Jingyu County

Jingyu county is Jilin Province Baishan City Under the jurisdiction of the county, is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, northern Baishan City, Changbai Mountain Xi lu, Songhua River The upper left. Located in the geographical coordinates of longitude 126 degrees to 127 degrees between 30 '16', 06 '- 42 degrees north latitude 42 degrees 48'. East Fusong County The south. River Source Area West Nanxian, Hui, North huadian city . The total area of 3094.4 square kilometers, the county in Jingyu The town of Jingyu . As of 2010, the total population of 131 thousand and 600 people, there are 10 ethnic minorities in china. As of 2013, Jingyu county has jurisdiction over 7 towns, 1 townships.
Jingyu County
Jingyu County, formerly known as Meng Jiang county. In 1946 to commemorate the commander, the Northeast Anti Japanese coalition democratic national hero Yang Jingyu Martyrdom and was renamed Jingyu county.
In 2013, the Jingyu county area to achieve GDP 6 billion 600 million yuan, growth of 10% in 2012. In July 31, 2000, Jingyu county was named the national "China Changbai Mountain Jingyu springs".

Jingyu County History

Twenty-two years Guangxu (1896), Jilin general Commissioned by the Tongzhou Iraq
 Jingyu County Jingyu County
In 1782 Meng Jiang reclamation.
Twenty-six years Guangxu (1900), Meng Jiang residents gradually, Jilin general in October in Meng Jiang established the Bureau of reclamation under the general jurisdiction of Jilin.
Thirty-three years Guangxu (1907), Northeast To set up the provinces, and proposed the creation of government, office, state and county to consolidate the border, a Governor General in Mukden (in jurisdiction, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces), removed the generals, to set up the governor, vice president Meng Jiang under Jilin jurisdiction. Meng Jiang has a vast territory, since the establishment of reclamation, the territory is divided into five cooperatives, cooperatives, cooperatives, Shangyi impromptu Ren Chongli agency, agency, and educational agency, villages increase, population increasing.
Thirty-four years Guangxu (1908), the county was founded by Jiangzhou Zhi, vice president under Jilin jurisdiction.
In two years (1913), Meng Jiang The state for the county, under the Jilin provincial Jichang road.
In eighteen years (1929), the waste of "Tao", Meng Jiang county directly under the jurisdiction of Jilin province.
In twenty-one years (1932) in October 17th, the Japanese occupation of Meng jiang. In November 20th, the establishment of the pseudo Meng Jiang County Office, Jilin Provincial Executive Office under the false.
In twenty-three years (1934), Meng Jiang county was placed under the jurisdiction of Fengtian province.
In October 1945, the Communist Party of Chinese to receive Meng Jiang county puppet regime, liberation Meng Jiang County, Meng Jiang county democratic government was formally established, part of Liaodong province. In February 1946, named Meng Jiang county Jingyu County, after the return of the jurisdiction of Liaoning province. In 1948, Jingyu county was placed under the Andong Have jurisdiction over。 In May 9, 1949, Jingyu county was placed under the jurisdiction of Liaodong province.
In August 1954, Jingyu county was placed under the Tonghua area of Jilin Province under the jurisdiction of the administrative office.
In February 4, 1985, Tonghua Prefecture Administrative Office to revoke the original. Tonghua City , Hunjiang City Upgraded to a prefecture level city, implement the city tube county, Jingyu County under the Hun city of Jilin province.
In April 1994, the city was renamed Baishan City County, Jingyu membership Baishan City .

Jingyu County geographical environment

Jingyu County Location condition

Jingyu county is located in the southeast of Jilin province, Changbai Mountain West side, Songhua River Upper reaches。 Located in the geographical coordinates of longitude 126 degrees 30'to 127 degrees 16', latitude 42 06'~ 42 48'. East Fusong The south. Jiang Yuan West. Huinan , Liuhe North, and Huadian Border. East-West width of 34.52 kilometers, 89.64 kilometers long from north to south, a total area of 3094.4 square kilometers.
Jingyu County

Jingyu County topographic features

Jingyu County on the East Songhua River , West, South and north sides are surrounded by the Changbai Mountain Department of the Longgang mountains
 Jingyu County Jingyu County
The formation of the west, North and south, Dong Gao The characteristics of low.
The main river of Jingyu County river, Sanhe Two, Longwan, Songhua River of natural Jingyu county and Fusong toudao river garden, Pearl River Narhong river is Jingyu County, three major rivers, more than and 30 tributaries, into the East sector like Songhua River; Longquan Longwan, Longwan four seas The volcano Lake That is a natural reservoir.
Jingyu County in the mountains, arranged in a crisscross pattern, with an average altitude of 775 meters, the 549.2 meters above sea level, the highest peak in Laotudingzi 1312 meters above sea level, the lowest point in the northeast of Pizhou hole, 270 meters above sea level.

