Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 (Vitamin B6) is also called Pyridoxine That includes pyridoxine, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine phosphate in vivo, exists in the form of a Water soluble vitamins In case of light or alkali, easy damage, high temperature. In 1936 named Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is a colorless crystal, soluble in water and ethanol , the acid in the stable, easy to damage, the lye pyridoxine heat, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine are not resistant to high temperature. Vitamin More content in yeast, liver, Gu Li, meat, fish and eggs, beans and peanuts in B6. Vitamin B6 is the body of some coenzyme The components involved in a variety of metabolic reactions, and especially Amino acid metabolism There is a close relationship between. Clinical application Vitamin B6 preparation for prevention of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and radiation sickness and vomiting.
Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 Drug information

[ Chemical property ] containing pyridoxine or pyridoxal or pyridoxamine group B Vitamin . The acid in the stable, easy to damage, the lye pyridoxine heat, pyridoxal and pyridoxamine are not resistant to high temperature.
[ Physical property ] Vitamin B6 is a colorless crystal, soluble in water and ethanol .
[ Molecular formula "1] C8H11NO3 HCl" Chinese Pharmacopoeia
[ Molecular formula 2] commonly used Molecular formula C8H10NO5P
[ Molecular formula Pyridoxine C8H11NO3 3]
[ Molecular formula Pyridoxal 4] C8H9NO3
[molecular formula 5] C8H12N2O2 pridoxamine
[CAS] 65-23-6
[EINECS] 277-913-8

Vitamin B6 The requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia

This product is 6- -5- -3,4 two hydroxy methyl pyridine methanol hydrochloric acid According to the measurement of crystal salt, drying, containing C8H11NO3 - HCl should be 98.0%-102.0%
Character This product is white crystal or white crystalline powder, odorless, bitter taste, light quality gradient. Soluble in water, in ethanol Slightly soluble, insoluble in chloroform or ether.
The acidity of product 1.0g, 20ml water to dissolve, the measured PH should be 2.40-3.00.
The dry weight loss products, under the condition of 105 DEG C dried to constant weight, lose weight not more than 0.5%
Burning residue shall not exceed 0.1%
The heavy metal shall not exceed 10ppm

Vitamin B6 find

In nineteenth Century, pellagra (pellagra) in addition to being found nicotinic acid deficiency, in 1926 they found another Vitamin Lacking in feed, can also cause mice induced pellagra, then this substance in 1934 was named vitamin B6, until 1938~1939 was isolated, and qualitative and able to synthesize vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 chemical composition

 metabolize metabolize
Vitamin B6 refers to the ratio of known substances for the duo, containing vitamin B6 active substances is pyroxidine (pyridoxine), but this function has three kinds of chemical forms:
1 Pyridoxine (pyridoxol),
2 Pyridoxal (pyridoxal),
3 Pridoxamine (pyridoxamine).
his Molecular formula Were pyridoxine (C8H11NO3), 2 (C8H9NO3), the pyridoxal pyridoxamine (C8H12N2O2).
Frequently-used Molecular formula Is C8H10NO5P
This substance is soluble in water and colorless alcohol The crystal, because of containing salt (NaCl) ingredients, so with a little salty taste. This kind of material is not sensitive to heat, but encountered alkaline substances or ultraviolet light of the class, would soon break down. hydrochloric acid About 204 DEG ~206 DEG pyroxidine melting point.

Vitamin B6 Food sources

 Vitamin B6 powder Vitamin B6 powder
Food sources of vitamin B6 is very extensive, animal and plant foods contain. Usually meat, whole grain products (especially wheat), high content of vegetables and nuts. Animal food sources of vitamin B6 in the bioavailability of source plants better than food. In animal and plant food were the most micro, yeast powder, rice bran or rice were also many, followed from the meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables.
A variety of foods containing edible part of every 100g Vitamin The amount of B6 as follows: 3.67mg 2.91mg yeast powder, defatted rice bran, rice 2.79mg, linseed meal 1.25mg, custard 0.8 ~ 0.04mg, carrot 0.7mg, fish 0.45mg, whole wheat extract meat 0.4 ~ 0.7mg, 0.3 ~ 0.08mg, 0.3 ~ 0.03mg 0.25mg egg milk, Spinach Sweet potato 0.22mg, 0.14 ~ 0.23mg, pea 0.16mg, 0.1mg soybean, orange 0.05mg.

