changbaishan airport

Changbaishan Airport (IATA:NBS; ICAO:ZYBS) is the first China forest tourism airport. The airport is located in Jilin Province Baishan City Fusong Songjiang County town of Changbai Mountain development zone protection pond West, 15 kilometers away from Changbai Mountain West scenic, scenic North 120 kilometers, 135 kilometers south of scenic spots.
changbaishan airport
Changbaishan Airport as a domestic regional airport in Baishan City Fusong County Songjiang town Changbaishan Airport, Changbaishan Airport is in Jilin Province during the "11th Five-Year" by the national key project, the civil aviation authority, the Jilin provincial government and the Capital Airport Holding Co joint venture construction.
Changbai Mountain The airport opened the air navigation channel of Changbai Mountain to the country, wild animal and plant resources of forest resources, relying on the rich in the vast area of Changbai Mountain, Human resources Build, eco tourism, tourism in Changbai Mountain area, The ice and snow tourism The important window. Changbaishan Airport airport, the airport as a tourist forest richly endowed by nature advantage will become a bright pearl in Changbai Mountain area.

changbaishan airport geographical position

changbaishan airport
The site is located Songjianghe The train station is really bearing 142 degrees away from the train station straight line distance of 16 kilometers.
Site elevation between 870~896 meters, the average elevation of 883 meters. The site on the south side of East, approximately 36 kilometers, 64 kilometers from the border line distance. From the site The western slope of Changbai Mountain The highway 18 km distance (three tourist road), and Changbai Mountain (Xi Po) Heaven Pool Highway 54 km distance from Changbai Mountain (the northern slope of the mountain gate. Two town 104 kilometers from the highway (three) tourist road), from Changbai Mountain South Gate (Changbai County) 97 km distance to highway (three tourist road).

changbaishan airport History

Changbaishan Airport began planning construction in 2001.
In 2006 10, 9:58, Changbaishan Airport construction officially held a groundbreaking instrument Type, kicked off the construction of the construction project of Changbaishan Airport sign. This is after the Changchun Longjia Airport and Chaoyangchuan airport, an airport construction project officially launched in our province, vice governor Niu Haijun attended the ceremony. The airport construction preparation work has been basically completed, with the comprehensive construction conditions. The general manager of Changbaishan Airport construction project department assistant Han Wansen told reporters that the airport has paved temporary road more than 1600 meters. About to do is improve the road connectivity system, 8 months late form construction, ensure project progress. By the end of the earth, the settlement of one year, engineering quality is guaranteed.
In August 3, 2008, the first of China's forest tourism Airport - Changbaishan Airport in Changchun FLYING AIRBUS 319 aircraft, this is the first flight in Changbaishan Airport, Changbaishan Airport also marks the completion and formally put into use. Changbaishan Airport for domestic regional airport, located in Jilin province Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone West pool.
Changbaishan Airport plan before the end of 2008 routes to 89. The province has 14 airlines operating 80 routes, including Changchun Longjia Airport There are 13 companies operating 63 routes, Yanji airport There are 6 companies operating 18 routes and 46 domestic and foreign city to achieve navigation. By the end of 2008, Jilin Province, the route will be increased to 89.
At noon of May 29, 2009, with Chinese South Uni Airways Corporation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, referred to as the "southern") Jilin branch, an Airbus executive Beijing - Changbai Mountain flight mission A319 aircraft landed safely in Changbaishan Airport in Baishan, led by the Jilin provincial government, the administrative committee of Changbai Mountain, Jilin province airport group, China Southern Airlines Jilin branch and other units co sponsored by the short warm "Changbai Mountain - Beijing route sailing ceremony.
In May 23, 2013 from the Jilin province Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone Management Committee was informed that in 2013, Harbin, Wuhan, Tianjin and other places of direct flights to Changbai Mountain route will be opened. It is understood that the Changbaishan Airport actively introduce other airlines encryption Beijing route, first opened in Wuhan - Tianjin - Changbai Mountain route, Xi'an - Dalian - Changbai Mountain, Dalian - Changbai Mountain - Harbin route will be opened. At the same time, Guangzhou flights to Changbai Mountain are also talks. Changbaishan Airport for Domestic Regional Airport (airport, China's first forest tourism) have been opened in Beijing - Changbai Mountain, Shanghai - Dalian - Changbai Mountain, Shenyang - Changbai Mountain - Changbai Mountain route, Changchun. The year 2012, Changbaishan Airport security landing 3172 vehicles, passenger throughput of 198 thousand passengers, an increase of 59.24% and 55.48% respectively.

