economic activity

"Economic activity" English control: economic activity. The so-called economic content is in a certain social organization And order, human beings in order to survive through Labor process Or pay the appropriate price to achieve and use Life data All of the activities.
economic activity
In short, the economic activity is to meet the needs of people for the purpose of. Economic activity is mainly to labor "means of production" in exchange for goods and services, money is only a medium of exchange. Need resources in economic activities, especially the activities and activities of the space; the spatial distribution is also very important.

economic activity production factors

Classical economics (Classical Economics) as the land, labour And the capital of three production factors .
 economic activity economic activity
1 land (Land): contains all natural resources. Including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, animal husbandry, mining and so on all natural resources, are called the land.
2 (Labor): contains the knowledge of labor and labor. In the production process, to provide mental and physical strength in order to get paid staff, are referred to as labor.
3 capital (Capital): a human resource to create. Refers to all the artificial production tools, including factory buildings, machinery and equipment and inventories, rather than Finance The monetary fund.

economic activity developing process

economic activity The development of scholars Lisst In the mode of production as the standard, divided into the following five stages:
1 fishing and hunting period
2 nomadic period
3 agriculture period
4 agricultural industry period
5 agricultural business period
Scholar Rustow Economic growth will be divided into the following five stages:
The traditional 1 stage
The 2 stage of transition
3 take-off stage
4 towards a mature stage
The 5 stage of high mass consumption

economic activity Academic interpretation

1, in modern times industrial civilization After the economic activity includes the production, distribution, exchange and consumption activities such as economic activity tends to follow. The law of value In operation, the price of goods is always around the value fluctuated. The economic activities are typical and mature, can use economic elements to analyze and measure it. 2, specifically, it refers to the individual worker is in the process of participating in economic activities, and fully realize him as a man of freedom and independent will. Here mainly refers to the economic activities, production, workers involved in business decisions and share the profit of enterprises and other activities.
3, " The social relations of production The social and economic activities as the research object, economic activity is refers to the organization structure and operation mode of production, exchange, distribution and consumption activities.
The basic concept of 4 economic activity and economic activity and development stage is refers to the people in the social rules constraints through certain means and methods of acquiring material wealth behavior collectively.
5, there are more input and output or the cost and benefit of the activities can be called economic activities. Here the economy is regarded as a kind of analysis method that analysis the relation between cost and benefit.
6, people are engaged in labor known as economic activity. The sum of all economic activities constitute a town, a country and even a world economic system This is the total of the economic system, the relationship between supply and demand.
The material basis and the dependence of the 7, accounting for production, but also the practice of production of human society -- at this time, we can make these activities known as economic activities. If from the concept of "society", the economic and accounting are out of the question.
 economic activity economic activity

economic activity Analysis

Enterprise economic activity analysis. Refers to the use of the enterprise economic accounting (mainly the statistics and accounting information provided to the enterprise) Production and business activities Analyze the situation in the equipment and the use of manpower, material and financial resources, and analyze the enterprise's production and operating results and economic benefits, to seek the use of manpower and material resources effectively and reasonably arrange the production and operating activities, ways to improve economic benefits.

economic activity content

Enterprise economic activity analysis. The contents, characteristics decided to enterprise management. General should include the following contents.
1, Enterprise management policy And business decision
Business, need to have a correct guiding ideology, management policy: each period of business activities, depending on the business decisions in the enterprise Production and business activities When carries on the analysis, we need to combine enterprise management policy and decision-making, understand the management decision of success rate, and successful decision errors, help enterprises to improve and enhance the quality of enterprises take measures.
2, the personnel and labor efficiency
In the analysis, deal with the enterprise staff, the staff of the quality of work time, analyzes the efficiency of labor and work, to look for less manpower or working time, and the way to complete overfulfilled the production operation and management tasks.
3 occupation of funds and the use of funds
In the analysis, the occupancy of capital for enterprises, analysis the use and effect of funds, research on the rationality of enterprise funds, the legitimacy of the fund, benefit of the use of funds, seeking to reduce NBRE The amount, ways to improve the efficiency in the use of funds.
4, the production cost and the cost of lifting
In the analysis, it should be on the operating expenses analysis of production and consumption of production cost and operating expenses causes cost overruns, seeks to reduce the production cost and operating expenses, reduce the cost of the way.
5, enterprise income and economic benefit
In the analysis, analyze the profit of enterprises shall obtain income, the reason, the effect of enterprise income and profits, to find effective ways to increase revenue and profits.