Vitamin B6 Drug instructions

Tablet: each tablet 10mg. Injection; each 25mg (1ml); 50mg (1ml); 100mg (2ml).
Cream: each containing 12mg.
Vitamin B6 sustained-release tablet: each tablet 50mg. A 50mg, 1 to 2 times a day.
Compound vitamin B tablets Each tablet contains: B13mg, B21.5mg, B60.2mg, nicotinamide 10mg. Take 1 to 2 tablets each time, 3 times a day 1.
Compound vitamin B injection : each containing B120mg, B22mg, B62mg, nicotinamide 30mg (2ml). Each injection 2ml, 1 times a day.

Vitamin B6 pharmaceutical analysis

The name of the method:
Vitamin The determination of B6- High performance liquid chromatography
The scope of application:
The method uses High performance liquid chromatography Determination Vitamin The content of B6 (C8H10NO5P).
This method is applicable to Vitamin B6.
Method principle:
The sample is made into the mobile phase solution. High performance liquid chromatography The chromatographic separation was performed by Ultraviolet absorption detector In the detection wavelength of 291nm. Vitamin B6 absorption value, calculated its content.
1 methanol
2 0.04% sodium pentanesulfonate solution (with ice acetic acid Adjust the pH value to 3)
Three Acetic acid
Instrument and equipment:
1 instrument
One point one High performance liquid chromatography
The 1.2 column
Eighteen alkyl silane bonded silica as filler, according to the number of theoretical plates Vitamin The peak of B6 calculation is not less than 4000.
One point three Ultraviolet absorption detector
2 chromatographic conditions
2.1 mobile phase: 0.04% sodium pentanesulfonate solution of methanol =85 15.
2.2 detection wavelength: 291nm
The 2.3 column temperature: room temperature
Sample preparation:
1 weigh sample
Take proper amount of the product precision.
2 standard solution preparation
Precision weighing Vitamin B6 control amount of goods, with the sample preparation, shake, namely.
3 for sample preparation
Commodities will be tested with mobile phase is dissolved and diluted into quantitative solution, each containing about 1mL 0.1mg shake, namely.
Note: the "precision" of alleged take weight should be accurate to take the weight of 1/1000. "The precise amount" means the amount of volume accuracy should comply with national standards on the volume pipettes accuracy requirements.
Operation steps:
Then precisely absorbing the control solution and sample solution 10 L injection High performance liquid chromatography Use. Ultraviolet absorption detector To determine the wavelength of 291nm. Vitamin B6 absorption value and calculate its content.
Pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China The State Pharmacopoeia Committee, Chemical Industry Press , 2005 edition, two, p.668.

Vitamin B6 Requirement

 Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms after Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms after
In general, human and animal gut micro-organisms ( Bacteria ), synthesis Vitamin B6, but little volume, or from a food supplement. The amount of fact and Protein There is a relationship between the feeding amount, if eat meat and fish, should remember to add a large number of Vitamin B6, in order to avoid vitamin B6 deficiency caused chronic disease The occurrence of.
Male adult 2.0mg
Women 1.6mg
Pregnancy 2.2mg
Lactation 2.1mg
Baby 0.3~0.6mg
1.0~1.4mg under 11 years old.
Boys and girls 1.4~2.0mg
The maximum capacity of 4-50mg, toxic dose of the unknown.

Vitamin B6 Metabolic changes

Vitamin B6 Digestion and absorption

 The catabolism of tryptophan The catabolism of tryptophan
In food Vitamin B6 PLP, PMP, PN by nonspecific phosphorylase in the intestinal lumen (nospecific phosphoh Ydrolase), PMP decomposition of PLP PL, PM. The form PL, PM absorption and PN. In the observation of human body, the hungry given by PN, PL, PM, PN in 0.5 ~ 3H after peak, small dose (0.5 ~ 4mg), plasma Vitamin The level of B6 in 3 ~ 5h and then return to approximate hunger level. After taking PL plasma Vitamin The level of B6 and PA in urine increased rapidly, but the PM absorption and metabolism than PN, PL is slower. The intake of PLP high dose (10mg), plasma Vitamin B6 and PLP continue to rise in 24h, maintained at a high level.

