wrapped in scarves or famous sports cap, edition shoes, mobile phone and headset course with digital photography, plus a bunch of shiny metal ornaments on that point, shake the pace.
"Cowboy industry", many people may have never even heard of it, but the fact is almost the vast majority of the world's people are already living in this industry built cultural atmosphere. Take Taiwan for example. As long as we just turn on the TV, mobile phone, those who sell shoes, jeans, and beverage advertising and other commodities, have always been a young man wearing a baseball cap, or wrapped in a large scarf, wearing a loose dress, even wearing a jacket with hood, walking shoes, dancing, in the running, or doing other actions. This is the "cowboy style".
In addition to the classic TV advertising and entertainment channel can be seen on the "cowboy style", if we walk down the street, in some fashionable young teenagers, or concentration of the new middle class, the kind of "cowboy style" is more common. Some of the young upstart, wearing a cowboy hat, wearing a wireless mobile phone cool device
"Cowboy style" is certainly not just run out. The formation of a style, mainly through the goods, and the goods created by the code of behavior and culture. Therefore, natural style is industry. Then, the so-called "cowboy industry", its industrial scale is how much? It may be scary, because according to official estimates of experts, any consumer behavior across the country, and "cowboy related industry" probably accounted for 1/4, such as clothing, footwear, accessories sports equipment, television, magazines, movies, advertising, mobile phone, soft and hard drinks, fast food chain, the record, model industry, cosmetics industry of art financial industry, sports activities and life industry and other related economic activities, are its penetration, even some non orthodox brand, also can not resist the "fee penetration fire cowboy style" caused, but close to it.

cowboy culture Cowboy collocation

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