Jingyu County climate

Jingyu county is in the comprehensive natural zoning Chinese in East Asian monsoon climate zone, the eastern mountainous region of Northeast China
 Jingyu County Jingyu County
Cold temperate humid climate zone. Jingyu County in the East Asian monsoon region and northeast mountain cold temperate humid climate region, the formation of the cold and humid, rainfall, frost free period is short, light and moderate climate characteristics.
Climate characteristics: Continental, four seasons, spring temperature changes drastically, temperature and humidity is more westerly winds; summer is short, cool and wet, many local heavy rain; cool autumn and more sunny weather, a serious threat to the cold wave; a long and cold winter. Each season in Jingyu county according to the division of Astronomical Method: spring 3 ~ May, summer is 6 ~ August, autumn winter from 9 to November, 12 to February (next year). Each season in Jingyu county according to the average temperature lower than 10 DEG C for division: winter, summer is higher than 22 DEG C, between 10 to 22 DEG C for the spring and autumn season. In winter September 21 to May 15th (next year), in the spring of May 15 to July 15th, the summer in July 15 to August 1st, autumn August 1 ~ September 21st.

Jingyu County natural resources

Jingyu County land resource

In 2006, Jingyu county has 10700 hectares of arable land, swamp, peat soil area of 10867 hectares, which is suitable for the reclamation area of 6533 hectares of paddy field.

Jingyu County Forest resources

In 2006, Jingyu county forest area of 2169 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate of 84%, Stumpage Nearly 30 million cubic meters.

Jingyu County Biological resources

In 2006, Jingyu County wild animal 300 kinds, 900 kinds of wild plants. 788 kinds of medicinal plants, 123 species of edible plants, 116 species of nectariferous plants. Mainly produces Jilin ginseng and American ginseng and Fritillaria thunbergii Other small herbs.

Jingyu County Water resources

In 2006, Jingyu County water area of 7600 hectares, the water reserves of 150 thousand kilowatts, development and utilization of capacity of 67 thousand kilowatts, 2006 has built 8 small hydropower stations, installed capacity of 15 thousand and 200 kilowatts, Jingyu has entered the ranks of the county primary electrical state.

Jingyu County mineral resources

In 2006, Jingyu County, mineral water, coal, gold, iron, copper, silicon, basalt Volcano, slag, diatomite 40 kinds of mineral resources. In 2006, Jingyu County proved selenium mineral water 47, daily water inflow of 151 thousand tons. Jingyu county is a national key coal producing counties, Jingyu coalfield coal reserves of more than 100 million tons, reserves of 24 million 680 thousand tons is carried out, Jilin province coal reserve.

Jingyu County administrative division

As of 2013, Jingyu county has jurisdiction over 7 towns, 1 townships, i.e. The town of Jingyu , Three Road Town , Huayuankou , quan zhen , Narhong town , The town of Jingshan Hill , The town of pine , Meng Jiang Xiang . Including 111 villages, 8 communities and 1 provincial eco economic development zone.

Jingyu County Ethnic population

As of 2010, Jingyu county has a total population of 131 thousand and 600 people, of which agricultural population of 66 thousand people. There are Manchu , The Korean nationality , Mongolian , Hui , Siberia , Bai , Aquarium , Miao , The Zang or Tibetan people , Dong 10 ethnic minorities.

Jingyu County traffic

Jingyu County Huayuankou To Changchun the distance of 258 km, with less than 3 hours, the garden is only more than and 60 km away from Changbai Mountain port, with less than one hour, Changchun to Changbai Mountain scenic driving time more than 3 hours. Jingyu to Changbai Mountain The highway built in Northeast China in 6 hours, 3 hours, Changbai Mountain province's tourism economic circle ring 1 hours.
Is there a train station in Jingyu County Jingyu station Since December 20, 2015, opened to Shenyang and Dunhua passenger train.