Vitamin B6 Transport and metabolism

PN transport to the intestinal mucosa and into the bloodstream, can also synthesize PNP in the intestinal mucosa, approximately 30.6% PN dose, blood spread to the muscle, then phosphoric acid Of about 10.4% doses to 15.7%. In the human body by PN, plasma PL can increase 12 times, although the proportion of plasma PLP in plasma Vitamin B6 60%, but combined with the protein, is not easy for the other Cells The use of. Plasma PL and albumin binding is not strong, as the form of transportation, can be tissue uptake and clearance, and oxidation of PA. PN and PL by diffusion into the Red blood cell And, for the kinase phosphoric acid Of. People Red blood cell PNP can be oxidized PLP, other animal such as rats without this function. In more than PN Red blood cell PL kinase saturation concentration When, at 3 ~ 5min into red blood cells, cells concentration With medium consistency. PL at the concentration of more than Red blood cell phosphoric acid When the concentration of kinase, into the red blood cells increased, the concentration ratio of medium to high and this is due to PL hemoglobin At the end of the combination of valine in the alpha chain, so the accumulation of PL in red blood cells, its concentration in red blood cells in plasma for 4 to 5 times. Red blood cell The PL may also be a means of transport.
The liver is also Vitamin Metabolically active tissue B6. PN for liver Cells In, have PL kinase and PNP oxidase Effect The generation of PLP, and then the solution and transformed into PL phosphorus, into the circulatory system, and transported to the phosphoric acid The formation of PLP kinase organization.
No PN in brain slices and isolated choroid plexus, and phosphate are Chemical compound For the transport of PN from the choroid plexus, blood cerebrospinal fluid to the place. stay Vitamin B6 deficient animal (rat) PL kinase decreased, feed 5 weeks in rat liver, liver kinase PL dropped 50% while the brain decreased only 14%. This also shows that Vitamin The importance of B6 on nervous system.

Vitamin B6 Storage

Vitamin B6 in the bloodstream can spread to the muscles and phosphoric acid PN, if the dose increased, the muscle PN accounted for dose was increased, and the percentage of PNP decreased. No PNP to PLP oxidation in muscle. In 60% rats Vitamin B6 in the muscle, which ranged from 75% to 95% with glycogen phosphoric acid Enzyme linked (Glycogenphosphorylase). This enzyme for muscle soluble protein 5%, may Vitamin B6 storage space. Through the conversion of the muscle protein will Vitamin B6 decomposition to meet the minimum requirement.

Vitamin B6 discharge

Vitamin B6 the main metabolite of PA, which can represent the vitamin B6 intake amount of 20% ~ 40% PA in urine can only intake index. Not on behalf of the body and store. The urine in addition to PA, there is a small amount of PN and PL. To physiological doses, most of the PA discharge in 3h. In PN Renal tubule The accumulation, when PN concentration Large, can be excreted by the kidneys. The PN dose of 10mg, PA in urine accounted for the percentage of dose decreased, but PN increased discharge. PL is not easy to be renal elimination, is not easy to be incorporated into the kidney. phosphoric acid The form of accumulation. But high dose (100mg) of PL, PM, PN, 36h in most of the original in the urine.

Vitamin B6 treat a complaint

Vitamin B6 General disease

1, 2, 3 bald arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, 4 Cystitis 5, face greasy, 6 Hypoglycemia In 7, 8 mental disorders, neurological disorders, muscle imbalance, 9 10 early pregnancy vomiting, 11 overweight, 12 postoperative vomiting, 13 urgent, 14 sun sensitive etc..

Vitamin B6 Diabetic vascular

Vitamin B6 can slow down Insulin Treatment of vascular complications in diabetic rats, vascular disease Complications are the main cause of death in diabetes mellitus. Arterial disease in insulin-dependent (Insulin-dependent diabetes, mellitus, IDDM) and non-insulin-dependent (NonInsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, NIDDM) patients on the rate of prevalence is higher than average person. Diabetes vascular disease The main complication is caused by atherosclerosis.
Vascular endothelial Cells Injury (Endothelial injury) is known to cause arteriosclerosis. Thrombosis factor (Thrombogenic factors), including Platelet Excessive activation (Hyperactive) or excessive platelet agglutination, the process will promote arteriosclerosis.
Vitamin Activation of type B6, phosphoric acid Pyridoxal (Pyridoxal phosphate, PDP), has the protection of vascular endothelial Cells And reduce the injury induced by activated platelets and endothelial cells, inhibiting platelet aggregation and blood coagulation function, inhibit platelet generation of prostacyclin (Thromboxane A2, TxA2) and promote vascular endothelial growth ring Prostaglandin (Prostaglandin I2 PGI2) function, and reduce vascular endothelial cell morphological changes.
Vascular endothelial Cells Damage is considered to be an early pathological phenomenon of atherosclerosis, such changes affect many functions of vascular endothelial cells, including permeability and adhesion, motion Cell proliferation and material generated capabilities.

