"Forest" is composed of Canada Independent game developer Endnight Games build Horror Adventure A kind of game, released in May 30, 2014.
The construction of facilities, explore the world of the game game player must survive. Game player must cut construction camp, fire heat, collect food, can even grow crops. Game player can hide the whereabouts of avoid the enemy, can also make weapons with stones and sticks, and the enemy front battle. The game player is the enemy of a group of savage and ferocious monster, and their normal humans, have their own family and moral values.

Forest The game is set

"Forest" is a description of the crash and lost in the jungle for survivors of the protagonist, how to survive in the jungle and how savage attack from harm.
They have suffered savage game player in a primitive social concept, although it appears as if there is no what too big attack, but would the collective attack and fast attack speed, they must produce a variety of game player weapons in their offensive to defense and trap.
At the same time in the jungle will change with the different day and night, day and night, the temperature will change, they must collect the game player to prevent ignition branches their body temperature is low, or for food in the jungle looked around for. In the game, with the game player who stretched in the jungle, a variety of outdoor survival skills will become more skillful (such as planting seeds to produce food and so on), and can choose suitable places as their stronghold, and set traps to prevent the enemy invasion and so on, at the same time, the game will also be included including coastline, caves, at the end of lake and other places every kind of stage.
In the game, game player plays and lost in the jungle because the crash survivors living in the jungle in the face no terrorist tricky humanoids will start to kill, and you have to do is try to escape. The man without a face type biological is a primitive society organization in the jungle of group action creatures, although at first glance like ordinary humans, but would attack striking at high speed. In the face of them, game player can choose to infiltrate and assassination, or kill the enemy from the front is used to produce their own weapons.
Game player to survive in the forest must learn a variety of skills, including tents or cut the trees, is born Bonfire To search for food to warm, the protagonist is starving to death, of course, game player can also grow their own food to feed.

Forest Operations Guide

The current version of the game does not support custom shortcuts.
But the game player can set the sound effects.
The basic control the direction of the WASD key with the mouse to complete the typical.
Shortcut key:
I: item
B: Survival Guide
E: interaction and confirmation
R: building orientation change
Z: rest in the camp at the same time.

Forest The development of history

The game was first released in May 30, 2014, "Public Alpha Version v0.01 version"
This will be landing PC platform, while supporting the head mounted virtual reality display Oculus Rift .

Forest Configuration requirements

Forest The recommended configuration

CPU: Quad Core CPU
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 the same card
Memory: 4 GB memory
Hard drive: 5 GB of free space
System: Windows 7

Forest Minimum configuration

CPU:2.4 GHz dual core CPU
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT the same card
Memory: 4 GB memory
Hard drive: 5 GB of free space
System: Windows 7

Forest On the game

"Forest" is a thriller style survival game, the main scene of the game takes place in an unknown forest. For the game player who brought the real forest environment simulation, including weather conditions, vegetation has a large cave and The new supersedes the old., underground lake. The quiet and mysterious environment rendering the atmosphere of horror, the unknown face forest natives continue to kill, is the power game player to survive continuously, you must learn a variety of skills, collecting all available resources.