Jingyu County economic construction

Jingyu County Overview

In 2013, the Jingyu county area to achieve GDP 6 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 10% over 2012; above scale industrial added value of 3 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 14% over 2012; total fixed assets investment 6 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 25% over 2012; the completion of the local fiscal revenue 420 million yuan, an increase of 13.6% over 2012; complete the full caliber financial income 560 million yuan, than the 18.3% growth in 2012; investment funds reached 8 billion 500 million yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 27%; urban residents per capita disposable income and rural per capita net income reached 16000 yuan and 5800 yuan, respectively, compared with 2012 growth of 15% and 17%.

Jingyu County Primary industry

In 2013, Jingyu County agricultural products processing enterprises reached 119, led farmers to more than 6800 households, led farmers to more than 2000 yuan. The total area of special crops in the county reached 169 thousand mu, industrial professional reached 58 villages, all kinds of breeding base reached 65, breeding specialized households reached 1860 households, the implementation of the order area of 55 thousand mu, grain, vegetables, the proportion was adjusted from 4:5:1 to 3:6:1, the industrialization of agriculture production to achieve 4 billion 160 million yuan, growth of 25% in 2012.

Jingyu County The secondary industry

In 2013, the total output value of Jingyu county industrial scale to achieve 12 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 19.3% over 2012, million to increase the value of energy consumption fell by 6.5%, industrial contribution to economic growth rate reached 52%. In 2013, Jingyu county a total of 134 projects, 6 billion 400 million yuan of funds, one billion yuan investment project 44. The total number of the above scale enterprises reached 49. Wu too drinks 8 gold production, semi shutdown restart production enterprises. To organize the implementation of industrial technology projects 44, investment of RMB 1 billion 960 million yuan, 8 new product development, new product output value of 1 billion 290 million yuan.

Jingyu County The service sector; the tertiary industry

Jingyu County in 2013, total retail sales of social consumer goods to achieve 1 billion 720 million
 Jingyu County Jingyu County
Yuan, growth of 12.8% in 2012. Jingyu county invested 47 million 120 thousand yuan, completed the Baishan Lake Scenic facilities and construction and upgrading of the Northeast Anti Japanese coalition memorial. The imperial seal culture industry park and a large number of key tourism projects to accelerate, the new boutique tourist routes 9. In 2013, Jingyu County tourists exceeded 220 thousand people, total tourism revenue reached 180 million yuan, growth of 36% in 2012.

Jingyu County social undertakings

Jingyu County Science and technology

In 2013, Jingyu County for the development of science and technology projects 12, a total of 17 million 90 thousand yuan of funds in place.

Jingyu County Education

In 2013, Jingyu County Teachers in all of the implementation of the employment; investment of 51 million 100 thousand yuan, the implementation of the garden school, 18 middle schools and primary schools to upgrade the teaching technology and equipment as well as the vocational education center and 29 new school renovation project.

Jingyu County Public health

In 2013, Jingyu county invested 12 million 210 thousand yuan, completed the upgrade of the county hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, 9 township hospitals, the introduction of 15 sets of high-tech medical equipment; the NCMS participation rate of 100%, verification of medical costs of more than 2600 yuan; completed 263 enterprises, businesses of electronic supervision food traceability system.

Jingyu County Cultural undertakings

In 2013, Jingyu county invested 650 thousand yuan, completed the construction of digital cinema; 2013 movie, opera, to send books to send more than 2000 Games; the success of the "thousand Taijiquan", "the first rural culture compound art exhibition" and other large-scale activities.

Jingyu County social security

In 2013, Jingyu County town of 6518 new jobs, laid-off workers re employed 2100 people, the transfer of rural labor employment 26640 people, the registered urban unemployment rate at 4.3%, the number of basic old-age insurance for urban residents, urban and rural social endowment insurance, unemployment insurance reached 11714 people, 24394 people, 6487 people, a total payment of pension 105 million 610 thousand yuan, 9 million 940 thousand yuan, unemployment in urban and rural subsistence allowances and medical assistance payments 60 million 500 thousand yuan.

Jingyu County Folk customs

The holiday area of Jingyu County, the temple, many songs. From the Spring Festival to the eighteen, almost every day a holiday, every night playing the dragon. A few months from January to Yang opened the door in the village has a temple, the village will be the main protocol (i.e., the village or the local worship God, too) The main festival . In addition to March Street And the butterfly, Raosanling, torch festival, Shi Baoshan. Cibihu, song, song Haixihai festivals, fairs and other songs, provides an excellent opportunity for exchanges of young men and women and love. The girls and boys take advantage of these opportunities, identify the object, or duet folk songs, and folk songs by Valentine's tryst, Sanxian and emotions and love. In these festivals, fairs and songs, young men and women especially love in Bai Shi Baoshan. During the lunar new year in July, tens of millions of young men and women to attend a gathering in crowds and groups from 7 to 9 days of Song Shi Baoshan.

