San Joaquin

San Joaquin (scientific name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Cv.'San Joaqu, N'): evergreen Shrub , about 1-3 meters high; branchlets sparsely stellate pilose cylindrical. Leaves broadly ovate or narrowly ovate, abaxially along veins on both sides except a little sparsely hairy Waijun glabrous. Flowers solitary in upper leaf axils, often drooping; Corolla Double, 6-10 cm in diameter, yellow to orange red, red flower. Petal Obovate, apex rounded, outside sparsely pilose. capsule Ovate, ca. 2.5 cm, smooth, glabrous, beaked. Flowering throughout the year.
San Joaquin
yes Hibiscus The horticultural varieties, as the early varieties collected and shipped to Europe, with high ornamental value. (overview picture reference source: )

San Joaquin Morphological character

San Joaquin is evergreen Shrub Plant height of about 1-3 meters; branchlets terete, sparsely stellate pilose. Leaves broadly ovate or narrowly ovate, 4-9 cm long, 25 cm wide, apex acuminate, base rounded or cuneate, margin coarsely dentate or notched, both sides in the back there is a little sparse hair Waijun glabrous along veins; petiole 5-20 mm, pilose above; stipules linear, 5-12 mm long, hair.
Flowers solitary in upper leaf axils, often drooping pedicels 3-7 cm long, sparsely stellate pilose or nearly glabrous and smooth, proximal section; bracteoles 6-7, linear, 8-15 mm long, sparsely stellate pubescent, basally connate; calyx campanulate, ca. 2 cm, stellate puberulent, lobes 5 ovate to lanceolate; Corolla Double, 6-10 cm in diameter, yellow to orange red, red flower. Staminal column 4-8 cm long, smooth, glabrous; style branches 5.
capsule Ovate, ca. 2.5 cm, smooth, glabrous, beaked. Flowering throughout the year.

San Joaquin Growth habit

Strong positive plants, warm, humid, sunny requirements, shade intolerant, not cold, drought in the Yangtze River Basin and the north of the region, only in the greenhouse pot, or other protection to maintain 12 -15 degree centigrade temperature in winter. The room temperature is below 5 DEG C when the leaves turn yellow and fall off, lower than 0 DEG C, which was freezing. Cut resistant, strong branches. To adapt to a wide range of soil, but rich in organic matter, pH6.5-pH7 acidic loam grow best.

San Joaquin The mode of reproduction

San Joaquin Cuttage

Annual 5-10 month, winter in the greenhouse, but in the rainy season high survival rate. The annual semi lignified cuttings, 10 cm long, cut off the lower leaves, leaving the top leaves, cut flat, inserted in the sand bed, maintain higher air humidity at room temperature is 18-21 DEG C, after inserting 20-25 natural root. With 0.3%-0.4% IBA treatment cutting base 1-2 seconds, can shorten the period of rooting. The root length of 3-4 cm when transplanting basin.

San Joaquin grafting

In spring and autumn. Used for Cutting Rooting difficult or slow mulberry varieties, especially the low survival rate of cutting double varieties. Grafting or budding can, with a single flower Hibiscus rootstock. When a flowering of grafted seedlings.

San Joaquin cultivation techniques

San Joaquin Huanpen pruning

Potting soil should be chosen, loose fertile sandy loam, every year in early April from the outside before, should be huanpen. Do 3 things: one is to change a basin for a new training ground; two is to cut off part of the dense curly fibrous roots; three is shizujifei, pelvic floor slightly P. In order to maintain a beautiful tree, a flower, according to the characteristics of mulberry branches sprouting ability, and in early spring out of the room of pruning of branches, with the exception of the base, leaving 2 to 3 buds, all upper cut, can promote hair cut new branches, growth will be more vigorous, plant shape is also beautiful. After pruning, because on the part of consumption is reduced, due to the control of water and fertilizer.

San Joaquin maintenance management

Fuso when positive species, in early May to outdoors on a sunny place, the growing season is also the time to strengthen, hibiscus, scarification, weeding and other management work. Every 7-10 days once a thin liquid fertilizer, watering should be considered Pentu dry, wet or dry will affect flowering.
Insufficient light, flower shedding, flowers reduced, not less than 8 hours of sunshine every day. Japan greatly on fertilizer demand, timely fill in cultivation. Potted hibiscus, general in 4 Moonrise room, out in front of Huanpen, proper pruning, to maintain a beautiful crown growth period of watering should be sufficient, not lack of water, also can not be affected by the floods, usually a summer can be watered every day, sooner or later each time. The ground always watering, humidification and cooling to prevent scorch, leaves and flowers in early fall. At the end of October after the cold days, in greenhouse, maintained at a temperature above 12 C, after careful management, attention should be paid to the latter less fertilizer, so as to avoid the sprouting of autumn shoots. Autumn shoots tender, weak cold resistance, cold weather will be cold.

San Joaquin Antifreeze warm

No frost in Hibiscus, to the beginning of winter frost after must be moved into the room warm. The winter temperature is not lower than 5 DEG C, so as not to suffer damage; not higher than 15 DEG C, so as not to affect the sleep. The growth and flowering of bad dormancy is not strong. Where the good insulation condition South furniture house can live through the winter, cold weather can cover paper or plastic film cover to keep warm. At the beginning of each day to move indoor ventilation window, pay attention to basin ground wet change, proper watering. The cold weather, watering prevention of frost damage effect, but should stop fertilization.

San Joaquin The main value

Is the beautiful Hibiscus cultivars, ornamental plants, large showy flowers, long flowering period, flower arrangement Festival is one of the best hotels, parks, flower beds, flower hall and family. Many are planted in the pool, tingqian, road and wall, annual flowering time. In the light intensity, the ornamental period long. One of the main flowering potted plants placed in public places is also.