economic activity Effect

1, encourage enterprises to complete the production plan.
According to the plan to complete the examination, can promote the enterprise departments and staff to strengthen the planning concept, improve the compliance plan, put forward the measures to ensure the completion of the plan, the production management plan of the whole enterprise can be successfully executed: can understand the enterprise in making and executing the plan, if there is no prediction, plan not, executive control, lax supervision and other phenomena, in order to summarize the experience in management improvement plan.
2, supervise the business activities of enterprises to comply with national policies and laws and regulations
The analysis of enterprise Production and business activities Inevitably, the production and business activities of enterprises is how to understand, to the business activities of the rationality, validity and effectiveness evaluation. Therefore, the frequent economic activities analysis, can be for enterprises to comply with national policy laws and regulations system to supervise effect, enhance the enterprise law-abiding concept.
3, to promote enterprise building Economic responsibility system
Economic activities analysis can go further, the effect size, with the establishment of the economic responsibility system, through the establishment of economic responsibility, the enterprise production management goal, the rational use of manpower, material and financial resources, improving economic efficiency, to implement the decomposition, become the specific objectives for each department, the punishment of economic responsibility appraisal with economic interests closely, to strengthen the sense of responsibility of each department: to improve the staff's enthusiasm.
4, in order to improve the quality of enterprise management level and provide decision information
The analysis of enterprise's economic activities, often have to contact the quality of enterprise, from the management decision-making, command scheduling, ensure personnel and equipment, to research the influence and efficiency of production and business results. In view of the existing problems, take effective measures to improve the quality of enterprises, improve enterprise management level. Therefore, economic analysis can provide the decision-making for the relevant departments and the leadership of the reference.
 economic activity economic activity

economic activity The economy of Hangzhou

In 2004, Hangzhou private economy continues to expand the scale," , Hangzhou paradise umbrella group Co. Ltd. , Zhejiang Transfar Group Co., Ltd. Other private enterprises on the list. Southeast of Hangzhou Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Rongsheng Textile Co., Ltd. and other enterprises by the State Ministry of science and technology in 2004 National Torch Plan The focus of high-tech enterprises. The city has 4775 private enterprises trademark, famous trademark in the provincial total, 66 private enterprises, accounting for 33.3% of the city.

economic activity The United States economy

Christmas Eve A series of economic data released by the United States, to the crisis in many Christmas a glimmer of hope -- the U.S. economy seems to have signs of stabilization. The rate of decline of some indicators of production and consumption in November has now slowed the trend. According to the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Commerce, the United States in November new durable Industrial manufactured goods The amount of the order by Seasonal adjustment Fall 1%. This is the index fell for fourth consecutive months, but with a fall of 8.4% in October compared to the magnitude, has been greatly eased. The field of excluding transportation orders, new orders rose 1.2%.
With weak sales should be relatively overstock. Durable manufactured goods inventory rose 0.5% in November, $342 billion 900 million in inventory, the highest level since 1992. Over the past 17 months, only one month of inventory data is not up. personal consumption The data also reflects the weak sales. Although commodity prices continue to decrease, as gasoline and food prices fell, the city The consumer price index (CPI-U) seasonally adjusted down 1.7% in November, expanded the decline in October 1% decline; business before Christmas "on sale" has been launched in November, but consumers purchasing power Still no effective stimulation. Personal consumption fell by 0.6% in November, but has been slightly better than the 1% decline in October.
The root cause of inadequate consumption may be reduced income. The U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of economic analysis data show that personal income fell 0.2% in November, the disposable income fell 0.1%. and unemployment rate The rise may worsen income status. U.S. labor department data show that the number of the United States for the first time applying for unemployment insurance reached 586 thousand people, an increase of 30 thousand over the previous week, hit a 26 year high. Consumption fell to American retailers brought bitterness, retailers began to seek government assistance. The National Retail Federation (NRF) sent a letter to President elect Obama Ask him, considering the Retail The stimulus plan.
NRF suggested that the government in March 2009, July and October for ten days holiday, in addition to tobacco and alcohol All kind of consumer goods food and catering, clothing, furniture etc., needs to pay the consumption tax exemption, and by the federal government to state government subsidies.
The United States the consumption tax rate of roughly 2.9% to 7.25%, the annual national consumption tax totaling approximately $230 billion. NRF estimates that if the plan is implemented, consumers can save the expenditure of $20 billion, about $175 savings for each family.
The real estate market is still not optimistic. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) released in November, seasonally adjusted, Xianfang sales of 4 million 490 thousand units, down 8.6% compared to October, compared with November 2007, fell more than 10.6%.
NAR economist Lawrence Ewen (Lawrence Yun) is expected housing sales will continue to decline. The bad news of the stock market, employment and consumer confidence in September is the main reason for the decline in housing sales. "We hope the sales downturn could be like 1987 and 2001 the two times, the duration is not too long".
Signs of recovery in the real estate market has slightly. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) 24 released data show that in December 19th the end of the week, reaction Mortgage loans The comprehensive index of market application amount (MCI) seasonally adjusted increase of 48%.
The mortgage loan application number increased mainly due to the The mortgage interest rate The decline, MBA analysis. When the week, the 30 - year fixed mortgage interest rates fell 14 basis points to 5.04%, close to the historical minimum. 15 year fixed mortgage rates fell 2 basis points to 4.91%.
Of course, the number of applications rise does not necessarily lead to a rebound in sales, Because now many buyers with good credit, have been shut out". Ewing said. The real estate market will recover, depending on the new administration and Congress can introduce effective stimulus, and eliminate the causes of the real estate market running sluggish barrier.

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