Jingyu County Special delicacy

Jingyu County Delicious food

Soy braised pig's trotters Orange Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs Dry butterfish Chicken salad Braised mullet Steamed asparagus Yam soup sirloin
Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers Chicken in oyster sauce Braised beef Pumpkin Cake Pepper stewed chicken Corn grain vegetables carrot fried rice fungus

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Jingyu County Specialty

Three deer wine The imperial seal ginseng ginseng tea Antler soft capsule Fern Blueberry Grape

Jingyu County Famous scenery

Jingyu County Baishan Lake , Longwan Lake , General Yang Jingyu and his country ," NongFu Spring "," Wahaha "The natural and humanistic landscape and Industrial Tourism Resources。
Baishan Lake Songhua River is located at about 90 km upstream, Baishan hydropower station reservoir. The total area of 180 square kilometers, the waters around the land area of 120 square kilometers, 60 square kilometers around the area, known as the "North River", is the national AA level scenic area, Jingyu volcano mineral spring group The National Geological Park The main scenic spots. The first big northeast downstream power plants - Baishan hydropower plant, the total installed capacity of 1 million 500 thousand kilowatts, stand-alone capacity of 300 thousand kilowatts, the dam 140 meters high.
 Baishan Lake Baishan Lake
General Yang Jingyu and his country The county is located 6 kilometers southeast, three Wei Bai Jing highway, is the provincial level key protection units and to commemorate the martyrs of the provincial patriotism education base, has been declared The national key cultural relics protection units . The commander in chief of the 1946 northeast Anti Japanese allied First Army General Yang Jingyu described the Japanese poem here very touching. Heroic, imperishable noble spirit. In memory of the national hero, hard-working people of Jingyu to the general country building into the gardens of the park.
 General Yang Jingyu and his country General Yang Jingyu and his country
Three master Fu wetland is due to volcanic eruption of volcanic ash and volcanic debris, debris flow accumulation, congestion, caused by underground water upstream up to near the surface, surface water is not smooth and the formation of the wetland. But the conservation of water body wetlands, but also has the function of filtration and purification, so people call wetland is the "kidney". Three master palace wetlands Linsen wilderness, Carex reedly, Yanlong mist, among the trees in the wilderness rare fowls and strange animals. Visitors enter the wetland, a little attention, is caught in the quagmire, a steep fear.
Longwan Lake Scenic Area Located 20 km northwest of Jingyu County, Ying Fu Road 200 meters south of Changbai Mountain, known as the "second big pool" in the world. The lake formed by volcano eruption, an area of 92 hectares, the surrounding vegetation intact, unique natural landscape, there are more than 300 kinds of wild animals and plants.
 Longwan Lake Longwan Lake
ocean Scenic Spot Located in the east of the county 9 kilometers, is located in the mountains, the reservoir area of more than and 20 square kilometers, including Xiao Ying The sub station and the island station two.
The Fairy Cave Scenic Area Be situated Wangou Forestry Bureau of Xianrendong forest 2.5 kilometers southwest garden, misty Wangou highway 20.8 kilometers, passing through in the Bay Highway 8 kilometers The walls of La .
 Fairy Cave Fairy Cave
 Baishan Lake Baishan Lake
 General Yang Jingyu and his country General Yang Jingyu and his country
 Longwan Lake Longwan Lake
 Fairy Cave Fairy Cave

Jingyu County celebrity

Yang Jingyu, a Japanese national hero, outstanding people's army generals, 2 1905
 Yang Jingyu Yang Jingyu
13 July was born in Queshan County of Henan Province Li Wan Cun In 1927, joined the Communist Party China, who led the Queshan peasant uprising and Liu Dian The Autumn Harvest Uprising Don't move, creating a red army brigade of oyuwan. By 1929, the CPC Central Committee sent to the northeast, served as the Communist Party of China Fushun Special branch secretary, the Northeast Anti Japanese National Salvation Association President, Secretary of the CPC Harbin Municipal Committee and the provincial Party committee, Secretary of the military agency South northeast people The Revolutionary Army The first army commander and political commissar of the Northeast Anti Japanese coalition, first army commander and political commissar, the seven Congress of the CPC Committee members. In February 23, 1940, Yang Jingyu alone combat with the Japanese, in Meng Jiang County (now Jingyu county) he died, only 35 years old.