Pollen tube

Is the germination of the pollen tube. Pollen The inner wall prominent, pollen exine through the Germination hole (or channel) extending outwardly from the thin tubular structure formed by germination hole. The main role is to carry the sperm and transported to other contents Egg apparatus or Egg cell In order to fertilization.
Pollen tube

Pollen tube brief introduction

Pollen The inner wall of the outer wall of the pollen Germination hole (or channel) extending outwards from the tube.
The average pollen germination when producing a pollen tube, with multiple apertures of the pollen grains began to grow at the same time can be a number of pollen tube, only one will continue to grow. The pollen tube growth depends on its end, at high magnification microscope tube end has a transparent hemispherical region of said cap region. Contains a variety of organelles in the cytoplasm after the cap region, which is related to the growth of pollen tube. The pollen tube to a certain length, the original contents of pollen grains in all the focus to the tip of the pollen tube, the pollen tube from the stigma style To the ovary, and then enter the ovule and embryo sac In two, the pollen tube sperm And all the contents released to embryo sac In order to Fertilization The. The pollen tube is a part of male gametophyte.

Pollen tube The use of Technology

pollen-tube pathway Is containing the target gene to the ovary injection after pollination DNA The solution, using plants in the flowering and fertilization of pollen tube formed in the process of the Exogenous DNA Into the fertilized egg cell, and further to be integrated into the receptor cell genome, with the development of the fertilized egg has genetically engineered new individual. This method in early 80s by Chinese scholars Guang Yu Zhou Present, our country is now promoting the largest area of transgenic cotton is cultivated by pollen tube pathway. The biggest advantage of this method is not dependent on artificial regeneration, cultivation technology is simple, do not need a well-equipped laboratory, conventional breeding workers easy to master.