Vitamin B6 Physiological function

 Effect of vitamin B6 on the brain Effect of vitamin B6 on the brain
Vitamin The B6 group will soon be transformed into Fumei pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxamine phosphate, the two kinds of enzymes and Protein The metabolism is closely related to pyridoxal, phosphate is the replacement of the following substances thabo:
The required amino transfer of amino acid metabolism, especially for methylthio amino, cystine, cysteine, etc..
The decarboxylation of amino acid metabolism (=COOH) requirements.
Conversion of sulfur amino acids required (methylthio amino, cystine, cysteine), homocysteine is a lack of Vitamin B6, should pay attention to.
Methionine, homocyteine + serine (SER), pyruvate (coke Glucose + H2S + NH3), TCA cycle (energy + CO2 + H2O).
Methionine is methyl (methyl group) is an important amino acid, without Vitamin B6, this effect can not be. A lot of carbonation effects shall not be carried out, such as synthesis of fat, amino acids and other carbon frame.
Related with tryptophan into niacin, tryptophan, nicotinic acid, if the lack of Vitamin B6, which is the intermediate metabolite --- Xanthurenic acid (xanthurenic acid), the substance in the body destroys pancreatic beta Cells Finally, leading to the occurrence of diabetes. In clinic, the amount of xanthurenic acid in urine testing to determine whether or not Vitamin B6 deficiency, if yellow too much uric acid levels, which means the risk of vitamin B6 deficiency.
Glycogen into glucose needed, there is Vitamin The presence of B6, glycogen and phosphorylase can accelerate the decomposition of glycogen into glucose.
take fatty acid Flax oleic acid (linoleic acid--18C) into peanut oleic acid (arachidonic acid--22C) required, if the lack of this acid, it will cause skin cracking, and even for Cells Membrane degeneration caused by physical discomfort.
Coenzyme -A (co-enzyme A) synthesis, if the lack of Vitamin B6, the synthesis of coenzyme -Co-A block. The composition of coenzyme -Co-A Pantothenic acid Gland purine (adenine), is produced by the energy related substances, required for acetyl Co-A and acetyl Co-A reduction, direct synthesis of fat in the mitochondria inside and outside, acetyl Co-A is also involved in the biochemical effects of amino acid synthesis and energy production, is a very important material.
stay brain cell The metabolism of coenzyme pyridoxine, decarboxylation of amino acids is very important, so a stable function of brain cells, not the lack of Vitamin B6. What is more, the brain cells related to the synthesis of amine compounds, are needed Vitamin B6. This kind of material such as adrenaline (epinephrine), norepinephrine (norepinephrine), dopamine (dopamine), duo tyramine (tyramine), blood (serotonin-5 hydroxytryptamine) - amine. Where is the new adrenaline dopamine precursor substances, and blood amine hormone and synthesis of melatonin hormone . These brain substances, also plays a role in brain cells Chromosome The role of the transfer function.
Pyridoxine is not only the coenzyme containing amine compounds, but also is the spread of brain cell inhibitory substances (gama-amino butyric acid) GABA coenzyme required. Human deep sleep when the content of GABA will rise very high, showing Vitamin To improve the GABA B6, to make it easier to sleep, deep sleep. So let the excitement of the brain cells to rest, except for melatonin Also, add Vitamin B6 to play a good function.
-. Vitamin The B6 function increases the nutrients
If there are some nutrients exist, will increase Vitamin The function of B6, such as 1 Vitamin B group 2, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 3, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, 4 5 mg, 6 K, 7 sodium, 8 linoleic acid (linoleic acid).
Effect of antagonistic substances and - Vitamin B6 demand situation
1 alcohol, 2 contraception 3 pills, tobacco, coffee, 4 5 radiation.
- Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms
Vitamin The main function of B6 in human body blood Muscle, nerve, skin, etc.. Function antibody The synthesis, digestive system, and fatty acid production Protein Use (especially in the diet should be added), maintaining the balance of sodium / potassium (stable nervous system). Lack Vitamin Pass in the B6, there will be a general lack of appetite and food utilization rate is low, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea and other illnesses. There will be a serious lack of acne, anemia , Arthritis And children spasm , depression, headaches, hair loss, easy, Learning disorder Weak, etc..
Large dose toxicity
With a high dose of 300mg per day for the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting after exposure to radiation, medicine and vomiting after anesthesia vomiting, travel sick and vomiting, can achieve therapeutic effect, and no toxicity.