changbaishan airport Hardware facilities

Changbaishan Airport is China domestic regional airport is located in Jilin Province Changbai Mountain protection zone West of the pool area . The flight area Flight level 4C, Airport runway 2600 meters long, 45 meters wide, building a total area of 8690 square meters, including 2 boarding bridges, a total of 6 stands, can meet the requirements of B737, A320 and other landing aircraft. Airport operation, Changchun - Changbai Mountain Beijing - Changbai Mountain round-trip route officially opened, every week each class 7, Changbai Mountain to Shenyang, Dalian, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other routes will be opened.
Changbaishan Airport terminal area of about 8900 square meters, according to the 4C standard construction of Changbaishan Airport airport, terminal area of about 8900 square meters, there are 2 boarding bridges, runway 2800 meters long, and Longjia airport Using the same modernization Departure system . At the same time, the air guide device provides a variety of security. Can accommodate Boeing 737, Airbus 319, 321, 320 aircraft.
Changbai Mountain ring highway put into use in October 2009: The administrative committee of Changbai Mountain Secretary general Wangku The Changbai Mountain scenic highway network are under construction, Changbai Mountain District Road 84 kilometers long, will be put into use in October 2009. Via Changbai Mountain The "East Road" scenic road is under construction, roadbed, tracks are laid, and the railway will be He long to Tumen Line connection, 2009 will be put into use. In October 2008, Changbai Mountain accommodation, scenic North five star Changbai Mountain Spa Resort The hotel will be put into use. In addition, there are 61 different star hotels can meet the needs of tourists.

changbaishan airport Terminal point

changbaishan airport route

Changbai Mountain - Changchun
Daily schedule, flight number CZ6538, schedule 1257, flight CZ6155 CZ6610
CZ6155 flight time from Changchun off at 10:30, 11:10 arrived in Changbai Mountain; 12 took off from Changbai Mountain, arrived at 12:40 Changchun;
 changbaishan airport changbaishan airport
CZ flight time from 8:20 Changchun off, arrived at 9:20 Changbai Mountain 21:50; 22:30 departure from Changbai Mountain, arrived in Changchun.
Changbai Mountain - Beijing
Schedule every Monday 2457, flight number CZ6153 MU3050
The flight time is 17:45 departure from Changbai Mountain, arrived at Beijing at 19:55; 21:45 departure from Beijing, arrived at Changbai Mountain at 23:35.
Changbai Mountain - Yanji
Schedule 12356, flight number CZ6154

changbaishan airport Timetable

Changbai Mountain Beijing - (Monday, two or three, five or six days)
19:30 - 21:30
Beijing - Changbai Mountain (every day)
11:00 - 13:00
Yanji - Changbai Mountain (every day)
18:20 - 18:50
Changbai Mountain, Yanji (Monday, two or three, five or six, day)
13:40 - 14:10
Changbai Mountain - Changchun (Tuesday, four or five days)
20:00 - 20:30
Changchun - Changbai Mountain (Tuesday, four or five days)
20:30 - 21:10

changbaishan airport Operation significance

Changbai Mountain The urgent need to greatly improve the tourist traffic environment in Changbai Mountain area to build the airport, passengers can greatly shorten the travel time, improve the traffic environment of Changbai Mountain tourism. At the same time will need to promote rapid economic development in the Changbai Mountain area, can adjust the local industrial structure, make the airport construction based on the development and focus on the development of Changbai Mountain tourism economy, promote the development of other industries around the region. In order to gradually realize The western slope of Changbai Mountain Tourism as the center, radiation, the southern slope of the north slope of Changbai Mountain, Changbai port International tourism, Jiejiang ( The Yalu River The integration of tourism and Tourism) around the scenic area. Changbai Mountain In accommodation, entertainment, shopping and other tourist service infrastructure construction and Changbai Mountain scenic tour, sightseeing and Changbai Mountain civil airport together constitute a relatively complete system of Changbai Mountain tourism.

changbaishan airport Traffic transfer

Songshan The site area is 1.5 km north of Songjianghe to Changbai Mountain Heaven Pool The three level of tourist highway. From the train station at a distance of 16 kilometers, from Fusong The tourism economic development zone of Changbai Mountain Songshan Road station to the site of the road about 11.5 kilometers away. The site is apart from the Fusong County 41 kilometers, distance (G201 national highway) Changbai port The distance to highway 133 km distance (S302 Road) Mount Bai City Road (G201 Road) a distance of 153 kilometers, from make well-connected Highway 187 kilometers distance (G201 Road) (Tonghua: Baishan between 34 km a road traffic, from October 2004) Two town 128 km (three tourist road). Better roads, external traffic is more convenient.