Vitamin B6 The need for nutrition

Vitamin B6 is the essential substance of fat and carbohydrate metabolism of the human body, female estrogen Metabolism also need vitamin B6, so it is good for the prevention and treatment of some gynecological diseases. Many women taking the pill for lead to pessimistic, irritable, self fatigue, 60 mg daily supplement can relieve symptoms. Some women suffer from premenstrual Tension syndrome That is menstruation Front Eyelid Hand and foot edema, insomnia, forgetfulness, eat 50 ~ 100 mg Vitamin After complete remission of symptoms can be b6. B6 rich food, thin tuna steak, Chicken Meat, bananas, peanuts, beef etc..

Vitamin B6 physiological function

Mainly phosphoric acid Pyridoxal (PLP) in the form of nearly 100 kinds of enzyme reaction. Most related to amino acid metabolism: including transamination and decarboxylation, side chain cleavage, dehydration and turn vulcanization. These biochemical function involves many aspects.
1, participate in Protein Synthesis and catabolism of amino acid metabolism, the participation of all, such as heme metabolism, associated with the synthesis of nicotinic acid tryptophan.
2, gluconeogenesis and UFA metabolism. With glycogen, nerve sheath phospholipid And steroid metabolism.
3, to participate in some neurotransmitters (serotonin 5-, taurine, dopamine, noradrenaline and GABA) synthesis.
4, Vitamin B6 and one carbon unit, Vitamin B12 and folic acid Salt metabolism, metabolic disorder if they can cause Megaloblastic anemia .
5, involved in nucleic acid synthesis and DNA synthesis, the lack of damage to DNA, this process is very important to maintain proper immune function.
6, Vitamin The relationship between B6 and vitamin B2 lack of vitamin B6 is very close, often accompanied by symptoms of vitamin B2.
7, to participate in homocysteine methionine The transformation has decreased chronic disease The role of mild Hyperhomocysteinemia Is considered vascular disease A possible risk factor, Vitamin B6 intervention can reduce the hcy Content.

Vitamin B6 New clinical application

With the in-depth study of clinical application, found Vitamin B6 in clinical has a wide range of new uses, are as follows
1 rescue isoniazid poisoning
For each 1g service usage isoniazid Can slow intravenous injection Vitamin B61g. If I do not know Toxic dose But, slow intravenous injection Vitamin B65g, which lasted for 3 ~ 5min, 5 ~ 20min interval can be poor until the repeated injection of seizures, recovery of consciousness so far. Vitamin The amount of B6 deficiency is the main reason of failure to rescue.
Two Treatment anemia
Vitamin B6 coenzyme delta aminolevulinic synthetase, this enzyme is the rate limiting enzyme in the synthesis of hemoglobin, so it can be used to prevent anemia Adjuvant therapy.
Three Treatment white blood cell Reduce disease
Vitamin B6 is involved in amino acid and fatty acid metabolism, stimulate white Cells Generation, and can be used in the treatment of leukopenia. Usually a daily dose of 30 ~ 60mg, also available Vitamin B650 ~ 100mg into 20ml 5% glucose intravenous injection.
4 treatment of mental retardation
One of the cause of this disease is the gene mutation of DNA molecule, the arrangement of amino acids, the genetic information transmission impairment caused by defects or reduced enzyme activity, leading to a variety of metabolic disorders. Vitamin Metabolism and metabolic enzyme B6 can participate in amino acids, with correct all kinds of abnormal metabolism function. According to clinical observation, mental retardation, taking Vitamin B6 every 1 months for 1 course of treatment, after 1 weeks of rest for second courses, second to 4 months after treatment, can improve the intelligence.
Five Treatment Mouth ulcer
Vitamin B6100mg/, 3 /d 100mg joined the oral or intravenous injection of 5%GS20ml, generally 3 to 4 days or more.
6 treatment Arteriosclerosis and Thromboembolism Disease
Vitamin B6 can promote linoleic acid Into four arachidonic acid, and the latter Cholesterol With synthetic ester and easy transport metabolism and excretion. In addition, Vitamin The formation of B 6 can inhibit the function of platelet and fibrin, which can reduce cholesterol and prevent Thrombosis . For the usage of the 50mg/d injection.
7 delactation
From the birth of the 2 ~ 6 day, after 5 to 6 days, 0.2g/ times, 3 /d orally, 10 ~ 12h effect, the inhibition of milk secretion rate reached 95%, than estrogen Quick, good effect and no side effects. With the promotion of brain function principle dopamine The generation, so as to reduce stimulation of dopamine receptors The pituitary Prolactin Secretion.
Eight Treatment Parkinson Syndrome
The tremor was significantly reduced, began after the intramuscular injection of 50mg/d, increased gradually until 50mg/d, 0.3 ~ 0.4g/d, 12 ~ 15 days for a course, a total of 3 ~ 4G. The role of dopamine in the brain and improve the principle concentration Thus, excited striatal dopamine receptors.
Nine Treatment Tetanus
Tetanus toxin can inhibit Gamma aminobutyric acid and glycine The release of spasm, Vitamin B 6 can promote the synthesis of gamma aminobutyric acid and anti convulsion, and Penicillin The combination of +TAT, spasm control early, the death rate was 15%, while the TAT+ of penicillin + sedative mortality rate as high as 60%. For usage Vitamin B 6120mg/d, 2 oral or intramuscular injection of 100mg/d.
Ten Treatment Gestational diabetes mellitus
Pregnant women lack Vitamin B 6 induced tryptophan metabolism, insulin produced xanthurenic acid complexes, halving the hypoglycemic effect of the latter is caused by Gestational diabetes mellitus . Vitamin B 6100mg/d * 2 weeks of treatment, the blood glucose decreased significantly, and the glucose tolerance curve change.
Eleven Steroidal contraceptives caused by The spirit of depression
Estrogenic effects in oral contraceptives can reduce phosphoric acid Pyridoxal concentration And, to increase the body Vitamin Requirement for B6 change brain amine metabolism, so it is easy to cause mental disease suppression. give Vitamin After B 6, can improve the symptoms of depression.
12, enhance immunity and anticancer
Vitamin B 6 the lack of damage Cells And the effect of humoral immune function, vitamin B6 can enhance immunity, and have anti-cancer effect, which may be related to a decrease in the carcinogen.
Thirteen Treatment Vitamin By C oxalate Salt stones
Vitamin C And then metabolized to oxalic acid, Ca 2+, Mg 2+ formation of oxalate stones, so the daily dose of vitamin C1g, vitamin B should add 650 ~ 100mg against stone, because urethral calculi of vitamin B6 on the major component of the effective oxalate.
Fourteen Vitamin B 6 dependent convulsion
This disease is an autosomal recessive genetic disease, because Vitamin B 6 with protein enzyme glutamate According to glutamic acid decarboxylase, and reduce the production of GABA, causing convulsions. According to clinical observation, seizure, intravenous injection Vitamin B6100mg/, a few minutes after the attack to stop.
15 antiasthmatic effect
Infant wheezing respiratory disease is common symptoms, asthma treatment is key and difficult. According to the clinical observation of 120 cases of asthmatic children by time Intravenous injection Vitamin B615 ~ 20mg/kg, 2 ~ 3 times a day, 4 days for a course of treatment, the total efficiency of 84%. The mechanism may be as follows: dopamine decarboxylase catalysis Tyrosine Synthesis of epinephrine, the enzyme is Vitamin B6 dependent enzymes, vitamin B6 deficiency reduced the synthesis of epinephrine, easy bronchial spasm. The part of blood, sputum in children with asthma 5- HT concentration May exist in the body and increased. Vitamin The 6 B amino acid metabolism disorders, with large doses of vitamin B6 after treatment, TLT returned to normal, asthma improvement.
Sixteen Treatment Carpal tunnel syndrome
This disease and Vitamin B6 deficiency. According to clinical observation, patients taking daily Vitamin B6300mg, for 4 weeks, usually after 2 weeks of treatment, the symptoms can be relieved completely.

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